Open Book

<LipstickThespian> It was like sharing a secret with a friend, if the friend didn't know they were sharing it and Katlyn was actually his friend. She lay down by the edge of the desk, opposite the door so she was hidden from prying eyes that walked by. Her legs were curled up behind her and her small frame tucked loosely around the object of her obsession. In her hands she held a notebook that was not hers, one that held secrets that were not hers. They were Jace's, she knew that. She knew his handwriting, she had seen it and committed it to memory. There were one or two of his assignments she had stolen to keep in her room with the exact same hand writing. Now she layed here, in her hoodie and tartan skirt, her tights dirty from laying on the floor, and she was seeing a very personal side of him.

<DrabberRogue> Jace stormed through the halls, into the classrooms, retracing every single step he'd taken that day. He checked every desk, every shelf, every drawer. It was missing, and he was very much unhappy, perhaps even scared that someone else might have it. Of course, he didn't have much to worry about when he thought about it rationally, he hadn't signed his dia-…notebook. So unless someone had some how memorized his handwriting, it would be impossible to trace back to him. This last thought is what was on his mind as he swept into the history room, beginning to scour it for his book, initially failing to notice the girl on the floor…holding the very object he sought.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn had taken pictures of the pages that interested her, and was on her second full read through of the diary. At least the parts of it that had happened in the recent months. She would need a while to get everything out of the diary but for now was content to re-read certain parts, 'There's something about the way she plays too'. He wrote that about her. Her! He wrote it about her, Katlyn, that is who he, Jace, was writing about. It was almost too much. She caught the boy coming into the room and she started to freeze, she quickly put the diary under the sketchbook that was laying next to her. That she had been using to write down some of her favorite parts. Pulling her arms across her chest she closed her eyes and tried to make it look like she had just decided to take a nap in an odd place.

<DrabberRogue> A lot of loud banging could be heard as Jace scoured the classroom for the one window into his mind, it would be /very/ obvious to anyone observing that he was looking very urgently for something. As he cleared all of the cupboards in the back of the room, he began working his way up towards the front, meticulously scanning the desks and the floor around them. He somehow hadn't noticed Katlyn yet…he was really bad about that.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn tried to act like she was sleeping as best she could. The loud banging seems like it would make it difficult to manage. However she reaches quickly to the bag next to her, still open from when she yanked her camera out to snap pictures of the diary. Pulling a pair of earbuds out she quickly puts them in her ears and settles back in to her 'nap'. Fuck, she's so dead.

<DrabberRogue> Jace sighed as he rummaged around the room, Katlyn is seriously /way/ too good at evading his attention. "Damnit…where…is it?" He sounded immensely frustrated that he couldn't find what he was looking for…until he tripped over the girl on the floor, letting a cry of surprise sound out as he crashed into the floor, displacing several desks.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is tripped over, and she loses her breath as she is snapped out of her ruse. She sat up after a second of surprise at the sudden turn of events and looks down at him, a bit of worry in her eyes at the boy's ill-timed ending at the hand of the school desks. She would mourn him.

<DrabberRogue> Jace groans, pushing him self upright and turning around, trying to ascertain what almost killed him. "What the…he-…oh…Katlyn…" The very much alive Jace had finally spotted her, and blushed ever so slightly at the absurd fact that he had literally not noticed her to the point of tripping over.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks at him and suddenly felt the weight of the fact that she could not, in any capacity, face her fears. In a second she was on her knees and packing her bag, in another she was getting up from the ground with it and the two books.

<DrabberRogue> A rather startled and somewhat flustered Jace idly notes a book with a familiar black binding being shoved into Katlyn's bag as she rapidly packs up. ~You're kidding me…~ "K-Katlyn, wait!" Jace rapidly stands up to pursue his book. He didn't want to scare off Katlyn…but he needed his book more. ~/Please/ tell me she hasn't read it yet…~

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is quick, she's had to escape parties that were getting a little too heavy before. She tucked the two books under her arm and starts off with a kick. Her shoes would have to be lost to the world, she forgot to slip them back on. She slid around the desk and out of the door in her tight covered feet. Why was she running? Fuck if she knows.

<DrabberRogue> ~A chase is it?~ Jace grins as he grabs her shoes and sprints after her, tapping into the flow of their new competition to make sure he can still find her if she outruns him. He feels like a bit of an asshole for chasing the obviously uncomfortable girl, but who is he to turn down a challenge.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn rushes down the halls and hits the exit door with a shoulder. She jumps off the steps and onto the sidewalk and starts running towards the dorms. Where is she even going? She's not going to outrun him, fuck was that a pebble? Shit shit. There's no chance to look back, but she is losing her initial lead quickly. Back door! She can go to the back door and lose him, perfect. She heads for the back of the dorm building.

<DrabberRogue> Jace sprints out into the courtyard after her, spotting the girl he was after running off toward the dorms and smiling as he figured what she was doing. ~Back door huh? Clever girl…~ Jace chuckles to himself as he gives chase, he could apologize to her once he caught up. For now, the hunt was on.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn swung around the building, her tights were ruined now. Stained green by the grass as she ran over it. Once she got to the building, she tugged open the door and ran in. At least she could look her room once she got up there. She was getting close. Jace should have caught up to her by now, right? No? Okay!

<DrabberRogue> ~I need to finish this, it should take longer for her to get there than if I take…this route!~ Jace darts into a side door, probably maintenance, trying to cut off Katlyn's path. He wouldn't be able to chase her into her room after all.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is a very predictable person, she isn't some kind of like, master tactician or some shit. So she finds herself sliding to a halt, after a few feet due to her tights. Standing in front of Jace and catching her breath.

<DrabberRogue> Jace puts on his most charming smile as Katlyn skids to a halt in front of him, breathing heavily as he holds up her shoes. "You *huff* forgot something."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks at one of her favorite pairs of flats, and then to Jace. She starts to wonder exactly why she thought this would work, and can only manage to answer him with a slow nod.

<DrabberRogue> Jace stands there recovering his breath for a few seconds before he tries talking again. "Buuut, it seems you've also got something of mine."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn's eyes dance down to the book tucked under her sketch book. It was evidence in her crimes if there ever needed to be any. She takes a step back and considers her chances of running away and living in the woods for the rest of her days.

<DrabberRogue> "C'mon Katlyn, it'll be weird if people see me chasing you all over the place, that's how ill rumors are born." Jace says jokingly, bending his knees a little in preparation for a sprint.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn's fear of being talked about over takes her need to escape as she considers this. She shifts into a more reserved pose standing across from him and reaches under her arm. Offering up the black bound book to Jace, she can only look at the floor and ponder her choices in this unfortunate event.

<DrabberRogue> Jace is still smiling in a friendly manner as he hands her shoes over, taking back his dia-…notebook as he does so. "I'm really sorry for chasing you like that, I just needed my d-…*ahem*…notebook." ~Shit…~

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head as she gets her shoes back. She reaches down and places them on the floor in front of her and slips them back on. She takes her time to put off looking back up at him, but eventually relents and stares up at him.

<DrabberRogue> Jace opens his di-…notebook and flips to the very back, pulling his pen out of his coat and writing on it before handing it to Katlyn. He finds it more fun to talk to her that way. "Really though, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable." Jace offers a soft smile to go with the sentiment.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes the book from him and looks at the note. She takes a step forward and lowers the book so the both of them can read it. Her own hand digs a pencil out and she writes below his line. "okay. thanks for my shoes."

<DrabberRogue> Jace breathes a sigh of relief, though his guess as to why is as good as any. "Wanna find a place to sit down? No sense in standing around all day."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn writes down below it, "okay. i got a new incense holder maybe." She looks up at him to see if he'll take the hint.

<DrabberRogue> Jace tilts his head at her, his gears clicking for a bit before realizing which incense holder she was referring to. "You seriously brought that back with you?" Jace sighs as he writes this, clearly exasperated with her, though there is a glint of amusement in his eyes.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn has a smile cross her face at his reaction. She nods her head and slips away from the boy to start to walk to her room to show him her loot.

<DrabberRogue> Jace follows after her, shaking his head at the girl.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn gets to her room and unlocks the door, she slips in and heads quickly to her bed to push some things away and under her pillows. Her room is, well, a mess. The walls are entirely covered in pictures, drawings, paintings and assorted bits of pop culture. Even a bit of the ceiling. She's shoved her bed under the window so she can sit on it and look out the window. Her desk is covered in art supplies, her floor has clothes everywhere, and she's somehow got a couple of beanbag chairs tucked on the one empty part of the wall. Heading over to her desk she clears a spot and pulls out the stolen incense holder.

<DrabberRogue> Jace awkwardly stands in her doorway, having never entered a girl's room before he felt…well…awkward. He scans the room before casting Katlyn a raised eyebrow, his cheeks ever so slightly pink for some reason.

<LipstickThespian> There are flashes of hot pink around the room, there's a lot of color with all the neutral tones washing them out. She pulls out an incense from a bag and grabs a lighter from the mess to light it. It's supposed to be vanilla ice cream, it just smells like vanilla. She wafts her hand over it to spread it, then looks to Jace for approval.

<DrabberRogue> Jace chuckles at her looking to him for approval in her own room, making his way in and taking a waft of the vanilla, observing the various things on her walls whilst avoiding the clothes scattered around. Though his cheeks are still pink, its really awkward to be in a girl's room…

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches him walk in and takes time to kick her flats off and set them aside. All of the art on her walls is so varied in style and theme. Pictures of friends long gone and memories better forgotten. Some is sexual, some is provacative, all of it is a reflection of her personality. She plops down on one of the beanbags as he looks around.

<DrabberRogue> Jace makes his own way over to the beanbags after a bit of looking around, that bit of pink still tinging his cheeks. He sits down on the other beanbag and starts twirling his pen in his fingers as Katlyn is still holding his book.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sits there and enjoys the scent and the familiarity of her own space. It takes her a second to remember she has his book, and she quickly shifts over to sit next to him as close as the unruly beanbags will allow. Opening the book she offers the page to him but keeps it in her lap.

<DrabberRogue> "Nice set up you've got here." He writes in his usual fancy script. Jace is really bothered by chaos, but he figures a compliment couldn't hurt.

<LipstickThespian> "its okay." Katlyn writes back in her usual bubbly quick script.

<DrabberRogue> Jace sighs, he'd forgotten she's anti-social. "So, just curious, where'd you find this?" His flowing hand writing starts pursuing his point.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn seems to fidget in her seat as she reads it, then she gives a quick answer. "on the floor. when i layed down to nap."

<DrabberRogue> Jace chuckles at her fidgeting. "So I'm going to guess you didn't read it?" ~She totally did…not sure how to feel about that…~

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn slips her free hand down into her lap to sit on top of her skirt and make sure it's held down. "lets go with that." she writes.

<DrabberRogue> "So how far did you get?" Jace almost immediately writes a response. ~There's no way that she would respond the way she did if she didn't read it.~

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn glances away from the book, and Jace to consider herself. Eventually she comes back to the page and writes back, "enough."

<DrabberRogue> "So you don't want to write about it?" Jace seems oddly calm about the concept of her reading his d-…notebook, though his cheeks haven't stopped glowing pink.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn runs her finger just off the edge of the paper for a second, she still doesn't look at him as she writes. "i want to hear it. from you."

<DrabberRogue> Jace becomes aware of a burning sensation on his cheeks as he glances over at Katlyn, raising an eyebrow at her before writing his response. "What part?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn feels the glance and steals her own of the boy. "tell me what you hear." She glances over to the guitar sitting next to her bed.

<DrabberRogue> Jace follows her eyes. "What I hear?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head and looks over at him, expectantly.

<DrabberRogue> Jace flips the pages to the one containing his entry on Katlyn, his blush growing a bit. "I take it you read this part?" He writes in the margins, still not entirely sure how to answer her, but getting an idea of what she's getting at.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks over the passage she's read more than a few times. She realizes what she's asking, how close she's sitting, what she could possibly be doing right now. With a brush of her hand she turns the pages back to the half empty one they were using. "im sorry." Her handwriting has lost it's charm and she seems to be teetering on the edge of something.

<DrabberRogue> "Its fine, curiosity is natural, its my fault for losing this thing." Jace is quick to apologize, he realizes she probably read quite a bit, and his blush deepens even further. "I do think your music is very nice though."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes a second to respond, still trying to keep from looking at him. "thanks." she writes, "forget i took it. okay?"

<DrabberRogue> Jace leans back in the chair he's in for a bit before answering. "Sure, no hard feelings." His hand writing is less than enthusiastic, for some reason he wanted to talk to her about what she read.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head quickly as she sees him lean back. She writes back and shifts a bit forward to create a little distance. "sorry. im weird."

<DrabberRogue> Jace smiles at this. "A bit of curiosity isn't weird, I'm sure anyone would take a look if they found this lying around."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head, "ya. totally." She is probably one of the few people who would covet it, she thinks.

<DrabberRogue> Jace tilts his head as a weird thought occurs. "I didn't sign this, but its obvious you knew it was mine, did you really memorize my hand writing so well?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn glances away from him. She has some of his forgotten things in a drawer somewhere. Turning back to him she writes down, "i guessed. it sounded like your voice."

<DrabberRogue> Jace sighs, pursuing this whole train of conversation wasn't taking him as far as he'd like. "So how's your life been beyond stealing my notebook?" He suddenly changes gears, deciding to pursue something that might result in actual conversation.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn smiles at the commentary, she writes back quickly. "i made a new painting. im not done. but its nice. wanna see?"

<DrabberRogue> "Sure" Jace smiles in relief, he's finally found something she'll talk about.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stands up from the beanbag and leaves Jace with the book. She heads over to a stack of canvases she has near her desk. Looking through them she eventually pulls out a large four foot by two canvas and turns to show him. It's a picture from their time in the temple. When Nadia, her wings spread wide, was tending to the frail old man. And Ju, sat with him and calmed him. The light from her wings illuminates the scene, her frail face is carefully done. Ju's sharp features are caught in the light and even he looks soft. It's a neoclassical style and, well, stunning. It needs a few touch ups, however.

<DrabberRogue> Jace gazes at it in awe for a couple seconds, he always finds her works amazing. "Impressive work as always…" His gaze then darkens a little as he remembers what happened shortly after the scene. "Its too bad we couldn't save him…" Jace's voice turns bitter for this last sentence, remembering the complete failure of a battle that happened shortly after that little scene occurred…well, failure in his eyes anyway.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn smiles as she hears the praise, but it quickly fades as she watches and listens to him. She turns and sets the painting aside, leaning against the desk and still visible. She walks back over and sits next to Jace, taking the book to write in it. "if i could save everyone who needed it. i would." She goes back over and underlines the word "if"

<DrabberRogue> Jace chuckles grimly a little after reading this before writing a response. "If only, but the past isn't there to be regretted. The picture is very nice, I'd like to see it when you're finished." Jace tries to put on a smile, tries to hide his disappointment with that past battle, but doesn't entirely succeed.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn reads his response and takes a second, she looks up at him to try and see his feelings on his sleeve. She writes back, "i dont know. i regret my past."

<DrabberRogue> Jace stares at those word for a few seconds before looking back up at Katlyn, thinking for a moment before writing more. "But do you keep moving forward despite that?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn leans against Jace as she writes, it's easier to share the page if she's against him anyway. "i tried not to. i failed." She stares at the tip of her pen and focuses on it, trying to keep her words short.

<DrabberRogue> Jace blushes a little as she leans against him, but that disappears quickly as he reads the words she writes. "You tried not to move on?" What she had written didn't make sense to him, but he has the sneaking suspicion of what she's saying.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shrugged her shoulders, rubbing them against Jace. She writes underneath after some time thinking about, "i still want to quit."

<DrabberRogue> About five different meanings for 'quit' pop into Jace's head as he reads this. All he writes is a question mark under the word quit, really hoping she doesn't mean what he thinks she does.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn doesn't write an answer, she stalls completely. Putters out and feels like she's said too much. Instead she just stares at the question mark and does her usual act of keeping quiet.

<DrabberRogue> "Katlyn…" Jace says her name out loud before writing. "Never, ever quit, no matter what 'quitting' is."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn glances over as he says her name, she's pulled from her thoughts. She looks down as he writes and follows along. She writes back, "dont preach. i already got enough of that."

<DrabberRogue> Jace pauses for a bit after reading her response, looking over at her before approaching from a different angle. "Why do you want to give up?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn doesn't look at him, she's fine just leaning against him and letting them interact with their words. It's always been easier for her that way. "reasons." she writes back, she hates to talk about it. Hates it. She read so many intimate things about Jace she feels she has to share something. Reaching up, she taps the tip of her pencil against her neck and a faded scar that barely catches the light.

<DrabberRogue> Jace follows the pencil, his eyes widening a bit at the scar. He tries to catch her eyes again, leaning more into her for a couple seconds. He wonders how she got that scar, figuring with some disappointment that he might never find out.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn catches his movement and looks up at him, meeting his eyes as they search for hers. She turns away from him quickly and goes back to the page. "can you leave me. please." the words are written larger than the rest of her print, and she makes a quick motion to push the book over to Jace's lap and pull herself off from him.

<DrabberRogue> Jace sits there for a couple moments, staring down at the words. That damn ache, hadn't he gotten rid of it? He snaps his book closed as he stands up, putting on a cold, neutral expression to hide how surprisingly hurt he was.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn jolts a bit at how suddenly the boy closes the book and stands. Watching him from her spot on the floor, when had she slipped down to the floor? If she had the voice she might tell him to stop, so she could explain. She didn't have it, there was nothing she could say. Instead she sits there and looks at him, tapping her pencil against her thigh.

<DrabberRogue> Jace picks his way through her room, trying not to disturb all the stuff strewn around on the floor. Once he gets to the door, he breathes in the vanilla scent once more, a bit reluctant to leave. He can't stop himself from looking back at her as he wavers at the door, his face not showing anything, nothing but his silently thawing eyes- the only indicator that he feels anything.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the boy stand there. The look he gives her in that special safe place she calls her own. What the fuck can she do to make it up to him? She's lost him and that's the fact of the matter. She can't say hey, stop, let's talk about it some more. She was clear in what she wrote. So instead she holds her hand out for him, hangs it in the air to invite him back. The fingers curled a little and their greyish blue chipped paint catching the light from the window.

<DrabberRogue> The aching becomes much stronger as Jace sees the gesture Katlyn makes toward him, he /really/ doesn't want to leave. But instead of making that obvious, he gives her a faint smile, even chuckling a bit. "You've gotta pick a choice and commit to it Katlyn." Jace hopes, a really unusual hope for him, that she wants him to stay.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches him stay there, and her hand falls gently down to her side again. That smile and that laugh, she's so fucking stupid. Her eyes fall down to look away from him, and she glances over to the floor next to her. If her signals could be more mixed and foggy, she might become an abstract artist.

<DrabberRogue> Jace's left hand curls into a fist as he hides it on the other side of his body, he hates sporadic responses. "Katlyn…" He was going to say something, but his voice breaks on her name. He sighs, turning to leave, maybe he really should just go.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn winces as she hears her name, it cuts deeper than any knife to hear it in that tone. She glances up to see him turning to leave, watching him slip away from her to leave her there. How could she tell him to stop when she had no voice? With a flick of her wrist she sent the pencil in her hand flying to hit Jace in his back.

<DrabberRogue> Jace stops as the pencil hits his back, his heart oddly skipping a beat as he turns toward her again. He leans down, picking up the pencil, before looking back and meeting her eyes. He doesn't do much else, wanting to be sure that she wants him to stay.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the boy turn from leaving. As he catches her eyes she raises her hand again, holding it open towards him. Her eyes don't leave his.

<DrabberRogue> Jace sighs, a more relieved sigh this time, and picks his way through Katlyn's room. He stops just a little bit away from where the girl is sitting, holding out her pencil to her with a slight smile. "You really need to stop dropping your stuff." Somehow this smile of his seemed more real than any he'd ever given her.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn reaches over and grips the pencil, but she doesn't pull it away from Jace. She holds it and looks up at him from her spot on the floor, returning the smile with a small grin of her own. After she's soaked in the sun of his genuine smile she pulls the pencil away and returns it to her lap.

<DrabberRogue> Jace sits down in front of her on the floor, his smile growing as he sees hers. "So I guess that means you want me to stay?" He's not really sure why he asks that question, it seems like she does, but he feels slightly less than confident at the moment.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks at him as she flips the pencil between her fingers. It's an idle motion she does when she doesn't know what to draw. The smile sticks on her face and she nods her head gently, keeping her eyes on him.

<DrabberRogue> Jace lets his gaze rest on her before reaching into his coat for his di-…notebook. ~She should really smile more often~ He thinks a rather unusual thought to himself as he opens his book to the page they had used to communicate the first time they met, scribbling a bit toward the bottom of the page before turning it to her. "So, anything you wanna 'talk' about?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches him pull out his diary and turns her attention to instead. She shifts herself so she's sitting on her knees and it's easier for her to reach over and write on it. "no." It's very plain and she quickly looks up at him to see his thoughts on the matter.

<DrabberRogue> Jace raises an eyebrow at her. "Then what /do/ you want to do?" Yes, he did italicize a word written in cursive.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn turns back down to the page and takes her previously written "no." and adds onto it. "no.thing. with you."

<DrabberRogue> Jace cocks his head. "Then what's the point of my being here?" He starts to feel even more awkward being in her room, feeling slightly insecure with the way the conversation is going, though he still can't put his finger on why.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn smiles a little brighter as she sees the boy fret over her simple mixed message. "to be with me." she writes as she scoots away from him and finds a spot leaning against her beanbags. Reaching over she grabs her camera from out of her bag and motions him over to her.

<DrabberRogue> That arching eyebrow, now accompanied by a tinge of pink, rises ever so slightly higher as he joins her against the beanbags. ~Oh dear…is taking a selfie?~

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn adjusts herself so her back is against Jace and the two are, well, rather close. She holds up the camera with her arm, then stops to take off the cap, then holds it up again. After glancing up at him, she turns and smiles at the camera and takes three quick snaps.

<DrabberRogue> Jace blushes slightly more at the closeness, though he still can't figure out why. He misses the first shot, but quickly figures out what she's doing and throws on a jovial smile for the second two.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn pulls her camera to her lap and starts to look through the pictures on the viewscreen. A smile on her face as she looks at the deer in the headlight look Jace had in the first picture. She looks at him and shows him it, seeing if he finds it as funny.

<DrabberRogue> Jace snickers a bit, he does kinda have a stupid expression in the pic. That smile stays on his face for a bit as his eyes wander to Katlyn's on the screen, then to her real one. She really should smile more often…

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn turns back to the camera and flicks through the three shots over and over as she examines them. After decided the third one is the best one, she holds it up to him for approval.

<DrabberRogue> Jace watches the girl, not the camera, as she flicks through the pictures. His eyes jumping immediately back to the screen as she holds it up to him, holding a thumb up, it did seem like the best one…even though he wasn't paying attention to the comparison…

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn smiles a little brighter and she pulls herself up from him, she crawls over the few feet it takes to get next to her deck. Setting the camera down she digs under some clothes to pull out her printer and go about printing the picture. She glances back to him as she waits for it to turn on, a goofy smile on her face.

<DrabberRogue> Jace blushes a bit and averts his eyes as Katlyn crawls away…in a skirt…looking back only once she's stopped. He can't help but smile back at her goofy expression, the girl is strange certainly, but he finds something cute about that.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes a minute to eventually print off the shot. She scoots back over and sits in the same place, leaning against him and holds up the now printed picture. The perks of having your own laser printer I guess. Turning it over she writes on the back with her pencil, "jace and katlyn '15". Pulling the pictures apart, she printed two it seems, she offers it to him.

<DrabberRogue> Jace takes the picture with a smile, a bit of flair for his room perhaps? He starts subconsciously balancing his own weight against the girl as she leans into him, admiring the picture.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stands up from him, after a few seconds of enjoying the closeness, and heads over to her desk. After digging out a push pin she heads to a wall and pins the picture to it over an old drawing. She turns and looks at Jace, and with the excitement of pictures gone, starts to feel claustrophobic again.

<DrabberRogue> Jace tilts his head at Katlyn's sudden change in expression, he recognizes that look from earlier. "You alright, Katlyn?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shakes her head no, and turns to dig around her desk for a piece of paper. She writes on it quickly and steps over to hand it to Jace. "im sorry. it isnt you. but i need to be alone. please. sorry. sorry." She takes a few steps back and leans against the desk, holding the edge of it with white knuckles.

<DrabberRogue> Jace reads her message, a bit of realization coming to his face, though he seems a bit disappointed. He nods and stands up, setting the paper down. "That's fine, we all need our alone time, I'll see you later." His voice is soft, he seems to grasp the concept of wanting to be alone pretty well. With that said, Jace starts picking his way across her room again, waving as he gets to the doorway before heading off.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches Jace go, returning the wave half-heartedly. As her door closes she slips down against her desk and lets out a soundless whimper. She's so fucking stupid, what did she think was going to happen? Holding the picture in her hands and looking at it, she wondered a million thoughts and saw a million possibilities. But reality was still there, and she was alone in it.

<DrabberRogue> Jace reflects on the day's encounter with Katlyn as he walks back toward his own room, ignoring the odd looks he was getting from the other girls in the dorm who saw him exit her room. Once he'd gotten back to his own dorm, Jace took a pin he'd discreetly liberated from Katlyn's floor, using it to pin his own copy of their picture on the wall above his desktop.

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