Something's Waiting in the Waters of Love

May 01 15:06:52 <gumbal1> -mine fucker-
May 01 15:09:09 <gumbal1> One Katlyn LeBlanc, trouble student and painter extraordinare, gets a text on her phone from a private number. <Please come to my office in [OFFICENUMBER]. You are not in trouble. -Dr. Renee Bolton.>
May 01 15:12:13 <LipstickThespian> Getting used to the new school was, well, it was going alright. Madeline and her had settled alright and she was getting used to the idea of being in a colder climate. Of course, she had hoped to spend the day unpacking and sorting out exactly what this brave new world was like. Instead, she checked her phone and frowned. Giving Madeline a kiss and promising her that she would
May 01 15:12:13 <LipstickThespian> come back and do her fair share of work, she was off. Headed to the new administration building, she tugged her scarf tight. Winters were annoying, at least she could dress warmly. After checking with the secretary, she headed upstairs and gave a knock at the door indicated in her text.
May 01 15:14:15 <gumbal1> "The door is open. Come in." Bolton's new office is much like her old one, with vintage medical posters and various photographs of various people lining the walls, filing cabinets taking up most of the space, and a mahogany desk where the tall, gaunt woman with the hawkish face sits. What is new is that odd painting of a tall woman (whose features resemble a human as a complete nonhuman might imagine them) dressed in blue, sitting on a sta
May 01 15:14:15 <gumbal1> nd. "Thank you for coming. I believe I should tell you why I called you here. I have reason to believe that this," Bolton gestures to the painting. "is currently possessed by an anomaly, though given it's value, I would rather not destroy it outright. Instead, I would ask that you help to drive the anomaly out with your powers."
May 01 15:15:14 <gumbal1> "You will, of course, be rewarded for this. I will also look into increasing your security rating to a less restrictive one for efficient cooperation, though I can make no promises."
May 01 15:18:40 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn was getting used to the old designs of the buildings, and yet all the contents were somewhat familiar to her. Not this Doctor, though, at least she couldn't remember her before. Her mismatched eyes dart to the painting behind Bolton and linger on it for a second before Bolton's speech breaks her concentration. She closes the door behind herself and stands near the
May 01 15:18:40 <LipstickThespian> entrance, holding her satchel by it's strap as she listens. At first she wasn't exactly excited to deal with the issue, mostly because new school life blues were getting to her. Then, the sweet part. Lowering her security rating? That would be nice, really nice. With everything she had on record. Did records come over to the new school? She didn't know. A text is sent in
May 01 15:18:41 <LipstickThespian> answer. <okay.> she writes, before asking <what do i need to do.>
May 01 15:21:08 <gumbal1> "You have power over paint, if your records are any indication. All I need you to do is to try and interact this painting," For a brief second, the woman in the painting seems to blink…did she always have jet black hair? "and find a way to coax said anomaly outside of it."
May 01 15:23:25 <LipstickThespian> Well, that part was true. Katlyn's eyes flit up when she sees movement. It's just a stupid painting, Katlyn can figure this out. Maybe it's just, in the frame or something. She could call Leah for help maybe, but that didn't need to happen unless it turned out to be a spirit. Stepping over to it she adjusted her scarf, it was hot in here. With a breath, she reached over and
May 01 15:23:26 <LipstickThespian> ran her hand along the frame of it. Then decided to get it over with, and she brushed a hand over the surface of the painted canvas. Trying to bring the painting into her own little alternate reality.
May 01 15:27:30 <gumbal1> For all the cold of this new little facility, the painting is oddly warm. Like flesh, maybe, or a VHS player that's been running for too long, or…well, this was odd. The painting appears to be fading from the canvas…no wait. That's just her vision that's fading wait what? What's going on? What's going on? What's goin-Katlyn, it's time to get up. Light's streaming through your window, and someone's gonna be by any second to wake you up a
May 01 15:27:30 <gumbal1> nyways. Plus, it's a big day. There's that family dinner the LeBlancs are having with the Fitzroys.
May 01 15:28:43 <gumbal1> …you know, the birds are awfully quiet right about now. Eh. The October 13th, 2012 paper did say climate change did weird things to animal migration patterns.
May 01 15:30:36 <LipstickThespian> A VHS player? Odd, odd sensation as it was. The painting, that woman who had jet black hair. It was jet black, right? It was fading. Katlyn wasn't sure if she should be trying to capture the painting inside of her but- no. That's not right. Her vision is bluring, something is wrong. Wait? What? She tried to open her eyes. There was light streaming through the windows. Didn't
May 01 15:30:37 <LipstickThespian> she have black out curtains in her room? She hadn't hung them in the new dorm. Wait, where are the birds? The Fitzroys were coming over, she had the thought of that, and she didn't know why. That was a name long lost to her when she had left home for Sunnybrook. She was so far removed from that. Where was she?
May 01 15:33:11 <gumbal1> You always kinda thought you had a pretty nice, if somewhat sparse bedroom. The curtains were lovely, the bedding was comfy, and that painting of the tall, jet black haired woman on the wall was always…okay, you probably could have done without that. Especially when you were trying to sleep and it just wouldn't stop staring.
May 01 15:33:17 <gumbal1> *nice room
May 01 15:33:24 <gumbal1> *redact that
May 01 15:39:18 <LipstickThespian> Pushing back the comforter, it was far too big and the simple white pattern was too easy to get dirty, Katlyn sat up. The four post bed was an heirloom, she had been told. It felt much too large for her, big enough for a whole family to sleep in. The canopy was always drawn back but it framed it nicely, and the pillow were much too soft. Still, the large windows were lovely
May 01 15:39:18 <LipstickThespian> and the windows were cracked gently to let in a breeze. When did that painting get there? Mother must have gotten it and had it put up, she didn't like it. Wait, Katlyn had to stop. This was her room. Not her room, but the room she had long ago. With it's canopy bed and dressing table, it's vanity and it's large open wood floor. White furniture, pale cream walls with ornate
May 01 15:39:18 <LipstickThespian> moulding. This was not where she thought she should be.
May 01 15:41:19 <gumbal1> Is it really, Katlyn? Where else should you be but home? Still, from the clock on the wall, it's…7:37 AM. Still some time before you need to come down for breakfast.
May 01 15:42:53 <LipstickThespian> Sliding over to the edge of the bed, she found herself dropping down to the floor. Still in her nightgown, she hadn't worn a nightgown since she was a kid. Walking slowly across the wood floor, she made her way over to the window too look out. She couldn't honestly be back home, could she?
May 01 15:45:38 <gumbal1> Well, the garden is rather beautiful. Not many people milling about it at this time, except two young adults, both women, dressed…oddly. Clothing style looks far more 70s than new 10s. Eh, must be those Fitzroy elder daughters, came here early. Maman always liked to tell you they were troublemakers.
May 01 15:48:59 <LipstickThespian> The garden was always beautiful this time of the year, the flowers in bloom and the hedges trimmed just so. That clothing was odd, even for Fitzroys, but that wasn't what upset her. What upset her was the fact that she couldn't mistake it, she was home. And she was ill prepared for this. Facing the world of the supernatural was easy, a dinner with one of your family's oldest
May 01 15:48:59 <LipstickThespian> business partners and their troublesome daughters? This didn't bode well. Breakfast was soon, she had over slept. A maid usually woke her up, this was a mistake obviously. So she turned and rushed to her wardrobe. Something to put on, she needed to get dressed.
May 01 15:52:19 <gumbal1> Little in the way of hipster wear here. Clothing fit for the daughter of such an esteemed family sits in the wardrobe, as expected. Though…hm. Katlyn isn't quite sure where the sapphire pendant, surrounded by bits of cinnabar-Katlyn might not want to put that on, come to think of it. At the very least, something with less toxic gemstones.
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May 01 15:56:11 <LipstickThespian> This was home, this wasn't her usual wardrobe though. So in a hurry she threw on a simple blue dress with it's simple skirt. Short sleeves for the weather, but white tights for a hatred of her legs paleness. As she went about getting ready, she stopped at the vanity after grabbing some jewelry that wasn't so odd. When did she get that pendant anyway? Some simple silver and
May 01 15:56:11 <LipstickThespian> diamonds, to show off to the Fitzroy's. Looking in the mirror she saw that, oddly, she wasn't the same Katlyn. Well, the same her from another time. Long blonde locks that settle over her shoulders, those same mismatched eyes, and a childish face that was far from the Katlyn she would see in the mirror. She shook her head, tried to shake the feeling that she was here. This was
May 01 15:56:11 <LipstickThespian> a painting Kat, wasn't it? The breeze felt too real.
May 01 15:57:59 <gumbal1> Of course. But that doesn't mean it's not real. Well, you better get going. People are a waitin', even if the maid isn't seemingly one of them.
May 01 16:00:10 <LipstickThespian> She knew the house just as well as before. Out the door into the hall, windows on one side and rooms on the other. Tall ceilings, and impossibly dull decorations. Small tables and chairs for looks, not for use. Delicately dusted by the staff. She hurried, didn't want to be late for the ire it may bring. Down the long curved staircase in the atrium and across the entryway to
May 01 16:00:10 <LipstickThespian> the breakfast nook. The doors would be open and they would eat on the patio by the flowering garden, that's what they always did this time of year. Right?
May 01 16:02:28 <gumbal1> Your hallway, that old hallway outside your room. Still as long as you remember, perhaps longer. The gentle fall breeze seems to be blowing, almost bringing a humming in the air. Not many people milling about, and thankfully, you're not the only one who was late for breakfast. Only other person there is that awkward boy, Daniel Fiztroy, the only blonde in the family (generally rumored to be a bastard child), awkwardly poking at a too-fancy ome
May 01 16:02:28 <gumbal1> let.
May 01 16:06:43 <LipstickThespian> Her parents had, at more than one event, forced Katlyn to dance with Daniel. He would be a good partner, they would say. Though he was a little cold and some said he had interests in dark magic like it was something to worry about. The boy was just odd, which wasn't why Katlyn had asked not to do so. Daniel was sweet, too sweet, when they would dance he would hold her hand a
May 01 16:06:43 <LipstickThespian> little too tightly. Why did it have to be him of all people to be there with her. She walked over and gave a short curtsey, it was customary and her family would chastise her if she wasn't proper around guests. Then sat down at the table with him. She forgot to grab a pen, or paper, how was she supposed to ask him what was happening?
May 01 16:08:49 <gumbal1> "…hi." Daniel always felt weird around you. Maybe because he was used to being around girls who were older than him. With that many older sisters, you kinda get used to it. "…how are you?" Of course, where the Fitzroy sisters where infamous for their rebelliousness, Daniel was infamous for generally just being an awkward shit. That and the aformentioned rumors of dark practices. Plus that a rumor of closeted homosexuality, though t
May 01 16:08:49 <gumbal1> hat might be an extension of misinterpretaions regarding his somewhat feminine interests, like botany. "…I saw something in the crawlspace. Back of the sitting room."
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May 01 16:14:51 <LipstickThespian> An awkward little shit. Though, she had heard others talk about her in the same tone sometimes. Maybe that's why the two were often found together despite her distaste for him and his odd blonde hair. She hadn't given in to the gossip about his, well, interests in feminine things and his often flamboyant nature. Compared to him, Katlyn was boyish by nature. Neither of their
May 01 16:14:51 <LipstickThespian> choices in hobby or personal grooming seemed to make their parents happy. So she acting like a girly girl who was ready to meet her future husband, while he acted like he cared for pants over skirts. She wanted to answer him, and then remembered that this wasn't her usual day. Maybe. "Good morning, Daniel." Speak properly, her parents drilled that into her. "I'm well, I
May 01 16:14:51 <LipstickThespian> overslept. I- you say something? What was it?
May 01 16:18:47 <gumbal1> "That weird box papa always has with him. I saw it in the crawlspace." Just as well. Daniel liked to pretend he didn't overhear gossip about many a thing. Not that there was much stopping him. Elizabeth Fitzroy just couldn't keep her mouth shut. "That's okay. I had to be woken up many times today." The breakfast set out was perhaps not meant for veganism in mind, but Katlyn could manage. Probably.
May 01 16:22:22 <LipstickThespian> "Have you looked in it?" Katlyn asked him as she picked up a fork. Playing her part in the little scene, her parents would snap at her if she didn't eat. And snap at her if she ate too much. They never cared for her diet choices, and she couldn't really follow her vegan choices until she left home anyway. Still, being away from dairy and meat for so long, she hoped she
May 01 16:22:22 <LipstickThespian> wouldn't get sick. "You should go to sleep earlier, you know. It's unpleasant to have to be woken many times."
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May 01 16:24:26 <gumbal1> The crab cakes are nice, at least, if filled with murdered shellfish. "Papa tells me not to look inside. He told all of us not to." Daniel, meanwhile, seems not as hungry. "I try. It's hard."
May 01 16:26:31 <LipstickThespian> Nice, murdered breakfast. Oh, to be back home. "We should go look inside of it, Katlyn proposes to him as she sets her fork down. She couldn't stomach much of the breakfast. "If anyone else comes they'll think we've gone out to play."
May 01 16:29:58 <gumbal1> "You go." Daniel, finally, looks up to make eye contact. "But not even Cassandra wants to break that rule Papa gave us." Ah, good old Cassandra Fitzroy. Said to be a fellow anomaly (something about the Harbinger of the Minotaur or something), and the one person who could rival present-day Kat for troublemaking.
May 01 16:32:40 <LipstickThespian> "Your Father is-" misogynistic, assholic, an idiot, a bastard, crude, an abuser, and a fucker "-difficult. I'll go look, he wouldn't raise a hand towards me in my own home." Katlyn pushes back her chair and gives some thought, Cassandra was odd. Someone Kat would never admit influenced her but still held her interest even now. "If Cassandra comes down, tell her I'd
May 01 16:32:41 <LipstickThespian> like to speak with her. Don't tell anyone where I've gone.
" Turning, she headed off towards the crawlspace. Where the old furniture was kept, and the maids never dusted.
May 01 16:37:01 <gumbal1> That was one, incredibly accurate way to describe Aldric Fitzroy. "I wouldn't dare." The sitting room is empty, save for a sleeping Danielle Fitzroy. The least problematic member of the family, or as unproblematic as you can get when you're a chronic cheater in school and board games. That old crawlspace, half hidden by a rug. Any child would be interested in what secrets it held, wouldn't they?
May 01 16:40:58 <LipstickThespian> Say what you will about Daniel Fitzroy, but the boy had more character than most of his family could boast. Katlyn took to walking quietly, going so far as to slip her mary jane shoes off and walk across the sitting room with tights only. It made it easier to sneak around the large mansion, she had grown used to that. Danielle was a blight on that family, but that family was
May 01 16:40:58 <LipstickThespian> made mostly of blights and at least she was proud of it. Tugging the rug out of the way, Katlyn tugged on the entrance and found herself slipping into the crawlspace. Hoping the old electric lights still worked as she reached for the switch.
May 01 16:45:12 <gumbal1> For all intensive purposes, the crawlspace should have been dirty, grimy, unused. If not for Bernard, that eccentric servant who oversaw the basement and attic. Course, no real reason to. Nothing was kept in the crawlspace…not when Katlyn lived there, anyways. A recreation of that one painting, a cubist rendition, hangs on the wall. A pale, mahogany box, easily capable of holding Katlyn if she tried to get in, sits in the middle of the room.
May 01 16:48:54 <LipstickThespian> Bernad always gave Katlyn the creeps, maybe it was how he said her name. That odd, odd way he drew out the letters and made it roll off his snake like tongue. Walking over to the box, she tried to recall if Daniel had ever descriped it. The crawlspace was a throwaway from old times, the painting was something that she dared not look at it. It seemed to watch her, but she ignored
May 01 16:48:54 <LipstickThespian> it for the box. Running her hands over it, she tried to find a latch, something keeping it closed, before trying to lift it open and look inside.
May 01 16:49:00 <LipstickThespian> Bernard*
May 01 16:51:08 <gumbal1> No latches, no. This thing must have been meant to stay closed. But there is a tiny hole on one side, perhaps enough to fit a small arm through.
May 01 16:53:10 <LipstickThespian> Well, Katlyn didn't believe that anything here could do much to her. This was a painting, really real, but a painting still right? So she dropped down and looked at the hole. Okay, bad idea, but she didn't have a flashlight or her phone to check in it. Time to see how deep this rabbit hole went, reaching forward to stick her arm in the hole and dig around.
May 01 16:55:54 <gumbal1> Inside the box is something, well, leathery, covered by a thin layer of cloth. Feeling around a bit more, there's a bit of feathery material thrown in as well. Unfortunately, it's a bit too dark to actually see what exactly lies inside this box.
May 01 16:58:04 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn can try and bring it out of the box, maybe. At least, she wants to try and pull it through the hole if she can. What could the Fitzroy's want to store in such an ornate box anyway.
May 01 16:59:46 <gumbal1> Trying to bring much out of the box tears the cloth, at first. Though, feeling around, Katlyn can eventually find something somewhat thinner than the rest, easy able to be pulled out…that's an arm. Feathery, sure, with weird bone-structures coming off it. But that's still an arm.
May 01 17:03:25 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn jumps back and stumbles as she sees the arm. Shit, shit. What the hell are the Fitzroy's getting at with this creepy shit? She stands and turns, she needs to get away from this as quickly as possible. Back upstairs, now.
May 01 17:06:02 <gumbal1> Who knows. The Fitzroys were weird but they brought business to the table. Danielle appears to have woken up in this time, but she ignores Katlyn coming up in favor of sleepily reading some obscure German book. Back at the patio, Cass and Elizabeth seem to have finally come down for breakfast. Daniel's gone, though.
May 01 17:07:57 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn is quick to pull the rug back to where it was, only giving a short glance to Danielle. She could ignore the girl, because the girl usually ignored everyone else. Coming out to the patio, she curses her luck. Cass was one thing, but Elizabeth with her was set for failure. "Good morning," she says to the two of them. They had her beaten by a year or two in age, depending
May 01 17:07:57 <LipstickThespian> on the sister. She dropped into a quick curtsey and then sat down with them.
May 01 17:11:36 <gumbal1> "Hey, Kat." Cassandra seems to have dressed more for attending her little brother's football game than for anything fance, with her plaid jacket, off-white undershirt, and black slacks. "Hi." Elizabeth, at least, is dressed nicely with her creme dress and tights.
May 01 17:13:06 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn felt dressed up compared to Cassandra, but she really only felt jealous that the girl could manage to dress that way without setting off her parents. "Where did Daniel go?" She asks the two.
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May 01 17:15:43 <gumbal1> "Little bro wasn't hungry. Took the liberty of finishing off his plate." One of the more obvious ways Cass's anomaly presented itself was by simply how much food she needed to eat to not starve. Katlyn could swear half of what was there on the table when she first left was gone. "So what's new?"
May 01 17:16:47 <gumbal1> Elizabeth, the younger of the two, was grinning at something only she seemingly knew. Little girl was too perceptive for her own good.
May 01 17:19:30 <LipstickThespian> Cass was different, but no one ever seemed to really notice. Katlyn had seen it, over the years. They were both just a little different, but Cass was more noticeable that Kat's little drawings. At least someone enjoyed the meal, even if she couldn't stomach it. "Nothing is really new, my parents came back from their last trip to Florence just this weekend." She glanced over
May 01 17:19:30 <LipstickThespian> to Elizabeth and straightened her back. Was her posture off? "What are you smiling about, Elizabeth?"
May 01 17:22:32 <gumbal1> Cass grinned. "And they didn't bring you along? Sucks. Florence is pretty cool." Elizabeth, meanwhile, rocks in her chair. "I saw Papa and that one pretty maid heading for the orchard. Papa hates fruit."
May 01 17:24:07 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head, her parents often forgot her at home and let the Au Pair deal with her while they traveled. "Elizabeth, you shouldn't gossip so much. It doesn't suit you." She would complain, but still through a glance towards the orchard.
May 01 17:24:09 <gumbal1> "I bet if I find him there with her, he'll have to buy me that necklace I told him I wanted." Elizabeth would definetly grow up to be some kind of businesswoman. Maybe for a less than legitimate business, like money laundering. Or managing overseas factories.
May 01 17:25:38 <LipstickThespian> "You shouldn't pressure your parents like that, you know." Said Katlyn, the only daughter of her family. Who could have everything she wanted if she had the strength to speak back to her parents once. Instead, she was nothing more than an accessory most days. Haunting the mansion and being a good daughter.
May 01 17:26:42 <gumbal1> "I tell her that, but girl's got good eyes and ears, and not much else to use them for." Cass forks a slice of mango whole, and Katlyn might spot a second pair of teeth on her. "'side, no offence but it's kinda boring at the mansion. What do you do here for fun, anyways?"
May 01 17:30:16 <LipstickThespian> Elizabeth was always more perceptive, but maybe Katlyn had this idea that Cassandra couldn't be the only slip up in their family. They were an odd group, and she wouldn't be surprised if the whole family was sporting some differences that put them apart from regular socialites. She watches Cass eat and glances away quickly. "I paint," she admitted. It was about all she got
May 01 17:30:16 <LipstickThespian> up to anymore. She would never admit she played guitar, only the servants and her disappointed parents knew that. "Sometimes I'll walk the gardens or read." Never inviting friends over, none to invite.
May 01 17:33:00 <gumbal1> "Right, yeah. Sounds like a you thing." Another mango slice near swallowed whole.
May 01 17:33:10 <gumbal1> "You've been up to something as well, haven't you?"
May 01 17:34:05 <gumbal1> Elizabeth smiled at Katlyn. This meant nothing. Elizabeth always smiled, and you could always tell something was seriously wrong with her because then she wouldn't be smiling.
May 01 17:35:16 <LipstickThespian> "I haven't been up to anything, I was just late getting up and coming to breakfast." Katlyn would tell Cass to eat more daintily, but it was a lost cause. Instead she turned her to look at Elizabeth.
May 01 17:37:00 <gumbal1> "You saw her, didn't you? Miriam of Dunsen." Said in that same, sweet tone Beth always takes to things.
May 01 17:38:03 <LipstickThespian> "You're talking nonsense again." Beth was a bit of an odd one, she knew and saw more than anyone else, it was unsettling.
May 01 17:40:37 <gumbal1> She had special eyes, she liked to say. Green, instead of the normal Fitzroy brown (save the blue-eyed Daniel). "Aldric is going to be mad when he sees how you left her hanging out of the box. He's gonna be really mad."
May 01 17:43:45 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn was envious, her mismatched eyes got compliments for their oddity. Beth's were compliment for their beauty. Daniel's for their softness. "I don't know what you're talking about," Katlyn was firm. Though there was a flash of fear as she realized she had left the arm sticking out. She couldn't go back now, could she?
May 01 17:45:36 <gumbal1> "{And I bet,}}" Beth leans in now. "He's gonna be real mad when he learns what you brought with you when you came back here."
May 01 17:46:44 <LipstickThespian> "I didn't do anything, Elizabeth." Katlyn glanced to look around, had something caught on her when she came upstairs?
May 01 17:48:44 <gumbal1> "It's all over you. You brought the blue woman back." Cass seemingly ignores the conversation, instead focusing on finishing up some blueberry crepes. And…hrm. When did that sapphira/cinnabar pendant get on you?
May 01 17:50:58 <LipstickThespian> "The blue woman?" Katlyn wasn't sure what that meant. Cass had a sweet tooth today. Reaching down, she brushed a hand over the pendant. She didn't remember putting it on.
May 01 17:51:41 <gumbal1> "You've seen her. The girl in the painting."
May 01 17:52:45 <LipstickThespian> "I'm going to go find Daniel." Katlyn says as she pushes back her chair. "Stop making things up, Elizabeth."
May 01 17:54:12 <gumbal1> "Alright. Bye, Katlyn." "See ya, Kat." Both wave her off.
May 01 17:55:03 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn walks out of the room, since whne did Cass call her Kat? She headed for the stairs, she needed to get far away from that box. Stopping in the atrium, she reached up to try and unclasp the pendant. To get it off of her.
May 01 17:58:11 <gumbal1> The pendant comes off easily enough. Not many people in the atrium. There's Renee Moreau (nee Fitzroy), stting in the foyer, reading some cheap American romance novel. No real sign of Daniel.
May 01 17:59:39 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn sets the pendant on a hallway table, and leaves it there for some servant to pick up. "Good day, she says to Renee as she heads up stairs and raises a hand to her mouth. "Daniel!" she calls out, not too loudly mind you.
May 01 18:01:48 <gumbal1> Renee doesn't much respond. Even if it wasn't too loud, there still is a noticeable echo as Katlyn makes her way through the hallway…was it always this long? The wind seems to have picked back up from earlier, stilling sounding as a woman's humming.
May 01 18:02:27 <gumbal1> …that's the pendant, back on the hallway table before her.
May 01 18:02:55 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn hurried herself, to get away from the crawlspace and any of the Fitzroy's she couldn't manage. She slows to a stop when she sees the pendant, was she going in circles? How? She glanced around to try and figure out where she is. Calling out Daniel's name again.
May 01 18:04:38 <gumbal1> The hallway's been going on for quite some time. Looking out the window, well, the garden was never that long. Or overgrown. Still, no one answers but the wind.
May 01 18:05:17 <LipstickThespian> "Daniel!" Katlyn cries as she turns and starts to run down the hall. She wasn't allowed to run in the halls, but she wasn't entirely sure there was anyone home to yell at her.
May 01 18:08:22 <gumbal1> And yet you're getting nowhere, fast. Just running, running, running, until…
May 01 18:08:30 <gumbal1> …you trip on the carpet.
May 01 18:09:31 <LipstickThespian> Stumble, and then fall. Maybe Katlyn should have put her shoes back on. The carpets were thin, and she felt the impact and let out a sudden cry of pain. It hurt to fall, afterall.
May 01 18:11:33 <gumbal1> Ah, the memories of youth. Stumbling and falling onto carpet, getting hurt, finding yourself trapped in an endless hallway whereing the walls are lined completely with the image of that woman in blue…wait. Was it always like that.
May 01 18:11:41 <gumbal1> Katlyn hears footsteps behind her.
May 01 18:12:11 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn tried to stand up, but before she could she saw that damn image. That fucking woman with her black hair. She turned at the footsteps, no time to deal with a scraped knee.
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May 01 18:13:51 <gumbal1> It's, well…you. 6 years in the future. Hair dyed, fancy dressed switched out for scarves and tights, guitar slung over her back…holding a paintbrush, oddly enough. Lacking a voice, Kat chooses to sign instead. 'can you walk.'
May 01 18:14:58 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head, six years of difference and only a few inches of height. She felt like a child compared to herself, her older self. Still, she hadn't forgotten sign. "I can walk," she said, "who are you?"
May 01 18:16:55 <gumbal1> 'i'm katlyn leblanc.' Katlyn smiles, then turns to look at the pendant. 'and it's good that you can walk. i promised i'd kill my old life, and i hate stabbing defenseless people.'
May 01 18:17:24 <gumbal1> -BOSS BATTLE: REMNANT 1, NEW LIFE-
May 01 18:18:09 <gumbal1> > roll inititive, katlyn
May 01 18:18:54 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+7
May 01 18:18:55 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian: 9:10-8+7
May 01 18:19:34 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+7
May 01 18:19:35 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 8:9-8+7
May 01 18:19:50 <gumbal1> KATLYN —> REMNANT
May 01 18:19:57 <gumbal1> > Katlyn
May 01 18:20:53 <LipstickThespian> Kill her old life? Okay, Katlyn might have completely hated her childhood. Her stupid blond hair and her stupid nice girl dresses. The way she had to act proper and prim, and she might have said that she was dead to herself. Still. This was- wait, stabbing? Fuck, this Kat was Kat. Pushing herself up she had to think, no writing tools, no music instrument. What had she done
May 01 18:20:54 <LipstickThespian> back then? What could she do? Reaching over, she snatched one of those priceless family heirloom vases off a table and threw it at her old self.
May 01 18:21:02 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+3
May 01 18:21:02 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian: 4:9-8+3
May 01 18:21:04 <LipstickThespian> Well, new self.
May 01 18:22:04 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+1 (BRAWN) The Remnant of the future doesn't even try to dodge
May 01 18:22:05 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (BRAWN) The Remnant of the future doesn't even try to dodge: 0:7-8+1
May 01 18:22:45 <gumbal1> And proceeds to stumble aback, breifly breaking into an odd, black substance…before reforming right back. 'wow. you really are you.'
May 01 18:23:55 <LipstickThespian> "What are you doing here?" Katlyn snapped at her black haired self, the older her. "Why do you look like me?"
May 01 18:23:59 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (ARTIST) 'which means i got the right girl.' And suddenly, the color seemingly strips off the carpet, forming into a small puddle, which soon shoots at Kat.
May 01 18:24:00 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (ARTIST) 'which means i got the right girl.' And suddenly, the color seemingly strips off the carpet, forming into a small puddle, which soon shoots at Kat.: 7:7-8+8
May 01 18:24:27 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+7 Escapism
May 01 18:24:27 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Escapism: 7:8-8+7
May 01 18:25:26 <gumbal1> 'i'm you. i ate off a bit of your psyche before i showing up.i want to get the rest, if you'll let me.' Katlyn barely avoids getting an eye shot out.
May 01 18:25:51 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn throws herself to the side, hitting the wall but managing to dodge the pool of color shooting at her. "Stop it," she snaps as reaches over to the wall. Her Father insisted on this stupid cream color painted on the wall, with a flick she throws it towards her black haired self to try and suppress her.
May 01 18:26:01 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+6 Living Paint
May 01 18:26:01 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Living Paint: 6:8-8+6
May 01 18:26:40 <LipstickThespian> "You're a fake, you can't have the rest of me!" Katlyn answers as she tries her best to not hurt herself, or herself.
May 01 18:27:52 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6 (LIVING PAINT) And the Remnant before her tries stopping it in mid air. 'what's gonna stop me. you've already consumed half the people at your school. only fitting you end up consuming yourself.'
May 01 18:27:53 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (LIVING PAINT) And the Remnant before her tries stopping it in mid air. 'what's gonna stop me. you've already consumed half the people at your school. only fitting you end up consuming yourself.': 4:6-8+6
May 01 18:28:44 <gumbal1> It doesn't work, and the paint ends up on her black-haired Remnant of reality. 'urgh. should've worn a smock.'
May 01 18:29:04 <LipstickThespian> Consuming? The fuck does that mean? "This isn't the school, and you're not me."
May 01 18:31:25 <gumbal1> 'so like, still won't believe me.' The Remnant continues their approach. 'that's fine. don't have too.'
May 01 18:32:00 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6 (LIVING PAINT) More paint strips off the walls, heading for the remnant.
May 01 18:32:01 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (LIVING PAINT) More paint strips off the walls, heading for the remnant.: 6:8-8+6
May 01 18:33:45 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+7 Escapism
May 01 18:33:45 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Escapism: 7:8-8+7
May 01 18:34:09 <gumbal1> Like an exoskeleton, the paint begins forming around her. Spines erupt from the surface, and soon the Remnant begins to resemble a reverse-iron maiden, in some ways. 'i think i'll start with madeline once i'm done eating you. you two were always meant to be together'. Thankfully, the Remnant is not fast enough to catch Katlyn.
May 01 18:35:37 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn finds herself scrambling out of the way, trying to put distance between the two. "You aren-" she stops and slides to a stop, "I would never do anything to Madeline. You fucking bitch." With that she reaches over and brushes her fingers across one of the landscape paintings in the hall. Throwing the paint towards black-haired Kat to try and pierce her in sharp spikes.
May 01 18:35:42 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+6 Living Paint
May 01 18:35:43 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Living Paint: 7:9-8+6
May 01 18:36:34 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6 (LIVING PAINT) The Remnant doesn't mind, so long as the spikes attatch to the exo, instead.
May 01 18:36:35 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (LIVING PAINT) The Remnant doesn't mind, so long as the spikes attatch to the exo, instead.: 8:10-8+6
May 01 18:37:25 <gumbal1> Which they do. 'come on. you two are totally in dependence with one another. only fair both your conciousnesses get stuffed down the same hole.'
May 01 18:38:07 <LipstickThespian> "Why are you doing this?" Katlyn says in anger, "you're just a stupid painting anyway!"
May 01 18:39:09 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+7 (CONFRONTATION) And the Remnant suddenly makes a mad dash towards Katlyn. 'because it's not polite to only eat half your meal.'
May 01 18:39:09 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (CONFRONTATION) And the Remnant suddenly makes a mad dash towards Katlyn. 'because it's not polite to only eat half your meal.': 7:8-8+7
May 01 18:40:10 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+7 Escapism
May 01 18:40:10 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Escapism: 8:9-8+7
May 01 18:41:32 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn throws herself to the side again to get out of the way, tripping on the carpet again and finding herself sitting on the ground. Fuck that was fast. "Fuck off, you're not even real!" She flicks her hand across the floor and the color strips from the carpet. Forming a sword in her hand.
May 01 18:41:40 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+6 Living Paint.
May 01 18:41:40 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Living Paint.: 9:11-8+6
May 01 18:42:43 <gumbal1> The Remnant isn't even signing now. Katlyn just feels what the Remnant says. Thankfully, she barely avoids a bear hug. 'you know. when we're down here, i'm probably gonna take your body, too. tell bolton everything is right. go back to you and mads' room. tell her it's been a long day. have some fun. tell her i love her. make her feel like an actual person instead of an accessory. then slowly begin eating her over the course of…what a mo
May 01 18:42:43 <gumbal1> nth? that sounds good.'
May 01 18:43:13 <gumbal1> The sword forms rather nicely!
May 01 18:45:59 <LipstickThespian> Take her body? Fuck if this thing was going to tell her how it was going to be. Katlyn's face contorts in anger as she hears it, Madeline? Why Madeline? Why did everyone use that poor girl against her? She didn't deserve any of this, not by a long shot. "I said leave her the fuck out of this!"
May 01 18:46:08 <gumbal1> 'then when she's dead, i go to lisa and tell her i always loved her, but mads held me back. then eat her, too. then lily. then i find kiefer, and eat him, too. then find lucette, and do the same..'
May 01 18:47:11 <gumbal1> 'isabelle's lucky you killed her, you know. otherwise she'd be next.' Katlyn, the colors of the carpet at your feet suddenly begin shimmering…
May 01 18:48:16 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6 (UNLIVING PAINT) Before suddenly dissolving, leaving only a blank white…fit for a canvas.
May 01 18:48:17 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (UNLIVING PAINT) Before suddenly dissolving, leaving only a blank white…fit for a canvas.: 3:5-8+6
May 01 18:48:46 <gumbal1> '…right, i forgot samantha. her, too.'
May 01 18:48:49 <LipstickThespian> "Don't you ever say her name to me you bitch!" Katlyn pushes off the ground and tries to drive the sword into the Remnant, this was art right? This sword, it was a part of her art. So she focused on that, and not all those people Katlyn had fucked over in her life.
May 01 18:49:13 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+13 Living Art Overdrive
May 01 18:49:13 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Living Art Overdrive: 13:8-8+13
May 01 18:49:34 <LipstickThespian> Isabelle was, after all, the closest thing to a sacred word in Katlyn's mind.
May 01 18:49:57 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+7 (ESCAPISM) The Remnant actually tries dodging this time.
May 01 18:49:57 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (ESCAPISM) The Remnant actually tries dodging this time.: 9:10-8+7
May 01 18:50:35 <gumbal1> …and gets stuck with the sword. 'wow. picked a nerve there, didn't i.'
May 01 18:52:14 <LipstickThespian> "Shut up, shut up, shut up." Katlyn twists the sword a bit as she holds it firmly. Even herself, ten year old Katlyn LeBlanc. The quiet little French girl who could never really stand up to her parents, had her limit. "Don't you bring all of them into this, they're better than my stupid fucking petty life!"
May 01 18:58:36 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6 (LIVING PAINT) And suddenly, paint begins spilling onto the blank spot on the carpet, forming into…that's, uh, kinda creepy, like a mound of mishappen flesh. 'is that why you like them so much. do you like living through them. don't worry. in a way, you will be.'
May 01 18:58:36 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (LIVING PAINT) And suddenly, paint begins spilling onto the blank spot on the carpet, forming into…that's, uh, kinda creepy, like a mound of mishappen flesh. 'is that why you like them so much. do you like living through them. don't worry. in a way, you will be.': 5:7-8+6
May 01 19:00:03 <gumbal1> And suddenly, a mound of pale flesh emerges from the blank spot behind her. 'you know, i can taste the imprints they left on you. it's making me really hungry.'
May 01 19:00:44 <LipstickThespian> What the fuck is that thing on the blankspot? This was farther and father from normal. She did say it would be corrupted right? "I like them because they put up with me," Katlyn yanks the sword out and brings it around in a slash. "They don't treat me like shit, which is a lot more than I can say for most of the people in my life!"
May 01 19:00:52 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+11 Living Art
May 01 19:00:52 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Living Art: 11:8-8+11
May 01 19:02:12 <gumbal1> And with that, the remnant is hewed in half. 'hah. i didn't know you had this strength. well, knowing is half the battle, after all.'
May 01 19:03:03 <gumbal1> And the remnant soon crumbles into a black dust, floating away in the noexistant hallway wind.
May 01 19:03:57 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn stepped back from it, and then turned towards that flesh mound. Things were never simple, not things like this at least.
May 01 19:05:19 <gumbal1> ~you know what i said about imprints earlier.~ The flesh begins moving around, and Katlyn can swear she hears a faint moaning, along with…the sound of raindrops?
May 01 19:07:02 <LipstickThespian> "Shut up," Katlyn snaps as she looks at it, "you're dead. Just, give up already."
May 01 19:07:40 <gumbal1> …is the roof leaking? Water seems to be dripping from it, collecting on the floor. The flesh writhes as droplets fall onto it. 'you're right. but your not safe yet.'
May 01 19:10:27 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes a step abck as she looks up. Water? Is it raining outside? She brandishes the sword at the mound of flesh.
May 01 19:12:58 * Defined is now known as IntheJungleTheDefSleepsTonight
May 01 19:13:26 <gumbal1> Holes begin sprouting in the hallway roof, and with it comes a pouring of water. Flesh sloughs off the thing with the torrents, revealing a blackness underneath, taking an odd form. The bottom half is formless, consting of tentacles, tendrils, tongues, hands, all malformed and constantly shifting into and devouring each other. Emerging from it is almost a pillar, composed of random bodies…no, very familiar bodies. Ones Katlyn might recog
May 01 19:13:26 <gumbal1> nize as the forms of other students, hapazardly merged together.
May 01 19:13:41 <gumbal1> -WASH AWAY THE FLESH, TAKE IT WITH THE FLOOD-
May 01 19:14:36 <gumbal1> 'i'm basically dead by now. but i'll be damned if i'm not gonna fuck your soul up so hard, akemi won't be able to get you to emote.'
May 01 19:16:33 <LipstickThespian> What the fuck is this thing. Katlyn was used to fighting guns for hire, or maybe some fucked up necromancer, but this? This was some shit she might only see in Leah's art. No, this is worse because it's disturbing where Leah's is thoughtful. "Fuck this!" Turning on her heel, Katlyn started to run away from it. Down the endless hallway as quickly as her ten year old legs could
May 01 19:16:33 <LipstickThespian> take her.
May 01 19:18:37 <gumbal1> The water's collecting, now. It's up to your ankles, and it's getting harder and harder to run. The thing begins wading towards the girl. 'where do you think you're going.'
May 01 19:19:26 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (THE MONKEY'S ON YOUR BACK) 'we haven't even begun.'
May 01 19:19:26 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (THE MONKEY'S ON YOUR BACK) 'we haven't even begun.': 9:9-8+8
May 01 19:19:42 <gumbal1> > roll willpower
May 01 19:20:01 * Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).
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May 01 19:21:01 <gumbal1> > roll willpower
May 01 19:21:59 * LT (moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL#moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
May 01 19:22:14 <gumbal1> <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (THE MONKEY'S ON YOUR BACK) 'we haven't even begun.': 9:9-8+8
May 01 19:22:14 <gumbal1> <gumbal1> > roll willpower
May 01 19:22:17 <LT> Katlyn wished she wasn't wearing those stupid tights, they got wet so easily. Fucking water.
May 01 19:22:26 * LipstickThespian has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
May 01 19:22:28 <gumbal1> *THE MONKEY'S OFF YOUR BACK
May 01 19:22:36 <LT> 4d3-8+5 Self-centered
May 01 19:22:37 <Mjeowlnir> LT, Self-centered: 7:10-8+5
May 01 19:22:54 * LT is now known as LipstickThespian
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May 01 19:23:59 <gumbal1> And suddenly, Katlyn suddenly feels as if something slimy is crawling into her and…stopping her. 'you know. your lovers all left quite the psychic blueprints. isn't it ironic? i'll kill your MIND using the very powers of those you loved.'
May 01 19:24:11 <gumbal1> *mind
May 01 19:26:18 <LipstickThespian> Katlyn felt herself stopping, and she tensed up. Fuck, why did it have to be something she couldn't just stab. Or cover in paint. Why did it have to talk about her lovers? "Shut up," she snapped as she pulled the paint of the sword onto her arm, and then thrust it towards the creature. Sending a bolt of mixed paint towards it to try and strike it.
May 01 19:26:24 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+11 Living Paint
May 01 19:26:24 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Living Paint: 12:9-8+11
May 01 19:27:22 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (DREAM LOGIC) You know how, sometimes, things start moving slowly in a dream for no reason, or things that should hurt don't?
May 01 19:27:23 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (DREAM LOGIC) You know how, sometimes, things start moving slowly in a dream for no reason, or things that should hurt don't?: 8:8-8+8
May 01 19:28:00 <gumbal1> This still hurts. Not as much as it could have. 'hah. still kicking.'
May 01 19:29:09 <LipstickThespian> "Just because I slept with them, you think you know them like I do?" Katlyn says as she watches her little flailing go without much flair.
May 01 19:29:24 <LipstickThespian> Although to be fair, she never really got the whole way with Kiefer.
May 01 19:29:40 <LipstickThespian> Unless you count crying in each other's arms on multiple occasions.
May 01 19:29:49 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (THE BLACK FEATHERS) 'no. because deep down, you cared for them.' In turn, a tendril suddenly shoots over to stab at Katlyn. 'you're trying to hurt me. do you really think you can hurt something that isn't real.'
May 01 19:29:50 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (THE BLACK FEATHERS) 'no. because deep down, you cared for them.' In turn, a tendril suddenly shoots over to stab at Katlyn. 'you're trying to hurt me. do you really think you can hurt something that isn't real.': 8:8-8+8
May 01 19:30:37 * Kioku is now known as Distant|Memory
May 01 19:32:03 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+7 Escapism
May 01 19:32:03 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Escapism: 7:8-8+7
May 01 19:32:46 <gumbal1> Thankfully, she breaks free of Chauxck just in time to dodge the tendril. 'and because you cared for them, you let them imprint you.'
May 01 19:33:45 <LipstickThespian> Kat dodged barely enough, stumbling. "Why couldn't I hurt you? We're both fakes anyway!" She winced, "why wouldn't I care for them? They- they're better than I deserved." There was still some paint on her, and she sent another piercing bolt the way of the beast.
May 01 19:33:47 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+11
May 01 19:33:48 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian: 9:6-8+11
May 01 19:34:14 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (PHOTOMANIPULATION) The thing, however, attempts altering light to throw Katlyn's aim off. 'how right you are.'
May 01 19:34:14 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (PHOTOMANIPULATION) The thing, however, attempts altering light to throw Katlyn's aim off. 'how right you are.': 9:9-8+8
May 01 19:35:09 <gumbal1> The blow glances the thing. 'hah' And it just keeps swimming on over, seemingly unphased by the ankle deep, pitch-black water.
May 01 19:37:06 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (ODIN'S MEYJER) One of its tendrils begins turning steel, and proceeds to fly at Katlyn. 'how long can you keep up with an enemy that doesn't exist, katlyn.'
May 01 19:37:06 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (ODIN'S MEYJER) One of its tendrils begins turning steel, and proceeds to fly at Katlyn. 'how long can you keep up with an enemy that doesn't exist, katlyn.': 10:10-8+8
May 01 19:37:22 <LipstickThespian> "What, if I let you consume me, it's just over?" Katlyn says as she tries to figure out what the fuck to do about any of this.
May 01 19:37:25 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+7 Escapism
May 01 19:37:26 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Escapism: 8:9-8+7
May 01 19:37:40 <LipstickThespian> Not long, it seems. As one of the tendrils finally manages to catch up to her like a bad habit.
May 01 19:38:48 <gumbal1> Katlyn feels no physical pain as the tendril strikes her. But she does feel something. An odd, overbearing guilt, over having betrayed Samantha's trust. 'i told you. you killed me. all i'm doing now is bringing you down with me.'
May 01 19:39:11 <gumbal1> 'all your problems. have you solved one without violence?'
May 01 19:41:10 <gumbal1> 'but you can't kill a Remnant of the past. all you can do is…hah. you nearly had me there for a second.'
May 01 19:41:22 <LipstickThespian> Samantha had opened up to her, Katlyn had abused that and stolen the girl's first time. Abused her mentally, emotionally, and then dropped her as quickly as she could for something better. "What else am I supposed to do?" She says in answer as she stumbles in the water at her feet. "It's not like I can talk my way out of these things." With that, she formed a smaller sword with
May 01 19:41:22 <LipstickThespian> the paint she had left and sloshed through the water to try and strike the thing.
May 01 19:41:29 <LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+11 Living Art
May 01 19:41:29 <Mjeowlnir> LipstickThespian, Living Art: 10:7-8+11
May 01 19:43:04 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (ARE YOU SURE THE ONLY YOU IS YOU) One of the bodies shifts to take the brunt of the blow, to save the column. One that looks strangely like Lisa. 'i will prevail. again. and again. and again. even if i shall die in the end.'
May 01 19:43:05 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (ARE YOU SURE THE ONLY YOU IS YOU) One of the bodies shifts to take the brunt of the blow, to save the column. One that looks strangely like Lisa. 'i will prevail. again. and again. and again. even if i shall die in the end.': 8:8-8+8
May 01 19:43:45 <gumbal1> Katlyn manages to carve a good slice of Lisa out of the main column, while the thing blubbers in…pain? Laughter?
May 01 19:44:47 <LipstickThespian> "Fuck," Katlyn stumbles back as she sees a flash of Lisa. Why did it have to be Lisa? She couldn't cut this thing apart, even if it wasn't them. "Just fuck off already!"
May 01 19:46:20 <gumbal1> The water's up to her waist. 'we are alone, you know. go ahead. scream for help. scream for madeline to save you. scream for kiefer to come back. scream for athene to give you a second chance.'
May 01 19:47:37 <gumbal1> The thing forgoes attacking, instead having each body shift to stare at Katlyn, grinning.
May 01 19:50:37 <LipstickThespian> She had done those things, she would do those things. Call for Madeline to save her once more. Cry at night begging Kiefer to come back. Ask for Athene's forgiveness. Take advantage of Lisa's frail emotions. Prey on Samatha's sexual inabilities. Search for a chip in the armor of all those around. Force Aiko to beg her to stop. Flirt with Lucette while she's going to bed with
May 01 19:50:37 <LipstickThespian> Wendy. Kissing Akemi while cutting into her emotionally. All of it, she had done those things and would do them again. "What do you think you can do?" She says as she lowers the blade and it washes away in the water. "Do you think this will hurt me? What emotional trauma can you instill in me that I haven't already done to myself you piece of shit."
May 01 19:53:56 <gumbal1> 'you're already finished, you and i, once your little painting session ends. just once more, i want to see you try to convince me that you haven't given up.'
May 01 19:56:29 <gumbal1> A few of the thing's tendrils beging blazing teal. 'there is a hell, katlyn leblanc, and suicide will get you to a lower level than mine. at least all my actions have an excuse.'
May 01 19:56:47 * Cezar is now known as Reynard
May 01 19:58:19 <LipstickThespian> "I can't give up," Katlyn says as a smile crosses her face and she reaches to her dress. Slowly pulling the pigment from it as she forms a small ball of blue in her hand. "If I gave up, now, or ever. She would never forgive me. So I don't need to convince you, because you're nothing to me. The only thing that matters is those people I've touched." She forms the paint into
May 01 19:58:19 <LipstickThespian> another sword and grips it tightly. "Don't tell me that suicide isn't forgiveable," she shakes her head, "because I know I'll see her again in heaven." With that, she tries to drive the sword forward, into that black puss pillar.
May 01 19:59:25 <gumbal1> And yet the bodies continue to grin as the sword is thrust through the thing. '…but nobody came.'
May 01 20:01:16 <gumbal1> …nothing happens.
May 01 20:01:41 <gumbal1> '…erh.'
May 01 20:01:53 <LipstickThespian> "Is this it?" Katlyn asks as she watches the thing in front of her. "Is this was suicide feels like?"
May 01 20:02:27 <gumbal1> '…what did yo-' One of the bodies, Isabelle's, begins tearing off chunks of the main mass.
May 01 20:03:16 <gumbal1> 'what did you do. WHAT DID YOU DO!?'
May 01 20:03:27 <LipstickThespian> "I thought-" Katlyn glances to see it. That unmistaken face. Isabelle's face that she could never forget in her life. "I know it isn't really her, but, it's an imprint of her right? What she meant to me."
May 01 20:04:28 <gumbal1> The water's up to Katlyn's chest now, but it doesn't feel as bad as it should. '…no. no!'
May 01 20:05:17 * LT (moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL#moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
May 01 20:06:22 <gumbal1> The water's up to Katlyn's chest now, but it doesn't feel as bad as it should. '…no. no!' (repost)
May 01 20:06:30 <LT> There's a smile on her face, "the reason they imprint me. They really do mean the world to me, all those people I fall in love with? They're what make me who I am. I'm a fake, a loser, a reject, and a nobody. But them? They're brilliant, funny, cute, sexy, smart, and I love them all so much it hurts."
May 01 20:06:35 <LT> "I guess it hurts you, too."
May 01 20:07:52 * LipstickThespian has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
May 01 20:08:48 <gumbal1> For once, the thing, and not just its lower half, is writhing. And as it does, the bodies begin taking up Isabelle's lead. 'no! this is a trick! a ruse! i am in control! I am in control! I AM IN CONTROL! I AM IN CONTROL! I AM IN CONTRO-'
May 01 20:09:27 <gumbal1> Katlyn blinks, and suddenly she's back in Bolton's office, touching the painting of the tall blonde in blue.
May 01 20:09:39 <LT> Katlyn pushes back in the water, trying to brush it away from her face. "No you're not," she says, "you were never in control. Why do you think you'd want to live my life?"
May 01 20:09:47 <LT> (Ooops)
May 01 20:10:27 <gumbal1> "You look awake. Could you tell me what happened?"
May 01 20:10:28 <LT> Katlyn blinks again, then a third time just to see if she is actually where she thinks she is. She doesn't feel wet. Nor does she feel like her old self. She feels like herself, in the now, as herself. Touching a painting.
May 01 20:11:24 <LT> Was she asleep? She glanced over at Bolton and smiled a little. Grabbing her phone from her pocket as she let go of the painting. 'i went home for a little bit. met some of the worst parts of myself. and came to terms with them.'
May 01 20:12:46 <gumbal1> "…right. Well, the painting's back to being blonde, so I guess everything is fine." Beat. "Unfortunately, I only recently learned after you went in that this painting is, in fact, a forgery, and is therefore worth far less than I first thought. I apologize."
May 01 20:13:36 <gumbal1> "I will look into lobbying for a better security rating either way."
May 01 20:13:44 <LT> Back to blonde? Katlyn glanced towards the painting and felt a sense of loss as she saw that. <how much is it worth.> she wrote as she looks at it, how long was she in it?
May 01 20:14:21 <gumbal1> "…around $500. If you wish, it could serve as your payment for your time."
May 01 20:14:46 <LT> <thanks.> Katlyn writes, <i have a friend who would like this.>
May 01 20:14:58 * LT is now known as LipstickThespian
May 01 20:15:06 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to LipstickThespian
May 01 20:15:17 * Distant|Memory is now known as Kioku
May 01 20:15:35 <gumbal1> "As you wish. That will be all."
May 01 20:17:11 <LipstickThespian> So it was, and Katlyn left. A little happier than before.
May 01 20:17:24 <gumbal1> -EVENT CONCLUDED. SCENE BROKEN-
May 01 20:17:47 <gumbal1> -NPC KILLED: REMNANT 1: NEW LIFE-
May 01 20:18:07 <gumbal1> -'THE BLUE WOMAN' FORGERY OBTAINED-
May 01 20:18:23 <gumbal1> -1 TRAINING XP-

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