Return of the Ripper


As the sun sets on our spooky little ghost story, and all of the players step out of the shadows and into the light, the truth is revealed. Charles Witherspoon was a wonderful gynecologist in London. In fact, he met his wife, Jeanne through his trade. Daughter of an unimportant shoe-maker, she really married above her station. As the years drew on, and her beauty began to fade with age she began fearing that Charles would start chasing after his younger nubile clientele. Jealousy filled her, and in November of 2015 she began stalking and brutally murdering the most lovely women from her husband’s practice. Always on a night when she was certain he would have an alibi.

Ten girls she murdered before Charles grew suspicious, confronted her and, in the struggle, accidentally killed her. Panic stricken he dismembered her corpse in the same brutish way that the other murders had taken place and her death was blamed on the serial killer that had been stalking the streets, and earning 'him' his eleventh 'victim'. He had his beloved wife cremated, her ashes placed into their favorite souvenir that they had picked up on their honeymoon, an African safari. It was a ceramic urn, strange and beautiful tribal patterns glazed around the outside. Unbeknownst to Charles the urn was an anomalous artifact which trapped the soul of his deceased wife.

Charles then moved to America to start anew. Here he wouldn’t be tormented by accusatory glares and terrible whispers behind his back. He began a new practice, this time giving charity to those who couldn’t afford premium healthcare. Jeanne’s spirit stirred upon learning this, her jealousy and rage building to a crescendo until she was powerful enough to break free of her prison. She found she could escape into the streets, possess the weak willed, and continue her work from before.

Her new death toll was six, and she grew stronger with each life she took. Thankfully the heroes of our story stopped her before she became too powerful.

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