School Policy Book


There are various policies and facts about the school that are known everyone knows.

Going out

If a student wishes to leave school grounds: They must go to the office for them to check if they're allowed, factors such as punishments, their abilities, and if the school is on lock-down. After they pass a check then they will be equipped with a leg brace that remains inert until a student tries to go outside the of 20 miles away from the school at which point a drug will be administered via the brace which will knock the student out. If a student reveals the supernatural to a civilian: The brace will activate, a squad will be released to retrieve the student for disciplining, and a "Forget me" drug will be given to the civilians involved.


Students are recorded all the time with various well placed cameras except in their dorms where there are no cameras, and some places in the forest where cameras are sparse.


Students are allowed to call anyone in the school, any and all forms of uploading information that can reach outside the school will be blocked. Students can still download information.


Guards are equipped with various nonlethal weaponry and a pistol for invaders.


Sunnybrooks students are all in highschoolers between the ages of 13-17


The dorms are about 10x10 feet each including the small bed provided. The male dormitories are separate from the female one.

Dorm Prefect

Every dorm elects a Prefect, voting every month. This student is the head of the dorm and is the point of contact between the faculty and the students. They have limited authority and are a way for students to participate in the school more actively.

  • They are allowed to discipline students with small cleaning duties, and may ask the staff to punish students if more discipline is required.
  • With a contact in the office, they are allowed to request things for the dorm and students. These are usually granted.
  • If needed, they may vote on the student council for issues pertaining to students.
  • They must be available to students in their dorm to talk to and voice issues with at all times during their posting in the position.
  • Room checks are performed by the prefect with twenty four hour notice, if needed.
  • A small stipend of one hundred dollars a week is payed to the prefect for their duties.
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