Conn Tutour PS 1

(7:18:43 PM) Kadmus: Conn is sat in the common room, reading a thick science fiction book with an interested frown on his face. He's dressed in a smart mint green button-up formal shirt and blue jeans, enjoying the sun as it comes in through the window.
(7:25:54 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm had stayed in bed as long as he could stand. Then he'd decided he had to get up and get something to eat. He'd taken two doses on an empty stomach and couldn't do another. He huffed out a sigh and dressed. Ace wrap- extra thick so he wouldn't get slapped in the back again- two sweaters over a compression shirt. It would do. He crept downstairs, careful not to stumble. He shivered
(7:25:55 PM) Impkitsu: the further he got from his nice warm bed. He wondered if he had a fever. He touched his face. He couldn't tell. He would get something to eat and maybe go to the infirmary after- sure he'd get a lecture or something. He walked into the common room and looked around. He spotted Conn. Nice kid- strong- despite the scars he wasn't bad company and… maybe he could help. He walked that
(7:25:55 PM) Impkitsu: way "What are you reading this time?" he asked softly.
(7:28:47 PM) Kadmus: "Ah, another book in the series." Conn says, looking up at Wil with concern clear on his face. "Ca va, Wilhelm? You look like you're suffering. Is there anything I can to to help?"
(7:30:39 PM) Kadmus: *do
(7:32:14 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm sat in a chair near him. "Hm… Is that what people usually do?" he asked- he had considered approaching Conn before but the idea of how to actually do it- what to say- that wasn't a social situation he had ever really practiced. "Just walk up to you and ask?" he said. He wasn't going to deny that he wanted that- he was sick of feeling like this. If he could fix it- just….
(7:32:16 PM) Impkitsu: just this one thing. It'd mean a distinct increase in his quality of life. He waited for Conn to answer.
(7:35:07 PM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs. "Sometimes. Usually I have to ask them if they need help. People are a little bashful about accepting aid, tu sais?" He grins. "Even me, from time to time. It's hard to admit you need a hand." He closes the book and looks carefully at Wil. "I ask people because it makes it easier for them.
(7:35:07 PM) Kadmus: If they think it's my idea, it isn't a show of weakness, weh?"
(7:41:17 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm thought about that a moment. "Well. I won't deny I'm… im pretty bad shape right now." he said. He was apprehensive though. He didn't know how Conn's power worked and what effect it'd have on him overall. "I was wondering, how does it work. How… precise are you?" he asked. There was also the fact he'd have to disclose a lot of information to Conn to make this work. He wasn't
(7:41:19 PM) Impkitsu: sure how ready he was to do that
(7:45:49 PM) Kadmus: "Hmm. It depends on whether I can see your injuries." He says, tilting his head. "If I can see them, I can be more precise. But if I can't see them, it's a blanket thing, tu sais? Just grabs everything wrong." He grins. "I think I'm getting better, though. If you're willing to be patient, we can try something new."
(7:55:11 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm thought about that. He supposed…. If Conn could keep a secret and they could go somewhere private…. It wouldn't be so bad… He could show him, right? The areas of rejection up his back. And… the other stuff…. "Do…. Do you mind doing it somewhere less open?" he was willing to let Conn do this anyway he wanted. Otherwise he was looking at weeks of these pills while his
(7:55:11 PM) Impkitsu: body healed… That was unacceptable. "I'm willing to… let you do this however you want I just have some things I don't want… fixed" he winced. That sounded stupid even to his own ears.
(7:57:05 PM) Kadmus: Conn gives him a steady look. "It's your body, Wilhelm. Your choice what you do with it." He says softly. "I only fix what people ask me to fix, mon ami. I may not like what you do to yourself, if you're hurting yourself, but I cannot judge, weh? And I'm prefectly happy to do this in private."
(8:00:14 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm didn't really consider it a part of himself- Those were something else. "My room? Yours? Which is best?" he asked. "or… would the bathroom be better?" perhaps it was a messy process. He simply did NOT want to do it in here where anyone could walk in. "I'll do this however you want. You understand it better than I do." he said. He didn't understand it at all.
(8:01:35 PM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs. "Are you bleeding much? That would be the only part that we'd want to be in the bathroom for. Easier to clean, tu sais?" He grins. "Otherwise, wherever you're most comfortable. I don't need anything special."
(8:04:55 PM) Impkitsu: "I'm not bleeding at all" he said. "It's not that kind of problem" he looked around "We can go to my room." Conn was making this easier than it should have been. He was so casual that it was hard to feel to uncomfortable. Wilhelm was appreciative. He'd have to find some way to thank him once this was all said and done.
(8:07:58 PM) Kadmus: Conn stands clumsily, still smiling. "C'est bien. Lead the way, mon ami." He gestures to the stairs.
(8:12:58 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm nodded and pulled himself to his feet. "Thank you, Conn" it wasn't something he said, and meant, often. He lead the way to his room and pushed the door open. "Ok… so…. How does this usually go?" he wondered if this was normally done as an on the fly thing- with less planning. Conn seemed to have some plan and Wilhelm was plenty patient.
(8:14:47 PM) Kadmus: "Usually, there's a lot more screaming and blood and people getting shot or stabbed." Conn chuckles, staggering into Wilhelm's room. "It's nice not having to worry about that for this." He grins. "So, uh, what's wrong with you? If you don't mind my bluntness."
(8:19:11 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm smiled- well he was glad there was none of that. This would be a much calmer affair. "Primarily?" he thought "Parts of my body are trying to kill other…. parts of my body." he said. "The medicine I'm taking is supposed to stop it long enough for everything to heal. It will…. take a long time if left on its own." he hadn't had to explain this at length to anyone and it was
(8:19:12 PM) Impkitsu: sort of odd. '(8:21:06 PM) Kadmus: "Ah, that's not good, weh?" Conn says, tilting his head to the side as he looks up at Wilhelm. "Well, I can definitely fix any injuries. And we can have a try at other stuff, too." He nods. "If you show me what you want fixed, we can get started."
(8:30:15 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm nodded and took a deep breath and started disrobing. He stripped off both shirts- then the compression shirt- leaving just the ace wrap. He didn't bother to roll it back up. "I…. apologize in advance" he said- he was blushing furiously which he would have found comical on anyone else- but the shame was real. He held his hand flat against his back and removed the last of it.
(8:30:16 PM) Impkitsu: Those stupid horrible wings flopped uselessly to the ground- they weren't his focus today. There was no structure to support them and- defeathered and broken there wasn't much mass- except their great length. He didn't spent much time with them loose. He winced as he turned. He revealed the cape of cyan and green scales covering his entire back. It was lined with near-black flesh where
(8:30:16 PM) Impkitsu: they were being rejected from his body. He didn't say anything intially, just hung his head and waited for the judgement.
(8:34:22 PM) Kadmus: "Huh." Conn says quietly. "I like your scales. They're very pretty." He smiles. "Which parts do you want me to fix, mon ami? You said there were parts you didn't want repaired. I, uh…" He shrugs. "I assume you don't want the wings repaired. I can if you would like, though."
(8:38:34 PM) Impkitsu: "No….. I…. keep them like that so I can tie them up" he said. "The….. What's causing the problem is the black- around the…. scales" he frowned. "My body doesn't recognize them and- really that's the root of the problem, my immune system…." he supplies, figuring more information was better than less. "The black is where it's being rejected and….. I think I have a fever so I
(8:38:35 PM) Impkitsu: may have an infection. and I'm on immunosuppressants…" he didn't know what Conn could or couldn't do. "Just…. Do what you can…" he said.
(8:41:33 PM) Kadmus: Conn nods and suddenly Wilhelm's back doesn't hurt as much any more, the black disappearing as though it's been wiped away with a wet cloth. "May I…" He shifts a little, feeling the itch of healing on his back. "Can I touch you? Skin to skin contact lets me get a better idea of what's wrong with you."
(8:46:39 PM) Impkitsu: "That's fine just…. not on the…. " he waved his hands and just hoped Conn got his meaning. "Or…. tell me before you do" he said. He knew how to manage his own problems and could handle it if he was prepared. But other people manhandling him made things awkward. "Just… within what I said- Do whatever you can" he said. As far as he was concerned terms were laid out. Conn wouldn't
(8:46:41 PM) Impkitsu: break his word, surely. He seemed too noble for that.
(8:49:05 PM) Kadmus: Conn steps forwards and rests his hands on Wilhelm's shoulders, closing his eyes. He focusses, feeling out with his power in search of… whatever. There's something. Something just on the edge of his senses. "I can… I think I can feel the infection." He murmurs. "Like smoke. Or clouds.
(8:49:05 PM) Kadmus: Can't…" He frowns. "Trying to get a grip on it."
(8:52:12 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm tensed a bit but took a couple of deep breaths to try to calm himself. "Just…. take your time." he offfered- he didn't know what to say, he was little more than a passive object in this procedure. Though the instant removal of his pain was a relief. He didn't turn to look at the results. "I…. I have all day" he said.
(8:56:47 PM) Kadmus: He hums quietly under his breath, concentrating. "Tu sais how you breathe out fog in cold air?" He murmurs. "Did you ever try to collect it, when you were young? To catch it in your hands?" He frowns. "It's a bit like that. But I think I'm starting to…" He hums again, eyes still closed.
(8:59:52 PM) Impkitsu: "I never did anyting like that. We rarely stayed anywhere it got that cold" he wasn't sure if Conn was feeling conversational, and he didn't want to distract. He was worried though. And he felt exposed. It was a less than ideal situation for him, even if Conn seemed at ease.
(9:02:09 PM) Kadmus: Sweat starts to trickle down Conn's forehead as he feels his body temperature start to rise, slowly transferring the infection to his own body. "Not sure this is my smartest idea." He mumbles, feeling a little woozy. "Never considered if I'd heal illnesses."
(9:07:10 PM) Impkitsu: "Are you alright?" Wilhelm asked, suddenly worried "Do you need to lay down?" he didn't want to be the guy who killed the resident healer. He was feeling better, himself. It was a bit amazing. He wondered- suddenly if Conn was taking the immunocompromised part of his illnes as well- what effect would that have? Wilhelm was suddenly worried in a very uncharacteristic way- about someone
(9:07:10 PM) Impkitsu: else.
(9:10:35 PM) Kadmus: "I'm… It's fine." Conn says, a little groggily. "Just took the infection away. I could… I could feel the other stuff. The immune conflict there. Mais it was even harder to grasp, weh?" He takes his hands off Wil's shoulders and slumps onto the bed with a grunt. "Ugh. No wonder being sick makes people
(9:10:35 PM) Kadmus: so grumpy."
(9:14:18 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm turned quickly, dragging his wings on the floor. He leaned over Conn where he'd slumped. "How do you feel?" he asked. He'd do what he could to make Conn feel better and…. what if he didn't get better? Should he fetch someone? He really did owe Conn- especially now that he felt instantly better.
(9:17:13 PM) Kadmus: "Ah, weh, c'est bien." Conn mumbles. "Just getting used to it. Never really been sick before." He rolls his shoulders, frowning. "It feels tres uncomfortable. But are you feeling better?"
(9:19:45 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm nodded. He didn't feel sick at all. He would go off the pills and just knowing he didn't have to take anymore was a huge relief. He tried to help move Conn into the bed to make him more comfortable. "I'm sorry- I thought….. you would heal better" he frowned. "I can get you a drink. I think I have a water bottle here" he had kidnapped a few so he wouldn't have to leave the
(9:19:45 PM) Impkitsu: room.
(9:25:38 PM) Kadmus: Conn accepts the water and guzzles down the bottle thankfully. "Ah, merci." He says, with a grateful smile. "I knew I would be suffering when I chose to do it, Wilhelm. It's not like it can actually harm me, tu sais? No organ damage or anything. I can recover from having a metal spike shoved
(9:25:38 PM) Kadmus: through my lung. A fever isn't going to kill me, even if I have to wait it out and let it heal like everyone else." He shrugs. "And it's… interesting, feeling discomfort."
(9:27:40 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm frowned "But no one likes to be the cause of another's discomfort…." He opened his drawer and found his pills. "This will help with the fever. And cold baths" he said. He had been decidedly not taking cold baths since fever made him feel cold and…. it was hard to take more than the quickest possible bath when he had so much to hide. He dosed out the pills "Do you need more
(9:27:40 PM) Impkitsu: water?" he asked.
(9:32:51 PM) Kadmus: "Non, non, I will be fine." Conn waves off the pills vaguely. "Keep hold of them. Your fever may come back. And no more water, for the moment." He sighs. "A cold bath sounds like a good idea, though. I might just sit and sleep for a bit."
(9:35:15 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm tipped the pills back into the bottle and looked. "Well, you're free to stay here until you feel like moving… I…. I have to redress. That will take a while but I'll try not to disturb you." he said apologetically. He bent down to pick up the rolls of ace wrap he'd deposited all over the ground around him and moved towards his mirror.
(9:37:49 PM) Kadmus: Conn groans and struggles to his feet, still sweating a little. Gross. Also, the first time you've seen him sweat. "I will go lie down in my room for a while, I think. I will leave you to your privacy, Wilhelm." He nods and staggers to the door. "Let me know how you feel later, weh? I want to know how effective
(9:37:49 PM) Kadmus: this has been."
(9:42:03 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm nodded and watched him go to leave "How many doors down are you?" he asked. He could check in on him. He had his event with Elli but he could check after and later tonight. He felt he owed Conn and the boy did want to be kept informed. He started folding his deformed limbs against his back, wincing all the while until he could start to wrap them into place. "Thank you, Conn, I
(9:42:04 PM) Impkitsu: mean it."
(9:43:29 PM) Kadmus: "I'm…" He counts in his head, frowning. "Four doors to the right. And you are welcome, Wilhelm. Any time you need my help, you just need to ask. I'm always happy to lend a hand." He smiles broadly, looking genuinely pleased at having assisted someone else.
(9:44:58 PM) Impkitsu: Wilhelm nodded and smiled at him in the mirror- comitting the location to memory. "I hope you feel better soon." he said as he continued his dressing maneuver
(9:46:11 PM) Kadmus: -Scene Treated-

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