The Global Watch Unit


The G.W.U is a group dedicated to protecting and preparing the world for the anomalies that lurk. Anomalies take many forms such as a impossible geometric shape, a malicious AI that wants to convert everything into mercury, or even a simple monster that can destroy a entire town in one fell swoop. For over 200 years Humanity's main line of defense against the unknown was the Bureau not the G.W.U. The Bureau is a group dedicated to eradicating any and all Supernatural activity, this group would have remained the at the top of their game if it were not for the sudden influx of anomalous humans1

Suddenly there were secret debates in all countries involving the most powerful people on the planet. For a long time how a anomalous human got treated was largely dependent on which country you were in and who got a hold of you. Whether that be freezing you in a Cryo-chamber, locking you in a jail, or other largely undocumented punishments for individuals, most likely ones who did nothing wrong. It stayed like this for quite some time until what has come to be known as the Florida Massacre in which due to a slight miss-communication, a battalion of Bureau soldiers killed over 66 anomalous humans many of which were children. The victim's families are under witness protection. Anyone that witnessed the event were given drugs to forget. This is when the Global watch Unit came to being in response to this events. They have a policy of containing anomalies and researching them to gain a better understanding.

"No longer will the world fear or be ignorant of the supernatural. We will go into the night and come out stronger than ever before." - The Global Watch unit's founder, ██████ ████

The GWU use a classification system that they 'borrowed' from The Bureau

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