Listed here are the various items and objects people can purchase with their cash. They are divided up by their different place of origin, you will have to consult a Game Master about buying anything. If there is something not listed, please ask for clarification and pricing from a Game Master.


A network created by Aiko for students to post items up they have crafted or services they can provide. This system is heavily monitored and all items must abide by strict Global Watch Unit policies.

Roleplay Items

Item Price Description
Custom Jackets $275 Supernaturally reinforced jackets, made to endure lots of wear and tear. Restorations for bought clothes are free! ~ by Comp1l3Cloth
Real Food $55 I can make any dish you want, pizza, cookies, dim sum, oysters, and way more. The max is 3 courses and you must order in advance ~ by 1337CHEF
Future Vision $80 I can predict the future for money, nuff said. (Probably a hack anyways) ~ by clAirVoyanT
Puppets $350 I can make any doll or puppet you want, just choose one of the bases, or give me a reference. It can come to life at midnight. The puppet takes on the personality of the owner. They are self animated. ~ by 7_Coloured_PuppetMeister
Flowers $25 I can make you any flower, lasts up to 3 months, pots are included, vases are not. (Tried it, he doesn't do roses well oddly enough) ~ by SwegMasta
Custom Cameras $375 Can make quality cameras that record up to 2160P! Night Vision and Thermal Vision are $25 each to add. (Great for illegally recording movies) ~ by 3y3#am-Amazing
Remote Controlled Cars $300 We make sturdy ATV's that are remote controlled up to 200 ft. Cameras can be attached for $50 more. (Batteries aren't included 0/10) ~ by ROADH0G
Head Accessory Commissions $100 I can make anything from animal ears to fake glasses. Eyepatches too, if it goes on your head I can pull it off. ~ by NyanCa1
Hallucination Glasses $150 The glasses allow you to see what is not there. Odd shapes, colours, creatures, eldritch abominations. Not sure what you can see but it looks cool! ~ by IllumanatiConfirmed
Real Live Cherrybombs $50 Cherry bombs that when thrown, become actual cherries. Five pack. (Taste pretty good, great for impromptu sundaes) ~ by 3xplosiv33nding
Clear Air Fans $150 An ornately decorated fan that when waved, clears foul smells in the air. Does nothing to stop toxins or disease, but hey, farts are a thing of the past. ~ by Gh0st_dad
Screaming Item $75 I can enchant items to scream when certain conditions you set are met. I can only do one scream sound, but volume is totally adjustable. ~ by Sp00py
Tiny Gold Crown $5000 A crown made out of solid gold and decorated with jewels. Serves no other purpose than saying you can afford to waste 5K on a hunk of metal. ~ by betterThanPlebs
Random Dice $10 per die A die with 20 sides, however the outcome is any number between negative infinity and infinity. (Is displayed in a hologram.) ~ by DungeonMaster
False Binoculars $100 Binoculars that show what is behind you, but makes people think you're looking ahead! ~ by Tricky
Love Compasses $370 A set of compasses that when activated, will point to where the other is. Range is 2 miles. No longer works as normal compasses. ~ Yandere-chan
Bag of Holding $350 A satchel, backpack, or just a bag, that holds more than it should! Fit up to 1.5x the normal amount that the bag would hold, it reduces the weight of things to 2/3 of normal. ~ by Tricky and Comp1l3Cloth
Cyber Elf $75 A little AI companion for you, it's a small floating light in your chosen color, approximately 2-3 centimetres in diameter. Just give me guidelines for its personality, and you can watch as it develops like a real person does (well, a real person with a limited mental complexity). They only can really learn two commands: stay, and follow. But otherwise, they're good for fun conversations, or something more rewarding a pet than a dog. You can come back later to give them an upgrade ~ by Cyber Ciel
Cyber Elf: Advanced Companion $150 An upgrade perfect for those who love a companion elf. This one comes with a home base function, as well as recognizing its owner and some friends, an optional command lock for the owner only, and much more ability to learn and converse like a human. However, it must analyze and process an area before being able to navigate, which usually takes 10-15 minutes, but can take up to an hour. Total cost is $225 with a new cyber elf ~ by Cyber Ciel

Functional Items

Item Price Description
Adrenaline Patch $90 A nice little patch for all you junkies, thin and pumps you up real quick. Adds +1 to Finesse and Brawn to the next two rolls, can be used as a minor action. ~ by junky_OG
Emergency Stim Pack $150 A syringe filled with a blue glowing liquid, meant to temporarily heal wounds. FDA approved! Takes an action to apply and recovers the user for +2 temporary Health for 3 rounds. When time is up, all temporary health that was added by it is lost, though it does not take any additional non-temp health off. (EX. IF you use it to have 5 health, and you take 3 damage, when time is up, you don't take another 2 damage.) ~ by BioClock
White Lily Boutonniere $250 A beautiful White Lily on a pin that will never decay unless it's given to an angry Ex. When worn, if the wearer were to take a fatal hit, they instead are left with 1 Health or Psyche and take -1 to all attributes until they have a chance to rest. Does wither after taking the hit, sadly, so it's single use. ~ by SwegMasta
Reinforced Jackets $1200 Custom jackets that now actually protect against threats! Provides 3/2 Armor. Those that already bought my custom jackets can turn those in to buy at just $925 ~ by Comp1l3Cloth
Arachnoweave $1900 Enchanted and reinforced clothes (usually still jackets) lined with spider silk to protect against threats - the best in lightweight defense! Provides 3/3 Armor, and ignores -1 AP. Reinforced jackets can be turned in for $1200 credit toward this. ~ by Comp1l3Cloth and associate
Truthseer Glasses $750 Glasses that let you perceive beyond the illusion we call reality. When worn, adds +1 to visual perception checks. ~ by IllumanatiConfirmed
Un-Hallucination Glasses $900 Glasses that let you perceive beyond the illusions within reality. When worn, lets you attempt to roll Perception to tell whether or not something is an illusion when you see it. Have to actually try to look, works on visual illusions only. Doesn't let you see through the illusion, only tell that it is one. ~ by IllumanatiConfirmed
Psycho Cherry Bombs $100 An alchemical grenade that gives an odd disorienting blast, smells vaguely reminiscent of cherries. Gives AOE -1 to mental defense for five rounds. Only applies to creatures with lungs.~ by 3xplosiv33nding
Custom Hoodie $750 This hoodie is hand stitched and designed to your specs. Wearing it will really help you blend into the shadows, or into a crowd. +1 to stealth based rolls. ~ by Comp1l3Cloth
Emergency Capsule $50 A small capsule that revitalizes bodies and restores the very essence of life. Restores 1 Health and takes a turn to use. ~ by DocEirin
Nightmare Repellent $75 An aerosol spray that when used will help protect against insanity for a bit. Gives 1 temp Psyche for 3 rounds, must be at full psyche to use. ~ by CallofGreg
Cyber elf: databank $175 This cyber elf upgrade will be loaded with information on a set topic, usually aligned with a particular skill. Just remember that it doesn't mean you can act on the knowledge correctly. They won't know everything, but it can save you a lot of research. If needed, I can replace the banks for a $5 fee. Total cost is $250 with a new cyber-elf (you can roll +5 on knowledge check associated with a specific skill, rather than your characters' own modifier) ~ by Cyber Ciel

Character Crafted

All items in this section are made by player characters. Be sure to contact the player of the character you're buying from so that they know to collect payment and, in some cases, allocate the time/labor or remove the item from their created list. This can be done in the IRC, or on this forum page. Produced permanent items will consume most of the price in materials (probably about 4/5, but depends on both the item and the price that's been set). Consumables and services receive the full payment as they only cost labor to create. To have an item added to this list, please contact a GM to work out the details.

Item Price Description
Permanent or Near-Pemanent Items
Flirt Skirts $500 My skirts will catch the attention and heart of anyone you want! Tailored just for you, designed and made to order, I guarantee these will fit perfectly and flatter your features! Get an edge in making the object of your affections fall for you, or distract them long enough to sneak a kiss! +1 to seduction and persuade rolls if you're willing to be flirty - nobody is immune. Can be made as any sort of clothing of sufficient coverage, skirts are just the most common. ~ by Akatsuki
IllusionWear $250 Custom tailored clothing that holds embedded illusion, personalized for the buyer to hide supernatural presence - changes skin to human tones and texture, veils wings or other appendages, and disguises prosthetic limbs. Nobody will have a clue, and you'll be free to go out into town or on low-key missions as the GWU loses their only good reason to stop you. ~ by Akatsuki
LAI $500 A low-sapience AI to be a companion, as well as assist you in any computer-related tasks. Alternatively, I can set up the program with a technical proficiency database to assist in more specialized areas. +1 to effective skill in one of: Computers, Mechanics, Inventing, Craft. Mobile devices only can support having one loaded at a time. ~ by Info-chan
Targeting LAI $1000 A low-sapience AI and targeting system that synchs up with your non-throwing ranged weapons and displays a crosshair in your field of view, along with trajectories and environmental data if available. Comes with three micro-cameras to attach to your weapons. Gives +1 to ranged attacks while wearing AR glasses if using a weapon with the camera attached, or one that's otherwise modified to work with it. Mobile devices only can support having one LAI loaded at a time. ~ by Info-chan
AR Glasses $300 Glasses with a camera in the frame and display overlay on the lens. Contains enough memory to do simple things like connect to google maps or link to a local network and run a browser, but best used when connected to a phone despite its good storage and processor. Live in augmented reality today! Reduced to $250 if bought at the same time as an LAI. ~ by 3y3#am-Amazing and Info-chan
AR Truthseer Glasses $1000 A blending of anomaly and technology that adds the Truthseer enhancement to AR glasses, giving all the benefits of both. Additionally includes microsensors to pick up and analyze sounds. - +1 to visual and audio perception checks ~ by IllumanatiConfirmed, 3y3#am-Amazing, and Info-chan
Full VR Device In Progress A padded headband with a screen that goes across the eyes for the option of AR interfacing, and with a strap going over the top of the head and a band going down the back of the head to set a sensor firmly against the base of the skull and the back of the neck. It never runs out of power, and allows the wearer to cut off all sensory output and between 50% and 99% of input, and interact with a computer's system or immerse themselves in a program that can utilize VR. Comes with several instructional and interprative programs to assist in use. ~ by Info-chan
Networkless Smartphone $170* A smartphone that doesn't need to run on any network, now able to call any other phone in the world. Eliminate data limits! Price reduced to $150 for just the conversion package if you supply your own phone, and you can have it keep working on your old network besides if you want to. Warning: may gain small yearly fee for infrastructure maintainance if they become too widespread. ~ by Info-chan
Basic AI $100 Ever wonder what Windows 10's Cortana would be like if she wasn't just a glorified chatbot? Try this program. It will learn to work with your system, providing services from computer optimization to improved antivirus to actually challenging AI opponents. Doesn't work on Mac, because fuck that. ~ by ActuallyCompetent
Animal headbands $430 These headbands will make you into a cute animal! just put them on, and the ears will be a part of you, and you'll also get a cute tail through your clothes to match! The headband itself will seem to disappear, and it won't get knocked off your head easyly! We do any animal with big ears and a tail. Comes with a switch that can be used to make you act like your cute animal! Trade ins are free, even for the super old ones that hurt people's feelings! (My qualms are removed, but they are otherwise the same as I listed in this analysis) ~ by Momi and Mimo
Better Animal headbands $800 We've made a better headbandset! Now, they help you smell and hear and see, maybe even taste and feel better! Too bad we had to turn the animal instincts down :( Mimi says you get a bonus to purseption too! So that's two things! Only $370 if you hand in an old pair. You can trade in new pairs for more new pairs, just like old pairs! (+1 to all perception rolls, half as much animal instincts.) ~ by Momi, Mimo and friend!
Dolls $5-$25 I am now selling dolls, if you wish to purchase some. You may buy one I have already made, or you may request one, and I will do my best to fulfil your specifications (I will not replicate a person without their explicit consent). I have plastic and yarn as materials, or you may provide your own (assuming I am able to work with it) Dolls come in 3 size categories: <5 inches tall are smalls, which cost $5, 5-11 inches are medium, and cost $10, and 12-18 inches are large, and cost $20. They will be accurately proportionate. I will also do animals for an additional $5. I will choose which size category the animal falls under. Prices are negotiations, and items are accepted in place of cash. Special requests accepted ~ by Doll Queen
Natural Material Decorations $15-$500+ I offer a wide variety of decorative pieces, customized to the client's liking, made from natural materials like wood, bone, stone and the like. - Ambrose
Enchanted Items $425-$850 Need something enchanted? Sage MacKenzie has you covered! The only way to get it cheaper is to do it yourself, and you probably don't know how! Discounts for bulk orders and repeat customers! ~ by Mac
Remote Assistance $10 mundane, $50 powered The best available tech support, a quick check for information that's not /too/ private or harmful, or using my powers for your benefit - particularly telling you how something works, what an artifact does, or finding an enemy's abilities and weaknesses if they have them. Even available while you're on a mission! ~ //by Info-chan
Information Price On Request I'll find out whatever you want to know, in whatever level of detail you request. Nothing strictly personal or that'll be used for bullying. ~ by Info-chan
Extended Assistance or Investigation $50/hour or $250/day (plus expenses) I'll remotely help you through a whole situation however I can, including mission support. Alternatively, I'll commit an investigation into a mystery or generally engage in detective work for you. ~ by Info-chan
Tech Support $1 a minute Have a virus? Need your computer repaired? Don't want to pay Info-chan's ridiculous prices just to deal with their shitty service? Call this number. Bonus: My ads aren't long-winded tripe. ~ by ActuallyCompetent
Live Guitar $125 ill play a session for an event or just for your friends or just for you. give me some idea of style. i do requests also. ~ by katastrophe
Disguised Escort $30/hour We can travel the world freely now, but that doesn't mean discrimination is dead. I'll go with you and use my illusions to hide or alter your appearance, so nobody where you want to visit will know. Wings? Tails? Odd colored skin? No problem! Limit once per week, good for a group of up to four who need alterations and are going to the same place, or two if you want me (or one of you) to be invisible. ~ by Akatsuki
Priestly Services Varies As High Priestess and Prophetess to Sals, part of my duty is providing religious services. If you have a problem involved with, connected to, based in, or solvable through any of the following: Light, Beauty, Heat, Love, Justice, and Compassion, please contact me and I will see what I can do. Please do not bother me with things that could easily be solved through rejecting one's humanity or things relating to basic biology other than illnesses, I am not trained in ascension as of yet. ~ by Maria
Handyman Services $10 per hour If you need a little physical work done, I'm your man. Odd jobs, repairs, mechanics, heavy lifting, etc. No job too big or too small, consultations free. Carpentry a specialty. ~ by C. Ellis
Maid Services $100 I find personal completion in serving others. Would you like me to clean your room? Perhaps go and fetch groceries for you? I am a very capable maid. ~ Milli
Tutoring Services $10 per hour or $50 dollars upfront for one month of tutoring when needed Since I realize I have plenty of free time, I decided to offer a service to the students that will help those struggling in any subject. I pride myself on helping students with not only improving their grades and helping them in homework completion, but also full comprehension of the subject(s) in question. Elspeth
Step on up and Ride the Ram! $5 per ride Each ride on the beastly Ram lasts up to five minutes, The Ram being the fella with the Ram skull for a head and in a pricey suit too, don't worry though, he doesn't bite! Elspeth
Tutor $15/hour Subjects that Elspeth can't or won't cover only. Public location. ~ by Info-chan
Tarot Readings $50 I'm uhm, giving tarot readings! My friend said I should and I think it would be really fun. Just find me around school and we'll do one, okay? ~ by Hyacinth
Repair Services $5-$50+ Any object repaired and restored to like new. Cost determined based on size of item and state of wear. - Ambrose
Consumable Items
Distilled Emotion $10 for Joy, Mirth, and Determination . Price varies for others I got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, down in my heart! And so can you, now! By peeling the emotional imprint off a surface and distilling it, I'm capable of creating a sort of physical, edible emotion. Comes in unsweetened, rock candy, sugar free, and cinnamon swirl. NOTE: Emotions other than Joy, Mirth, or Determination will require a face-to-face meeting before sale, for what should be obvious reasons. Determination cannot be used in school-sponsored sports/tourneys. ~ by AndreRelatable
Runes $10 Slips of sturdy paper that, when applied to the skin transfer whatever rune is located there to the skin. The rune will stay there until it is triggered. There are three runes that I am capable of making. Eihwaz: Which will make you stronger for a time. Ansuz: Which will improve your mental defenses. Algiz: Which come in batches of 4 and allow you to communicate telepathically with those bearing a rune from the same batch. ( Mechanics, Eihwaz: roll 4d6 for +1 to Brawn for hits rounds minimum 1. Ansuz: Roll 4d6 for +1 to Mdef for the next hits rounds minimum 1. Algiz: After activated allows telepathic communication with everyone wearing an Algiz rune from the same batch, lasts two hours ) ~ Gungnir
Nuros Gemstones $50 Black gems with white edges, collected by imps for your pleasure. What do they do? The world may never know. They have a slight warmth to them. ~ Milli
M.O.E.D.D. $20 The Multiple Operation Electrical Displacement Device - is an object made of clear plastic about half the size of a chicken egg, with a couple of metal contact points on one side, a couple of buttons, and several switches. It stores enough electricity to fully recharge most phones, and can safely release it all at once, but burns out after use. It can also be used as a more dangerous stun gun, to not-so-safely send its electricity into a touched target, or it can have a timer set to act as a miniature electrifying grenade. Alternatively, it can be set to pull in and ground out enough power to drain most vehicles in an instant, again with a timer, and optionally from an area or only what it's attached to with the small magnet that lies between the contacts. (Functions at 6d if needs to roll.) ~ by Info-chan
Potions $15 per 3 Do you need potions? Just contact me and I can brew you up a set! Currently on offer: Regeneration, Stillness, Third Eye ~ by Mac
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