Illusion Training Nov

<Kioku> Despite being most-probably Sunnybrook's most mesmerizing, Akemi has a certain vulnerability for both the attractive and the interesting. It is with this in mind that we find her seeking out Ellie, not long after a certain mission, though her motives - to admire, or to intellectually converse - are in question.
<Nemi> It's a beautiful day. Sun's shining, birds are singing. Days like today.. Ellie Nyarlathotep ("Really, Fette? That's even IN the algorithim?") can be found enjoying the weather sitting in a chair on San Fran hall's front porch. Mostly in the shade, fair skin radiant in what sun comes through, jug of lemonade on the wicker table nearby and a book- 1491- to read. Today's a good day.
<Kioku> Akemi puts on a smile to match the sunlight as she sees her… friend? Are they friends? She isn't sure, but she hopes so. Whatever they are, she glides to the (she believes) 'girl', and rests a hand on her shoulder. "Ellie~" she calls quietly, playfully, stooping down to position her head at eye level.
<Nemi> Ellie barely moves beyond a languid tilt of the head, watery blue eyes swiveling to lock onto Akemi's. Its hair's in a nice loose ponytail today, so there's ample room to peek in. "Oh, /hello/. What's up, foxgirl?" The psionic Tear Drinker cracks a crooked grin and otherwise stays exactly where it was.
<Kioku> Akemi's violet gaze stares back, and she gives a happy hum. "Not terribly much, but I would be /far/ from opposed to changing that~" With a sweeping motion of her legs and an odd twist, Akemi brings herself behind the chair, still leaning down, now with her chin resting on Ellie's shoulder to look at her book. "What about you? Anything so vital that you wouldn't rather save me from boredom?"
<Nemi> "Well! Since you asked," Anthiel shows the cover of the book, then indicates the lemonade. And otherwise just sits quite happily where it is, legs crossed and reclining slightly. "I'm not actually doing /anything/ important." Mostly just reading to kill time. "If you don't count lemonade as important, anyway. Uuuunfortunately, I'm not exactly a heroic type, so if you want me to save
<Nemi> you, well.." It pauses a moment. "You'd need to be the one with the plan."
<Kioku> Akemi makes a happy noise and kisses Ellie on the cheek. "I can do that! It'd be better if I knew the sorts of things you liked~" \Well. Not liked /that/ way, I can sense that already, but… interests!\ "Of course, maybe I could learn through… unconventional ways?" She giggles and moves away to wink. "You did mention telepathy on the mission, didn't you? Playing with that could be fun, if it isn't something you're shy about…"
<NotNemi> Anthiel smirks at the kiss, first. Then at the teasing tone, the wink and giggle. "Ha. Welllll." It pauses to take a sip from the lemonade glass. "I don't mind talking about it, or messing with it, I /suppose/. Usually I just don't see much reason to mention it- people always get weird and defensive at the /idea/ of someone having telepathy. It's not /that/ strong, /really/." It's also
<NotNemi> a terrible liar. If Akemi's sensitive to such things, she can /feel/ the weird psychic noise just surrounding Anthiel. It's not unpleasant- sort of a prickly, goosebumps-on-the-neck feeling. But it's very there.
<Kioku> Akemi laughs and shakes her head. "Sure it isn't~" She sticks out her tongue. "And you suppose that if not for my personality, it would spook people less to know that I know how they feel? Literally, I can sense emotions, as well as alter them however I please - whether someone is /capable/ of feeling emotions or not. If that's not enough, my girlfriend's voice is hypnotic, she could probably make most anyone want to do what she asks, and nother
<Kioku> friend of mine has an entrancing aura that she can turn up to similar levels, even though it takes more time. Besides all of that, one of my first friends here was a full range telepath." She hums and reaches out her hand to Ellie, offering to help her out of the chair. "No, I do believe you have nothing to worry about regarding that sort of prejudice or fear from me."
<NotNemi> "Oh, well, in that case I guess we've got the whole mental effects suite here! I feel /so/ at home." Its tone is sly, amused. "Really, though, that's impressive and I'm all the more glad that— wellll, you're an empath, right? You prrrrobably noticed that mine are kind of .. Weird, right? /Anyway/. I think we /could/ do something fun with our horrifying mind powers if, you know, you
<NotNemi> give me an idea as to what."
<Kioku> "Mmm, I suppose… I figured you'd talk about it if you ever felt like." Akemi shrugs. "But yes, if you need something in the realm of emotion or illusion, feel free to call on me~ I'm handy with a bit of magic too, but not nearly as…" she trails off, thinking about Claire, then shakes her head rapidly after a couple moments. "Sorry. I /did/ have something in mind when I came over here, you know. Something I think you'd find fun, ~and~ be
<Kioku> uniquely equipped to create, between the pair of us."
<NotNemi> "Ah, yeah. It's a little private but, eh, I guess good looks and terrifying mind powers aren't the only things I've got going for me." Anthiel coughs, sips more lemonade, and decides to shut its book and set it on the table nearby. "So, magic stuff. Good to know.. Right! This thing you've got in mind! Teeell me /more/."
<Kioku> \Private? That's okay, she'll want to tell me some day~\ Akemi leans in. "Weeell~ I mentioned illusion, right? Usually it isn't mental-based, but I *can* create a complete reality replacement in someone's mind too… but I only know how to do it for one person at a time. It's /really/ great for showing places I've been or letting someone experience flying! Buuut… I don't actually experience the illusion besides as just a sort of shadow, and
<Kioku> I thought if /someone/ were to network several minds together, including mine…"
<NotNemi> ".. /soooo/. You think that by cooperating we'd be able to let you tool around in your illusionary reality replacements, huh?" Anthiel gives that a little thought. It'd need to partition out enough of itself to let Akemi have enough to work with, yet not enough as to overwhelm her and lead to Bad Things, ergo.. ".. I think I have an idea on how to do that, though it might be /unpleasant/."
<Kioku> "Mm, let me see it how others do, and more importantly, let lots of people interact in it at once." Akemi nods rapidly. If Ellie hasn't gotten up yet, she's about to sit in her lap. "Unpleasant?"
<NotNemi> "Neat. So wide area illusion. I can see a lot of uses for that in general." Ellie's still sitting there, so, there's plenty of lap free. "Anyway.. Yeah. Basically, making direct links /to me/- unless I set them up- tends to do bad things to your brain. Something about how my side is overly complicated and intrusions cause the intruder to get massive feedback, or something. But, either
<NotNemi> you.. Knock and I let you in, or I start the connection, should be /fine/. You know?"
<Kioku> Akemi grins and sets herself in Ellie's lap, sitting sideways and leaning against her/it. "Really~? That used to happen to me too, I couldn't stop it at all! Anyone trying a mental connect, I just /couldn't/ let them, and they always got… hurt. It took a /long/ time to get that under control…"
<NotNemi> "Really!" Ellie reclines a little more, apparently barely noticing the weight. "It's something to get under control, anyway. I'm sure I'll get it eventually. Anyway. How does it work for you? Think it should be definitely doable. Maybe."
<Kioku> And as she reclines, so Akemi goes with it. "My…" she swallows, barely breathing the word. "Sister…" She glances away, then shuts her eyes and takes a steadying breath, though the beginnings of a tear are visible in the corner of her eye. "When she… died, I… took a piece of her with me. She helps me. Protects me." Another swallow, and her eyes open again, managing to look at Ellie with a sad smile and a small laugh. "But she was
<Kioku> jealous I think, wanted my headspace to be only for me and her. Woudln't let anyone else in, and got violent if they tried. She's calmed down some, since then."
<NotNemi> Ellie's expression softens and it offers Akemi the lemonade glass. It's about as comforting as it can get. "I know how that is. Most of my family, my friends.. well, they're with me, too, kind of the same way. .. Rather not talk too much on it. But I know what it's like. I'm sorry."
<Kioku> Akemi tilts her head, but nods. \With her too, a similar way?\ "I w-won't ask you too. But… please come to me, if you /do/ want to talk about it, okay?" She nudges the lemonade away, not wanting it. "I wonder how you'd feel having one more person there, if more… distinct…" she muses, trying not to think too much about the sorrow side of the subject.
<NotNemi> ".. Alright." Anthiel lets go of the glass and just drifts it over to the table, so as to not try to maneuver it further around Akemi. "Will do. And for another.. Wouldn't be the first time, but it'd be the first with someone who's more.. Active? I guess. I'm willing to try if you are."
<Kioku> "A lot of people I've found are afraid of being…" Akemi trails her fingers up Ellie's arm and winks. "/Close/ to someone~" She giggles. "It's nothing I haven't done before - you heard the woman in London call me a spirit probably, and… she's right. Which means I can share space with you, and everyone I have has experienced a boost in their abilities." \When they weren't too distracted by the fact that someone was subtly radiating desire and
<Kioku> pleasure /from inside of them/.
<Kioku> \ "But since you know what it's like to have others within… I wonder how it compares?"
<NotNemi> "Well.." Anthiel pauses. ".. If you're feeling brave enough, then I'd be willing to try. Be careful. I feel like I'm really not for the faint of heart." One arm snakes over to support Akemi's back, more automatically than out of any clear sign of need.
<Kioku> Akemi hums. "I think I'll be alright~" She winks. "Besides, you wouldn't let me be hurt, would you? And imagine what you could do, if you think of yourself as "not that strong"~" She sticks out her tongue, clearly disbelieving that bit. \We're… friends, aren't we? So we should get to know each other, and this is a good way to.<NotNemi> "Pbbttt. Fiiiiine. I'll trust your confidence and so on." Really, Anthiel /had/ come to think of itself as a 'garden variety psychic' after spending a few months at Sunnybrook. It gives her a sly look, a smirk. "Ready when you are, then."
<Kioku> Akemi catches the look, and seems delighted with it. "Not what I had in mind at first, but I shan't waste such an opportunity~" She kisses Ellie's cheek again, the opposite one from before, and in a blur of silver light, disappears into it-her.
<NotNemi> Anthiel remains very still, almost letting out an inner sigh at the merger. For Akemi, however. It's almost overwhelming- it's very, very heavy in Ellie, as if the sheer weight of the Tear Drinker's consciousness is so great there's little room for her. And yet she can feel all that Ellie does- the pleasant June air on its skin, the.. Every little movement around it, a million blades
<NotNemi> of grass rustling in the wind, fabric folding, the bodies of other students walking by. There's a lot happening at once and it's mystifying, the seer sensory overload- almost all feeling without touch.. One wonders how Ellie abides.
<Kioku> ~Incredible… and amazing!~ Akemi is worried only for a couple moments, but she's quite used to both the feel of attacks on her will, and the experience of fending them off, and this isn't /too/ much different from her perspective. ~You feel so much, all the time? And to have me both add and added to that… you'll be alright, won't you?~ \I think I can see why she was worried… this is nothing like Jackie was, I wouldn't have wanted to risk
<Kioku> something like being crushed back then.<NotNemi> Anthiel's breathing carefully, sort of a 'hoooooh' sort of sound. ".. that feels /odd/- not horrible, odd- you're okay in there?" And simultaneously, a sussurus of mental whispers come in from all around. Enough of them together are discernable: A rough equivalent of Ellie's voice, sweet and musical. ~Yes. We did not have sight for so long, so we learned to feel. And feel we still
<NotNemi> do.~
<Kioku> ~I'm fine!~ Akemi's own giggle echoes. ~Once you get past the /intensity/ of it all, the pressure, it's… it's kind of nice. It's not lonely at all! How is it odd?~ Every person so far would describe the experience as /very/ pleasant, but that in itself could be considered rather odd, she supposes.
<NotNemi> ~We don't normally get /affected/ by things that aren't us. So, should tell you something.~ The voice' center seems to come from different places, none exactly the same. And Anthiel looks out and takes a long sip of lemonade. ~So, this thing you were planning on trying.. ~
<Kioku> ~Mm, I suppose that would make this odd.~ Akemi's presence sort of 'nuzzles' against Anthiel's, amplifying the feeling briefly. ~Mmh! The illusion one, or the amplification? I'm afraid I can't use my abilities on anyone else from in here, only you, and I only would if you let me, or wanted me to. I respect you, after all~ She seems to curl up, getting comfortable. ~But if you meant ampliciation, then well… my very presence here being both
<Kioku> accepted by you and friendly to you by me, should already have me 'feeding' you energy. Is there anything you've wanted to do, but felt like you needed a boost, or could have done better? I'd be happy to stay here for a while~
<NotNemi> ~We meant the illusionscape. We can feel the power, yes.~ Anthiel glances to some passerby. Such a nice day. The sussurus shifts and reforms. ~So much of it that..~ ~.. We should not, no.~ ~Use it, no. Not here, not now.~ ~Yes. Not here, not now. Another time. Emergency.~ ~Such should not be idle..~ And then it's one again. ~I.. We really don't use what we can. There is little need,
<NotNemi> you see. We would rather see about making /your/ dream possible. Just let us in and show us how.~
<Kioku> Akemi barely tracks the 'voices' coming to her, back and forth. \And here I thought internal conflict was the sign of the Reverse Lovers arcana. … I've been spending too much time with that book and Hyacinth.\ ~Alright. I suppose there's far less to worry about this way, isn't there? Too bad I can't just be… hmm…~ It feels as though a smile comes over Akemi. ~Perhaps I can though! Alright; let me show you what I mean~ \And some time,
<Kioku> even if not here, not now, I'll be here for you to 'use it'.<NotNemi> ~Yes. Please do.~ Anthiel idly peers across the courtyard, to the trees, and Akemi gets the feeling of idle musings. They're hard to follow compared to the more composed whispers. And Akemi gets the very strange feeling of something.. Knocking? At her mental door, as if asking to come on in and make itself at home. Given that she's already /in/ Anthiel.. Well, it's a bit disorienting.
<NotNemi> There's much more to this girl than 'vaguely Scandinavian looking' and 'psychic'. Normal people don't work like that.
<Kioku> It's interesting though! And she'd have it no other way, normal is… too brief, too passing, only worth a little time usually. Akemi lets the link connect, and immediately 'nuzzles' it too, in her way. Odd, yes, but that only makes her more curious! And then, Ellie permitting, the world /shifts/. Everything is still as it was, since Akemi is feeding the illusion with exactly what is really going on, what Ellie is 'really' picking up with her
<Kioku> senses, except for the Akemi that's suddenly in her lap again, leaning on her.
<NotNemi> And naturally, because Akemi is using Ellie's senses, Akemi gets the perception herself as if Ellie and.. Confused yet? The end result is that Akemi gets the rather bizarre feeling of being someone who's got her sitting on their lap, having a pleasant glass of lemonade on this fine summer day with a book nearby and.. Woah. So /that's/ what it's like.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles - it seems perfectly audible, too. "Maybe we should have tried this without me inside after all~ But then… I can't believe I hadn't thought of this. I feel like I'm both of us at once… you and I, with both our perspectives. Weird. But that means… maybe I could immerse with anyone, if I were in them to share their senses at the time!" She giggles again, in delight, and illusion-Akemi hugs Ellie tightly. Which also feels like
<Kioku> hugging herself. Wow, she should do that more often. No, wait, don't be narcissistic Akemi, bad. "How's this for you?"
<NotNemi> "It honestly feels normal. I can feel you here, and there, and a part of me knows that you're not physically there but you've the rest of me tricked well enough that it's hard to fight off the feeling. In other words, it's /very confusing/." Anthiel laughs.
<Kioku> "It could be more confusing~ Imagine if 'you' looked and felt like me, to yourself! Or if I 'showed' you another environment entirely that way! Or if your perspective were shifted so that you were sitting on you? This really could be /such/ fun with a group…"
<NotNemi> ".. That would be /incredibly/ confusing. I like it. The /prank/ possibilities alone.." Anthiel may or may not be cackling. ".. Nevermind what we could do in the event of, ah heh heh, events like this afternoon.."
<NotNemi> ".. We need to /test/."
<Kioku> "Mhmm~ There's so much we could have fun with! I've only really used this to show a couple of people… well," Everything shifts very suddenly, so they seem to be atop a tall building in the middle of a city - it's very clearly coastal. "This. A friend of mine really likes high places, and wanted to fly, so… I 'adjusted' the laws of physics within this, so that she could. Had to make sure she understood to not move her real body of course,
<Kioku> but…" She shrugs, and the illusion fades away, everything returning to normal, with the exception of an added Akemi avatar like before. "You're right, we really should test!" ~Note to self, MUCH easier to simply add things to perception than to rewrite everything. Subtraction…~ Something seems hazy, but still has residuals. ~Better to rewrite.~ "You catch all that? I bet telepathy could do this same sort of thing too~"
<NotNemi> ~Good notes to remember. Right now I'm just taking your intent and feeding it back to you, so it's really all you. The expression on your metaphorical face, though. We love it.~ Anthiel gives the Akemi avatar a wry look. "I.. Honestly have no idea. I've made mind links, and I can .. Dig, but I've never tried messing with perception before."
<Kioku> Akemi giggles, inside and out. "Maybe you should~ I didn't try anything like this either, for a long time… I discovered this ability not long ago, maybe a month after I came here it feels like. At first it was just more standard things, illusions that everyone could see but that were… flimsy. A tactile addition to my tails, having my voice come from a different point. Diverting attention away from someone's wings was /hard/. But we're
<Kioku> always growing, and we should help each other grow, right~? So if you want to try, I'll help you. I'll even be your test subject!"
<NotNemi> ".. Well, I suppose since you're /willing/, I could /try/. It'll probably be easier still since, you know, the double link- you're /in/ me- thus making yourself the envy of every boy and half the girls on campus hey-ooo- and with me hooked to you it should be easy to get in and out without, uh, damaging anything.."
<Kioku> Akemi purrs and shoots pleasure through her host at the innuendo, then laughs again, longer and more warmly than last time. "Told you we'd cause plenty of jealousy~ You wouldn't /believe/ how many dates I've turned down, both here and at my old school. Do you pick up on people's thoughts about you as much as I have to get their emotions toward me~?"
<NotNemi> "I /pick/ them up? I practically /feed/ off the reactions. Ha. Anywaaaay.. Llllet me know if you feel anything. I'm going kind of, uh, starting very small." Nothing so far.. Oh. Akemi's vision-out-of-Anth's-eyes gets tinted slightly purple.
<Kioku> Illusion-Akemi blinks and tilts her head. She knows it's just in her mind, and her first instinct is to clear it out, but she pushes that down, smiling rather proudly at how fast Ellie got the manipulation figured out. "A color filiter? I didn't know if you'd start out with something visual, but it's a good one~"
<NotNemi> "Ha! It worked? Fantastic. I figured it would be easy- just convince the visual receptors that there's something there that really isn't. Okay. Trying something more.. Complicated.." Whatever Anthiel was trying.. That probably isn't it. It's even borrowing some of Akemi's techniques via the mindlink, and yet the result is more .. A really unpleasant video glitch in reality. Like the
<NotNemi> video card rendering the Courtyard is badly overheating and thus stretching and projecting objects and people in bizarre, malformed ways. ".. okay, you should be seeing people who aren't actually there now.."
<Kioku> Akemi winces and shakes her head. "Iie. It's… I'll show you." \That's… actually very convenient as a learning tool, being able to show things so she can figure out how to fix it.<NotNemi> "Okay— it's all in /your/ head so I'm not sure I can see it, what'm I doing wrong here?"
<Kioku> "Don't worry, we can shift each other's perceptions at the same time~ It'd be pretty weird if one of us were trying to do a rewrite at the time though… later on that though, later." Akemi grins and shifts things, visually only, to show what she currently sees. Meanwhile, she pouts at someone who walks past them into the dorm without acknowledging her- oh wait, they can't see her because she's inside someone else. Stupid avatar.
<NotNemi> Anthiel, meanwhile, is doing its best to remain coherent, follow what Akemi's showing— "Eugh! What was— how did /that/ happen?-" And tweaking things. Eventually, after a fair bit of back and forth alterations, Anthiel manages to settle on /nondistorted/ visual with a cheerful dancing green man in the middle of the courtyard.
<NotNemi> ".. aaand— aaaah. So that's what your mind's doing to process that. I can work with this, I think.."
<Kioku> Akemi hums approvingly. Her mind is /very/ atypical, but she doesn't seem to realize that, and the sensory components are… probably mostly the same? So this should work out just fine, as a template. "I'm glad! And that thing is weird, but… not completely out of place, considering where we are. Want to incorporate other senses~?" Her tone turns suggestive at that.
<NotNemi> "What do you have in mind?" Anthiel wonders aloud. ".. Sound? Smell? .. Touch?"
<Kioku> "Well, touch is certainly /my/ favorite~" She winks and caresses Ellie's cheek. "And the one I'm most practiced in~ But I would probably try sound, it's easier and just as useful. Like you said, imagine the prank possibilities alone!"
<Kioku> "Also, touch might interact… /differently/ with me, especially like this."
<NotNemi> "Hmh— how do you figure? Because the you presently rubbing her fingers on my cheek is also illusory, thus meaning that things are going to get very odd?" Anthiel smirks and.. ".. Make me hear something. I think I can pattern that to affect you. Maybe."
<Kioku> Akemi giggles, and the illusion-her wiggles in place, getting more comfortable. "Are you asking me to sing?"
<NotNemi> "Let's go with that, sure!"
<Kioku> ~I'd rather use my own voice with illusory accompaniment in that case, but I don't feel like leaving, so…~ Akemi seems to lean back, and… from nowhere, instrumental music starts playing. Then words that come from illusion-Akemi add to it, naturally with her own voice. At some point, she isn't content with just 'sitting' on Ellie, and gets up to dance. Performer at heart, truly.
<Nemi> Anthiel, there sitting on the porch, watches the Akemi avatar rise and start dancing. While it looks amused (as ever- the Tear Drinker seems to find everything amusing), it's really exploiting the link into Akemi (inside itself.. which is extremely weird to think about, as it occurs to Anthiel) to see just what she's tweaking in order to make it perceive all these sounds, the avatar's
<Nemi> dance itself, and so long. ".. I think I'm getting it. Much harder to affect someone I don't have a link to, buut." Anthiel sits up and sips it lemonade with a grin.
<Kioku> "Oh, I imagine so~" Akemi giggles and swoops down to sit the opposite way from before, legs to Ellie's right instead of her left. "It requires constant tweaking and attention, doesn't it? I wonder if it wouldn't just be easier for you to plant a suggestion to see or hear something, and let that take its course instead. But isn't it best to learn the harder way first~?"
<Nemi> "Well, yeah. So you can do that to scale back. Soo. Just going to pattern off what you did.." There's an almost palpable ripple in the air, that kind that would disorient and discombobulate were Akemi presently physical. A few passing students are briefly dizzied. And then Akemi hears.. Trumpets. ( )
<Kioku> Akemi snickers. "Interesting choice. Mayhaps you put a bit too much into it though?"
<Nemi> "Well, you did music, I'll do music. Like I said, I can tone down from here— I'm never gonna get a better person to practice with, so, why not?" Anthiel's grin widens.
<Kioku> Akemi purrs and giggles. "True, true~ but it's not as though we don't /live in the same building/ and have the ability to /see each other every day/ if we wanted to." Illusion-Akemi sticks her tongue out. "So really, you've got plenty of time and opportunity to practice. Minus when my time is claimed by others, of course, but that could always lead to more diverse hangouts~"
<Nemi> "Pff. Good point, actually. I'm around at weird times but I'm always there, so." Anthiel pauses again and .. smirks. ".. Hey. Hold on. I'm going to.. Ttttry something.." And it's going to latch onto Akemi's perspective— as far as her 'perspective as projection' goes- to shift itself over to the Akemi avatar's.. Perspective. So it can look at itself. Phew!
<Kioku> Were Akemi doing a full replacement illusion, that'd work great! But she isn't right now, so the avatar's point of view… can only sense what Ellie already was. Except! Akemi has actually been warping the sound for herself, in order to get it as it probably would be from that point of view, and she's been maintaining the sense of touch through it. So now Ellie can feel what it's like to be on her own lap.
<Nemi> "… well. I'm amazed that worked. And that feels bizarre, so you know. And.. It's a start." Ellie.. Is pretty okay with this, moreso than most probably should or would be, and instead grins at the avatar. ".. Right, so. I think— phew- this is fun to mess with but I'm probing unknown depths and stuff, so. I think I need a break."
<Kioku> Akemi nods - and doesn't THAT feel odd like this! "Makes sense. We're all tangled up in each other right now so much, so it'd probably be for the best to unwind a bit~" Did she say it that way on purpose? Yes. Yes she most certainly did, extra flirty tones and all.
<Nemi> Anthiel can just laugh. "Yes— juuuust let me break the mindlink, then you should be able to.. Disentangle without too many issues. We can reentangle in another way later if you really want."
<Nemi> And as it says that.. The worming, burrowing mental presence in Akemi's own consciousness slithers on out.
<Kioku> Akemi nuzzles playfully against the presence as it leaves, then unwraps and unfurls herself from where she is in Ellie, 'stretching' a bit to cause the feeling of her to wash outward and spike. ~Oh? Maybe so~ The teasing and suggesting is fun, even if she's not going to act on it. She's quite taken, after all, and that's her thought as she leaps out through Ellie's chest, letting the exit shock hit the same way that entry did before, flying
<Kioku> through the air as a small silver fox that shifts and grows to become Akemi just before hitting the ground. Illusion-Akemi faded when the link was cut off, more out of respect and avoiding risk than necessity, but in a fun trick another one took its place, walking out of the dorm - a non-mental one, this, so everyone could see - and moved to sit down in front of Ellie, head against her legs, in just the position that the real Akemi ends up moments later.
<Nemi> "Ghhh-whooh, that was an /experience—/" Ellie stops at eying the fox Akemi, then the second Akemi. ".. You just /love/ messing with people using that, don't you?" It sounds terribly amused. Because it is, there peering down at the actual Akemi.
<Kioku> Akemi looks up and winks, dismissing the illusion. She doesn't need it now that she's taken its place. "Well I had to give our admirers something to be confused over, didn't I~?" she says innocently.
<Nemi> Anthiel winks right back. "Veeeerry fair. I'm going to have to percolate a bit- hah, I like that word- on this and.. We'll have to get together, practice some more, sometime. Soon, too." And that grin just widens.
<Kioku> "Whenever you like~" Akemi hops up, brushes their noses together, and delivers a kiss that lands perilously close to Ellie's lips, but still manages to hit 'cheek'. Barely. "I'll look forward to it~" She slips away and barely keeps from giggling at the mixed tastes of envy and desire coming off the onlookers.
<Nemi> Anthiel's brows are up at the more overt display of flirtacious affection, but it makes no move to rise and follow. It lazily waves. "Oh, you're /adorable/. See you again soon."
<Nemi> "Aaand.. Thanks again."
<Kioku> Akemi does giggle now, disappearing into the building with her own wave. Her voice appears beside Ellie's ear though for a whispered last reply. "No, thank you~"
<Nemi> "Pfft.." Anthiel sighs, maybe a little disappointed to have the entertainment pass so soon, but.. Up goes its book with a gesture, the half-drunken lemonade soo nto follow, and it's back to enjoying a lazy afternoon and concocting thoughts on how to practice.
<Nemi> ~scene envied~

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