Ongoing Effects and Events

This page is for world effects and events that continue on and are still affecting Sunnybrook and the students - mainly, those things that all players should be aware of, but last longer than they stay in the news listing on the sidebar. On that note, if something was in the news sidebar, and keeps going on after it's been pushed out by other, newer news, kindly put it here too. And of course links to forum posts such as writing challenges or applications for multi-part runs!

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  • The TV in the common room gets every station broadcast, worldwide. It can be a little confusing, but thankfully there's an option to check by region. It also gets free netflix, hulu, and most other streaming sites.
  • All new students are given $200 upon arrival at Sanctum, by the staff. Their way of saying 'go have some fun.'
  • Within a day or two of living at the dorm, every new student finds a note and a stick made of rock candy at their door. The note says, "break to relax." When broken, the crystals will fill everyone nearby with a sense of relaxation and calm, and completely shut down panic attacks as well as negate fear effects (rolling at +8 if opposing a supernatural effect that causes such things). The effects can last anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple hours, depending on stress. (Students already living there would have found these on the last day of June.)
  • Along with the rock candy, they'll find small bags containing roughly 4 oz of fine crystals resembling large-grain salt, with an instructional note that basically outlines that they should be added to water, and the treated water can be used to heal wounds (up to 2 HP worth) or clean skin and cloth.
  • At the same time as the above, the students would get an small, sealed bag with 4 doses of pixie dust inside. Attached would be a note that says the following: "This is genuine pixie dust. Absorb it through the skin, and it'll give you a dose of good luck. If you want more, come find us at the shrine in the back of the school."
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