Taste Buds

<LipstickThespian> She had gotten a lot of good use out of that bong, Katlyn decided. Stashing it away and getting it into school was one of the better decisions she had made since coming to Sunnybrook. The special mixture of weed she had used and come up with, she'd given the hilarious nickname of 'Sunny Daze' after her new home. It was, well, a really smooth burn and a harsh cough. More than a few hits of it and some time working on her music and she had decided that her hunger could only be satisfied with something 'out of this world'. Rumors had flown around school about some white burgers that were fantastic in town, so she found herself wandering the streets trying to find the place. Her eyes were bloodshot, the eye-drops hadn't helped much. Her hoodie was zipped up and her hands were tucked in it, the beanie on her head was pulled down a bit as she fought the cold to try and find some munchies.

<~SirGoldFish> Katlyn manages to find the restaurant known as Real Burgz, the spinning burger symbol outside the restaurant acts as a beacon. The burger joint seems busy this time around, with customers forming a line that reaches just barely outside the building and many happy restaurant goers moaning as they nom on their peculiar white burgers.

<LipstickThespian> Pausing across the street, Katlyn wonders if it's worth getting near all those people to eat a burger. Ducking down a side street she kneels behind a dumpster and pulls a spliff out of her beanie and a lighter from her jacket. After a few puffs of courage she stands and heads across the street to join the line. Her eyes darting around the line and the joint as she tries to remember it might be worth it.

<~SirGoldFish> It certainly smells like it's worth it as the sweet and savory aroma hits Kat like a truck filled with awesome. While waiting, she hears the murmuring of some younger kids, chatting by the dumpster. They're talking about some abandoned hospital or some such thing, urban explorers perhaps?

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn's attention perks up as she hears the kids chatting. She not so subtly tries to listen into their conversation as her mouth continues to salivate at the smell of the food being cooked.

<~SirGoldFish> A rough and somewhat urban youngin' likely 16 says "So, you got the bat?" Another voice this one deeper yet more unsure responds with "Yah, uh, you sure we don't need anythin' special like?" "Nah, the bat should work fine." "If you say so…." The other dude responds with, clearly unsure of the rougher voice. Kat is about to enter the restaurant in accordance with the line. Decision time, does she enter the restaurant and be a sheeple or does she slip out of the line to listen to the kidos talking, but likely being placed at the back of the ever growing line.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn decides with more fear of public spaces and the large amount of people in the restaurant that she doesn't want to go in. Dealing with ordering fast food when you can't speak your order loudly over the din of the crowd was never one of her favorite things in the world. Her want of tasty food could be dealt with at another time, her need to be a part of an underground movement tugged at her heart strings. Stepping out of the line she walks over to be in ear shot of the two kids a little older than her, a bit of her wondering what a bat has to do with an abandoned hospital. No matter, she tugs her hoodie tighter and listens.

<~SirGoldFish> If she decides to take a peak, she'll find two youngsters like her looking at a map. One of them looks like a skinny and vaguely Asian youth wearing a hoodie. The other one looks like a combination between a cross between a steroids addicted and a fat kid from the 80s. He's bald, big and is the one with the bat. "So uh, when is your bro coming out?" "He'll come up when he's ready, pop's got em doing the dishes." "Alright, you sure that little dude is old enough for…. whatever you do." "Only reason this shit happens."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn continues to listen in, her hand fiddling with her lighter in her pocket as she does. She leans against the wall as she stands there, the drowsiness of her self-prescribed medication leaving her weary to stand still so long. She throws a glance back to the long line going to the restaurant, then looks back to the two boys. Her eyes linger on the bat as she tries to consider the chances of playing sports in this kind of weather. Man, she really needs a new longboard, she thinks.

<~SirGoldFish> "So, uh, where is your peace?" Fatso says to Skinny. "It's at the place, dude, now just chill while we wait for my bro. He should be coming out any second. Hope he's not too shaken up after that black chick attacked him for no reason, had to start wearing a bandage over his forehead after that." "Jesus."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn listens along, her mind wandering at certain parts as she does. She can't help but smile as she tries to piece together the story in her head. Slowly her mind starts to wander and she thinks about exactly what all of this could be about. Maybe it was her rebellious nature, maybe it was her never ending chances with ruining her own life through drugs and alcohol. However she started off from the wall, walking towards the two boys, her eyes going towards the map in the small boy's hands.

<~SirGoldFish> Another kid comes along this one is younger than the rest, easily 9 years old. He is a ginger boy who suffers from extreme burns on the rightside of his body. Whatever fire he went through, it took out an eye and an arm. The boy wears an eye patch. "Ehhh, George, me bro! You ready to go? We has the night shift to do." The burnt only nod. "Great, now alls we need to do is hit tonight's target since the sewers seems to have run dry bout now. This'll probably not be the only time we go to 'is place so remember to get a lay of the land, aight?" The boys start walking from behind dump, out to the streets. Quick, Kat, if you stay where you are they'll likely spot you and suspect you of listening, what ya gonna do?

<LipstickThespian> As Katlyn walks up towards the dumpster, her eyes glancing at the young kid with the horrible deformities. She isn't too subtle in the way she recoils a bit seeing that horrific creature. Instead of chancing talking with the boys, or them talking to her at least, she ducks to the opposite side of the dumpster and crouches down. Luckily for Kat, she always seems to blend into the environment and doesn't seem to be noticed by many people. The perks of being a nobody, she figures. As she waits for them to pass she enjoys the smells of the trash, overtaking the delicious smell of the burgers. After they pass she decides to follow them at a distance. Hands still tucked away in her pocket. Her buzz still strong.

<~SirGoldFish> If Kat would like to listen into their conversation without being spotted she may roll her relevant sneaking skill diff 4 or stay at a distance, guaranteed to not get caught but with a slimmer chance of hearing the boys.

<Roll completed in OOC Chat, Passed>

<LipstickThespian> Keeping up with the boys pace, she tries to listen to them talk as she walks. Her beat up kicks knocking pebbles out of the way as she tries not to get annoyed by the cold winter air.

<~SirGoldFish> Kat continues to hear the conversation and the groupies seemingly do not notice one bit "So uh, how does this all work especially if they're what you say they are." "Easy, hit them with the bat very hard and if need be, I'll shoot them very hard." "It don't seem possible… ya know them being." He whispers something in the skinny kid's ear "Whatever, dumbass, you're not some scientist." He points to the burnt kid "Our boy will spot em out and we'll see, worked like a charm in the sewers and graveyard, will work here."

<LipstickThespian> As she walks behind them, Katlyn slips a small notebook out of her courier bag and a pen. She starts to write down everything she's seen so far, little notes about the things they're saying. As they walk she tries to sketch the three of them out and starts assigning them the names she can make out, and little tidbits about them. However she has to pause and get out a water bottle to take a drink, cotton mouth is a terrible thing.

<~SirGoldFish> You and the group of boys eventually make your way to an out of the way area of town, graffiti and abandoned buildings surround you, but one may take your interest. The tiny ancient isolated hospital in the distance that looms over the mean streets. "So, George, how many of them 'r' 'ere." The boy lifts up his eye patch, revealing a large, white milky sphere in place of a normal human eye. A couple seconds past before he puts up two fingers. "Only two, psh, this'll be a cake walk." Skinny says to the group members." Fatso speaks up. "So, uh, why does he not talk, George?" "He's got a condition." "Oh, like my cousin with ass burgers." Skinny rolls his eyes. "Alright, so, we was gonna sneak through a window, but yous is too big so we're gonna have to bust in the door. I'm gonna go get me papa's peacemaker, George will keep watch, and you'll beat the door down." The group nods and begins to do as said.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the town as she walks, judging the graffiti harshly as she walks by because of the awful use of color. No matter, she didn't bring any spraypaint with her when she went out anyway. As she looks at the hospital with an appreciation for the beauty and simplicity of the abandoned structure, she snaps back to and goes to sit on a short brick wall with her notebook in her lap. Watching the group talk and the small boy do his little trick, she starts to wonder if she's seen them around school. Dismissing the idea as she remembers the series of events, she decides to wait until they've started moving around. Her antsy nature gets to her and she decides to head around the building and look for a window in, like the kids talked about.

<~SirGoldFish> Kat manages to find a window broken, but safe window and subsequently get into the hospital and she begins to feel wrong. It's not the sparse lighting, it's not the, the creaking noises, it's not few dirty hand prints that litter the long oppressing hall, it's not even the sub par graffiti, it's a strange churning feeling of unease that Kat now has in her stomach.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stands next to the window, her eyes darting around the picturesque scene of decay and terror. Her stomach turning over inside of her, and the tights she decided to wear today under her shorts deciding to snag a run on the window climbing them. She glanced up and down where she was, wondering exactly what might be causing this. The asbestos maybe? Whatever the reason she reaches up to pull the half burned spliff out of her beanie and the lighter from her pocket. Maybe a few hits will calm her down. As she takes some long puffs and lets them sit in her lungs, she starts to wander around.

<~SirGoldFish> Kat begins to hear some banging and some yelling. "We gotta fuckin' break down this door, put your whole weight into it!" Judging by the noise, Kat may think that the door is about to be broken down any second and if you don't duck into any of the rooms, you'll be spotted. You could also run down the hall and duck into a hall corner, but that'll likely make some noise

<LipstickThespian> As she starts to hurry her foot work, Kat finds a doorway off to the side away from the entrance and she quickly ducks into it and out of sight from the entrance. She quickly puts out her spliff and tucks the remaining hit away in her beanie as she leans up against a wall to try and be quiet.

<~SirGoldFish> Judging by the loud sound of splintering wood followed by the pitter patter of footsteps, it seems that they busted down the door. "Alright so, we gotta stick into a group, and remember to stick together for dad." "But he's not mah dad." Fatso replies. "Shut it, Billy."

<~SirGoldFish> All sees will, except. Kat begins to hear heavy breathing, almost like panting coming from the dark room she's in. Shadows surround her and she is only able to see a few inches in front of her. All she knows is she is up against some sort of shelf and the breathing is coming from neither her or the boys.

<LipstickThespian> As she listens to the boys talk, Katlyn tries to figure out exactly what she was thinking coming here. Especially now that she's all but stuck in this dead place with those odd people. Then she hears the breathing and she seizes up, freezes against the shelf and her eyes go wide. Her hand digs through her hoodie slowly before she ends up shakily taking out the lighter in her pocket. Still warm from lighting her spliff earlier. She flicks it and a flame comes out, reflected in her blue and her green eye. She looks into the room.

<~SirGoldFish> What appears to be a boy with pure black hair and eyes, wearing medical garb stands before Kat, facing her. The boy has many many large syringes sticking out of him. If it were not for his eyes and his green pulsating veins, you may have mistaken him for a person. He continues to stare and breath towards Kat.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes in the scene as well as someone can, she's already petrified at the look. Her eyes are large and she can't seem to make sense of the medical mess in front of her. The light in her lighter dances between then as her mouth falls open, a scream never coming out even now. It dies out, and she quickly tries to re-light it to make sure the thing hasn't moved. Some part of her doesn't want to re-light it, scared of what she'll see.

<~SirGoldFish> The boy continues staring at Kat void of expression. Black tar tears begin to fall from thing's face which burn holes through the floor like some kind of acid.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn reaches over, her hand trying to find the door handle in the dark. Her eyes watch the boy, scared to turn away from him. She fiddles with it for a while as she tries to escape to the hallway.

<~SirGoldFish> Kat manages to locate the door handle to get to the outside, but she hears just outside. "What's that George ya feel somethin?" If she runs out now, the team of kids may see her, especially with the high chances that one of them brought a flashlight.

<LipstickThespian> She lowers her hand from the handle, and decides she might as well die before she has to deal with more than one person at a time. The pitfalls of being a loser who can't handle people. So instead she just takes a breath and locks eyes with the black eyes one last time. Raising her hand she gives the beast a small, scared, friendly, wave and flicks the lighter closed. Snuffing out the light.

<~SirGoldFish> Oh, the black one did not like that. It begins to shriek loudly as it holds a talon like finger toward the girl. "In here! The ghost is in here!" So, Kat, what do you do now? Run, stay, or art?

<LipstickThespian> She digs into her bag with little effort, she's grabbed her sketchpad enough times to know where it is. Flicking the think open quickly, she runs her fingers along the page and her fingertips start to run a spark along the page. As she sparkles flick off the page, so does her art. She didn't have time to look at what she had flipped too, but if it was the first page, she thinks she knows. A barrage of cartoonish fireworks leap off the page and scream towards the boy across from her.

<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+3 Living Art
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Living Art: 1:6-8+3

<~SirGoldFish> Well, sadly, it's more like a sparkler that goes toward the boy, but fire is fire so the beast takes a few steps back as it shrieks louder. Skinny kicks down the door, either hitting or nearly hitting Kat on the nose. Thanks to Kat, the beast is in a perfect possession for the boy with a glock to take a shot at the creature *Bang* and not risk Kat getting hurt "Billy, get in here, smash the thing."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stumbles back as the door slams into her shoulder, she takes a few steps to the side as she tries to orientate herself. As the first gunshot goes off her hands go to her ears and cover them, the sound of the round in this small room making her ears hurt painfully. She manages to drop her sketchbook in the act.

<~SirGoldFish> The fat kid runs in with a surprisingly amount of speed and he goes to whack the thing on the side, the sweaty fat kid begins breathing. "Oh, jesus, give me a sec." "Fuck I did not load enough." The creature, disoriented as all hell begins to recover and lunge toward Kat. It's her move now, what does she do?

<LipstickThespian> Kat stumbles down to the ground and flicks through her sketchbook. She settles on a page quickly as she tries not to imagine how close the creature is to her. Running her hands along the page, sparkles flowing off of them as she flicks along the page. In an instant, a literal double decker bus the size of a dresser flies out of her sketchpad to slam into the creature in front of. Union Jack flying behind it through the air, as it's horn plays a chorus of 'god save the queen'

<~SirGoldFish> The creature is subsequently crushed into a bloody pulp. It's limbs flying in all directions. Squishing and crunching noises are barely heard over 'God Saves The Queen' The bus soon disappears in some fashion. The body is not even there only a sickly brownish red splatters the bloody wall. The three boys are all dumbfounded and looking at Kat. Fatty with a bat says. "She one of them ghosts?" Skinny, who is blocking the door to Kat's glorious exit, responds "No, I, I don't think so."

<LipstickThespian> Kat watches as her work destroys the thing, a bit of remorse in the action as she watches the bus disappear into lighted dust. She sits back and examines the scene of destruction and gore, this is the worst trip she's had in a while. As Fatty speaks, she scrambles to stand up, picking up her sketch pad as she does. Taking a few steps back from from the group, she holds her pencil up. Threateningly. As much as a scared flustered girl who is high and just watched a horrific scene can do so.

<~SirGoldFish> They actually are a little scared due to what she just did and they all step back a little. Fatso says "So, we don't kill smash her?" "Yes, we don't fucking kill her." The creature's remains begin have a grossly white light sounding them and what once was a bloody pulp of a monster comes an oddity to be sure. It sort of looks like a sheet ghost, except bigger about the size of a child, Xs for eyes, and it's not sheets, it looks like whatever it is it's made of flesh, white flesh.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches them step back from her, feeling a little better about her current lot in life. She glances over to see the white light and the slow manifestation of the fleshy monstrosity. At the moment she isn't exactly sure she smoked today, but it couldn't have been the best thing in the world. She drops to her knees again, her sketchpad landing next to her. Quickly she draws with the pencil on the floor, making a few quick jagged lines that she defines briefly. Her hand touches the pencil sketch and she takes a breath before she runs her fingers on it. Sparks run along the ground towards the creature, until the spikes she had drawn shoot up out of the ground violently and try to cage it.

<~SirGoldFish> Roll to try and form the cage around it.
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+3 Living Art
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Living Art: 4:9-8+3

<~SirGoldFish> A cage is formed around the dead ghost-like creature. "Woah, woah, woah, lady, we need that!" He exclaims, a tone of slight worry in his voice. The ginger boy walks next to his brother, a concerned look on his face, he begins to paw at his eye patch awkwardly, ready to lift it.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks over at the group from her spot on the floor, then back to the little creature in her cage. She slides her sketch book over and writes in large text an empty page "WHY", before turning it on the floor so they can read it.

<~SirGoldFish> Skinny bites his lip, scared shitless. "We uh." Fatso speaks up. "We need it to make the best burgers, m'lady." George and Skinny both face palm at the same time.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sits back, she stares at them as they answer her. Her eyes dancing between the kids and then to the thing in the cage. She feels like she's going to barf. In fact, she turns to the side and dry heaves a bit as she hunches over.

<~SirGoldFish> "Look, lady, you gotta keep this a secret, please, we'll give you a small cut of the profits. We'll also keep what you did a secret."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn finishes her dry heaves and straightens up. The sick feeling in her stomach hasn't gone away at all and she is darting her eyes between the creature in the cage and the boys in front of her. As they mention her 'secret' her hand grips around her pencil tightly. Then her hands shoot to look at the gun still held in the boy's hand.

<~SirGoldFish> The gun is currently lowered. "Please, you can't tell anyone… you can't!" A single tear drops from the boy's face. "Dad'll go out of bushiness and we'll be put on the streets!" He says in a scared and frantic tone.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn picks herself up form the floor with some effort, picking up the sketch pad as she does. Reaching her hand over, she starts to draw on the wall next to her. Her eyes glancing between the boys and her drawing. She seems wary of them, like she's still on edge from this horrific exchange with the creature.

<~SirGoldFish> The ginger boy starts to sniffle, getting ready for water works. The skinny boy whimpers. "Please….." out.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stops her scribbling on the wall, she runs her finger along the sketch and after a shower of sparkles she manages to make a small floor lamp. It looks cartoonish but it adds light to the room. She then goes to writing on her sketchpad with the new found light, before she walks over to stand next to the boys. Turning to the side so they can read her writing. "this is wrong. this is so wrong."

<~SirGoldFish> "The meat don't hurt no one! It's good stuff, fatty here can attest to that." He says in a defensive manners, tears march down his face one by one like soldiers.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks at them, a little weird-ed out by the crying. It shows. "do the souls rest?" Her hand writing is quick and a little shaky from the events.

<~SirGoldFish> He swallows. "Uh, yeah, think so…" He says, clearly unsure. The burn ginger begins to whimper into his right hand. "Please lady, we gotta another ghost to deal with. You gotta promise you wont tell no one."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn thinks for a minute, and writes some more on the paper. "please. for me. make sure you honor their spirit." She isn't exactly religious, but has a bit of spiritualism inside of her and some bullshit astrology beliefs. Placing her hand on the burnt child, she tries to look as reassuring as a high teenage white girl who just imprisoned a ghost in an abandoned highschool can be. It's /okay/.

<~SirGoldFish> Skinny nods frantically and says "We's promise we'll honor 'em." Fatso outlines a cross on his chest with his fingers. "I'm helping."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn gives them a wearing smile, then adds to the sheet. "donate what you were going to pay me to the animal shelter, ok?" She rips out the page and hands it to one of the boys before she takes a step back. Nodding her head towards the exit, she waits for them to move so she can get the fuck out of here.

<~SirGoldFish> They move to the side. "Alright, lets just take a break and look for the other ghost."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn starts to head down the hallway to try and find the way out. She tucks the sketchpad under her arm and pulls out what remains of her spliff. With some effort she finds her lighter against and starts up for one last good hit. As she stands in the middle of the ruined hospital hall, she lets out a puff of smoke.

<~SirGoldFish> She finds a roughly fatty sized hole in a wooden door, perfect for making your exit.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn makes her way outside and starts to walk her way to whatever shit show of a convenience store she can find. Maybe they'll have those little hotdogs on the rollers and she can just sit out from and work off her high with some crappy snacks. Oh shit, she hope's they have slushies. Somewhere in the back of her mind she considers the implications of the day, and starts to worry about all of it. She isn't fit to fix the situation she figures. She also can't let it continue without muddling her conscious. Well, she decides as she starts to write a letter to the administration at Sunnybrook, at least the ginger kid will find a home at her school.

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