Shadows on the Wall

<Uracilo> Lucette sips her smallish styrofoam cup of coffee as she walks her usual walk to "her" wall. It's become routine at this point, a sad, sad routine of lowered spirits and dreadful thoughts of loss. People recognize her now, as the girl that sits there every day, and they barely look at her anymore. Her shadows do the usual sweep of the woods, noting the now-old lack of guards searching for her girlfriend.

<LipstickThespian> In the spot that the widow Lucette had grown used to over the past week or so, sits Katlyn. Whether it's an artistic statement about the futility of solidarity in peaceful protest, or she has decided now is the time to approach the other girl living in the shadows, isn't exactly certain even to her. No matter the reason she sits there, crosslegged with her sketch pad in her lap, and a pile of colored pencils.

<Uracilo> Lucette is a little surprised by the sight, but chalks it up to someone else wanting to enjoy the wall, if such a thing is possible, and sits a few inches away from her usual spot, giving Katlyn some clearance to leave the weird wall girl without much embarrassment. She bites her lip, though, trying to stop herself from stealing glances and succeeding all but one time. Maybe she wants to talk? That'd be nice. If she sticks around maybe a hello wouldn't be out of the question.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn hadn't exactly planned this far ahead. I mean, the drawings of the girl of shadows in her room didn't paint the best picture of a well adjusted stalker. She had fretted over exactly how to approach the situation for more than a few turmoil filled showers. It was a quick motion as she flicked the paper sitting loose on the edge of her sketchpad towards Lucette. It fluttered to the ground, a beautiful carnival scene she had probably spent quite some time making. Lights on the roller coaster pictured prominently in the middle of the colorful pencil'd scene was the word "hello". Sometimes she wondered if she had too much free time.

<Uracilo> Lucette is startled by the rustling and turns to look, her eyes catching on the drawing. She takes it in her hands and looks it over, before reminding herself to be proper and quickly offering it to the other girl with a blush. "Th-this is yous, h-hello, I-I'm Lucette," she stutters, her tone a little all over the place from lack of talking, which only makes her blush redder. Lucette is wearing her usual wardrobe, but her hair is loose, her large ribbon wrapped around her neck instead like a mix between a scarf and a choker.

<LipstickThespian> Reaching over to take it back, Katlyn smiles at the girl and her mannerisms. Observed more than once by her careful blue eye and absorbed by her manic green eye. Setting it back in her lap she reaches over to pull open her hoodie to reveal on a white patch the sharpie written name "KATLYN". Letting it drop back to fall on her chest she takes a pencil she was using and writes quickly on the picture she had drawn, before holding it over to show Lucette. "i made this for you" it says in quick cursive.

<Uracilo> Lucette blushes at the nametag's reveal, hating her propensity for it, and accepts the drawing, looking it over once more. "F-for me…? Th-thank you, it is… so beautiful… b-but why?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn drops the piece onto the grass next to Lucette as she goes back to a half completed piece on her sketch pad. After a few seconds of writing she turns it so Lucette can see it, "you looked lonely".

<Uracilo> Lucette smiles ruefully and nods, hugging herself. "I-I guess I do… l-look lonely, I mean…" she pauses, a little hesitant, "th-thank you, for the drawing. I-I am very flattered."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches her fumble and turns back to her sketch pad. A quick nod in response before she goes back to her writing. She never thought it would get this far, her plan worked and now she is left without a second act. Shit.

<Uracilo> Luce nervously stares at the ground, picking up a stick and testing the feasibility of drawing with it on the dirt. "C-can I repay you, s-somehow? I-I feel like I should…" She digs through her pockets and strikes the flint of her lighter in there, wincing at the stinging sensation of the spark. A small shadow crawls out and takes the stick off her hands, using it to draw a surprisingly tight circle and a smiling face within it.

<LipstickThespian> As Katlyn starts to move her pencil in slower motions, she watches the girl play with the stick. Her eyes grow wide as she watches the shadow come out, like it's some rare animal she's caught a peek of in the trees. It's instinctual, she slides over on the ground closer to the shadow, and Lucette by proxy. She quickly draws on her sheet a more stylized smiley face with her pencil, before she flips it around to offer it to the shadow.

<Uracilo> Lucette's shadow tries to draw on the paper with the stick, till Lucette shakes her head and it drops it, putting its little arms up to receive a better tool. Once it has a colored pencil, it copies the stylized smiley quite accurately. Lucette looks on and blushes, embarrassed at the sudden closeness and the attention. "Th-they can d-draw wh-what I'm thinking…"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the little interaction, a soundless laugh coming out as it tries to use the stick to draw. As it carefully recreates her work she looks over to Lucette, to see how she's doing it. When Lucette explains she glances back to the small little shadow. "cool" she writes on the edge of the paper. She escalates however and starts to draw a little portrait of a girl with her own pencil, eyes watching the shadow to see if it follows.

<Uracilo> The shadow does as excepted, following along, its white eyes focused on the portrait's gradual creation. Lucette seems a little entranced by the thought-work that goes into doing this, looking over as well, inching closer to the pair every time the shadow's body hides the drawing from her vantage point.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn's hand is quick for what it can make, the lines put onto the paper with ease and any errors that might occur getting obfuscated by new lines on top and around it. If Lucette was quick, she might recognize the soft features of her own face being rendered onto the page. Quickly and carefully, she recreates a soft portrait of Lucette, if she got enough sleep and had time to do her hair.

<Uracilo> It is only afterwards that Lucette recognizes herself. Once she does, she draws even closer, putting her face right next to Katlyn to look the image over, and combining that with the shadow's vantage point. She makes a bit of a squeaking noise, noticing the details, like the ribbon in its proper place. "H-how did you know…?" she mumbles, tracing it with her finger on her shadow's side.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn continues, the heat in her cheek growing as the girl gets close. She's focused however, lost in the careful art she's putting to paper. As she finishes off the picture, half finished and more a concept piece of Lucette's portrait, she moves her hand to the side. "sorry" she writes and skips a line, "i was nervous".

<Uracilo> "Wh-what do you mean?" she asks, innocently. Where Katlyn stops, Lucette's shadow continues, drawing itself into the portrait, on Lucette's shoulder.

<LipstickThespian> "i draw when im anxious" she writes as she goes to start to draw next to the Lucette portrait. Adding in her own image slowly right next to the girl, both with a muted smile and a harsh reality to their lines.

<Uracilo> "I-if I drew when I'm a-anxious, I'd alwayd be d-drawing…" she mumbles, nodding to herself. "I-I don't men to… to sound hy-hypocritical but… I-it's fine to relax so-sometimes. I-I won't bite, I-I promise…" she adds, with a smile. When she turns to direct it at the other girl, she realizes the small distance between them and blushes brightly, but forces herself to keep a modicum of control and take a deep breath instead of retreating. "I-I still want to- to repay you… Wh-what would you l-like?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn listens to her a she continues to draw herself, and touch up on Lucette. "i am relaxed" she writes with a quick and cute hand writing, "we are relaxed". As she adds the small shadow to her own drawing, this time on her shoulder instead of Lucette's, she then hops over to write more. "you shouldnt sit out here. people talk." She quickly scratches over the 'people talk' and instead writes below it, "its going to be okay".

<Uracilo> Lucette hugs herself again, her smile still rueful. "I-is it going to? I-I can't stop thinking about it, a-and I can't stop thinking that it won't be…" Lucette's shadow stops, its arms bending into wings, leaving the pencil behind to fly up to Katlyn's shoulder, mimicking the picture.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn recoils a bit from the shadow, but eventually calms as it doesn't melt her skin away. Reaching over she takes the pencil and rolls it along the sketchpad towards Lucette, before she continues writing. "you know in it in your heart" she writes before drawing two lines to make a quick heart. Writing inside of it, "its going to be alright".

<Uracilo> Lucette giggles, taking the offered pencil and using it to sign her name in the heart, her handwriting flowery and a bit gothic. "I-I want to believe that," she mumbles, a little smile on her lips, sitting right next to Katlyn so as to draw at the same angle, her head a little tilted to eye the paper.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn smiles as sees the signature to the contract of alright. Then as she listens to Lucette she begins to write again. "seeing is believing" she writes, the tail of the g turning into a quick flourish of flowers as she starts to draw an explosion of little pictures onto the page from it. Like a shotgun blast of alternative art. Making sure to leave room for Lucette's own pencil.

<Uracilo> Lucette blushes as she draws alongside Katlyn, a good bit slower than the artist, focusing on the details. She draws a window and its curtains, wind blowing the right one up and into an unfurling fan with pictures of birds on its surface. Her face flushed, she smiles her first honest smile of the week, letting her guard down.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes a turn in her work, coming back to Lucette's window and drawing a spooky cartoonish ghost in the corner. Her eyes check to make sure she hasn't slighted Lucette before she continues to add cute little bits to Lucette's work.

<Uracilo> Lucette doesn't seem to mind, as she draws another spooky ghost, hugging the first. She draws a bird on the windowsill.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn brushes the tip of her pencil against the hugging ghosts in appreciation. Before she moves over to add a wolf ready to pounce on the happy little bird.

<Uracilo> Lucette draws an unmistakable box in the wolf's jaws: one meant for jewelry, or an engagement ring, and gives the wolf a vest.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn goes to give the bird a nice little headdress, and a few eyelashes to make her pretty. She takes a moment to draw some flowers by the window.

<Uracilo> Lucette titters as she adds a frog, carrying the same kind of box, and wearing the same kind of Victorian, ruffled vest.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn mirrors it on the other side of the page, a pig with some curly blonde hair and a look of admiration for the frog, even a cute dress.

<Uracilo> Lucette adds another animal to the chain: A horse- no, a zebra, wearing a dress, flowery lines drawn from her eyes to the pig's behind. Lucette puts her hand to her mouth to mask her laughs at her own joke, looking like a doll. Her blush has returned some of the color to her face, and it almost looks like she's wearing makeup; her cheeks are rosy, her lips red, and her eyes shine with mirth.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes the one up and runs with it, she escalates it even further. With large lines she starts to draw Godzilla, wearing a too tight vest. Holding a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers that are both crushed in his tiny arms. There are a few dead bodies at his feet as well, but he seems set on courting one of the farmyard animals.

<Uracilo> Lucette breaks into full blown laugh, leaning back till her head's on the grass of the courtyard and her lidded eyes are on the starry sky. It is slowly that she comes to a stop, but she eventually does, looking pensive.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks down at her as she falls, a smile bright on her face as she does. She leans over, placing the pad and her hand beside Lucette's head so she can lean over the girl. It's not that she's checking on her, it's that she wants to see the smile on her face for real.

<Uracilo> Lucette is smiling a full blown smile, not the demure, embarrassed glimmers of this that usually permeate her face. It only widens when Katlyn enters her view, as a few more giggles escape her. She hugs herself, trying to read Katlyn's expression through the few misty tears born out of happiness.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches her like it's an opening of a new hit show at a gallery and the whole world adores what she has done. It's a pride an artist feels when they can touch the emotions of a person, and she wears it on her sleeve. She holds the sketchpad up with her free hand, a finger stretched across the page to point at the heart. "its going to be alright" it says, with Lucette's seal of approval.

<Uracilo> Lucette nods tightly, feeling lighter. "I-it's easier to believe, now…" She gets a look on her face, thinking something that clearly causes her embarrassment, but she doesn't want to be a hypocrite, so she takes a deep breath and voices her question. "K-Katlyn…" she begins, testing the name, "c-can we share a b-bed t-tonight…? I-I don't want to sound weird b-but… I-I am lonely…"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the girl, and as the words come out her eyes seem to grow a bit. She never was good at hiding her emotions, and the look of terror at what is happening is apparent. Trying to brush it away she sits back away from Lucette and starts to write on the pad. She rips the sheet out and holds it to the girl. "sorry. too fast for me. coffee ok." It's as much of a peace offering as she can put forth, she doesn't even know what to do in this situation. Lucette had thrown her a curveball her knowledge of fourteenth century portraits couldn't help her with.

<Uracilo> Lucette also sits, reading the reponse in the pad. She blushes brightly, much higher on the scale than she's used to. "L-like- l-like… like a sleepover! N-not… I'm so sorry!" Lucette tries to stand, but she braces herself on the stick from earlier and it rolls away, making her slip and fall on her butt with a yelp.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the girl flounder, she can't help but smile as she watches the exercise in grace. She moves a bit as Lucette falls and reaches over to make sure she hasn't hurt herself.

<Uracilo> Lucette resigns herself to sitting, drawing her knees to herself and pouting, her mouth hidden. "I-I said I didn't want to sound weird…"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sits back as she realizes the girl isn't harshly injured. She pens a quick response, "its not you, its me. sorry, sorrysorrysorry." She shows it to Lucette.

<Uracilo> "I-I didn't mean it in- in a romantic way!" she insists, blushing brightly again.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shakes her head and adds to it, "maybe another time". She writes a bit on the corner of the page and then pulls the whole page out. She sets the collaborative piece next to Lucette, in the corner she's marked out by dotted line a ticket. "GOOD FOR ONE SLEEPOVER" the coupon says, "redeem with katlyn". She stands and grabs her bag and pad as she does before the girl can try and redeem it instantly she hopes.

<Uracilo> Lucette stands, art in hand, and waves weakly as the girl leaves. What did she do wrong? Weren't sleepovers normal? People here do them all the time!

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn starts to jog towards the dorm building, hands in her hoodie pockets as she runs. Glancing back at Lucette she just smiles, lifting the arm not holding the sketch pad to her side to wave back. Sometimes not being about to shout after yourself was nice.

<Uracilo> Lucette heads to her room afterwards, and sets the drawing on her nightstand. She changes into her bedclothes, then eyes her bed, shivering in the cold. She takes one last look at it before she puts on a coat and heads out into the hallway, walking over to Lilith's room and using one of her small shadows to unlock the door. She makes sure nobody's watching, before entering and closing the door quietly behind herself. This is better, at least a little.

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