Run Schedule

(The 'default' is that characters will not be pre-selected, and will have to sign up during the 10-20 minutes or so before the run starts.)
If a run is to be play by post, link to that thread too, in the time it's supposed to run.

GMs Name Date/Time Players Difficulty Action Type Plot(s)
GM Names Run/Event Names MM/DD/YY XX:XX (EDT) # or #-# Easy / Med / Hard Combat, Stealth, Puzzle, Investigation, Etc. Any involved plots
Kioku Cassandra's Tears Play By Post 3-5 Medium Investigation, Unguided The Mightiest Pen
Lena "Finding the Pithos 1&2*" 3/2/16 & 3/3/16 Two Teams of 4 Easy Puzzle, Investigation, Problem solving, Willpower tests "Finding the Pithos"
Lipstick Thespian Shoes* 4/21/16 6PM (5PM CST) 3-4 Medium Friendship, Combat, Puzzle
Lipstick Thespian Business 101 6/5/16 5 PM (4 CST) 2-4 Easy Puzzle Solving, Work Sanctum
Neon Bad Moon 7/5/16 1 PM EST (12 CST) 3-4 Medium Investigation, Exploration, Diplomacy N/A
Endorb Come Back; Safe PBP 3-4 Medium/Hard Exploration, Combat, stealth, escort mission Ciel
Charlotte_ Escaping Death TBD 2-3 Medium Combat, Investigation N/A
Kioku Ghost Ship Soon 3-4 Easy Investigation, Stealth, Combat Drowned Sorrows
Silvors Vitriolic Children 9/24/16 Medium/Hard Suspense, Survival, Exploration N/A
gumbal1 Mach Cedo, Mekka Mekka TBD 4 Hard/Brutal Combat, Infiltration, Horror Diane Dungeon
gumbal1 P.S., I loved you TBD 1-2 Hard Puzzle, Horror love, B/J/S
gumbal1 NOEL 10/29/2016 3-4 Medium/Hard Exploration, Social, Combat SIREN
gumbal1 Jigoku 10/30/2016 2-6 Hard Exploration, Horror, Combat Echo Valley, Isaka
Endorb Come Back; Safe 11/3/2016 3-4 Medium Infiltration, stealth, escort mission, survival Ceil
Antichthon gumbal1 Dreadnought, You Wont Frigate Me 1/13/17 8 PM (7 CST) 3-5 Hard Horror, Combat Through the Looking Glass

Want to Guest GM?

So, you've been playing this game for a bit and would like to GM something, but you're not sure how to do this, well no fear! There is an easy process for doing what you want.

NAME OF RUN The name of your run, obviously.

CONTENT This is the part where you tell us the basic outline of the plot, outline, what anomalies, what players will be doing, hazards, etc.

Send these things to a GM and they'll approve or disapprove.

So, I did my run! Now what happens!

First, send a PM to any GM, with the name of your run, the date, and the logs. Within a couple of days, a member of the GM team will sit you down and tell you what you did well and what you didn't do well. Eventually, if you get a solid set of runs under yer belt, we might consider letting you do more ambitious runs. If it didn't go well, don't worry! You will never be barred from trying again, although the GM team may wait until they're confident in your improvement before authorizing again.

Also, please handle logging before you start your run. Either you can log, or you can assign it to somebody else, or (ideally) both for backup. Most standalone IRC clients have their own logging software, but you can also copy and paste into a word document. If you're unsure how to format or link it, please ask a GM.

I'd like to do a run, but I don't know how!

The best place to start out would be an event in Soft RP. The approval process for these is a lot less strict, as well as being shorter and lower-intensity. These will develop the same skills you'll use to GM a run, while causing much less stress. If you're not confident, this is where to start. They will not grant XP, although you still need to ask for approval.

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