Blank Phantoms

<SirGoldFish> Brett manages to pick the largest ball up and it turns a shade of crimson. It vibrates in his hand and it says the words. "Stupid." At Brett. They're not extremely heavy, Leah, if she tried, could easily get up.
<Impkitsu> Brett was taken aback by the word and, instead of picking it all the way up like he intended, set it off to the side. "Did… It that thing just insult me?" he asked, frowning. They could talk?" he asked. He looked for his own ball.
<gumbal1> And that's exactly what she's trying to do. "I mean, they're insulting enough, but I didn't hear anythign but that g-dawful cooing."
<SirGoldFish> Leah manages to finally get up from the mess of balls, but she does not however stop them from rolling against her. A few more Crimson Red balls go to Brett. "Dumbass." they say in a surprisingly deep voice in unison.
<gumbal1> "…alright, I think I heard that."
<Impkitsu> Brett frowned "Hey. stop that." he said- frowning and looking around for his original ball- at least it was nice to him.
<SirGoldFish> All the one's around Brett turn a shade of Red, including his original one.. And now instead of speaking in unison. All of them have something unique to say. "Dumbass" "Moron." "Left behind." "Human garbage. There is still quite a fair few rolling against Leah, but not as many.
<gumbal1> Leah blinks. This isn't good. "Hey, do you need help with that?"

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<Impkitsu> Brett backed up against the wall. "They're… I dunno. Why are they doin' that?" he asked. They had been so cute earlier. He had just wanted to play with them. He hoped Leah knew because he had no idea what had happened. "I was just tryin' ta help her." he said. Maybe he should kick them away? He didn't know what to do.
<gumbal1> Leah starts over to Brett, trying to shove the balls away. Damn, this went South fast.

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<SirGoldFish> Leah manages to push them away from Brett but they're persistent and they roll back. The blobs turn a blue color at Brett's sadness. "Come on brett, do something. Are you just gonna stand there looking like the idiot you are." At this point there is a total of twelve in the entire room, all around the size of either football or basket ball. Some are around
<SirGoldFish> Brett, some are around Leah.
<gumbal1> "Jeez, harsh. Who pissed in your cheerios?" There's a half-heartedness to the last jape.
<Impkitsu> Brett crossed his arms over his chest. They sounded like Max- except usually whatever he said was followed by a friendly punch in the arm or a hair ruffle or some other stupid gesture. He didn't know what to do so he looked at Leah. He was a follower- he didn't come up with ideas- he was too dumb for that and he fell back into that role easily. "What do we do?" he asked, pointedly not
<Impkitsu> looking at the balls at all. He tried to ignore them.
<gumbal1> Hm. What should she do? On one hand, they were clearly terrorizing her…acquaintance, and didn't seem to mind being manhandled all that much, which should have made the answer easy. But they still could think, probably. It wouldn't be nick to rot them, would it? Still…
<SirGoldFish> And the swarm of balls seem go grumble amongst themselves and well, they begin to roll away toward the kitchen. A few grey colored baseball sized ones stay behind, rolling against Leah.
<gumbal1> "…that workd out."
<gumbal1> "Somewhat."
<Impkitsu> Brett looked around "Wait…. Where… not that I want 'em ta stay but… where're they goin?" he asked. He looked at the ones beside Leah, but he wasn't about to get near them. He didn't want to hear those things again.
<gumbal1> "No idea, and I'm not sure I want to follow them. Seem pretty vile."
<Impkitsu> "What if…. there's more and more and more?" he asked. They had seeme to be growing on their own and more had come in. Should they follow? He looked at her for guidance
<gumbal1> "Then…I think we should avoid them, but try to keep an eye out for the source? I'm…not sure, I'm not used to this."
<Impkitsu> Brett shrugged "I don't know." he said. "Where… would they be comin' from" he asked. "'nother student?" he asked- wondering who would even think to do that.
<gumbal1> "I don't think I've met a student who was a complete liability to others yet."
<gumbal1> "Or was…nearly that mean."
<Impkitsu> Brett frowned "I don't know what that means" he said, blinking. "I really am stupid as all that" he said, waving his hand at the floor around him where the balls had been.
<gumbal1> Oh dear, comforting people was not Leah's strong point. "Well, no, you're not. They're just mean, is all."
<Impkitsu> Brett shrugged "Nah. I am. Not sure who knows it though" he tried to think about who would probably know- anyone… anyone who spoke to him… ever. "Not a big deal. I just…. We should probably make sure they're not terrorizin' anyone else." he said.
<gumbal1> "…that's a good point." Leah starts for the kitchen.
<Impkitsu> Brett followed her, close behind. If she thought it was a good idea he was sure it was. He peeked over her into the kitchen to see if they were still there.

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<SirGoldFish> They're all in the kitchen but they seem about ready to leave. The swarm of balls goes past them, going toward the common room.
<gumbal1> Leah clenches her fists in frustration. "Mmm, can't seem to make up your mind, can you?" She follows them back out.

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<Impkitsu> Brett followed them out "The fuck are they going? Little asswads don't know what they're doin'." he grumbled. He was angry at them and embarrassed about what they said and generally not in a good mood. He didn't want them fucking with anyone else though- nice guy that he was- so he kept at it.
<SirGoldFish> The swarm has yet again split. Half of them have stayed behind with Brett and Leah, a deep red color and the rest continue on. It also seems the one's that have stayed behind have also grown a bit more
<gumbal1> In any case, Leah chases after the moving swarm.
<Impkitsu> Brett stayed with the ones that had stayed behind, looking at the red ones. He didn't know what to do about them. "Be careful, girly." he called after her. "Ok. I'm gonna put ya outside and y'all can fuck off, got it?" he asked. He didn't know what to do with them. So he planned to treat them like a wild animal in the house.
<SirGoldFish> Leah and Brett both begin to feel something urging them, mentally. There brains are being rifled through to find something and. Both Leah and Brett, if they are unable to resist it, are forced to say something they'd regret saying or just something flat out embarrassing, loudly.
<gumbal1> Leah grasps her head. No, no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO NO NO NONONONONONONO "Fuck off! You won't find anything in there! It's all fake! Why do you think you'd find anything interesting inside someone like me?! There is nothing to…me…" Leah blinks.

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<Impkitsu> Brett shook as he felt the words coming to his mouth. "I only got a fifth grade educaaaaaatioooooon!" he yelled. "I don't like people ta know because everyone that does know likes ta take advantage of it cus I'm too stupid ta know better and I'm shit at peer pressure." he covered his mouth and looked around. "Shit…. SHIT!" he said, stomping towards the balls. "You did this didn't ya?"
<Silvors> Zita floats down the stairs and towards the kitchen, heading to find some kind of major snackage before she saw the roaming tide of mush balls. "U-Um." She asks, floating over and past them before seeing Bret and Leah. "What's with all the mushness?" She asks looking at the two of them with confusion. "Mush is fun to say." She makes a note of it, grinning and giggling before repeating the word "Mush!" again.
<gumbal1> Leah blinks, before turnign to Zita, lips pursed. "…you didn't hear that, did you?"
<SirGoldFish> Zita did!

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<SirGoldFish> And at Leah yelling this out, the swarm begins to collect around her. They turn a shade of pitch black. They're all about the size of basket balls now, not a small one sight. The ones around Brett are red and blue. Six around Leah, six around Brett.
<gumbal1> Leah struggles with the balls, trying to push them away a bit more forcibly.
<Impkitsu> Brett was shaking in embarrassment. It probably wasn't much to anyone else. But for him it was super embarrassing. He looked at Zita, worrying his lip between his teeth. He couldn't think of anything to say. His brain was frozen. Everyone probably knew he was stupid, but there was difference between being the guy who did stupid stuff and the guy who couldn't read. He kicked a red ball,
<Impkitsu> hard,
<Silvors> Zita floats over, landing between the two and giggling. "I wonder what I'll say? Probably something about how I used to be a Slav-" Zita shoves her hand in her mouth to shut herself up, looking between the other two people with wide eyes before removing it. "Let's act like that never happened, 'kay?" She asks with a smile and a tilt of her head.
<gumbal1> ("Used to be? Once a squatter, always a squatter.")
<gumbal1> Leah's sick of this. Sick of these fucking mush balls and their fucking invasiveness and their fucking color schemes and their fucking…Leah blinks. She's never actually tried that before.
<SirGoldFish> And the red one splatters hits the wall and splatters. The black ones seem to be collecting together, combining into one massive black ball. This unstable mixture is wobbly, it begins to start to take a humanoid form. It continues transforming unless stopped. The red ones on the other hand begin to vibrate intently as they all individually begin to take
<SirGoldFish> shape.
<gumbal1> Leah grasps the thing and fucking rots it.
<gumbal1> ‘roll 4d3-4
<GameServ> gumbal1 rolled 4d3: 1 3 1 1 <Total: 6(-4) = 2>
<Impkitsu> Brett found it very satisfying that the one he kicked splattered, so he aimed a kick at another red one, his back to the rest of the room as he aims it at the wall behind him. "Fuck You!" he said. It was making him feel a little beter, anyway.
<SirGoldFish> ’calc 4d3-8+7
<SirGoldFish> 'roll 4d3-8+7
<Impkitsu> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
<GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 7
<Silvors> Zita looks at all the kicking and touching, and decides on one thing that would help out! Taking one for a pet! She scoops one up into her hands.
<SirGoldFish> This does oddly little to impede it’s growth as the creature continues taking shape, changing, gaining definition beyond it's previous state. And once it's done. It looks like… Leah. It looks like Leah with blank eyes and this odd black aura surrounding it. This Leah has a massive hole where it's chest would be. It's hollow, nothing there. It breaths
<SirGoldFish> heavily, staring at the actual Leah. The Red balls continue to do there thing until they form these tiny red imp creatures. They're missing a skull cap and also a brain. The one in Zita picked up is also one of these red creatures and it instantly goes to attack the girl with it's tiny claws. They're weak though so she's not in too much danger.
<gumbal1> Leah blinks, breathing deeply. "…just…go away."
<SirGoldFish> The rest of the red ones scatter around, not wanting to be anywhere near here
<Crayola> John walked by, he saw the group of people, including his friend Zita. He eyed them from afar afraid to approach, it was rather loud, and he felt a slight buzzing in his head. Needless to say John doesn't realize that this is due to all the thoughts he is picking up from them here and there as little snippets. (Feel free to type thoughts out to make him
<Crayola> think he is hearing things! :D) He decides to text Zita, <Hey, what's going on in there? So loud?> *click* send. He undoes the bandages from his face and puts them like a scarf, his hands and legs still however bandaged-babysteps…
<Impkitsu> Brett turned to look at the creatures, Ha he'd ….. won? He spotted the Leah looking one "The fuck is that?" he asked, then the imps. He aimed a kick at one, now more startled and scared than angry. He didn't want it near him, at all.
<PrinceGoldFish> The pho-Leah nods it's and head and actually does what the girl ask. It sinks into a a black puddle and leaves out the front door, into the courtyard. Congratulations, Leah! You got your very own dopplephantom running around on your behalf. The rest of the Red ones are not eager to stay. So after Brett kicks one away, they begin to try and squeeze there way into the vent system, having some luck as the vents are
<PrinceGoldFish> rather open.
<gumbal1> Leah sighs, and heads over to her room. Today's been a day.
<Impkitsu> Brett look at Zita "Are ya alright?" he asked, Leah had left- and the black thing- and the red things. There was only Zita. Hopefully she hadn't heard what he'd said. He was going to pretend she didn't.
<Silvors> Zita nods. "I'm great! I kinda wanna go cut stuff up though." She says with a grin, a dagger appearing in her hand and growing into a scythe. "Like… um… a mush harvest!" She says with a giggle.
<Silvors> <Just a mushman invasion> Was her reply
<Silvors> (Redact all of the Zita stuff that just happened)
<Silvors> Zita pouts, one arm to protect her face while she throws the little red imp thingy away! Looking around for something to throw over it like a blanket or something! "Help me trap Albert!" She shouts to Brett, trying to find something to trap the Imp-thingy with and find a container for him, or at least something to throw over him!
<Crayola> "What?" He says out loud from the hallway. 'Well fucking brilliant…now they know you are here…' ~ugh….~ 'might as well walk in now…' a soft sigh comes from his lips and he enters the room, blond hair blue eyes. "hi all…umm Zita…what is a mushman…and who is Albert?"
<Impkitsu> Brett looked around brielfy and saw a large cake mixing bowl in the sink nearby. He sprinted for it and came back, ready to snap it over the creature. It had a thick coating of left over batter on the sides but that wasn't so important. "Pin it down!" he yelled, trying to clap the bowl over it.
<PrinceGoldFish> And it was trapped. It begins to make various noises, trying to escape, scratching from inside the bowl. Good job Brett!
<Silvors> Zita grins. "Now we just gotta put Albert in a jar or something!" She says with a giggle, trying to find something to put him in! "Hm…" She says, thinking for a moment. "What kinda thingy could we put Albert in?" She asks, looking between the two boys.
<Crayola> "We…could tie him up for now?" He suggested as the bandages began to make their movements, he aimed his hand and directed them toward Albert, awaiting the go ahead.
<Impkitsu> Brett didn't think tying him up would work since they had previously been slush balls. So they were still slush right? He kept quiet though, just holding the bowl down. He could feel it scratching on the inside "I'm in no rush. I think it's pretty well pinned." he said.
<Silvors> "Well. He's in a bowl. So we'd have to take him out of the bowl. I wanna find a way to keep him as a pet though! Like… like a cage! Or maybe a… um… Terrarium! Or Aquarium! It'll be awesome!" She says with a giggle.
<Crayola> "I…don't know…what is the deal with them anyways?" His eyes falling upon the creature.
<Impkitsu> "Why would ya want it as a pet?" he asked. "They're mean. they were-" calling him names. Very hurtful names. Very to-the-point, obviously directed as his thought hurtful names. That was somewhat worse than general name calling. "He attacked ya." he said.
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. "Y-Yeah… But it looked kinda cute when it was just a big pile of mush! I wanna see what else they can do! There was a black one, and a bunch of red ones, maybe it'll turn green! Or lead me to a green one! That'd be so cool!"
<Crayola> "Huh…sounds interesting…well…I guess that's cool…" he said rubbing his head. "JUst be careful…and have a goodnight guys!" He smiles and was quickly off, his miknd was racing anyways.
<Impkitsu> Brett looked at her, then him "Uh, bye dude. … shit… what about… Like… are there pickles in the fridge?" he asked. she said said jar earlier and that was the only thing he'd ever seen come in a jar. It'd be a tight fit.
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. "Probably! I'll get him! So you, um, go and grab a pickle jar!" She announces, moving to hold the bowl.
<Impkitsu> Brett paused and looked at the bowl. Once she had a firm old on it he ran to the fridge. He picked up a pickle jar and emptied it, pickles and all, into the sink. Then he gave it a quick rinse. "Ok… How we gonna get it in there?" he asked.He had forgotten the lid.
<Silvors> Zita thins for a moment. "We could, um, grab 'em! Once he comes out! Or we could make like two blankets so that its gotta go into the jar!"
<Silvors> *thinks
<Impkitsu> "If ya tip it up. I can probalby grab it and shove it in. We gotta be quick" he said… He thought he could do it though.
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. "Kay! Grab it and stuff it in there then shove the lid on it!" She says with a manic grin on her face. "Tell me when!" She says, preparing to tilt it up on command.
<Impkitsu> Brett paused, looking for the lid. He'd left it on the counter. HE ran to get it and came back. "Ok…. Ok…. ready." he said, his hand resting just at the edge of the bowl, ready to go in as soon as there was space enough.
<Silvors> "On three! One. Two. Three!" She shouts, tilting it up and preparing to lunge if it made it out of there! She was gonna have Albert, damn it!
<Impkitsu> Brett shoved his hand under the lip of the bowl as quick as he could, trying to get ahold of the creature he couldn't see
<SirGoldFish> Well, Brett you manage to grab it, but not without getting scratched. This may be hard to believe, but he actually manages to feel dumber than he already normally does. Facts slip from his brain and he loses a few IQ points. But hey, he has the creatures in his hand!
<Silvors> Zita cheers, going to hold the jar so Brett can stuff it into the jar, getting the lid ready with her other hand.
<Imp> Brett groaned. "ow! Ow!" he said. He kept a firm grip on it and shoved it and his fist both into the large jar
<Silvors> Zita looks at his arm and then at him. "I can't close it if your hand's in there!"
<SirGoldFish> Sadly, jar is not quite big enough for a pickle jar and it begins to make some high pitched grunts as it continues to scratch, drawing a little blood, Brett. The thing is violent.
<SirGoldFish> The scratches continue to dwindle is intelligence even further!
<Silvors> Zita pouts, before an ivory dagger appears in her hand and she slices the thing in half, closing the half that was in the jar in and looking at the top half. "Damn it Albert!" She shouts in annoyance.
<Imp> Brett continued exclaiming in pain and bashed it a little against the lips of the jar. But he didn't let got. "zita. So something" he was feeling very blurry in his head almost fuzzy. Coming up with the next course of action when the thing was half enclosed he was left holding the top half. He gave it alarmed look and thrust it Zita's direction.
<SirGoldFish> A look of fear comes across the creature's face as he see the blade come for it. Thankfully though, Brett comes to the rescue and it is launched at Zita's direction. It latches onto her dagger arm and begins trying to scratch Zita. If she does not manage to shake it off quickly, her intelligence will also begin to dwindle.
<Imp> Brett kept holding it to her, unable to think of anything else to do.
<Silvors> Zita brushes at her arm, flailing it and trying to get the thing off. "Go get a blanket! Quick!" She shouts to Brett before running towards the Common Room! There has to be a blanket somewhere, right?

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<SirGoldFish> There is indeed a blanket! But the thing has gotten a couple of scratches in. Facts begin to slip from her mind, and she loses some IQ points.
<Imp> Brett tried to pin it to the floor, belly down by happy accident. He doesn't think to let it go
<Silvors> Zita grabs a blanket and tries to wrap the thing in it so it'll be trapped!
<SirGoldFish> (Does she try to like take it off, or is she wrapping it around her arm?)
<Silvors> (She tries to throw it on the ground then wrap it up)
<Imp> (Brett's sitting cross legged in the ground trying to figure out why he is bleeding ..)
<SirGoldFish> Tearing it off allows it to get one more scratch in, this one draws blood. Her current intellect is somewhere slightly bellow a fifth grader! But the thing is trapped.
<Silvors> Zita holds the balled up, blanket trapped mushman and sighs. "We gotta put it somewhere! Like a fish bowl! Let's go get one!" Zita announces, turning to look at Brett.

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<Imp-Kitsu> Brett looked up at the yelling and then around the ground. He picked up the mixing bowl from before and walked over with it. All he;d heard was bowl.
<Silvors> Zita looks at him and shakes her head, hugging the balled up blanket and shouting. "No! Fish bowl! Glub glub! One of those!"
<Kadmus> Tessa wheels blearily into the kitchen, woken up by all this crashing and shouting. "Wha's going on in here? Some of us are trying to sleep."
<Imp-Kitsu> Brett looked up at the girl. "Ewwww." he said, but didn't elaborate, wandering off with the bowl to look for what was apparently a different type of bowl.
<Silvors> Zita looks at Tessa and pouts, hugging the balled up blanket tighter. "Brett won't find me a fish bowl! I need something to put Albert in!"
<SirGoldFish> The creature continues struggling uselessly. It's certainly stronger than it looks, but not that strong. Zita just needs to stay there and not move forever and it'll be trapped.
<Kadmus> Tessa looks deeply confused. "What's an Albert, love?" She asks. "And why is it fighting a blanket?"
<Imp-Kitsu> Brett started looking for something to put other things in. The pickle jar caught his attention but it smelled like pickles and thus was bad. He ignored their arguing and found a large salad spinner. IT had a lid anyway. "This work?" he asked cautiously.
<Silvors> Zita hugs the blanket. "Albert's my new pet! He's inside the blanket! He's kinda scary but the cool kinda scary! He can be like our baby Tessa!"
<Kadmus> "Zita, did you catch a cat in that blanket?"
<SirGoldFish> Tessa will notice the open vent grate if she looks to her left
<Imp-Kitsu> Brett didn't get an answer on the salad spinner so he brought it over, taking the lid on and off. He handed it to Tessa.
<Silvors> "He was a mushy mushball but then Brett was dumb and the mushball got dumb and now he's red and scary! But I'm gonna make him green and cool! I just gotta smile a lot!" She hugs the ball of blanket tighter. "He's not a kitty! I wanna kitty! Let's get a kitty!"
<Kadmus> Tessa frowns, sending Jay to scout down the opened vent and report back on what he finds. Damn ghost bird has to be good for /something/. "Mushball? Like a… mushroom ball? And why are you acting so weird, Zita?"
<Silvors> "It scratched me!" Zita informs, as if that would explain. Luckily, Zita's blood was currently hidden from herself by a blanket and she was too dumb to realize that the wet stuff was her blood. She assumed Albert had peed.
<SirGoldFish> And the scout Jay does. He finds a series of red imp like creatures missing skull caps and brain charging toward them. They don't look happen as they're yelling out swear words in their tiny voices. These swears happen to be Brett's favorites.

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<Imp-Kitsu> Brett looks around as he hears a nice stream of 'fucks' 'dicks' and 'blumpkins.' These words number among the few he still understands. "Fuck" he said in response, giggling. He tapped the salad spinner "That helps…" he said simply to Tessa.

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<Kadmus> "We are not keeping one of those as a pet, love." She says quietly, eyes wide as Jay reports his findings. "And we need to move. There's a lot more of them coming."
<Silvors> Zita pouts, hugging the blanket ball tighter. "I want one though! Pretty please? I'll water it and feed it and take care of it every day!" She shouts, hugging it close and staying sat down.
<Imp-Kitsu> Brett decided to follow everyone else's example and sat down. It seemed the right thing to do. Tessa was sitting, Zita was sitting. He should sit.
<Kadmus> "Really, you two. We need to move, /now/." Tessa says. "Come on, Zita, you can bring your Albert with you. But we need to get out of here."
<Silvors> Zita stands up, pouting and looking at Tessa. "Fine!" Then she walks over and plops down in Tessa's lap, still hugging Albert's blanket prison.
<Imp-Kitsu> Brett huffed. He was getting tired of this game. He wanted to watch the tv. He stood up and looked around, not heading to the television. He couldn't remember how to turn it on. He decided to do as Zita did and tried to climb aboard
<Kadmus> Tessa grunts as Brett puts his weight onto her as well, but gamely tries to wheel away with the two on her lap. She doesn't get far as her axle snaps, sending all three of them tumbling to the ground.

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<Silvors> Zita kicks Brett once they get on the ground. "See! You hurt Tessa! Dummy! I'm the only one that gets to ride Tessa!" Zita announces, before turning to throw away Albert and scoop up Tessa.
<Imp-Kitsu> "Ow. Fuck. I didn't do nothin'" he said, watching her toss Albert and…. was that Tessa she threw? He was confused. "What?" he asked. He could still hear the swears following them.
<Silvors> Zita floats up and holds Tessa, a safe five feet off the ground with the unconscious Tessa in her arms.

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<SirGoldFish> And well, the creatures finally are out and about. You hear the creatures say, in unison. "You Fucking blumpkins." And launch themselves toward Zita. If she does not run or dodge outta the way, she'll become even dumber.
<SirGoldFish> Wait
<SirGoldFish> Redact
<SirGoldFish> The creatures come out, but they don't attack. They simply guide their friend to the vents and leave. Looks like they just wanted their buddy back.
<Silvors> Zita flies up into the air and hugs Tessa tight. "Albert no!" She shouts to the now disappearing Albert and the Alberts.
<Imp-Kitsu> Brett watched them go, then looked up at Zita. "Albert go?" he asked, He was still sitting in the remains of the wheelchair and bleeding.
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<SirGoldFish> Their intelligence will now slowly return… (At whatever rate is more fun for the players.)
<Silvors> Zita flies Tessa up to Zita's room, really angry at Brett!
<Imp-Kitsu> Brett sat there a while longer before getting bored and wandering into the kitchen. He didn't know what he should do, so he stood there a moment and returned towards the living roo

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