Part one

[22:22] <~SirGoldfish> Sara is reading the dictionary on a courtyard bench.
[22:24] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith walks out of the dorm and starts to walk into the courtyard. It takes her a while of searching the faces before she spots Sara. She quickly tells Jan that she's 'found her' and walks over to the bench the girl is sitting at. With a smile on her face she asks her, "may we sit with you?"
[22:25] <ThePolice> Jan follows closely behind, trying his hardest not to look her in the eyes.
[22:25] <~SirGoldfish> "You can you were nice, but.. Not Jan."
[22:26] <~SirGoldfish> Er
[22:26] <~SirGoldfish> *Not him
[22:27] <ThePolice> Jan mocks a cringe as she says this, And stands, a few feet from her, only now risking a look up at he eyes.
[22:27] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith stands for a moment, squeezing Andrea a little tighter. "That's what we are here to talk to you about," she says with a soft voice, "is that alright?"
[22:29] <ThePolice> "It isn't right." He says, staring now, descending into terror, looking into the eyes of a walking metal corpse. The lenses are like some phantom evil, drawing in his gaze, even as he tries to look away. He feels the strong urge to scream. "To be so cruel. To each other."
[22:30] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith glances over at Jan, nodding in agreement to his comment. She glances back to the girl on the bench, "you can understand right? Because of your condition."
[22:30] <~SirGoldfish> She blinks a few times at the group. "No, I can't say I understand."
[22:33] <ThePolice> Long claw marks down rust red marble walls. Some elegy of shrieking violins and screaming drums plays loudly in the halls. The windows bend themselves in knots as the distant moon turns red. "It is wrong, to hurt others without reason. And I have wronged you in this way." He says, his vision is dark now. Nothing but a long oblong glass hell. The hell begins
[22:33] <ThePolice> to spin.
[22:34] <ThePolice> "Insulting you because you do not have a soul."
[22:34] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith nods along to the tune of his words, "it isn't your fault!" She seems concerned for the poor girl on the bench, like she's watching someone on life support who she can't possible save. "I have prayed for you since I found out."
[22:38] <~SirGoldfish> "Oh." You can hear a couple Ticks before she says anything else. "The defenition of Soul seems odd. I've been reading the dictionary as of late so I wont ask for more words, but the definition is confusing. If I knew that's why you were calling me an abomination I would not have cared much."
[22:38] <~SirGoldfish> "But, uh, thanks for the applogy. I think."
[22:39] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith smiles warmly as she looks between the two, "this is good."
[22:40] <ThePolice> The sweats start in earnest now, first his back, then his palms. His head swimming with nausea and a quickly rising urge to empty himself of this this sickness physically, but his courage rallies as she speaks. "I am relieved." He says, a pained smile, snaking its way across his features. His hands are hurting again, even through the numbness.
[22:42] <~SirGoldfish> Jan, whatever this thing's…. pseudo soul (Even calling that would be a strech) It's grown ever so slightly.
[22:42] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith leans forward so she's at eye level with Sara, "you know. If you ever want to sit with me and pray. Perhaps you would like to try and talk with Allah, to try and find a reason for your being here? It has helped me, perhaps it will help you."
[22:44] <~SirGoldfish> "Hey, uh, heaven. It's where all the good people go, right? What is it like?"
[22:45] <FullMetalBitch> "It is more than that," Lilith says with a laugh, "and it is hard to describe. It is easiest to think of as the place you have always wanted to be."
[22:45] <~SirGoldfish> "Oh." A few awkward ticks pass by before a response. "Thank you."
[22:46] <ThePolice> A thread stretches thinner, and thinner, the cacophony in his skull pounding harder, as he watches the unnatural stiff movements of her jaw, her inhuman facsimile of human features. Jan, shivers hard, looking away, desperate to claw out of the black pits of her eyes. Staring at the grass, and holding a arm across his gut. He fights the urge to vomit.
[22:47] <FullMetalBitch> "You are welcome," Lilith says with a smile. She stands up and looks towards Jan, "do we need to talk with it any more? Or shall we leave it here?"
[22:49] <ThePolice> A rush of saliva fills his mouth. He knows this, he knows what comes next, he swallows, hard, and repulses at the feeling, visibly shaking. His vision blurrs for a few moments, his hearing goes dull, like a bomb had gone off too close to him.
[22:49] <~SirGoldfish> Sara looks directly at Jan. "Hope to see you around." She warmly smiles at him.
[22:53] <~SirGoldfish> (So, is Jan's head gonna explode or what? :P)
[22:53] <ThePolice> Jan cant stand, his knees, no his legs, no his whole body is like iced rubber. Stiff, where it shouldn't be, and pliable to the same. He turns in time to hear Lilith speak, and refusing to look at Sara, that black demon, he nods slowly. "N-no. Go. See ya." He says with much labor, like pushing his body up with his bare hands, from the surface of a plane of
[22:53] <ThePolice> hot glass.
[22:54] <ThePolice> He doesn't stay to see her smile, as he takes a half step, and nearly tumbles into the grass, instead leaning on his knees, his hair now matted with frozen sweat hanging to his forehead.
[22:54] <~SirGoldfish> "Does he need to go to the doctor's office?"
[22:55] <~SirGoldfish> She asks Lilth.
[22:55] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith turns looks at Jan, concern on her face as she hears his voice pained. She screams out, "Jan!" as she watches him tumble into the grass. She steps over and leans down next to him, putting a hand on the small of his back as she questions him, "are you okay?"
[22:58] <~SirGoldfish> She blinks a few times and goes to read the English to Japanese dictionary.
[22:58] <ThePolice> As he blinks, staring up into the worried face of Lilith, the terror, the revulsion, the pain, they wash out of him like ice from the path of boiling water and steam. He takes a few deep breaths, and smiles up at her, however weakly. "I think I caught something." Jan juggles with controls, that once familiar, now feel alien. It takes a few tries, but waving
[22:59] <ThePolice> for room from Lilith, he manages to stand on his own power. And begins walking away from the abomination as fast as he can in his state.
[23:02] <ThePolice> Some ways out of the sight of Sara, Jan sits down in the grass, back down.
[23:04] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith steps after him for a second as she watches him recover. She takes pause as she tries to peace together exactly what happened to make him react in such a way. Looking over towards Sara, she speaks up, "do you not see what you do?" She motions over towards Jan and around the courtyard, "are your eyes blind? Or do you not care?"
[23:14] <ThePolice> He stares long and hard at the sky, before taking his backpack off, slowly, painfully, and retrieves Bud, Jan holding him out, staring at that glimmer of a glimmer behind his eyes. For a few moments, Jan feels the revulsion creeping back, before a warm rush fills his body, the alien aura rejuvenating his, although slower than it has ever done so.
[23:21] <ThePolice> Hugging him close, Jan, lets his swimming thoughts coagulate. First things first, he needs a pair of sunglasses, so he never has to look that thing in the eyes again.
[23:21] <~SirGoldfish> Sara looks up with dull yet innocent eyes. "I.. I did not do anything."
[23:22] <~SirGoldfish> "I was. Reading my book…"
[23:23] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith leans forward, squeezing Andrea little tighter. "Do you not get it? That is the problem! You should be the one explaining yourself to us! You are the most inhuman of all of us! Why do you hide behind Miss Aiko? She should not fight your battles for you!"
[23:24] <~SirGoldfish> "But, you just. I did not." *TICK *TICK* *TICK* "Why are you saying these things?"
[23:25] <ThePolice> Jan claws for leverage against the grass, digging clumps of sod under his pristine nails, dragging himself from the bottom of the deep sea, he buried himself in. He can see, Lilith, and Sara. A growing knot forms, fast and hot in his mind. Odds are calculated as new strings are put up. The picture is catastrophic.
[23:26] <FullMetalBitch> "Because Jan is not far off," Lilith says as her voice raises, "you are not one of us! That is something you should worry about, you should fear, but you do not! You act like some husk!"
01[23:27] <Kioku> Aiko's jaw drops in shock and she stops a few feet behind Lilith, almost losing her balance at the cfhange from her quick pace.
[23:27] <~SirGoldfish> A small crowd has gathered around the scene. Students are gawking and whispering. The only reaction you get from Sara is her left eye twitching.
[23:27] <SavanahHolland> Wendy stops behind Aiko confused at the scene unfolding
01[23:28] <Kioku> "How… how could you…"
01[23:28] <Kioku> Electricity runs all along Aiko's limbs as she shudders.
[23:28] <UltimixRed> Stella. accidentally bumps into Rose
[23:28] <Rose27> Rose falls down
[23:28] <ThePolice> Jan, crawling unseen on his belly, Bud under his left arm, tries to stand, and stumbles, that urge to vomiting, ebbing and flowing, as Buds rancid, ancient magic fights hard to overcome the fear that now builds. Jan can smell it, he doesn't need to see it. There is blood in the water.
[23:29] <UltimixRed> Stella helps her up while apologizing
[23:29] <FullMetalBitch> "Why do you not answer?" Lilith is raising her arms in punctuation of her words, "you are silent in the face of questions that should be of no effort for someone to answer!"
[23:29] <~SirGoldfish> "Hheellp…." She whimpers.
[23:29] <Rose27> Rose runs between Lilith and Sara
[23:30] <UltimixRed> Stella stops time to move in for the assist
01[23:30] <Kioku> Gritting her teeth, Aiko makes to grab Lilith by the shoulder, but something she sees on the camera stops her hand inches away… sparking with barely held lightning.
[23:30] <SavanahHolland> Wendy despite the scene goes to help jan up seeing that is probably dying
01[23:30] <Kioku> "Wh…"
[23:31] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith's voice is dripping with her native accent, it has slipped in her frustration. She glares at Rose, "you defend her now? You stand up for someone now?" She squeezes Andrea in her arms, her voice raises to a fevored pitch. "Do none of you understand? Do none of you even thing of the implications? We are locked in here under guard! We are never going to live a normal life again
[23:31] <FullMetalBitch> and you act like petulant children! Why do you defend one of their machines? Do you think they put it here to /help/ us?!"
[23:32] <ThePolice> One hand. Come on Jan. One knee, and he slumps forward. COME ON JAN. Two hands, good. One knee. Good, Keep going. He props himself for a moment, standing to see the growing crowd, and for a moment, the lightning. The panic attack hits again, ten thousand fold, even as someone lays a hand on his back. Hes back on his face. This time, its pavement.
[23:32] <FullMetalBitch> think*
[23:32] <UltimixRed> " Sara is Sara, being cruel because she is different is insane." Stella says with. her arms crossed
[23:32] <SavanahHolland> Wendy stands next to jan "Are you ok????" She offers a hand
[23:33] <~SirGoldfish> She begins to make all the facial expresions and noises as if she's crying but no tears come out.
[23:33] <FullMetalBitch> "Are you blind," Lilith almost yells at Stella. "Can you not see? She is an agent of our oppresors! Are you so certain to fall for the wolf in sheep's clothing?!"
01[23:33] <Kioku> Aiko's arm drops, the electricity bleeding away. She runs past, toward Sara grabbing the tie of her blindfold and kneeling in front of her.
[23:34] <Rose27> "I-i-i came here voluntarily… I s-s-see no o-o-oppression…"
[23:34] <UltimixRed> "Rose, help me, this might get ugly." Stella says holding out her empty hand
[23:34] <ThePolice> Jan hears nothing through the fog. He feels only growing rage. He knows this feeling. He felt it, that day Kate died. The day the school turned inside out. He feels it now. Its bubbling. Its uncontrollable. The snowstorm is a blizzard now of ice razors, that whip and tear at the walls, and the mortal that held for so long falls down to the frozen sea again.
[23:35] <~SirGoldfish> There are several guards gathering around but they do not intervene yet.
01[23:35] <Kioku> "Sara. Sara, please look at me."
[23:35] <ThePolice> Jan grabs Wendys hand with both of his.
[23:35] <SavanahHolland> Wendy pulls jan up and lets him hang on need be "What happened to you?"
[23:36] <~SirGoldfish> Sara is looking at Aiko with fear in her camera lens eyes.
[23:36] <FullMetalBitch> "Do none of you see," Lilith yells as she points towards the guards gathering around, "we are specimens to them! They put this thing into our midst and you play with it as if it is a school mate! It is here to study us as much as the rest of them."
[23:37] <ThePolice> He mutters, but they dont sound like words. After a few tries you hear something that sounds like, "Payn, ick, ttick."
01[23:37] <Kioku> Aiko hesitates, then pulls Sara into a hug. "It's okay. It'll be okay."
[23:37] <~SirGoldfish> "They do not own me. I am my own person!" She yells with her eyes closed.
[23:37] <UltimixRed> Stella gives a firm nod at that statement
[23:37] <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks worrily to jan hold on to her arm and then at the scene between sara and lilith
01[23:38] <Kioku> Aiko jolts slightly at the shout next to her ear, then smiles. "That's right. You are."
[23:38] <Rose27> Rose opens the book "District 51" and tries to pull out throwing knives
[23:38] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith points past Rose, at Aiko. "They beat you unconcious and dragged you here," she says with hatred, "and now you embrace them! Are you so complacent in life? Have none of you ever lived in fear?!" She remembers fondly the fear of the first time she was near a suicide bomb going off, of the government observation of her life, of the oppression and monitoring.
01[23:39] <Kioku> Aiko freezes, a strange calm coming over her, as she turns her head toward the accusation. "Fear?"
01[23:40] <Kioku> She doesn't let go of Sara, but does tremble slightly.
[23:40] <UltimixRed> Stella grits her. teeth at the word.
[23:40] <ThePolice> Tendrils, not one, but a thousand, flinging themselves like arms from a sinking cage, grabbing at anything and everything, a half dozen, land upon Wendy, digging deep and fast. A chill wind blows up her spine and a few others.
[23:40] <~SirGoldfish> "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT up…. please." She lays her head into AIkio's shoulder.
01[23:41] <Kioku> "…"
[23:41] <~SirGoldfish> The last part is said with a whimper.
01[23:41] <Kioku> "Come with me," Aiko whispers, barely audible and relying on the hope that Sara's hearing is as good as her own.
01[23:41] <Kioku> She tries to stand up and pull Sara with her.
[23:42] <FullMetalBitch> "What is to happen if we become useless to them," Lilith continues to rant, "why are you helping their damned soul-less killing machine! Why would you defend it? What do you gain from this? Why would you buy into their lies? Are you such a weak willed girl that you would fall for their tricks?!"
[23:43] <~SirGoldfish> Sara goes along with Aiko.
[23:43] <~SirGoldfish> Wordlessly
[23:43] <ThePolice> Ash falls playfully near Jan, a few hot embers landing in the grass some ways away. The smell of smoke is quickly filling the air and blowing out. Hitting the crowd from behind.
[23:43] <SavanahHolland> Wendys eyes go blank as jan holds on to her shoulder
[23:44] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith points accusatorily around at the girls around her, "you are all children who do not know how to think for yourselves! You follow the group, do as they tell you, are you such idiots!"
[23:44] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith moves to follow after Sara and Aiko, yelling a curse in Arabic as she watches them.
[23:44] <~SirGoldfish> Some kid with a brooklyn accent speaks up. "Ain't you the one holding a teady bear?!"
01[23:44] <Kioku> Aiko takes a deep breath, trying to block out the sounds, and leads Sara toward her (as in Aiko's) dorm.
[23:45] <UltimixRed> Stella intercepts Lilith via time stopping
[23:45] <Rose27> Rose tries to push Lilith away from Aiko and Sara
[23:45] <~SirGoldfish> "Like, is it just me seeing this?"
[23:47] <ThePolice> Jan opens his eyes, and hauling himself by her hand, to his feet. He feels something wet on his shirt, and his face. Taking a hand to his face, it comes away red. He is in a blurr, of fire and spinning ashes somewhere in his mind. Screaming ringing out like the end of the world was eating him alive. A few more hot embers land near Jan.
[23:47] <~SirGoldfish> A lot of the students are looking at Lilth others are students are whispering "So, she's like another camera?"
[23:47] <FullMetalBitch> As Rose moves in front of her, Lilith lets out a blood curtling scream. Closing her eyes as she snaps from the pressure of a hundred eyes and no understanding. An otherwordly force blasts out from her as she throws everything around her forcefully away.
[23:48] <Rose27> Rose goes flying throw the air and smashes her head. She's unconciouse
[23:48] <UltimixRed> Stella is blown back before she ia able stop time
01[23:49] <Kioku> Aiko stumbles and covers her ears with a wince, barely far enough away already.
01[23:49] <Kioku> She pants hard
[23:49] <~SirGoldfish> Most of the students are focused on what was said talking about it. There are many voices agreeing with her out right agreeing with her. Very few people are defending Sara.
[23:50] <UltimixRed> (goldie we need you to look at ooc)
[23:50] <SavanahHolland> Wendy and jan get a gust of wind not enough to be knocked back
[23:52] <ThePolice> (Rollin to read Lilith, and Wendy for nightmares)
[23:52] <ThePolice> Roll 4d3-8+3
[23:52] <Uradice2> 4,1ThePolice rolled :7,1 4d3-8+3 —> 10,1[ 4d3=9 ]8,1{4}
[23:52] <ThePolice> Roll 4d3-8+3
[23:52] <Uradice2> 4,1ThePolice rolled :7,1 4d3-8+3 —> 10,1[ 4d3=8 ]8,1{3}
[23:53] <~SirGoldfish> Counter rolls please. The first is Lilth the other is Wendy.
[23:53] <SavanahHolland> (Wendy doesnt struggle)
[23:54] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith stops screaming as her voice gets horse. A few tears are welling up in her eyes as she starts to breath heavily. There's a few moments of calm as she looks at the ground, holding Andrea tightly. Did someone say something about Andrea?
01[23:54] <Kioku> Aiko pushes herself to her feet again, and something snaps from what the crowd is saying. "SHE'S A PERSON!" The lights overhead flicker. "Sara is a person just like any of you, just as much as any human could be! How dare you treat her like some government toy, a spy, or unnatural?! She has as much right to live in this world as ANY OF YOU!"
[23:56] <~SirGoldfish> Okay, Lilth Wendy, Describe your nightmares.
[23:56] <FullMetalBitch> (Did in a PM)
[23:56] <FullMetalBitch> (I can in chat if you like)
[23:56] <~SirGoldfish> Up to Jan
[23:56] <ThePolice> (Rolling to summon a a rain of ashes and embers from Wendies nightmare. And A trio of bubbling shadow gunmen from Liliths. Both pm, what you said.)
[23:56] <ThePolice> (Chat if you are both comfortable.)
[23:57] <ThePolice> Roll 4d3-8+4
[23:57] <Uradice2> 4,1ThePolice rolled :7,1 4d3-8+4 —> 10,1[ 4d3=9 ]8,1{5}
[23:57] <ThePolice> Roll 4d3-8+4
[23:57] <Uradice2> 4,1ThePolice rolled :7,1 4d3-8+4 —> 10,1[ 4d3=8 ]8,1{4}
[23:58] <FullMetalBitch> Jan touches on Lilith's latest nightmare, pulling from it. She was younger then, sleeping in her bed. The door was kicked open. No one should be there. She was good. She followed the rules. Lights shine in her face. Polished boots kick her on the floor. Gun muzzles are pushed into her face. They mean to lock her up.
[23:59] <~SirGoldfish> Jan summons A rain of Ash unto the crowd. They all scater in fear!
[23:59] <~SirGoldfish> Does Jan run as well?
[23:59] <ThePolice> (Jan is in a panic attack. He chooses not to move, clinging to wendy.)
Session Time: Tue May 05 00:00:00 2015
[00:00] <SavanahHolland> Wendy is still frozen is her steps eyes almost blank
[00:00] <~SirGoldfish> The guards surround Jan and Wendy.
[00:00] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith gazes upon Rose, laying unconcious on the ground. She feels an insurmountable amount of fear, she doesn't want to know but she knows she did it. Slipping down to her knees on the ground, she lowers her head to keep away from the ash as it falls down upon her. This isn't what was supposed to happen, she never wanted to hurt anyone.
[00:01] <FullMetalBitch> (Lilith is going to use 'Quiet!'
[00:01] <~SirGoldfish> What does that do?
[00:01] <FullMetalBitch> (It should help her calm the fuck down and not get hurt by the ash)
[00:01] <ThePolice> Jan clutches Wendy hard, Bud in hand he weeps thick tears into her shirt as he sobs uncontrollably, paralyzed by fear and flashback.
[00:01] <FullMetalBitch> Roll 4d3-8+1
[00:01] <Uradice2> 4,1FullMetalBitch rolled :7,1 4d3-8+1 —> 10,1[ 4d3=8 ]8,1{1}
[00:02] <FullMetalBitch> (Does that pass? Attempting to keep the ash off herself and calm herself down)
[00:02] <UltimixRed> (i'm going to run and get rose out of here)
[00:03] <~SirGoldfish> She calms down a little but the ash does still gather on her.
[00:03] <~SirGoldfish> Sara looks at Aiko with a thankful look She says in broken Japanese "Thank you. Very much."
[00:04] <~SirGoldfish> *look. She says
[00:04] <SavanahHolland> Wendy's eyes flash back normally not understanding what had happened. She sees jan crying uncontrollably on her should and a group of guards surronding them
[00:04] <UltimixRed> (do i need to roll to get rose to safety?)
[00:04] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith sits there, pulling back into herself as she mutes out the voices around her. Andrea is still yelling at her, all of them are yelling at her distantly. A hundred dissenting opinions that are telling her all of the things she did wrong, a hundred voices that told her to do it. A few tears falls from her cheeks as she tries to choke them back. Andrea complains about the ash
[00:04] <FullMetalBitch> falling on her fur.
01[00:04] <Kioku> Aiko turns toward Sara with a surprised look, then breaks out into a smile and small laugh. "O-of course!" She sniffles a little.
[00:05] <SavanahHolland> Wendy starts hyperventilating unsure whats going on.
[00:06] <UltimixRed> Stella runs toward the unconscious Rose and tries shielding her from the ash
[00:07] <~SirGoldfish> You get Rose out, but guards have sorunded the permiter. No one getting out. A guard with heavy armor. "Alright what happened? and who the hell summoned a ash swarm."
[00:07] <~SirGoldfish> *ash storm
[00:07] <UltimixRed> "it was Jan, he sunmone
[00:07] <UltimixRed> summoned it"
[00:08] <ThePolice> Jan continues to cry, uncontrollably into Wendy.
[00:08] <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to jan looking for answers "Jan..?"
[00:09] <ThePolice> Jan shakes, he seems to beyond speaking, let alone doing so coherently. He has reverted to some injured childlike state.
[00:10] <~SirGoldfish> "What's your proof?" The guy asks Stella.
01[00:10] <Kioku> Aiko spots the guards on a camera just before running into one, unless Sara tells her of them / to stop.
01[00:10] <Kioku> In either case, she bites her lip and sits down in place.
[00:10] <SavanahHolland> Wendy becomes scared, and continues to hyperventilate till she feels like shes about to pass out
[00:10] <~SirGoldfish> Sara is being quite.
01[00:10] <Kioku> (Then Aiko is sitting 3 feet in front of a guard.)
01[00:11] <Kioku> "S-sara… come on, we'll wait this out." She gives a weak smile.
[00:11] <UltimixRed> "uhhh, intuition?" Stella says sheepishly, she has suspicions but no evidence
[00:11] <Rose27> Rose continues to be unconscious
[00:11] <~SirGoldfish> Sara simply nods.
[00:12] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith sits on the ground, her breathing eratic. She doesn't want it to end this way, this isn't how it should end. She's going to get away with it, she's going to slip out of here with no recourse.
[00:12] <~SirGoldfish> "Someone get me a tablet. I am looking what these's ablities are."
[00:12] <FullMetalBitch> (Is Sara sitting also?)
01[00:12] <Kioku> (Who said that?)
[00:12] <SavanahHolland> (prob a guard)
[00:12] <~SirGoldfish> The heavy guard.
01[00:12] <Kioku> (Gotta know if it was one near Aiko.)
[00:13] <~SirGoldfish> Aiko heard it.
[00:13] <~SirGoldfish> *These students
[00:14] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith pushes herself off the ground, her hijab sheilding her from the ash fall as she turns to look towards her point of contention. She watches Sara from a distance and can't stand it at all, it's infuriating to her.
[00:14] <UltimixRed> (what scheme are you planning?)
01[00:14] <Kioku> "H-here." Aiko pulls out her e-reader and holds it up. "Will this work? I've got it connected to the campus network…"
[00:14] <FullMetalBitch> (Is Sara standing?)
[00:14] <~SirGoldfish> Sara is sitting.
[00:14] <FullMetalBitch> (Are there, uh, any hand sized rocks or objects near by?)
[00:15] <jackielegs> (are there guards blocking anyone from entering the courtyard from the dorms?)
[00:15] <ThePolice> In some distant place, Jan sifts helplessly through wreckage. His lucidity in crisis. In the waking world, he looks around at the still falling ash, and the wall of soldiers. He starts to hyperventilate between sobs.
01[00:15] <Kioku> Aiko finally finds Rose with the cameras. "! Someone help her!" She gestures frantically in the unconcious girl's direction with her other hand.
[00:16] <Uracilo> (Could Lucette wake up and intervene?)
[00:16] <Uracilo> (I'll roll for shadows to bring everyone who's hurt back into the dorm, if so)
[00:17] <~SirGoldfish> The guard looks at it the tablet. "No, thanks. We got special ones." There is indeed a rock, Lilth. The guards are blocking anyone from entering, but you could shout past them.
[00:17] <ThePolice> (Jan digs into Roses mind, looking for nightmares.)
[00:17] <ThePolice> Roll 4d3-8+3
[00:17] <FullMetalBitch> (Lilith will attempt a 'Pull the Strings' on the rock)
[00:17] <Uradice2> 4,1ThePolice rolled :7,1 4d3-8+3 —> 10,1[ 4d3=8 ]8,1{3}
[00:17] <FullMetalBitch> Roll 4d3-8+2
[00:17] <Uradice2> 4,1FullMetalBitch rolled :7,1 4d3-8+2 —> 10,1[ 4d3=8 ]8,1{2}
[00:17] <~SirGoldfish> What does that do?
[00:18] <SavanahHolland> Wendy cant look away from jan, she just went black after help jan. What happened? Why is jan crying? Wendys legs buckle slighty but she still stands.
[00:18] <~SirGoldfish> Rose roll. You still have uncouncious defeneses.
[00:18] <FullMetalBitch> (She manipulates an object through incoporeal means. She means to chuck the rock at Sara)
[00:18] <jackielegs> Jackie walks up the the courtyard there is a guard standing in her way "Whats happening?" Jackie peers around the guard to see what is happening
[00:18] <Rose27> What do I roll?
[00:18] <~SirGoldfish> The rock falls limply on the ground as it is levetated. Rose, roll brains.
[00:19] <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+3
[00:19] <Uradice2> 4,1Rose27 rolled :7,1 4d3-8+3 —> 10,1[ 4d3=9 ]8,1{4}
01[00:19] <Kioku> "J-Jackie? Is that you?" Being a scant few feet from the edge of the guard line nearest to the dorms, Aiko turns almost directly toward the voice.
01[00:19] <Kioku> She puts away the reader and wraps an arm around Sara.
[00:20] <~SirGoldfish> Rose's mind is safe. The heavy guard is finnally passed a tablet. "Hmmm."
[00:20] <jackielegs> Jackie hears Minami and looks towards her "Minami what is going on?"
[00:20] <UltimixRed> Stella cradles the unconscious girl, (can i try to perceive what jan is doing?)
[00:22] <~SirGoldfish> "Alright, Everyone is free to go except: Wendy Strauss, Jan Torenz, and Rose Scarlet."
[00:22] <UltimixRed> "what did Rose do?!" Stella says holding the girl
01[00:23] <Kioku> "I'm not totally sure… Lilith was screaming at Sara, and I saw lightning, and then I kind of just shut everything out because she was hurting and I had to help her… I wasn't paying attention to what else was happening, and I don't know if I can replay it with this headache from that scream…"
[00:23] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith tries to pick up the rock again, her mind clouded from Jan's digging. Her hatred pushes her to keep trying.
[00:23] <FullMetalBitch> Roll 4d3-8+2
[00:23] <Uradice2> 4,1FullMetalBitch rolled :7,1 4d3-8+2 —> 10,1[ 4d3=8 ]8,1{2}
[00:23] <~SirGoldfish> "She's a summoner. She could've caused this."
[00:23] <Uracilo> (Gold, can Lucette wake up and intervene or not?)
[00:23] <~SirGoldfish> The perimiter is now gone, so yes.
[00:24] <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to the guard confused, her hyperventilating turns to harsh breathing
01[00:24] <Kioku> Aiko looks up toward the nearest guard. I-I think Rose was unconcious before the storm…"
[00:24] <Uracilo> (I'm rolling then)
[00:24] <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
[00:24] <Uradice2> 4,1Uracilo rolled :7,1 4d3-8+3 —> 10,1[ 4d3=7 ]8,1{2}
[00:24] <UltimixRed> "she got knocked out before she could do anything!"
[00:24] <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+4
[00:24] <Uradice2> 4,1Uracilo rolled :7,1 4d3-8+4 —> 10,1[ 4d3=9 ]8,1{5}
[00:24] <FullMetalBitch> (Did my rock go limp again)
01[00:24] <Kioku> Aiko slowly stands up, not letting go of Sara.
[00:24] <~SirGoldfish> Yeah, it rock went limp again. What are you rolling for, Lucette?
[00:25] <jackielegs> Jackie Moves to Minami as soon as the guards leave "Minami whats happening????" She looks worried
[00:25] <Uracilo> (making shadows and then controlling shadows)
[00:25] <~SirGoldfish> To do what?
[00:26] <~SirGoldfish> Sara is not letting go over her, but it might be odd to feel Sara's cold skin.
[00:26] <Uracilo> (Go in and carry people inside the dorm.)
[00:26] <Uracilo> (Lay them out on the common room couches and such.)
[00:26] <Uracilo> (Everyone who's even vaguely hurt.)
[00:26] <UltimixRed> (help. rose, she's out)
[00:27] <Rose27> Rose continues to sleep
[00:27] <~SirGoldfish> That'll be Rose. Rose, you are carried away to by Shadows.
[00:27] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith watches Jan for a moment, there's a bit of worry in her pained eyes. She turns away as she watches the guards around him and starts to make it toward the dorm. Unfortunately this takes her past Sara, Aiko, and Jackie.
[00:27] <UltimixRed> Stella sees the shadowy specters abd feels a weight lift from her
[00:27] <Rose27> (I thought Guards wanted Rose?)
[00:28] <Uracilo> (Doesn't matter to Lucette)
[00:28] <ThePolice> (They do)
[00:28] <Uracilo> (She's also taking Jan and Wendy)
[00:28] <~SirGoldfish> The guard face palms as he see's this. "We'll get her later, However the two of you. Jan, Wendy, against this wall."
[00:28] <Uracilo> (They are also more than vaguely hurt)
[00:28] <jackielegs> Jackie looks is now next to Minami "wait who is sara?"
[00:29] <jackielegs> (get rid of looks pls)
[00:29] <~SirGoldfish> roll 4d3-8+5
[00:29] <Uradice2> 4,1SirGoldfish rolled :7,1 4d3-8+5 —> 10,1[ 4d3=6 ]8,1{3}
[00:29] <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to the guard scared out of her mind, she moves to the wall holding on to jan's body
[00:29] <~SirGoldfish> roll 4d3-8+5
[00:29] <Uradice2> 4,1SirGoldfish rolled :7,1 4d3-8+5 —> 10,1[ 4d3=12 ]8,1{9}
01[00:29] <Kioku> Aiko squeezes Sara slightly and nods in her direction. "My friend."
[00:29] <UltimixRed> Stella rushes over to Aiko to make sure she is alright
[00:29] <~SirGoldfish> roll 4d3-8+5
[00:29] <Uradice2> 4,1SirGoldfish rolled :7,1 4d3-8+5 —> 10,1[ 4d3=7 ]8,1{4}
[00:30] <jackielegs> Jackie looks around to see if anyone needs help
[00:30] <ThePolice> Jan stays close to Wendy, never letting go.
[00:30] <~SirGoldfish> The guards sucessfully gather everyone, but Rose.
[00:30] <Uracilo> (They're going to have to beat shadows back. It's not that simple)
[00:31] <Uracilo> (I mean, they succeed, but that happens. The shadows also take Lilith back)
[00:31] <UltimixRed> Stella whispers "Luccette gets a huge favor for this"
[00:31] <UltimixRed> '
[00:32] <UltimixRed> "Aiko! Sara, are you two ok?" Stella yells
[00:32] <~SirGoldfish> (One thing at a time)
[00:32] <UltimixRed> (sorry go ahead)
[00:32] <~SirGoldfish> The guards shrug as they coul've simply walked on there own. "The two of you. We want answers now. Who made this ash storm."
[00:32] <Uracilo> Five-feet tall silhouettes glide past the dorm's entrance and carefully collect Rose and Lilith, losing their fight for Jan and Wendy.
[00:33] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith allows herself to be taken by the shadow, Hugging Andrea as tight as she can and closing her eyes.
[00:33] <Uracilo> The shadows carefully hold them and lead them back, not having the strength to carry them.
01[00:33] <Kioku> "Yeah… I think we're okay… Sara, are you- let's get inside."
[00:33] <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to the guard wide eyes unsure
01[00:33] <Kioku> Aiko stumbles when she takes a step.
[00:34] <~SirGoldfish> Everyone in the dorms go to IC1.
[00:34] <Uracilo> Rose is lifted by a couple shadows pooling their strength.
[00:35] <UltimixRed> Stella helps her up and moves her to the dorms
[00:35] <jackielegs> Jackie catches Minami making sure she dosnt fall "did you need some help with that?
[00:35] <~SirGoldfish> A guard stops Aiko. "Do you know who would do this?"
[00:36] <~SirGoldfish> The guard simply taps her foot. "We have no problem sending you two along with Rose to the Basement."
[00:37] <~SirGoldfish> *his
01[00:37] <Kioku> Aiko turns toward the guard and frowns. "I was focused on helping my friend here, but…" She pulls out her phone and points the screen toward the guard. She winces from her headache while the events play out from six camera angles.
[00:37] <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to him "I-I Don't know"
01[00:38] <Kioku> "I'm doing this from memory, so I'm sorry if it's a bit fuzzy… I didn't have anything set to record…"
01[00:38] <Kioku> *blurry, not fuzzy
[00:38] <jackielegs> Jackie leans in to watch the events unfold on the phone
[00:39] <~SirGoldfish> "Hmmm," The guard stares at Aiko's phone. "Looks like it was not Rose."
[00:39] <~SirGoldfish> "So, that leaves you two…."
01[00:40] <Kioku> Barring any protests, Aiko does her best to pull Sara, Jackie and Stella inside. She miight be using them as support more than pulling, though.
[00:41] <UltimixRed> Stella assists the best ahe
[00:41] <UltimixRed> she cab
[00:41] <UltimixRed> can
[00:41] <~SirGoldfish> Sara follows along.
[00:41] <SavanahHolland> Wendys eyes dialate, she starts breathing heavy again. Her heart beating faster and faster. She doesnt know why they are looking to her and jan.
[00:41] <jackielegs> Jackie helps Minami move sara into the builiding
[00:42] <SavanahHolland> Wendy's nose starts bleeding her back falling to the wall in fear
[00:42] <ThePolice> Jan sobs more fat tears into Bud, wiping his snotty nose on the bear, and shutting his eyes as tight as he can. He slowly curls up, dropping off of Wendy as she falls back, eventually ending up, knees locked to his chest on the ground, rocking with Bud.
[00:43] <SavanahHolland> She looks to jan again her eyes only dilating farther, her back sliding down the wall painfully.
[00:44] <~SirGoldfish> The heavy guard is looking upset. He gets a Walki Talkie. "We're gonna need it. I don't fucking care. This is serious. Not like that other wackjob!"
[00:46] <ThePolice> Jan, hears the word wackjob, and stops sobbing, eyes still jammed shut, and clutching Bud as hard as he can.
[00:46] <SavanahHolland> Wendys hand falls to the ground, a small fire touching the grass then curling to a faint wisp. Her eyes close, breathing slower, so very slow
[00:47] <~SirGoldfish> Dr. Page brings out a jagged, fist sized, object covered in a blanket. "*Sigh*" "This seems like such a waste."
[00:48] <jackielegs> Jackie moves towards the heavy Guard making sure to stay far enough away to be left alone
[00:49] <~SirGoldfish> The guard snatches it from Page. He goes to kneel down to Wendy. "Did you start the storm?"
[00:50] <SavanahHolland> Wendy opens her eyes slowly, her head hazy and eyes half open. "No…"
[00:51] <ThePolice> Jan opens his eyes for a few moments, looking into Buds, his distant gaze more distant than ever. Somewhere. Deep, deep down in his eyes, Jan watches a glimmer die, his eyes turning cold and black. Bud ages now, rapidly, like a hundred years of rain rot and open air tearing him apart. His fur grows thin, then empty.
[00:51] <~SirGoldfish> The guard reveals a crystal that is glowing a plesant blue color. "You're free."
02[00:51] * FullMetalBitch (~ten.xoc.sk.sk.1238BEDC-CRInys|lateMlluF#ten.xoc.sk.sk.1238BEDC-CRInys|lateMlluF) Quit (Quit: )
[00:51] <ThePolice> Then his fabric. Then his black cotton filling. Eventually Jan is left, after maybe 30 seconds staring at dust on his hands, and smelling rot.
[00:52] <~SirGoldfish> The guards surround Jan. "Get up, you're seeing the psychologist."
[00:52] <SavanahHolland> Wendy attempts to stand but fails, falling over and coughing horribly.
[00:52] <ThePolice> He stands. He isn't crying anymore. and turns around to look at the man.
[00:53] <~SirGoldfish> The guards lead him to the psycholgist.
[00:53] <ThePolice> Are we done here?
[00:53] <ThePolice> Can I go to sleep now.
[00:54] <jackielegs> Jackie moves towards wendy to help her stand "are you ok?" she has a worried look on her face
[00:54] <SavanahHolland> Wendy lays on the ground hald looking to the sky, half to the ground. She silently whispers something.
[00:54] <jackielegs> (i would like to place a spider on jan as he is moved away)
[00:54] <SavanahHolland> (*half)
[00:55] <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to jackie she whispers pleasantly "hello" before blacking out once more
[00:55] <~SirGoldfish> The guards take him away,

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