Through this listing you will find the a collection of information made available to students, on Sanctum and the world around it.

Be aware, the majority of these resources are a Work In Progress

Student Resources

Clubs and Teams Sanctum's students participate in lots of extracurricular activities and groupings. Most of the official ones can be found here, but finding the unofficial ones will be a little more difficult.
Non-Player Characters There's a lot of unique and interesting people and creatures around Sanctum, this is a glimpse at some of them.
School Policy Book For those students who want to follow the rules or need to know them.
Shop Students are often rewarded for good work and helping out, and can look here for things to spend it on.
Employment A program designed for students to get experience working, preparing them for the world ahead, as well as giving them a way to earn for themselves.


Designation Fragmented Thought
The Bureau Old and established, this group has roots in the highest echelons of society and commands the weight of vast financial backing. They seek to neutralize all things anomalous in order to protect the world. Sunnybrook is a target for them.
Eye of Infinity An extremist group who commits theft of anomalous objects and recruits supernatural persons to further their agenda. They aim to bring humanity to it's rightful place in the order of the new world, and Sunnybrook seems to be an object of their attention due to it's contents.
The Global Watch Unit Dedicated to preparing the world for the new order of the supernatural, growing it to be ready for this next stage of humanity. Sunnybrook is the project to define their work and usher in a new era for all.
Manus Populi Quiet in the background, using whatever means necessary to move the tides of humanity towards their unseen end. Helping whatever faction they deem useful for their work, sacrificing whatever is needed.
The Merchants An organized group of black market dealer, corrupt billionaires and politicians involved and intertwined through the supernatural underworld. Their market might is a defining force.
Project Eternity Association of scientists who have come together to try and achieve immorality for humans. As well as imbuing them with the powers of the supernatural. Sunnybrook is full of candidates for their programs.
Special Circumstances A subdivision of the Global Watch Unit that operates without the oversight and regulations. Often described as a rogue element, their actions are obfuscated and they utilize students at Sunnybrook for their own means.


Designation Fragmented Thought
Sunnybrook Academy The Global Watch Unit's big experiment. This school is filled with young people with extra-ordinary abilities. They are here to learn and grow into the new generation and the new world order.
Town of Windvale Located in the forests of Pennsylvania, this small sleep mountain town is filled with simple folk who aren't entirely sure about the new school on the hill side. Of course, students are often found in town.
The Basement Down below Sunnybrook lay many secrets and tunnels full of mysteries and treasure.


Designation Fragmented Thought
Classification The Global Watch Unit sure does like keeping everything all nice in tightly looking but also cool sounding
Security Ratings How trusted are the students, what privileges are they allowed?
Encountered Anomalies The Global Watch unit likes to keep tabs on all encountered anomalies.
Supernatural Beings The database is very incomplete, and sometimes even faulty, but there's a bit of information on what we're dealing with here beyond your standard anomalous human.
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