Zappy Training Sept

<Kioku> On the second floor of a particular dorm building, there is a room with a girl. What makes this girl perculiar and noteworthy even though she's yet to be seen by our resident elf is the abnormally high concentration of electrical signals and pulses Airi might sense - she stands out easily, and for the present moment, she's moving right past Airi's door…
<Ashi> Airi was in her room, cleaning house and listening to some music when she noticed the strange pulses coming from outside. If she had to compare it to anything, it would be something like a generator. Her curiosity got the better of her, and Airi found herself opening her door right as this strange girl was about to pass. Airi stood in her doorway, hand on the knob and eyes fixated on the source of the pulses. She completely
<Ashi> forgot that she actually had to /say/ something to this girl for a few moments, it's not really normal to stop someone in the middle of their walk with a door and just /look/ at them. "…Uh, hi! I'm Airi, and, well, I was.. I felt uh… Do you knew Wendy?" she hoped that question would give some kind of immediate connection.
<Kioku> Aiko pauses a couple steps down the hall and turns her head halfway, showing that a black cloth covers her eyes. She's medium height, about 5'5", but very tiny in build, almost comically light weight it appears. \Why is…\ "Y-yes, I know her. Can I help you…?" \A name like that, is she…?<Ashi> A blindfold? Well, that was a little new but she wasn't one to judge fashion. "Ah, uhm, yes..! She mentioned.. there were a couple other students here that could help me with my powers and I think you might be one of them?" She felt a little embarrassed, completely doing without thinking and interrupting this poor girl out of nowhere. "I could feel you walk by, like a moving generator or large appliance or something." She tried
<Ashi> to explain, wanting to not come off as weirder than she already was.
<Kioku> "Feel…" Aiko frowns faintly and turns the rest of the way around. "And that's why you think I could… help?" \Another person… but at least she's a girl this time, and if Wendy told her to look for help, I guess…\ "Walk with me, I was just going to get something to eat."
<Ashi> Airi sighed of relief, closing her door and catching up to Aiko to begin walking. "I've only been here a week or two now.. I was hoping that someone who has been here longer with a similar power could help, maybe?" She clasped her hands behind her back and followed Aiko beside her. "Sorry if I startled or bothered you!"
<Kioku> "Well, you haven't yet…" Aiko gives a wry smile. "A power similar to yours. And you feel like that's me - so shall I ask what sort of power it is that's in question?" \She was talking about feeling like I was a generator, so it could be something to do with electricity, or with technology… but wouldn't she have said a computer or something for the latter?<Ashi> "Electricity and a little magnetism." Airi said simply. "I can effectively run signals throughout my body or another's, or anything else than can conduct it. Or just use it as a zappy-zap kinda thing. And plenty other uses too! Writing notes in my phone without touching it and stuff." Airi smiled, she had learned a lot of cool things over the years but hardly any of it was really offensive based. "Though, I really just want to
<Ashi> learn about different uses that maybe I hadn't thought of yet!"
<Kioku> "Ah… that is pretty similar, I guess." Aiko holds up a hand and lets electricity visibly arc between her fingers. "Does it just stay on your skin or reabsorb too, if you touch a live wire?" They reach the bottom of the stairs, and the girl seems at least a bit intrigued. \Write notes on her phone? I've never tried that through pure circuit manipulation, my ability with technological interfacing came about a loong time before I knew about the
<Kioku> EK at all.<Ashi> Airi smiled, she could indeed mimic what Aiko was doing - electricity of her own swirling between her fingers as if they were webbed. "It's always connected to me somehow, unless I 'let go' if it. If I were to touch something with it out like this… Well, if I was paying attention then everything would be fine." Airi ponders for a moment, thinking how else to explain. "I could route the signal to be safely back in the ground,
<Ashi> or let it go on it's own and possibly short something out…" She was talking from experience there of course. "How come you feel so… tense with energy?"
<Kioku> "Tense?" Aiko opens the door to the kitchen and starts toward a bowl of fruit, tapping her foot sharply against the floor a few times on the way. "I'm not sure. Though, it might have to do with how my mind works… I've gone through an MRI a few times, along with a heap of other tests. They said that my brain wasn't making use of as many chemical receptors as it should, so it was firing more electrical signals to make up for it. Something in
<Kioku> there converts it, makes them mimic the effects." She bites her lip and plucks a plum from the bowl. "I'm… I really don't know for sure myself. It's just the best theory so far."
<Ashi> Airi watched Aiko as she spoke and picked out her fruit. She decided to get a snack of her own since she was here at least, opting for fish and veggies of all sorts. "Hmm.. I haven't gone through anything like that myself. Though I might have read of something similar once…" She tried to remember, but ultimately gave up for now. "I don't know what 'causes' mine. It feels more magical than scientific, like when I create
<Ashi> illusions. Yet science has much to explain when it comes to electricity."
<Kioku> "Illusions?" Aiko goes to wash the plum. "Unrelated, I expect?"
<Ashi> "Oh, yeah. I'm an elf, actually." She seemed to forget that Aiko had a blindfold on.. something you can't really see through.
<Kioku> "Oh? I've never met an elf before. Though I suppose most people haven't. Nor would I know quite what that entails. The spirit and pixie I've met here come to mind, I suppose…"
<Ashi> <Ashi> "Elves are…" Airi looked around the cafeteria for a good spot. "…Well, we have a natural affinity to magic, and illusion is what we learn first. And of course the pointy ears… and I guess weird hair colors. I don't know anything about spirits and pixies though."
<Ashi> Airi looked around the kitchen for MORE FOOD*
<Kioku> Well, the dorm kitchen has a couple of tables with chairs, besides its counter, stove, fridge and assorted appliances. There's sure to be a good spot somewhere! Aiko finishes washing her plum and nibbles it. "You'll probably meet them eventually. That's rather interesting… but I guess your talent with electricity is unrelated?" Aiko doesn't know what she means about strange hair colors, for obvious reasons, and she'll take the girl's word for
<Kioku> it on the pointy ears, but the rest really is interesting. "The spirit I know actually, I think she works with illusions some too. But I'm sure I'm not the one to go on about that."
<Ashi> Airi was suddenly working on making a fish taco during the idle chatter, guess she was more hungry than she thought. "I'm not sure if it's unrelated or not to be honest, though I think the magic affinity, if nothing else, helps give it a boost of sorts. If someone here knows about illusions I should ask them about that… would be nice to know a little more about it."
<Kioku> Aiko hums in agreement. "Still, whether it's magic based or not… you said something interesting - you write notes in your phone with it? I can't say I've thought of that before, it sounds useful as a backup option… I mostly use mine to keep my laptop and other things charged. Finger to the power port, and up the battery goes."
<Ashi> "As long as it's connected to me, I can kind of do whatever with it. It's more so just messing with the touch inputs without touching them, you know?" Airi gathered her fish tacos and found a comfy chair to plop her little elf bum into. "I can also charge the battery too!"
<Kioku> Aiko takes another bite of her plum while Airi is talking, and gets a thoughtful look, then a grin. "What about the other way around? Draining a battery? Once on a mission, there were a few thieves at a museum, trying to escape in a van. Grounded out the car battery so it couldn't get anywhere. Super handy, you could maybe try that!"
<Ashi> Airi perked her head up at this. "Draining? I never thought of that before…! That seems like such an obvious thing to do, too!" For just a quick moment she scolded herself for not coming up with that herself. "I knew talking to you would be fun! I'm going to have to try that, maybe not on a car at first though." Airi giggled a little. "Wonder what else reversing could be handy for…" She bit into her food in thought.
<Kioku> "Well… the people here don't like us revealing our powers, you know? But maybe a freak lighting strike or having a current jump from a power line will look a little less obvious. Oh! I hadn't thought of this since I can just scramble or redirect the signal, but why not short out a radio?" Aiko is starting toward strategic mode, and she realizes it… "Erm… I-I mean if you have to. I hope not. I guess going on missions here has kind of put
<Kioku> me in that sort of mindset…"
<Ashi> Airi smiled, unfortunate that Aiko couldn't see. "I can find something with a simple battery around here first, then I can try for bigger stuff. I just have to be sure I get the correct route into the ground. Then I can go on missions and stuff too, and maybe get the same kind of mindset! Well, I don't want to hurt anyone still… but if I can be quick with ideas then that would be awesome!"
<Kioku> Aiko swallows. "Y-yeah… don't want to hurt anyone. Just mess with their equipment, maybe stun them and tie them up. Always b-better not to really hurt them…" \She sounds so excited. And she acts so young, innocent. I hope I'm not being a bad influence… I wonder if her appearance matches that?<Ashi> Airi nodded. "I can't bring myself to hurt people. I'm sure there has been a lot of that around here or in the missions… but that's just not my thing." Airi sighed, she wasn't sure if that made her 'too nice' or an idiot who was unconditioned to the fact violence even exists. "Sometimes I accidentally zap my friends, and even that I feel terrible for."
<Kioku> Aiko bites her lip, thinking of the principle time she accidentally zapped someone. Not that he didn't deserve it. "I managed to wake up a friend that was knocked out, by stimulating their brain… I don't want to ever need to do that again, it was terrible, so scared that I'd mess up and hurt them…"
<Ashi> "Really?" Airi sounded a little excited at this story, it was, afterall, what she had been studying. "I've never gone past the spinal cord because I'm scared to too, but I think that I'd be able to do what you did, though that must be really stressful in the heat of the moment… So I don't know for sure." She paused for a moment, then spoke up quietly. "The brain is fascinating…"
<Kioku> Aiko lets out a shuddering breath and smiles. "It really is. I only knew what I was doing a little bit, and only because I've seen human biology so much, so many times, that it's kind of unforgettable." \Well. Everything is unforgettable, even seeing it once.\ Aiko quickly finishes off her plum, tosses out the pit, and rinces off her hands. And dries them by steaming off the water with an electric current, because she doesn't want to hunt for a
<Kioku> towel. Or maybe because she's spent too much time around Wendy. One of those. "Hey, I'm trying to create a simulation actually, but I didn't know what to use it for to test it. Maybe I'll put in the most detailed brainscan I can, and you could play with it some time?"
<Ashi> Airi followed Aiko to the sink to clean off her plate, watching the other girl use a much more efficient method of drying her hands. She decided to copy, feeling quite impressed that even the simplest things could be made even easier. "Simulation? Brainscans?" Airi questioned, not sure what it all meant when put together. "Is it like, a video game or something?"
<Kioku> Aiko lets out a short, quiet giggle. "I guess that's what I have planned for it, sort of. My main ability, I guess, is interfacing with technology on a much more… direct level. That's why I hadn't thought of manipulating the electricity directly to do it, I'm used to just sending the commands. But, kind of recently, I've been figuring out how to… err… take someone with me. Show them how I experience it, through a filter while I translate
<Kioku> for them. Full virtual reality. So if I can add the right things in, it could maybe serve as an ultra-realistic… whatever. Video game, technology testing ground, surgery trainer, way to examine or dissect a brain…"
<Ashi> Airi was quiet for a moment, trying to process that. "…That. Sounds. Awesome!" she bounced on her toes with excitement. "I want to help in any way I can!" Her list of people she's helping as been growing exponentially recently… "Maybe it'll help me too!"
<Kioku> Aiko laughs and puts an arm around Airi's shoulders. She isn't sure why, she doesn't usually go for physical contact, especially with strangers, but… well… the excitement is cute, she just wants to hug her for some reason. "I hope so, and I'm glad you think so! I was afraid I was just rambling too much, and you'd get bored. It's like we've barely talked about you since I got caught up in this!"
<Ashi> Airi giggled, her cheeks warming in a slight blush from the small hug. "I'm not bored at all, and I wouldn't get bored from your 'rambling' as you call it. Talking about me isn't really as fun… I know about me, I don't know about you!"
<Kioku> "Well I don't know about you either!" Aiko retorts. Acting relaxed or friendly with someone she's only just met is… unusual, to say the least, but they have something in common, so it makes sense, right? "I was going to go back up to my room, if you'd like to come and talk more…"
<Ashi> "True true~ You got me there." Airi was enjoying Aiko's company, their similarities made it easy to talk to one another. She had thought before being the only one with such power would set herself apart from the rest in a unique way, but now she's come to realize that isn't quite the case. "I'd love to come!"
<Kioku> \I don't bother getting to know enough people here anyway, considering I'll be here for a couple more years still…\ "Let's go then!" Dang infectious cheerfulness. Aiko turns and goes through the door, heading for the stairs back to the second floor and thus the girls' hall.
<Ashi> Airi follows behind Aiko, humming to herself and sort of half-skipping half-walking along the way. She was excited, to say the least. Another new friend, and one that could understand her powers at least a little bit. "May I ask, why you wear the blindfold exactly? I can kinda assume but I don't want to say something wrong…" The question came out a little randomly, and probably should have been asked long ago but now was
<Ashi> better than never.
<Kioku> Aiko sighs. They always end up asking. Instead of an answer this time, for now anyway, she pauses in her steps and turns to face Airi. Then she brings her hand up and lifts the edge of the blindfold, not far enough to unveil her eye, but almost to it. Terrible scarring from chemical burns is clearly visible, and foretells what Airi might see if the cloth were moved further.
<Ashi> Airi frowned, not sure what to say. "Ouch… I'm sorry. I'm sure you don't like being asked that over and over but… you know." She put her hand on Aiko's head and petted her, though it probably looked like an ant petting a giraffe given how short Airi was. "You don't have to show me all of it or anything." She smiled, hoping to give Aiko a little comfort.
<Kioku> "Mmh," Aiko acknowledges, pulling the cloth back down. \It's as much for the privacy of others, as for mine.\ Still, she manages to smile slightly at the quick understanding, takes Airi's hand from her head, and pulls her along down the hall. Aiko's is the very last door before the bathrooms, if someone turns right after coming up the stairs, and seeks the doors on the right side of the hall, and thus the back side of the building. Whether she
<Kioku> shows it or not, the attempt at comfort did help a little.
<Ashi> Airi smiles as she's pulled along down the hall, at least she didn't make her too uncomfortable to cancel the invitation over to her room. Airi noted the direction they were taking mentally, just so she remembered how to get back, and followed Aiko in her room ready to talk to her for the rest of the evening.
<Kioku> -Scene Zappy-

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