Sammy Test Sheet


Health: 12

Psyche: 12


Living weapon: Sammy was designed to hurt people. She deals an additional 2 points of damage to humans.

Rebel without a pulse Because of Sammy's half dead biology Poisons and toxins work on her to a lesser degree, she is slow to fatigue, She is able to hold her breath for longer periods of time, she is numb to pain, and puncture wounds effect her to lesser extents, and lives without a heartbeat, but she does have a 'life force'. Reduce the difficulty of tasks by one where being half dead helps.

Deadly grace Combat in many ways is serene for Sammy. It feels right, even if it's wrong. Reduce the difficulty of using melee attacks by one.


Sneaking (T)
Bladed weapons (S)
Biology (T)
Speed defense (T)
Perception (T)


Stitches: (S) Sammy is able to remove various body parts and control them outside of her as they continue to send sensory information to her brain. Not only this, but she is also able to incorporate other organic components into her body using a needle and a seemingly endless supply of needle and thread.

"Patches!": (T) Patches appears to be a German Shepherd save for the patches of skin that were sewn on him and his unusually sharp teeth, but otherwise onlookers will only give patches strange looks merely assuming he is a sickly dog owned by a sickly girl who likes to cover her face…. Patches is no mere dog. He is Sam's dog. Sammy and Patches have a deep connection that goes beyond psychic. Patches purpose in life is serve and protect Sam. It is written on every fiber of his being that he must protect Samantha and likely due to some oxytocin manipulation from the good doctor: Sam and Patches love each other unconditionally. Since Patches was made in a similar manner to Sam he can come apart similar to Sammy, He can take in biological material and has a undying hunger for meat. While Sammy can not understand Patches in terms of language. She will generally just know what Patches has to say. Sam and Patches will always know where each other's general location. Like Sam, patches can be killed, but very unlike Sam. Patches can be easily brought back to life with some quick sewing work no matter the cost. Patches has a 'bear' trap like enhancement that fits in his mouth with a few cuts and stitches Sammy can put this on as well. Sam can understand (Without seeing) what Sam sees, Sam can also direct Patches in a very indirect way, making Patches almost like an extension of Sam's will.

Patches know some tricks that may be considered odd…

  • Mimic - Patches can create recreate the sounds that he has recently heard (1 hour ago). There are two sounds Patches can consistently recreate. The cries of a baby and the low growls of an unspeakable beast that the good doctor created.
  • Pin - Patches can attempt to pin down an enemy
  • Attack - Patches attacks a foe
  • Defend - Patches can come to the aid an ally in
  • Kill Command - Reduce the difficulty by one of attacking an enemy that Sam's attacking (Reduce it by two when specialized


"I'm a monster."
While not hideous, anyone looking upon up close Sammy up close will notice that there is something odd about her due to her frankenstein esque stitches and her rather sharp teeth. Occasionally appendages and other bits of flesh will come off of Sammy and fall on the floor. She requires 5000 calories of meat a day When her nutritional requirements are not met her skin becomes greener, her sharp teeth will become more pronounced and jagged, and her rather sharp nails become claws in this state she will do *anything* to acquire flesh, no matter the cost. Any and all form of non-scientific anomalous healing deal damage to her instead of healing her. (Severe)

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