Sam Beats The Living Shit Out Of Liz

<SirGoldFish> Sammy is currently in the gym, going to town on a punching bag with her bare fists. Patches is laying in the corner, watching her.
<FullMetalBitch> Elizabeth steps into the gym from the adjoined locker rooms, a worn Addidas branded duffle bag over her shoulder. She's changed out of her usual attire to something a little more practical, black yoga pants and a baby blue fitted tank top. Both have seen a lot of use and show wear, as do the sneakers she's wearing. Finding her way over towards some of the workout mats near the wall,
<FullMetalBitch> she tosses her bag down and starts to stretch. It's natural for her to talk during her bouts of training, so it rolls out of her easily. "Where did you learn your form?" It's not intentionally mean, just the natural tone she comes off with.
<SirGoldFish> Sam continues working on the bag, each hit is hard. She glances over to Liz and furrows her brow. "I'm self taught." She says in a slightly angry tone whether that is directed towards Liz or if it's because she's working out is hard to say, she's seemingly not fatigued at all judging by how she's breathing. Liz may or may not notice Patches in the corner of the room /glaring/ at Liz.
<FullMetalBitch> Liz slides down onto the mat and continues her stretches, she's quite nimble from her constant training. Her lith form bending and twisting as she holds the various poses and motions of the pre-workout routine. "It shows."
<SirGoldFish> Sam clenches her teeth as she starts hitting the bag harder making it so even Liz can hear each impact. "The fuck is that suppose to mean"
<FullMetalBitch> "It's, ya know. Unique. Different," Liz says as she stands back up and starts to bend her arms around. "It's weird," she glances over towards the monstrosity in the corner but lets her eyes fall back to watching the boring opposite side of the gym.

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<SirGoldFish> Sam continues savaging the poor innocent punching bag. "What's so weird about it?" She's trying to focus on the bag.
<FullMetalBitch> "It's like someone just threw it together, ya know? Like they took a bunch of pieces of different styles and put them all together." Liz has finally moved away from stretching and has moved into performing some free weight movements, having grabbed a pair from the rack.
<SirGoldFish> Sam's assault does not get more intense as she starts changing her position so she can see Liz just beyond the bag. "That does not make fucking sense." The insult half goes over Sam's head.
<FullMetalBitch> "Nevermind," Liz says as she starts to curl the weights. "I shouldn't have expected them to put a brain in there."
<SirGoldFish> Sam's constant barrage of hits become slower yet harder. Each hit might as well be sending the bag flying. "If you have a fucking problem with me come over here. Otherwise piss off." Patches starts walking over to Sam's side, he continues to glare at Liz.
<FullMetalBitch> "Do they allow feral beasts in the building?" Liz says, a smile growing on her face as she continues on her roll of mildly directed insults. She's started on a series of lunches with the weights.
<SirGoldFish> Patches starts growling at Liz as if he understood what she said. "He's a domestic German Sheppard, dumb ass." Sam starts imagining the bag is Liz at that point, hoping it'll calm her nerve.

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<FullMetalBitch> "He's a disease ridden monster," Liz says back quickly. "I can see how it's hard to see that with recycled eyes." She's gone to change out her weights for some smaller ones, to do some quicker repetitive training.
<SirGoldFish> "He's got a clean bill of health, whore." She basically ignores the recycled eyes comment.
<FullMetalBitch> "At least I can fuck people," Liz says with a laugh, "I bet yours is sewn shut."
<SirGoldFish> "Piss off, that's not even close to true, besides, who on this fucking planet would *WANT* to fuck you."
<FullMetalBitch> " apparently few," Liz says as she switches to some laying down lifting. "Or you wouldn't have called me a whore."
<SirGoldFish> "Yeah, but they were all fucking animals."
<FullMetalBitch> "Like you haven't fucked that mutt," Liz says in the same bitchy nice tone, "I bet you attach a nice big dick. Open the stitches down there, and just, ya know." She laughs at the thought.
<SirGoldFish> "He's smooth down there, you pathetic noodle-armed, sack of shit. Bet that's all you can fucking lift."
<FullMetalBitch> "Thanks for the dick update on your creature," Liz says as she stands up. She curls the small weight as if she's showing off her mastery of the tiny thing.
<SirGoldFish> "Whatever you say, you self righteous cunt." She continues working on the bag. Patches continues to death-stare Liz.
<FullMetalBitch> "I've killed creatures twice your size," Liz says with a tilt of the head. "I bet I could cut you down without breaking a sweat."
<SirGoldFish> "Why don't you try it then, if you have such a goddamn problem with me? Are you scared or just talking out your ass?"
<FullMetalBitch> "Not worth the effort," Liz says as she goes to rerack her weights. "It's easier to let the small fish go, they're just so, insignificant. Ya know?"
<SirGoldFish> "So lying it is." She says a small smile on her face.
<FullMetalBitch> "Is that a challenge?" Liz says as she pads over to the middle of the mats and takes a breath from her cardio.
<SirGoldFish> Sammy, at least in her mind, gives a killing blow to the punching bag as she walks out to more properly face Liz from a distance. "Only if you want it to be." She stands in a cocky manner. Her breathing is unchanged, showing no signs of fatigue.

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<FullMetalBitch> Liz steps over and digs through her duffle, pulling out a water bottle to take a much deserved drink. "Right here and now?" She motions a hand to her workout clothes, "I haven't dressed for the occasion. I left my whore outfit in the dorms."
<SirGoldFish> Sam crosses her arms. "It does not even fucking matter."
<SirGoldFish> Patches is right next to Sam, growling at Liz.
<FullMetalBitch> "Is your mutt going to be a good bitch and wait on the sidelines?" Liz says as she puts the water bottle back and digs out her two belts, putting them on. "It follows commands, right?"
<SirGoldFish> "He does not like you. If you attack me, he'll attack you. I can ask him to stay down, but it's like holding your breath, it'll only last for a short while." She says continuing to cross her arms.
<FullMetalBitch> "So you can't control the beast," Liz says as she makes sure everything is in it's place. "I hope you know how unfair this is." She digs through her pouches and pulls out a a small vial eventual. It's murky green color still having some flower petals present.
<FullMetalBitch> eventually*
<SirGoldFish> "And your taking fucking drugs right in front of me."
<FullMetalBitch> "Herbal supplements," Liz says as she pulls out the cork. "Ready?"
<SirGoldFish> "Patches stand down, buddy. Alright, drugs. Whatever and yes, I'm ready.

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<FullMetalBitch> Lilith tilts the vial and downs the horribly tasting concoction. She swallows it hard and tosses the empty vial into her duffel bag. She stretches a bit and shifts her feet on the ground to find a good unarmed fighting stance.
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+6 Alchemy (Haste Potion)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Alchemy (Haste Potion): 5:7-8+6
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+2 Initiative (Agility)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Initiative (Agility): 1:7-8+2
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3-8+3
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish: 4:9-8+3
<Kioku> *Liz: +1 Agility for 5 rounds.
<SirGoldFish> Sammy licks her teeth before going to punch Liz in her nose.
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3+7-8
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish: 8:9+7-8

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<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+5 Reflexes (+1 From Haste)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Reflexes (+1 From Haste): 4:7-8+5
<Kioku> (3 damage, write your own flavor descriptions!)
<FullMetalBitch> Liz recoils as she is punched, it's quick and she is still recovering from the potion. Her smile has turned into a scowl as she tries to come back from the hit. To her side, her left hand makes a few quick motions and white entrails form around her hand. Sending it forward in a punch, she tries to push the girl away with a magickal force to get some distance between.
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+4 Dark Arts (Sila)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Dark Arts (Sila): 3:7-8+4
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3-8+6 Sammy attempts to get out of the way of the blast of air.
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, Sammy attempts to get out of the way of the blast of air. : 6:8-8+6
<Kioku> (Brawn check to avoid being pushed)
<SirGoldFish> (Ohh, sorry. XD)
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3+3-8 Sadly, being a half-dead corpse helps not with getting pushed.
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, Sadly, being a half-dead corpse helps not with getting pushed. : 5:10+3-8
<Kioku> Sam is able to stand her ground without being staggered or knocked back
<SirGoldFish> Sammy takes a few steps back from the gust of wind as she was not at /all/ expecting it, but she manages to recover enough to try and punch the side of Liz's head.
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3-8+7
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish: 4:5-8+7
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+5
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch: 4:7-8+5
<Kioku> (And that's a miss, of course. Barely.)

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<FullMetalBitch> Liz is more attuned to the fight now, aware of what is happening. It's close this time, too close. Some hair gets knocked out of her braid to fall loose against her cheek. Her hand is quick and she pulls a bola from her pouches, she flicks it with her wrist and a quick pull of her arm to try and wrap them around Sam's ankles to immobilize her.
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+5 Tools of the Trade (Bola)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Tools of the Trade (Bola): 4:7-8+5
<SirGoldFish> Sammy visibly frowns, hoping that she could simply knock this girl out in seconds.
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3+6 dodging bolas. "Fucking cheater."
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, dodging bolas. "Fucking cheater." : 14:8+6
<SirGoldFish> !roll 14-8
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish: 6:14-8
<Uracilo> (You didn't roll, Gold. You just added two numbers. Roll again)
<Uracilo> (Oh wait, nevermind, I see what happened.)

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<SirGoldFish> Sammy jumps out of the way of the Bolas. "You cheeky bastard." Sam goes for another punch to Liz's face area.
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3-8+7
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish: 9:10-8+7
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+5
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch: 4:7-8+5
<FullMetalBitch> Liz fumbles with the bolas, she's rusty or just not ready for it. As she tries to come up with a new plan of attack the punch connects with her cheek and sends her lithe frame tumbling back onto the mat. She instinctively curls up, a hand holding her head.
<SirGoldFish> "What did you say about taking out beast twice my size?" Sam holds her ear to Liz.
<FullMetalBitch> "Fuck," Liz mutters as she squirms on the mat and sees stars. Luckily for her, there was padding on the floor.
<SirGoldFish> "Sorry that non of your fancy tricks and drugs worked on me. Maybe you should try sharpening your skills instead of working with gimmicks?"
<FullMetalBitch> "One trick bitch," Liz manages to make out as she tries to rub some of the stinging pain out of her head. She tries to sit up, bracing herself with her free hand.
<SirGoldFish> She laughs. "At least I'm effective." She takes a deep breath of satisfaction in. "Wanna try and go again or would your rather take a nap since your wittle head is hurt."
<FullMetalBitch> "Brute force isn't everything," Liz says as she reaches over to her duffle bag and takes out her water bottle to take a drink. "I'll go again," she says, "you're fucking lucky I don't have my blade."
<SirGoldFish> "You're fucking lucky I'm not using mine." Sam bounces about like manny pacquiao, ready for round 2.
<FullMetalBitch> "Whatever," Liz pulls herself up off the mat and rolls her shoulders a bit to get a little loose. "Oh, wait," she says as she reaches behind herself and pulls out a knife. The silver shining in the light of the gymnasium as she plays with it in her hand. "Guess I forgot I took one with me, silly me!" She takes a quick knife fighting stance and gets ready.

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<SirGoldFish> Sam brings out her knife that was cleverly hidden in her boots. "No holds bar?"
<FullMetalBitch> "They've got doctors," Liz says with a laugh as she goes to move.
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+2 (Initiative - Agility)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, (Initiative - Agility): 1:7-8+2
<SirGoldFish> Sam gestures for Patches to come over.
<SirGoldFish> !roll 4d3-8+3 (Initiative)
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, (Initiative) : 3:8-8+3
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3+7-8 Sam goes to slash at Liz, this clearly not being the first time she's done this.
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, Sam goes to slash at Liz, this clearly not being the first time she's done this. : 6:7+7-8
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+6 Blade Master (Block)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Blade Master (Block): 5:7-8+6
<SirGoldFish> Sam does not get the hit in, likely that Liz caught the blade, forcing Sam back.
<FullMetalBitch> Liz flicks her blade up and glances the girl's blade off of it. It's more of the quickness of the swing and the direction of it to deflect the attack that saves her skin. The brute force behind the other girl's slash almost enough to get her. With a few quick movements of her hand to her side, a few deep ruby wisps running along her hand and into her blade. The soft red rolling off
<FullMetalBitch> it.
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+4 Dark Arts (Palic)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Dark Arts (Palic) : 1:5-8+4
<FullMetalBitch> (+1 to blade attacks for one round)
<SirGoldFish> (I'm guessing that's not a success)
<FullMetalBitch> (The roll is for how many rounds it's effective)
<SirGoldFish> (Oh, that's okay.)

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<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3+6-8 Patches goes to attack Liz, trying to bite her leg. (Rolling his attack) Also, Liz would know that it would be rather easy to take out Patches. (Defense 2, health 4)
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, Patches goes to attack Liz, trying to bite her leg. (Rolling his attack) Also, Liz would know that it would be rather easy to take out Patches. (Defense 2, health 4) : 3:5+6-8
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+4 Reflexes
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Reflexes: 3:7-8+4
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3-8+7 Sammy goes to slashes at Liz, yet again.
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, Sammy goes to slashes at Liz, yet again. : 7:8-8+7
<FullMetalBitch> Liz ducks to the side and glances the beast dog off of her, trying to adjust her stance to ready for the girl attacking her.
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+7 Blade Master
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Blade Master: 8:9-8+7
<FullMetalBitch> Liz flicks her blade back and tries to catch the incoming slash. She once more deflects it off to the side. She's defensive, taking the hits and falling back. A step here, a step there, she is losing group to the two and their attacks. It's time for her to strike back and try and break out of the cycle of defensive moves. She slashes the blade towards Sam.
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+7 Blade Master
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Blade Master: 6:7-8+7
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3-8+6 (Reflexes to dodge)
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, (Reflexes to dodge) : 9:11-8+6
<SirGoldFish> Sammy dodges out of the way to let Patches move in to attack.
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3-8+6 Patches tries to bite Liz's leg.
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, Patches tries to bite Liz's leg. : 9:11-8+6
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+4 Reflexes
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Reflexes: 6:10-8+4
<FullMetalBitch> Liz is too concentrated on his slash to step away from the mongrel. It latches onto her leg and she cries out in pain, "fucking runt!"
<SirGoldFish> Sam giggles in delight, seeing patches latch on to the girl. She goes into stab around Liz's shoulder area.
<SirGoldFish> !roll 4d3-8+7 (Attack)
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, (Attack) : 5:6-8+7
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+8 Blade Master (The Hunt)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Blade Master (The Hunt): 7:7-8+8
<FullMetalBitch> Liz pulls from the dog, and in the action pulls out of the way of the attacking blade. She quickly tries to deal with the beast, to get herself some breathing room. A few quick movements of her fingers and white entrails roll around her fingers. She throws her hand at the dog, the forceful magick trying to burst through the dog and toss it aside.
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+7 Dark Arts (The Hunt) (Sila)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Dark Arts (The Hunt) (Sila): 6:7-8+7
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3+2-8 (To keep him still)
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, (To keep him still): 6:12+2-8
<SirGoldFish> Patches, stays stalwart in his stance, his lips however are adorably pulled back from the blast. Sammy "Pfft"s in response.
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3-8+6 The dog goes to work on Liz's other leg.
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, The dog goes to work on Liz's other leg. : 4:6-8+6
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+6 Reflexes (The Hunt
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Reflexes (The Hunt: 6:8-8+6
<FullMetalBitch> Liz curses under her breath at the dog defying her actions, but keeps it from biting through to her flesh for now. The yoga pants are all but ruined by that dog's damned teeth.
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3+7 "Who is the fucking runt?" Sam's not giving up on that shoulder blade.
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, "Who is the fucking runt?" Sam's not giving up on that shoulder blade. : 14:7+7
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 14-8
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish: 6:14-8
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+8 Blade Master (The Hunt)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Blade Master (The Hunt): 7:7-8+8
<FullMetalBitch> Liz swings her small knife up to brush the girl's attack off again. Saving her skin for another second with the quick work. She takes the oppurtunity to swing the blade around on the offswing towards the dog that is really a pain in her ass.
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+8 Blade Master (The Hunt)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Blade Master (The Hunt): 9:9-8+8
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3-8+2 (COME ON NOTHER CRIT!)
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, (COME ON NOTHER CRIT!) : 2:8-8+2
<SirGoldFish> Patches head is cut cleanly off a whimpering being heard just before its 'death'. There is rage in Sam's eyes. "You are fucking fighting me, you cheating slut!"
<SirGoldFish> !roll 4d3+7-8 Never giving up the stabbing
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, Never giving up the stabbing: 7:8+7-8
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+8
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch: 4:4-8+8
<FullMetalBitch> Liz has a small victory with the dog, watching the beast fall. It's a distraction, however, as Sam's blade finds it's way into her shoulder blade with a forceful insertion. She screams in pain, blood trickles down her front.
<Kioku> (3 damage… and Liz was disarmed!)
<FullMetalBitch> (-1, so 2 damage)
<Kioku> (derp, I miscounted)
<FullMetalBitch> (I love you
<SirGoldFish> (Nu, I love her :P, anyways, Liz's turn.)
<FullMetalBitch> Dropping her knife to the ground, her arm curling a bit as she watches the red streak down her front. "Fucking cunt," she mutters as she shifts her hand around a small white entrails appear around her hand. She tries to thrust it towards Sam's chest to get her off.
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+7 Dark Arts (Sila - The Hunt)
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Dark Arts (Sila - The Hunt): 6:7-8+7

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<FullMetalBitch> (-2 = 4 total)
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3-8+6 (Reflexes) "Whatever, shit stain."
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, (Reflexes) "Whatever, shit stain." : 4:6-8+6
<Kioku> (It's brawn, dangit!)
<SirGoldFish> (Wah)
<Kioku> (knockback effect, too wide to dodge!)
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3+3 (Brawn) "Whatever, shit-stain."
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish, (Brawn) "Whatever, shit-stain." : 10:7+3
<SirGoldFish> That was 3
<Kioku> Sam is pushed off, and back a meter or two!
<Kioku> The dog's head is also pushed a bit.
<Uracilo> (That's a 2, not a 3)
<SirGoldFish> (No mechanical effects? And indeed, Ura is right. Bad math.)
<Kioku> Sam's being pushed back will give plenty of time for Liz to grab her knife back without further effort, if she tries…
<FullMetalBitch> (It's just to create distance, not damage)
<FullMetalBitch> (Also it's Sam's turn :D)
<SirGoldFish> (So, can Sam just go and attack again?)
<SirGoldFish> (How does this effect my turn?)
<Kioku> (Yeah, pretty much. Though did Liz nab her knife after pushing her, or take out a potion or something?)
<FullMetalBitch> (Well her knife is in Lilith's shoulder, I think)
<FullMetalBitch> (Nah Liz's action was pushing her away)
<Kioku> (And I just said that pushing her away gave enough time to get something out or back as a free action)
<FullMetalBitch> (Oh, then she picks up her knife)
<FullMetalBitch> (Sorry I'm dumb)
<SirGoldFish> (So, Sam can just attack again. And no u aint dumb. <3)
<FullMetalBitch> (Ya pretty much)
<SirGoldFish> Sam's a good girl at heart, so she goes pockets the knife and goes over to punch Liz in the stomach, hoping to drop her.
<SirGoldFish> !Roll 4d3+7-8
<TheTrueDice> SirGoldFish: 9:10+7-8
<FullMetalBitch> !roll 4d3-8+6 Reflexes
<TheTrueDice> FullMetalBitch, Reflexes: 6:8-8+6
<FullMetalBitch> Liz holds her shoulder, blood rolling out of the open wound. She tries to sidestep the girl but only manages to get a bit of a sidestep before she is punched in the stomach. She loses her breath and folds against the punch, falling down onto the mat.
<SirGoldFish> Sam spits on Liz's face as she goes over Patches, ready to fix him. "Even with your bag of tricks you could not win, slut." She goes over to Patches with a needle and thread.
<FullMetalBitch> Liz moves her fingers and motions with her hand. The white entrails rolling around her hand as she tries one last Sila to blow Patch's head across the gym floor away from Sam. "Fuck you, cunt."
<SirGoldFish> Sam sighs, as she drags Patch's body with one hand over to Patch's head. "You're a real shit at whatever you do."
<FullMetalBitch> Liz lays back on the mat and holds a hand to the wound, trying to catch her breath and feeling nothing but exhausted and beaten down. She manages to run a hand across her face to wipe off the spit. "Fucked your dog up, you just got lucky shots."

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<SirGoldFish> "Patch's has survived /way/ worse than you, go take a nap or whatever. Cunt-face" She gathers Patch's head with one hand and drags the body by the leg with the other. She begins to goes to exit the gym.
<SirGoldFish> *going to exit
<FullMetalBitch> Liz just lays there and relaxes, trying to get up the energy to tend to her wounds. Blood loss is an acceptable alternative for now, she doesn't really want to move anyway. She'll eventually pick herself up, but she needs a little me time.
<SirGoldFish> "Have fun savoring your failure." She says just before leaving
<SirGoldFish> -Scene win-

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