Morgan & Morgan, For the People

<MobileSavy> Morgan sits in the Commonroom and.. Is that a basket of bagels in her lap? She picks up each bagel, staring at each and every one suspiciously. "What is your magic.. Speak to me bagel.. Who created you?" Bagel paranoia at its worst.
<gumbal1> Leah enters, sketches in hands, as well as a rolled-up smock.
<MobileSavy> Morgan's light green eyes dart to the new girl, looking at the bagels for a moment with a 'my precious' kind of look before snapping out of it, well, then the bagels fall from her lap, and fly across the room, God damn it.
<gumbal1> Leah blinks at the display. "…did not know we had bagel magicians on campus. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I love bagels as much as the next gal. Just…rather odd power to have."

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<MobileSavy> Morgan blinks, cheeks going a deep shade of red at the new girl, well, she was kinda pretty, maybe, yeah. Quickly shaking her head "h-hey, Uhm, it just happened to be bagels, you know because the kitchen has all the food turned into bagels, even the juice is bagels, and the cereal is tiny bagels and the pizza is just a giant everything bagel. And it was all
<MobileSavy> weird so I got a basket and looked at the bagels to try to figure out who did this and yeah, my powers are more of a thing that makes everything go nuts, not just bagels soooo…" She shuts her trap after just having gone 100 miles per second in her words, blushing and bumbling like a dumbass.
<gumbal1> "…ooookay, weirder things have happened in this place, I guess." Leah sits down on the sofa. "You're saying everything's a bagel now?"
<gumbal1> "Jeez, just made a batch of brownies. Shame it's gonna go to waste as bagels, now."
<MobileSavy> Morgan gets off the couch to start picking up the bagels, Cinderella and The Bagels. "They're probably chocolate bagels or something now.. My ham sandwich was turned into a raisin bagel.. Also the mascot for the bagel cereal, oddly was in fact John Cena.. Coincidence? Probably."

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<gumbal1> "G-d, I thought that meme died ages ago. Oh, yeah, don't eat the chocolate bagels, then. They're, uh, medicinal."
<MobileSavy> Morgan blinks "wait does that mean what I think that means? Where do you even get that kind of thing around here..? I'm asking for.. Uhm.. Research purposes…" She blushes.
<gumbal1> "Yeah, there's a dealer in town, Snowball I think his name is. Some old guy who should probably be dead by now. Tell him I sent you, and you can probably get a discount. Try not to accidently out him, he's basically the only source of good weed in this fucking town."
<MobileSavy> "That actually sounds awesome.. Then again I've never smoked weed in my life.. Unless cigarettes count.. Maybe? Probably not, I dunno." Morgan shrugs, setting down the basket of bagels "wanna mini bagel? They're magically delicious."
<gumbal1> "Sure." Leah takes one. "I mean, I don't smoke. Mostly it's just edibles for me."
<MobileSavy> Morgan nods, the bagel also just tastes like a really tiny normal bagel, false advertising. "I dunno much about that stuff anyways, but I'll manage, OH YEAH, what's your name, almost forgot that's usually important to conversations with people."
<gumbal1> "Eh, it's business once you get down to it." Eh, Leah's fine with bagels in any case. "I'm Leah. You?"
<MobileSavy> "Morgan, yup, nice tah meet ya Leah." She sighs, sitting down and.. The bagels fly across the room again "GOD DAMN IT"
<gumbal1> Leah watches the bagels fly around the room. "I'm distressingly used to this, I'm starting to find."
<MobileSavy> Morgan sighs, back to picking up bagels "ya know, it's certainly unfair that most people here have complete control of their power shit and I'm just sitting here like a moron that doesn't know what the hell her powers even /are/."
<gumbal1> "Shit. Sorry about that. I dunno, I think they have classes here that help you with shit like that."
<MobileSavy> "I mean they probably do, but knowing my luck I'd probably somehow injure the teacher with this unstable shit, and the worst part is? I can't even ride a scooter, or even /run/ without getting sick because of it."
<gumbal1> "Sounds awful. I mean, honestly, I think everyone here loses control of their powes some time. Like, one time on a mission, I nearly rotted my finger off." Her left thumbnail is somewhat yellowish-purple. Must still be healing.
<MobileSavy> "Holy crap what? Tell me about that, do you like, do stuff with rotting? Are you like a necromancer or something?"
<gumbal1> "Uh, kinda. I do a lot of stuff with spirits and transference of vitality. I'd more phrase it as being a medium, though."
<MobileSavy> "Spoopy" Morgan nods "that's kinda cool, I dunno much about that kinda stuff, but spirits sound fancy!" Morgan finally sets down the bagel basket again, sitting next to Leah "where you from?"
<gumbal1> "Florida. Horrible place, it has four seasons and they're all summer."
<gumbal1> "You?"
<MobileSavy> "Georgia, Peachtree city to be exact" she laughs "Florida doesn't sound too terrible.. Then again if I lived there I would be terrified of the infamous 'Florida man'."

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<gumbal1> "There isn't a singular Florida Man. They're all Florida Men. And jeez, Georgia. Sounds rough."
<MobileSavy> "I mean it wasn't that bad, it's kinda nice, well, maybe that's because we live so fucking close to where they film the walking dead.. And Atlanta isn't too far.. The six flags there is badass."
<gumbal1> "I've never been. What's it like?"
<MobileSavy> "Truth be told I have no idea why the walking dead is still going after all these years.." She mumbles to herself "and it's pretty nice, Atlanta is a huge city, of course some shady parts but what can ya do, and the sixflags might not be as amazing as the one in saint Louis, but it's a lot of fun, they even have this weird uhh, like, god what's it called?
<MobileSavy> It's like a thing you go in, and it hangs by the wire into the freaking sky and gets you to another place? Damn it."
<gumbal1> "An elevator?"
<MobileSavy> "No no, like uhhh, a gondela? I dunno if that's right…"
<gumbal1> "Ah, that. Never really been on one. Aren't those usually on mountains?"

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<MobileSavy> "Well the park has an awful lot of hills, it's not super high up and it's a ton of fun, maybe if we hang out more some day I can drag you on one" she laughs "it's really awesome, especially during Christmas at night, all the pretty lights, and some areas have like, smells that match the lights too, like one area is decorated with peach themed lights and it
<MobileSavy> smells like peaches, same with the candy cane area and you can kinda smell them when you're on the gondela."
<gumbal1> "Huh. Didn't know you could have lights smell like things, but then again, eh." Leah shrugs. "I guess anything's possible."
<MobileSavy> "Well I mean, they probably have like, little machines that give off the smells and the lights are seperate, at least I think, ya know, and it's all magic feeling and shit."
<gumbal1> "Ah, right. Guess I'm so used to this stuff I immediatly assume it's the weirdest yet most straightforward option available."
<MobileSavy> "I guess? Like I said I dunnoooo, anyways enough about that, tell me about yourself maybe?" Morgan was oddly finding Leah really easy to talk to, she seemed so relaxed.
<gumbal1> There may or may not have been a reasons she was so relaxed, which could probably be seen from her eyes. "Eh, not really much to me. Just a Jewish girl making it in this nightmarish world."
<MobileSavy> "Oh you're Jewish? Actually, I'm pretty sure I have never met a Jewish person, maybe I have! Who knows." She shrugs "and the world doesn't seem sooo bad, okay that might be a lie, but hey, at least we aren't dead, or in the mafia or something"
<gumbal1> "Eh, we're a pretty rare stock. I think there's only enough of us to fill two New York Cities, as opposed to…however many millions other religions have."
<MobileSavy> Morgan shrugs "All I know about the Jewish is that they have surprisingly tasty food, like that potato pancakes which I would kill for, /fact/."
<gumbal1> "That's convenient, because I happen to know how to make them." Leah grins.
<MobileSavy> "Oh my god I love you, please make them at some point, I need something that isn't a bagel in my diet, I have been eating bagels since yesterday.. I just might die."
<MobileSavy> "If I die bury me in a bed of roses.. Or something like that"
<gumbal1> "I can make them now if you want. Got nothing better to do."
<MobileSavy> "I fear we might not even have any potatoes.. Unless you can cook with potato bagels.. When I said everything was bagels.. I meant it." She laughs.
<gumbal1> "Jeez, that bad. And no, I don't think potato bagels have the right composition. Sorry."
<MobileSavy> Morgan looks so disappointed, now with an expression of :c stuck on her face "I might have to go shop for more food.. IF I HAD ANY MONEY.. Which I don't.. Aaaand I'm too lazy to get a job.. Ya know I always told myself I'd get a job at chickfila, you can see how that panned out."
<gumbal1> "Eh, if you have a good enough reputation they give you a stipend. I actually get one, although I've been thinking of getting a job at the local diner."
<MobileSavy> "A local diner? Ugh that sounds so nice.. I haven't been to enough good diners in my life, if I die that'll be my only regret, that and not ever finding true love~" she laughs "kidding."
<gumbal1> "…yeah, that's gonna be really easy around here, for some odd reason. Everyone's pan and poly, for some g-dforsaken reason."
<MobileSavy> "I don't think I'm that, if it makes you feel any better.. Then again I might be pan, I have no idea about my sexuality!" She laughs, nervously.

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<gumbal1> "…wait, right. Apparantly same gender attraction is rather common in supernatural circles, according to statistics."

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<MobileSavy> "I mean, I can maybe understand that, but hey that's probably because the girls are so much more fun here, like you!" She smiles, then looks mortified and starts blushing "okay that didn't come out like I meant it to."

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<gumbal1> "Nah, I get you. Me, myself, I don't really like guys. Never really did."
<MobileSavy> "I mean… I think I've lost appreciation for real guys because of all the reverse harem anime I've watched.. Boys aren't as pretty as I wish they were… So yeah, girls are nice, and well, more relatable ya know? Then again I worry my family would like, banish me or something if I dated a girl."
<gumbal1> "You…probably won't have to worry about that, here."
<MobileSavy> "Which is good!" Morgan nods "anyways, yeah, soooooooooo, I should probably get to the point, mind if I have your number.. I.. Lost mine" her voice cracks "okay last time I try to do something like that, that was /terrible/."
<gumbal1> "Nah, sure, happy to have more contacts." The implications seem to have flown over Leah's head.
<MobileSavy> "Oh god I'm not being obvious enough.." Morgan mumbles to herself, telling the girl her number, pulling out her phone in a Dr Who case and with adorable little charms that look like she made out of clay.
<gumbal1> Leah's phone case has a panel from a badly translated manga. "Yeah, my number's [SPOOKYPSYCHICPHONE]
<gumbal1> ."
<MobileSavy> Morgan almost seems excited for a moment "do you read manga? At least, judging from that case"
<gumbal1> "Oh, this? Eh, mostly it's just stuff popular in the west, like Berserk and JoJo."
<MobileSavy> "Ah, I only really know about Berserk, but I read a lot of manga, even some Im a bit embarrassed to admit I do read haha."

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<gumbal1> "Eh, much of it is trash, but it's the good kind of trash, I find."
<MobileSavy> "The absolutely best kind of trash, especially shojo manga.. Can't get enough of it.."

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<gumbal1> "I mostly read seinen. Still utter trash, but it's good trash."
<MobileSavy> "Sounds like it.. Hmm, do you watch an anime? Or just manga?"

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<gumbal1> "Just manga. Occasionally I'll watch something like OPM or JoJo, but as I said, I stick with the popular stuff."
<MobileSavy> "I should probably check out JoJo, is it good?"
<gumbal1> "Really fucking good, and really fucking weird. Starts off slow, but gets going quick."
<MobileSavy> "I dunno, if it's too slow in the beginning I might dread watching it just so I get to the good part, if you know what I mean."
<gumbal1> "Yeah, I get what you're saying. It's just like the first two episodes, though."
<MobileSavy> "Okay, first two episodes isn't too bad sounding, hey, have you ever seen ghost stories? The anime, and when I say that I strictly mean the dub, the sub is garbage."

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<gumbal1> "Heard of it, yeah. Watched it while high a few times, good shit."
<MobileSavy> "It was amazing, I actually thought it was a fan thing until I read up on it, looks like the people dubbing it just went, fuck it"
<gumbal1> "Yeah. I mean, hey, it worked."
<MobileSavy> "It worked, and it was absolutely brilliant." Morgan nods, then hums "anyways so yeah, I should probably say before the 'bagel high' or whatever confidence I have right now wears off but do ya wanna go out sometime, maybe? Yes? Please?"
<gumbal1> "Yeah it definetly wait what." Leah blinked a few times. "…I mean, sure?" Jeez, when did she suddenly become popular with women?
<MobileSavy> "Sorry if I'm being sudden, but I usually don't feel this comfortable, and with the way this place works, if I don't do it now I'm pretty sure the next time I'd see you you'd probably be like 'oh I met this amazing girl and we're getting married next weekend, we're also adopting fifty children'"
<gumbal1> "I mean, well, I'm kinda interested in a few girls right now, but I mean, I don't see why we can't go out."

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<MobileSavy> Competition! "I mean sure yeah, maybe I can somehow manage to woo you, maybe. I mean, I oddly feel suuuuuper comfortable around you, maybe it's because you're so chill, I dunno. Taking a chance and just, going for it!"
<gumbal1> "Eh, maybe. You had any place in mind?"

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<MobileSavy> "I mean, IHOP is alright, or we can go to that one place I found sorta further away which I didn't expect to be in a town like this, I think they serve dim sum or something like that, looked kinda good."
<gumbal1> "The latter, probably. I don't know if this town even has an IHOP."
<MobileSavy> "Nah, they do, mostly because I went there a day or two ago, though I wouldn't say the service was that good.. And yeah, the dim sum place sounds good, might have to do a bit of research on what. Person would even get there though."
<gumbal1> "I think there's a bus, butI'm not sure."

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<MobileSavy> Morgan dead pans "I think I might take my chance with walking then.. Ahaha.."
<gumbal1> "Eh, probably. Bus can be weird."
<MobileSavy> "I mean, I used to take the bus all the time, don't get me wrong I don't mind it.. But at this point going on bus to a restaurant might whale.. Make me lose my appetite."
<gumbal1> "I get you, there. Took the schoolbus to school every day, felt like I was gonna die."
<MobileSavy> "Yeaaah.. Doesn't help with how loud everyone is.. And also worrying about the bus driver going crazy.. Is that a weird fear to have? I blame the media."
<gumbal1> "Nah, I get you. Bus drivers go through hell, only rational to think they'll eventually snap."
<MobileSavy> "Plus awhile back I read about this bus driver that did a bunch of pranks on the people he was driving for, either he was eventually fired or that whole thing was fake, never looked into it, been paranoid ever since."
<gumbal1> "Well, probably won't have to worry about that. Most bus drivers are joyless."
<MobileSavy> "Such a shame, then again I'd be a little freaked out to see a bus driver actually enjoying driving people around"
<gumbal1> "Dorms are on campus, so your probably won't have to worry about that in any case."
<MobileSavy> Morgan nods "yeah.. Speaking of dorms I should really start sorting mine.. But lazy.." She fwumps her face into the couch cushion.
<gumbal1> "Need any help with it? I don't have much to do right about now, be glad to help."
<MobileSavy> "I mean, yeah sure that sounds.. Really helpful actually, of course if it isn't like.. Any trouble or anything.."
<gumbal1> "It's no problem, really. As I said, there isn't really anything more that I gotta do today."
<MobileSavy> Morgan grins, moving to find somewhere to let the bagels kinda.. Be, taking Leah's hand, more of just a thoughtless thing and dragging her along "I hope I didn't leave it too messy, I had to put the suit cases on the floor so I could sleep on the bed."
<gumbal1> Leah is dragged to her room.
<gumbal1> "Nah, it's fine. My place is pretty much covered in sketches and stuff, anyways."
<MobileSavy> "You draw?" Morgan asks curiously as she fumbles with her keys in front of her door, a little cute monkey and bloon keychain on the key ring. Opening the door and turning the light on, multiple suitcases just kinda on the floor, on the bed are two pillows without pillow cases, no sheet, instead just a crudely plate blue blanket with another blanket on top so
<MobileSavy> you wouldn't freeze.
<gumbal1> "Yeah. Mostly just cryptids, though." Leah looks around the room. "So, any place you want me to start?"
<MobileSavy> "Uhhh, let's see, maybe we could try finding a place to put all my books, there isn't a shelf, but there is a dresser, desk, and bed.. Maybe in the desk?" She unzips a suitcase that well, overflows with mangas, graphic novels and books of all sorts.
<gumbal1> "Eh, I usually just stack them under bedside tables."
<MobileSavy> "Maybe, if there's enough space.. It's a lot… Maybe I could ask about getting like, a bookshelf or something.. Might come in real handy."
<gumbal1> "I think you can request furniture? Not sure."
<MobileSavy> "Yeah.. That's something I'll have to look into.. I don't need anything fancy, just a small white bookshelf.."
<gumbal1> "That'll be simple, I think. I haven't really requested much furniture, so I'm not sure."
<MobileSavy> "I hope so.. Worse (book) case, I might have to buy one" she looks at Leah with that ooooo face "okay yeah that was a bad pun."
<gumbal1> "Nah, I make worse."

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<MobileSavy> "Okay good, i have high pun expectations from you young lady."
<gumbal1> "Prepare to be let down, then." Leah softly laughs to herself. "So, what else do we need to sort out?"
<MobileSavy> "Alright let's see.. I have a poster or two that needs taping up.." She shuffles through a bag, grabbing some tape and an Undertale poster "can you hold it up so I can tape it?"

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<gumbal1> "Sure. Ooh, Undertale. Played that game, loved it." Leah holds up the poster.
<MobileSavy> "Undertale was damn good, still listen to Heartache when I'm bored" she laughs, showing Leah where to post it, which is over the bed, making sure it's good and then taping it up.
<gumbal1> "I got the soundtrack on my phone, listen to it when I work out."

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<MobileSavy> "That's awesome, I usually just go to YouTube, listen to like, this metal version, I dunno, kinda like it more."
<gumbal1> "Eh, probably. Don't have the MP3 for it, though."
<MobileSavy> Morgan nods "you should listen to that version sometime though, maybe later I'll text you a link, well worth it."

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<gumbal1> "Thanks." Leah looks around. "Anything else?"
<MobileSavy> Morgan grabs what looks to be a pillow case, folded up, somethings odd about it.. Morgan's face turns bright red and she quickly puts it away "yeah you don't need to see that… Uhh.. Might be good to just toss the clothes in the dresser."
<gumbal1> "Allllllright, then." Leah goes about putting away clothes.
<MobileSavy> Morgan helps out, making sure pjs go in one drawer and everything else goes in the other, she isn't super picky as long as she knows where her pajama pants is. "Soooo, I'm trying to think of more small talk and I'm failing."
<gumbal1> "Ah, well. I'm bad at that, too. Dunno. How's school going for you so far?"
<MobileSavy> "I mean.. I skipped the first class to go get brunch with a friend.. I'm a great student, but otherwise a-okay, you?"
<gumbal1> "Pretty good. Summer session's going good."
<gumbal1> "But, skipped class for brunch. Who's it with?"
<gumbal1> *brunch?
<MobileSavy> "Yeah, with Kat, she's a real cute gal, got crepes."
<gumbal1> Oh boy, Leah knew exactly what that meant. "Yeah, met her, pretty cool." And a great kisser and drama magnet.

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<MobileSavy> Morgan nods "yeah, fun to be around, first girl I met too, introduced her to manga, pretty sure the big eyes scared her." She laughs.
<gumbal1> "Well, it's sorta a niche market here in the states."
<MobileSavy> "Yeah.. I guess I don't blame her, I did show her fruits basket first afterall.."
<gumbal1> "I…don't know what that is."
<MobileSavy> "It's a manga, basically the boys look more like girls than the actual girls and everyone has huge eyes and long legs."
<gumbal1> "Ah. Yeah, I was never really into the bishonen stuff."
<MobileSavy> "I think some of them are cute, though there are some that are too much even for me."
<gumbal1> "Honestly, Vento Aureo was too much for me, and that wasn't even a shojo manga." Leah shrugs. "Anyways, Katlyn strikes me as someone who likes the obscure stuff. Is Fruits Baskets very popular?"
<MobileSavy> "I think so yeah, I also showed her s graphic novel called Anya's Ghost, I think she fell in love with it so much she was almost ready to makeout with the cover."
<gumbal1> Not surprising in the least. "Sounds interesting. Mind showing it to me?"
<MobileSavy> "Shore." Morgan goes through some stuff, finally pulling the book out, not realizing that orbital
<MobileSavy> *originally Kat forgot to take it with her.
<gumbal1> Once handed the book, Leah looks through it.
<MobileSavy> The pictures are really nice, spunky, main character is adorable, her younger brother is adorable and ghost girl has dandelion hair. "I think it's pretty cuyte."
<gumbal1> "Looks pretty cute. I'll have to get it some time."

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<MobileSavy> "Yeah, not only is the art good but it's a neat little story." She nods "everything looks pretty set up, just need to get the bed made."
<gumbal1> "Cool. Want me to help with that?"
<MobileSavy> "Uhh, shore, just grab some pillow cases" the pillow case she tucked away is still in her bag, go get it Leah. Muahahaha
<gumbal1> Leah takes some of the pillowcases and pillows proper and begins stuffing one into the other.
<MobileSavy> One of the pillow cases is folded, white the other two are not, does she unfold the folded one?" Morgan at the moment is putting on sheets.
<gumbal1> Not until there's no other unfolded pillows for pillow cases. Might be a spare, after all.
<MobileSavy> Only two pillows, two normal pillow cases and a mystery folded pillow case. Ooo. Morgan unfolds some blankets, tucking them in.

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<gumbal1> It's good Morgan is preparing for the eventuality of changing pillows. That reminds Leah, she should probably do that some time.
<MobileSavy> What Leah doesn't know is what that pillow actually is, what an innocent soul. "Alrighty" she makes it look nice "done! Thanks for the help!"

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<gumbal1> "No problem. So, when did you want to do the thing?"
<MobileSavy> "Uhhh lets see, we could do it.. Saturday maybe? How does that sound?"

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<gumbal1> "Sounds about good. What time? Saturday nights are best for me because I mostly spend the mornings being a lazy piece of shit."
<MobileSavy> "I'm pretty much the same, so yeah, around Saturday at around sixish? I'll give ya a text around then."
<gumbal1> "Sounds about good. See you then." Leah double fingerpistols, and heads out.
<MobileSavy> - Scene Bageled -

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