Taylor's Files

The patient records and files of the school's Psychologist, Doctor Nicole Taylor. Reserved for medical staff only, with consent given by the school.

Case 0408WC, Walker-Handal

Patient: Walker-Handal, Cass
Prefers: Cass, pronouns change.
Student ID: ██████

Diagnosis: Conduct disorder, Histrionic and Narcissistic personality.

Case Notes:
While this patient has a long history of medical records and notes from other Doctors, their mental health seems to be rarely recorded. This seems due to the fact that, beyond a string of suicidal instances in their past, they are outwardly functioning. Upon further discussion with the patient, small inconsistencies appeared. Their world view is at best self centered and at worst it’s destructive. They seem to find some amount of resentment towards their parents, and their illnesses. Patient seems to think that immortality will be their saving grace.

It also seems that the Patient has an unending need to have the upperhand, or at least the perceived one. Willing to lose ground if it means they won’t be challenged. They’ve become so used to their medical issues that it’s more a weapon to be used socially than anything negative. It can be said that, in the case of their empathy towards others, it has to be earned rather than given. The way the Patient interacts with others could be their worst enemy, as it seems to hold little value to them in it’s consequences.

Misc Notes:
Manipulative and controlling, power hungry, be sure to have a plan when confronting. Authority seems to be dismissed, approach as an equal.

Recommended Treatment:
Regular therapy as mandated by the school, a focus on the student’s social reservations and the walls they’ve built up. Medication not advised, group therapy a good option.

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