Operation Summer Nights
Sunnybrook didn't always exist

…it was a stopgap really. Put these supernatural teenagers someplace we could control and manage them. Sort them out, put labels on them, try and give them a chance at a normal school life. It became apparent after a while, and long after plans had been signed and pushed forward, that it wasn't a permanent solution. The question always was, where do students go after they graduate? Into the wild, to be in the world on a loose leash and with the chance of exposure high. It was common knowledge that kids at that age could be unpredictable, so they couldn't just be cut free.

This is where Kingston University came into play.

Windvale was always a good choice for a lot of reasons, it was small and secluded. The town was easy to control and maintain. Nearby to facilities already used, and just perfect for their uses. Then there was the University, holding the namesake of one of the board's most senior directors. Which had been the grounds where many of the Watch Unit's operatives studied, a little secret not included publicly in the Ivy League.

It wasn't long after Sunnybrook was opened that things started to change at Kingston University. New students, new courses, new problems. The fact that Sunnybrook was there made the school a target, it wasn't unusual for a leak of information to happen from the Watch Unit. People and organizations knew that they had to have a grasp over Kingston if they were to control the future of the students of Sunnybrook.

Of course, a peculiar administrator from the records department wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea. So that's when Miss Kelly Pasket came up with an idea.

On warm summer nights

…they would travel. The brightest of the bright, the idealists and the stars. They would head across town without a word about their journey. Promised a chance at something greater than the usual school life. They were going to ensure themselves a future, and a scholarship, at Kingston University.

Kelly would choose small groups of students, ones deemed above average, and send them to the school. Where she lacked manpower and strength, she had intel. Tendrils of hers ran throughout Kingston and she knew exactly where and what needed to be done to make it safe once more. The students would be given instructions, and at night they would go. No worry about the police, or campus security, the school was too far gone for that.

Then they would return, and she would mark it off the list. It would take time, and a lot of work, but the reward would be great. A future for the students of Sunnybrook.

Kingston University was once great

…and it could be again. There's just going to be a little bit of a conflict to make it happen. Conflict, in this life, is unavoidable. It's complicated, stressful, and awful. It's also not something you can ignore after you've found out you have powers.


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Kingston University is divided up into 13 Areas of Control. The reason for this is the grouping of the School's network systems, which yields itself to this amount of separation naturally. Currently, there are 7 Factions vying for control of the school.

  • Pax Romana (Red) - an orginization dedicated to the liberation and advancement of supernatural beings. They denounce their humanity and believe that the only way supernatural beings can be safe is through the subjugation of humanity. It believes humans can't be trusted, and would take advantage of them if they could.
  • The Administration (Grey) - a corporation that was once the major stakeholder of the University. They were headed by a member of the Kingston family and dutifully aligned with the Global Watch Unit until a coup a few months ago put them into a rogue status. They hope to control the school, and it's future students, and thus the future. For what means it isn't known. Most staff are members.
  • The Bureau (Purple) - currently engaged in what they believe is a cleansing operation, they seek to rid the school of it's supernatural taint. Thus saving it, as part of their mission to stop the spread of the supernatural.
  • Cult of the Old Gods (Green) - a small group of occult worshiping students that were tainted by their work with the dark arts. They hope to bring about the apocalypse through their students and their work, believing the portal to all things somewhere in Windvale.
  • YZZ (Teal) - the Yvonne Group is an outside orginization to the game, operating out of Europe mostly, they are new to this theatre. Their mission isn't clear, but they have a particular affinity towards collection and profiteering. Currently distributing to the other major groups in the University.
  • Axiom Retention Company (Yellow) - a private military corporation operation in the area, for another unseen group. They hold onto their territories but seem to be making no moves to expand anywhere but towards the stadium.
  • Project Eternity (Blue) - a group well known to the Watch Unit, trying to use supernatural subjects to unlock the keys to the universe. And controlling it.
The Operation is simple

…Students will need to find some friends before they begin. Most of these missions are geared towards duo pairs, or groups of three. Though some larger groups may be needed down the road. They'll then go and sign up over [link thread here] for their assignment and answer a series of questions to help make sure they're the right fit for the action. From there, they will get a date and time and perform their duties. Depending on the outcome, they might help free the school, or cause it to get worse.

Let's hope they have what it takes.


..These Operations are active;

Sunset Fields
Status - In Preparations
Target - Jean Holland Agriculture School

As part of a focus to get a foothold in Kingston, three students are needed to go and pull some weeds. There are rumors of the school's greenhouses being used by the Cult of the Old Gods to raise an army of the damned for their battle to take the school. At this time, we have no information on their force strength, as they have been operating under the radar for some time and focusing on building up rather than striking out.

North Star
Status - In Preparations
Target - North Campus

It might be a retaliation strike from the Watch Unit, as a way to show their former operatives at the school where they came from. The Watch Unit wants to get a VIP that is being held by the Administration, a former high echelon agent who has access to some of the school's more off the record information.

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