Jinxy Loves Maddy

18:14 Nemi The girl presently known as Madeline Maddox is sitting on her bed in her room. She just got off class— class for the first time in almost two weeks!— and was too lazy to even change into pajamas. She's just sitting there, television and PS4 on, replaying Demon's Souls of all things. Presently having some trouble with her sorcerer character against the Penetrator. It's been a
18:14 Nemi while since she played this.
18:19 Nemi Underwear, tee shirt, and a Powerade on the table near by. Dorm lyfe.
18:20 Nemi Where nobody can tell you that you /can't/ skip dinner to play videogames in your underwear.
18:24 SirGoldFish A vile presence begins to worm its way into Maddy's brain. Her heart begins to beat just a little faster and she may even begin to sweat as she feels this foreign… thing get comfy in the folds of Maddy's mind like tendrils taking root.
18:27 Nemi Nervous sweat, rapid heartbeat, and general discomfort are typical reactions to playing a sorcerer against the Penetrator. This.. this is something else. She just drops the controller and tries to.. not let it in? Something. She doesn't know how this works. As it takes root and she starts to gasp, the Penetrator makes one of its spinning strikes and eviscerates her on-screen
18:27 Nemi character. YOU DIED.
18:32 SirGoldFish ~Hello there, I'd normally ask your name but in this context that seems rather pointless.~ The voice is deep sinister and powerful sounding. Like if your boss was actually from hell.
18:33 Nemi Mads flops onto her face on the bed and grips at the edge of the comforter, as if it'd somehow offer solace. "Nnnno— why who are you why can't anyone just /stop/ and /leave me alone/"
18:37 SirGoldFish The thing stays there, not probing into maddy's mind any further. It feels like a a 100 pound dumbbell in her mind, weighting on the poor thing. ~I just wanted to see you, I smelled your anxiety from a few miles away and well, I just had to see for myself.~
18:38 Nemi It may be am etaphorical weight, but Mads is still flattened against her bed. ".. please.." It's about as pathetic as Mads has felt since arrival. Moreso, even. She can't catch a break at all, can she? Not even the dorms are safe.
18:42 SirGoldFish ~Why should I? I have done nothing wrong. I just wanted to see you. While I must say the anxiety was quite… intoxicating. It was worrisome to say the least."
18:42 SirGoldFish ~
18:44 Nemi "It
hurts you're— in my head please why who are you.."
18:48 SirGoldFish ~Oh my bad give me few moments.~ He digs in even further and squirms around like some bug in the poor girl's brain, disrupting and ceasing all thought and feeling that is not abject horror and or anxiety After a few moments the squirming stop and while the presence is still felt, it is not as painful or weighting on Maddy's brain. ~As for my name, please
18:48 SirGoldFish call me Jinxy. It is what most of you humans choose to call me.~
18:50 Nemi That— that moment of complete helplessness is almost worse than the crushing weight. But when it subsides, it's a relief. Mads knows that she can't do much of anything— shittiest power represent— and so it's best to just.. try and play nice. ".. b-ecause you.. you're unlucky?" Mads is still on her side, terrified and exhausted.
18:52 SirGoldFish ~No, that was a name given to me by a member of your species who is /tragically/ old.~ He says, his voice still sounding sinister but somewhat conversational and casual.
18:54 Nemi ".. why?" It's still hard to think with this thing just there. How far can it reach? Is it just reading her brain like a book? The thought alone, for someone who's been a liar so long and is still convinced she's lying to herself, terrifies.
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19:05 SirGoldFish ~That's a secret and a very well kept one.~ You can feel the presence peer around, shifting like some slimy wraith. Brief flashes of mostly negative memories come to the forefront of the girl's mind. ~You have such an interesting little mind. It looks to be cobbled together using complexes and issues, doubts, and the inability to face people properly.~ The
19:05 SirGoldFish thing laughs in the girl's brain, the creature's joy sounding like a cacophonous series of metallic vaguely human sounding laughs and chuckles.
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19:07 Nemi Mads rolls onto her other side and tries to cover her head in her pillow, for whatever good it does. It's more the thing rooting around that hurts more than having such things exposed. It's not as if she hadn't already bared herself to Taylor. A small victory, at least, but it leaves her with little.
19:08 SirGoldFish It does not help, the voice is coming from her mind. ~Oh don't look so glum at least you can sort of function in this school for freaks. Sort of.~
19:10 Nemi Sort of. Four, maybe five people she can call friends. Nearly ruined everything by even being there. The rumours coursing through Montreal Hall and about the campus at large. Slut. Deceiver. Fraud. And now there's no hope of going somewhere else: Nemexia's.. god knows what happened. Was that Mads' fault too? And most the people she even tries to call friend hate each other now.
19:10 Nemi Also Mads' fault.
19:10 Nemi And then that mission. What the GWU expected of her. Seeing a man murdered, then her doing the same to another.
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19:13 SirGoldFish ~And yes, that was your fault by the by.~ He says that to nothing in particular just a general statement that should be applied to everything Mads does or experiences.
<Nemi> ".. what isn't." Mads mutters, partly on her side and with a pillow over her face.
<Nemi> Thump, thump, thump, goes Mads' blood in her skull.
<PrinceGoldFish> ~Good question. I suppose, Hmm.~ He digs even further unless stopped. Bad memories of mistakes flashing before Maddy's eyes. He continues doing this unless stopped, invisible tendrils digging into the girl like a rusty screw.
<Nemi> It seems like almost everything in Mads' life was a mistake, even the things outside her control. About the only /good/ thing was realizing she could assume a shape she was okay with, without looking to see what it was, and it turned out nicely. Which then led to terribleness on the account of the student body, so one wonders.
<PrinceGoldFish> ~You've been given a second chance at life at this new school. A chance to reinvent yourself. A chance to push of the chains of the past. Yet you're here: Suffocating in anxiety and woe.~ The entity stops its digging. ~And all of that on the surface.~
<Nemi> "you just love reminding me of.. of things i already know." She's not bothering talking entirely outloud anymore. This thing's in her /brain/, so what does it matter if she's whispering it over her breath?
<PrinceGoldFish> ~Mhmm, and yet when you're presented with friends who don't even care about all of that. You somehow manage to muck that up. I've seen your other friends Madeline. Sam, Katlyn, and so on. They're not happy with you.!
<Nemi> "shouldn't call you Jinxy. should call you captain obvious."
<PrinceGoldFish> ~And yet you still interfere with their lives, corrupting them and going on. Why?~ A vision comes the Mads. It's close to the ground and it's behind a brush. But it shows Sam crying and Katlyn looking at Sam distant and standing with an almost blank expression. The events are altered from what actually happened, but Mads does not know that.
<Nemi> "because i wanted to help. whatever. leave me alone.
<PrinceGoldFish> ~You keep trying to help but yet you keep failing. Those metal beats crushing you. You were unable to help that poor man and all those poor spirits because of your uselessness.~
<Nemi> "i know."
<PrinceGoldFish> ~Why, why do you keep trying then? Why don't you just curl up here and stay inside at this rate.~
<Nemi> Mads just wraps the pillow more about her head. "what do you think I'm doing."
<PrinceGoldFish> ~You kept going outside before and I think you will continue this path of harm you're causing to others and yourself.~
<Nemi> "shut up."
<Nemi> It's clear she's just getting .. /weary/, now. Jinxy's not been dredging up anything new from the depths. All of this is well close to the surface.
<PrinceGoldFish> He digs in jsut a little bit further, digging and drilling before it comes back up like a a fishing hook finding a fresh large fish made up of anxiety ~Madeline, tell me. Please. Who are you? I've been searching in that little head of yours and I am not sure.~
<Nemi> And that really is the heart of it. Mads has managed to squeeze herself into a space where she's no longer so pressured, and is even in a shape that she doesn't /hate/, and yet…
<Nemi> She doesn't know who she is or who she wants to be. There's no verbal reply, but it's at the front of her thoughts.
<PrinceGoldFish> ~No pressure, no strings attached. No one to tell you who to be. And yet, you're no one. Most would be like free birds, showing off their colors and being who they are on the inside yet. Madeline, the idea of Maddy is this malformed half thought out mush. Without an identify, you're merely a fleeting mortal vessel that continues to leave on eating and wasting air.~
<Nemi> That's about the whole of it. Sums up Mads' opinion of herself in a single phrase. ".. just trying to figure that out."
<PrinceGoldFish> "How long will that take though. A day, a week, a month, til you're this old lady who has no idea who the hell she is. And is leaving alone friendless?"
<Nemi> "doubt I'll last that long." A flash to the mission to Denmark.
<PrinceGoldFish> "So then what. You'll die without being a person. Without an identify. You wont even be get to have the luxury of a taste of immortality of being an idea that lasts throughout the ages. You're just this… you're just this human meat bag. Nothing more.~
<Nemi> "yup." Not even an attempt to deny it. This girl's.. really at a profound low. It's the emotional equivalent to kicking a puppy that's already lying on the ground bleeding out.
<PrinceGoldFish> Maddy can feel the creature /smiling/ in her mind, the creature beaming with what he's managed to get out of the girl. "As one of your last friends. I think I can help."
<Nemi> "how." It's just a statement, not even a question.
<PrinceGoldFish> ~Lots of work, give and take, Madeline, give and take.~
<Nemi> "fine."
<PrinceGoldFish> ~Now, promise me you'll keep this little discussion we had a secret. Otherwise I wont be able to help.~
<Nemi> "sure." Not that it'd matter if she mentioned it to anyone.
<PrinceGoldFish> "Excellent, now stay safe and… stay inside."
<PrinceGoldFish> *~ ~
<Nemi> ".. yup." Mads waits for that presence to leave before she even considers trying to sleep. That was horrible.
<PrinceGoldFish> It leaves, but there is no relief even then. The thing basically forced its way into the poor girl's mind and displaced things. It felt like her thoughts were sliding out of place, this subsides after five minutes.
<Nemi> Not like Mads had any other plans for the day. That experience was exhausting. She tries to sle

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