Dec 23 21:16:32 <gumbal1> The intercom blares. «Would the following students report to Depossession Room 2 in the Medical Ward: Madeline Maddox, Cameron Nguyen, and Akemi Kimura.»
Dec 23 21:19:25 <Kioku> Akemi looks up from her meal and blinks, weirded out look on her face. Did she hear that right? They have… depossession rooms in medical? "Wha…" She shakes her head quickly, takes a sip of tea, and gets up. "Sorry, love. You alright to pack this up? Hopefully it won't be too long." Glad that she was already dressed for unusual duties today, she hurries out to the common room, looks around a bit to see if she can spot Mads, and goes
Dec 23 21:19:25 <Kioku> for the infirmary.
Dec 23 21:20:59 <Nemi> Depossession Room? Mads never heard of /that/ before. Still, it's a loud enough blare to startle her out of her early nap (and out of her usual skin tone, for that matter). And.. Cam! She remembered Cam! Cam with the.. weird hypnotic effect from the dogbot.. Oh dear. Sadly, as she fumbles for her keys and phone and ID and everything else, it means that the pajama-and-hoodie clad
Dec 23 21:20:59 <Nemi> Mads misses Akemi on the way out. Sad days. So she shows up just behind Akemi at the infirmary proper!
Dec 23 21:26:29 <gumbal1> The depossesion room is…odd. The walls, floor, and even the ceiling are covered in all manners of scarily intricate wards. At the center of the room is a table roughly big enough to hold one human, along with a tray of various equipment, ranging from mundane medical equipment to odd, occultesque tools. Several machines that resembles those found in ERs sit near the table as well. Three people are already here, it seems: Dr. Renee Bolton, dre
Dec 23 21:26:29 <gumbal1> ssed in her usual researcher garb, Cameron Nguyen, dressed in a simple red tee and jeans, still wearing sunglasses to hide her left eye, and a third woman, roughly in her mid twenties, that Madeline and Akemi may or may not have seen should they hang around Bolton's office. Bolton waits for all three of them to come in before speaking. "Thank you very much for your cooperation. Now, I believe I should begin explaining what I've gathered you al
Dec 23 21:26:29 <gumbal1> l here for." She gestures to Cameron. "We've succesfully managed to discern what exactly caused your aphasia, night terrors, and miscolored eye. You appear to be suffering from an affliction known as Dark Eye, first recorded in 1956 but rather commonly popping up around the 1980s, always within the general area of Diane, Florida."
Dec 23 21:28:05 <gumbal1> "If your testimony is correct, AE4-EV26-Dandelion-Wavelet-Fracture took you to an alternate universe where the entity known as Iro the False had not disappeared, and forced you to stare at its eye, afflicting you with the condition."
Dec 23 21:29:18 <gumbal1> Dr. Renee Bolton turns to the other two. "And this is where Miss Maddox and Miss Kimura come in."
Dec 23 21:30:36 <Kioku> Akemi nabs Mads' arm affectionately when they meet, and looks at the 'wards' curiously. They're nothing like the sort she's occasionally looked at, and she wonders what culture they might come from. Then there's speaking, and three people she doesn't know, and she wonders briefly why she's here if she hasn't heard of any of this, studies or not. \Dark Eye? Iro the False? Affliction by optic contact?Dec 23 21:31:34 <gumbal1> "Let me ask you two a question. Do you consent to undergoing an experimental procedure that would allow you to use your powers in tandem, in an effort to cure Miss Nguyen of her condition?"
Dec 23 21:32:00 <Nemi> Madeline nervously smiles at Akemi and it's clear she barely has any idea about any of it either. She swivels to look up at Doctor Bolton, trying to process the explanation and.. Oh! Help someone! That's a thing she's supposed to do. "I will!"
Dec 23 21:33:15 <Kioku> Akemi frowns slightly. "Well, I can already work in tandem with someone without any procedure, if they're willing…" She glances at Mads. "It's a very intimate experience, though. What does this procedure involve, and do we truly need it in order to do this?"
Dec 23 21:36:55 <gumbal1> "It's simple." Dr. Bolton gestures to the table. "My assistant and TA, Rachel Moranis, has developed a bracelet that would theoretically allow two anomalous humans to combine aspects of their powers to work more efficiently. In this case, you will enter miss Cameron's dreamscape to remove the influence of the Dark Eye. We believe Miss Maddox's dream abilities, in tandem with Miss Kimura's spiritual abilities, should be able to completely ridd
Dec 23 21:36:55 <gumbal1> Miss Nguyen of her condition."
Dec 23 21:38:15 <gumbal1> "I should note that, if neither of you two are up for this, there is another, less pleasant method of removal." Dr. Bolton sighed, and turned to Cam. "Namely, removal of the eye."
Dec 23 21:38:31 <Nemi> ".. Um- oh, oh, combining them, not enhancing, okaaay…" Madeline shoots Akemi a look, then her gaze returns to Renee and Rachel. She bites her lower lip, a bit fiercely. ".. I uh, I haven't really, um, done a lot with my ability but.. Let's.. Lllet's try to not have to have her get her eye ripped out okay?"
Dec 23 21:39:18 <gumbal1> Cameron visibly winces, but doesn't say anything. Not that you'd expect her to after weeks of not saying anything.
Dec 23 21:41:28 <Kioku> 'Spiritual abilities?' Akemi mouths to herself silently. \What are they talking about? Unless they want me to possess her? In which case, I couldn't blend with Madeline. That way would give us both all of each others powers, and bring out the best of each of us, but the one thing we couldn't do together that we can do apart is enter someone…\ Akemi's tails swish a bit, still physically formed from her time with Zita eariler, and a
Dec 23 21:41:28 <Kioku> couple wrap around Mads' waist. "I expected to give Mads my abilities and enhance both them and mine while we were… one mind, if she wanted, but… it sounds like you need the two of us to be separate entities for this. Alright, I'll try it, if it'll help…"
Dec 23 21:45:24 <gumbal1> "Thank you for your cooperation. Miss Nguyen, if you would lie on the table." Cam meekly nods, heading onto the table, after which she is given an oral medication that seems to induce sleep rather quickly. Rachel then proceeds to strap Cam down, then fishes a couple of odd-looking bronze bracelets off the table, heading over to the other two to hand the out. "Here ya go! Put these on and wait a bit."
Dec 23 21:46:06 <gumbal1> Her cheerfulness is out of place in the ominous atmosphere of the room.
Dec 23 21:46:46 <Nemi> That's a shared nervous look to Akemi- whether it's about the commentary or the tails is another question. And then Cam's put to sleep and Rachel's got bracelets. Okay. This is gonna suck. Madeline seems dubious, but reaches up to take the offered bracelet and slips it on!
Dec 23 21:47:27 <Kioku> Akemi squirms uncomfortably at the bracelets, then sighs and puts one on. "So what /is/ this 'Dark Eye'? What does it actually do, and how will this help?"
Dec 23 21:48:10 <Nemi> ".. weee probably shoulda asked the specifics before putting the bracelets on," Mads notes, weakly smiling.
Dec 23 21:49:12 <Kioku> Akemi giggles and bumps Mads' shoulder lightly. "Probably."
Dec 23 21:50:40 <gumbal1> For the first few minutes, you feel nothing. "Dark Eye is a psychic affliction supposedly induced by an entity commonly known as Iro the False. How it affects the afflicted differs with the person, although in all cases, one or more of the afflicted's eye is turned purple, with a red iris. The only two long-term studies of this condition on humans were done on Lionel Rivera and Rivka Nasser, who had significantly different symptoms in response
Dec 23 21:50:40 <gumbal1> to their affliction. Notably, nonhuman entities are not necessarily immune to the condition."
Dec 23 21:50:46 <gumbal1> "However, it should not be contagious."
Dec 23 21:51:46 <Nemi> "Oh! Wait! Iro! Leah mentioned thaaaaaa and that's her grandma. Okay. Um. Wow."
Dec 23 21:51:57 <Nemi> Madeline fidgets and frowns. ".. Whaaat's it do?"
Dec 23 21:52:05 <gumbal1> Then the bracelet starts getting rather warm. A scrathing feeling begins developing in the two's heads.
Dec 23 21:52:38 <gumbal1> "A variety of symptoms are present in different cases, although aphasia, psychosis, and night terrors are rather common."
Dec 23 21:52:42 <Nemi> "Ermhg- this isn't- um was this tested before..?"
Dec 23 21:53:09 <Kioku> Akemi hisses slightly. \No, Asami, don't push it out. Even if it is bloody unpleasant.Dec 23 21:53:27 <gumbal1> Rachel blinks. "…kind of?" She looks to Bolton and whispers something, and Bolton responds by whispering back.
Dec 23 21:54:02 <Nemi> ".. umm this isn't comforting-" Mads rubs at her head, clearly not liking the feeling!
Dec 23 21:54:22 <gumbal1> If either of you are capable of detecting psychic presences, you feel a chain connectiong the two bracelets, and a needle going from the bracelet into an artery.
Dec 23 21:55:51 <Nemi> Detecting psychic presences? Ha, nope! Madeline cringes at the sensation. ".. okay what is this actually /doing/-"
Dec 23 21:55:56 <gumbal1> Botlon sighs, looking back to the two. "I…believe it should be working. Try accessing the other's powers and applying them to your own."
Dec 23 21:56:51 <Nemi> "Uhm.. .. how?"
Dec 23 21:57:34 <Kioku> Akemi raises an eyebrow, pushing through the discomfort. "And how should we do that without /knowing/ what the others' powers are or how they work?" \Half of my powers are fully intrinsic, accessable only by *being* me, and not actually powers nor transferrable. I hope she only needs my magic and my illusions…Dec 23 21:58:06 <gumbal1> "…" Another whispered conversation, followed by a sigh. "However you believe the other's powers to work, and however you will your own powers."
Dec 23 21:59:22 <Nemi> ".. o-kay.." Dreamweaving and dream logic, to Mads, is more or less just getting into another state of mind, to see the world like something.. Malleable. Like lucid dreaming in the waking world. So she tries to do that- imagine for a moment that she is Akemi Kimura, the fox spirit, with all that implies..
Dec 23 22:00:10 <Kioku> Akemi looks at Mads with a skeptical, questioning look. "Well… guess we should talk about what it is each of us can actually do, then…"
Dec 23 22:01:13 <Nemi> ".. oh um- I'm the world's worst shapeshifter and like, I can kinda apply like, treat the waking world like a lucid dream basically?"
Dec 23 22:01:42 <gumbal1> Madeline, you get the sudden realization that your body is a fleshy prison with bars wide enough to crawl out. You also get the impression that everyone around you is the same fleshy prison, with bars big wide enough to crawl into.
Dec 23 22:02:27 <Nemi> Perrrfect. Madeline shuts her eyes and.. Tries to do just that. Climb out of her flesh, and .. Into Cam's.
Dec 23 22:02:28 <gumbal1> Also that wards are inherently deadly and bodies are the only thing saving you from a bad burn.
Dec 23 22:03:26 <Nemi> … /good to know/.
Dec 23 22:04:26 <Kioku> "I can make illusions and use magic, only know some curses though. And, well, I'm a spirit, but that isn't actually a power, it's just… a state of being, just like you're human. This body is really a construct, lots of energy-to-mass nonsense. And I guess I can taste emotions, and affect them, but… the strongest version of that is… complicated, you shouldn't have to worry about it."
Dec 23 22:04:41 <gumbal1> There's two you's, now. The biological you, and the real you. The biological your is standing around below, still looking where you were looking beforehand. But the real you, you know that's you, why would the chain be connected to you if you weren't the real you. You head inside Cameron, and inside Cameron is an empty, greyscale school hallway, occupied by a young girl opening her locker.
Dec 23 22:05:13 <Nemi> And Madeline tries to tug the chain to bring Akemi with her. Mads' body nods along- that makes sense..
Dec 23 22:06:58 <Kioku> Akemi raises her other eyebrow. "Aaand, somehow you've become dual-natured. Now /that's/ interesting." Her body vanishes entirely, she doesn't actually have one by default to leave behind, and she slips in to follow Mads.
Dec 23 22:07:02 <gumbal1> Akemi, dreams aren't just images your mind produces. Dreams are the very essence of the soul, emotion concentrated to its purest form. Dreams are malleable, and therefore, so is the psyche, so is the very being.
Dec 23 22:08:08 <gumbal1> The girl doesn't seem to notice you two at first. She's too busy with her locker. A cloud of darkness seems to obscure everything 100 feet from her, however.
Dec 23 22:09:27 * TheOtherOne (mt.uyr.851.591|OOTlaeRehT#mt.uyr.851.591|OOTlaeRehT) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Dec 23 22:09:34 <Kioku> "… Have we entered her dreamscape, instead of her? This isn't /at all/ how things appear inside of people, normally…" Akemi murmurs to Mads, hoping she might have some idea.
Dec 23 22:10:10 <Nemi> ".. and that worked- this should be her dreamscape, right. I um, I haven't really done this very often but the few times I have, it's been like, important things representing their state of mind and like, there'd be something clearly wrong to try and handle." Mads peers around the grey corridor.
Dec 23 22:11:43 <gumbal1> Everything's grey and dark. A small, pinpoint white light can be seen from the darkness down the hall. With the speaking, the girl turns to look at the two. She…looks suspiciously like what a younger Cameron Nguyen would looks like. "Hello?"
Dec 23 22:12:38 <gumbal1> Madeline, something's different about this dreamscape. It's far more…primal, if one were to describe it.
Dec 23 22:12:53 <Kioku> Akemi breathes, then smiles warmly and starts approaching… maybe-younger-dream-Cameron. "Hi~" \They could have given at least a slight clue what we're looking for or meant to do once inside.Dec 23 22:13:53 <Nemi> Madeline frets, wringing her hands, as she peers about the place. It's not as .. Constructed as others she remembers, so she follows Akemi clearly unnerved. The whole situation was unnerving, really. ".. this is different. Um. Hi!"
Dec 23 22:17:09 <gumbal1> "Are you strangers? Mom says I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." She looks down the hallway with the pinpoint light, and the darkness in that direction seems to dissipate, revealing a few doors. One of them has a purple eye with a red iris on it, while another has a pitch black scrawl noting it as 'playground'. Both are boarded up, it seems. The pinpoint light seems to be coming from the face of a shadowed humanoid, dressed in a trenchcoat
Dec 23 22:17:09 <gumbal1> and a baker's hat.
Dec 23 22:18:45 <Kioku> Akemi keeps approaching, voice soft and soothing. "We're not strangers, we're future friends! So it's alright to talk to us, isn't it?" \Different?Dec 23 22:19:07 <Nemi> "You know us, Cam. I think.. I'm Madeline, that's Akemi, um.." Mads turns to see what all just got illuminated. Playground. Okay. .. Red iris door, that's the th- and there's /a/ stranger. .. Baker's hat. That IS very strange.
Dec 23 22:21:18 <gumbal1> "…oh! You're my friends, I think, right?" Uh, Akemi, is Madeline usually affected by these dreams, cause you're suddenly getting a really odd feeling in your body, like a coldness is washing over you. Madeline, this isn't right. You're getting a coldness unprecedented by other dreamscapes.
Dec 23 22:21:39 <gumbal1> > Roll mental defense, both of you
Dec 23 22:21:46 <Kioku> ‘calc 4d3-8+13
Dec 23 22:21:46 <GameServ> 4d3-8+13 = 14
Dec 23 22:22:28 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+4 oh jeez oh no
Dec 23 22:22:32 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+4
Dec 23 22:22:32 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 4
Dec 23 22:22:49 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+4
Dec 23 22:22:49 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 4
Dec 23 22:24:27 <gumbal1> The coldness leaves Akemi, but Madeline, you’re getting odd memories of playing with Cam on the playground in grade school, along with other assorted students of Sunnybrook. However, you're able to recognize that these conflict heavily with your established memories, and that they're probably fake.
Dec 23 22:26:10 <gumbal1> Cam looks over to the shadowed figure. "Oh, mister Yagiyama! I forgot about my lessons, sorry!" She skips over to the playground door, tearing off the boards as if they were wet tissue, and heading inside, the figure following. The door remains open.
Dec 23 22:26:26 <Kioku> Akemi shivers a little and nods. Thaaat was weird, what just happened? "Think we should check out the playground and find out who Akira-san over there is before exploring the halls of Sauron?"
Dec 23 22:26:29 <Nemi> Madeline shivers there in the corridor. ".. I'm- okay this is weird like, like, I'm getting memories of playing with everybody in like, primary school, but that's totally not real cuz I was in England still then and.. ugh. Fake memories. Dreams don't- they don't usually /affect/ me-" Mads boggles at seeing Cam and the Stranger run off, but..
Dec 23 22:27:20 <Nemi> ".. the eye door, that's, um, probably it but these dreamscapes usually have kinda clear progression where we find the thing going wrong and like.. I don't feel powerful here."
Dec 23 22:28:03 <Kioku> She blinks at Cam. "Oh. Yamiyaga, then. Gueeess we should follow them, then…" Akemi takes Madeline's hand and squeezes. "Fake… do you think it's because she tried to rationalize that we were friends of hers, even though we hadn't met yet at… this point?"
Dec 23 22:29:40 <Nemi> ".. um.." Madeline squeezes Akemi's hand in reply, as if automatic. ".. that'd make sense. God I'm awful at this I'm supposed to be like, a dreamweaver or something but I'm a fuckup here too." She takes a breath. ".. right um, let's.. follow them, then."
Dec 23 22:36:38 <Nemi> So Madeline leads the way afterwards, poking her head into the Playground door.
Dec 23 22:36:39 <gumbal1> The playground door leads them too…well, they suddenly find themselves coming down a slide, into a greyscale playground. The cloud of darkness seems to extend about 200 feet away from the playground center. There are a few more slides, some of which are boarded up. The boarded up ones have similar scrawls like 'supply closet', 'fortune teller', 'stranger', along with one with a similar looking eye to before. Cameron appears to be swinging on
Dec 23 22:36:39 <gumbal1> the swings, slightly older but still young, 'Yagiyama' watching from a park bench. A few other, faceless children stiffly move about the playground, along with a faceless dog.
Dec 23 22:37:50 <Nemi> Madeline's all goin' like "eep" at the sudden slide, and moreover at the landing where she does, at least, nimbly make it to standing. .. There's that eye, again. And Cam and Yagiyama. The faceless ones are probably just echoes, there for effect.. "Where should we go?" Mads whispers to Akemi.
Dec 23 22:40:37 <Kioku> Akemi tilts her head, hopping over the side of the slide as they near its bottom with far less than her usual grace - she hasn't been on one of these things in a very, very long time - briefly wondering if perhaps she'd get… she doesn't know, maybe some sort of commentary or insight by touching the boarded up bits. "I don't know," she replies in the same tones. "I want to know about all of these things, but they might lead to more, then
Dec 23 22:40:37 <Kioku> more, then even more and we'll never get through it all. What do you think is necessary to… feel ready to face what we're here to? Should we just watch them and listen for now?"
Dec 23 22:42:43 <Nemi> "I.." Mads trails off, gaze going to Cam and Yagiyama again. ".. in other places I did that, basically. Watched and listened and then figured out what the big thing that doesn't fit was and how to get rid of it. I don't- I don't /like/ it here. It feels wrong."
Dec 23 22:45:04 <Kioku> Akemi nods. "You're the expert~ Let's… I want to know what Yamiyaga is to her. Let's watch this first, okay? Tell me /how/ it feels wrong, what feels wrong about it, too?"
Dec 23 22:45:40 <Nemi> ".. okay. When I can figure the words I will." Mads watches and listens!
Dec 23 22:46:02 <gumbal1> Cam swings higher, and higher, and higher, eventually leaping off, stopping as she floats in the air. "Look! I'm flying, I'm flying!"
Dec 23 22:47:16 <gumbal1> Yagiyam doesn't so anything but watch…hm. Are those hedge clippers on his lap?
Dec 23 22:47:56 <Nemi> And.. Mads isn't sure about this. She shuts her eyes and tries to.. Well, see into the fabric of the Dream. If there's more there than just being shown to her metaphorical eyes.
Dec 23 22:49:30 <Kioku> "It feels like it's showing memories, more than dreams… maybe even pausing at the end of a segment." Akemi hums and glances at Mads curiously, unsure what she's doing, but hey, she can help hopefully - by putting a hand on her back and like so many times before, channeling her energy through her to enhance her abilities.
Dec 23 22:49:45 <gumbal1> The fabric is somewhat soft around the playground. Around Cam, it's positively euphoric, soft, warm, happy…and yet around Yagiyama, you feel that if you rubbed the fabric the wrong way, you'd draw blood.
Dec 23 22:53:02 <Nemi> ".. this is.. I think I see.. Yagiyama's the vector for Iro. It's- it's basically a warm happy place for Cam, here, and he's there justttt.. behind it.."
Dec 23 22:54:34 <Kioku> Akemi's lip twitches and she nods. "Let's… see what the supply closet and stranger are about, shall we? Unless you think we need to do something about Yamiyaga here and now, before going through The Eye Door…"
Dec 23 22:55:17 <Nemi> ".. we'd tear the dreamscape around him, we shouldn't go after him directly. .. let's.. try the supply closet."
Dec 23 22:56:06 <gumbal1> At some point, after zipping through the air for a bit, Cam lands. It's at this point Yagiyama pockets the hedge clipper in his (it's?) coat, and approaches Cam. Cam looks at them and smiles. "Oh, hi Yagiyama!"
Dec 23 22:57:00 <Kioku> Akemi nods. Someone /on a playground watching a kid/ doesn't… hedge clippers don't make sense. Schools don't have gardeners. She starts heading for the supply closet slide, but stops when Cam seems to- how could she not notice him before?
Dec 23 22:57:52 <Nemi> Madeline, hand in hand with Akemi (despite her vaulting the slide- dreams are flexible things), approaches the Supply Closet slide and.. Stops when Akemi does. She looks up, watching warily, all the more worried for her own analysis of how the dreamscape works.
Dec 23 22:58:04 <gumbal1> The slide is boarded up. Looking at the boards more closely, they appear to say [PROPERTY OF CAMERON NGUYEN].
Dec 23 22:59:09 <Nemi> ".. makes sense, she'd be able to wall off her own memories and tear them free at will.."
Dec 23 22:59:25 <gumbal1> "Right, the lessons! Sorry, mister Yagiyama." Cameron skips over to the slide, stopping when she sees the two. "…oh, hi! I need to get somewhere, but it's nice to meet you."
Dec 23 23:00:50 <Nemi> ".. hi again- er, I understand, don't let us keep you.." A glance back to Akemi- the kind that says, in literal floating letters just under her face, 'We should see where this goes.'
Dec 23 23:01:37 <gumbal1> Cam rips the boards off the slide and slides down. Yagiyama follows, not sparing at glance at the other two.
Dec 23 23:01:53 <Kioku> "Well, worth a try… /everything/ is boarded up except where we came in through," Akemi mumurs to Mads. She smiles at Cam and waves, then nods to Mads again. \Guess there's nowhere /to/ go but to follow.Dec 23 23:03:32 <Nemi> Madeline smiles and, for all her claims about how wrong and different this dream felt, she nimbly slips through it like a dolphin through the water. She slides down the slide.
Dec 23 23:07:28 <gumbal1> You find yourselves, very suddenly, in a dark, greyscale supple closet. Lampreys, who you just somehow know are undead, crawl around the walls, silently. Cameron Nguyen, noticeably older yet still not her 16 year old self, sits in the closet, defeated expression on her face, curled up into a ball in the corner. A vent, labeled with 'stranger', is boarded up. The door to the outside, opaque glass spilling in bits of light with the same eye
Dec 23 23:07:28 <gumbal1> as before drawn over it, is boarded up as well.
Dec 23 23:08:50 <Nemi> … And- there. The creepy side of things. Where parts of Cam are locked away- looks like it's operating backwards, sealing away Cam from her older self down. … Mads takes a breath and whispers to Akemi, ".. can you convince her to open the door, maybe..?"
Dec 23 23:10:43 * Impy_ has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
Dec 23 23:11:25 <Kioku> \A second eye door?\ Akemi squeezes Mads' hand in reply and hurries straight to Cam, crouching down in front of her. \And what are these…?\ A curse ready to fire off and just short of showing by a glow of her hand, she smiles at Cam and takes her shoulder. "Hey, Cameron. Fancy running into you here. Can't say I'm keen on staying though… what say we go someplace else?" She gestures with her head toward the door to the outside, the
Dec 23 23:11:25 <Kioku> boarded eye door.
Dec 23 23:12:35 <Nemi> Mads doesn't wanna admit how much the worms are freaking her out.
Dec 23 23:13:12 <gumbal1> Cameron looks up. "…you're with him, aren't you? He's still out there, isn't he?"
Dec 23 23:13:35 <gumbal1> "…leave me alone. I just want to rot away here, unseen."
Dec 23 23:14:45 <gumbal1> A few of the lampreys attatch themselves to an errant, clear bottle of detergent, sucking it dry.
Dec 23 23:14:53 <Nemi> "Who's him?" Mads asks, holding her hands together. And.. She shuts her eyes again. Time to look beyond the surface of things- to see what the visuals are hiding.
Dec 23 23:15:29 <Kioku> Akemi tilts her head. "With who? You don't want to rot away, come on. Friends, remember? I'm not letting you become lost and forgotten." She squeezes the shoulder and pushes a slight sense of reassurance, trustworthiness behind her words.
Dec 23 23:16:26 <gumbal1> The fabric here is…wet, as if stained by tears, and blood, and mucus, maybe from crying. The fabric outside seems evershifting, unrefined, even…hostile. "Yagiyama. He says you're with him."
Dec 23 23:17:06 <gumbal1> "…if you were really my friend, you'd let me be forgotten."
Dec 23 23:17:10 <Nemi> "It's.. it's painful here, but this is the only part that's really defined, outside is, um.. hostile.." Mads opens her eyes. ".. Cam, weee. We really need to go. Um. What's in the vent?"
Dec 23 23:18:27 <gumbal1> Cam looks up to the vent. The fabric that goes outside it is just as evershifting and unrefined, but there's a more hopeful aura emanating from it. "…I dunno. Probably the basement."
Dec 23 23:19:08 <Kioku> "That liar. I don't even /know/ him outside of the few times I've seen you two together." Akemi looks at Mads. Right. Got to go. Sounds good. "Cam… nobody should have to be alone. I won't leave you here. Things can get better. Won't you give us a chance to help things get better with you~?"
Dec 23 23:19:24 <Nemi> ".. we should maybe see what's in the basement. Not what's out there, if he's there. Okay? Can you open that and we can all get out that way? Together?"
Dec 23 23:20:07 <gumbal1> "…promise he's not there."
Dec 23 23:20:46 <Nemi> ".. I don't feel him there. It's- it's undefined, but. I can feel some /hope/."
Dec 23 23:21:22 <gumbal1> Cam looks up. Her face is tearstained. "Prove it to me, somehow."
Dec 23 23:23:27 <Kioku> Akemi looks between the two, then at the walls, the door, the vent, and back. \Prove it? You can't prove that something is /not/ the case, we would need to find where he /is/ to know where he /isn't,/ and in this sort of reality, there's nothing stopping him from being in more than one place at once. Still, didn't he follow her here? And he isn't here…Dec 23 23:24:02 <Nemi> Madeline holds a hand out, stepping closer (and stepping very warily away from the frightful wormy things) and.. She tries to let Cameron see what she can see. To let the dream be just a little lucid.
Dec 23 23:25:35 <gumbal1> Cam blinks, slowly getting up, and hugging Madeline, crying, mouthing thanks. Then, frantically ripping off the boards, she slides into the vent.
Dec 23 23:26:25 <Kioku> Akemi blinks. Okay, showing an impression isn't proof (not that she knows that's what Mads did), but it's apparently good enough. Cool. Time to follow.
Dec 23 23:27:44 <Nemi> Madeline blinks- she didn't expect that reaction, but. For a girl she barely knows, Mads is.. Glad to have helped just a little. She returns the hug, awkwardly, and.. watches Cam go. She slides on in after the other two after a hesitation.
Dec 23 23:31:10 <gumbal1> The basement you suddenly appear in is dark, empty, and sterile, with only a table and a few chairs. Sitting at one of them is Cam, a few years older, face still tearstained but expression somewhat hopeful. Standing is another odd figure. Completely bandaged, wearing a glittery suit, manacles, nails, and spikes embedded into their arms. Their speaking with a Louisiana accent. "…so. You want to forget, don't you. Well, memories aren't exactly
Dec 23 23:31:10 <gumbal1> my forte, but I can do better." They put their hands on the table. "I can give you something to cope. Something I assure you no other human has."
Dec 23 23:32:54 <Nemi> Madeline hurries over. "Cam! Caaam! C'mon- we need to figure out some way to get that eye off-" And she immediately freezes up because okay that's someone new, a standing bandaged man with.. ooookay..
Dec 23 23:34:02 <gumbal1> The thing turns to look at the two, or at least inasmuch as one can with a face covered in bandages. Both of you, Mental Defense.
Dec 23 23:34:19 <Kioku> Akemi's fist clenches, and already she's looking at the details. No 'other' human has. Something to cope with memories. That awful accent kind of like Conrad's. Things… in his arms. Yeaaah. Memory, dream or otherwise, this isn't looking pleasant.
Dec 23 23:34:27 <Kioku> ‘calc 4d3-8+13
Dec 23 23:34:27 <GameServ> 4d3-8+13 = 13
Dec 23 23:35:27 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+4
Dec 23 23:35:27 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 7
Dec 23 23:36:13 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+5
Dec 23 23:36:18 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+5
Dec 23 23:36:18 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
Dec 23 23:37:10 * Marc has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
Dec 23 23:38:32 <gumbal1> Nothing happens. The thing turns back to Cam. "There’s a price for this, of course. There always is. In return for these…abilities, I need you to do something for me. I need you to let me prove that in this world, there is no one to fear but me. I don't necessarily have to prove this with your friends present."
Dec 23 23:40:05 <gumbal1> "Surely they can vouch. Life is so much better when you're over humantiy. Isn't that right, Kimura? Or would Maddox like to answer instead?"
Dec 23 23:40:17 <gumbal1> Cam looks over to the two.
Dec 23 23:42:14 <Nemi> ".. what are you talking about? You don't know me- I'm as human as anybody and I'm /proud/ to be, with all the failings and weaknesses and everything, /because/ despite it all, we can do so much /great/ stuff. And when we're with other people it's just all the better." Mads really believes it. That she's still human, superpowers or no.
Dec 23 23:43:08 <Kioku> Akemi scowls. Is this how she gained whatever got her sent here, it wasn't inborn and natural? \I don't even have the slightest clue what she does…\ She doesn't bat an eye at the dream, memory, whatever pulling information on their names from Cameron's mind - it's created by it, after all, right? "I may not be human… but that doesn't mean I think myself 'over' them," Akemi comments. \Not in the way you're thinking of.Dec 23 23:46:29 <gumbal1> The thing laughs, softly. "Oh, so humble. I never got why humans always felt that." The thing snaps, and two doors appear. One marked 'nightmare', another marked with the eye. "I see two options here, either *BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT*. Or…you live your life above your colleagues, above even Yagiyama, I can certainly assure you~. So what do you say?" Cam blinks, looking between the Stranger and the two friends. "…I want to forget. Are you sure th
Dec 23 23:46:29 <gumbal1> is is the only way?" She asks, tentatively, to no one in particular.
Dec 23 23:48:21 <Nemi> "It's not- Cam, you barely know me, but we've been in classes together, okay? It's Madeline- I'm a dreamweaver, this happened because a.. time-traveling robot, or something, showed you another reality where this thing infected you- we need to stop it. That'll get you free. Okay? You can forget it that way. We just need to open the door with the eye. Can you do that?"
Dec 23 23:49:54 <gumbal1> "…but how could I live with this? Is there a way I can get rid of this without a Stranger's help?" You can practically hear the capitalization.
Dec 23 23:50:35 <Nemi> "You can have your /friends/ help. People who /are/ there for you, /outside/ your own head."
Dec 23 23:50:39 <Kioku> Akemi takes a step forward, blurs as silver light, and ends the step right next to Cam, putting a hand on her arm and wrapping the other around her back. "This isn't the way," she whispers. "You don't need him, you can do this. With /us/." \You don't need to forget, you can cope and surpass it.Dec 23 23:53:07 <gumbal1> She's silent for a bit, tears welling in her eyes. "…Stranger. The answer is…" She stumbles over the next word for a bit. "…no. I don't need you." And with that, Cameron, the table, and the Stranger poof away, leaving only the door with the eye, boards already ripped off.
Dec 23 23:54:24 <Nemi> Madeline lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding. One that only really existed because of her own ties to her self-image- that of the small, slim, caramel-toned girl she still thinks of herself as. She gives Akemi a nervous smile and offers her hand before heading for the Eye door.
Dec 23 23:54:44 <Kioku> Akemi hugs Cameron and turns them both to face the door, glancing at Mads, smiling back and taking the offered hand to follow.
Dec 23 23:59:23 <Nemi> And in the two of them- Cam having poofed- go.
Dec 23 23:59:49 <gumbal1> Finally, some color besides the eyes. The door leads out to a plateau, dirt brown, under an ink black sky over which a blood red moon shines over a sea of bile yellow sludge. Cameron is there, standing before markings in the ground of boxes with several words in them, including "FIGHT", "ACT", "SKILLS", "ITEMS", "GUARD", "BEG", "MERCY", and "GIVE IN". Something else rises nearby, above the plateau. A large, tan skin-colored behemoth of stone,
Dec 23 23:59:49 <gumbal1> chiseled to resemble a human with their arms crossed over their chest, as if to guard from a blow, with a face taken up entirely by a vibrating purple eye with a red iris.
Dec 24 00:01:06 <Nemi> Madeline hurries to Cameron's side- both to get an eye on the boxes, and to show her solidarity. "You're not alone here, Cam," Mads whispers and… stares at the towering colossal.
Dec 24 00:01:54 <gumbal1> A voice echoes from the structure. HOW COULD YOU BLAME ME. I JUST WANTED TO LIVE A LITTLE. WHO CARES IF SOMEONE GETS HURT. I NEED TO LIVE, NGUYEN. It's distinctly inhuman, in tone, accent, and pitch.
Dec 24 00:01:56 <Kioku> "… What." Akemi refuses to facepalm, but it's hard. Instead she follows, and stands at Cam's other side, putting an arm around her yet again. \What do these even do?Dec 24 00:03:05 <Nemi> ".. oh my god Cam your dreamscape's got Undertale references." Mads cringes at the echoing voice. "- Cam, don't listen to it- it /wants/ to hurt people, it wants to hurt /you/.."
Dec 24 00:03:43 <Kioku> \Undertale? What's Undertale?\ Akemi blinks. \Well, at least Mads has some idea what's going on.Dec 24 00:03:51 <gumbal1> Cam looks to Madeline. Her mouth's sewn shut, it seems, with a thick, pitch black cord.
Dec 24 00:04:32 <Nemi> Mads is a weaver of dreams. And here- seeing Cameron Nguyen silenced like that- she reaches up to run her finger across the cord. Nothing major. Just deleting that cord.
Dec 24 00:05:20 <gumbal1> I NEED YOU, NGUYEN. WHY ARE YOU BEING SELFISH. The cord is deleted, and Cameron touches her mouth. "…hey, thanks."
Dec 24 00:06:33 <Nemi> Mads smiles at Cam and swivels to the colossal. "Why are /you/ thinking of yourself first?" she calls out, voice raised and echoing throughout the dreamscape's fabric.
Dec 24 00:07:00 <Kioku> Akemi's eyes darken, and her free hand does the same. She doesn't know if she can affect things here so much, or if they have to use these… boxes. Dang symbolic reality.
Dec 24 00:08:04 <gumbal1> Cameron looks back to the thing. "Look, I don't know who you are, but if you think I'm gonna give myself to you, you're wrong. Because I have my friends behind me."
Dec 24 00:09:18 <gumbal1> I NEED SOMEONE. PLEASE, NGUYEN. THIS WORLD DOES NOT HAVE ITS OWN IRO. I NEED YOU, I NEED YOU, I NEED YOU- and reality seems to woosh, as your vision suddenly gains an HUD with the eight boxes listed on the ground present.
Dec 24 00:10:33 <gumbal1> Cameron goes first. You feel her pick fight as a slash graphic appears out of thin air over the eye, soon disappearing, leaving the number 426, which soon disappears, too.
Dec 24 00:10:53 <Nemi> And Madeline, Madeline.. She almost immediately starts twisting things. Seeing where each box leads. She might have decried her own abilities, lamented her lack, but in truth.. the Velvet Man chose well with her. Not only does she genuinely want to help, but she also genuinely has a certain knack for understanding how things like this /work/.
Dec 24 00:12:19 <Kioku> "…" \Ellie would know what to do here. Aiko would have already finished things. Hell, I bet even Wendy or Suzy know more about video games than me. Dammit, I never thought having such a gap would be a life and death problem. At least it's… erm… sort of intuitive? Let's see what skill does. If I can figure out how to activate it.Dec 24 00:14:04 <gumbal1> Well, fight appears to just lead to a screen detailing targets. Act seems to lead to a screen with a few commands, including 'boast', 'cry', and 'comfort'. Skills seems to lead to an options menu detailing applications for your own powers. Items seems to lead to a list of the items you have along with you, along with a 'dream putty', inexplicably. Guard seems like it would just go straight to you guarding. Beg and Mercy seems to lead to a text
Dec 24 00:14:04 <gumbal1> box stating that 'it's too late now'. Give In…you feel physical pain from even trying to examine it.
Dec 24 00:15:27 <Nemi> "Don't beg. Don't select mercy. And /do not/ Give In." That's Mads' advice, there, the filthy cheater she is.
Dec 24 00:15:34 <gumbal1> Notably, a rendition of "I Am Satan" from the Lisa OST, using the "Your Best Nightmare" soundfront from Undertale, seems to be playing.
Dec 24 00:15:58 <Kioku> Akemi sighs and rolls her eyes. Why should she need an interface for doing what she does in reality? She tries drawing on the sense she got from Mads to figure whether she actually needs to use the commands. "Well obviously those options are out."
Dec 24 00:16:31 <Nemi> ".. Skills would let you use your own powers, fight is fighting, act is.. boasting, crying, comforting.. items is, uh, list of what we have also.. dream putty.."
Dec 24 00:16:38 <Nemi> Mads rapidfrie explains what she's dug up!
Dec 24 00:16:49 <gumbal1> Even attempting to use your powers sends you to the abilities screen, with the choice changing with each ability Akemi considers.
Dec 24 00:16:59 <gumbal1> *Skills screen
Dec 24 00:17:35 <Kioku> Akemi twitches a tail. Well then. Fine. A mindfire curse seems a proper way to open things.
Dec 24 00:17:45 * SamF_ (ten.tsacmoc.lf.6dsh.053-52-842-11-a|fmas#ten.tsacmoc.lf.6dsh.053-52-842-11-a|fmas) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Dec 24 00:18:54 <gumbal1> 968 damage, and a +confusion, along with a notice that ERROR1981's PP has gone down.
Dec 24 00:19:55 <Nemi> Madelin selects ACT, and then COMFORT, selecting Cam as her target.
Dec 24 00:20:02 <Nemi> Let's see what this do.
Dec 24 00:20:25 <gumbal1> +111 health, and -fear and +confidence
Dec 24 00:21:57 <Nemi> ".. okay I think I understand- it's turned basically into, um, an RPG here- now we just need to figure out the meta option that actually ends the encounter peacefully and gets Cam back without completely fucking Iro's avatar here over too- I know, it soudns weird, but /trust/ me here-"
Dec 24 00:21:58 <gumbal1> ERROR1981 is confused. After dealing -1956 damage to itself, the UI stats that it uses the attack COLD HANDS. Long, twisted, pale blue hands appear in your vision, waving around for a bit, before disappearing. Physical defense.
Dec 24 00:22:27 <Nemi> 4df+7 och noh!
Dec 24 00:22:32 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Dec 24 00:22:32 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 6
Dec 24 00:22:36 <Kioku> `calc 4d3-8+11
Dec 24 00:22:36 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 11
Dec 24 00:22:52 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+7
Dec 24 00:22:52 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 6
Dec 24 00:24:47 <gumbal1> Madeline, you’re hit for scratch damage. The attack misses Akemi. Cam, however, is hit for -256, and gains +remember. Cam's turn. Cam uses "CARMIC RETRIBUTION", visibly changing color and gaining a hunched posture. +transformation.
Dec 24 00:25:10 <gumbal1> NGUYEN, IT'S BEEN SO LONG. I NEED THIS.
Dec 24 00:26:26 <Kioku> "… Okay, clearly things do /not/ work in any resemblance to reality. Though I guess that 'confusion' status sort of…" Light green dances on Akemi's fingertips. "Good to know." \That shouldn't have done any damage until it attacked, and…\ "Erm… what are PP?" \If they resemble clarity, mentality in some way, then ribbons would…\ She looks at Cam and bites her lower lip. \And what do remember and transformation do?Dec 24 00:26:41 <Nemi> "Don't listen to it," Mads repeats herself, and against uses ACT -> COMFORT. "Remember who you are, and that you aren't alone, no matter what-" Right! CARMA! Cam's the chameleon! ".. powerpoints, Akemi! Like, think like, mana!"
Dec 24 00:27:14 <gumbal1> +123, and -remember.
Dec 24 00:27:57 <Kioku> \Mana? … Hrm.\ The green switches to blood red, and Akemi lifts her hand up to nip her finger hard enough to bleed a little. "/This/ is Karma for you…" Blood Curse. \I've never used both karma curses on someone at once before…Dec 24 00:29:10 <gumbal1> +blood curse
Dec 24 00:29:38 <gumbal1> ERROR1981 bites down hard! Physical defense, Madeline.
Dec 24 00:29:53 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Dec 24 00:29:53 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 8
Dec 24 00:30:07 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Dec 24 00:30:12 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
Dec 24 00:30:12 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 11
Dec 24 00:31:00 <gumbal1> -218 physical health, which translates to about 1 and a half real world health points.
Dec 24 00:31:30 <gumbal1> [Blood curse activated!] -218 to ERROR1981.
Dec 24 00:31:43 <Nemi> "Gaaah ow!"
Dec 24 00:32:49 <Nemi> "It'll ride you and use it up! Don't listen to it!"
Dec 24 00:32:54 <Nemi> [use you up*
Dec 24 00:33:09 <gumbal1> Cam nods, and uses Pounce! -2018 damage to ERROR1981.
Dec 24 00:34:00 <Nemi> Madeline attempts to COMFORT herself, because.. seriously, that hurt, bad. It's enough to make her all whimpery and wincing, even if the abstraction of the RPG-style dreamscape battle makes she's not actually savaged.
Dec 24 00:34:58 <gumbal1> Madeline gets visions of her friends. They're all rooting for you, every one! +111 health, +stability, +confidence.
Dec 24 00:35:38 <gumbal1> Cracks are visible in ERROR1981.
Dec 24 00:35:51 <gumbal1> The eye is vibrating much faster now.
Dec 24 00:36:33 <Kioku> Akemi growls at Mads being hurt, wishing she knew a way to heal her. Although in this dream, maybe she can. \We'll have to see.\ First though… she's the support and attack sort, more than the defender. And so it is that she reaches into the abomination's emotions and /twists/. It's one thing to charm an enemy into submission, but that's not what she wants at all. A much better option, in her mind, is to shatter its psyche with
Dec 24 00:36:33 <Kioku> Heartbreak.
Dec 24 00:36:42 <Nemi> Really, Mads is.. Perfectly happy as the cheerleader. With all the other she helped.. It's always been a case of her helping the troubled dreamer help themselves.
Dec 24 00:37:26 <gumbal1> +instability.
Dec 24 00:40:07 <gumbal1> Cam used Photo! +happiness. Happiness heals Cam! +56 health.
Dec 24 00:40:47 <Nemi> "You shouldn't /hurt/ what you /love/," Mads says, bolstered by her own visions. She selects SKILLS, then to DREAMWEAVER, to see what ERROR1981's status is.
Dec 24 00:42:51 <gumbal1> ERROR1981: ERROR HP, INFINITE PP, +confusion, +madness, +desperation. The culmination of Iro's curse. I only want to help you, Cammy.
Dec 24 00:44:10 <Nemi> "You only want to hurt yourself," Mads scowls at it.
Dec 24 00:44:15 <Nemi> [ help yourself*, even
Dec 24 00:45:05 <Kioku> Akemi breathes out a breath, then puts her palm firmly against Cam's back and pushes energy through her, to assist her, build her up and enhance her next power.
Dec 24 00:45:39 <gumbal1> +300 PP to Cam.
Dec 24 00:46:21 <gumbal1> ERROR1981 used COOKING LESSONS.
Dec 24 00:46:27 <gumbal1> >mental defence, both of you
Dec 24 00:46:49 <Kioku> >Can Akemi use up next turn to intercept for one of them?
Dec 24 00:47:07 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
Dec 24 00:47:07 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 5
Dec 24 00:47:19 <gumbal1> >She can intercept the attack, yes
Dec 24 00:47:24 <Kioku> `calc 4d3-8+13
Dec 24 00:47:24 <GameServ> 4d3-8+13 = 12
Dec 24 00:47:31 <Kioku> And intercept for Cam
Dec 24 00:47:31 <Kioku> `calc 4d3-8+13
Dec 24 00:47:31 <GameServ> 4d3-8+13 = 13
Dec 24 00:47:50 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+9
Dec 24 00:47:50 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 11
Dec 24 00:49:41 <gumbal1> Madeline, you feel disgusting, worthless, hopeless, unlovable. +remember, +hopeless. The attack fails against Akemi and Cam!
Dec 24 00:50:03 <Nemi> To be fair.. That’s not that different from how Madeline normally feels.
Dec 24 00:50:32 <Nemi> She visibly seems to give up then and there, that said. It hit a weak spot. She .. sits there on the broken ground and hugs her knees to herself. She's lost to all around her.
Dec 24 00:53:25 <gumbal1> Cam, about to use the SNACK, looks to Madeline, then opts for COMFORT instead. Madeline, that's not true! People care about you! Katlyn, Leah, Kiefer, Christopher, many others, they all love you! +123 health, -remember, -hopeless.
Dec 24 00:54:37 <Kioku> Akemi… just recovers from interception.
Dec 24 00:55:41 <Nemi> It /is/ true. They do. She doesn't know why she has so much trouble seeing it, so often. It's okay. She's okay.. Madeline looks up and smiles weakly at Cam, and picks herself up to return to the fray.
Dec 24 00:57:52 <gumbal1> Another action is available, Madeline. "Summon."
Dec 24 00:58:11 <gumbal1> The same is for Akemi.
Dec 24 00:58:25 <gumbal1> Thoguh, since she used her term, she can't use it right now.
Dec 24 00:58:28 <Nemi> Summon. What does that do? Madeline selects it- not overtly, but in her somewhat more subtle debug sort of fashion.
Dec 24 00:59:27 <gumbal1> It's…hazy, but using it will apparantly bring the textbox "[CHARNAME] brings the dream to life!"
Dec 24 01:00:36 <Nemi> Madeline figures it would be only appropriate. She selects Summon.
Dec 24 01:01:57 <gumbal1> A dingy, old stuffed rabbit, rather tall and wearing a British WWII uniform of sorts, appears, holding a rifle.
Dec 24 01:03:10 <Nemi> Madeline /peers/ at the rabbit. That seems familiar..
Dec 24 01:03:40 <gumbal1> Madeline brings the dream to life! DREAM OF MADDOX fires! -1947 damage to ERROR1981, +instability.
Dec 24 01:04:01 <gumbal1> ERROR1981 used COLD HANDS…but it failed???
Dec 24 01:04:36 * Silvors has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Dec 24 01:05:51 <gumbal1> Cam used summon. Cam brings the dream to life! A tall, anthropomorphic chameloen with a camera around its neck appears. DREAM OF CAM snaps a photo. -1955 damage to ERROR1981! +shame.
Dec 24 01:06:55 <Kioku> Akemi glances at the new command, then at the rabbit, and blinks. Strange… but she has other ideas. A curse she didn't want to use on any living being again unless absolutely necessary, due to what it did the last two times. She looks down as pitch darkness surrounds her hand. \It won't do harm to anyone here. It's okay.\ And though she recognizes the value of having another ally, she feels she must cast a Malus upon the error.
Dec 24 01:07:53 <Nemi> "I think- I think we're almost won, but- it's your dream, Cam, it's up to you-." Madeline goes to ACT, and.. She'll try to bend things a little bit. She'll try to add a new option- ENCOURAGE. Not just comforting- but to try to goad Cam into finishing the thing off herself. Her mind. Her dream. It should be her victory. Mads fwomps sideways into the DREAM OF MADDOX. ".. you've
Dec 24 01:07:53 <Nemi> got this."
Dec 24 01:08:21 <gumbal1> As the malus attack hits, the music stops.
Dec 24 01:08:29 <gumbal1> +dark eye
Dec 24 01:08:32 <gumbal1> +nightmare
Dec 24 01:08:39 <gumbal1> +terrorize
Dec 24 01:08:49 <gumbal1> +iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyou
Dec 24 01:09:34 <gumbal1> -4000000000 damage
Dec 24 01:09:51 <Nemi> .. that's not terrifying at all.
Dec 24 01:10:24 <gumbal1> The statue cracks, eventually breaking into dust, until nothing's left but a vibrating eye in the bile.
Dec 24 01:10:53 <gumbal1> ERROR1981ILOVEYOUILOVEYOUINEEDYOUPLEASE used Scream!
Dec 24 01:10:58 <Kioku> Akemi gapes in horror. She looks at her hand. Then at the eye. Then at the others. Then hides her hand behind her back. \Dammit.Dec 24 01:11:16 <Nemi> The Dark Eye. The last part. Mads exhales. ".. it's up to you. End it. .. or forgive it. Or.. or I don't know-" And then the screaming.
Dec 24 01:12:15 <gumbal1> …Cam used self assurance! -999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999…
Dec 24 01:12:34 <gumbal1> The nines continue, as the area around you slowly goes brighter and brighter and brighter…
Dec 24 01:12:46 <gumbal1> Madeline, you find yourself forced out of Cameron as she awakens.
Dec 24 01:13:24 <Kioku> (Do things change to appear as they normally would during habitation?)
Dec 24 01:13:29 <gumbal1> Akemi, you feel the dream end, and your posession goes as usual.
Dec 24 01:13:40 <gumbal1> (Yes)
Dec 24 01:14:03 <Kioku> ~… I think we did it. I hope.~ Akemi jumps out of Cameron to re-form her body and immediately latches on to her hand.
Dec 24 01:14:32 <Nemi> Madeline snaps back to her own body and shakes her head, dazed and.. hoping that it worked.
Dec 24 01:14:32 <gumbal1> Cameron opens her eyes. Apparantly her sunglasses were removed during the process. Both of her eyes are normal, now.
Dec 24 01:14:45 <Nemi> Mads smiles nervously at Cam. ".. hi. Welcome back?"
Dec 24 01:15:22 <gumbal1> Rachel undoes the straps and Cameron sits up, blinking. "…I…feel better, at least."
Dec 24 01:15:42 <Nemi> "You're talking again! And your eye isn't weird!"
Dec 24 01:16:25 <Kioku> \She wasn't talking before?\ Akemi looks at Mads and scoots over to make room for her to come closer. She's the one who actually knows this girl, after all. Meanwhile, she inspects the bracelet.
Dec 24 01:16:32 <gumbal1> Cameron's silent again for a moment. Then she smiles, and starts laughing. "Oh my god, it's…" She's practically crying now.
Dec 24 01:16:58 <gumbal1> The bracelet appears to have kinda cut off circulation to your hand. Just a bit.
Dec 24 01:17:43 <Nemi> Madeline looks at her hand and whimpers. She gestures frantically at Rachel.
Dec 24 01:18:46 <gumbal1> "…oh! Sorry about that." Rachel fiddles with the bracelets for a bit, before they suddenly open, releasing their death grip.
Dec 24 01:19:30 <Kioku> Well, Akemi didn't /have/ a body to cut off circulation in while she and the bracelet were basically dematerialized and changed into spirit form. Stasis and self image for the win. But she winces when looking at poor Mads' hand.
Dec 24 01:20:34 <Nemi> Madeline flexes her hand and tries to rub some life into it. She's just a little whimpery.
Dec 24 01:21:02 <gumbal1> Dr. Bolton nods. "Excellent work. I believe $100 each should suffice for your efforts."
Dec 24 01:21:24 <Kioku> "… Mads, can I ask you a favor?" Akemi smiles and nods to the doctor, still sticking close with the other two girls.
Dec 24 01:22:19 <Nemi> "Ern… okay? Like.. I'm just happy to help a little.." She flashes a nervous smile to Cam again before Akemi gets her attention. "Um.. yeah, sure?"
Dec 24 01:22:21 <gumbal1> Cameron gets off the table and hugs Dr. Bolton. "…thankyousomuchthankyouthankyou."
Dec 24 01:22:34 <Kioku> "You said something of 'Undertale' references… earlier. Will you teach me of this?"
Dec 24 01:23:25 <Nemi> ".. you don't know Undertale? Ooookay I'll um, I'll buy you a copy it's like five bucks or something. It's also like, all over Soundcloud and Youtube and stuff and.. yeah."
Dec 24 01:24:24 <Kioku> Akemi giggles and hugs Mads, watching Cameron and waiting for her chance to do the same to the girl that she… erm… doesn't know. "I'll be sure to make you dinner to make up for it~"
Dec 24 01:24:35 <gumbal1> Cameron, still crying, heads over to the other two and puts them in a hug. "ThankyousomuchIswearI'll neverforgetthis."
Dec 24 01:25:15 <Nemi> Mads is hugged! She squeaks and freezes. ".. erm okay I mean like it's-" And then there's MORE huggings and aaaaa. Mads freezes up. ".. it's um seriously I'd do it for anyone who needs it don't worry I'm just happy to help-"
Dec 24 01:25:39 <gumbal1> -EVENT ENDED-
Dec 24 01:25:46 <gumbal1> -1 XP GAINED-
Dec 24 01:25:56 <gumbal1> -$100 GAINED-
Dec 24 01:26:17 <gumbal1> -NPC SAVED: CAMERON NGUYEN-
Dec 24 01:26:25 <gumbal1> -FIN-

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