Status Nova

Apr 15 23:09:31 <Knave> It's ten in the morning when the announcement calls out over the intercom, "The following students are to report in an orderly fashion to the briefing room: Athene, Lisa Kawajiri, Mary Macleigh, and Yukihime Fujishima. Thank you."
Apr 15 23:10:16 <Antichthon> This was quick becoming old hat, and Athene was fast becoming a professional at this. She was the first one there.
Apr 15 23:10:17 <gumbal1> The fissure on her face had healed at least. Thankfully. Hopefully there wasn't any more water she needed to run into. Lisa, still dressed in the clothes she wore to Katlyn's midnigh experiment, arrives quickly enough.
Apr 15 23:10:37 <Antichthon> Athene smiled. "Hi, Lisa."
Apr 15 23:11:18 <Knave> The only person currently waiting for them is a security guard who seems thoroughly uninterested in their arrival.
Apr 15 23:11:37 <BobaFettuccine> Mary arrives a couple minutes after lisa, dressed in a faded, sleeveless Flogging Molly T-Shirt, faded black jeans, and black combat boots.
Apr 15 23:11:54 <Antichthon> A wave for Mary, too.
Apr 15 23:11:56 <LipstickThespian> It's close to an orderly fashion, as Yuki finds herself running out of her door still tying her seifuku's ribbon. She made her way to the admin building and in short, the briefing room still catching her breath and making sure she remembered to bring her school bag with her. She did! With a smile she greets everyone with a, "good morning!" And goes to sit.
Apr 15 23:12:03 <BobaFettuccine> She is floating and glowing blue, although the blue glow is quite faint.
Apr 15 23:12:21 <gumbal1> Lisa waves. "Hello, Athene." And attention to the knew person. "Oh, hello. Are you new? I don't quite recognize you." Another wave to Yuki.
Apr 15 23:12:38 <Antichthon> "Morning, Yuki-san. …is it 'san?' or is it 'chan?'"
Apr 15 23:13:18 <LipstickThespian> "Whichever you prefer," Yuki says to Athene with a small laugh.
Apr 15 23:14:09 <Antichthon> Athene returned with a bit of a giggle. "Sorry. I'm not very good at things like that. But I'm trying to be respectful, so hopefully it's the thought that counts."
Apr 15 23:14:11 <BobaFettuccine> Mary smiles and waves, "Hi Athene!" She turns to Lisa. "Yeah, I got here a couple days ago. I'm Mary." She offers her hand to shake.
Apr 15 23:15:15 <Knave> A woman in the suit comes hurrying in, her sensibly short heels a staccato click-clack on the floor. "Sorry, sorry, sorry," She chants as she walks around behind the desk, "Sorry I'm late, girls, it's.. administration is a nightmare, right now." She sits down, holding a tablet in the crook of her arm.
Apr 15 23:15:16 <gumbal1> Which Lisa takes and fuck her hand is cold. "Lisa. Good to meet you."
Apr 15 23:15:46 <LipstickThespian> "If it helps," Yuki says as she leans over to Athene, "I prefer chan." She looks over as the woman comes in and tries her best to sit up straight. There's an adult in the room after all.
Apr 15 23:16:15 <Antichthon> A smile to the woman. "It's alright, Ma'am."
Apr 15 23:16:24 <BobaFettuccine> Once the suit lady walks in, Lisa quickly sits down, or rather. She floats in a sitting position about a foot above a chair.
Apr 15 23:17:57 <BobaFettuccine> *Mary
Apr 15 23:18:06 <Knave> "I see we've gotten introductions out of the way." The woman in the suit exudes held-in tension, from her neat blonde bun to her painted-on smile. There's much more warmth in her eyes when she glances at the tablet than when she's looking at you. "I'm Mercy Malloy, Head of Public Relations, I'm here to give you your briefing today." Fake smile.
Apr 15 23:18:54 <Antichthon> Oh, boy. They weren't dealing with a people person. She nodded for Mercy to continue.
Apr 15 23:18:58 <gumbal1> Lisa looks to the briefer with full attention. Don't need to die from catastrophic lack of intel.
Apr 15 23:19:14 <LipstickThespian> Yuki hadn't introduced herself to the girl that was floating above a chair, but that could come later. She watched the woman as she talked and then glanced to the others in the room. This is the part she wasn't good at, taking charge. Well, at least everyone else was quiet as she was.
Apr 15 23:19:30 <BobaFettuccine> Mary looks rather confused and raises her hand. "Briefing?"
Apr 15 23:23:46 <Knave> "The four of you are being sent on a diplomatic mission." Her eyes are on the tablet, "Since the business at Halloween there have been… some less pleasant sides to the now-visible anomalous community. One such unpleasantness is currently in London, England, a group of vigilantes calling themselves Status Nova." A small man in a badly-fitted suit that you hadn't noticed come in distributes folders of
Apr 15 23:23:46 <Knave> information, "They're violent, criminals, and about your age. Our plan is to send you in to find and confront them in the hopes of bringing them to a peaceful stop, and, fingers crossed, bringing them back here so we can keep them /perfectly safe./"
Apr 15 23:25:22 <Antichthon> This was a mission Athene could get behind, one where the goal was to keep people /safe./ "What sorts of powers are we going to be up against?"
Apr 15 23:25:53 <Antichthon> She flipped through the folder.
Apr 15 23:26:18 <gumbal1> Oh boy, diplomacy. Lisa was…Lisa checked her pack. Yep, grey mask is still there. This shouldn't be too easy."
Apr 15 23:26:27 <gumbal1> *too hard.
Apr 15 23:26:33 <LipstickThespian> Yuki listened along with interest as she sat there, only then remembering that she hadn't pulled her socks all the way up and they were more loose than regularly. She was at least, quick to fix that while she listened. She takes one of the folders and starts to read through it and she furrowed her brow. "Are these those kids that are on youtube?" She asks as she thinks she
Apr 15 23:26:33 <LipstickThespian> remembers seeing them on a BBS.
Apr 15 23:27:26 <BobaFettuccine> Mary continues to look confused. She hadn't known there would be missions like this at the school. But she stayed quiet and started to look through the folder. Not feeling particularly good or bad, this was a rare moment in which Mary was not glowing, floating, or on fire. She drops into her seat.
Apr 15 23:30:13 <Knave> "Yes, miss, you may well have seen them online. They have very public personas and something of a social media presence. The ringleader is a girl going by Arcana, known to be able to fly and incredibly capable in physical combat." The other members detailed in the files include a tree-person named Bracken, a boy called Powerhouse who manipulated energy somehow, an illusionist going by Magpie, and a psychic
Apr 15 23:30:13 <Knave> named Hive, "I can only apologise that our knowledge of their abilities is spotty at best."
Apr 15 23:31:36 <gumbal1> Spotty indeed. Maybe San Fran was a special case but those powers seemed to simple.
Apr 15 23:32:31 <BobaFettuccine> "Well, we shouldn't be fighting them though… Right?" Mary frowns seeming concerned.
Apr 15 23:32:37 <LipstickThespian> "I follow Arcana on twitter," Yuki says as she holds up her phone to show Arcana's twitter profile. Of which Yuki is a follower. "She's really cool. I like how she stands up for the weak."
Apr 15 23:33:11 <Antichthon> The intelligence on a mission being spotty wan't exactly a new thing. To Mary, "Hopefully we can talk it out, but, um. There's probably going to be some fighting."
Apr 15 23:34:50 <BobaFettuccine> At that, Mary abruptly started to glow red, and her arms and hair caught fire. She quickly dropped the folder that she was holding, it was only a little singed. "oh…"
Apr 15 23:35:23 <LipstickThespian> Yuki sat up and looked over at the sudden fire in the room with some concern. Only when she realized that Mary had it under control did she sit back down in her hair.
Apr 15 23:35:27 <LipstickThespian> chair*
Apr 15 23:35:42 <Knave> "We would prefer it if there was no fighting. This mission is going to in the public eye, and we want you, as students of Sunnybrook Academy, to put your best foot forward." The woman glances self-consciously at the security guard in the corner, then proceeds, "Your main objective is to put a stop to the group's activities - and we'd prefer it if you did that nonviolently. If you can convince them, in
Apr 15 23:35:42 <Knave> addition, to return to Sunnybrook with you, you will be compensated for your efforts. If, contrarily, you must fight, it must be seen that you do not start it. Collateral damage will not be accepted."
Apr 15 23:35:43 <Antichthon> To Yuki, "Is she a good person?"
Apr 15 23:36:33 <Antichthon> Athene nodded. "I'll do everything I can to make sure no one gets hurt. On either side."
Apr 15 23:36:35 <gumbal1> "Will do." Lisa was good at not being destructive. Having horrific yet entirely nonphysical powers helped with that.
Apr 15 23:36:54 <LipstickThespian> Yuki nods her head and smiles to Athene. "She really is! I mean, at least from what I've seen. I only really follow what the net says about her, anyway." She claps her hands together, "let's do really good guys!"
Apr 15 23:38:02 <BobaFettuccine> "I hope we can talk it out. I really don't want to fight anyone." Mary frowns.
Apr 15 23:38:19 <Antichthon> Athene grinned at Mercy. "I think you got the right team together. We all want this to be peaceful."
Apr 15 23:39:10 <Knave> "If you don't mind the executions." The woman deadpans, "But first thing's first." The man in the bad suit appears to have left and come back with a case, which he sets on the desk and opens, then distributes the contents among you - each of you receives a jacket in sunny-day yellow with royal blue highlights, and the school's crest on the left breast, "You'll be required to wear these for the duration.
Apr 15 23:39:10 <Knave> You are representing your school. Make us proud."
Apr 15 23:39:49 <Antichthon> Athene's smile fell. "Executions?" She flipped through her folder again, for any information that.
Apr 15 23:40:17 <LipstickThespian> Yuki wasn't about to bring up the executions, because she had completely mixed feelings about those. In fact, a part of her always thought they were fake or were put up by someone else. She looks at the jacket and her face drops. "Is this…" she says as she holds it up and looks at it with disdain, "really our uniform?"
Apr 15 23:40:58 <Antichthon> Athene put her jacket over her fur-lined one. It looked silly, but she damn well wasn't taking off her trusty coat.
Apr 15 23:41:01 <Knave> "Really." The woman says humourlessly. The folder touches on the executions in a single mention on the summary page - that the group deals with criminals using deadly force. No more detail than that.
Apr 15 23:41:13 <BobaFettuccine> Mary frowns and looks at the jacket, then back at her arms. Which were on fire. "Do these come in sleeveless?
Apr 15 23:41:55 <gumbal1> Lisa blinks as she looks down on the jackets. Oh. Matching uniforms. How…predictably academic. And…executions. Huh. So this is more Deadpool than Batman.
Apr 15 23:43:04 <Knave> "Happily, they are fireproof, as well as being very resilient. You can even keep them when you're done." She says this like she believes it's an actual bonus.
Apr 15 23:43:41 <LipstickThespian> Yuki pulls the jacket on and frowns a bit, sure it fit her, but she looked like she was part of one of those school's that spent way too much on uniforms. "Do you have anything that isn't, ah, uhm. Boyish?"
Apr 15 23:44:41 <Knave> The woman frowns at the onslaught of fashion complaints, "You know, they tested very well…"
Apr 15 23:45:07 <BobaFettuccine> "Oh… Uh… Neat." Mary pulls on the jacket. The fire on her arms extends to the outside of the sleeves, though the jacket itself isn't on fire.
Apr 15 23:45:32 <LipstickThespian> Resigning herself to it, Yuki tugs at the sleeves and feels like she has made a horrible mistake. "The whole time?"
Apr 15 23:46:26 <Antichthon> It was a good thing the jacket was so large, but it was still rather tight, trying to fit it over a damn coat. If they weren't so resilient, Athene would have already ripped it. She bit her tongue about the horrible fashion of it all; she didn't want to risk calling attention to her silly look at the moment.
Apr 15 23:47:44 <gumbal1> Lisa's worn worse. She puts un the jacket without much fuss. Hm, might complicate things if a jacket doesn't manifest with her sisters, but she guesses the only real student amongst them might not want to come out for this.
Apr 15 23:48:53 <Knave> "The whole time." The woman stands up, "Now, no time like the present. Let's get you on your way, shall we?" The woman leads the girls to the teleportation chamber, with the security guard bringing up the rear, "Sergeant Brown will be going with you to serve as a point of contact, but I assure you, this will be very hands-off. It's really your show, girls. Sergeant Brown grew up in England, didn't you Mr
Apr 15 23:48:53 <Knave> Brown?" The woman rattles cheerily as you walk, to which the guard replies, "Yes, ma'am." He grew up in Manchester. It was shit.
Apr 15 23:50:49 <Antichthon> Athene followed and coiled her ton of snakeself as tightly as she could on the teleporter. She had things to say, but not while they were in front of the adults.
Apr 15 23:51:45 <BobaFettuccine> Mary walks along, marveling at being able to wear sleeves while she is on fire. Terrified at trying to convince a group of people that execute others to come back here with them
Apr 15 23:52:29 <Antichthon> She did, however, give Mary a comforting smile. First missions were always difficult.
Apr 15 23:52:34 <gumbal1> Well, better move out! Lisa heads along to the teleportation pad. Hopefully this time, she doesn't get shot. Hopefully.
Apr 15 23:52:54 <LipstickThespian> Yuki follows the group as they go along to leave and head off to parts un known. She was walking with a bit of a bounce in her step.
Apr 15 23:54:13 * LipstickThespian has quit ()
Apr 15 23:56:11 <Knave> Retcon retcon retcon, Yuki was never here, retcon retcon retcon it was Elissia the whole time (hey)
Apr 15 23:56:35 <Knave> Aaaand you're back in the scene
Apr 15 23:56:48 <Knave> "Oop, almost forgot." Again, seemingly from nowhere the small man in the bad suit manifests and gives each of you an earpiece, "Just in case you need to keep in touch." She gives a little wave once everyone is assembled on the platform and the science men start doing science things and the small girl is unnerving.
Apr 15 23:56:55 <TrisSebell> Elissia walked in, her hair pulled back. She gives Mary and Athene a smile
Apr 15 23:57:48 <Antichthon> Athene took the earpiece, put it in. "Test, test."
Apr 15 23:58:04 <gumbal1> Earpieces. How Bond-like. "They work."
Apr 15 23:58:42 <BobaFettuccine> Mary puts her earpiece in. It is apparently, also fireproof.
Apr 15 23:58:48 <TrisSebell> "Thank you." She slips it on her right ear.
Apr 16 00:00:34 <Knave> Then, before you know it, you're gone from the creepy teleporter and out in the open air! And shitting hell it's cold! Once the disorientation wears off, you can gather you're in… a fancy roundabout? Seven roads stretch away from where you're stood. On one side of you is a theatre, and the rest of the area appears to be stores. A black taxi has pulled to a stop, with the four of you plus Sergeant Brown
Apr 16 00:00:34 <Knave> standing in its way. Its horn starts honking furiously.
Apr 16 00:01:54 <gumbal1> Of course. London loves its fucking roundabouts. Lisa takes this time to get off the street and out of the way of the black taxi. Only polite. "So…where do we go from here?"
Apr 16 00:02:20 <Antichthon> Athene's breath, as imhumanly massive as it was, covered them all in mist. Athene followed Lisa. "This isn't going to be easy. They're going to hate us."
Apr 16 00:03:14 <BobaFettuccine> Mary jumps at the loud noise from the horn and the red glow surrounding her gets a little brighter. She quickly moves off of the street with the rest of them. "Why would they hate us?"
Apr 16 00:03:55 <Antichthon> "I'm a slave of the GWU. You're all prisoners. And we're going to be trying to convince them to come back with us and be prisoners, too."
Apr 16 00:03:56 <TrisSebell> She shivers briefly from the cold. She looks at the taxi, "Sorry!" And then to the others, "Because their world has been forced wide open, Mary. No one knew we existed til now."
Apr 16 00:04:43 <Antichthon> To Elissia, "I'm talking about Arcana and her friends. But the people here will probably hate us, too."
Apr 16 00:05:17 <TrisSebell> "What can you tell me about Arcana?"
Apr 16 00:05:34 <Knave> Hate, not yet, but you are drawing some weird looks.
Apr 16 00:06:46 <gumbal1> "Prisoners? Why would you think that?" At the very least, Lisa didn't think of herself as a prisoner, and the 'prisoner/free' dychotomy seemed weird.
Apr 16 00:07:03 <BobaFettuccine> The more Mary notices the looks the brighter red she glows and the hotter her flames get. She levels off at about the brightness of a cars high beams.
Apr 16 00:09:26 <Antichthon> Athene kept herself at the ready, her massive body prepared to wrap all of them, even brown, in a nigh-bulletproof shield of scales at a moment's notice. Athene looked at Elissia. "Just what it says in the file. I think she might be a good person with good intentions. I don't know." To Brown, "Do we know where to find them, or are they going to find us?"
Apr 16 00:10:12 <Knave> Sergeant Brown, the consumnate professional, has been doing sit-rep, "It looks like we're in the middle of Seven Dials, not far off our target area. Sightings of the group centre on Shaftesbury Avenue, not far from here. That's where we suspect they're based."
Apr 16 00:10:39 <gumbal1> "Head for there, I assume?"
Apr 16 00:11:15 <BobaFettuccine> "That sounds reasonable." Mary agrees with Lisa.
Apr 16 00:11:21 <Antichthon> Athene nodded, distant. "Lets go. Stay near me." She started off.
Apr 16 00:12:44 <Knave> "I'll locate a suitable point to return from and keep in touch." Brown points the way then steps off from the group.
Apr 16 00:12:53 <gumbal1> And Lisa follows, not really making any attempt to go about unseen, but keeping a close eye on her surroundings.
Apr 16 00:13:27 <Antichthon> No point in trying to remain unseen when you had a fucking metric ton of lamia with you. Athene's sole concern was keeping everyone safe.
Apr 16 00:13:28 <TrisSebell> She follows Athene, her eyes scanning the area. She's never been to London but now wasn't the time to lesurly adapt
Apr 16 00:14:30 <Antichthon> The whole of Athene's snakey senses were dedicated to identifying threats. Her tongue flicked in and out near-constantly. "I don't think they'll attack us on sight, though."
Apr 16 00:15:10 <BobaFettuccine> Mary follows along, a little shellshocked by all this, she seems really out of it and a little distant. "God I hope not."
Apr 16 00:15:54 <Antichthon> Athene stopped long enough to give Mary a smile and a little hug. "It'll be okay. You'll be okay."
Apr 16 00:16:22 <Knave> You can gather from the amount of signage that you're in a fairly central, touristy area. Despite the twisty turny streets of London, built centuries ago and never changed except to make things less convenient, finding where the street is is not hard. And it's mainly tourists that seem amazed by the presence of the lamia, the flaming girl, and the less conspicuous girls who are nevertheless in matching
Apr 16 00:16:22 <Knave> yellow jackets. Many passersby seem to be taking perverse pride in glancing at you once and then carrying on as if everything's normal.
Apr 16 00:17:15 <gumbal1> Fuck them. Haven't they ever seen anomalous humans before? Lisa keeps her head held high as she goes along.
Apr 16 00:18:16 <TrisSebell> She grins as the locals give the once over. Stiff upper lip and carry on… and all that. She adjusts her jacket and keeps moving.
Apr 16 00:18:17 <Antichthon> Knowing people, probably a lot of secret and not-so-secret pictures taken from cellphones, too. Athene ignored them. "Speak up if you sense anything weird. They probably already know we're here." Almost for damn certain. They were in their territory, and conspicuous as hell.
Apr 16 00:19:41 <BobaFettuccine> Mary nodded, a little less freaked after the hug. She looked around, trying to see anything out of the ordinary.
Apr 16 00:20:28 <Knave> (Perception rolls, for those keeping an eye out)
Apr 16 00:21:25 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+9 (Look behind you) Lisa is very perceptive!
Apr 16 00:21:26 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (Look behind you) Lisa is very perceptive!: 9:8-8+9
Apr 16 00:21:30 <Antichthon> 4d3-8+6 Perception
Apr 16 00:21:31 <Mjeowlnir> Antichthon, Perception: 5:7-8+6
Apr 16 00:22:18 <BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
Apr 16 00:22:18 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 3
Apr 16 00:22:19 <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 3: 4:9-8+3
Apr 16 00:23:41 <TrisSebell> `roll 4d3-8+3+3
Apr 16 00:23:42 <GameServ> Syntax: XdY [ {-|+|*|/} Z ]
Apr 16 00:23:48 <TrisSebell> `calc 4d3-8+3+3
Apr 16 00:23:48 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3+3 = 4
Apr 16 00:23:49 <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 5:7-8+3+3
Apr 16 00:25:53 <Knave> Athene gets the sense the group is being followed, but Lisa can pinpoint exactly the person doing it - although they’re not terribly subtle. They appear to be in their late teens, a shock of aqua blue hair and a "Magneto Was Right" crop top.
Apr 16 00:26:24 <Antichthon> Athene stopped the group. "Something doesn't feel right."
Apr 16 00:26:38 <gumbal1> Earpiece time. "Blue-haired magneto apologist is following us. Might want to talk him out of it."
Apr 16 00:27:21 <BobaFettuccine> "Could he be one of them?" Mary looks around for the person that Lisa is talking about.
Apr 16 00:27:36 <Knave> The teen doesn't catch on fast enough to not come out into the open from the crowd and then stop lamely in their tracks.
Apr 16 00:27:37 <Antichthon> "You're best at talking, aren't you, Lisa?"
Apr 16 00:28:15 <gumbal1> Lisa covertly points them out. "That one. Think I should go talk to them? I'm rather good at talking."
Apr 16 00:28:49 <Antichthon> Athene didn't look. "Do it. Want me to try to get behind him, make him think twice about running?"
Apr 16 00:29:45 <TrisSebell> She doesen't look at the person that Athene picked up, rather she looks around to the other surroundings. If they didn't travel alone, neither would they in her opinion.
Apr 16 00:31:13 <Knave> At this point, they're just stood gawking awkwardly.
Apr 16 00:31:14 <BobaFettuccine> Mary looks directly at the person that Lisa points out. "We should go ask why they're following us."
Apr 16 00:31:43 <gumbal1> And with that, Lisa adusts her hair (so her braid falls over that one errant mark) and heads over to the teen. "Yo. Nice shirt. Never really got into X-Men but Magneto was always a favorite."
Apr 16 00:32:32 <Knave> "Y-yeah?" The person responds, apparently shocked to be approached. Their voice is quite feminine, emphasised by the high pitch of their surprise.
Apr 16 00:34:00 <TrisSebell> She glances to the shoulder of the blue-haired girl, reading the stranger's aura to get a feel of their emotions, through color and flow.
Apr 16 00:34:24 <gumbal1> "Digging the dye. I'll have to find your hairdresser. My roots are showing, I swear." Punctuated by a slight grin. "So, what are you up to?"
Apr 16 00:35:17 <Antichthon> Damnit, Lisa. Athene was trying to be strong for the new girl, and it didn't help when Lisa didn't answer Athene's questions. She played it safe and stayed at range, watching the pair.
Apr 16 00:36:01 <BobaFettuccine> Mary stayed by Athene. Seeing her as a rock of stability in this crazy situation.
Apr 16 00:36:13 <Knave> The person's hand goes to their hair, "My partner did it for me, actually." They blush, "I was just, uh, shopping and, I saw you guys, and… are you real?"
Apr 16 00:36:35 <Antichthon> "Try to look friendly," Athene whispered to the pair still with her. She herself had a very approachable smile.
Apr 16 00:36:55 <Knave> Their aura reads rather scattered, tinges of excitement, confusion, interest, fear, in various, shifting quantities.
Apr 16 00:37:02 <Antichthon> "And keep your eye out." Athene sure was.
Apr 16 00:37:05 <gumbal1> Lisa was pretty sure Kat dyed, so that might be an option. "Of course. Why wouldn't we be?"
Apr 16 00:38:37 <BobaFettuccine> Mary pasted on a the kind of smile her parents had taught her, even though she was terrified, and kept an eye out for anything weird.
Apr 16 00:38:47 <Knave> "I don't know just… you look kind of… fantastic." Some people are stopping to watch the exchange, "Who are you?"
Apr 16 00:38:48 * Endorb is now known as SuppOrb
Apr 16 00:39:33 <TrisSebell> The person who should be worried about looking friendly should be the lamia. Still, Green-hazel eyes gave a calm, friendly look as she let Lisa talk. She gave Mary a gentle pat on the shoulder, "You're doing good, Mary. Just breathe."
Apr 16 00:39:52 <gumbal1> "We're representatives from an American organization, here to deal with a problem of sorts. Tell me, have you heard of Status Nova?"
Apr 16 00:40:27 <Knave> They nod apprehensively, apparently not knowing quite what to say about them.
Apr 16 00:41:12 <Antichthon> Fortunately it was easy for Athene to look friendly, because she was one of the friendliest damn people on the planet. Whether or not it could offset what she was, well. That was up for debate.
Apr 16 00:42:03 <gumbal1> "Could you perhaps direct me to them? We have a few things we need to discuss with them." Keeping it vague for the boy…girl…whatever. Something.
Apr 16 00:43:25 <Knave> "Well…" They look uncertain, "I've heard that their base is on top of the Apollo Theatre? But I don't know, I just heard it on the internet. Sorry."
Apr 16 00:44:17 <gumbal1> "Any lead is a good lead." Lisa briefly checks her nails. Still sharp. Good. "Well then, thank you for your time…what's your name?"
Apr 16 00:44:51 <Knave> "Sam." They squeak, then uncertainly offer a hand to shake
Apr 16 00:45:36 <gumbal1> A nice, gender-neutral name. "Lisa. Thank you, again." Lisa takes the hand.
Apr 16 00:46:13 <Knave> "Good luck." They say before stepping off and walking away, waving with a glance over their shoulder.
Apr 16 00:46:51 <gumbal1> Earpiece. "Apollo theatre. Might be a trap, might not. I'm rather suspicious about the Magneto shirt."
Apr 16 00:47:02 <Antichthon> They were too far away for Athene to hear the words, but not too far away to see that the conversation had gone well. Athene waved after the retreating person. "Thank you!"
Apr 16 00:47:36 <Antichthon> To Lisa, "I don't think we have any choice but to go there."
Apr 16 00:47:55 <BobaFettuccine> "So do you guys know where that is?" Mary says uncertainly through the earpiece, looking around nervously.
Apr 16 00:48:16 <Antichthon> "Um." Athene shrugged.
Apr 16 00:48:48 <Antichthon> She was looking at Lisa, because Lisa knew a lot.
Apr 16 00:48:52 <gumbal1> "I have no earthly clue because London is honestly too big for its own good."
Apr 16 00:49:07 <TrisSebell> Thank god she tucked her cell phone in her jacket! She pulls out the phone and begins the Maps for the the theater.
Apr 16 00:49:55 <Knave> Apparently, that theatre is literally down the street, one of the dozens in the area.
Apr 16 00:51:14 <Antichthon> Easy to put two and two together as to what Elissia was doing. "You lead the way, Elissia. But everyone stay close.
Apr 16 00:51:18 <Antichthon> "
Apr 16 00:53:13 <BobaFettuccine> Mary stuck close to Athene, and by close I mean actually touching her scales. The snake girl radiated surety and safety to her.
Apr 16 00:54:12 <TrisSebell> "This way." Once she has her bearings, comparing the cell phone's map to the real world, she heads down the street.. Oh! coffee shop *ahem*.. maybe later. Tucks her cell phone away as the theater's come into view while walking.
Apr 16 00:55:21 <gumbal1> Lisa follows, still lookint out for any potential stalkers like the last person.
Apr 16 00:55:27 <BobaFettuccine> "So how do we get to the top of the theater?" Mary asks
Apr 16 00:56:06 <Knave> The Apollo stands on an intersection, which in typical London fashion is not even at right angles. Shaftesbury Avenue curves gently and the road that intersects it does so at about a 30 degree angle. Most of the frontage around you now is restaurants. With the roads occupied with traffic, pedestrians are having to walk around you on the thin pathways.
Apr 16 00:56:11 <Antichthon> "Surety" was one of the last words Athene would use to describe herself, but it would have warmed her heart to hear Mary felt that way. Experience beget confidence, and Ellie's mind training certainly played its part, too. "We, um. Probably shouldn't. Speaking as a territorial creature, that's not a realy good way to make friends."
Apr 16 00:57:27 <BobaFettuccine> "So, do we just… Knock on the door or something?"
Apr 16 00:57:37 <TrisSebell> "Ask permission?" They weren't here to cause havoc and a lot of eyes were watching. She noted the traffic bubbles that held cameras.
Apr 16 00:57:55 <TrisSebell> She looks to see if the Apollo was still a working theater.
Apr 16 00:58:49 <gumbal1> "Do we have a choice. They're there, and we're here. It isn't really best to yell negotiations from the side of the street." Or at least, Lisa didn't think it was. Seemed counterproductive but she never really tried it.
Apr 16 01:01:10 <Knave> Looking up, you register that there is a marquee for a show playing still, but you don't notice what the show is because a girl in a white dress, red contrail flowing behind her, is descending from the sky, coming to rest about 10 feet above the street. "I take it you're here looking for us?" The ginger bob and angular freckled face are instantly recognizable from the dossier - this is Arcana.
Apr 16 01:01:47 <Antichthon> Once they were in front of the Apollo, Athene put herself between her three friends and the building, specifically the girl. Athene put her hands together and smiled up at her as friendly as she could. "Yes. We want to talk."
Apr 16 01:02:10 <gumbal1> Lisa waits until she touches the ground…okay, staying there is nice, too. "Nice entrance. And yes, that is our intent."
Apr 16 01:03:29 <BobaFettuccine> Mary is virtually hiding behind Athene at this point. Trying to keep as low a profile as she can what with the flaming and the glowing.
Apr 16 01:04:38 <Knave> "I'm not stuck on the jackets, but membership's always open for our kind." Her gentle smile exudes confidence that doesn't fit in her skinny frame.
Apr 16 01:05:54 <Antichthon> A quick glance to Lisa. Lisa was the brains, and the face. Best to leave most of the talking to her.
Apr 16 01:06:39 <gumbal1> "Right. Problem is, we aren't particularly here to join anything. Rather, we're asking you to join us."
Apr 16 01:07:25 <Knave> She glides over to the slight overhand that houses the theatre's marquee, "And who's us, then?"
Apr 16 01:07:44 <Silfete> Elissia does an aura reading on Arcana while everyone is taking
Apr 16 01:07:52 <Silfete> Talking *
Apr 16 01:08:31 <Knave> Arcana's aura is just heaps of cool confidence, surrounding a burning passion
Apr 16 01:10:26 <gumbal1> "The Sunnybrook Academy. I know this all sounds rather 'x-men recruitment' thing but I can assure you that this is the correct choice."
Apr 16 01:13:31 <Knave> "Can you, now?" The girl says dubiously, perched on the theatre's masonry, "And why's that?"
Apr 16 01:14:46 <BobaFettuccine> Mary stared wide eyed up at this confident, flying girl in a white dress. She seemed nice enough, but Mary couldn't get it out of her head that she had killed people.
Apr 16 01:15:33 <gumbal1> "Because it is, from personal experience, absolutely better than public school and most likely better than squatting above a theater. Plus, legal immunity for murder." Lisa shrugs. "Can't beat that."
Apr 16 01:16:06 * Antichthon‘ is now known as Antichthon
Apr 16 01:17:07 <Antichthon> "And you get to make friends with tons of people who can relate to you," Athene said, trying to be helpful.
Apr 16 01:17:45 <Knave> Arcana sneers, "And are the jackets mandatory?"
Apr 16 01:17:56 <gumbal1> "I hate them too. Work with me, here."
Apr 16 01:19:52 <Antichthon> "And they’re not."
Apr 16 01:20:36 <Knave> "Heard of the place," She stands up, "Big fancy cage for teens with superpowers. We'll pass."
Apr 16 01:22:09 <gumbal1> Lisa sighs. Jesus fuck this was gonna be difficult. "It's a cage right now because command is stupid and doesn't know how to deal with protesters. I like to think of it more as a home."
Apr 16 01:23:58 <BobaFettuccine> "So instead of going to a school, where you'll be safe and fed, and have a real place to stay, you'd rather kill people?" Lisa burst out angrily. "You've got the real moral high ground there." Lisa seems to realize that she had just been sarcastic at someone who might or might not be willing to try to kill her. She shrank back behind Athene.
Apr 16 01:24:03 <TrisSebell> Elissia's eyes begin glancing around the building, at first without moving her neck. Arcana was extruding too much confidence and she began wondering if they weren't surrounded.
Apr 16 01:24:17 <BobaFettuccine> *Mary
Apr 16 01:25:00 <Antichthon> Athene figured that's how Arcana would see it. The fact she wasn't wrong made it all the harder. "We want to help you, Arcana. Help you and your friends" Mary's outburst was met with a little alarm, and Athene put her hand on the girl's shoulder, trying to be comforting. "Please forgive her. She's frightened."
Apr 16 01:25:11 <gumbal1> Lisa puts a hand up at Mary's outburst. "Please don't be hostile."
Apr 16 01:25:26 <TrisSebell> "Easy Mary. Let's hear her out." She looked at Mary, then around Mary to see if anyone was watching this.
Apr 16 01:25:36 <Knave> Her posture subtly changes, becoming harder, more dynamic. "We're doing what we have to do. We have a duty. We've saved lives." She's projecting her voice very well, which is a good job for the substantial crowd gathering.
Apr 16 01:26:10 <Antichthon> Athene kept up the smile. "Why dont you tell us what you've done."
Apr 16 01:26:19 <gumbal1> "Same here. We also have a hell of a lot of funding to do so." Lisa's posture stays in its relaxed stance.
Apr 16 01:29:26 <Knave> "And I'm sure you get so much done in your little hideaway." She folds her arms, "We keep watch day and night for when we're needed. We're a force for good - power for the powerless. We don't need funding. We just do our duty."
Apr 16 01:30:54 <gumbal1> "And we do the same, but with more resources so as not to fuck up. I'm not seeing the problem here."
Apr 16 01:32:54 <Knave> "The problem," She says, enunciating very clearly, "Is you bend the knee to your elders and betters. Funding. Oversight." She leans forward, "We've been given gifts. It's our duty to rise, and give people something worth seeing when they look up. And you let them chain you down."
Apr 16 01:33:13 <TrisSebell> She saw what Arcana thought. In her eyes we're shackled and in her opinion we're just puppets just following orders. In our group she'd just be another number and all she cares about is power wrapped in a self righteous need from other to be safe.
Apr 16 01:34:52 <Antichthon> "You care about people." It wasn't a question. "You have to know what'll happen if we can't convince you to come with us. I don't want people to get hurt."
Apr 16 01:34:59 <gumbal1> "…how do you pay for food? Supplies? Stealing? Generous donations? Want to know how we do it? Funding. Far more reliable than squatting on top of a theatre. And honestly? There isn't really much knee-bending going on. Most of the time it's going about our daily lives and dealing with regular teenage problems. You know. Teenager stuff."
Apr 16 01:36:34 <BobaFettuccine> Now Mary was getting really mad. Who did this girl think she was to get to pass judgement on who should die and who shouldn't. Everybody gets to live. Mary believed that. As she got more mad she started to glow even brighter, about as bright as a red spotlight now. Her flames rising to almost a foot above each arm.
Apr 16 01:37:54 <Antichthon> Athene, full of concern, wrapped up Mary very gently in a snakey coil, which could take the heat. "Mary, please calm down. Please?"
Apr 16 01:40:01 <Knave> "We get by." Arcana says brusquely. She shakes her head, "You truly don't get it. You're trying to be normal."
Apr 16 01:40:08 <BobaFettuccine> "She killed people Athene! She took peoples lives and now she's up there, talking like she's better than us!" Mary was no longer trying to hide behind Athene, but she wasn't doing anything aggressive towards Arcana either.
Apr 16 01:41:13 <gumbal1> 'Normal.' Lisa couldn't help but smile at that. "…you really don't get it, do you?"
Apr 16 01:41:26 <TrisSebell> She began looking around for Arcana's followers, this time no longer being subtle about it. She looked down along the street, "I don't believe she really cares. Not about others, and certainly not about those that would end up hurt."
Apr 16 01:43:06 <Knave> The streets, packed with onlookers, don't seem to have any anomalies among them. If the rest of her group are anywhere nearby, they must be on the roof. Arcana herself glides down to Lisa, floating feet of the ground, legs apart, arms folded, and youthful, freckled face frozen in stern anger, "Enlighten me."
Apr 16 01:43:19 <Antichthon> Athene would have put her hands on Mary's shoulders, but unlike the rest of her, her human parts couldn't take that sort of heat. "And we're trying to keep anyone else from dying." She turned her gaze up at Arcana. "Because that's what's going to happen if we can't solve this diplomatically. You don't know what the GWU does if they can't capture anomalies peacefully. You don't
Apr 16 01:43:20 <Antichthon> know, but I do. And I know you don't want people to die, any more than I do."
Apr 16 01:44:35 <gumbal1> "If they wanted to make us normal? Miia over there would be dead now and the firey girl would be drugged to hell. They aren't trying to surpress us, and they won't try to surpress you."
Apr 16 01:45:57 <gumbal1> "We have a literal high priestess to a demon lord on campus who is fully allowed to engage in religious services. We have a magic artis who they still allow to paint. For chrissakes, they have a Tear Drinker allowed to roam around with zero security, aside from standard curfew."
Apr 16 01:47:05 <gumbal1> "As for me? I literally became a vampire during my stay there, and nobody cared. Command did jack about it."
Apr 16 01:47:55 <BobaFettuccine> Mary stops talking, crosses her arms in front of her and just glares silently at Acana.
Apr 16 01:48:00 <Antichthon> That last bit was news to Athene, and earned her a quick glance.
Apr 16 01:48:07 <TrisSebell> Well, that would explain why Lisa just listed some of the heavy hitters and high magikers.
Apr 16 01:48:58 <Antichthon> "It isn't perfect, Arcana. But joining us is the best option you have. For everyone."
Apr 16 01:49:38 <Knave> "Not them. You. You're trying to be normal. Normal teenagers, acting like your gifts are just a weird happenstance." Her hands in fists at her side, if she was more than a slip of a girl she would look mighty, "If you embraced the new world in front of us, you wouldn't hide in your private school."
Apr 16 01:51:23 <gumbal1> "It's the GWU's job to help embrace the new world. This is just one small part of it." Lisa extends a hand. "So. What do you say?"
Apr 16 01:52:25 <Knave> "The GWU that was happy to hide until it was dragged out into the light." She folds her arms across her chest, "We say no thanks."
Apr 16 01:53:01 <Antichthon> "…Don't your friends have the right to decide for themselves?"
Apr 16 01:53:49 <gumbal1> "I was…yes. Why don't you let your friends decide for themselves?" Almost about to go down the 'bad time' route. Would've been a real shame.
Apr 16 01:54:44 <TrisSebell> "There are people who have found sactuary in the GWU. And yes, that mean hiding. Let your friends decide without your influence." She says clearly.
Apr 16 01:58:22 <Knave> Arcana fixes Athene a glare, which lasts for several seconds before breaking off and ascending to the roof. Several seconds later, an explosion of a black smoke-like substance and the rest of the members of Status Nova are on the street - the gathered crowd have pretty much stopped traffic coming through the intersection. All told, they are a hulking figure of twisted roots and brambles, which presumably
Apr 16 01:58:22 <Knave> has a human inside it somewhere, a lean, shirtless boy with dark hair and orange, glowing eyes, a girl in a black and white suit holding a bird-headed cane, a comically small bald boy in a saffron robe, and a little girl in a pink top and jeans. Arcana floats down after them, arms folded. "Make your case."
Apr 16 01:59:17 <Antichthon> Athene instinctively curled around her friends, to protecct them from any angle, if the need arose.
Apr 16 02:01:15 <TrisSebell> Elissia's eyes looked from one person to another, taking an aura reading on each of them. A stillness inside her forms as she looks at them.
Apr 16 02:02:33 <gumbal1> "I can promise you several things at Sunnybrook. Protection. Community. Most of all, however? A healthy environment to grow. In more ways than one. Given my experiences, between my old life and Sunnybrook. Sunnybrook wins every time. Back there, I was stuck, emotionally and powerwise. I could do nothing for my feelings or for my abilities. That changed rather quickly when I was sent over. The environment of people who actually knew wha
Apr 16 02:02:33 <gumbal1> t it was like to go through these things, combined with the supportive staff, helped me to grow, not just as a person, but as a superhuman. Plus, free room and board." Lisa shrugs. "Can't really argue with that."
Apr 16 02:02:39 <BobaFettuccine> Mary just keeps on glaring. She is pissed at this arrogant, self righteous, murderer and she has nothing to say that would not escalate the situation. So she chooses not to speak.
Apr 16 02:03:43 <gumbal1> "…fuck, that sounds too much like a cruise commercial." Lisa turns back to her group. "Any testimonials?"
Apr 16 02:04:39 <gumbal1> "…oh. One more thing I wanted to say." Checking her nails once more…
Apr 16 02:04:58 <Knave> The immediate impression of the group is a sense of unity. The treeperson, Bracken, almost scans as a blank. Powerhouse, the one with no shirt, is conflicted between care and fear. Magpie stinks of cowardice. Hive is everything and nothing, all at once. The girl feels… wrapped up.
Apr 16 02:05:48 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+4 (REND FOR THE NEW GOD) "You might want to step back for this." Lisa creates a rip in space to her side, not to harm, merely to show off. "I learned that particular trick in Sunnybrook. Fun stuff."
Apr 16 02:05:49 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (REND FOR THE NEW GOD) "You might want to step back for this." Lisa creates a rip in space to her side, not to harm, merely to show off. "I learned that particular trick in Sunnybrook. Fun stuff.": 5:9-8+4
Apr 16 02:07:16 <Knave> "Very impressive." Arcana simmers. Most of Status Nova seem either unmoved or put off by this demonstration.
Apr 16 02:08:10 <Antichthon> Athene kept the ball rolling. "We're just kids. We shouldn't be hiding away, fearing for our lives, deciding who lives and dies. Having friends, being safe, growing up…that's not being 'normal.' that's being 'healthy.' We're gonna grow up to control the world. I don't us to be fucked up when we do." Athene moved back, giving Lisa enough room to do her trick. "I'd be a monster
Apr 16 02:08:10 <Antichthon> if it wasn't for my friends. I'm not going to say the GWU is perfect, but…the world isn't perfect. We gotta make the best with what we've got."
Apr 16 02:08:29 <gumbal1> Brushing her fingers across the rift, is soon disappears. "Sorry. Thought you might have wanted to see that, show you what you can learn there."
Apr 16 02:08:37 <gumbal1> *it
Apr 16 02:09:53 <Knave> Powerhouse directs his response to Arcana, "You are always saying that our time has come. That our kind will lead."
Apr 16 02:10:36 <Knave> "We're perfectly safe here already. Nothing in this city can hurt us." Arcana asserts.
Apr 16 02:11:58 <Antichthon> Athene shook her head. "You're not safe. You're not safe at all. If we fail here…what they send back wont be kids. What they send back will be monsters. Like my sister."
Apr 16 02:13:54 <gumbal1> "…unfortunately, as much as I hate to admit it, Athene's right. There are some…unsavory folk at are school. I would avoid them, but command seems to keep them as 'useful idiots'." Lisa didnt' know that for sure, but it was the only thing that made sense when she wondered why Moby wasn't perpetually kept in the basement.
Apr 16 02:14:10 <gumbal1> *our
Apr 16 02:14:39 <TrisSebell> ((IS ELISSIA GOING TO BE ABLE TO TALK OR NO?))
Apr 16 02:15:04 <gumbal1> (Yes, if you make a post)
Apr 16 02:15:10 <TrisSebell> ((I AM TRYING TO TYPE!!!))
Apr 16 02:27:10 <TrisSebell> "And that would be your first folly, Arcana." Elissia steps forwards to look at them all A soft smile as she green-hazel eyes look at them. "There is more than just the GWU. That is just a small part, and you can join it or leave it- it's merely a fragment of where we live. I am a Sunnybrook Student, nothing more. I was asked to come here and talk to you all. I have seen and met so manny wonderful people there. Some
Apr 16 02:27:10 <TrisSebell> who have come from loving families and some who have come from none or horrid backgrounds who have found sanctuary and friendship there. You can train to make you abilities better, you can go to school of you wish to enhance your mind. You can have friends and enemies there and have a semblance of peace. Yes, right now things are chaotic and most of us are confused, scared, and lashing out in anger for a myriad or
Apr 16 02:27:10 <TrisSebell> reasons. Your world and minds can expand as far as you want when you decide that you can take a step anywhere , to be anything and have the discipline and the fortitude to keep going." She puts a hand to her chest. "I am hunted. and I will always be hunted and haunted by what I've gone through, but at Sunnybrook I have found the moment's peace I have always desired for myself. To find out who I am, what I can be and
Apr 16 02:27:15 <TrisSebell> who I can help along the way. It may not last long, but if something should happen at least I can say I had that time , that moment of peace that allowed me, to exist without struggling to survive." It was something everyone deserved in life, in her opinion and she didn't care if they laughed or mocked her. It was their choice and their lives.
Apr 16 02:30:30 <BobaFettuccine> Mary found herself moved by Elissia's speech, but remained absolutely pissed at Arcana. "And you don't even have to kill people." She almost growls, continuing to glare straight at Arcana.
Apr 16 02:46:40 <Knave> "…Yeah, thanks for memorizing the prospectus for us." Arcana says dismissively, descending between the Sunnybrook girls and the rest of Status Nova, "But here's the way it is. We're not looking for peace or safety. We've found what we were given our gifts to do, and if you're going to try and keep us from that destiny, I suggest you get out of our city." Then, the dissenting voice from behind, a low
Apr 16 02:46:40 <Knave> "Ummmm." From Bracken.
Apr 16 02:46:49 <Knave> "I wouldn't mind safety."
Apr 16 02:49:50 <Antichthon> Athene furrowed her brow. Elissia had said a lot very quickly. Athene did her best to keep up, but couldn't. She got the jist of it. Maybe. Hopefully. She nodded along in support. Arcana's response further furrowed her brow. "You're part of this city, but it isn't yours." She looked from Bracken to the others. "It belongs to everyone who lives here. Doesn't it?"
Apr 16 02:50:27 <gumbal1> Upstaged handily by that, though Lisa wondered if the true friendship aspect would work or just come off as cheesy. Not that she did any better. "So? What do you think…alright…alright." Lisa nods. "Any other opinions?"
Apr 16 02:54:08 <TrisSebell> She looked at Bracken and smiled warmly, at least one person was reached. "My name is Elissia." She knew who he was by the dossier but wondered if he would give her his name.
Apr 16 02:54:56 <BobaFettuccine> Mary stayed silent, but made sure to smile at Bracken when he spoke up.
Apr 16 02:58:16 <Knave> Arcana glares at Bracken, who withers under it. At this, Powerhouse steps forward to her, "Maybe we should think about it. You know we can't live like this forever." He sounds gentle, but it doesn't do anything to assuage Arcana. "No. You know why we can't compromise. You know this is bigger than us. We can't give in to them." She surges with unmistakable power, red light forming a shield of runes an inch
Apr 16 02:58:16 <Knave> in front of her chest.
Apr 16 03:00:53 <Antichthon> "Hey." Athene's good naturedness was evaporating, and it was clear in her voice. She put herself between Arcana and her people, without even realizing it. "Part of being a good friend is letting your friends have their own opinions, not telling them what to think."
Apr 16 03:02:44 <gumbal1> "I am Lisa." Handily ursurped from the role of talker. No, she wasn't vindictive or jealous. Her, envious? Naaaaaaaah, couldn't be! And…okay. "Could you not do that? Please? I think you're scaring your friends."
Apr 16 03:05:20 <TrisSebell> "Why are you forcing them? Or did you mean to say that you are the one fit to rule? It sounds as if you are using the royal 'we', instead of the one meaning a community, friends or partners." She looked at Power house now, giving him the same friendly look, but also one of encouragement. The young man was speaking for himself and other who were beginning to think beyond the Apollo. Her gaze then moved to the
Apr 16 03:05:21 <TrisSebell> other's behind Arcana, giving them that same encouragement.
Apr 16 03:08:21 <BobaFettuccine> Mary actually takes a step towards Arcana as she sees the red light begin to glow. "Are you going to attack your friends now? What happened to your high and mighty 'cause'? It seems obvious you're only in this for power."
Apr 16 03:13:21 <Knave> In a very calm, deliberate tone, Arcan says, "My friends are free to do as they please." Then, she turns to face them all, looking from face to face. Bracken steps past her and stands with you. "Sorry. You know I never wanted this life." Powerhouse steps past Athene to Arcana, "Please, come with us." When she doesn't respond, he walks past her. Hive inclines his head towards the two that left and calmly
Apr 16 03:13:21 <Knave> walks over, the little girl lost in tow behind him. Arcana's eyes settle on Magpie, who shrugs, strikes her cane against the ground, and disappears in black and white smoke.
Apr 16 03:19:32 <Antichthon> Athene's momentary irritation was gone. She put her hands together, pleading. "Please don't do this, Arcana. I know you think you're strong enough to stand against anything, but you don't know the kinds of anomalies the GWU has, when worst comes to worst. My sister is one of them. She alone would kill you, and anyone with you, in seconds, and you'd be helpless to stop her. A whole
Apr 16 03:19:32 <Antichthon> team of their shock troopers would can annihilate an army. Please don't let it come to that."
Apr 16 03:20:14 <gumbal1> This was beginning to get too cliche for Lisa's tastes. Best stand back and not deal with the fallout resulting from the probable transformation of Arcane into a kaiju. Calmness meant nothing but bottled anger.
Apr 16 03:24:58 <TrisSebell> She smiles at each one who comes to stand with them. It's bright and welcoming. She didn't know about Magpie, but at least the majority decided to come with them. Although Athene was warning Arcana, she felt that it fell on deaf ears. Elissia waited for the other's to decide what to do because she really wanted to lead them away from here.
Apr 16 03:27:35 <BobaFettuccine> Mary stays silent and moves out of the way when the others walk towards them. She continues to glare at Arcana the whole time.
Apr 16 03:31:27 <Knave> "So this is how it is." Arcana says, rising into the air, one leg bent, "Fine. Trust them. See how they treat you." She shifts her focus from her team-mates to the four of you, "Send your armies. This is the new world, and it belongs to those of us who embraced it." She continues ascending up to the roof of the Apollo, looking down with folded arms.
Apr 16 03:33:13 <Antichthon> Arcana's response broke Athene's heart. She wiped her eyes and looked away. "Come on, let's go. We did everything we could."
Apr 16 03:34:36 <gumbal1> "Don't worry. That'll happen." Lisa turns and heads back, activating the earpiece. "All but one retrieved peacefully. Arcana still at large."
Apr 16 03:37:42 <TrisSebell> She looked at Powerhouse, Bracken and even Hive with a friendly attitude. "This way, please. I'm glad you've decided to come." It wasn't lip service, it was her truth. They chose to come with them and maybe she'll be able to do what Zita had for her. Be a friend; but she'll leave the over huggyness to Zita.
Apr 16 03:38:08 <TrisSebell> Able to for them waht Zita had for her*
Apr 16 03:39:17 <BobaFettuccine> Mary Watched Arcana go, then uncrossed her arms and turned to smile at the others who had decided to come back to SunnyBrook.
Apr 16 03:41:59 <Knave> Powerhouse picked up the small, as-yet-unidentified girl and placed her on his shoulders, muttering, "Come on, Cubby." Bracken, entirely covered in twisted wood, is unreadable emotionally. Hive just doesn't emote. Over the earpieces, you hear Sergeant Brown "If you can make your way to Leicester Square Garden, I'll set up the teleport home."
Apr 16 03:45:53 <Antichthon> Athene touched her earpiece. To Brown, "Got it. We're on our way." Athene gestured for Elissia and her map to lead the way. To Lisa: "She has no idea. Even most of the people at the school have no idea. Sunnybrook is a school for teenagers with mild powers, compared to what's out there. Everything I said about my sister is true. She's only twenty-four. My mother is several
Apr 16 03:45:53 <Antichthon> thousand years old, and the GWU captured her. When they take off the kids gloves, Arcana doesn't stand a chance."
Apr 16 03:46:19 <gumbal1> And that was it. There was little left to do. "We'll see."
Apr 16 03:46:24 <gumbal1> "We'll see."
Apr 16 03:51:28 <TrisSebell> She had already brought up her map and the directions for Leicester Square Garden, but she also asked the locals walking with them for the directions while the screen loaded up.
Apr 16 03:52:24 <BobaFettuccine> Mary followed along with the group. Her glow and fire slowly abating as relief that she hadn't had to fight anyone washed over her.
Apr 16 03:56:18 <Knave> Sergeant Brown is waiting for them once they get to Leicester Square Garden. He relays the numbers and positions to the lab fellas at Sunnybrook, and after a moment's delay they're back in the creepy teleport room. The new arrivals are led away by staff, and Mercy Malloy, Head of PR is waiting for you. "Well, that could have gone worse. Status Nova is disbanded, most of its members came willingly to
Apr 16 03:56:18 <Knave> Sunnybrook, and you've shown the world that our methods work. Arcana, I'm sure, will be… dealt with, as will Magpie if she resurfaces. Each of you will be compensated $400 for your work. Well done."
Apr 16 03:58:18 <Knave> -Run complete-
Apr 16 03:58:28 <Knave> 2 XP, $400

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