This is a player-managed page that will be reset each month or so when the xp tracker updates. Please try to record any xp gains on this page, to make things easier on us.

  • Declare if you've done five scenes this month next to your player name along with either 8 or 10 and which characters you want your monthly xp to go to (8 for up to five characters, 10 for up to 3.)
  • List any confirmed development scenes, journal entries (they can be on the character's page or the forum), club scenes, or other twice a month 2xp items for each character that does them.
  • Include any training/tutor scenes done for each character since the last wipe.
  • Include who you want xp from variable things like creative writing, challenges, or gm-ing runs to go to.
  • Include runs the character has gone on and events they've taken part in.

Using this page isn't mandatory, but it makes things a lot easier on the staff for knowing the state of things and being able to keep the secondary record up to date.

Antichthon Five Scenes 10

  • Athene: +2 XP Journal Entries; Run, CCCAAA (6xp); +2 XP Dev scene with Mary/Cecile; +2 XP Dev scene with Skix;
  • Cass: + 2 Tournament Fights; +2 Dev scene with Callum
  • Champi:


  • Heather:

BobaFettuccine Five Scenes 10

  • Gungnir: Run, CCCAAA (2xp); Five Scenes 10; 2XP Dev scene with Elspeth
  • Hiro:
  • Kira:
  • Mary: Run, CCCAAA (2xp); Five Scenes 10; 2XP Dev scene with Athene
  • Nate: Run, CCCAAA (2xp); Five Scenes 10


  • Vazilius:


  • Omidas:


  • Joshua:


  • Suzanne:

Kioku Five Scenes; 10

  • Aiko: Run, CCCAAA (6xp);
  • Asake: Dev Scene with Tsubaki x2; Ability Training (DF) with Tsubaki x2; Skill Training (Willpower) with Suzy;


  • Austin:
  • Callum:

Mokou-tan Five Scenes; 10

  • Tsubaki: Dev Scene with Asake x2; Ability Training (FW) with Asake; Ability Training (CB) With Asake

PuddleJumper five scenes; 10

  • Skix: Run, CCCAAA (6xp);


  • Atropa:
  • Cecile: Run, CCCAAA (6xp);
  • Fei:
  • Quiln:


  • Aoi:


  • Elissia
  • Gheidjin


  • Enoch:
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