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Truth or Dare (03/16/16)

<@Silvors> Zita was doing something Zita rarely did. Being bored. Now, she wasn't bored most of the time, but most of the time she could entertain herself. At this moment though? She couldn't… so why not have a friend over? Or two… or A HUNDRED! Alright, maybe not a hundred. Zita's room isn't that big. Still, she sent a text out to her friends that she could, reading. <I'm bored. Anybody wanna come play truth or dare?> And with that,
<@Silvors> she sent it to her friends… almost all her friends. <Don't have to if you don't wanna!>
<gumbal1> Don't assert control, don't try to show you're better, don't feed your envy, says the three spirits Lisa can actually understand. So, off to Zita's, wearing her rose-print dress and scarf with black tights, to try not to assert control and just be friends. Yes, friends.
<Antichthon> <cool! im so there.> And Athene was there half a minute later, knocking on Zita's door.
<Lena> <I'm on my way!> Cin grabbed her gloves and headed to Zita's.
<@Silvors> Zita's door was cracked and she was sitting on her bed when the peoples arrived! She opened the door and smiled to each of them happily. Zita was wearing a black t-shirt with a neon green, smiling heart on it and furry black green-heart covered pajama pants. "Hi! You're all here!" Well, not /everybody/. Then again, she had sent the text to a bunch of people. "Lisa, Athene, and Cin." Zita says, nodding to her friends as she
<@Silvors> called their names. Just in case one of them didn't know the other.
<Complete_Zero> <Coming, sis!> Jon replied to Zita.
<gumbal1> "It's good to see you." Lisa smiles, as she looks to the people. "Will this be all, or did you invite more? If you don't mind, I know someone who would be perfectly happy to join."
<Antichthon> Average Athene outfit, here. Fur-lined-jackets-hiding-figures-for-days. She hadn't been aware others were coming, and gave a friendly, somewhat shy smile to those she didn't know. "Hi. Um, let me go in first. I'll try to make room for the rest of you." She slid into the room, and packed herself against the wall. It'd be a bit cozy, but room enough left.
<Lena> Cindaria showed up dresed in a pair of plaid pajama pants and a tank top, her long hair pulled up in a ponytail. She had gloves on her hands as usual and sunglasses to protect her eyes from the bright lights of everywhere but her room. She walked into Zita's room and hugged her friend "Hey" and looks at the other two "Hey nice to meet you guys" all around cheerful and smiles, possibly
<Lena> the most smiles she's had in a month or more.
<Complete_Zero> Jonathan shows up in casual modern clothes, black hoodie and sweatpants. He actually looked kinda good in it. "Hey sis!" Jon said, walking over to Cin.
<@Silvors> "Anybody who wants to come can!" Zita says with a nod, there was… a lot of people though. Zita gave Cindaria a kiss on the forehead and a tight hug. "Hey Cin!" Zita says with a giggle before nuzzling her friend and, once Athene was all, or mostly, in, she opted to take a seat on the coils. Complete with a hug for Athene and a motion for Lisa to come over for one too! Hugs for everybody! "Hey bro!"
<gumbal1> Monster girls, the lot of them. Odd that Zita would invite so many nonhumans, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, just…oh. Jon. Lisa inwardly cringes at…something. "…wait, she probably would get nervous, nevermind." Lisa would not have Lisa ruin this for her.
<Lena> Cin couldn't help but smile even more when Jon showed up. "Hey"
<Antichthon> Everyone had probably seen the snakegirl by now, which hopefully meant no questions. This was aboug Zita and truth or dare. And Athene was concerned. "What, um, rules are we using, Zita? If it's real truth or dare, uh. Stuff can happen that might make you really uncomfortable."
<gumbal1> In any case, Lisa steps inside the room, awkward taking a seat against whatever corner of the room wasn't occupied by snek.
<Complete_Zero> Jon smiled at Cin and waved to Athene, having not met her. Mist trailed off his body as he moved.
<@Silvors> "Rules?" Zita says with a blinking confusion. There's rules in truth or dare? She's never had rules. "I-I dunno. I haven't really thought about rules." Zita admits with a giggle, hugging Athene around the waist since Lisa didn't accept the hug offer!
<gumbal1> She didn't notice Too distracted by…issues.
<gumbal1> *notice.
<Antichthon> And Athene returned the hug, giggled, but grew serious again pretty quick. Wave to Jon, of course! "Yeah, um. Like…in real truth or dare you can ask or dare anything, right? I don't…um. Want you not knowing that and getting miserable. if asked, like, a question you really don't want to answer."
<@Silvors> "I'm fine with anything!" Well, so long as it wasn't related to her past… that only Lisa in her knew about. Hopefully she wouldn't abuse that. "Any of you have any rules you want?"
<gumbal1> So many rules. So many rules to chose from, to make sure nothing wen-"No." God damn it, Lisa, you ruined it.
<Complete_Zero> Jonathan shook his head and walked over to Zita, "Nope, not really…"
<Antichthon> "No rules," Athene said, nervous and eager. "That's what makes truth or dare fun. Anything can happen, and you have to do it."
<@Silvors> Zita nods her head. "Yup! Let's do this! Who's first?"
<Complete_Zero> Jon was silent for now.
<gumbal1> "How about…Athene?" Least likely to ruin anything, she was.
<@Silvors> "Okay! Athene! Ask somebody!"
<Antichthon> "Me?" Athene almost yelped. She put her hand to her lips. "Oop! Sorry. volume. Um, hmm. You." She pointed at Jon. "First, what's your name. and then, um, truth or dare?"
<Complete_Zero> "Jonathan, or, well, just Jon works. Uhmm… Truth."
<Antichthon> Best to start off slow, right? "Uh, okay. How many girlfriends and boyfriends have you had?"
<gumbal1> ~oneoneoneoneoneoneoneone~
<@Silvors> Zita starts thinking to herself… she's pretty sure it's three or four?
<Complete_Zero> "One…" Jon answered. He didn't count the ones he only went on one single date with.
<@Silvors> Awww. Zita was wrong. "That means… it's Jon's turn to ask somebody!"
<gumbal1> ~Thank fuck.~ Okay, she could do this, then.
<Complete_Zero> "Alright… Uhm…." He looked around the room, "Lisa, right? Truth or dare?"
<gumbal1> Oh. Okay. Just gonna…you know what worse has happened. "Dare." You meant to say truth and you know it.
<@Nemi> There's a knockety-knockety knock at Zita's door! Only one person can knock with such vigor and at so high up!
<@Silvors> Zita answers the door while she waits for Jon to answer!
<gumbal1> …no. Please God, or whatever controlled her destiny, not her bandmate.
<@Nemi> And at the door, tall, blonde, in a tank top and dark indigo (actually fitting, boot-cut) jeans, with a fresh tan and a toothy grin, is Lisa's bandmate. "Heeey, sorry am late!"
<Complete_Zero> "I dare you to…." Jon was terrible at this, "Err… Say 'Zita the Coolest' every time you say her name." Just a start, right?
<@Silvors> Zita nods her head before smiling, "Hey Andrey." Zita says with a nod before going back to her seat… on Athene's tail and hugging the snake-girl's waist. Err… human waist?
<Antichthon> "Hi, Andrey." Athene gave a wave. And then suddenly, pieces fell into place in Athene's mind. "Oh, you're that Lisa!" she said to Lisa with a grin. "I've watched your videos. You're great!" pat pat for Zita.
<@Nemi> Andrey grins and follows Zita in, plopping down near-ish Lisa in the circle o' peeps. Andrey brought drinks! And chips! How nice.
<@Silvors> "Lisa! What's my name?"
<Complete_Zero> Jon nods to the new person, not in his usual attire.
<gumbal1> You son of a…fucking Christ her life. "As you wish." Lisa looked back to Zita. "Zita the coolest, apparently." …hm. "Andreeeeeey, since you're here, truth or dare?"
<@Nemi> "H'okay! Uhhh," He puts the drinks and chips aside and cricks his neck a bit. ".. Since don't wanna get up, let's go with, truth?"
<gumbal1> "What was your favorite costume you wore for our videos?"
<@Silvors> Zita looks confused, looking around the group. "Costumes?"
<Antichthon> "They make music," Athene explained. "They wear costumes when they do it. I can show you their youtube channel later."
<@Nemi> ".. huuhm.. You haven't seen our videos, Zita? C'moooon- lemme think a second.. th' ol' vampirate one was great.. I wanna say, uhhh.. When we had me all up all dressed like th' Iron Queen for her theme song's cover and had the forms switch up as the song went on, that was just awesome."
<@Silvors> Vampirate? That explains one reason Zita has shyed away from it. "I know their music stuff… didn't know about the costumes though." Zita admits with a nod, her hand twitching at the word 'vampirate' but, not enough to notice… probably. It was just a twitch! "Your band's weird."
<gumbal1> That one took too much time for Lisa's tastes, but if the viewcount was any indication, it was worth it. "Oh, I loved that one. Your turn, then."
<@Nemi> "Yah- uhh, who hasn't gone yet? Uhh.. misty guy there- I'm Andrey, by the way, dunno if we met yet.. Who hasn't gone yet?"
<Antichthon> "Zita hasn't gone!"
<Complete_Zero> "Jon." He answered.
<gumbal1> "Our friend, Zita the Coolest, hasn't~."
<@Silvors> Zita gulps. "Athene hasn't been called out! She started."
<@Nemi> "Jon, right, cool. Uhh.. Okay. Zita! Truth or dare!"
<Antichthon> Athene leaned closer to Lisa. "Really though, I love your stuff." Grin, thumbs up. To Zita: "Hey! You haven't gone at all, you first."
<@Silvors> "Dare." Zita says with a scowl at Athene. "I'm going dare! Dare me something!" Zita says with a smile.
<gumbal1> "Thank you very much." Athene was nice. Lisa liked Athene.
<Antichthon> Athene whistled innocently. Or tried to, she couldn't actually whistle.
<@Nemi> "Lemme.. think.. uhh.. Dare you to play the whole next round doin' a headstand." Andrey that's not really even daring, it's just annoying and difficult.
<@Silvors> Zita does a headstand on Athene's tail… it may be a little cheating since she was flying. She used her hands to keep her shirt from falling down, with one hand at least. The other stretched to boop Lisa. "Lisa! Truth or dare?"
<Antichthon> Athene realized Zita was using her flying powers, and so decided to be a bit of a cheeky dick and try and knock Zita's hand off of her, to try and leave her suspended in the air.
<gumbal1> Alright, just…"Truth." Lisa would not bend. She came here to win, spirits be damned.
<@Silvors> Silly Athene! Zita's doing a headstand, not a handstand. "Uh… Is it true that… um… you've had your first kiss!" Zita was innocently curious! No motives!
<Antichthon> Well, then she lifted Zita's head up to leave her suspended!
<@Silvors> Zita floated her head down to move with Athene! Sure, it looked fake. But she wasn't letting her head float!
<gumbal1> And still, Lisa almost seems to try to hide an errant expression. "Yes. I have…Athene. Truth or dare." Better close it than leave time for more questions.
<@Nemi> Andrey watches Zita in amusement.
<Complete_Zero> Jon is silent, smiling to himself.
<Antichthon> Oh right, they were playing a game. She gave Zita's back a gentle slap and turnd her attention to Lisa. "Truth."
<@Silvors> Zita wobbled like one of those ground-mounted punching bags, but she kept her head on Athene's snake tail! One arm hugged around Athene's waist, the other was keeping Zita's shirt from falling.
<gumbal1> "Is that the same fur coat you always wear?"
<Antichthon> "Well, I…wouldn't call it a coat…" It kinda was a coat though. "But, yeah. Except when it's in the wash, then I wear my black one. Andrey, truth or dare?"
<@Nemi> "Hey, did we skip Jon?"
<Complete_Zero> Jon shrugged, "Are we going in order?"
<Antichthon> "There's no turn order."
<Antichthon> "He already went before you came."
<@Silvors> "You can pick whoever. I think Andrey's just scared." Zita says with an accusing giggle.
<Antichthon> "C'mon, Andrey, Truth or Dare!" Athene grinned.
<@Nemi> ".. pffth, fine.. uhhh, did truth already.. Dare?"
<Antichthon> "Lets make this interesting," Athene said with a giggle and a sinister grin. "I dare you to…um." Crap, she was all talk and no walk. "Kiss Lisa on the lips."
<@Silvors> Zita blinks a few times. This was what's referred to as escalation, right?
<Antichthon> She'd grabbed at the first thing that crosse her mind, but no taking it back now. She covered her mouth and held in embarassed laughter.
<@Nemi> Andrey also blinks, then turns to look at Lisa, with an expression that more or less screams 'is this even ok?'
<gumbal1> "…" Okay. This was going places. Odd places, sure, but places. Lisa briefly looks to Jon to see what he thinks of the situation.
<Complete_Zero> Jon just watched, unsure of how he felt about it. I mean… Nothing really made him feel anything about it.
<gumbal1> "…what are you waiting for?" The things she did to win.
<Antichthon> "It's not like…truth or dare if you aren't uncomfortable, right?" Athene said, once her suppressed laughter had died down. "That's like, all it's about on the internet, at least."
<@Nemi> Andrey .. quirks his lower lip, then nods, and leans in with eyes shut to .. well, offer his lips for the kiss. Up to Lisa to follow through if she wants.
<Antichthon> "Sorry Andrey, sorry Lisa, don't hate me!"
<@Silvors> Zita's cheeks were red as she looked around. This was not what she had been expecting. She looks at Athene and starts to giggle before nuzzling her friend some more, while giggling playfully.
<gumbal1> And Lisa…well, she definitely takes it, and keeps it for a few seconds before going back to her regular spot, straight-faced. "…think of it as practice for an eventual stage kiss. Danger! High Voltage does has a killer sax solo, after all."
<@Nemi> Andrey sits back and .. looks entirely straight-faced as well. "Is that the one where gay Abraham Lincolns are everywhere?"
<Antichthon> Athene clapped at the kiss, giggling and meeting Andrey's gaze. "Seriously, don't hate me. You can get back at me."
<gumbal1> "That was Gay Bar."
<@Silvors> Zita was giggling and burying her face int Athene's side as she did so. That was hilarious.
<Complete_Zero> Jon sat silent, hoping the same wouldn't happen to him.
<Antichthon> Athene and Zita were clearly more embarassed than Lisa and Andrey, but that wasn't a very high bar, was it? "Andrey, your turn."
<@Nemi> ".. oh, yah. .. Jon! Truth or Dare?"
<Complete_Zero> "Uh…" He thought about that, "Truth." He promised the next would be a dare.
<@Nemi> ".. hummh, okay.. Jon! What is.. your.. best memory here?"
<Complete_Zero> "My, uhm…" He went a little red at that one, "Err…I-er…. l-losing… my… v-virginity?"
<@Nemi> ".. oh. Okay!"
<gumbal1> Lisa raises an eyebrow at that.
<@Silvors> Zita was hysterical with laughter at that.
<@Nemi> "What? C'mon, is perfectly good thing to be fond of remembering!"
<Complete_Zero> Jonathan looked at Zita, "Okay, sis. Truth or dare!"
<Antichthon> Athene's eyes went wide at that, and she giggled along with Zita.
<@Silvors> "Dare." Zita says with a smile. "Bring it, bro."
<Complete_Zero> "For the rest of the game, you have to call yourself 'Zita the Cutest'!"
<@Silvors> Zita glares at him. "Oh, you're just evil."
<Complete_Zero> Jon laughed a bit.
<@Nemi> Andrey snrks and laughs.
<gumbal1> "Does my first dare change in response to that? Do I now call you 'Zita the Coolest the Cutest'?"
<Antichthon> "Yesss!" Athene laughed. "Zita the Cutest!"
<Complete_Zero> "Sure, Lisa."
<@Silvors> "Do… is that counting first person?"
<@Silvors> "Err, third person? Some person?"
<Antichthon> "You're a person," she said to Zita, like it was a friendly insult.
<@Silvors> "Zita the cutest is a person… you're right." Zita grumbles out.
<Antichthon> "Well, Zita the cutest has got to pick the next person!" Athene was clearly very into this.
<@Silvors> Zita glares at Athene. "Hey Athene. Truth or dare?" That's what you get for using that name.
<Antichthon> "Dare," Athene grinned back. "C'mon. C'mon. What d'ya got?"
<@Silvors> "Oooh? You want m-Zita the cutest to give you her worst?" Zita asks, looking around the people for her guinea pig.
<Antichthon> "Well…um. So long as you don't make me kill someone. That'd be kinda taking it too far."
<gumbal1> Lisa smirks. Let's see what Zita was capable of.
<@Silvors> Zita giggles. "Kiss me." She says, deciding to get vengeance for what she did to Lisa and Andrey… and for calling Zita cute! How dare she!
<@Nemi> Andrey watches in clear amusement!
<gumbal1> "Oooooh. How would Juliet feel about that?"
<Antichthon> Athene drew away, covering her mouth with both hands and laughing in sheer embarassment.
<@Silvors> "Juliet's away right now." Zita informs with a smile. "Some kinda long mission thingy, so we're taking a break!"
<@Silvors> "So she can't be mad at me!"
<Antichthon> She tried to stop laughing, but only managed to double over, twitching and laughing silently. She eventually got control back. "Okay," she said through giggles. "Okay." And she went to kiss Zita…on the forehead.
<gumbal1> "I'm glad you trust eachother that much." Oh. Well.
<@Silvors> Zita looks at the forehead kiss. "That's not what I meant and you know it!"
<@Nemi> "Yah, I think is pretty weak! Come on!"
<gumbal1> "I'm in agreement. Go for the neck."
<Antichthon> "Hey, she dared me to kiss her, and I kissed her!" Athene protested, still red-faced from laughing.
<@Silvors> "Lisa!" Zita shouts with a /look/. A 'How on earth could you say that?' look.
<gumbal1> "Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want somewhere lower?" Accompanied by a wicked grin.
<Antichthon> "Um. I can't remember who went…Lisa! Truth or Dare."
<@Silvors> A pillow appears in her hand and she /throws/ it at Lisa. "You know I didn't mean /that/ by it!"
<Antichthon> "Maybe you two want to kiss next?" Athene snickered.
<gumbal1> "Dare. Lay it on me, Mia." Lisa weathers the pillow hit.
<Antichthon> "Miia?" Athene was still giggling. "Like, from Monster Musume, right? Sooo original," she teased. But she'd already made herself enough of a target at this party, she wasn't going to escalate anymore. "Uh…Dare. Hmn."
<@Nemi> Andrey snickers and ducks the flying pillow!
<@Silvors> "What's a Monster Musume?"
<Antichthon> "It's a dumb manga thing about monster girls," Athene said. "Um…Lisa! Burp as loud as you can."
<gumbal1> "Boring, simply boring." Lisa swallows a few breaths, waits a bit, then burps rather loudly. "Zita the Cutest the Coolest. Truth or Dare."2:43] <@Silvors> "Dare." Zita didn't want to go truth, especially not if Lisa was asking.
<Antichthon> "Aww." She looked a bit disheartened at the insult, but it was all in good fun, right?
<gumbal1> "Kiss Athene. Either on the neck or the tip of the tail."
<@Silvors> It was only once Zita realized that, when it comes to Lisa, Dare was probably worse than Truth, that she regretted her choice. "Please make a specific choice, master."
<@Nemi> ".. master?"
<Antichthon> "Oh, I see. I dare you to kiss once and I get dared twice!" But she was blushing and laughing. Especially at the "master" part.
<Complete_Zero> Hotels, kinda fading in the background.
<gumbal1> "…fuck. Just…whichever you want."
<Complete_Zero> Jon sits*
<Antichthon> Athene offered her tail. "Tail pleeeeese."
<@Silvors> Zita goes to rest her lips on Athene's neck, planting a soft tender kiss there and letting her lips linger for a few seconds before pulling away and looking around, her cheeks red. Good. Everyone was thinking it's a joke.
<Antichthon> "Eek!" Athene shrugged her shoulders to protect her neck, but too late. Another giggle-fit ensued.
<gumbal1> "That makes up for Athene's bad kiss, I suppose. Well, now you can exact your revenge on me. Make it a good one."
<Antichthon> "Hey, Jon hasn't gone in like, forever."
<@Silvors> "Lisa. I dare you to make out with Jon." Zita says, with not a hint of joking in her voice.
<@Nemi> ".. hoooh boy."
<gumbal1> "Oh, no~." Lisa didn't exactly mean for that to pay off, but whatever works.
<Complete_Zero> "………"
<Antichthon> "Woo!" Athene snickered and clapped, but it petered out when she saw the look on Zita's face. She elbowed the girl to try and get a giggle out of her.
<Complete_Zero> Jonathan steamed up… A lot.
<gumbal1> "…well, what do you say? Do you want me to come over there myself? It's not polite to make a lady wait."
<Antichthon> "Do it, Jon. Do eeeeet."
<@Nemi> "Yah! Do it!"
<@Silvors> Zita started to giggle more at the reaction from Jon. She had to admit, it was mainly because Lisa gave the command. And made Zita say master in front of all these people.
<Complete_Zero> "I- uh-uh…" Jonathan misted over next to her, blushing and steaming.
<Antichthon> Athene eeped a bit. "Holy crap, powers!" she laughed.
<gumbal1> "Good." And, taking Jon in her arms, she begins making out with him, aggressively, with little sign of stopping soon.
<Antichthon> She leaned in to whisper to Zita. "Make oooout. Make oooout! I didn't expect you to, up the, uh, whatever it's called in poker."
<Complete_Zero> Jon just lets it happen, even reciprocating a bit.
<Antichthon> Athene watched with a mouth-open smile. "This is totally like it is on TV! Did anyone bring a camera?"
<@Nemi> Andrey whistles and snickers all the while. No camera-taking though.
<@Silvors> Zita looks over at Athene and returns the whisper with one of her own. "I had to up the poker-thing! I can't let Lisa beat me." And Jon was there. And Lisa likes Jon. So, she wanted to embarrass Lisa. But it didn't work! Unlike Lisa, who was envious of Zita because of Zita's popularity. Zita dislikes Lisa because… well… she's a vampire! Or, a type of vampire. Close enough to warrant disdain!
<Antichthon> "Well, Lisa's winning now!" Athene said, loud enough for everyone to hear. "Don't know if anyone can do better than that."
<@Nemi> "Uuhh, I only went once!"
<Antichthon> "Well, it's Lisa's turn. Once she stops mackin' on Jon!"
<gumbal1> Eventually, Lisa breaks off the aggressive kissing. "That was nice~. Jon, anything more you want me to ask of you? Maybe a truth, or a dare?"
<Complete_Zero> Jon sat back a bit. It was… nice? It was new. Aggressive kissing. Regardless, Jon promised this one would be a dare… Therefore… "Dare…"
<gumbal1> "One more kiss. Anyone in the room, anywhere you want."
<@Nemi> Andrey hmphs and digs into the snacks he brought. Some chips are had.
<Antichthon> "Aww, kissing been's done, though." Athene held out her hand to Andrey, gave him a 'share, please?' look.
<gumbal1> "Oh, you want me to up the ante? I can up antes~. Maybe next round."
<Complete_Zero> "Oh… I was… Expecting worse…" Jon looked around at everyone in the room. He wasn't really comfortable with kissing anyone besides Zita."
<Complete_Zero> -"*
<@Silvors> His really close sister who calls him her 'little big brother'? "Up… the ante?" Zita asks, yanking a few chips from Athene once she gets some.
<Antichthon> "That's the poker thing."
<Complete_Zero> Yeah, considering she said anywhere, that could mean the cheek, right? There was also the snake girl… Or… Lisa again… Andrey was out of the question.
<@Silvors> "Oh yeah!" Zita says with a nod and a giggle.
<@Nemi> Andrey passes the bag to Athene! And why's Andrey out of the question? Andrey looks perfectly fine!
<Complete_Zero> Jon misted over to Zita and gave her a quick painless kiss on the cheek and looked at Lisa.
<Antichthon> Athene gave Zita a momentarily vicious look when she stole some of her chips; not exactly a good idea to take food out of the hand of a predator. It only lasted a moment though, and then Athene took another handful and passed over the bag.
<@Silvors> Zita smiles at the kiss on the cheek and pats Jon's head. Zita giggles in the face of Athene's look and kisses the tip of the snake-girl's nose. Take. That!
<gumbal1> "…" Lisa winced, only unconciously. "…your turn."
<Antichthon> Athene snickered, and did a from-behind-surprise boop to Zita's nose with her tail.
<@Silvors> "Eep!" Zita shouts before jumping a little and looking at Athene before bursting out into a smile and giggles, followed by a hug and nuzzles.
<Complete_Zero> Jon nodded and looked over at Andrey, "Truth or dare."
<Antichthon> Hug hug, pat pat. It was good having a friend like Zita.
<@Nemi> Andrey blinks, looks up. ".. Truth." Just did dare, so just keep alternating them!
<Complete_Zero> "What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?"
<@Nemi> ".. uuuh.. either tryin' to wrestle Athene here or climbin' up a cliff without line or harness or anything.. or the time I went down a mountain onna dining hall tray.."
<Antichthon> "Oh yeah, that was awesome! …she won, by the way."
<gumbal1> Lisa can't help but giggle at the second, and outright laughs at the third. "Well, I know what our next music video will be."
<@Nemi> Andrey grins widely. "Only cuz you didn't expect me to do th' banshee impression. And.. doin' it riding trays down a mountain? .. I'd do that again."
<Antichthon> "Keep it going, Andrey! I wanna see what Lisa's going to do next round."
<@Nemi> "Aaaalright! Uhhh.. Athene! Truth or dare?"
<Antichthon> "Truth! And make it gooooood."
<@Nemi> ".. hnnh.. best memory ever?"
<Antichthon> "fffft! That's the best you got? Hum." She thought for awhile. "…When my mom gave me this necklace," she said, indicating her ruby pendant. "And said, 'I love you.'"
<@Nemi> ".. awwh.. an' man, don't look at me like that, I like stayin' positive with things, you know?"
<gumbal1> "That is a nice necklace." Lisa holds up her own, a silver pendant. "Better than mine, at least."
<Complete_Zero> Jonathan sat next to Zita just kinda letting things happen. Now, he was nervous about what Lisa or Zita would do next round.
<Antichthon> Oh, Athene was just playing and her expression reflected that. "Yah! its from my mom's actual collection. It's like, older than Jesus. Now…Eenie meenie miney Zita! Truth or Dare?"
<@Silvors> "Dare!" Zita says with a smile. She trusts Athene! Athene isn't Lisa!
<Antichthon> Crap. In retrospect, she should have picked someone else, Zita was too fragile. "Uh. I dare you to…Oh, gosh Zita don't hate me for this, but I dare you to give a pair of your panties to someone in the room."
<@Silvors> Zita stops and looks at Athene… with a really confused look. "H-Huh?"
<Complete_Zero> "….."
<gumbal1> "…oh~, upping the ante already. Looks like I don't have to do much."
<Antichthon> "It doesn't have to be the ones you're wearing!" really nervous giggle. "Just, like. Give a pair of, um. Panties or whatever you use as underwear to someone!"
<@Silvors> "I KNOW THAT!" Zita shouts with a confused look still before going over to her drawer, pulling out some panties that were black with green stripes, and throwing them at Lisa.
<gumbal1> Lisa catches them in the air, grinning like an idiot. "I'm flattered. Do you want me to keep these, or would you have them back?"
<Complete_Zero> Jon keeps quiet.
<@Silvors> "I'd like them back… or not. I don't care. Perv."
<Antichthon> "Don't be mad, Zita!" Less giggling now. "It's all, um, part of the game, right?"
<Antichthon> "And it's your turn."
<gumbal1> "Me, a pervert?" Lisa giggles. "Don't you know I'm the most innocent, precious girl at this school?"
<@Silvors> Zita giggles and nods her head before sitting back on her throne of Athene tails. "I know that! Um…" Zita looks up at Athene and grins playfully. "Hey Atheeene. I'm chilly, can I borrow you jacket?"
<Antichthon> Athened giggled, reddened and grinned a bit more. "Um, later. Right now it's your turn."
<@Silvors> "I dare you to give me your jacket!"
<Antichthon> Athene's grin went away. "Hey, you didn't let me choose!"
<Complete_Zero> Jonathan looks over at Zita, then at Athene.
<@Silvors> "Aww. I forgot! Truth or dare?"
<Antichthon> "Truth." Like she was going to pick 'Dare' now.
<@Silvors> "Is it true… that you're gonna let me borrow your jacket later?"
<@Silvors> "It's super fluffy… I wanna wear it."
<Antichthon> "Sure! Like, let me get my spare later, and you can try it on. It /is/ super fluffy. Lisa! Truth or Dare?"
<Complete_Zero> ~It's Lisa now…~
<gumbal1> "Truth. I'll alternate these, I believe."
<Antichthon> "Truth…Hum." Well, in keeping with the stakes being raised, "How many times have you had sex?" she grinned.
<gumbal1> Lisa tries to answer, before pausing. "…specify, please. Number of partners or number of times in general?"
<Antichthon> "Oh." Good question, and one that a virgin dork like Athene hadn't considered. "Number of times?"
<gumbal1> "…three to five, I believe. With two partners, not at once." Lisa briefly looks to the floor before looking back up. "Now…Zita the Cutest the Coolest. Truth or Dare." <@Silvors> "Truth." Zita says with a smile. She wasn't going to risk Dare again.
<Complete_Zero> Jon watches, misting lightly.
<Antichthon> "Wow." Athene looked around. Was she the only one impressed by Lisa's sex count? Or was that normal? No one else was saying anything, so she kept quiet.
<gumbal1> "If you weren't with Juliet, who would you want to get with?"
<@Silvors> Zita's cheeks go red and she looks down. "C-Can I change to d-dare?"
<gumbal1> "Do you really want to?"
<gumbal1> Lisa punctuates that with a grin that'd make the Cheshire Cat jealous.
<Antichthon> Athene put a hand on Zita's shoulder, support-like. She wasn't about to say no, Zita was the one she was concerned about.
<@Silvors> Zita mumbles a name before taking a deeper breath and whispering out, "Akemi."
<gumbal1> "Predictable. Well, now's your chance to get back at me, if you wish to take it."
<Antichthon> "Hey, Jon hasn't gone in a while.
<Antichthon> "
<Complete_Zero> Athene, no. Jon misted a bit more.
<@Nemi> Andrey rubs the back of his neck. "I haven't either, nah. Sooo.. wow, you three though."
<@Silvors> Zita giggles and looks over at Jon. "Soo… Jon? Truth or dare."
<Complete_Zero> "…. Dare…"
<Antichthon> Athene patted Zita's back. Pat, pat. "Everyone loves Akemi," she said, trying to make her feel better.
<@Silvors> "I dare you… to refer to me as Zita the Best Ever And Not Cute at All." Zita says with a nod. And… Zita may or may not have been a tad infatuated with her first friend ever since they first me.
<Complete_Zero> "Oh…… sure, okay, Zita the Best Ever and Not Cute At All."
<Antichthon> "I, um, haven't been keeping track. Have Zita and Lisa been using the right um, names? 'cute and cool' and all that?"
<Complete_Zero> He looks a bit relieved.
<@Silvors> "Zita the Cute… has maybe forgot a few times?"
<Complete_Zero> Jon looks to Andrey, "Truth or dare, man."
<@Nemi> "Uuuhhh.. Dare. Did truth twice and dare once, so, yah. Dare."
<gumbal1> "What fun. We need more dares, I think. Too much truth going around."
<@Silvors> "Yup." Zita says with a nod.
<@Silvors> Before she pulls her phone out to send a text!
<Antichthon> Athene kept her mouth zipped on that one.
<Complete_Zero> "Uhm…….. I dare you to…" Jon looked at Lisa, "Cuddle with Lisa for two rounds."
<Complete_Zero> Jon looked at his phone for a text from Zita.
<Antichthon> "Aww, that'll be easy for them. They do worse in their videos!"
<gumbal1> "I can certainly see where this group stands on the issue of me and Andrey."
<@Silvors> Zita gives a thumbs up to Lisa before bursting into laughter.
<Antichthon> "Well, of course Jon wants to see two girls cuddling," Athene joked.
<gumbal1> "…er, Andrey's a man."
<@Silvors> Zita giggles more at that.
<Complete_Zero> "… Tha-…" He kept quiet, now. Speaking would only make it worse.
<Antichthon> Athene froze. Her gaze went down to Andrey's chest. then hips. back to her—his face. "Um. S-sorry, no one told me-" you were transgender. "…yeah, uh. My bad."
<@Silvors> Zita kisses Athene's cheek and giggles some more! This is hilarious!
Session Time: Thu Mar 17 00:00:00 2016
<@Nemi> Andrey shrugs. ".. yah, is fine, I get it."
<@Nemi> Andrey scootches over toward Lisa and .. Puts an arm about her!
<@Silvors> "Pick somebody, mister rockstar."
<gumbal1> "Hardly cuddling." Lisa puts both arms around Andrey, nuzzling into his hair. "Put more work into it~."
<@Nemi> ".. yaah, I know, fine.. Uuuh.." Andrey scoops Lisa right up and what follows is best described as 'like a two-person mosh pit of affection'. It's really something.
<Complete_Zero> Jon blushes and looks away.
<@Silvors> "Pick somebody and get a room, you two!" Zita says, throwing a pillow at them.
<Antichthon> Athene blushed, looked down and took out her phone for a quick text.
<gumbal1> "More like it~."
<Antichthon> "Ooookay, but, um. You gotta pick someone, Andrey."
<@Nemi> "… aight! So!" Andrey stows his phone back in his top and then looks about, leaving Lisa across his lap.. ".. right, so, uh, who needs to go?"
<@Silvors> "Athene!" Zita volunteers without thinking!
<Complete_Zero> Jonathan waits for things to happen.
<@Nemi> "Athene! Truth'r Dare?"
<Antichthon> "Uh," quick glance at Zita. "Dare."
<@Silvors> Zita looks at Andrey with a grin, tugs on the arm of Athene's jacket, and mimes putting it on herself.
<@Nemi> ".. dare /you/ to out-cuddle me. Come at me. On.. Zita the Coolcutest or whatever."
<@Silvors> Zita blinks a few times. That was the wrong interpretation! She wanted the jacket, damn it! But fine. She looks at Athene and gives a nervous giggle and a smile.
<Antichthon> "Uh. Wait, I'm confused. you want me to cuddle you or Zita?" Either way, her head was sinking into her shoulders again like a turtle.
<Complete_Zero> Jon scoots away from Zita a bit, expecting Athene to take Zita up like a boa constrictor.
<@Silvors> "Me! I think!" Zita says with a smile. She could out cuddle anybody! Would that count? If she cuddled Athene super hard?
<gumbal1> "Gonna be hard." And Lisa redoubles her cuddle efforts.
<Complete_Zero> Meanwhile, Jon sits by himself while peeps cuddle.
<Antichthon> Athene gave Lisa a challenging, but still friendly, look. "Oh, you think so, do you? No one can, like, out-cuddle a snake." And Jon was right, that was exactly what Athene did. she lunged forward and wrappped Zita up in tight coil after coil, and barring any great resistance on her part, she'd soon be swallowed up entirely.
<@Silvors> Zita grabbed onto whatever parts of Athene she could with her arms and legs, then she snuggled and nuzzled!
<gumbal1> "…well played. Now, who's your next victim?"
<@Nemi> "Haaa! Well done!"
<Antichthon> Athene looked from the lisa-andrey cuddle-session to her own lumpy mass of coils. No trace of Zita remained. "…I dunno, you two look more lovey-dovey." Athene just looked like she was preparing her next meal.
<Complete_Zero> Jon just watched the cuddle fest go, slightly concerned about Zita. She could handle herself.
<@Silvors> Zita was trying to get her head out of the confines of snake!
<Antichthon> But, she shrugged. "Uh…shoot, who hasn't gone in a while? Lisa! Truth or Dare?"
<Antichthon> And after a few more moments, Athene let Zita's head out. But only the head.
<gumbal1> "Hm. Dare. Last one was a truth."
<@Silvors> Zita moved her head forward to give a brief kiss to Athene's lips. She wanted to win the affection game, damn it! SHE CAN'T LOSE TO LISA!
<Antichthon> "Ah, crap I keep picking the wron-" The kiss was unexpected, and Athene recoiled, slapping both hands over her mouth. She also squeezed Zita like a bottle of mustard. It was only a second though, before she collapsed into laughter. And no, with any luck Zita's bones wouldn't be pulverized. "That's not fair!" She got out between fits.
<gumbal1> "I'm waiting on your dare with baited breath."
<@Silvors> Zita's eyes went wide at the crushing squeeze and she almost bit herself before Athene let up. "I win!" Zita says with a giggle and a happy smile. "Ours was more affectiony! We win!" Zita says with a nod before she falls into more giggles.
<Antichthon> Athene composed herself. "Ugggh, how am I supposed to dare you, nothing upsets yoooou." Think, think. Aha! "…take off like, one piece of clothing. And not like, socks. Something important."
<Complete_Zero> Jon turns his hand into mist, then snaps it back at the mention of that dare, suddenly going a deep red and steaming up.
<@Nemi> Andrey immediately cracks up.
<gumbal1> Lisa blinks. "…oh. I…" Lisa blinks a few more times, before removing her tights, trying to keep herself covered. Then, once she's done, she tosses them over to Athene. "You again, then, Athene. I'll be wanting those back after the game."
<Complete_Zero> Jon watches, still red. Oh, God what was even happenings?
<Antichthon> Athene reddened and giggled like never before. She wrapped up the tights into a ball, and was so focused on them she didn't think things through. "Dare. I mean-wait. Shit!" Hand over her mouth, before she remembered she probably didn't have to watch her language here. "Can I change it?"
<@Nemi> "Too late I think!"
<gumbal1> "No, not quite. And you can give me your fur coat while you're at it. I feel rather cold without my tights."
<Silvy> Zita keeps on giggling. "Hey! I want the coat!"
<Complete_Zero> Jonathan went back to playing with a little bit of mist in his hand, the small cloud swirled around.
<@Nemi> ".. man we really playing strip truth or dare?" The thought seems to strike the rocker as hilarious.
<Antichthon> Athene's whole head was red, now. She was laughing, but clearly out of embarassment. Still, just desserts, right? Part of her was impartial enough to see that. Still red and laughing, Athene unzipped her coat with one hand. It had looked loose. It wasn't. She spilled out immediately. Her undershirt was a bright pink. She took off her jacket and threw it over, before crossing her arms under her huge bust. Still red, still laughing, and now a few tears, too.
<Complete_Zero> By now, he's been kinda separated from the group as a whole. While everyone else is cuddling, and taking their clothes off, Jonathan just sits quietly going unnoticed.
<gumbal1> …okay christ Lisa didn't need this. Lisa takes the jacket and wraps it around her legs. "Your turn again. Reminder the Jon hasn't gone yet."
<gumbal1> Oh god she's blushing.
<@Nemi> "Yah, he hasn't!"
<Antichthon> "…J-Jon," Athene squeaked. "Truth or Dare?"
<Complete_Zero> He looked up, "Uhm…" He was blushing hard as well, "… Dare?" He kinda wanted to get into the game, but hoped it wasn't too bad.
<Silvy> Zita's eyes went wide at Athene and she leaned her head over to rest on Athene's shoulder. Zita says before asking to get out and, succeeding that, she pipes in a loud, yawny voice. "Athene. I dare you to sleepover tonight." In more of a quiet mumble as she nuzzles her snakefriend. One last word was barely heard as she nuzzled herself to sleep snuggling Athene. "S-Super… c-cute." That last word was almost inaudible. Almost.
<Silvy> Athene could maybe pick it up as Zita fell asleep with a tight hug on her half-snake friend.
<Antichthon> Athene had mostly stopped giggling, but she hadn't stopped crying and her face was still red as hell. "I dare you," she wheezed, staring at the ground. Her brain wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders at the moment"I dare you to…strip to your boxers." Zita was basically forgotten.
<@Nemi> Andrey snickers and laughs hard.
<gumbal1> …Lisa's really red right now, with a heavily annoyed expression on her face accompanied by a refusal to make eye contact.
<Complete_Zero> "…" Jonathan puffed out a cloud of steam and began to undress.
<gumbal1> She's really glad she didn't invite Sister Lisa to this, this…this.
<@Nemi> ".. ooooh man he's actually doin' it!" Andrey wolf-whistles.
<Complete_Zero> He wasn't super fit at all…. at all. Quite skinny. Once he was down to his boxers, Jon put his pile of clothes in front of him. Steam rose from his body furiously.
<gumbal1> "…athenedidyoureallyhavetooutdome"
<Antichthon> Taking inspiration from Lisa, Athene tried to cover herself with the tights. No way she was hiding all that. She didn't sneak a glance at Jon; she was still hunched over, hiding what she could, staring at the ground. Whatever Lisa said gave her another giggle attack, but she couldn't make out the words. "…Your turn, Jon."
<Complete_Zero> "Uhm…… Lisa. Truth or Dare."
<gumbal1> "…truth. If I chose dare I'll probably end up naked or something along those lines."
<Complete_Zero> "…….. I wouldn't tell you to do that…"
<gumbal1> Lisa's mind raced for several wrong reasons. "Well, what's the truth?"
<@Nemi> Andrey cracks up laughing hard.
<Complete_Zero> "Uhm… Did you want me to kiss you again earlier in the game?"
<gumbal1> "…I'm gonna be perfectly honest? Yes. Very forcefully. And maybe some other stuff too, fuck it, who even cares right now?" Lisa throws her hands into the air. "I have a huge fucking crush on you, alright? Is that what you wanted to hear? Are you happy?!"
<Complete_Zero> "…. You…. you do? I… had no idea…"
<@Nemi> "Hey, take it! Lisa's really cool!"
<Antichthon> Normally, Lisa's reaction might have been sign enough that they'd gone as far as they should, but Athene wasn't exactly thinking clearly. Without looking up, Athene pointed a shakey finger at Andrey. "Andrey's getting off." Beat. "I m-mean, Andrey's getting off like, free. Do him next."
<gumbal1> "You don't even fucking know how adorable you are, and that's honestly the worst part about you. And, you know what? Fine. Andrey, pick your poison."
<@Nemi> "What, do me? I haven't even had dinner though!"
<@Nemi> ".. dare."
<Complete_Zero> Jonathan blushed massively at Lisa. He was always dense like that…
<Antichthon> "…Maybe we should stop after Andrey?" It wans't Jon and Lisa. Athene didn't want to risk losing more clothes.
<Complete_Zero> How he didn't know? It was pretty obvious. He was terrible with women.
<gumbal1> "Fine. I dare our next song cover to be Perturbator's Sexualizer, complete with swan masks for the music video."
<@Nemi> "Fuckin' /done/. Let's make it happen."
<Antichthon> Athene finally looked up. "…so who won?"
<gumbal1> "Maybe we should, Athene. Jon, any plans for tonight?"
<Complete_Zero> "Plans? No, not really…"
<gumbal1> "Good. Want to make some?"
<Complete_Zero> "Uhm…"
<Antichthon> She was finally aware of the thing between Jon and Lisa. "Aww!" she managed to squeak, like it was the cutest thing ever.
<Complete_Zero> "You mean… a date?"
<@Nemi> Andrey similarly grins, apparently feeling much the same. Lisa get an enthusiastic double thumbs-up and double finger-guns.
<Antichthon> "…Is anyone else feeling tingly? I'm all tingly." From hyperventilating.
<@Nemi> ".. nope!"
<gumbal1> "Potentially, more 'furiously making out back at my room'. I'm at the point where I'm done, I think."
<Complete_Zero> "Uhm…." Jon gathered his clothes and looked at Lisa and everyone else, "S-sure?"
<@Nemi> "You two have fun, yeah? I gotta meet a girl for stargazing.. Yo, you wanna have the snacks later, with Zita or whatever, go for it! Brought it for you all!"
<gumbal1> "Fucking incredible." Lisa, taking back her tights and tossing the fur coat back to Athene, walks over to John to plant a kiss on his dumb, clueless face, then turns for the door. "I'll go ahead. Come soon."
<Antichthon> Athene gave a girly clap. "Yaaay!" To Andrey, "Just wait until Zita hears about this." And when Lisa returned her coat, she veritably cried with relief.
<gumbal1> And one more look to Zita. "…and you thought I couldn't do it. Fuck you, I am the greatest there ever was."
<gumbal1> And with that, Lisa storms out.
<@Nemi> Andrey laughs and rises. ".. yah, think is time for me to go."
<Antichthon> After putting on her coat, she waved. "Baaaai!"
<Complete_Zero> Jonathan reddens and mists out, quickly.
<@Nemi> Andrey rises and plods out, snickering the whole way.
<Antichthon> "I-I, um. T-think I did good, don't you?" Athene said, once it was just her and Zita left. She threw her voice, and used Zita as a puppet. "Yes, Athene! You did soooooper-amazingly!" "Thanks, Zita." She collapsed on her back and was asleep soon after.

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