Forbidden Temple, Parts Two and Three

Part One

  • Part Two

<Kioku> The room at the bottom of the ladder is small but not cramped, and square, with a single door ahead toward what you think was the center of the pyramid. The back wall is slanted, clearly the outside wall of the structure. There's no hall here… but who knows what could be behind that door?
<Kioku> Maya: -2h, Ju -2p, Nadia -1p, Jace -4p, Katlyn full health
<Kioku> As a reminder, you were granted…
<Kioku> - Backpack with Glow sticks, rope, water, snacks, insect repellant.
<Kioku> - Sketchbook, notepad, pad of graph paper, and several pencils and pens.
<Kioku> - Two knives, loaded revolver and 6 spare bullets, first aid kit. (3 shots used)
<Kioku> - Two adrenaline patches, a stim pack, and a dose of 'experimental something' (injection).
<Kioku> -Begin-
<FakemixRed> "Someone check the back wall, flappy you stay with them , Mute and I will investigate the door." Maya says waving the glowstick in her hand
<Uracilo> "Check the back wall for what? Mold?"
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes her things back from Ju as he descends. She glances over as Maya mentions her and eventually sorts herself out, glowstick and sketchpad and all. Before walking over to the door, sketching the small room as they go.
<FakemixRed> Maya is going to put her ear to the door "Just check it!" and listens for anything on the other side
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves to take one of the glowsticks before Katlyn leaves, not cracking it but holding on as she stays in place with the others, looking around from where she is.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn waits next to Maya, glancing around the dim room and waiting for the privateer to do the heavy lifting.
<Uracilo> Ju shrugs and walks to the wall, losing the gun in one of his pockets and dusting his pants off.
<DrabberRogue> Jace holds his head in his hand once he descends, a headache coming on as he tries to sort out all the foreign memories plaguing his mind.
<Uracilo> Once he reaches it he knocks on it to see if it's hollow, then nurses his knuckles.
<Kioku> The back wall doesn't sound hollow, but then if it's the outside wall, it's a couple feet thick of solid stone, and totally underground anyway…
<SavanahHolland> Nadia glances to Jace with a small concerned look, moving to stand next to him and trying to look over him without touching. "Are you alright?" she asks him quietly.
<Uracilo> "No moss or infestations, ma'am." He voices, mocking a salute.
<DrabberRogue> "I…yeah…I'm fine, just a headache…" He isn't sure if that's really all there is, but there's no need to get everyone excited over a theory.
<FakemixRed> "Unless you found something, get ready I'm opening the door!" Maya calls out as she puts her hand on the door and prepares to open, her other hand wielding the knife
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes a few steps back to stand near Jace and Nadia, away from the pirate girl.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia glances over to the other three, then back to Jace "May I try to see if something is actually wrong? Or at least try to relieve the headache..?"
<Kioku> The door is large, heavy looking, and of the "double" persuasion… and it looks somewhat carved into, in odd interconnected designs.
<DrabberRogue> Jace thinks for a moment. ~No harm in checking to make sure…but…~ "You can…do that?"
<FakemixRed> "Hey you know what…some nerd that's good at this stuff check if this design means something!" Maya calls as she backs away from the door /Might as well not take chances/ "Afterwards, gun boy get ready to shoot whatever the fuck is on the other side"
<Uracilo> Ju rolls his eyes and heads to the door, his power scanning the surface to get a full picture. Does he get any meaning from it?
<SavanahHolland> Nadia thinks on this for a moment "I can heal your mind, and if nothing is wrong, it is not like you lose anything. I will just try to be certain, alright?"
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn steps over and starts to sketch the carved in designs into her sketchpad.
<FakemixRed> "Oho good thinking Mute," Maya says as she examines the odd designs
<Kioku> The carvings definitely have a pattern to them, but there's something else, a sort of resonance between and beneath them.
<DrabberRogue> Jace grimaces as a particularly bad memory from the specter forces its way to his conscience. "S-Sure…its worth a shot…"
<Kioku> They don't resemble anything like language, or even an image… at first glance. Maybe an art critic or language expert could get something out of it, but even that's sketchy. … Not that kind of sketchy. That wasn't a pun.
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+8 Artist
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Artist: 6:6-8+8
<SavanahHolland> Nadia wings extend, but still stay close to her, her own hand hovering above her cheeks waiting for the tears to fall, and after a few seconds they do, pure white in color as her wings faintly glow as both of them look completely destroyed. She wipes the tears that had fallen, moving her hand to Jace's forehead.
<Kioku> >Jace: Analysis
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+4 Lacrimis fit de Sancto
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, Lacrimis fit de Sancto : 4:8-8+4
<Kioku> (Passive)
<Kioku> Katlyn: the carvings *do* depict something, but it's… weird. A little like veins or nerves perhaps, but not of any creature you've heard of.
<Kioku> That, or it's a shatter pattern.
<Kioku> Or someone wanted to depict a /really weird/ snowflake.
<LipstickThespian> Tracing into her notebook, Katlyn looks over the designs and lines on the door as she tries to take an artistic approach to them. She always hated these abstract pieces. Writing down her thoughts undernearth she turned to show the sketchpad to Ju. "veins or like nerves. weird right?"
<Uracilo> Ju looks at the traced design and tries to match it to his knowledge of nervous systems. He'd know, right?
<Kioku> Jace: mental healing 2
<Kioku> >Ju: Brains
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+3
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo: 4:9-8+3
<Kioku> It's reasonably similar, she's right… but it definitely isn't that specificially. It's not organic-seeming enough, and it doesn't branch off enough, but it does look like some sort of system within a creature… just nothing human.
<DrabberRogue> Jace's headache recedes for the most part, now just an annoyance in the back of his conscience, the memories of the specter mostly fading. "That…feels much better…thank you." Jace looks to Nadia after a relieved sigh, his voice regaining its strength and confidence.
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+8 (Kio's Random Analysis Roll)
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, (Kio's Random Analysis Roll): 8:8-8+8
<Uracilo> "Whatever it is, it's not human." He says, pointing out these differences. Could it be linked to the ghosts they saw upstairs? "Let's just keep our eyes peeled for something this might fit into."
<Uracilo> Ju tries to see if there's any obvious weakpoint made visible by the designs.
<Kioku> Ju, extended: you /can/ make out the difference between what seems like it would be the center to it all, as well as extremities and an area with particularly dense pathways that might be akin to a processing center. Basically, the heart, limb and brain equivalents are there.
<FakemixRed> "Wait what the hell you mean not human? You saying this temple is like some sorta living mecha or something…because if so I'm gonna pilot it."
<Kioku> Jace: Whatever might have caught your eye… didn't.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves the back of her hand to wipe off anything left from the tears, fading into the air as if it were just white mist. "It is no problem." she says under her breath, then moving slowly to look at the door from her position, really just a glance that lasts longer than anything.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn lets the boy go over her work and spout off his knowledge. She's content to just listen along and let him provide the insight. At some point she looks over to Nadia at the mention of a lack of humanity, but turns away when she sees the cute face.
<Uracilo> "Nobody said this was the building's nervous system. It's just a depiction of something else's"
<Kioku> The designs don't seem to have a "weak point" really, aside from the clear seam where the two doors connect, and where they meet the wall. But the design itself, not especially, no.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn reaches over and tries to push the door open with her hand, pen still wrapped between two fingers as she does.
<Kioku> (Where, exactly, does she push?)
<LipstickThespian> (By the seam, left door, chest level)
<FakemixRed> "Hey should we really be letting Picasso take lead? what if she gets mauled to death or something?" Maya says raising an eyebrow, ready to leap with the knife
<LipstickThespian> As she is compared to that hack Picasso, Katlyn's face contorts a little in disgust.
<Kioku> The door doesn't budge, even in the slightest.
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+3 Cold Reading the door's flow of power
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Cold Reading the door's flow of power: 2:7-8+3
<Kioku> But the part of the carvings beneath where Katlyn's hand touches… they're glowing faintly red when she pulls away again, just for a few seconds.
<FakemixRed> "What you so weak you can't even open the door?" /shit lemme guess it's blood. this temple is probably a monster or something."
<FakemixRed> /
<Kioku> Even understanding what this may be a depiction of, what's within it and what it asks are… elusive. But it /does/ want something before allowing passage.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia slowly moves to approach the door, but certainly keeps some distantace as she looks over it, then noticing Katlyn's hand and where it touched, moving to do the same to see if it has the same reaction.
<DrabberRogue> Jace, his mind now clear enoug to focus, approaches the door, scanning it to try and locate what could amount to a puzzle.
<Kioku> Nadia's hand instead causes a faint white glow when taken away, that fades a bit faster than the red did.
<FakemixRed> Maya is now definitely getting interested /Maybe this will do something./ She's going to try slamming her cutlass into the door at full force
<Kioku> Passive Perception (All)
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn starts running her pencil along the smooth surface of the door, watching it dip into the grooves. She's not actually trying anything, she's just a little bored coming off the high of the last ten minutes.
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+1
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed: 1:8-8+1
<LipstickThespian> roll 4d3-8+4
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian: 7:11-8+4
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+6
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 7:9-8+6
<FakemixRed> (Do I roll brawn for the cutlass slamming?)
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+8 brains and perception
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+8 brains and perception
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, brains and perception: 6:6-8+8
<Kioku> (Sure, if you want to!)
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+3
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo: 1:6-8+3
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+3 C'mon headsplitter hurt this door!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, C'mon headsplitter hurt this door!: 5:10-8+3
<Kioku> Katlyn, Nadia and Jace all notice a certain same thing… when Nadia pulled her hand away, the white seemed to be trying to trickle along the carvings toward the dense cluster 'brain-eqiuvalent' area…
<Kioku> Maya! Where /exactly/ do you hit it?
<FakemixRed> Maya is going to aim for one of the veiny parts that glowed when they touched it /Glowing red weakspot!/
<Kioku> The door… gets a tinge of bright green where Maya hits, but doesn't even shake besides that.
<DrabberRogue> "Nadia, try holding your hand there." Jace points to the denser cluster, having an idea.
<DrabberRogue> "Actually no, I'll do it."
<Kioku> For those of us watching the trickle, the green tries to spread out in most directions, but it's very brief.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the trickle of glow with some curisity, but goes back to slowly etching on the door. Like it was some bathroom stall wall, she put on her graphite graffiti. 'sunnybrook rules, ghosts drool'
<DrabberRogue> Jace holds his hand over said cluster.
<Kioku> (Like, holds above, or actually touches?)
<DrabberRogue> (Actually touches)
<FakemixRed> "Tch, this thing is hard as balls, and it's just like doing some sort of weird magic thing." Maya then thinks and pulls out the glowing disk from her bra "Think this will do anything?"
<SavanahHolland> Nadia glances to Jace, then slowly opening her hazel eyes to watch with a semi-serious yet curious expression. Though staying close to the boy in case she needs to pull him back or anything of the sort.
<Kioku> Jace, oddly enough, also means white. And the entire section lights up brightly, the glow not fading… but it does very slowly start to spread toward the other areas.
<DrabberRogue> Jace has a sudden thought as he considers the lights. "Katlyn, could you touch your hand to the door?"
<SavanahHolland> Nadia watches as it happens, and slowly starts to wonder what would happen if two hands stayed on at once. Moving her hand slowly to do exactly that to see what would happen.
<SavanahHolland> (Whoops, can that post go before Drabbers? XD)
<Kioku> (Nadia touching the same area as Jace did?)
<FakemixRed> While those guys are busy feeling up walls, Maya's going to enchant her cutlass with Godslayer just in case some more specters come their way
<SavanahHolland> (Yeah)
<Kioku> When Nadia's hand makes contact, the white pulses and spreads much more. (Countdown -4)
<LipstickThespian> Katlyun does as Jace tells her, and reaches over to where Jace did to touch the spot.
<Uracilo> Ju moves closer to the door with a sigh. "Stick all your hands here and here," he says, pointing out the brain and heart equivalents in the figure.
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+4 Enchant Godslayer
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Enchant Godslayer : 3:7-8+4
<SavanahHolland> Nadia follows Ju's orders, glancing around as she watches the white pulse and spread with intrested, her face though mostly serious.
<FakemixRed> Once that's done, having a nifty glow sword, Maya's going to touch the spot they direct her to but with the disk instead of her hand "Maybe this will do something."
<Kioku> Katlyn's red-inducing touch spreads through the white like a bleeding wound… or more accurately, like burning paper. It only stays as a thin, expanding line, that destroys all of the white in its path, until none is left.
<Kioku> (Which spot did they direct Maya to, then?)
<DrabberRogue> ~That's odd…~ Jace removes his hand. "Everyone else hands off. Katlyn, put your hand on that cluster." Jace points to the 'heart' cluster.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the red flow through the white, a smile on her face as she watches the paper burn. She takes a step and puts her hand on the heart, as Jace instructs her.
<Kioku> The whole 'heart' area lights a bright, healthier looking red, spreading slowly from there much like the white did before from its place.
<DrabberRogue> "Alright, now lets see…" Jace puts his hand on the brain cluster.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia removes her hand slowly, moving it to the side as she cracks the glowstick she had kept from earlier.
<DrabberRogue> "Maya wait, I have an idea."
<Kioku> The area Jace touches lights a bright white, spreading until it encounters the red… and then both stop spreading. Without annihilation.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the red flow away from the heart. A smile on her face, as she tries to figure out how exactly she would recreate this visual stimulation.
<FakemixRed> "What is it, hurry up I don't want to play with lights all day."
<Kioku> The extremities still have a creeping red out into them, but they're /mostly/ untouched.
<DrabberRogue> Jace tries to look for a third cluster.
<Kioku> In fact, they're the only area that are.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks around the group, keeping her hand on the door, but unsure of what to do.
<DrabberRogue> Jace is…still looking for a third cluster. (*Cough* Kio *cough* *cough*)
<FakemixRed> "Where do you want me to put this disk thingy chess boy?" Maya says flipping the thing in the air rather callously
<Kioku> (I answered… twice…)
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves so the glowstick can look over the white and red, but making sure not to get too close, unsure what exactly to do as she glances to the disk for a brief moment.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn points at Maya, and then to the extremities part.
<DrabberRogue> "Um…I don't think the disk has much to do with this…touch where there's no lights."
<Uracilo> Ju does as instructed with a shrug, hoping nothing happens that he won't be prepared to shoot for now.
<Kioku> Well that'll be hard. There are four 'limbs' and none of them have lights.
<DrabberRogue> ~The green didn't try to go anywhere specific, so maybe it can be touched anywhere?~
<FakemixRed> "Pshh nonsense." Maya sneers /he's probably right/ and touches the disk at the extremities where Katlyn points
<Kioku> All: Brawn Defense
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+1
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian: -1:6-8+1
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+1
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 3:10-8+1
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+1
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland: 0:7-8+1
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+6 Maya's too stronk
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Maya's too stronk: 6:8-8+6
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+3
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo: 2:7-8+3
<Kioku> As Ju touches one of the dark areas, it lights… white. And the entire matrix of light collapses, everyone not named Jace or Maya is thrown back away from the door… and even Jace is pushed back a step. Nadia and Katlyn are actually pushed hard enough to be hurt by the force of colliding with the far wall. (1 physical damage)
<FakemixRed> "Fantastic gun boy you just couldn't wait!" Maya screams as she faces the door's direction, her cutlass pointed in front of her
<FakemixRed> She puts the disk back in her bra /hope this wasn't too important/
<SavanahHolland> Nadia hits the far wall, her eyes quickly closing shut as she makes a pained grunt and winces, trying to quickly stumble up, looking over to Katlyn to see if she needs help.
<LipstickThespian> As Katlyn slams into the far wall, she lets out a silent scream and flops ungracefully to the floor in a mess of paper and markers. Her body aching from the sudden push and slam, and her world spinning for a second. For a second she decides laying on the floor sounds like a great idea.
<DrabberRogue> "Katlyn, Nadia, are you okay?" Jace whips around after regaining his balance, not entirely sure why he's so concerned.
<Uracilo> Ju falls into a practiced roll, but not practiced enough. He ends up in a kneeling position, his hand digging through his pocket for the gun.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia winces again, she could handle standing up at least, it wasn't too bad despite her back now hurting like a bitch. She walks over to Katlyn, looking the girl over to see if she injured.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn pushes herself up to kneel on the ground, her hair a mess, she lost her beanie. She gives Jace a thumbs up as she holds her stomach, it hurts like a mother fucker.
<SavanahHolland> (Should I roll medicine to see if somethings wrong?)
<Kioku> (You could!)
<DrabberRogue> "Alright…I have a theory." Jace begins.
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+7 Brains 4 Meds 3
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, Brains 4 Meds 3: 8:9-8+7
<Kioku> Oh aye, she's hurt. But you're pretty sure it'd be a fairly easy fix.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia takes a deep breath as she tries to straighten her own back, looking to Katlyn's stomach "May I try to heal?" she asks quietly.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn starts to pick up her papers and pencils and put them in her bag. She quickly checks to see how her guitar is doing, and gets a little bit of relief when she realizes it fell off and is laying on the ground. Glancing at Nadia she smiles at her and tries to wave her off.
<DrabberRogue> "Green represents the body, red represents the heart, and white represents the mind." He explains. "The person representing white touches the mind, the person representing red touches the heart, and the person representing the green touches anywhere else on the body…apparently only /one/ of each can touch the door." He glances at Ju for that last part.
<FakemixRed> "Fantastic it's like we're power rangers but first let me try something." Maya says urging the others to back off
<Uracilo> Ju shrugs. Sounds good enough.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia smiles softly to Katlyn, though it is a somewhat worried expression, Nadia standing up and straighting her now slightly aching back, going to the door but backing off just for Maya, glancing to Jace "I will touch the one for mind after Maya is done."
<DrabberRogue> "I don't think the disk is related, it was found in the upper levels anyway…though it couldn't hurt to try." Jace backs away from the door.
<FakemixRed> Maya's going to use the disk and touch it on the Brain cluster and if nothing happens she'll touch the Heart cluster with it "Considering this thing was guarded with spikes, it's probably important."
<DrabberRogue> "You sure Nadia? I'm fine touching it myself."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn finishes putting her things away and slips her guitar back over her shoulders to hang on her back. She stays sitting however, and just lets the sharp pain wash over her. Thank goodness she has medical marijuana at home.
<Kioku> As the disc touches the carvings…. nothing happens. Literally nothing, aside from the faint 'clank' sound of crystal on stone.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia nods to Jace with a small smile "It is fine, I would like to try it anyways." her voice is somewhat murmured though, glancing to Katlyn often when the girl isn't looking.
<DrabberRogue> "Okay then, I think Maya should touch before the other two."
<FakemixRed> "Those of you who have weak legs, stay behind." Maya commands as she moves to touch the extremities of the carving after she stores the disk once again /I could've sworn this would do something/
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn tries to look through her own personal sketchpad for something, tucking the issued variety behind it as she does.
<Kioku> As Maya touches one of the limbs, /all/ of the limbs light green, the color very slowly trickling up toward the other areas.
<FakemixRed> "Oh look at that, aren't I special." she says watching the light show
<Uracilo> "Who's touching the brain?" he asks, eyeing the cluster of lines. Magic sure is annoying.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia waits for Jace to signal that she should go, moving her hand to gingerly touch where Jace had indicated represents the mind.
<DrabberRogue> "Nadia's touching the brain…and Katlyn, you're our only red."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stands up off the ground as she hears her name, tucking her sketchpad away. She half-jogs the short distance over and waits for Nadia to do her part, before reaching and touching the heart.
<Kioku> As the two areas are touched, lit, spread, and come in contact with the other colors, something *shifts* audibly. And then the lights all fade out, and the doors crack open…
<FakemixRed> "Wohoo is the triforce in there?" Maya cackles at the door opening
<DrabberRogue> Jace claps his hands together. "Perfect, I love a good puzzle in the morning…or whatever time of day it is…"
<SavanahHolland> Once all the lights fade out Nadia freezes, watching the door crack and slowly removing her hand so she can walk to the back of the group.
<Uracilo> Ju draws his gun and points it at the rapidly vanishing darkness beyond the door.
<FakemixRed> Maya is going to toss her glowstick down the hallway /My sword already glows so it's fine/
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn scurries back to stand next to Nadia, before writing down notes on the puzzle they solved, of course. Still on record duty.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia holds on to her glowstick, moving it so it can shed light where it's needed without her having to move from her spot next to Katlyn, her often worried glances going to the girl but saying nothing due to orginally being waved off.
<Kioku> Whoever the hell decided that this place should be so dark clearly forgot to do so for this room. At the very center, floating in midair between a quarter-height pillar from the floor and ceiling, is a large blue orb that glows brightly enough to shed light on the whole room. Spaced around the room are tables and pedistels. Odd looking things rest on some of them, most particularly a small silver colored orb resting on a stone
<Kioku> pedistel, a large rifle-shaped object on a table, something that appears to be a mirror propped up on another table, and a bolt of black cloth propped against a wall.
<FakemixRed> Maya is immediately going to head straight for the mirror like object "Oh sweet loot!"
<DrabberRogue> Jace begins taking a threat assessment of the room, it wouldn't do to be caught off guard.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn only steps close enough to the door, after washing in the glow of the light and looking a bit perplexed at this place once more, to look inside. She flips to a new page and starts to draw, and write, and catalog what she is seeing.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia slowly walks in, but decides to stay close to Katlyn no matter what they do. Maybe too worried for a injury that was probably be small, but still doing so but doing a great job at not letting it show.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia ends up deciding to break off from Katlyn's side, looking around the room but going to the black bolt of cloth proped against the wall, trying to see if anything is up with it.
<FakemixRed> "Now this is what I'm talking about! a pirate's life for me." Maya says as she hovers her hand over the mirror inspecting it closely /It's not like I'm a total moron who will just touch anything/
<Kioku> Pause until Ura says what Ju does / gets into the room.
<Uracilo> Ju heads for the silver orb, scanning it with his power. The gun finds its way back into his pocket.
<Kioku> Oh, Maya, Maya, Maya… you should make a mental defense roll.
<Kioku> Nadia, a perception roll would be cool right about now.
<Kioku> Ju, power rolling time!
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+5 Overload Cold Reading
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Overload Cold Reading: 6:9-8+5
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+5 Willpower Overdrive! I'm tense!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Willpower Overdrive! I'm tense! : 6:9-8+5
<DrabberRogue> (What about Jace?)
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+8 Perception plus brains~
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, Perception plus brains~: 8:8-8+8
<Kioku> (Jace doesn't have anything to roll, it's… it's just a room. There are no doors besides the one you came in.)
<Kioku> (Well, okay, I lied, there's one door.)
<DrabberRogue> (But are there threats is what he's wondering)
<Kioku> Maya: the mirror image is staring at you. Staring hard. No matter what /you're/ doing. It doesn't seem to be doing much else though…
<Kioku> Ju: This thing? The orb in front of you? It's /definitely/ the cause of the power outage.
<Uracilo> Ju turns around to look at everyone else and points down at the silver orb. "Here's out objective. Should we grab it and get out?"
<FakemixRed> Maya flinches at this, as sweat rolls down her neck "Haha this mirror is funny guys, it's so engrossed in my own beauty the reflection is staring. No one but me fucking look at it!" Maya says with annoyance
<Kioku> Nadia: when you look at the cloth, it feels oddly cold and warm at the same time, familiar and not, like your attention could sink into it, but at the same time completely slide off and not notice it at all. Weird.
<Kioku> Jace: there aren't any visible threats… yet…
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes a minute to dig into her backpack and find one of the granola bars they were sent with. She starts to munch on it in between writing, glancing up to watch the group every now and then, staying just outside the doorway.
<LipstickThespian> She does manage to shake her head at Ju's question, she still has a half finished map.
<DrabberRogue> "There has to be a trap somewhere in here, like that mirror…" Jace walks over to the rifle looking thing, looking it over.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia opens her eyes now, the hazel staring at the fabric before taking a deep breath and leaving it alone for now, walking over to Maya to look at the mirror for a second to see what she means.
<Kioku> The rifle looking thing really does look like an open-framed rifle for the most part, black in color with a dull red crystal on each side of the tip of the barrel.
<FakemixRed> Maya takes a deep breath and she pulls out the disk and points it at the mirror /C'mon you have to do SOMETHING/
<DrabberRogue> "This…might be a weapon…" Jace looks around, trying to identify anything out of place other than the artifacts, specifically something that looks like a trap.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn ponders why it is that granola bars are so crumbly, and how half of it is ending up on her shirt or the floor at her feet.
<Kioku> The mirror shows Nadia too now, even if she's not in a place to see the reflection…
<Kioku> It doesn't hold up a similar disc though.
<FakemixRed> Maya gasps at this "GUYS THIS MIRROR IS FUCKING WEIRD." Maya screams as she once again hides the disc
<SavanahHolland> Nadia keeps her hazel eyes open, moving a little closer to the mirror as she looks around it, and the reflections in side, much like she had done with the cloth she tries to see whats up.
<Kioku> Nadia~ Mental defense please~
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+4 Just brains~
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, Just brains~: 4:8-8+4
<Kioku> Nadia… it'd be a /really/ good idea to pick up the mirror. After all, it's so shiny!
<FakemixRed> (can Maya roll reflexes to stop her?)
<Kioku> (She can at that.)
<SavanahHolland> Well, it /is/ shiny after all! Must be a great idea, Nadia smile even more, its almost unnerving how much this girl smiles at the weirdest times. Moving to quickly pick up the mirror.
<FakemixRed> Maya's going to smack away Nadia's hand with the flat of her blade "Have you never played a video game! we can't start a boss fight now!"
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+7 Bad Nadia!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Bad Nadia! : 6:7-8+7
<SavanahHolland> (Waaaat roll? Reflexes and Agility?)
<Kioku> (Sure!)
<Kioku> Nadia's reflection has the creepy grin too…
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+7 Reflexes and Agil
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, Reflexes and Agil: 6:7-8+7
<Kioku> Nadia manages to touch the mirror… without incident. Oddly, nothing terrible or weird happens, except that now it only shows /her/ reflection, nobody else's. And that creepy grin is still in place…
<DrabberRogue> "Boss fight? What do you mean?" Jace looks up from th rifle at Maya and Nadia.
<FakemixRed> "You dumbass! Why the hell did you touch it!" Maya screams at Nadia putting her sword dangerously close to the angel
<SavanahHolland> Nadia continues to hold the mirror, her grin widening at the second as she continues to look at it, using at least this time to check it out for real. Completely ignoring Maya.
<SavanahHolland> (Percept?)
<FakemixRed> "No one look into the mirror, something fucked up will happen if you do!"
<Kioku> (Sure)
<DrabberRogue> "Hey, hey! No infighting! What's going on!"
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+8 Perception and Brains~
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, Perception and Brains~: 7:7-8+8
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn fidgets in her place of observation, pencil gliding around her sketchbook as she watches the group. Her eyes glancing to Ju and his orb.
<Kioku> Nadia, moar mental defense rollz
<FakemixRed> "No one touch a goddamn thing!" Maya yells now dual wielding the knife and cutlass
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland: 1:5-8+4
<Uracilo> Ju leaves the orb alone, assuming Katlyn has a reason for shaking her head. He watches the debacle over the mirror and scans everyone to see if the mirror is really affecting them.
<Kioku> Nadia perception: The quality of the mirror is nigh flawless, it's so beautifully crafted that it's a wonder why someone would leave it down here. It reflects your surroundings and yourself perfectly, appearing to you as an actual reflection instead of the creepily grinning personage everyone else sees. The only strange thing about it is that it doesn't show anyone else!
<Kioku> Nadia, it would be the best idea ever to just keep this. Nobody outside this room has to know, right? You could hide it, and hang it in your room, and it'll be great! Or… or you could just keep holding it. Because why let go, right?
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn tries to throw a small hand signal to Ju, to indicate what she wants him to do. By pointing at the orb very obviously. Smooth Kat, smooth.
<Uracilo> Ju looks at Katlyin in askance. "You want me to take it?"
<DrabberRogue> Jace takes a moment to observe the situation, prepping a dissonant counter.
<FakemixRed> "Oh my god do not touch a single thing!"
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head to Ju.
<DrabberRogue> "I agree with Maya, no one touch anything until we figure out what's going on with Nadia."
<SavanahHolland> Nadia lets out a small giggle as she continues staring into the mirror, both her real face and the one in the mirror actually extremely creepy, a smile that could send shivers down your spine. Nadia then moving to try to hide it somewhere on her, no one has to know? Right?
<FakemixRed> "Chess boy negate whatever is in the mirror!" Maya says ready to just smack the grin off nadia's face
<DrabberRogue> "Wait, we should observe it first…Nadia, what's going on?" Jace's voice softens as he adresses Nadia.
<SavanahHolland> (Sneak and Agility to try to pocket the mirror so no one notices?)
<Kioku> (They're all staring right at you, and it.)
<SavanahHolland> (good point)
<SavanahHolland> Nadia listens to the voices going on still, staring at her little mirror while she responds, perhaps even addressing the mirror too "Nothing is going on, carry on with whatever you were doing."
<FakemixRed> "Chess boy please disable it now!" Maya commands for him to do with as much charisma as possible
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn continues to watch Ju, motioning for him to hurry up with some impatient hand gestures.
<DrabberRogue> Jace starts approaching Nadia slowly. "Nadia, what's in the mirror?"
<DrabberRogue> He holds a finger up, telling Maya to wait.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia holds the mirror with on hand, her other going to her mouth to stifle a suprisingly large fit of giggles "I am in the mirror, what else would be in a mirror?"
<Uracilo> Ju shrugs his shoulders and places his hand on the orb, trying to gauge its weight before lifting it.
<FakemixRed> Maya is going to take a good luck at the rifle, still keeping her cutlass pointed at Nadia the entire time
<Kioku> The orb is a bit heavier than you'd expect, probably a denser metal than steel. As Ju touches it, he feels… well… kind of like someone just scrubbed his skin. There isn't the slightest trace of dirt or sweat left on him, though his clothes won't be affected.
<Uracilo> Ju shudders at the feeling, and lifts the orb off of its pedestal and straight into his pocket. Better keep that away from skin.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn gives Ju a thumbs up as he pockets the ball, happy to have that done with.
<Kioku> As it goes into the pocket, the same thing happens to the entirety of… well… whatever it's been put into the pocket of.
<FakemixRed> Maya snatches up the rifle after she puts away the knife though the cutlass ready to slice off Nadia's arm if she has to. "I'm just going to take this then."
<Kioku> The rifle is lighter than you'd expect from its size. Weird. Nothing out of the ordinary happens when it's picked up.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn, now seeing the orb taken up, glances back at the way up and wonders if she can start heading back.
<DrabberRogue> Jace carefully picks up the cloth bolt as he approaches Nadia.
<FakemixRed> Maya raises her hand /light eh?/ and tries pointing the thing at the ground and "Hey guys, cover your ears for me please."
<Uracilo> Ju's coat turns white, from dusty grey.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia looks at Jace out of the corner of her eye, taking a step away from him but still having locked eyes with the mirror "Jace what are you doing?" Nadia far too engrossed with the mirror, she couldn't set it down to cover both her ears!
<DrabberRogue> "Nothing, I just wanna see what you're so engrossed by." Jace says in a matter-of-fact voice, placing the bolt into his coat as he covers his ears.
<Kioku> Jace:
<Kioku> Kindly roll agility. Just agility.
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+3
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 3:8-8+3
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches Ju's jacket turn white, a silent giggle coming out as she watches the boy finally clean up his act.
<Kioku> The cloth feels like it wants to either sink into your hand, or slip right out, but despite its strange and conflicting texture, you manage to, in fact, get ahold of it without dropping it right away.
<DrabberRogue> (Is the wood the same way?)
<Kioku> (The wood, you can grip easily.)
<FakemixRed> Maya's going to pull the trigger of the rifle while it's pointed away from the rest of the group and to the ground
<Kioku> Maya: whoever made this? They included a safety. The trigger won't budge.
<FakemixRed> (Like the latch kind?)
<Kioku> That said, a thumb switch later, and it moves easily… but nothing happens. Must be out of ammo.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia continues staring at the mirror, then slowly moving the hand that isn't holding it to try and touch the actual mirror part of it.
<FakemixRed> Maya frowns at this and removes the clip of the gun after she puts the cutlass on her belt "Chess boy you take care of flappy ok?" she looks down it and closely inspects the gun components
<Kioku> Clip? It looks more like a battery once you take it out, actually.
<DrabberRogue> Jace tries to keep away from Nadia's peripheral vision as he approaches, nodding at Maya.
<FakemixRed> Would the disk fit in this battery?
<Kioku> That's a no, it won't.
<FakemixRed> (how long is the rifle?)
<Kioku> (About 3' from barrel tip to back of stock.)
<Uracilo> Ju sits on the orb's pedestal to wait.
<FakemixRed> Maya is going to put the clip/battery in her boot while she figures out some way to smuggle the rest of the rifle
<Kioku> The orb's pedistal is thin, the top tiny, and it was only sizeable enough to hold the orb itself.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn decides that she might as well do something with that glowing orb of light, and steps over to it. She takes an old pencil out of her bag and reaches over, slowly putting it eraser first, to the blue wonder.
<FakemixRed> Maya is going to attempt to enchant the rifle with Soulbinding
<Kioku> The eraser contacts the orb without a problem. Actually, it feels kinda like glass.
<Kioku> Nadia's hand comes in contact with the reflective surface. It doesn't smudge, and it feels sooo smooth, frictionless even.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia lets out another giggle, though this time not trying to stifle it in the slightest, running her fingers down the mirror over and over, it was such a nice feeling.
<DrabberRogue> Jace gets near to where Nadia is and removes the bolt from his pocket, unraveling a bit of cloth, about enough to cover the mirror.
<Kioku> (Pocket??)
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn starts to prob the core, tapping it with her pencil. Weird stuff, this this octahedron.
<DrabberRogue> (He put it in his pocket earlier…)
<Kioku> (His pocket is 5 feet deep?)
<Kioku> (Sorry, I must have missed that.)
<DrabberRogue> (Well…he stuck part of it in his pocket…)
<Kioku> (But… kinda impossible.)
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+6 Loyal Weapon, Best Friend Overdrive
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Loyal Weapon, Best Friend Overdrive : 9:11-8+6
<DrabberRogue> (…Nevermind then…no pocket…)
<FakemixRed> (true dice! what are you doing!)
<Kioku> Maya feels the weapon responding to her, and her alone… it's not even a very close call, the weapon wants to be your friend!
<FakemixRed> Maya grins and pets the gun…"Your name is now Backbite!"
<DrabberRogue> (That's an…exceptionally eastern view of weaponry…)
<FakemixRed> (She just is that much of a weapon nerd)
<SavanahHolland> Nadia continues to stand there, why should she notices Jace when her mirror is /right/ here? Her grin at this point painted on her face and so wide it looks like it would actually hurt to keep.
<Kioku> Nadia: Yes, keeping this mirror seems like a better and better plan. It's not like you can't go do other things, but why would you care to? At least as long as you can look into it every hour or so… if you /have/ to look away…
<DrabberRogue> Jace waits for a moment when Nadia isn't stroking the mirror, attempting to slip the cloth over the mirror when that happens.
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+6 (Nobody expects the GWU inquisition!)
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, (Nobody expects the GWU inquisition!): 2:4-8+6
<DrabberRogue> (Son of a-)
<SavanahHolland> (Should Nadia roll against it? Or does it happen because she wouldn't be able to notice in time?)
<Kioku> Instead of slipping the cloth over the mirror, the cloth slips through Jace's fingers, and his hand ends up touching the edge of the mirror…
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn decides to head back to the ladder and wait for the group. Maybe she can draw up some space weed to calm her down. She sits by the ladder and starts to draw for fun.
<FakemixRed> (crit fail doesn't matter probably)
<Kioku> Mental defense for Jace~ (And he appears in the reflection as well now)
<EndPhone> (I'd say roll in case she crit fails too)
<Kioku> (But if he's failed, there's nothing to defend against, and no risk.)
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 2:6-8+4
<DrabberRogue> (Okay really?)
<Kioku> Jace… maybe there's something to this whole 'looking in the mirror' thing that Nadia's got going on. It might not be so bad to keep it. After all, there isn't any danger in this room, right?
<Kioku> Nadia… the mirror is /yours/! How dare someone else try to take it away?
<Kioku> Although if you're feeling nice, maybe they could just look…
<DrabberRogue> "Interesting…this mirror is exceptionally shiny…"
<SavanahHolland> Nadia finally notices Jace in the corner of her eye, the smile almost turning deadly for a brief second, moving to step back away from Jace, she doesn't give a damn who's watching, maybe if she hides with on her well enough no one can find it?!
<FakemixRed> "Why are all of you morons!" Maya's eyebrow is twitching by now so she goes over and with a good swipe of the back of her cutlass she tries knocking it out of both of their hands
<DrabberRogue> Jace grabs the mirror instead of just touching it. He then tries to use Nadia's stepping away as force for his own dodge, stepping around Nadia so that Nadia is between Maya and the mirror.
<Kioku> Don't let the mirror be hit!!
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+8 Hands off dickheads!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Hands off dickheads! : 7:7-8+8
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn has managed to draw herself a wonderful space weed spliff, and with a shower of sparks has pulled it off her sketchpad. After digging a lighter out of her bag she lights it up and takes a long pull on it. Holding it in her lungs, she watches the group through the doorway with curiosity.
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+6 ("Idiot, you'll break it!")
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, ("Idiot, you'll break it!"): 8:10-8+6
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+7 Save the mirror and don't get stabbed!
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, Save the mirror and don't get stabbed!: 6:7-8+7
<Kioku> Careful Maya, you'll end up hitting Nadia at this rate!
<Kioku> (Maya, pull the blow and just skim Nadia, or follow through?)
<FakemixRed> It's the back of the blade it won't ruin the enchant anyways. Maya never holds back!
<Kioku> Nadia is pushed in the way of the attack, but it just grazes her, more or less… still might bruise and sting a little. And now she and Jace are both gripping the mirror.
<DrabberRogue> Jace giggles in a disturbing, almost devious manner. "Its so…interesting…"
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn lays her head back against the sloped wall she's sitting against and lets herself exhale towards the ceiling. She's so over this scene.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia's eyes bulge slightly feeling the back of the blade graze her as her back arches slightly, her hand coiled around the mirror, then trying to kick Jace back as best she can.
<SavanahHolland> (Brawn I'm guessing?)
<FakemixRed> "PICASSO! Help me get these two morons out of here! maybe if we can get back to school some egghead can stop this from happening." Maya says veins bulging
<Kioku> (Sure, brawn contest it is)
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+1 Get away from her mirror damn it!
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, Get away from her mirror damn it!: 0:7-8+1
<LipstickThespian> Lifting her head from the wall, Katlyn looks in as she hears the horrid nickname. Seeing the three fighting over a small mirror, she turns to her sketchbook and starts writing a poem on the vanity of her own generation instead of helping.
<Uracilo> "Just restrain them," says Ju, from his place along the back wall, where he's been leaning to watch.
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+1 "My precious!"
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, "My precious!": 2:9-8+1
<Uracilo> He moves forward if he sees nobody paying him mind, and goes to touch both Jace and Nadia's necks from behind.
<Kioku> Jace manages to get the mirror away, barely… and Nadia starts to hear static.
<FakemixRed> Maya decides that if she can't use skill or tack, she'll wrestle it from the fools
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+3 Freedy Krueger Glove Dull edition!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Freedy Krueger Glove Dull edition!: 2:7-8+3
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+7 Agility + Alacrity to get into range
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Agility + Alacrity to get into range: 4:5-8+7
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+5 Bio-Response Control to see if they can be cured, and if not, to knock them out.
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Bio-Response Control to see if they can be cured, and if not, to knock them out.: 7:10-8+5
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+6 "Its mine…*giggles*"
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, "Its mine…*giggles*": 5:7-8+6
<Kioku> Ju wasn't all /that/ far away, so he can get close enough for a power easily, if not to actually touch them.
<FakemixRed> Maya forms a freddy krueger glove on her hand but it's been dulled to not have an edge, and she then uses it to wrestle the mirror away from the stupid fucking mirror /I ain't touching the shit/
<DrabberRogue> (Which one?)
<DrabberRogue> (Also, Jace dodged…)
<Kioku> (Dodged what? There was nothing to dodge.)
<Kioku> (Now mental defense vs Ju, that's a thing.)
<SavanahHolland> The static fills Nadia's ears, she needed to grab the mirror, feeling the hand on the back of her neck she tries to get away from it as fast as possible, her eyes quickly shutting as the world starts fading blood red.
<DrabberRogue> (The krueger glove, she has to catch him first.)
<SavanahHolland> (Mental defence?)
<Kioku> (Nadia tries to grab, then Maya tries to grab, then Ju is close enough to touch.)
<DrabberRogue> Jace dodges away from Maya, sticking the mirror into his coat and taking a peek at the tactical flow of the situation.
<FakemixRed> (I didn't roll Jace)
<DrabberRogue> (Eh?)
<FakemixRed> (the last one was to create it, not to nab it)
<DrabberRogue> (Oh…)
<DrabberRogue> (In that case…redact…)
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+7 Gimme the mirror you pieces of shit!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Gimme the mirror you pieces of shit!: 6:7-8+7
<Kioku> …
<Kioku> <Kioku> (Nadia tries to grab, then Maya tries to grab, then Ju is close enough to touch.)
<DrabberRogue> (Jace is uh…still rolling that tactical thingy you know…)
<SavanahHolland> (Just doing normal agility then)
<FakemixRed> (Sorry, DR posting that sorta weirded things out)
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+5 Agility mental overdrive!
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, Agility mental overdrive!: 4:7-8+5
<Kioku> (Agility can't be mental overdrive, only physical.)
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sets her pad down and pulls her guitar off her back. Setting it in her lap, she starts to adjusts the strings and give them some quick strums to check the tuning. She takes a breath and starts to play. Quick strums she's practiced a hundred times before. Her foot tapping the ground to keep the beat. Closing her eyes, she starts to listen to the music reverberating in
<LipstickThespian> the odd halls they find themselves in. Like soft gusts of wind the music floats through the air and the spark of heart in her music can be felt. She wishes everyone would just, stop fighting.
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+6 Live Music (Overdrive)
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Live Music (Overdrive): 6:8-8+6
<SavanahHolland> (Then she does that XD)
<LipstickThespian> (Oh I forgot the sick nasty tune:
<Kioku> Nadia, Jace, mental defense!
<Kioku> Plus two!
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+4+2
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland: 7:9-8+4+2
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+6
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 7:9-8+6
<Kioku> The song is… inspiring. Why are you fighting over a mirror again? It's just a mirror…
<FakemixRed> Maya calms down at the sound of the music "Oh Picasso you're a regular David Blaine. sounds nice."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is too busy in her music to get angry at Maya for that comment. It's one of her favorites to play when she'd get caught up in the drama of people. Eventually she finishes the song and the music leaves the odd structure for now. She sets her guitar down in her lap and digs out a bottle of water. Singing makes you thirsty.
<DrabberRogue> Jace immediately flips the mirror over, setting it on the ground face down the moment he breaks free of it. He then looks up at Katlyn, a smile slowly growing on his face as he listens.
<Uracilo> Ju wipes his hands of the whole deal. Looks like he wasn't needed after all.
<FakemixRed> "Why am I the only one who actually knows how to deal with these weird magic things!" Maya screams in frustration as she pats Backbite "You're the only non-stupid one here."
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves her hand to her head, her back starting to hurt again but much worse, she just decides to, sit down. She just needs to sit down, the static wasn't as bad, but she couldn't ignore it, everything was still red.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes small sips of her water as she watches the group. She returns Jace's smile as she catches it but quickly looks away and back to her own machinations.
<FakemixRed> "Hey Picasso! are there any rags in the bag, or really anything that can soak up liquid." Maya calls out over the whole mirror bullshit
<DrabberRogue> Jace walks over to where he dropped the bolt of cloth, picking it up carefully so that the wood is between his hand and the ground. He then walks over to the mirror. "Guys, if this doesn't work the way I want it to, just smash the damn mirror." He says, wrapping a large amount of the cloth around his hand and gripping the center of the bolt with that same hand. He then attempts to pick up the mirror with that hand, avoiding looking at it.
<Uracilo> "Could you please keep it down. You're this close to giving everyone here a headache. This is a small room, no need to shout," Ju says to Maya, his power already getting to him. His hair looks disheveled, and some of it falls across his face.
<Kioku> The cloth does an excellent job of hiding the mirror, and there's no pull or anything through it.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn digs through the bag and fails to find anything to clean the liquid up with. She shakes her head to Maya.
<SavanahHolland> Her back hurt like hell, sitting wasn't enough, maybe she could just lay there for a minute, no one would probably mind, moving a hand to rest of her forehead, the blood slowly passing from her vision but the aching pain certainly wasn't.
<Kioku> The cloth is also, however, kinda heavy. Not for its size, it's about the same weight as cotton would be, but that much fabric adds up.
<DrabberRogue> Jace takes extra care to avoid dropping the cloth, accounting for its weight, as he completely wraps the mirror with it; avoiding touching it or looking at its reflection while doing so.
<Kioku> For someone like Jace, it's pretty easy to keep track of and be careful with, and soon the mirror is covered entirely in a couple layers of this strange, strange cloth.
<Uracilo> "I'm tired of this room, let's go. We still have to map the place before we go."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stands up at the invitation to leave, and turns to head up the ladder. Her guitar and bag making the going slow but she manages it just the same.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia slowly moves to sit up from just laying on the floor, her hand still on her forehead as she stands up, moving to slowly leave the room, she just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.
<Uracilo> Ju heads for the ladder, notes Katlyn smoking, and pointedly ignores this as it is a bad time for him to try and preach to people.
<Uracilo> He climbs up behind her.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia goes after Ju, making her way up as fast as she can without making herself only feel worse.
<DrabberRogue> "Yeah, we've one of our objectives, only one remaining." Jace says as he follows, carefully holding the mirror and the cloth bolt in one hand.
<DrabberRogue> *we've completed
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn keeps the spliff hanging out of the corner of her lips as she adjusts herself and gets her sketchbook back out. She starts to head back for the stairs to find the way up. The parts she hasn't sketched.
<Kioku> (Mind if I skip you through mapping the rest of the middle two floors? There's nothing more there, unless you try entering a room.)
<SavanahHolland> (Go ahead)
<LipstickThespian> (Skip it!)
<Kioku> The very bottom with that room with the mirror is done. The next floor up from there was impossible to access, and the middle two, the ones where that man died and the one with the exit, are fully mapped. Now you're right back to the ladders…
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sighs and packs up, and heads up. Spliff now half gone.
<FakemixRed> "Up we go?" Maya says leaning on the ladder
<SavanahHolland> Nadia follows, her hand still griping her forehead.
<Kioku> In this case, going upward one floor is the only option… and find yourselves in an angular hallway making an octagon around the center area of the pyramid. There's a door immediately behind you, and three more spaced out. It seems this floor has four outside rooms and, they'll all be rather large rooms… plus whatever's at the center.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn runs her hand along one of the walls, touching at the inset doors with some mild curiosity, before she goes back to sketching.
<LipstickThespian> After a while of wandering the smaller hallways, she heads to the center to see what's up.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia follows slowly behind Katlyn, ending up sticking to the girl's side for now.
<Kioku> The center seems to have four sealed off windows, sheets of metal, at about shoulder height, directly across from the doors.
<DrabberRogue> Jace begins to hum the melody to Katlyn's song from earlier as he follows close behind, it seems to have gotten stuck in his head.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn glances back at Jace as she catches the tune, a smile on her face as she hears it. Instead of letting it show she buries her face back in her book to draw and sketch.
<Uracilo> Ju stands by the lone door at the back. He sees what the rest do, giving them some time before he opens the door.
<FakemixRed> "Let's pop in these rooms right to left, we do it quick, and no one touch a single thing." Maya says ready to do some more pillaging
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves in front of Katlyn, looking around the room, her back pain dulling a tad as she tries to look around, approaching oen of the four sealed off windows closet to her.
<Kioku> The door opens easily. It doesn't have a knob or anything, but there's a clear area to hook your fingers through to slide it to the side.
<Kioku> The room beyond is a long rectangle The floor is tiled, with different symbols on each tile. (And yeah, working on map because it's actually necessary for this part)
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches Nadia roam around, and glances over to see Ju open a door. She goes back to her work and takes another small puff.
<Kioku> Each color represents a different symbol, including white:
<SavanahHolland> Nadia ends up shaking her head, walking over to the door Ju had opened and looking in to the floor covered in symbols.
<FakemixRed> Maya groans "Not another puzzle! gun boy's just gonna screw it up and nearly kill flappy and Picasso again."
<Uracilo> "'gun boy' still has the gun, so maybe you should hold your tongue." Ju squeezes the bridge of his nose between his fingers. He tries to cheat and use his power to divine a pattern. He'd deal with the consequential hangover later.
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+5 Overload Cold Read
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Overload Cold Read: 6:9-8+5
<Kioku> Ju: Some of the symbols definitely take precedence over others, and there are distinct patterns here that overlap. 'Red' over 'Green' over 'Blue' over 'Purple' over 'White.' You also detect that every single tile is pressure-sensitive, and those gaps in the walls on the sides don't seem friendly…
<Kioku> There's a very, very distinct sense also, that the edges - that is, the far left and far right columns - are completely unsafe.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia takes a step back, watching Ju with a annoyed expression but saying nothing, she would have to offer to help with his headache later, it was obvious he had one from his actions.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn steps over to the group as they look through the door at the tiles. She drops down to her knees behind them and places her sketchpad in front of her. It takes her a second to find the page she wants, and even then she has to adjust it because the style isn't up to date. After a second she takes a breath and tries to pull her imagination out. With a shower of sparkles
<LipstickThespian> she tries to make her picture, reality.
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+5 Living Art Overdrive - Hoverboard
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Living Art Overdrive - Hoverboard: 6:9-8+5
<FakemixRed> "Well gun boy, you're not the only one packing heat." Maya says with a shit eating grin on her face.
<Kioku> Good news. Somehow, you've got a working hoverboard. o_o Bad news: it looks tricky as hell to balance on.
<DrabberRogue> Jace is the last to arrive to the room, and he simply starts watching the others try things out.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks at the hoverboard she has in her hands, a bit of awe in the awesome factor. However, after more than a few hits she does not feel confident enough to do this. Instead she taps the board against Nadia's arm to catch her attention.
<FakemixRed> "Oh sweet Picasso is now into star trek." Maya says observing the hoverboard
<LipstickThespian> Somewhere deep in her mind, Katlyn has decided to set Maya's room on fire.
<Kioku> At the far end of the room, there's a large case, covered in glass. Something must be inside… right?
<SavanahHolland> Nadia opens her eyes, looking over to Katlyn with a head tilt and a curious hum.
<DrabberRogue> "I…don't think hoverb-…*ahem*…never mind." Jace begins to nerd out before he decides that Maya probably knows that.
<FakemixRed> "Let me ride the hoverboard, I doubt you guys would do so well balancing on it" /Though I doubt I would either Maya/ she says as she gets ready to hop on it
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn flicks a few switches and sets the board down. It catches right above the ground and floats there. She steps on it to show Nadia how it works. Moving it a little forward with a lean of her body. Hoping off it, she motions for Nadia to get on and then points across the room.
<DrabberRogue> Jace chuckles. ~Oh my, is there a subtle Katlyn vs Maya going on here?~
<SavanahHolland> Nadia blinks very slowly at Katlyn, looking down at the hoverboard "I am not sure I would do well on it.." she says half murmured.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shakes her head and tries to take Nadia's wrist to pull her on.
<DrabberRogue> "Who has the best balance?" Jace asks the group, clearly amused at Katlyn's attempts.
<FakemixRed> Maya is going to back out of the room "You guys have fun letting flappy steer. If she sets off a booby trap I'm not fishing for your dead bodies /We're gonna die….I know it/
<SavanahHolland> Nadia gives a little resistance before standing on the hoverboard, looking extremely nervous "I do not think I would be best for this.."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is a very nice instructor for those just learning to ride boards. She pushes Nadia forward into the room as she mutters her lack of resolve.
<DrabberRogue> "Guys, the one with the best balance should do this." Jace's voice is more forceful now, its traces of amusement now gone.
<Uracilo> Ju gives her a thumbs up with a bit of a forced smile, using his power to increase her confidence.
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+5 bio-response control
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, bio-response control: 7:10-8+5
<SavanahHolland> Nadia actually looks even more nervous, glancing to Jace with the 'O god help me' kind of smile.
<Kioku> Nadia, Agility~ +1 because keepin' calm.
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+3+1+2 Overdrive even if its gonna half kill me, Agility
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, Overdrive even if its gonna half kill me, Agility: 6:8-8+3+1+2
<DrabberRogue> Jace face palms. ~Ugh, too many people in this group act without thinking…~
<DrabberRogue> 4d3-8+4 (Kio's random brains check)
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, (Kio's random brains check): 5:9-8+4
<Kioku> (So this matters - which column is she hoverboarding her way over?)
<LipstickThespian> (Do you mean Tile)
<FakemixRed> (3rd column starting from far left)
<Kioku> (No, column of tiles. As opposed to row)
<LipstickThespian> (What Red said)
<Kioku> (Wait, where's that last +2 from?)
<Kioku> (Oh duh, overdrive)
<Kioku> Nadia manages to keep her balance for quite a while, actually, which with this kind of device is surprising! It gets her /exactly/ all the way across before she falls off.
<DrabberRogue> ~Wow…that…actually worked…~
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn claps her hands together and gives a silent cheer, looking to the rest of the group to see if they are as excited as she is that Nadia isn't dead.
<FakemixRed> "You know, next time instead of copying back to the future, I recommend just giving us force powers." Maya says giving Katlyn a pat
<DrabberRogue> Jace's eyebrow is raised, but he looks relieved. ~Oh hey, she actually made a correct reference.~
<Kioku> What she sees in the case, through the glass… is a pair of hexagonal discs just like the one Maya has in her bra. There's also a lever set into the wall just behind it.
<Uracilo> Ju wipes his brow with relief, managing a weak cheer when Katlyn turns to him looking for one. He's clearly tired.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn recoils from the touch, and refuses to aknowledge Maya at all.
<LipstickThespian> Nadia, little rascal that she is, turns and tells the group her findings. What a swell husk of a PC.
<FakemixRed> "Great, break the glass and give im here!" Maya calls out
<savanah_> Nadia's hand goes back to her forehead as she stumbles off, she felt like she was just to just fall over and die, but had to keep trudging on as she relays the information to everyone then hearing Maya's orders and she winces from the sound. Moving over to the glass and trying to figure out how the hell she's going to break it, glancing to the level.
<Kioku> The glass… erm… actually looks like it could just be lifted off if you had a source of suction, no breaking necessary.
<FakemixRed> "Break it!"
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn can only wait, and watch, she goes back to drawing and takes some time to copy down the symbols on the ground. She tries to examine them and see if she can figure out what they're trying to be.
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+8 Art
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Art: 8:8-8+8
<Kioku> On the plus side, you have an /awesome/ copy of the symbols. The bad news is, that brings you no closer to understanding them.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia shakes her head "I do not even think I can break it!" she then slowly moves to the lever "Should I try pulling the lever?"
<DrabberRogue> Jace looms over Katlyn's shoulder, looking at her copy of the symbols, trying to make sense of them.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn just gives Nadia a thumbs up, before going back to her drawings.
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+8 (~She's an amazing artist…~)
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, (~She's an amazing artist…~): 7:7-8+8
<FakemixRed> "Yes Nadia! Pull the fucking switch!" Maya calls out waiting at the door
<Kioku> Jace; the symbols don't strongly resemble anything familiar, they could be anything from religious symbols. to words in a foreign writing system, to simply artwork of a kind. Still, they /do/ seem a little less difficult to peg when grouped together…
<Kioku> (With two votes for, I guess Nadia pulls the lever?)
<LipstickThespian> (YEs)
<Kioku> There's a hissing from in front of Nadia as the lever is pulled, like something unsealing, and the glass suddenly pops off, jumping up a few inches before falling to the side a little and settling. At the same time, back outside of the room, there's a scraping of metal.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn turns as she hears the scraping of the metal, remembering the metal plates from behind her.
<DrabberRogue> Jace turns his attention to the scraping, trying to identify its source.
<Kioku> One of those metal panels on the center 'room/pillar/thing'? It's slid down, revealing what looks kind of like the inner workings of a clock…
<Kioku> Except that this clock's workings are all crystal.
<Kioku> There are several empty slots. Empty hexagonal slots.
<FakemixRed> "Oh come on! I don't wanna give up the disk" /So this is what it was used for/ (how many?)
<Kioku> (Two… for now.)
<Kioku> (Not quite several, but there's a lot that are filled in, but the same size.)
<Kioku> (I should have said several potential slots)
<FakemixRed> "Ok guys question. Do you think entirely filling them in will screw us over, or taking them all out." Maya says for once semi serious
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn steps over to it and looks at it with some curiously. She tries to take one out.
<DrabberRogue> "Interesting…there must be levers in the other rooms, with more of those crystals…"
<Kioku> It won't come out like it is, but it feels like you could easily twist it, and it might come out after that…
<LipstickThespian> So it is, that Katlyn twists.
<FakemixRed> "Picasso…you might want to wait a second"
<DrabberRogue> "I wonder what'll happen if we put all of those crystals back…"
<Kioku> And in twisting that one thing, the entirety of everything else within shifts.
<Kioku> It feels like it could be taken out, now.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches with curiosity as it shifts, before pulling it out.
<FakemixRed> "KATLYN! please stop messing with it!" Maya yells anxiously
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn finally turns to look at Maya as she uses her actual name, but she's already done it it seems.
<Uracilo> "The whole point seems to be to put them back in there."
<DrabberRogue> Jace calmly walks over to Katlyn and the crystal. "Katlyn, I'm thinking we'll make more progress if you leave that /in/ the mechanism."
<Kioku> (Meanwhile, Nadia, stuck on the other side of the floor…)
<Kioku> (With said keys)
<FakemixRed> "Nadia! toss the keys over here!" Maya calls out breathing a sigh of relief /Katlyn! you scared the shit out of me!/
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks at the piece, then to Jace, and offers it back to him. A little embarassed.
<DrabberRogue> Jace takes the piece a little awkwardly, looking it over, then kneeling down to examine the mechanism. "Thanks…"
<Kioku> It's… weird, and complex, and this is /definitely/ not all there is to it. You'd probably have to remove at least three of the panels to really understand it, and four to accomplish every interaction to make it do… whatever it's supposed to do.
<DrabberRogue> "Alright…we've got some more doors to open." Jace re-inserts the piece into the mechanism, twisting it back into place. "We need to figure out how to get Nadia and those other pieces across the tiles."
<Kioku> The mechanisms go back to where they were before. Three doors to go…
<FakemixRed> "So how are we getting Flappy back to this side. can you make another hoverboard?" Maya says thinking
<Kioku> The hoverboard is still over there with Nadia, actually! But who knows for how long…?
<FakemixRed> "Could we pull a liu kang and rope dart her over here?" Maya suggests
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn heads over to the edge, and where she left her sketch book. She flips through the pages for a bit, and finds something she doesn't remember drawing. Changing it around a bit, she runs her fingers along the page and sparkles fly as she tries to bring it to life.
<DrabberRogue> "Do we have a rope dart?" Jace asks. "And that's Scorpion, by the way." Jace remarks as he returns to the tile room.
<Uracilo> "Could just send the hoverboard over with the pieces. Maybe there's a way to deactivate the traps using those," suggests Ju offhand.
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+3 Living Art Rope Gun
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Living Art Rope Gun: 3:8-8+3
<FakemixRed> "Scorpion subzero same dude." Maya shrugs as she summons a rope dart /hehe I know they aren't/
<Kioku> Good news: You've got… something that'll probably launch rope. Bad news: It doesn't have viable rope, just frayed and brittle something. Good news again: the backpack has rope!
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+3 Get over Here!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Get over Here! : 2:7-8+3
<DrabberRogue> ~That…has to be purposeful…there's no way she's that stupid…~ "Well…it looks like we have a hookshot regardless." Jace smiles at Liz's creation.
<Kioku> Maya's attempt at a rope dart is… less successful. There's a dart, certainly, but it doesn't come with rope at all.
<DrabberRogue> *Katlyn
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn pulls her ripe out of her bag and starts to thread it through and attach it. As she holds it in her hands she realizes she is a terrible shot, and holds it up for the others to use.
<FakemixRed> "huh guess Rope doesn't count as a weapon, who woulda thunk." /shit rope isn't a weapon!/
<DrabberRogue> "Chain is considered a weapon." Jace remarks to her. "Also, I fail to see how a rope or chain by itself will help here."
<FakemixRed> Maya takes it "Let the weapons expert do it."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shrugs her shoulder and steps back, picking up her sketchbook from the floor.
<FakemixRed> Maya aims the dart gun "Call me Peeta Melark because I'm shooting tonight!" /Please go straight!/
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed: 1:9-8
<FakemixRed> (add 4)
<Kioku> The rope flies true, more or less, and only falls a couple tiles short of Nadia.
<DrabberRogue> "I still don't see how this will work."
<FakemixRed> Nadia should tie it to the hoverboard and we'll reek her in I guess?
<FakemixRed> "Don't doubt the district 13 leader Peeta Melark there Chess boy."
<Kioku> The plan is solid though, and Nadia manages to pull the rope over to her without tripping a trap. She steps up onto the hoverboard and holds tight, worried, and leans more or less against one wall to keep her balance while being pulled. The hoverboard shorts out before she gets all the way across, but between her last minute jump and the rope pulling, she makes it.
<FakemixRed> "See? This is why I'm the Pirate Queen, and you
<Kioku> She looks pretty frayed by the experience, and might have to sit out for a while… but at least she may be well enough to try to heal those who need it one more time each before sitting for a bit.
<FakemixRed> 're not." she boops Jace in the nose
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the whole event on the edge of her seat. She claps excitedly as the girl makes it, and quickly takes the chips from her to go insert them.
<Kioku> There's nowhere to insert them both… yet. Might as well hold on to them or keep them in a pile nearby.
<DrabberRogue> "Oh…well that works, I hadn't thought of that." ~She isn't quite as stupid as I thought…~ Jace raises an eyebrow as he's booped. "You can keep that title…"
<Kioku> 4d3-8+4 Nadia Self Heal
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Nadia Self Heal: 7:11-8+4
<FakemixRed> "gimme the leftover disks, they'll be comfy with my boobs." Maya says motioning for Katlyn to hand them over /Wow didn't think that plan would work/
<Uracilo> Ju just puts his face in his palms at the remark.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks at the girl, then the disks. She reaches over and taps the metal plates that are still in place, then points to Maya.
<DrabberRogue> "Alright, three to go." Jace says as he moves to the next door, clockwise, opening it.
<FakemixRed> "Katlyn I don't get what you're not saying here" /am I just too dumb?/
<Kioku> Inside the door, after about 10 feet, is a wide wall that blocks your view of the rest of the room…
<DrabberRogue> "Hey Maya, I need a scurvy sea pirate on point." Jace calls with a smile, not wanting to go around the wall alone.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn just follows the group, pocketing the disks for now.
<FakemixRed> "Aye aye tactician. do pirates have tacticians? ah whatever." Maya says skipping along to the front
<DrabberRogue> Jace laughs. "I think the captain usually plays the tactician role." He teases as the group moves forward.
<FakemixRed> "Really? tactics are no good, I guess I don't mind logistics but short term battles bore me." Maya says in a joking tone as they continue on
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn keeps behind the two in front, going back to her sketching.
<Uracilo> Ju knocks on the wall with his knuckles as his power scans the sound waves. Ultrasound reveals the wall's thickness and the materials used for its construction, plus a few details of what may be behind it.
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+3
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo: 4:9-8+3
<Kioku> The wall is solid stone, probably six inches thick. It only extends for about ten feet to either side, and the rest of the room is easily accessible if you go around it. The total room is pretty large, and roughly square, the back edge being slanted - probably the outer wall of the pyramid.
<DrabberRogue> (So uh…we'll be rounding the corner pretty quickly, Kio-chan.)
<Kioku> (Yeah, probably so.)
<Kioku> (If you kept walking before everyone was in the room for some crazy reason…)
<DrabberRogue> (…Point…taken…)
<LipstickThespian> (we all… are?)
<Kioku> (All but Nadia! And she's staying out.)
<LipstickThespian> (Sure)
<Uracilo> Ju follows the rest of the group as they round the corner, giving Nadia a wave as she disappears out of sight.
<FakemixRed> Maya's going to look around the corner "Hey question when we get out of here, what do you suppose we do with all this loot? I'm pretty sure this stuff will make awesome weapons."
<Kioku> The room is large, with small barricades and half-walls placed seemingly at random. You can see a lever in the very center of the room, set into the floor.
<DrabberRogue> "Well, I'm giving the mirror and cloth to the GWU, I don't think any of us want the mirror and the cloth is being used to cover it." Jace grabs Maya's shoulder when he sees the room for himself, shortly after her. "Somethings up…"
<FakemixRed> Maya tilts her head "What is this? we playing laser tag?" /Is Backbite going to play?/
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn steps behind the group, and flips to a new page in her sketchbook to start to draw this room and it's odd styles.
<DrabberRogue> He also stops walking…
<FakemixRed> "Hey mind doing me a favor, and looking for anything that might be used as ammo or energy. I think we'll need to use Backbite here." Maya says /I'm not that great at shooting but now I'm the only one capable.
<FakemixRed> /
<Kioku> Maya: From the corner of your eye, you notice a red line tracing toward you…
<Kioku> The source seems to be somewhere on the opposite end of the room.
<DrabberRogue> "What does the clip look like?" Jace looks over Backbite, trying to identify its design.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn decides that she can't get a good enough sketch of the scene and starts to walk towards the handle to get a better look.
<FakemixRed> "Sniper!" Maya yells as she dives for cover
<Kioku> Just as Maya dives, a flare of plasma replaces the line. That looks like it would have hurt.
<Kioku> It misses completely, fortunately, but the point of this room is clear - it's a fight!
<Second Combat> Ju, Jace, Maya, FireGuard, Guardian, Katlyn
<DrabberRogue> ~What the-?!~ "Keep to the walls!"
<FakemixRed> "Backbite are your cousins trying to kill us!" Maya yells while behind one of the halfwalls
<Kioku> From behind a wall near the lever, an 8 foot tall figure steps out, made entirely of metal. Including the giant swords that both of its arms are made of.
<Kioku> >Ju
<DrabberRogue> "Sounds like you've got a pretty cool gun if that's true! Maybe we can find ammo in the turre-" Jace trails off as he sees the figure. "Ah shit, I hate melee enemies!"
<Uracilo> Ju rushes forward, using his power to start causing hallucinations on his opponent(s) if able, or to aid his allies if not. He runs towards the source of the red light, expecting them to need time to reload.
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+5
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo: 5:8-8+5
<Kioku> (Pick one or the other, and if aid, aid how?)
<Kioku> A cursory sweep will reveal that the automation that's visible either has no mind, or has superb mental defenses.
<FakemixRed> "I'll deal with swordy over there, you deal with the gunner!" Maya calls out orders
<Uracilo> (If there is someone to cause hallucinations to, then he does that. If they don't have brains he can affect, which is something he can tell right away, he aids the others with their focus and accuracy)
<FakemixRed> "Just give me a couple seconds to enchant!"
<Kioku> Ju is a living multi-person adrenaline patch, everyone gets +1 on their next agility or brains based roll that happens within the next three rounds.
<Kioku> (Including Ju himself)
<Kioku> >Jace
<FakemixRed> "Chess boy try shutting down the gunner with that trick of yours!" /that will give me info to figure out what to do/
<DrabberRogue> Jace nods to Maya and tries to ascertain the gunner's location, using dissonant counter on it if he finds it, really just to see whether or not it can be affected.
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+3
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 1:6-8+3
<DrabberRogue> (Ugh)
<Kioku> (Perception as well)
<Kioku> 4d3-8+7
<TheTrueDice> Kioku: 6:7-8+7
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+6
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 4:6-8+6
<DrabberRogue> (That went better…)
<DrabberRogue> "Damn…I can't find it!"
<DrabberRogue> Jace moves forward through cover to try to get a better angle for next turn. (Movement is free right?)
<Kioku> (Trying dissonant counter on the one you can see instead?)
<Kioku> (And yes)
<DrabberRogue> (Wait…he still has an action?)
<FakemixRed> "I swear if it runs out of ammo before we get to him, I'm tearing this place down myself!" Maya says
<Kioku> (Looking for someone doesn't take it all up)
<DrabberRogue> (Can he do it multiple times?)
<Kioku> (No)
<DrabberRogue> While running to his new position, Jace fires off a dissonant counter at the Guardian, testing to see if he can affect it.
<DrabberRogue> roll 4d3-8+4
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 3:7-8+4
<Kioku> 4d3-8+8 resist counter
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, resist counter: 5:5-8+8
<Kioku> >Maya
<DrabberRogue> (Does it react at all?)
<Kioku> (Nope)
<DrabberRogue> ~Hmm…~
<FakemixRed> Maya laughs a bit manically /great I'm charging a super big robo with a sword. fuck me./ and she goes in with the cutlass "Die bitch!"
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+9
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed: 10:9-8+9
<Kioku> 4d3-8+9
<TheTrueDice> Kioku: 10:9-8+9
<Kioku> The automation catches the attack with both of its own swords in a stalemate.
<FakemixRed> Maya's eyebrow twitches as she looks at her shattered sword and lack of anything to show for it
<DrabberRogue> "Maya, take cover!"
<FakemixRed> (can Maya retreat from the attack attempt or no)
<Kioku> (Not after moving /that/ far)
<Kioku> A targeting line tracks Ju, before its entire length is replaced with burning air all at once.
<Kioku> 4d3-8+8
<TheTrueDice> Kioku: 9:9-8+8
<DrabberRogue> (Question, does cover affect defense rolls against that thing?)
<FakemixRed> "Their defense is too strong! We need to find some sort of weakness against it!" Maya calls
<Kioku> (Yes it does. XD)
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+7
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo: 4:5-8+7
<Kioku> (4 health damage, react as appropriate)
<Kioku> (*3)
<Kioku> (… *2)
<Kioku> (Defense was +1 from the buff before, +1 from cover)
<Kioku> 4d3-8+9 Engage offense mode
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Engage offense mode: 11:10-8+9
<Kioku> A pair of swords attached to an 8 foot /thing/ come after Maya…
<Uracilo> Ju throws himself to the ground, attempting to avoid the powerful shot, but the extreme heat sears his back regardless, and he lets out a pained shout.
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+9 Parry!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Parry! : 10:9-8+9
<Kioku> >Kat
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stops in her tracks as the shot of plasma flies by. A streak of fear filling her as she realizes it is no longer a safe space. She starts to run forward as she notices the others getting engaged by the robotic beasts, and heads for the lever. Flicking her notebook as she runs to try and find something she can use.
<LipstickThespian> (Double move to get to the lever)
<Kioku> (Nearly make it to it then! It's a big room with lots of obstacles, but on a good Agility:Escapism roll, you can make it all the way there)
<LipstickThespian> !roll 4d3-8+6 Escapism
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Escapism: 3:5-8+6
<Kioku> (Close…)
<Kioku> >Ju
<FakemixRed> "I think we need to fall back! these things are simply too strong to hurt!" Maya calls out
<Kioku> Katlyn reaches the lever! But that might not be a good thing, because now she has the undivided attention of a certain sentinel…
<DrabberRogue> "We have to get the lever first, and these things are probably guarding crystals as well!" Jace responds.
<Uracilo> Ju rolls to the side and hides behind some cover as his power normalizes his responses and kills the pain. His power pinpoints the sniper's position for him, and he stands, gun raised, to fire on them.
<Kioku> 4d3-8+7 Good snipers move between shots.
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Good snipers move between shots.: 6:7-8+7
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+3+4+1 Brains+Acuity+Buff
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Brains+Acuity+Buff: 9:9-8+3+4+1
<Kioku> Ju spots the one with the gun!
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+3+1+1 Agility+Cold Read+Buff
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Agility+Cold Read+Buff: 4:7-8+3+1+1
<Kioku> 4d3-8+7
<TheTrueDice> Kioku: 9:10-8+7
<Kioku> >Jace
<FakemixRed> "Gun boy did you find the sniper?"
<Kioku> The sniper is a smaller, more lithe looking machine. Probably 5 feet tall if you were to guess from here, weilding a gun it's own size.
<Kioku> It also was missed. Cover goes both ways.
<DrabberRogue> "No…I'm trying to figure out the enemy…" ~My current guess is that their purpose is to protect that lever and prevent intruders from activating it.~ Jace acts on this assumption as he peeks into the flow of battle, trying to get a feel for the enemy.
<DrabberRogue> (Kio-chan?)
<Kioku> (I'll apply the mod to the result!
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+4 ~I hope I'm right…~
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, ~I hope I'm right…~: 2:6-8+4
<Kioku> You get a pretty good feeling about that thought process (+1)
<Kioku> Although it doesn't give a /direct/ tactical advantage in this case, you sense that they'll always target whoever is closest to the lever, to the exclusion of all others, if anyone is within twice arms reach of it.
<DrabberRogue> (Does that give any bonus or no?)
<Kioku> (+1 to attack enemies who are focused on someone not-you)
<Kioku> (If nobody is by the lever, they're not focused on anyone in particular and no bonus)
<Kioku> >Maya
<FakemixRed> "If anyone has a knife, throw it to me now!"
<DrabberRogue> "Maya, Ju, focus on the melee attacker and stick to cover. We can't avoid its attacks as easily as the sniper's!" Jace calls out. "Katlyn, run immediately after you pull that lever! They're prioritizing you as long as you're near it!"
<DrabberRogue> ~Shit…that thing's about to rush her…~ Jace found himself suddenly worried, an odd thing for him.
<FakemixRed> Maya has a manic grin on her face "Alright bucket head let's see what you got!" Maya's going to prepare to counter the swordwielder if it tries attacking Katlyn
<Kioku> 4d3-8+8 Sniper vs Katlyn
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Sniper vs Katlyn: 8:8-8+8
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+6 Escapism
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Escapism: 6:8-8+6
<Kioku> A thin red beam finds Katlyn, then ignites. It only catches her a bit, but it *HURTS* when it does. (1 damage)
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn hears her name as she goes to grab the lever and yank it quickly. She looks back to Jace, the fear evident on her face as she glances at him. It's enough to take her away from the shot that slams into her shoulder blade. Her face contorts into silent screaming, and she drops to a knee as she reaches to grab her shoulder and recoil in pain.
<Kioku> 4d3-8+9 Slash against Ka- wait, what? Maya, what are you doing?
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Slash against Ka- wait, what? Maya, what are you doing?: 7:6-8+9
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+10 Say hello to Semper bitch! Overdrive!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Say hello to Semper bitch! Overdrive! : 9:7-8+10
<FakemixRed> (this is the enchanted one +3 damage to anomalies)
<Kioku> Maya cleanly defletcs the attack, and has an opening for a counterattack!
<FakemixRed> (wait what)
<Kioku> (That was the defense roll!)
<Kioku> (Its attack, your intercept/defense)
<Kioku> (Now AFTER that you attack back)
<FakemixRed> (oh whoops then I used the regular knife for that one…didn't realize)
<Kioku> (Also, it was +9 without the overdrive, because counter…)
<Kioku> (Anyway, attack!)
<FakemixRed> (was not aware of this, can I tack back the overdrive?"
<Kioku> (Also at +1)
<Kioku> (Yes, but only if you apply it to something else this turn. Like the attack roll.)
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+11 Demon Knife vs Giant Robot? Demon knife wins!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Demon Knife vs Giant Robot? Demon knife wins! : 14:11-8+11
<Kioku> (+1 more for Jace's thing because it isn't focused on you.)
<Kioku> 4d3-8+9 defend
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, defend: 10:9-8+9
<FakemixRed> (7 damage! I think!)
<Kioku> (That's base 4 damage…)
<FakemixRed> (demon knife)
<Kioku> (And this isn't technically an anomaly)
<FakemixRed> (well shit)
<Kioku> The knife screeches against the metal of the construct, and it… doesn't actually react, even though there's very clear damage to it now.
<Kioku> Guess it isn't made to feel pain.
<FakemixRed> Maya stabs the robot right in its chest, but looks worried when her knife breaks "Shit! it's not an anomaly guys, my knife didn't work!"
<Kioku> >Kat
<DrabberRogue> "Good job captain, but I think its time we retreat!"
<DrabberRogue> He sounds genuinely worried, really unlike him.
<LipstickThespian> Despite the horrific pain shooting through her back, Kat tries to pull the level quickly so they can leave.
<Kioku> The lever is pretty easy to pull, and she has time to run!
<LipstickThespian> Kat scampers into a run, heaving away from the level in a fluster.
<Kioku> Meanwhile, Nadia sees another metal panel slide open.
<FakemixRed> "We gave it the good college try! let's book it!"
<Uracilo> Ju runs out of the room once he sees Katlyn make it to the lever and pull it relatively safely.
<Kioku> Jace… running too?
<DrabberRogue> Jace makes a sprint for the exit, blasting a malice filled Dissonant Counter the Guardian as a calling card.
<Kioku> 4d3-8+8
<TheTrueDice> Kioku: 7:7-8+8
<FakemixRed> "Retreat and regroup!" Maya calls out
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+4 "Sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry!"
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, "Sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry!": 2:6-8+4
<DrabberRogue> (Damnit!)
<Kioku> 4d3-8+8 One more shot, the exit isn't THAT close: Maya
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, One more shot, the exit isn't THAT close: Maya: 6:6-8+8
<FakemixRed> (wait doesn't Maya get a turn?)
<Kioku> The red line tracks over Maya's shoulder again, and you just /know/ it's on your back.
<Kioku> (Ah, I thought she was following through with "retreat and regroup"
<Kioku> (XD Yes, she does.)
<FakemixRed> Maya knows her limits /I can't run that far/ so she goes as far as she can and into cover, while still having enough time to do an action
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+3 Broadsword Summon!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Broadsword Summon! : 1:6-8+3
<FakemixRed> "Come on Bloodthirster work with me here!"
<Kioku> Flimsy, at best…
<FakemixRed> "Yay! I get a flimsy broadsword and a knife to fight off two giant robots! Call Jesus for me because I need a miracle!"
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+8 Reflexes + cover
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Reflexes + cover: 8:8-8+8
<Kioku> The plasma flare skips right past Maya without a singe.
<Kioku> The melee guardian isn't giving up so easily either… watch out, Katlyn…
<Kioku> 4d3-8+9
<TheTrueDice> Kioku: 10:9-8+9
<FakemixRed> (kat ran didn't she?)
<Kioku> (Yes. And the guy with the sword arms runs just as fast.)
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+6 Escapism
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Escapism: 8:10-8+6
<DrabberRogue> "Objection!"
<Kioku> The blade doesn't hurt as much this time, or wouldn't if it didn't nick the burn on Katlyn's shoulder from the shot just before!
<Kioku> (1 dmg.)
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+5 "Have another!" Jace tries to unravel the bolt of cloth from its wooden anchor and spiral it at the guardian so it continues to unravel in a screen of cloth.)
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, "Have another!" Jace tries to unravel the bolt of cloth from its wooden anchor and spiral it at the guardian so it continues to unravel in a screen of cloth.): 6:9-8+5
<DrabberRogue> (Overdrive Cover Fire)
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn skirts around a few barricades, slipping up on a few corners as her shoes squeak on the floor in the only screams of terror she can manage. She can hear the guardian following her but seems dead set on getting the fuck out of here. She feels the blade cut her, her already ruined jacket getting cut more, and the pain continueing in her shoulder.
<Kioku> The mirror falls out of the cloth to the floor, and it's showing Jace's reflection… Jace, mental defense!
<DrabberRogue> (Tch) !roll 4d3-8+4
<DrabberRogue> (Why'd I bother…)
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 8:12-8+4
<Kioku> (And don't overdrive cover fire. Cover fire isn't rolled to begin with!)
<Kioku> Yeah, that mirror? It can stay here. Just ignore it, who cares.
<DrabberRogue> (Oh…)
<DrabberRogue> (So Liz doesn't take damage then?)
<DrabberRogue> (I'm confused now…)
<Kioku> (Erm… no, that's not how… no. Intercept can take up your next turn, cover fire can't.)
<Kioku> (That wouldn't happen until said next turn.)
<DrabberRogue> (Oh…)
<Kioku> (Wanna redact since everyone will be out of the room by then?)
<DrabberRogue> (Pretty much…no throwing the cloth then…)
<Kioku> Katlyn manages to reach the exit at about the same time as Ju, just barely ahead of him since she started running sooner.
<Kioku> Speaking of Ju…
<Kioku> (We can assume everyone gets out if everyone is running and closing the door behind them…)
<LipstickThespian> (Yes please)
<FakemixRed> "Guys I have a battle plan, it's probably the only way to take those bastards down." Maya says panting
<DrabberRogue> Jace /almost/ immediately turns his attention to Katlyn after they all escape, going over to check her wounds in a manner very unlike him. "Are you alright?" He asks, panting.
<FakemixRed> "Those guys are basically impossible to kill if we all waste time running around with our heads up our asses so listen up good!" Maya says confidently /Maya why would we go back there? for Backbite/
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn drops to her knees after she gets out. Setting her guitar not-so-gently on the floor. Her arm wrapped back to hold her cut as it trickles down her back and soaks her jacket. She's silently crying a few choked back tears, her face in pain.
<Kioku> «Katlyn: Nadia is offering healing. Accept? Y/N»
<LipstickThespian> «Y»
<Kioku> 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> Kioku: 5:9-8+4
<Uracilo> Ju limps over, his back still burning uncomfortably, and places a hand on Katlyn's head.
<Kioku> (Heal: 3)
<Uracilo> (or not=
<LipstickThespian> (Why not both)
<FakemixRed> "Alright here's the plan. Ju, you focus on doing whatever weird body thing you did, that was great. kept us alive. Katlyn, draw as many fireworks or jets as you can manage, don't focus on hurting them, just provide cover fire."
<Kioku> (Indeed, she still has 1 psyche damage too.)
<DrabberRogue> "I'll keep an eye on their movements, keep you updated if I can."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn, through the combined effort of creepy angel girl's crying and Ju's drugs, feels a lot better than she did. She's still shaken up a bit, but seems to have been brough back from the brink with some friendship.
<FakemixRed> "Jace, keep your eyes peeled for whatever info you can gleam and report it to the rest of us. I'll tank and draw aggro from the big guy and fight him, once he goes down the sniper shouldn't be far behind."
<DrabberRogue> "Those things are pretty single minded, once one of them goes after us, it should be easier to attack."
<Kioku> «Ju: Nadia is offering healing. Accept? Y/N»
<Uracilo> «Y»
<Kioku> 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> Kioku: 5:9-8+4
<FakemixRed> "Everybody got their parts of the plan? Katlyn you stick by the lever and I'll just keep intercepting for you. that makes it easier."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn leans into Ju, lazily, the feeling of relief he had given her was addicting. She closes her eyes and tries to soak in the side effects of Ju.
<Kioku> (Heal: 2)
<Kioku> (Err, 3)
<DrabberRogue> Jace kneels down next to Katlyn as he talks, too caught up in the moment to worry about avoiding bonds. "We should alternate who draws the aggro, Katlyn took way too much heat from just a few seconds there."
<Uracilo> Ju runs his fingers through her hair as his power weaves through her body and clears the useless side-effects of the drugs she smoked earlier. This much he could do, leaving the buzz as it was.
<FakemixRed> "No, I'll just take it all, I can handle it." Maya says determined /this is a suicide mission…I'll go out in a blaze/
<DrabberRogue> "You can't intercept if you're taking aggro."
<FakemixRed> "Shit you're right…"
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn slumps against Ju, it's easy to enjoy the feeling of the high. Not having cotton mouth, and not worrying about the pain in her back, is a wonderful thing. A stupid smile sits on her face as she rests against him as the group talks.
<Kioku> 4d3-8+6 Heal Maya Over!
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Heal Maya Over!: 6:8-8+6
<Kioku> (Yay, heal 2)
<FakemixRed> "I'll just stay by the lever and Katlyn can focus on covering me."
<FakemixRed> HP please
<DrabberRogue> "Well, we might not have to go back in there, so we should check what the other rooms first." He glances at Katlyn, taking a bit of amusement in her expression, before standing back up.
<FakemixRed> "Alright but I'm not leaving without finishing up that room, I know there's probably something important in there."
<DrabberRogue> "You're sure…alright, when everyone's ready, we're back to the breach."
<Uracilo> Ju sighs and riffles through his pockets, producing the syringe with the untested substance. If there was any time to use it, it's now.
<FakemixRed> Maya's going to go for another weapon and an enchant
<Uracilo> He looks it over for any instructions.
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+3 Summon Nodachi!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Summon Nodachi!: 3:8-8+3
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn begins to fiddle with a pen from her pocket as she rests, locked in her own happy little world it seems.
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+4 Vulcan's Wrath Nodachi!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Vulcan's Wrath Nodachi! : 3:7-8+4
<Kioku> There aren't any instructions, just an eerie blue substance within…
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+4 GodSlayer Broadsword!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, GodSlayer Broadsword! : 8:12-8+4
<Uracilo> He'll stab it into his forearm, and watch as it affects him with his power.
<Uracilo> Even if it turns his stomach to watch.
<Kioku> Ju:
<FakemixRed> "Cmon Bloodthirster I believe in you!"
<Kioku> Overdrive for powers now gives +3 instead of +2.
<Kioku> But.
<Kioku> Powers MUST use overdrive.
<Kioku> Effect lasts until you reach 1 Health or Psyche.
<Kioku> You are also able to Overdrive for 2 points, and get +5 to a roll, though.
<Uracilo> Ju's headache worsens rapidly, even as his powers grow more powerful. Katlyn is the second person to feel the effects, as his power starts boosting her biological responses without prompting.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn snuggles up to Ju as she feels the drugs grow a little more powerful. She doesn't snuggle, this is weird, but it's so good. This is a wonderful trip and she can't get enough of it. Her hands start to run along Ju's arm playfully, it's a little much for her.
<Uracilo> Ju's too immersed in his power to really pay much attention. He'll need a jolt to remember where he is, even.
<DrabberRogue> Jace watches Ju as he injects the substance, partly curious, partly annoyed at the sudden burning of valuable resources.
<FakemixRed> Maya's face gets invigorated seeing her blade feel so…true it was like art. no it WAS art "Alright…I'm ready to fuck some people up!" Maya says at the top of her lungs
<DrabberRogue> "Don't get too comfortable, we've a room to clear." He chides in a voice laced with amusement with Katlyn and Ju.
<FakemixRed> "I knew I could trust you Bloodthirster, though I guess I should call you Roboslayer or something."
<LipstickThespian> Kat slips down and lays her head in Ju's lap, she'd giggle if she could make a sound. Such a clean high.
<FakemixRed> /eat shit Katlyn, this is REAL ART/ "Get off your lazy asses we got robots to murder!"
<FakemixRed> Maya straps the broadsword to her back while she wields the flaming nodachi Kisshot in one hand, and the knife in her off hand
<DrabberRogue> Jace smiles, finding Katlyn's actions cute, but there's no time for this. He leans down to the two of them and puts his own hand beneath them, trying to use his own ability to cut off whatever Ju's doing.
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 6:10-8+4
<Uracilo> Ju's stuck, to all observers, staring at a wall. His brain is taking in twice as much information is half the time, and it was a ridiculous amount already.
<Uracilo> in half*
<FakemixRed> "HEY! This fire doesn't last all day!" Maya yells as she gets ready to open the door
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn feels herself being pulled out of her high, crashing hard. It's gone from one of her best trips ever into another dissapointment. She sits up and rubs her head as she starts to feel the pain in her back return. It takes a second for her to force herself up to her feet, but she reaches out to Ju to try and pull him up by the hand. Might as well take her drugs with her.
<Uracilo> Jace interrupts the feedback into Katlyn all of a sudden. The remains of Ju's power in her mind looks to do the same it does in Ju's, disoriented. It normalizes all responses, bringing the high to a sudden halt.
<DrabberRogue> "Sorry guys, we gotta get moving."
<Uracilo> Ju takes her hand, but stands with no help. "Oh, that's right." He walks into the room with the robots in a daze, passing Maya by on the way.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn follows along, opening her sketchbook with her free hand. But keeping a grip as if she could get one last hit off the boy.
<DrabberRogue> "Alright, you all know the plan?" Jace begins making his own way to the room.
<FakemixRed> Maya rushes and to stand near the lever "Come and get me robo fucks!"
<Uracilo> Ju absentmindedly follows Maya to the lever.
<DrabberRogue> "Damnit…" Jace hits Ju with another counter. "Hey, focus!"
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn does it the nice way, by holding his hand and trying to pull him over to a wall with herself.
<FakemixRed> Maya would facepalm if her hands weren't full with weapons "Why am I the only competent one! the rest of you take cover!"
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 2:6-8+4
<Kioku> A red line appears almost immediately.
<DrabberRogue> (God damnit…)
<Kioku> (Is Jace really spending a COMBAT TURN to do this?)
<Kioku> (Because that's what you're on as soon as Maya runs in)
<DrabberRogue> (No, that was pretty half assed, more of a shock than an actual counter.)
<DrabberRogue> (Ju's turn first, if we're following the same initiative…)
<FakemixRed> "Remember your job! buff us!"
<Uracilo> "Right…" he mumbles, and does so, though for a second they're practically hallucinating and seeing through walls before he dials it back down.
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+5+3 Overload Response Control
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Overload Response Control: 5:5-8+5+3
<Kioku> (Single target, or multi?)
<Uracilo> (He'll do Maya only, then)
<Uracilo> (Or hti everyone then dial back to just her, that makes more sense)
<Kioku> +2 Agility-based rolls for 1 round, or +1 for 3 rounds, your pick
<FakemixRed> (ju or Maya picks?)
<Uracilo> (Maya)
<FakemixRed> (3 rounds, this will be a long fight)
<Kioku> >Jace
<DrabberRogue> Jace tries to look at the now familiar flow of battle, acting on his previous assumptions about the enemy to discern their movements.
<Kioku> He can give the same bonus as before or, by spending this turn /and/ next, at the end of next turn grant +1 to all actions against one enemy for the rest of the battle.
<Kioku> (The former is free since you got it last time, the latter will need a roll next turn)
<Kioku> (Free as in auto-succeed)
<LipstickThespian> (me?)
<Kioku> (Once Jace decides)
<Kioku> >Katlyn
<LipstickThespian> Kat flips open her sketchbook as she takes her hand away from Ju. Still keeping close enough to try and get some effects off him, she hopes. Finding a page, she flicks her hand along the page with a shower of sparkles. She fires a barrage of fireworks, colorful and loud, at the guardian in the room.
<DrabberRogue> (The latter, the former would be useless with our strategy.)
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+3 Living Art
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Living Art: 5:10-8+3
<Kioku> (Cover fire is it then?)
<Kioku> >Maya!
<FakemixRed> (you don't need to roll, cover fire)
<LipstickThespian> (yes)
<LipstickThespian> (whatever)
<FakemixRed> Maya grins as she lets herself prep for the enemy's movements /Alright Maya. you're just a 15 year old girl with a sword but you can totally beat a robot…/ Counter
<Kioku> 4d3-8+8 Return of the Red Line
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Return of the Red Line: 5:5-8+8
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+9
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed: 10:9-8+9
<Kioku> (You don't have to activate counter on this instead of waiting for the next)
<FakemixRed> (wait then_
<Kioku> The blast is almost too easy to dodge~
<Kioku> (I mean, you don't have to spend the counter on this attack)
<FakemixRed> (I'll do that yes, still dodged anyways)
<Kioku> 4d3-8+9 Melee attack
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Melee attack: 8:7-8+9
<Kioku> (Minus 2)
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+9 Parry!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Parry! : 9:8-8+9
<Kioku> Counterstrike!
<Kioku> 4d3-8+9 defend from counterstrike
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, defend from counterstrike: 7:6-8+9
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+10 Flaming Nodachi! (+1 from Jace and +1 from Ju right?)
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Flaming Nodachi! (+1 from Jace and +1 from Ju right?): 8:6-8+10
<Kioku> (Jace isn't adding anything until next turn)
<DrabberRogue> (Not from Jace, yet.)
<Kioku> (But, +1 from counter)
<FakemixRed> (doesn't matter no damage unless fire does something)
<Kioku> The sword clangs off the metal without doing much besides a minor scratch.
<Kioku> >Ju
<FakemixRed> "Welp we can't kill them with fire it seems."
<Uracilo> Ju waves his hand in Maya's direction distractedly, and his power reaches over the distance easily, renewing its effects.
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+5+3
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo: 8:8-8+5+3
<Kioku> +1 for 4 turns, +2 for 2 turns, or +3 for one turn, non-stacking with the +1 from before.
<Kioku> >Jace
<FakemixRed> +2 for 2
<Uracilo> What he's actually focusing on, is Katlyn's art. He asks for a blank page, and withdraws an ornate chinese ink pen from his pocket, before reproducing her drawing of the fireworks exactly.
<DrabberRogue> Jace's enemy reading comes to a close as he develops a theory about how they act.
<Kioku> >Kat as soon as he rolls
<DrabberRogue> !roll 4d3-8+7 (Overdrive+Assumption)
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, (Overdrive+Assumption): 6:7-8+7
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn flicks to the next page to see what she has, her hand running along the page until she pulls a miniature HIND-D attack helicopter from the page. It flies forward and treats the guardian like it's pinning down Mujahideen on the hills of Afghanistan with machine gun fire and rockets.
<LipstickThespian> (Covering Fire)
<Kioku> Success, +1 against melee enemy for the whole battle
<Kioku> >Maya
<FakemixRed> Maya waits for a counter on the guardian
<Kioku> 4d3-8+8 Shoot
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Shoot: 7:7-8+8
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+9 Reflexes
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Reflexes : 11:10-8+9
<Kioku> 4d3-8+7 Melee atk
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Melee atk: 5:6-8+7
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+11 Parry!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Parry!: 10:7-8+11
<Kioku> 4d3-8+9 melee defend
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, melee defend: 7:6-8+9
<DrabberRogue> Jace chuckles even as a headache starts coming on. ~Perfect, everything is going according to plan.~
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+12 Counter attack!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Counter attack! : 13:9-8+12
<Kioku> >Ju
<Kioku> A large gash is cut in its armor, but it keeps on going impassively.
<FakemixRed> "Only got one last swing in kiss shot."
<Uracilo> Ju renews the effects once more, the effects starting to bleed off and affect Jace and Katlyn as well.
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+5+3+2 Doubledrive
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Doubledrive: 9:7-8+5+3+2
<Kioku> >Jace
<DrabberRogue> Jace starts shouting out information based on the Guardian's movements, noting openings in its attack pattern as he tries to lend a /helping hand./
<Kioku> >Kat
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn starts to flick her fingers after Ju re-creates her art. She wonders for a moment if he was always a great artist, but is too invested in the explosive fight around them. Sparkles fly as a barrage of fireworks flies across the room. She's feeling really good with Ju next to her, she feels like a nice calm even high.
<LipstickThespian> (Covering Fire)
<Kioku> Ju: granting +2 aoe, +3 Maya
<FakemixRed> Same as usual
<Kioku> 4d3-8+8 shoot
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, shoot: 11:11-8+8
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+9 Reflexes
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Reflexes : 10:9-8+9
<Kioku> 4d3-8+7 attack
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, attack: 9:10-8+7
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+15 Parry
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Parry : 16:9-8+15
<Kioku> The blast singes Maya's hair and almost gives her a new ear piercing. That was way too close.
<Kioku> 4d3-8+9 melee block!
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, melee block!: 10:9-8+9
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+15 Kiss shot's Last breath Overdrive!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Kiss shot's Last breath Overdrive! : 16:9-8+15
<Kioku> The atomaton is /still coming/!
<Kioku> >Ju
<Uracilo> Ju's expression starts to slacken even more, his power taking over, much too rapidly.
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+5+3 Overload
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Overload: 7:7-8+5+3
<Kioku> We're back to the +2 2 turns thing
<Kioku> >Jace
<Kioku> >Kat
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn leans against Ju, her hand slipping around to take his as she feels the tingly feelings in her spine. Her free hand flicks across the page and sends the fireworks through the room, content to let Ju redraw them for her. A collaborative piece.
<Kioku> Assuming lending hand again from Jace!
<FakemixRed> Counter as all the same "This thing is tough but I'm the FUCKING PIRATE QUEEN BITCH" /I can actually do this for real! this is only 20% self denial!/
<Kioku> 4d3-8+8 mark and burn
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, mark and burn: 8:8-8+8
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+9 Reflexes
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Reflexes : 13:12-8+9
<Kioku> 4d3-8+9 slash Overdrive
<FakemixRed> (HOLY)
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, slash Overdrive: 9:8-8+9
<FakemixRed> (crit kio)
<Kioku> You feel untouchable by that plasma! Roll to redirect!
<FakemixRed> (what do I roll?)
<Kioku> Use thine attack skill!
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+10 Redirect knife!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Redirect knife! : 12:10-8+10
<Kioku> 4d3-8+5 Don't shoot me, you moron
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Don't shoot me, you moron: 4:7-8+5
<Kioku> You manage to maneuver in such a way that tricks the enemy to take the shot for you!
<Kioku> The plasma blast burns right through its already weakened form, and it falls lifeless!
<Kioku> «Enemy Defeated»
<FakemixRed> Maya cackles manically "Now everyone else just charge the sniper!"
<Kioku> 4d3-8+7 Stealthy Sniper, yo.
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Stealthy Sniper, yo.: 5:6-8+7
<FakemixRed> (ju's turn right)
<Kioku> Yup
<Kioku> >Ju
<Uracilo> Ju keeps redrawing Katlyn's used up drawings from memory in ink.
<FakemixRed> "Find the sniper and kill the bastard!"
<Kioku> >Jace: Perception (Find other enemy)
<Kioku> 4d3-8+6 Because we can't delay and I don't think he's returning
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Because we can't delay and I don't think he's returning: 8:10-8+6
<Kioku> Jace has found the enemy! Everyone can see him!
<Kioku> >Kat
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn continues to fire the rockets to keep the thing from being able to get a good shot.
<Kioku> >Maya
<FakemixRed> Maya charges as far as she can and creates a spare weapon
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+3 Cutlass!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Cutlass!: 4:9-8+3
<Kioku> 4d3-8+6 Firing
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Firing: 6:8-8+6
<FakemixRed> (at who?)
<Kioku> Maya, since charging.
<Kioku> Already had acquired target before she left.
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+9 Reflexes bitch
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Reflexes bitch : 11:10-8+9
<Kioku> >Ju
<Kioku> >Jace: Lending Hand
<Kioku> >Kat
<LipstickThespian> Baby you're a fiiiiirework~
<Uracilo> Ju's hand squeezes Katlyn's at the slowed rate of his heartbeat. His drawings gets more detailed and are finished faster. The fireworks explode into showers of ink that paint the room.
<Kioku> >Maya
<FakemixRed> Maya does a mad dash towards the sniper and if she can, get a slice off on him
<Kioku> 4d3-8+7 Dodge!
<FakemixRed> (is Ju's buff gone yet?)
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Dodge!: 6:7-8+7
<Kioku> (Yes)
<Kioku> (It gone)
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+7 Reflex
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Reflex: 7:8-8+7
<Kioku> (What? Why reflex, you're attacking!)
<Kioku> (It's dodging!)
<FakemixRed> (Oh! add 3 then)
<FakemixRed> (because helping hand)
<Kioku> (God Slayer sword?)
<Kioku> (Or new one?)
<FakemixRed> (no just regular cutlass)
<FakemixRed> Maya swings at the sniper "Not so fun now is it!"
<Kioku> The sword gouges into the metal. This one is far more yielding than the other, but pushes the sword away after getting hit, and flips several times through the air to land behind different cover, then shoots at Target 2: Jace
<Kioku> 4d3-8+6
<TheTrueDice> Kioku: 5:7-8+6
<Kioku> (Dang fireworks)
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+6
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed: 6:8-8+6
<Kioku> Jace isn't hit!
<Kioku> >Ju
<Uracilo> Ju continues his work, his hands becoming stained by ink quite quickly.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn smiles as she rubs up against Ju, she's pulls up close to him and is starting to run a finger along the hand she's holding. Her other keeps flicking the fireworks as they appear.
<Kioku> >Jace: More Lending Hand.
<LipstickThespian> Jace does his thing.
<LipstickThespian> >Maya
<Kioku> ^
<FakemixRed> Maya is relentless in her pursuit in the sniper and dashes for him and strikes if she's close with her cutlass
<Kioku> 4d3-8+7 Flee!
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Flee!: 6:7-8+7
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+10
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed: 10:8-8+10
<Uracilo> Ju moves slightly to brace against the wall and hold Katlyn's book up. He places his chin on the top of her head and draws with his eyes closed.
<Kioku> The machine takes another hit, just as bad as the last, and leaps back away, bracing its 5 foot long rifle… and aiming at Ju
<Kioku> 4d3-8+8 overdrive
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, overdrive: 8:8-8+8
<Uracilo> Ju's power kicks into overdrive once more.
<Uracilo> !roll 4d3-8+5+3 Hyperintuition
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Hyperintuition: 7:7-8+5+3
<Kioku> (Well, I mean, you don't have to overdrive dodging)
<Uracilo> (Oh true)
<Kioku> (Which is what Ju needs to do right now, dodge)
<Uracilo> (Okay then)
<Uracilo> 4d3-8+3+4 Agility+Alacrity
<TheTrueDice> Uracilo, Agility+Alacrity: 7:8-8+3+4
<Kioku> Ju takes a slight burn… well… almost. It passes /right/ between him and Katlyn, singing a page of paper.
<Kioku> >Now Ju turn.
<Uracilo> Ju is aware of the facts, and those facts demand he dodge, so he does. He pushes off the wall with his foot and turns in the air so he lands back-first, with Katlyn on top of his chest.
<Uracilo> His power mutes any sensation of pain, even as the burning air passes next to him.
<Uracilo> He draws his next picture of rockets on the floor.
<Kioku> >Jace
<Kioku> >Kat
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is way, way too high to care about the near death experience. She's pulled with him and lands on his chest, but seems content to lay there on top of him on the ground and cuddle with him.
<LipstickThespian> (Pass)
<Kioku> >maya
<FakemixRed> Maya is a crazed swordlady at this point…forgetting that she's just human afterall "Backbite, get ready for some love! You're getting a transplant from your cousin!" her movements at this point are pure instinct by this point
<Kioku> 4d3-8+7 Dooooooodge
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Dooooooodge: 5:6-8+7
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+10 Die for me!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Die for me! : 9:7-8+10
<Kioku> The blade stabs into the heart of the mechanisms, causing sparks all over from the sniper as it jolts and shuts down, sliding down the blade and dropping its gun.
<FakemixRed> Maya laughs at this and takes a step forward…and promptly falls flat on her face "tired."
<Kioku> -Pause-

Part Three (Final)
<Kioku> -Run Final-
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stops flicking her fingers on the page and wraps both her arms around Ju's arm. It's over, and now she can just focus on enjoying the contact high for a little longer.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia tilts her head at Maya, having finally gotten her energy back from the hoverboard and horrible backache. She slowly tries to help the pirate girl up.
<FakemixRed> Maya graciously accepts the help "Thanks Flappy. Chess boy, get over here I have a job for you!" Maya says holding Backbite /Now it's time for things to get into motion/ "Oh and Picasso! I need like 2 sheets of paper."
<Uravlar> Ju stands, carrying Katlyn in his arms. He's still out of it for the most part, but he can handle this much.
<DrabberRogue> "My name is Jace, since we have time to talk." He remarks, walking over to her. "What's up?"
<Kioku> Two of the metal panels on the centerpiece of the room this connects to are open, and two rooms remain to check out. The only questions are, which of them to check first, the one to the left of this or the one across? And what preparations need to be made?
<FakemixRed> Maya points to the now free to take sniper rifle "I want you to analyze as much as you can, I'll help you with all the knowledge I have on weapons. Then you need to inspect this rifle, drawing a diagram and listing off all its properties." Maya says quickly as she hands Jace Backbite
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn curls up in Ju's arms and slips in and out of a high content day dream. It's super nice to let go sometimes.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia glances over to Katlyn and Ju, before looking back at Jace and Maya curiously, she would offer more healing but everything seem handled enough.
<FakemixRed> (Does Maya give any bonus on the analysis roll with her extensive knowledge on weaponry? or just flavor)
<DrabberRogue> Jace takes the weapon, looking it over with intrest, then at the sniper rifle. "I'm a tactician, not a gun smith, but I'll take a look." He sets Backbite aside and kneels down next to the sniper rifle to inspect it.
<Kioku> (She can assist it, sure.)
<FakemixRed> "I need this since it's rather important for like the fate of everything Jace." Maya says in a serious tone "Hey Flappy, could you get some paper from Picasso over there? she seems to be busy wasting our time."
<SavanahHolland> Nadia tilts her head, then moves to slowly walk to Katlyn, tapping the girl on the shoulder "Katlyn, do you have paper?"
<DrabberRogue> "You know, its going to be hard getting this thing back to school if that's what you're planning."
<FakemixRed> "I know that's why I need help, trust me it'll be entirely worth your while." Maya says as she inspects the guns and cross references with her knowledge to provide backup
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn snaps a bit out of her happy-space at the tap. She nods her head and slips out of Ju's arms to stand on her own feet. She pulls out the pad they had given her and rips out two empty pages to hand to Jace. It takes a second for her to figure out what the group is trying, but she smiles as she gets excited to see Jace draw out a diagram and not her.
<Uravlar> Ju lets her go easily, and seems distracted by the motes of dust cast into view by the meager light. He might have even forgotten he ever held her.
<FakemixRed> "Gun boy get over here! I got a deal to make with you." Maya calls out
<SavanahHolland> Nadia then moves to tap Ju on the shoulder, directing him at Maya, wondering why the boy was so dazed.
<DrabberRogue> Jace chuckles with a glee only a gamer can have, the kind one gets when one acquire insanely awesome gear as loot. "You can effectively spawn and enchant weapons can't you?" Jace nods to Katlyn as she hands him the papers. "Please tell me you're planning what I think you are."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn steps over to the side and leans against one of the half barricades. She finds a new page and starts to sketch out the killer robots that tried to, ya know, kill them. Their design is fun enough to re-draw.
<FakemixRed> Maya gives Jace a wink "Pirates with laser guns has a nice ring to it, right?" /I hope this works out for us/
<Uravlar> Ju walks over to Maya at Nadia's insistence, his gaze stuck on her hand, however. You have a feeling he could see through your clothes if he tried.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia watches them, not completely sure what's going on but she didn't care, the tiredness setting in as she moves to stand next to Katlyn, watching what she does.
<FakemixRed> "Alright Ju, here's my proposition, you help lie for me and smuggle the gun back into school, in return." Maya holds up 3 fingers "I'll give you 3 of these guns in return, that seem fair?"
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn's mind starts to wander. As do her feet. After a quick sketch of the kill-bots she pushes off and starts to walk away from the room and Nadia. Giving her a little wave to follow as a courtesy as she heads to the main room to find another room to explore.
<DrabberRogue> A low, maniacal laughter spawns from Jace. "Perfect, this will be perfect…" He returns his attention to the rifle, his eyes flicking across it as he analyses how it works. "Since you /are/ a weapon smith, can you provide a little insight here? I can't solve a puzzle with nothing to go on."
<Uravlar> "Lie? What lie? What?" Ju, doesn't really seem like he could lie his way out of a wet tissue right now.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia gives the artist a headtilt, though she ends up following anyways out of curiousity.
<FakemixRed> "Of course, just do your thing chess boy." (Jace roll analysis +2 since Maya's helping)
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes Nadia towards the closest door they haven't gone in. Still idly sketching on her book as she goes.
<DrabberRogue> 4d3-8+10
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 11:9-8+10
<Kioku> This weapon is /absurdly/ complicated by modern technological standards… or so it seems at first. The fact of the matter is actually that while you'd need totally dismantle it, study each component next to someone with a physics doctorate for several hours (or a good researcher for several days or weeks), and put it back together to really understand how it works, much less how to replicate it… you feel like you could
<Kioku> reliably deploy it in a tactical situation, and get the general idea of what everything does. Working on what little information is available with such an unfamiliar device, you can deduce that it's meant to be an assault weapon specifically, but a short ranged one at that, probably not very effective beyond 50 yards or so.
<Kioku> Katlyn: there are two more room, naturally; the one to your left and the one opposite the one you just exited.
<DrabberRogue> (Is that concerning Backbite?)
<Kioku> (Yes)
<SavanahHolland> Nadia follows Katlyn, with a still curious expression "Where are we going?" she asks in the same curiousness that her face expressed.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes Nadia to the left door, she looks back at her and only answers with a smile and a small soundless laugh.
<Uravlar> Ju, meanwhile, pops one of his pills from a previous run in his mouth, swallowing it.
<DrabberRogue> Jace jots down what he's learned on one of the papers before looking up at Maya. "There's…no way we're going to figure this thing out here." He says, his tone somewhat disappointed. "On the plus side this weapon is perfect for you, its a close ranged assault weapon, effective range is only about fifty yards."
<FakemixRed> Maya frowns "Shit thought this would be at least feasible, if I can't understand something this complicated I can't recreate it, I wish I knew enough about physics…" /Fuck there goes all my plans/
<SavanahHolland> Nadia follows Katlyn into the left door, clearly confused with the mute girl's answer.
<FakemixRed> "Alright no option, Ju! you need to be my yes man when we go back to the chopper, listen to everything I say and be as persuasive as possible, or just drug them up. I don't care." for now Maya's going to inspect the clip of the sniper rifle to see if she can possibly charge Backbite with it
<DrabberRogue> "Well, lets take a look at the sniper weapon, see if we can figure out anything more about it." He says, turning to said weapon. "Though I'll need your help."
<Uravlar> "Oh, uh, sure." He responds, a little saner now. "Um… can someone explain what happened after I injected myself? It's kind of a blur."
<DrabberRogue> "It seems your abilities, whatever they are, were amplified."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn tries to open the door with one hand, her other craddling her sketch pad and pencil. She does take a moment to make sure the Canadian Angel is still following her.
<Kioku> Beyond the third door is… well, a very short hall, followed by another door. Odd. The other door, though, is metal rather than stone.
<Kioku> Something is set into one of the walls of this short hall, too, though.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes a quick sketch and then glances over to the inset object to check on it. She's a little weirded out but all the different rooms.
<SavanahHolland> The girl looks around curiously, looking past Katlyn and glancing to the sketchpad at some points. She looks down the short hall, moving her hand to touch the metal door.
<FakemixRed> (Can Maya use the Sniper magazine to charge up Backbite? if there is any left anyways.)
<Kioku> (They are, oddly, compatible.)
<FakemixRed> Maya grunts "For now I at least can shoot it." she slings the weapon over her back "Alright morons let's move ahead to the next room, I'll take point since you guys are terrible at this." (how many shots?)
<Uravlar> Ju shrugs his shoulders and follows her. He doesn't have any personal stake on this.
<Kioku> The inset part of the wall contains vertical board with a series of collected symbols that fortunately, /very/ obviously mean numbers. Below them are three additional symbols carved into the stone, the same three. A single dot, a line, and a triangle - again, the same symbols for numbers.
<DrabberRogue> "M'kay, I'll take it you're not interested in the sniper." Jace quickly checks the body of the sniper enemy for extra clips.
<Kioku> Katlyn:
<Kioku> The numbers are as such
<Kioku> 1
<Kioku> 11
<Kioku> 21
<Kioku> 1211
<Kioku> 111221
<Kioku> 312211
<Kioku> 13112221
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sets her pad against the wall next to the symbols and starts to sketch them out. A dot for one, a line for two, and a triangle for three. She starts to decode it in that way, at least it's her first thought.
<Kioku> Nadia: the door doesn't respond to your touch… for now.
<Kioku> Maya: no way of telling how many shots without experimentation.
<FakemixRed> "Sniper rifles are too heavy for my active lifestyle." Maya jokes
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves her hand away, walking over to see what Katlyn was doing, tilting her head softly "What is it?" she half mumbles in curiousity
<Kioku> Jace: the body doesn't have any spares, but it does have what looks like a charging port. Unfortunately with the enemy disabled, the core is no longer providing power.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shrugs her shoulders as she writes down the series of numbers as best she can. She glances down at the floor of the hall, and around it, to try and find someplace to enter in the code. Or do something with it.
<Kioku> Well, the carved symbols sitting at a 45 degree angle to the "screen" seem like an input…
<DrabberRogue> ~Hmm…that's unfortunate.~ "Backbite suits you better regardless, you're almost a match made in heaven." He responds with a joking tone as he follows after everyone else to the room, though he's actually serious about it.
<FakemixRed> Maya walks over to Katlyn "Of course, he's my friend after all. So Picasso what's up with the door. Can we just bust it down?" /I could try lasering it but doubt I wanna waste precious energy on that/
<Uravlar> "Who the hell is Backbite," asks Ju. "That's such a stupid name."
<SavanahHolland> Nadia seems utterly confused, standing next to Katlyn idly as she looks to the numbers the girl was sketching down.
<FakemixRed> "Backbite's the only other competent member on this team. besides Chess boy and me it seems." Maya chides back
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is horrible at number sequences and tries her damnedest to decode it from the series of numbers. She at least knows what the numbers are for when they're entered, but fails past that .
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn tries to get Jace, if he's come with the group, to come and look at the numbers. She writes quickly "whats the next number in the sequence??" Then she stares at him and waits for math to happen./
<DrabberRogue> Jace postions himself so he can see the scetchbook without actually taking it. "Knocking down the door probably wouldn't work, if that sniper couldn't pierce the walls I doubt Backbite woulf fare any better." ~A number sequence huh?~ Jace starts analysing the numbers trying to identify a pattern.
<DrabberRogue> 4d3-8+8
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue: 9:9-8+8
<DrabberRogue> *would
<Kioku> There is definitely a few patterns evident here. You get the feeling that this has /nothing/ to do with math. Also of note is that the numbers seem to come up in pairs…
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn starts to mouth the numbers to herself, reading them over and over. It's a lot of staring and scratching on her pad as she goes over it more than a few times. Eventually she starts to write off to the side the spoken version of the numbers. After like, ten failed attempts. A smile comes onto her face as she starts to get it. Eventually coming up with her solution.
<LipstickThespian> She then translates it into the cute little symbols and presses the buttons in the sequence.
<DrabberRogue> "Interesting, I nice play on words…or should I say numbers." Jace comments as he realizes what Katlyn is doing. He watches her, impressed as she goes to enter the answer in the door.
<Kioku> The panel in the room behind you slides down, and something clicks in the door ahead.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves to lean against the wall, fixing her hair and watching Katlyn work, she would be just as impressed if she were less confused. She then slowly moves to the door that had just clicked, opening it slowly.
<FakemixRed> Maya points Backbite at the doorway just in case anything decides to pop out and have some fun with the group "You all let me lead, Chess boy you take up rear guard."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stands off the wall and looks at her horrific mess of thoughts and sheet work. Fuck, it's like she's in class. She watches the group to see what they're going to do, taking the time to get a water bottle out to drink from.
<Kioku> The room through the metal door is… carpeted. With quite a few comfy-looking low-set round chairs… or beanbags. It's hard to tell. The ambiance is soft, and there's something resembling an incense holder on a table near the door.
<DrabberRogue> "Nice work Katlyn, even I didn't get that until you figured it out." Jace feels the need to compliment her as they progress
<FakemixRed> "No one sit in the chairs without inspecting them." Maya says "Chess boy, Flappy, make sure drugs Mcgee over there doesn't sit on one by accident."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shrugs her shoulders and follows into the room. She just wanted to map the place, and needed to get past the door to log everything. As she looks around the room she starts to smile. It reminds her of her friend's basement.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia tries to stifle a giggle at Maya's words, looking over to 'drugs Mcgee' to see what he was doing.
<DrabberRogue> Jace takes a survey of the room, threat assessment, one can't be too careful.
<Kioku> The room only has the one door you came through… as far as you can tell. It does, however, have a perception check.
<LipstickThespian> Stopping by the incense holder, Katlyn curses that she doesn't have any on her and left them all in her room. She then remembers her sketchbook and holds it up, she quickly draws one out and runs her finger along it. After a few sparkles she pulls off an incense stick.
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+4 Percep
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Percep: 4:8-8+4
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+1 Maya is not that bright
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Maya is not that bright: -1:6-8+1
<Uravlar> Ju seems offended at the idea that he would randomly sit on things. He plays with his cleaning orb, instead, touching Nadia's clothes with it.
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+8 Perception
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, Perception: 7:7-8+8
<DrabberRogue> 4d3-8+6 (That awkward moment when you don't read Kio's prompt for perception…)
<TheTrueDice> DrabberRogue, (That awkward moment when you don't read Kio's prompt for perception…): 6:8-8+6
<Kioku> Nadia, Jace, Katlyn: one of the chairs seems attached to the floor. On further inspection, it's on a pivot mount.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia's clothes are pretty clean, though it does get a tad crisper and cleaner looking as the orb touches her, looking down at the orb then back at Ju with a confused expression.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn steps over and puts her incense stick, a nice hibiscus smelling one, into the stick. Digging through her bag she grabs one of her bic lighters and holds it up. After a few clicks it starts and she manages to light the stick. Waving her hand over it after to try and spread the smell quickly.
<Kioku> Katlyn, oh no! When you inserted and lit the incense…
<Kioku> …
<Kioku> Nothing happened. It's fine.
<LipstickThespian> It does, however, smell of lovely hibiscus.
<Uravlar> Ju shrugs in response. "Just checking I wasn't the only one." He pockets the orb and moves a few steps away from Nadia. "So, what's the plan."
<DrabberRogue> Jace casts Katlyn and her incense a worryed glance. "Katlyn, can you /please/ refrain from interacting with the objects in the room moments after entering it?"
<FakemixRed> Maya sniffs the air "Can any of you consider the idea of not just putting your grubby hands on everything?" Maya says tapping her feet, on the watch for any threats /have to admit smells nice/ "You guys focus on progressing, I'll watch the entrance we came through"
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks between Jace and Maya. She just wanted to share something with the group. It's a little off putting, and she decides that she can ignore their withering comments in the main room. She tries to take the incense holding off the table to leave with it.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia slowly moves to the chair that was attached to the floor after her weird moment with Ju, what, did he think she was dirty or something? She puts her hand on the chair, looking down to get a better view.
<Kioku> Yeah, this chair could definitely be moved, pretty easily! If you find the switch holding it in pla- oh, it's just on the lower part of the back, disguised as part of the fabric.
<Kioku> Hidden beneath the chair, is a tunnel downward with a ladder, to the floor below. It must go into one of the rooms, since you didn't see where it came out while mapping that floor.
<Uravlar> "Seems to me like touching everything has had more good results than bad, now. Maybe you should lay off." Ju crosses his arms, leaning against the wall.
<Kioku> The incense holder actually comes off pretty easily for Katlyn. Yay for things not being bolted down!
<FakemixRed> "Three words, Nadia, Jace, Mirror." Maya says as she keeps Backbite trained on the hallway the group came through
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is tottally going to put this in her room. She sniffs the wonderful smell and moves to the new ladder, putting out the stick and stealing the holder away into her bag for later.
<DrabberRogue> "Just saying, caution results in a dramatic reduction in death." Jace winces at Katlyn removing the incense holder. "K-Katlyn…ah…nevermind, we've a new route to go down."
<SavanahHolland> Nadia decides to stay at the top, making sure everyone goes down before she does.
<Kioku> Nadia, you might worry whether you /can/ get down that, with your wings… it's pretty narrow.
<SavanahHolland> "I do not think.. I can fit.." she mumbles under her breath, trying her best to fold her wings as tightly as she can to herself.
<FakemixRed> Maya turns around and proceeds down the tunnel and summons a weapon with the intent of using it for light. "Wait guys, I just had a thought…if electronics were blocked, what's the point of having electronic guardians?"
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+3 Summon Shortsword
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Summon Shortsword: 2:7-8+3
<Uravlar> "I'll do it." Ju volunteers, practically jumping down the hole.
<FakemixRed> "And plasma rifle for that matter."
<Kioku> The bottom of the ladder has… well, it's best described as a decent sized combination bedroom/office. And there are three crystalline hexagonal discs sitting on the desk! Aside from that, there's something approximating a footlocker, a closet… basically what you'd expect from a rather spartan room.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn goes about her sketch work, sitting down on the bed to do so. This one needs to be good as most of the rooms probably look like it.
<FakemixRed> Maya grabs all 3 discs and then checks out the desk "Who the hell is living here? a mummy." /makes me wonder if they're still around/
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves to sit down on the floor, looking at the hole, unsure what to do seeing as she was unable to go down.
<Kioku> There's really not much else to see here, sadly. No clothes, nothing in the desk except a few papers with foreign writing - which may be decent to bring along, you suppose - and… apparently, a small lockbox.
<FakemixRed> Maya shoves the papers somewhere in her jacket /This should be interesting/
<FakemixRed> "Guys look for a key, otherwise I'm just going to lock pick it."
<Kioku> If you're really intent on searching the room while poor Nadia sits up above, perception check.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn eventually gets up from the bed and goes back up the ladder to join Nadia.
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+1 Find stuff
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Find stuff: 0:7-8+1
<Uravlar> Ju looks over the room, consciously avoiding use of his overpowering higher senses.
<Uravlar> !roll 4d3-8+7
<TheTrueDice> Uravlar: 7:8-8+7
<Kioku> The key is… under the pillow. Huh.
<Kioku> It looks like it'll fit.
<Uravlar> Ju unlocks and opens the lockbox.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia smiles to Katlyn as she sees the girl come up, standing back up and dusting off her skirt "Did you find anything?"
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shrugs her shoulders and goes for the door. She wants, no, needs to get through the last door to get her map complete.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia follows her, opening the door for the girl even if Katlyn doesn't get to it first.
<Kioku> The lockbox is, weirdly, full of… coins. Or at least, coin shaped, coin sized objects.
<Kioku> Guess whoever lived here was smuggling?
<FakemixRed> "What are those doubloons?" Maya says as she takes a couple and puts them in her boot /should be important to examine later/
<Kioku> *Embezzling
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn lets Nadia open the door for her, still sketching little details as she goes.
<Kioku> Beyond the last door is, essentially, a maze. A maze in which you can see, at the very least, a bladed object swing out of the wall at regular intervals.
<FakemixRed> Maya goes back up since she doubts she'll have the skill to find something else and follows Nadia
<Uravlar> Ju gives up on not using his powers and scans the coins for anything anomalous he can see with his power.
<Uravlar> !roll 4d3-8+5 overload cold read
<TheTrueDice> Uravlar, overload cold read: 5:8-8+5
<SavanahHolland> Nadia's eyes suddenly open wide seeing the bladed object that was now swinging. "Should we try to cross it..?"
<FakemixRed> "Or we could block it, would be one hell of a hit though."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks at the blade, and then Nadia. She quickly shakes her head no.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia seems relieved, taking a step back away from the maze and looking to the girl, at this point just waiting for the others to join them.
<Kioku> The coins… well, on one hand, there's nothing supernatural about them. On the other, you can tell that they're electrum, as in the silver/gold alloy.
<Uravlar> Ju pours the rest of the coins into his pocket and heads up where the rest of his team is.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn starts to draw on her sketchbook, she keeps trying to think of solutions that don't require her to go into the death maze. After some failed experiments drawing a blimp piloted by a small dolphin, she gets on the idea of a bomb dispossal robot. She isn't entirely sure she can make something that complicated, but if no one else comes up with an idea.
<FakemixRed> "Alright who here is good enough to figure out the maze, since the blade won't be a problem for me." Maya says /a swinging blade? is this temple straight out of zelda?/
<Kioku> 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> Kioku: 2:6-8+4
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves a hand to her mouth, wishing she could do more, though she more so feared of her wings being chopped off, or a arm, or really anything being chopped off..
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn tries her damnedest, getting down on her knees and setting the sketchpad on the floor. She starts to run her fingers along the page and tries to pull the little plucky robot into reality.
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+5 Living Art Overdrive
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Living Art Overdrive: 6:9-8+5
<Kioku> Like the hoverboard, it's difficult… and probably won't last all that long before something in it gives out… but it's functional!
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+3 Think Maya think!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Think Maya think!: 0:5-8+3
<Uravlar> "Does anyone have an analgesic? My head is killing me and I didn't bring any more pills."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn tries quickly with the small controller she made, watching through a camera eye on it as she starts to drive the little robot into the maze. Her other hand mapping out the maze she can see onto her sketchpad.
<FakemixRed> Maya tries her hardest to figure out the maze but even completely racking her brain nothing comes to mind
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves over to him "I do not have pills, but may I heal you? It may work better."
<FakemixRed> "I'll go alone to the center, I'm the best one at handling these blades after all." /Stupid Maya Stupid!/ she says as she waits for Katlyn to finish
<Kioku> The little robot makes it a couple halls before a large number of spikes spring up from the ground… right under it.
<Uravlar> "Uh, sure, if you say so. What do I do?" Ju awkwardly rubs at his neck.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn rips out her sheet and holds it up to Maya, she shrugs her shoulders. Underneath the half complete map is "thats all i got"
<FakemixRed> Maya sighs "Can you two try figuring the maze out? I'll then just go from there."
<SavanahHolland> Nadia shakes her head softly "You need to do nothing, just stay still and do not freak out." she says the last part half jokingly as her wings extend very slightly, the gray aura she was so used to clouding over her wings as white tears flow down her eyes.
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland: 7:11-8+4
<Kioku> (Heal 2)
<Uravlar> Ju does seem very weirded out by the imagery, but his diminishing headache sees him a bit relieved. "Thanks, that actually worked."
<Uravlar> "Should I try to see through the maze?"
<FakemixRed> "Just do it regularly, you shouldn't rely too much with that weird drug in your system." Maya warns
<SavanahHolland> Nadia tries to stifle a small laugh as she stands up and wipes off the tears as she folds the wings back when they fade to normal "Did you expect it not to?"
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland: 7:11-8+4
<Uravlar> Ju tries to figure out the maze without the use of his powers.
<Uravlar> !roll 4d3-8+3
<TheTrueDice> Uravlar: 5:10-8+3
<Kioku> Nadia… has a decent idea of what the maze is going to be like. Actually, she figures it out several moments right before Ju comes to the same conclusion.
<Uravlar> Ju takes his pen and draws it out, continuing Katlyn's work.
<FakemixRed> "Alright you give me the details then I'll dive right in, you guys make sure nothing pops up from behind." Maya says as she gets ready to go through the maze
<Kioku> There's just something that itches at you about how the rest of this place has been so far, the mapping that's been done of everything else, and the symbols you've seen. They just kind of click.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves to look at Ju continue Katlyn's word, pointing out a few missed minor details for him to fill in, seeing as she had nothing else to do.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sits back and watches, enjoying the collab.
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+7 thanks time playing tomb raider!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, thanks time playing tomb raider! : 7:8-8+7
<Kioku> In a series of amazing feats that sadly nobody else is around to watch (but she's sure to have a good story to exaggerate about later), Maya gets through the least dangerous paths of the maze, to the center… and there it is, a lever set into the wall. Nothing else here besides a piece of paper… that has a map of the maze. Huh. Weird.
<FakemixRed> Maya grits her teeth /nearly died like 8 times but whatever…./ she finishes the map that she was handed. and then pulls the lever "It's like the maze is mocking us or something."
<Kioku> When the lever is pulled, the traps all stop, and the last metal panel behind the group slides down. (Do they get straight to trying to figure the thing out?)
<Kioku> (The centerpiece with the hex discs, that is)
<Uravlar> Maya has most of the discs, so Ju just walks over and starts looking to try and figure out what these are actually for.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia moves slowly behind Ju, watching as they try to figure out whats up with it as she idly looks around with no real purpose.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn waits off to the side and starts to draw out the mechanism, now that she can see it all.
<FakemixRed> Maya plops in as many discs as she can "Psh those traps were like nothing, I swear they designed this place for gymboree students."
<Kioku> It's very quickly apparent that you're going to need to work together to watch the intricacies of how each component works with each other, especially since there are four surfaces and every single move you make adjusts things on all of them. This is absurdly, and very, very irritatingly, self-integrated.
<Kioku> Katlyn: Art check!
<Kioku> Jace: Analysis!
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+8 Drawring
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian, Drawring: 7:7-8+8
<FakemixRed> (i'll roll for Jace?)
<LipstickThespian> (do it)
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+8 analysis
<Kioku> Everyone else: Perception or Analysis
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, analysis: 7:7-8+8
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+1 Maya us trying ok?!
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Maya us trying ok?!: -1:6-8+1
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+8 perception!
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland, perception!: 8:8-8+8
<FakemixRed> *is
<Uravlar> !roll 4d3-8+7
<TheTrueDice> Uravlar: 5:6-8+7
<Kioku> The whole puzzle takes over an hour to figure out with your constant efforts. The drawings of everything in their starting positions helps immensely, as does Nadia's keen eye and Jace's head for puzzles and observations of how each piece interacts. Still, despite having to slap Maya's hand away from things once or twice, you finally come to a configuration that looks and feels just… right, somehow. Mechanics meet eloquence,
<Kioku> definitely drawing worthy in its entirety. And as the last piece clicks into place, the upper half of the pillar recedes into the ceiling.
<Kioku> Inside the hollow once-pillar, atop the platform that it now is from the point where the panels sit on the sides, upward… is a tall, glowing object that goes deep into the ceiling. You could guess that it probably occupies the entire top floor of the pyramid, in fact. It's crystalline in structure, much like has been seen other places here, and makes you feel a little dizzy staying near for too long. As the panels receded
<Kioku> though, a few small chips of the crystal fell off… something to collect?
<Kioku> As it turns out, even though there were a couple of points where every key was needed, the end result of this puzzle didn't actually need all of them - there are two left over, but the GWU will /definitely/ want them if they find out about them, since it's the only way to manipulate this thing.
<FakemixRed> Maya frowns /smuggling the keys might benefit me later but this place is inaccessible. I'll just sell it later then./ "Alright guys ready to leave? Though I need a rag or something first."
<Uravlar> "What the hell is this supposed to be?" asks Ju, collecting a few bits of crystal off the ground.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sits back against a wall after the hour long tirade, eating a granola bar as she watches the great show. She tries to capture it in a drawing quickly, but has trouble getting a good representation of the show for now. She'll re-visit it later.
<SavanahHolland> "A rag?" Nadia asks Maya curiously, though she didn't have a rag to offer she still wondered.
<Kioku> There were seven small pieces of crystal broken off, all identical in size… probably due to the way this thing grows or was made, or something.
<FakemixRed> "Yes it's my back up plan for getting the gun into the school. For now I'll rely on Drugs McGee and Chess boy but having a back up is good." Maya says as she tears off a bit of her shirt and cuts into her thigh, soaking the cloth in her blood before putting it down her pants.
<Kioku> They're cyan in color, and glow the same faintly.
<Kioku> Perhaps an inch long by a quarter inch at their widest point.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia looks at Maya, looking.. even more confused "Why.. did you cut yourself?"
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn, seeing if no one will grab the rest of the pieces, tries to get one for herself. She deposits it in the one place she knows she can hide a joint that the searches almost never get. Her guitar.
<FakemixRed> "Don't worry but could you heal this for me?" Maya says /I hope I don't need to resort to this/
<SavanahHolland> Nadia sighs softly, but nods, leaning down and letting the usual process go through, tears streaming down her face as she hovers her hands over the wound that Maya self-inflicted.
<SavanahHolland> 4d3-8+4
<TheTrueDice> SavanahHolland: 4:8-8+4
<FakemixRed> (You didn't need to roll I don't think, it was just a minor injury)
<SavanahHolland> (XD)
<FakemixRed> Maya also takes up 2 of the small crystals and hides them in her bra. /now where to hide the bottle'o phantom/
<Uravlar> Ju takes whatever's left on the ground and hands one to Jace before pocketing the rest.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia picks one up as well, I mean why not?
<Uravlar> "So, any idea if this is a weapon or something? The whole building, I mean. I'm still kind of confused on what this is supposed to be."
<Uravlar> "If it is a weapon, then we should probably split the remaining keys and hide them. Just in case."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn gets up off the floor and makes sure she has everything she needs. Luckily the incense holder she jacked looks like all the other bullshit she carries in her courier bag on a day to day basis. She writes on her sketchpad and turns to show it to Ju, "its a spaceship lol."
<FakemixRed> "That's the plan. after that we'll need to make sure the really important items we got are smuggled back. Like the melted ghost and rifle."
<SavanahHolland> Nadia takes a page from Maya's book, placing the crystal in her bra, if felt strange, but she needed a place for it, and had zero pockets to speak of.
<FakemixRed> Maya gives one of the discs to Nadia "Put this somewhere they won't want to touch, like in your underwear or something."
<Uravlar> "I don't get it. Why would a spaceship have so many stupid puzzles?"
<FakemixRed> "The phantom bottle we'll just have to lie about and say it's mud for cooling ourselves off while in there or something. The gun, you're my yes man Drugs."
<SavanahHolland> Nadia takes to disk from Maya, tilting her head and looking down at her crotch "My underwear?" she says confused, under her breath
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn turns around her pad and writes some more, turning it around. In large block letters she's written "ALIENS ARE FUCKING DUMB."
<Uravlar> "I guess I can believe that."
<FakemixRed> "So the guards won't confiscate it."
<FakemixRed> (so cut to the chopper?)
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn tucks her stuff away and starts to head to the exit. It's easy, she's been here long enough.
<Uravlar> "Oh… uh… alright. Let's go over what we'll say on our way out, then."
<SavanahHolland> Nadia turns away from the ground, and well, does exactly that with slightly tinted cheeks.
<SavanahHolland> (*group)
<FakemixRed> "Alright I'm going to say that the gun is stuck to my hand because magic or whatever. you drug em up and Chess boy convinces them. same for whatever else isn't small enough to smuggle."
<Uravlar> "I'm pretty sure I could just make them ignore everything, at least while the thing I injected myself with is still working."
<Uravlar> "If that fails, we can give the rest a try. Let's go."
<FakemixRed> Maya nods and proceeds to the chopper "There's a dead body in there, make sure he's buried properly." she'll tell the nearest guard on the way out
<SavanahHolland> Nadia follows them, walking was a little awkward feeling with something in her underwear but she was slowly used to it, these were a weird bunch, why couldn't she have just hid it somewhere less strange?
<Uravlar> !roll 4d3-8+5+3+2 Doubledrive Response Control
<TheTrueDice> Uravlar, Doubledrive Response Control: 9:7-8+5+3+2
<Kioku> Outside, the guards take back what's left over and unused, except the spare food and water. And knowing that there's bound to have been /something/ inside there, ask nicely before initiating a search. "So, you map the whole thing? Figure out what was with the field? We noticed it drop almost two hours ago, so I guess you ran into trouble or found that early on. What else ya get in there?"
<Uravlar> Ju hands over most of the coins and one of the pieces of crystal. "This is all we found."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn turns over a large stack of well draw and documented files on the pyramid. She's been working on them for a while now, and she is a little proud of how well she draw some of the insides of it. There's a smile on her face.
<FakemixRed> "This stupid gun got stuck to my hand by magic. we'll need to do something when we get back to school." Maya says waving the gun around which refuses to leave her hand no matter how much they attempt to pull
<Uravlar> "We think the glowing crystal thing at the center was causing the disruption, but we disabled that."
<SavanahHolland> Nadia nods slowly, glancing over to Maya wondering what the hell was going on in that girl's mind, but for now just trying not to make it obvious that a disk was in her underwear and a crystal was totally not in her bra.
<Kioku> The guard weighs the pros and cons of chopping Maya's arm off and reattaching it later to see if that works, but shakes his head. "What's up with all this?" he asks, gesturing to the rifles and cloth. "And how'd it get stuck? Dammit… I don't want to deal with getting artifacts detatched from kids in the basement again…"
<FakemixRed> "Though I will need to stop by my room first…some lady issues." Maya says sheepishly
<FakemixRed> "I touched it and it stuck, what can you do." Maya shrugs
<Kioku> The guard slaps a mosquito. "We'll do the search on the way back… just get in the jeep so we can get back to the plane."
<Uravlar> "Katlyn, thsi girl over here, she drew those. They'll fade away in a few hours, but she needs to keep them close-by, I think, to reabsorb them. Is that right, Katlyn?"
<FakemixRed> Maya nods at what Ju is saying /c'mon drug boy bring it home/
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is sketching into her notebook at that moment, looking up from it she quickly nods her head in agreement. Before she looks back down to continue drawing the guard as a donkey. Because he's a jackass. Great commentary Kat.
<Kioku> "Well, good thing the flight is a couple hours. Hopefully, debriefing won't be much longer. Ugh, this headache… must be the heat."
<Kioku> The guard seems liable to crash the jeep on the way back, drugged like this.
<FakemixRed> "We got a bottle of mud to cool ourselves off but it's pretty nasty stuff." Maya notes /believe it/
<Kioku> "Look, just, tell it to the guys on the plane."
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn curses the bumps in the road and how they're ruining her work.
<Uravlar> Ju dials back the use of his power, never really intending to drug the guard. He just makes him entirely focused on driving the jeep back. No distractions.
<Kioku> Well, the good news is you all got back in one piece. More or less. And onto the plane it is… better hope the lies hold up, because they've got a couple hours of flying to do. And a thorough search.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia follows along, really at this point she was just tired, though her head and back ache was gone, which was nice.
<Kioku> (Let's do this simple and structured. Is someone hiding the mirror / not wanting to part with it?)
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sits in her chair in the back of the plane, putting her guitar in the seat next to her as she pulls her feet up to try and take a nap. She's fucking tired.
<FakemixRed> (I don't think so)
<Kioku> (So, hand it over?)
<Uravlar> (Sure)
<FakemixRed> (not without warning them)
<Kioku> (Bolt of cloth. It's obviously not a drawing. Very obviously. Try to keep anyway?)
<Uravlar> (we could pretend it's a hanger.)
<Kioku> If Ju wants to keep the all-cleaning, tech-stopping orb, it's going to take a hell of a stealth roll, because that one is non-negotiable to them and the effects are too obvious if they touch it / find it.
<Uravlar> (I'll hand it over I guess. It was cool to have an instant shower. I wish I had one in real life.)
<Kioku> The crystal shards, on the other hand, are downright easy to hide. They're not going to find them, and they'd let you keep them if they did.
<Kioku> The bottle o' phantom might take some fast talking if they find it… but Jace could easily claim it's a result of his power's interaction with something, and he wants to study it. At worst, they'd study it with him, at best they'd let you keep it.
<FakemixRed> (So roll Jace's speechcraft?)
<Kioku> The bullet Ju pocketed is questionable to conceal, but they won't really care if they do find it.
<Kioku> (Sure)
<FakemixRed> 4d3-8+7 Keep the bottle
<TheTrueDice> FakemixRed, Keep the bottle: 5:6-8+7
<LipstickThespian> (but the incense holder)
<Kioku> (Or Ju's persuasion)
<Kioku> (I was just getting to the incense holder!)
<FakemixRed> (both are 7 anyways)
<Kioku> The incense holder, if Katlyn wants to keep it, they're going to raise an eyebrow at… but it'd be pretty simple to convince them that she brought it with her. It's the sort of thing she'd do after all.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn does argue this, as best she can with her quick writing. She has such weird shit on her anyway in her bag.
<Kioku> Disguise it to look like one of her things / be a nobody and not get as thoroughly checked?
<Kioku> Roll thine Agility:Nobody or Brains
<LipstickThespian> 4d3-8+5
<TheTrueDice> LipstickThespian: 7:10-8+5
<Kioku> The gun that's "attached" to Maya… well, there's no way they'll let a student keep a weapon like that! Plus think of the energy requirements, and what they could do with that kind of battery! She's going to need a separate scene later on…
<Kioku> Kat is sufficiently unknown to them that they don't really question the presence of an incense holder on her person.
<FakemixRed> (Jace was going to help with the convincint)
<FakemixRed> (convincing)
<Kioku> (Aye, in a separate scene. It'll need some pretty good RP.)
<Kioku> The plane ride back is decent. Maya isn't allowed to parachute after all, since there's a gun stuck to her, sadly.
<Kioku> Any further RP before run complete?
<FakemixRed> "Damn almost makes me wish I didn't pick up the gun." she laughs
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn makes everyone listen to her guitar practice of melodramatic music.
<Uravlar> Ju practices magic tricks with the remaining coins, always out of the guards' line of sight. His powers draw those for him now, anyways. There's no way he could fuck it up.
<SavanahHolland> Nadia sits down patiently, swinging her legs softly and listening to Katlyn's songs are staring at Ju's magic tricks with amazment and at the same time really wanting to stab him for fear he's the devil, though she certainly doesn't let that show.
<Kioku> «Run Complete» (Total time: 16 hours)
<Kioku> XP: 4
<Kioku> $1000 each

The Kept Artifacts

The Incense Holder: Quite simply, it spreads the scent of whatever is put in it far more quickly than normal, and makes it dilute less in large spaces - you could cover a ballroom with just this, and it'd smell as strongly as if it were in a large bedroom. Artifact rating 1.

The Crystal Shards: Seven small pieces of the giant crystal found at the top of the pyramid. It seems like in such small fragments, the only thing they can really do is power other anomalies. Artifact rating 1.

Bottle O' Phantom: A water bottle containing the physical remains of an ordinarily non-physical entity. Don't drink it. Artifact rating 1.

The Gun?: Pour electricity into its charge pack, and it'll have about 30 charge once full. It fires a lance of energy lasting about a quarter second that melts or cuts through a lot, effective up to about 50 meters. Artifact rating 3.

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