Lil Boy And The Butcher

<PrinceGoldFish> There was a boy in the commonroom. He was a rather distinct boy. He had red hair pale skin. The left half of his face was burnt from long ago third degree burns. His left eye was covered in a eyepatch, implying he lost an eye. He was also missing a left arm, only having a stump that was hidden by his long brown shirt. He was sitting there, staring at a turned off TV, a shocked but somehow empty look on his
<PrinceGoldFish> face.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm walked into the common room and spotted the boy immediately. He cringed. "Are you alright?" he asked, he'd just come from Conn's room and still was in a helpful mood. He stepped forward and waved a hand in front of his face "Excuse me?" he asked
<Nemi> Anthiel ambles into the commons from outside, en-route to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice. So what if it's 3 in the afternoon. Anthiel do what it /want/. Nice white sleeveless cinch-waisted dress down to mid-thigh length, platinum hair swept back and left loose, flip-flops and a blue bolero jacket with sleeves folded up above the elbows and.. It pauses. First on seeing
<Nemi> Wilhelm. Secondly, becaue it can /feel/ the burn-ravaged face of the mystery boy. So it edges to Wilhelm and peers over. "Heey, yeah, what he said, you okay?"
<Kadmus> Tessa wheels into the common room, a bruise on the side of her head, intending to head for the cooker to stick her face into the burner for a few minutes to heal it up. She stops when she sees the new kid, winces a little at the sight of Wil, but wheels herself over to greet the mutilated boy.
<Nemi> This is more reference to staring at the TV than the old injuries.
<PrinceGoldFish> He breaths heavily for awhile before finally responding. "I- I I… saw me a-a-a ghoost…" He speaks with a stutter and a light southern accent. He rubs his shoulder with his right, fresh arm. "I got.. it wa-s gonna gonna hurt me… there are lotta ghost here."
<Nemi> "Uh.. You sure? Something in the TV or what?" Anthiel leans and peers at him, blinks, peers at the TV screen, and in exaggerated fashion seems bemused.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm's eyebrows went together in confusion. He squat in front of the boy to try to seem more reassuring and authentic but- what would he say? That there were no ghosts. He didn't know that these days. "I don't see any ghosts." he said. "It was probably just the tv. Were you watching a movie?" he asked.
<Kadmus> "Did you see Will?" Tessa asks. "He hangs around here sometimes. Guy our age, see-through, incorporeal?"
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm looked at Tessa, thinking she was talking about him, and gave her a 'Come now. Not right now' sneer.
<Kadmus> "No, the other Will." She sighs. "He's a ghost."
<Nemi> Anth eyes Tessa. ".. Oh. So we do have an actual litreal ghost. Well. Uh. Nevermind me, then."
<PrinceGoldFish> The boy shakes his head rapidly. "N-o." He seems to struggle when speaking. "I- we- there- me family- when they re-remembered" He cringes a little. This was painful for him both physically and emotionally. "There was… we killed…. we call em ghost. It was in my room… driven me out." He is on the verge of tears.
<Nemi> Anthiel has no idea what he's on about. So it glances to Tessa, as if she might know something, and … Well, it doesn't want to /dig/, but it does want to see if it can lift .. Anything off the kid's thoughts that might help it figure out anything that he's talking about.
<Kadmus> "Sorry, what I got from that…" Tessa frowns, sending Jay to flit through all the boy's rooms to check for anything odder than normal. "It sounds like you saw ghosts in your room?"
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm looked back at the kid. He'd give him a hug if he thought it would help. "The ghosts were your family? Why do they want to hurt you?" he asked. He was trying to piece the strange commentary together. He slid onto the couch beside him, hopefully making himself seem more friendly- when in actuality he didn't have a lot of patience and wasn't sure if the kid was ever going
<Imp-Kitsu> to get to the point. He didn't want to reinforce Tessa's bad opinion of him.

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<PrinceGoldFish> "Nnoo" He cringes again. Someone miss understood him. That hurt him, badly. "I nonononoooo!" He is blowing this minor misunderstanding WAY outta bounds. "We killed them ghosts… Ever had a white burger?" Since they're all new to Sunnybrook, they probably have not. And Anth and Jay find basically the same thing. There is a creature in his room. It's height takes up the size of the room. It's humanoid in
<PrinceGoldFish> shape but extremly bloated, basically morbidly obease. It wears a butchers clothes and an executioners mask. On the creature's belt there are three human heads. One looks like it belongs to the boy, the other two are an Asian kid and a white male with a mustache. Anth may be able to feel this creature all the way up in the boy's room; it's made of anger, hatred and sorrow.

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<PrinceGoldFish> Anth is able to see it rather clearly since it's basically all the boy is thinking about.
<Nemi> "… hoooooh boy that feels nasty. There's something big, nasty, and.. Yeah, something real nasty up in his room right now. The hell.." Anthiel actually recoils away from the kid, dress and platinum locks fluttering from the violence of the movement. "It's— what the hell /is/ that?"
<Kadmus> It's a good job that Tessa can't see through Jay - he just reports the freaky creature back to her. "Uh, that sounds… super creepy.Aaaand you're a ghost."
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm was confused. He had no awareness of the creature. "The boy is a ghost?" he asked, standing up. He didn't immediately step away, it sounded rather outlandish. "Are you alright, Ellie?" he asked.
<Nemi> "I uh— yeah just uh, you know how I'm a telepath? I can pick up like, presences too and— that thing's /messed up/ and it's in his room and /I am not capable of handling this right now/."
<Kadmus> "Yeah, uh, it has this kid's head on its belt." Tessa says, looking terrified. "And mor eheads. And is like some sort of Jason meets the world's fattest man mashup."
<PrinceGoldFish> "I'm no ghost!" He shouted out, rage in his voice through his clenched teeth. "That thin- th-ing you… you saw it? H-ow?"
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm looked between them, tempted to call this some weird prank, but he'd seen quite a few things so far here, it wasn't an impossibility. He decided to run with it- which meant hanging back and waiting because he hadn't seen the thing yet.
<Nemi> "I didn't see it so much as— I can /feel/ it— what?" Anthiel looks baffled at him and the expression of anger.

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<Kadmus> "It's just stood in your room." Tessa says, wheeling backwards from the boy. "So, mind explaining, then?"
<PrinceGoldFish> "I-I" He grabbed his hair and started pulling at it with his good arm. "It-it was just… there and. Skinny used to kill em real good. And, the eye. The eye. I see em lots now, there around cause no one is killing em."
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm looked at Anthiel and shrugged slowly in a 'do you have any idea at all?' manner. He had, a completely lost look on his face. Last time he'd tried to interpret the kid had freaked out. He reached out to stop the kid from pulling his hair. No use getting uglier than he already was.

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<Nemi> Anthiel shakes its head, helplessly, and shudders its jacket about itself. ".. I have no /idea/. Nothing he's saying makes sense but.. I'm guessing that thing got really big because.. I don't know, something wasn't getting culled?"
<Kadmus> "Uh, let's call security? This seems like something they should be dealing with." Tessa says, pulling out her phone.
<Nemi> ".. uh, good idea.."
<PrinceGoldFish> He took a few deep breaths as Wilhelm stops him from tearing out his hair. "I there-" He takes a few more deep breaths and a minute before saying There are these things called ghosts. You, if-if you saw what my-my fam-ily called a g-host. We kill these ghosts and put them into food. They tasted real good before that she bitch of a woman told on us and tore my family apart." He sniffles, refering to a
<PrinceGoldFish> certain student in the school. "That thing appeared up there when I woke up…" It's horribly stuttery but he manages to say all that, mostly coherently.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm was on board with the security idea. "I vote security" he said. "Who…. Who tore your family apart? Why didn't you call someone when it appeared?" he asked. That's what he would have done.
<Kadmus> Tessa selects security's number from her contacts - she added them the first day she arrived, since she was way more likely to need them than the other students.
<Nemi> ".. what you— what the /fuck/?" Anthiel just seems incredulous, and baffled. Feeding ghosts to people? What?
<PrinceGoldFish> "It was this black haired.. Bbbi" He takes a few breaths. "Sssll… CUNT." "They saids Sss-sssecurity is Busy." Saying all that took a lot out of him. And Tessa gets a message that says. "Spare security is busy. Leave a message and we'll get to you as soon as possible." "I heard one of the other dorms got… something happened… I think it's ghosts. I saw ghosts there with with-" He lifted up his eye
<PrinceGoldFish> patch. It seems his left eye was replaced with some sorta of smooth white stone that glistens a little.

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<Nemi> Anthiel takes another step back and shoots a /Look/ at Tessa and Wil.
<Kadmus> "Yeah, uh, I left something… um… doing… things…" Tessa wheels further backwards, trying to angle so she can get outside.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm took a step back. Sure, it'd be the reveal of a some malformation that made him do it. "What should we do?" he asked, looking at Anthiel and Tessa. "We can't just leave it…" he said. That didn't seem like a good idea. "Kid. Is….. the ghost going to hurt anybody else?" he asked, that would really determine it.
<PrinceGoldFish> "Theys aint-" He looks sadly at Tessa as she wheels away. "Please don't go…" He says sadly The left eye reflects something for Wil and the others to see. It's the so called morbidly fat ghost, banging on the door. They can see and even /hear/, in their minds, the heavy breathing and the banging. The door is splintering. "Help." The boy says sadly and clearly.
<Nemi> Anthiel looks incredulous. "Security is supposed to be good. They can't be too busy for an emergency. This is /ridiculous/ or it's another /test/. Either way, what the fuck are /we/ supposed to do about it?"
<Kadmus> Tessa looks at the door, trying to see if there's anything actually happening to it. If there is, she'll try to blast the creature with her eyes.
<Kadmus> (redact)
<Kadmus> Tessa nods at Ellie's comment. "I'm not exactly a soldier." She says quietly, still backing away.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm stood still- watching this play out before him. The images were bizarre. "A test? What do you mean?" he said.. "We…. we have to do something? Right? If it's just a test… we're…. we're meant to… take it?" he asked. He could do test. If this were just a performance of sorts- he could handle that. He boiled what was happening down to simple, manageable terms. He pulled
<Imp-Kitsu> out his magical taser. Well, it was something.
<Nemi> "I.. Ugh, /god/, fine. Let's go to his room and see what the /thing with a belt of severed heads/ is all about." Anthiel turns and stomps off to the stairs up, following where to go via the .. Well, siphoned knowledge of the thing to begin with.
<Kadmus> "Anyone wnat to give me a lift, if you're intent on going?" Tessa asks, patting her chair. "I'm not exactly up for two flights of stairs."
<Nemi> ".. Oh, yeah, you're coming with?" Anth pauses and turns back to just.. Casually pick up Tessa and chair. Woah. What. For looking like a cover modefl Ellie's ridiculously strong.
<PrinceGoldFish> "You can kill it. The-ys aint hard to kill and they aint smart at all." He says in response to Anthiel's question. He looks at the group talk like a child would and once they finally start walking up the stairs he follows them. "Tha-k you alls for doing this for me… For the people. They're gonna gonna be a lot more since the one with the black hair destroyed my family and our business."
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm had been dreading the idea of being in contact with Tessa, she'd probably hit him too, but fortunately Ellie took care of it. He gave her an impressed look and let her go up first. He started up the stairs. "I can… Hm… I don't know howit works but if I can get a clear shot, I can hit it with this." he'd brought a creep down with it once- left him in a screaming ball
<Imp-Kitsu> of agony for a few minutes. He was just running at the mouth. They'd have to do something with it if it got down. The two flights of stairs wouldn't take long to get up.
<Kadmus> "If I can get line of sight to it, I can possibly do something." Tessa says. "These eyes aren't just for show."
<Nemi> "Cool." Anthiel ambles up the stairs, Tessa and chair in one arm. So apparently beyond being a psion Ellie's crazy strong, too. Good to know.
<PrinceGoldFish> And they amble up the stairs and hear a crunch. It does not take a genius to assume that the noise is the door up stairs being broken down. They're at the second flight of stairs, almost there. The boy has a fearful look in his eyes. "My name is Zacharie by the way."
<Nemi> "Zacharie, huh? Ellie," says the psion as it keeps going on up, hustling now.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm flinched at the crunch and responded somewhat automatically "Wilhelm, lovely to meet you… What was that?" he asked, picking up the pace.
<Kadmus> "Tessa." She responds, sending Jay ahead again to check on what is happening.
<PrinceGoldFish> It's the creature, currently on the floor but getting up, in the hall. There is splintered wood around the creature and it begins to look around. The creature smells like bad eggs. "It's… it's coming. It's coming." He says clearly panicked. "We used guns and bats to kill em." This was instantly a bad idea.
<Nemi> Anthiel hurries faster. "I don't /have/ a gun or a /bat/."
<Imp-Kitsu> "I can hit it… with this" he said. again, he had no real idea how it worked or if it would work, hopefully the creature felt pain. He mentally prepared himself for this, like anything he did. If he pictured himself doing it ahead of time- he could probably do it in real life. Probably.
<Kadmus> Tessa pulls a small wrench out from the side of her chair. "This is all I've got."
<PrinceGoldFish> "uhh, uhhh. I once did a thing… When it got real close. Stared at one with my eye and it recoiled back… I dunno if you got anything like that." And they're just about upstairs, the fatso creature has /just/ gotten up after almost an entire minute. It's currently looking the other way, banging on the door. Stealth is possible.
<Nemi> Anthiel carefully sets Tessa down and exhales. Okay. Thing is.. Seems very slow and very stupid. It flexes its fingers and tries not to move too much, to make too much noise with its bracelets and bangles.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm looked between them "Ok. I'll hit it with this from…. I don't have to be close… you…. do your thing" he pointed to Ellie "and you too… and then Tessa can hit it with the wrench" he didn't know what else to do. They didn't have much to work with.
<Kadmus> Tessa prepares to attack it with her eyes, ready to rip whatever mind it has to dhreds.
<Kadmus> *shreds
<Nemi> Anthiel stands there like a lemon, unsure of what to do exactly.
<PrinceGoldFish> And Anth manages to do the sneaky sneaky as the thing is not all to perceptive. It is about to switch doors it's banging on soon so the group better act fast or else they'll likely get spotted.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm, hearing no objections to his stupid little plan pointed the magical taser at the beast. If it worked how it worked on people, the creature would collapse to the ground in pain. He the weird buzzing in his arm that meant it was doing stuff.
<Kadmus> Tessa attacks the creature with her eyes, the orange glow blazing higher as she attempts to ruin whatever mental capacities it has.
<Nemi> Anthiel watches and waits.
<PrinceGoldFish> What Wil does not know is the creatures is constantly in pain so it does not go down, but it does scream as it shakes in place just in time for Tessa to do her eye magic and groans in pain as its form is detribalized. It is not gonna sit there without a fight though, it takes a few more steps forward and it takes a wild swing at out dear Wil. If it connected, it'd be enough to send him into the wall.
<Nemi> Anthiel is.. not a talented fighter. But it IS incredibly physically strong. It darts in and attempts to, well, gut punch the thing. In its huge guts. "You're huge! That means you have huge guts!"
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm hadn't been expecting that and had been frozen in place. He gets hit. The hit itself hurts, hitting his back into the wall hurts more. He has the wind throughly knocked out of him and is somewhat stunned.
<Kadmus> Tessa just blast it again, hoping that her eyes will have a similar effect once more. "Fucking thing!"
<PrinceGoldFish> Anndddd, it groans again and its form begins to crack, white light pouring from the crack that has formed in its belly. The creature attempts one more thing before it goes. It charges at Tessa and attempts to fall on the poor girl. Ouch.

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<PrinceGoldFish> Redact
<PrinceGoldFish> (FORGOT ABOUT ANTH!)
<PrinceGoldFish> The creature is punched and in the gut so hard that it is forced to the ground, it tries to get up but fails as soon a crack appears on its belly. This crack widens as Tessa does her eye magic and soon enough there is a an explosion of light! And the creature is replaced by not a corpse but what can be described as a fleshy dead sheet ghost, laying on the ground. Xs for eyes.

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<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm picked himself up with a groan. He was in the pain to the point of feeling nauseated. "What… what was that?" he asked when his vision cleared from the bright flash. "What is that?"
<Kadmus> "I have absolutely no idea." Tessa relies, tilting her head. "It's not like any ghost I've seen. I mean, I've only seen one."
<Nemi> Anth peers it over. ".. A dead ghost, I'd say. Cartoonish, almost. You alright, Wil?"
<Imp-Kitsu> Wil felt sick but… it'd end eventually. "I hurt…. but I'm not hurt" he decided. That was easy enough to handle. "Are you two?" He paused "Alright I mean."
<PrinceGoldFish> "You gotta… you gotta… you gotta destroy it." He pointed at the ghost paste on the floor. It looked like it was made of some soft Malleable material like fleshy playdoh. "It'll co-m-e ba-ck if ya don't." He had been peering and watching the battle from the stair case the entire time. "That's why we used to eat them."
<Nemi> "I'm perfectly fine." Anthiel glances at its fingernails, frowning, then back to the flat ghost. "Destroy them how? Because I am /not/ eating that."
<Kadmus> "Yeah, no, I'm not eating that." Tessa agrees."Glad you're not badly injured, Wil." She adds as an afterthought.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm's stomach growled at the thought of eating something, he hadn't eaten since before his visit to Conn's room hours and hours ago/
<Imp-Kitsu> "I'm not that hungry"
<PrinceGoldFish> "Are ya sure… It's pretty good." In fact, "When we were in business they sold like h-hot cakes." His stutter has lessened since the destruction of the creature, but it's still apparent. "It's. it's…. You can burn it too."

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<PrinceGoldFish> "Grind it up."
<PrinceGoldFish> "Freeze it."
<PrinceGoldFish> "Something…"

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<Nemi> Anthiel shoots Wilhelm a look, then eyes the ghost.. sheet.. paste. ".. I'll get a plastic bag and we can shove it in the freezer, I guess."
<Kadmus> "Sounds like a plan." Tessa nods. "Or we could stick it in the courtyard and burn it?"
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm looked at Zack "You sold it to people? Random people?" at the mention of grinding it up he had an idea. "You do that I'm going to try…." He stepped foward and jumped, trying to land on it's head with both feet. He would mash it up- like that time he'd mashed grapes- except he was leaving his shoes on. It deserved that at least for making his back have that burning pain.
<Nemi> "Or— uh— okay. Be right back." It's the third floor? Anthiel ducks into a room with the nametag ELLIE CARCER and spends a moment or two rummaging inside. And then! Out it goes with a plastic garbage bag.
<PrinceGoldFish> "It… it might still come back…." The boy says smally as he begins to edge his way to his room. "I'd, I'd. Bur-burn it or eat it… if I.. were you."

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<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm pouted. "Unless I can blend it up in a smoothie, I'm not eating that" he said. He meant it mostly as a joke.
<Nemi> ".. actually, from sounds of it, you probably /could." Anthiel starts trying to shove the flatghost into the garbage bag.
<PrinceGoldFish> "They do taste sweet blended in ice cream…."
<Imp-Kitsu> Well shit. Wilhelm looked at Zack. Then he had an idea. "Ok. Smoothie it is." he would feed it to Zack who apparently loved the taste of ghost. He wouldn't have to eat it at all." he pulled his latex gloves out of his pocket and put them on to handle the ghost. "Ice cream is even better." he said Zack was going to take care of their little problem.

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<PrinceGoldFish> "I'm gonna go and take a nap…. this was all so… interactive."

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<Imp-Kitsu> Well… there went Wilhelm's idea. And now he had verbally committed to making food out of it. Maybe he could get Ellie to eat it after all. If not, he'd feed it to random people in the common room.
<Nemi> Ellie glances up to Wilhelm as the ghostgoop is shoved into the trashbag. It'll make sure there's nothing left before tying the bag up and holding it up to Wil. "You're gonna make ice cream with it? Cool. Have fun."
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm nodded "You can have some-" all if it "if you want" he offered.
<Nemi> "Yeah, no, I draw my line at eating ghosts. I'd ea— that could go in many inappropriate places. Nevermind. Later, Wil." Ellie places the bag at his feet and ducks into the room labeled with its name-of-the-day. Someone like that on the third floor. Huh.

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<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm had heard before that Ellie was on the third floor. IT was odd but he didn't question it further. And now… what was he going to do? He was stuck with a bag full of ghost and no one to eat it. He shrugged. He'd blend it up and find SOMEONE to eat it. He picked the surprisingly heavy bag up and went to the kitchen. He decided mango would cover up the flavor and be summer-y
<Imp-Kitsu> enough to make sense. He almost felt bad that he was going to blend something up and feed it to people. One problem was immediately apparent. It was huge. The blender was…. not huge. He reminded himself that this thing had hit him and probably busted his back up more than it already was. It still hurt damn it. And it was already dead. He supposed. … It had X's for Eyes.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm set about blending it. He couldn't have predicted that he would have been eating the ghost-n-mango smoothies himself over the next three days.
<PrinceGoldFish> -Scene Ghosted.-

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