Akemi Tutor WD 2

<Kioku> Akemi's got a planned visit to follow up on, to hunt the maybe-hentai, Conrad. She's hoping, leaning toward 'no, it was an accident,' but not totally sure. Even so, that's not why she seeks the boy. Rather, she worries for him. Nobody should have to go through life without feeling another's touch. It's almost too sad to consider.
<Kadmus> Conn is, in an unusual change, in the gym, working out. He's dressed in the black sleeveless t-shirt from when they went to rescue Hyacinth and his usual jeans, and is currently doing one-handed chin-ups.
<Kioku> The gym isn't one of the main places she'd normally look, but after exhausting plenty of other possibilities, Akemi eventually makes her way there, poking her head in to look around at first, then staring. Huh. So he can do that then. Wow. An internal debate goes on between distracting him with her voice, and /distracting/ him by joining the apparent workout session. She's figured out a trick to get the rings down fast.
<Kadmus> Conn is counting under his breath as he continues his chin-ups "… quatre-vingt dix-huit, quatre-vignt dix-neuf, cent." He switches hands and starts counting again.
<Kioku> Akemi slips into the room and decides she'd be best off just walking out in front of him. With totally silent footfalls, she crosses the room, trying to keep out of his line of sight until the last moment. And then she waves.
<Kadmus> "Ah." Conn keeps doing chin ups, still counting. "Bonjour, Akemi. Give me a moment to finish up." He doesn't even seem to be sweating, despite how difficult it would be for most people to manage even one chin-up like this. After a couple of minutes he lets go, dropping to the floor. "What can I do for you?" He tilts his head, curious.
<Kioku> Akemi makes a surprised sound at Conn's state after all of that. "I guess regenerating helps with muscular reconstruction too." Yes, of course she knows how working out works. "You must not need as much down time between workouts… ah- but that's not why I'm here. I remember what you said yesterday. About touch…"
<Kadmus> He rolls his shoulders. "Weh, what about it? I thought I was pretty comprehensive, yesterday." He tilts his head the other way.
<Kioku> "Well… just come over here." Akemi beckons him over to the center of the gym floor, then starts setting out floor mats. "I have an idea that I want to try. You'll let me, right~?"
<Kadmus> Conn shrugs. "Sure, why not? It isn't like it will hurt." You can hear the grin in his tone as he stumbles towards the mats.
<Kioku> Akemi shakes her head, laughing lightly. Soon, a decent portion of the floor is covered. "Now… don't freak out, okay? I'm going to 'give' you something, send it right into your mind. If you ever feel uncomfortable, I promise I'll stop. I can't possibly 'read your thoughts' or anything, so don't worry; this is send-only, not recieve. Okay?"
<Kadmus> "Ah, okay, I suppose? What are you going to send?" He tilts his head once more, looking at Akemi curiously.
<Kioku> Akemi stands back, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes. "I'm going to completely /replace/ your sensory input. Just a…" she trails off, and then the world shifts ever so slightly. Still the same place, the same environment, but… with a direct mental input of the sensation of touch. Pressure. You can feel your feet against the floor, the shirt against your skin.
<Kioku> It's imperfect, you can tell that things seem slightly off, some things less detailed, but the illusion makes those imperfections less noticable. Your mind can fill in the gaps.
<Kadmus> Conn starts twitching and spasming, falling to the mats with a thump as he lets out a high-pitched whine of terror. He thrashes about, tearing at himself frantically, whimpering 'stopstopstopstop' and sobbing.
<Kioku> Akemi drops the waking dream as suddenly as it started, and everything's back to normal. Her eyes are wide and she looks a bit frightened. \I should have expected such a reaction. Baka! What was I thinking, introducing him to the whole new sense all at once? Got to take it slow!<Kadmus> He curls himself into a ball and keeps sobbing, shuddering, terrified breaths wracking his body. "What…" he rasps. "What the fuck."
<Kioku> Akemi walks over and kneels next to Conn. "That… that's what most people feel every moment, every day. But I guess we get used to it, don't notice it all, filter it… I'm sorry. I should have taken it slower."
<Kadmus> He manages to get himself more under control and sits up, leaning on his knees. "That… how do people /live/ like that? Every day? Every /second/." He shudders again. "Why are any of you /sane?"
<Kioku> "Like I said, I guess we filter it out. Only really pay attention to changes, things becoming different rather than constant." Akemi puts a hand on Conn's knee. "Can I try again? Only, do something not so… overwhelming? Please?"
<Kioku> \I really want him to know how this is, that it can be a good thing…<Kadmus> Conn takes a few more deep breaths, then lifts his head from his knees. "Alright. We will try again, if you like." He shrugs. "I will stay on the floor, though. And please try to… not be so intense." He nods.
<Kioku> Akemi nods and retracts her hand, smiling reassuringly. Her, not intense? She's a pretty intense girl, but she can be gentle too. Like before, the world distorts. Unlike before, a new sense isn't added. Not until Akemi puts her hand back on Conn's knee again. It's only that, that's the only touch she makes him feel rather than everything, but if you have to learn about this sense from someone, she's got the nicest touch of anyone around.
<Kadmus> He flinches back, scrambling across the mats. "Putain!" He forces himself to a stop. "That… that was easier." He slowly crawls back towards Akemi, and she can see he's still shaking. "We… we can try again, if you want." He braces himself, eyes closed.
<Kioku> Akemi keeps her hand held out. "It's okay. Right now, I'm the only thing that you'll feel. Just pat my shoulder or take my hand, ease into it, don't do more than you're ready for." \He'd better not take that the wrong way.<Kadmus> Conn slowly, ever so slowly, reaches out a single, trembling finger, inching it across the gap between them. He pauses for a long moment, fingertip hovering just above Akemi's hand, before he takes a deep breath and touches his finger to her skin. He instantly yanks his hand back as though he just thrust it into a fire.
<Kadmus> After a few moments of staring at his finger he switches his vision back to Akemi and reaches out again, resting his finger on her hand, taking deep, shuddering breaths as he tries to resist the urge to flee.
<Kioku> Akemi smiles and giggles. "Not quite the same as pain, is it? It's okay. I know it's new, but it doesn't hurt, right? It's something you could like. And it's good to know that this is what others feel, when you touch them too. If nothing else, remember that, it'll help you empathize, connect with people."
<Kadmus> He shudders. "Not sure I like it." He's staring at the point where his finger is pressed against Akemi's hand. "It's… wrong. It doesn't make /sense/." He still hasn't moved his finger. "Like… like when someone has been set on fire. The singing of wind against exposed nerve endings. All scrambled and confused." He sounds distant, dazed.
<Kadmus> "Don't know whether this is… it sounds stupid. I don't think this will help, not like this. It's just a… a strange version of pain." His eyes haven't wavered from the point of connection. "But… I think I can see, sort of? I'm not making sense, I know."
<Kioku> Akemi shakes her head. "Nnm, it makes sense. You have something new, so you have to compare it to what you know. It's okay. It's just the same I think, for people born deaf, who have never heard a sound in their life, and can suddenly hear. Or someone born blind, who doesn't know what light is like, and gets a surgery or transplant to see. Maybe this is more unusual than either of those cases, but that's okay." Akemi slowly reaches her other
<Kioku> hand toward Conn's, keeping her gaze fixed on his eyes all the while and letting her presence go just a bit more free, encouraging calm and trust through it.
<Kadmus> Conn's eyes are fixed on the approaching hand, shaking all over, but letting Akemi touch him. He starts hyperventilating, eyes wide, but manages not to pull away, despite his trembling intensifying.
<Kioku> Akemi slowly, gently sets a finger to the back of Conrad's hand, the same spot where he's touching hers.
<Kadmus> He shudders violently but doesn't quite jerk away as Akemi makes contact with him. "I… I feel sick. I think…" He can't take it any more, and snatches his hands away, holding them as far away from Akemi as he can. "Sorry, I had to stop. Sorry. It's just… It's so much to take in." He looks away from her, still shaking.
<Kioku> Akemi drops the sense-replacement illusion and pats him on the leg again with no feeling to it again, like he's used to, nodding. "That's alright. Don't be sorry for feeling that way about something strange and new."
<Kadmus> Conn lets out a sigh of relief as sensation leaves him. "That was… interesting. Not sure if it was… good. But interesting." He's still shuddering, taking deep, calming breaths. "Did you… did you get what you were after?"
<Kioku> "What I was… after?" Akemi leans in a bit. "I wasn't after anything. I just wanted to give you that experience." \And find out how you'd react to it.\ "I suppose I did get to find out whether I'd be able to introduce a new sense that someone's never known to them that way, though… I've never tried adding extra senses before, after all."
<Kioku> "What I hope really, is that /you/ got something out of it."
<Kadmus> He nods. "Well, I certainly learned… something, weh." He tilts his head. "So could you add senses that humans don't have? Comme infrared vision? Or bioelectric senses, like electric eels?"
<Kioku> "Well, I would have to understand it. I can only really craft an illusion that I know, that I've experienced or can imagine. And something totally made up from imagination might have noticable flaws, things that don't add up. It's hard to cover everything about something. But maybe? It would all be in an imaginary setting, I couldn't feed a sense that I myself can't… well… you get the idea."
<Kadmus> He chuckles and gestures at himself. "Weh, I think I understand the idea of a sense you can't understand." He nods. "This was definitely informative, if nothing else. Given me a lot to think about."
<Kioku> "Believe it or not, you've made me consider a few things too… I should try to expereince as much as I can not just for myself, but to share too." Akemi grins brightly, practically lighting up the room with that alone. "Tell me if you want to try it again some time~!"
<Kadmus> Conn shrugs uneasily. "Maybe. Not for a while, though. It's… it's a lot to take in, tu sais? A lot to process." He's managed to stop shaking now.
<Kioku> Akemi nods and stands, holding out a hand - one the memory of feeling is still very, /very/ fresh from - to help Conn up. "However long it takes, to be comfortable. Whether never or forever."
<Kadmus> He reaches out an uneasy hand, grasping hers in a too-tight grip, and allows her to help him to his feet. He nods to her. "Will take a while, I think. But I will let you know."
<Kioku> Akemi winces slightly at the grip, and slips her hand away once he's up. "I'll look forward to it then." She takes a few steps back, and starts putting away the floor mats.
<Kadmus> Conn assists the girl in clearing away the mats, then goes back to working out, giving her a wave goodbye.
<Kioku> -Scene Explored-

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