Proposed Character Sheet Ura

Basic Info:

Player: Your most common name on IRC. Not the name of your character

Demeanor: What impression your character gives.

Nature: What your character is really like.

Look: What your character looks like, etc. Pictures can either be linked here or posted under Miscellaneous, but don't display the image here.

Stats: (Place your modifier in the [ ])

Cool: [ ]
Cool means collected, unwavering, able to put fears out of the way, able to keep their wits about them, rational, unfazed.

Volatile: [ ]
Volatile means strong, aggressive, impactful, physically and emotionally unpredictable, able to adapt situations to themselves with decisive force or run faster than they can.

Hot: [ ]
Hot means alluring, magnetic, cute, sexy, subtle, exciting, able to change people’s minds, able to get what they want out of people.

Sharp: [ ]
Sharp means calculating, perceptive, quick of thought, able to read and adapt to situations faster than others.

Strange: [ ]
Strange means weird, mysterious, able to get in tune with powers (yours or not), comfortable where others are not.

Work Around Move:
Single basic move that uses a different stat (optional)

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things your character accomplishes via their power or monster

  • Cool
  • Awesome


Your limits, and how you compensate for them (optional).

  • My weakness goes here.

Darkest Self:

Whenever things go wrong, and your character sees no hope coming to save them, they fall into their Darkest Self. Type down a few guidelines for how they will act here, and what their escape clause is.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Mine!
  • Also mine…

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Mine!
  • Also mine…

Personal History:

List what your character's life has been like, from birth until 2018. The more, the better. Be sure that all of your character's skills and supernatural abilities are mentioned.


Any other information you think would be interesting.

Some Things To Keep Track Of:


  • Go here
  • And Here
  • And further down


  • Here
  • And here

Experience (mark with an X): [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Advancement Options:

  • [ ] Create an Artifact (with GM approval)
  • [ ] Gain a New Use to your Power
  • [ ] Add 1 to Cool
  • [ ] Add 1 to Volatile
  • [ ] Add 1 to Hot
  • [ ] Add 1 to Sharp
  • [ ] Add 1 to Strange
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