How To Work Out

<Kioku> Once again in the gym, an Akemi hangs in the air. Wait, what? Oh, she's on the rings! And bending at really improbable angles. Turns out being a spirit in a body you had to form with your own self image has its perks in terms of emulating contortionists. In any case, she seems happy, and she's smart enough to /not/ wear a skirt for this! Keep watch, because it's one of the only times you'll see her outside of the dorms wearing shorts instead.
<Nemi> Madeline's slept in and thus needs to really make up for things on this upper body day. So having done her run to warm up outside, she's heading on into the gym with gymclothes on to get started! She's up on the hanging bar to do slow, controlled (and thus extremely difficult) pullups. And at the crest of her third rep she finally notices Akemi. And looking miffed at the bendiness.
<Nemi> Madeline's practiced a TON and she's fairly sure that's impossible, but.. ".. Hii? Hrf.." And she starts descending again.
<Kioku> Akemi waves with her foot. "Hey, Mads!" \How many of those is she going to do? It looks way harder than pulling yourself through a window or up onto a balcony…<Nemi> Rep seven before response. "Whatcha doing up there?" Rep eight. "Do spirits need to work out even?" Madeline's got a look of determination on her face as she ever does. Her hair's in a ponytail for once, keeping it neatly out of the way despite its crazy length.
<Kioku> "I don't actually know if I need to! But I think it helps!" It helps keep her in the right mindset, at least. "And it's fun! Even if I usually don't go very long because I get lonely…" \Guess the word is officially out about what I am. It was only a matter of time after everything with the shrine…\ Akemi swings around, hooking her feet through the rings and hanging, then lets go and drops to the floor, springing off of her hands to come
<Kioku> upright.
<Nemi> "I'd clap cuz that was really slick but" Hrrf. Up. She nods her head to the bar and makes a goofy smile. "Sooo it's like, less working out and more morale building or something? I can get that-" Down. Up. How many is that now? Fifteen?
<Kioku> "Thanks~ I guess you could look at it like that, yeah!" Akemi nods, grinning. "But like I said, I really don't know. I think I just get to a point and stay there unless I keep trying to improve." Fast as the grin came, it morphs into a contemplative frown. She walks toward Mads and the bar, glancing up at her.
<Nemi> Madeline peeks on down as she keeps at it. 20.. "That makes sense though that if effort's as important as actually /doing/
hnn— are you okay?"
<Kioku> Akemi's eyes have widened by this point. \How long is she going to keep that up?!\ "Y-yeah. I'm good, just…" \Wendy might be able to keep up with that. Maybe. She seems more toned for explosive motion though, not something sustained like that. I don't think I know anyone else that'd even have a chance though!\ "You… you must have put in a lot of both effort /and/ doing though. I mean…" She blinks, eyes still wide as if going 'just wow.'
<Nemi> "Oh! Um, thanks!" Madeline smiles goofily. 25.. "I like, before I got here I did .. basketball and baseball and that's not counting just doing stuff for fun and I work out a /ton/ and erm I used to be a little bit bigger too and I've apparently retained the proportional strength regardless but it needs maintenance so whatever anyway.." 30..
<Kioku> Akemi tilts her head. Bigger? Oh. Right, shapechanger. That /would/ make it easier to improve muscle density, wouldn't it? Still, she's putting in the work rather than just shifting herself to be stronger, so it remains impressive. \If she's capable of such fine tuning, that is. I don't know, I only saw the time with the girl scouts…\ She hums. "I've been running - parkour really - for a long time, so I think most of my athletic strengths
<Kioku> are built around that. Well, that and dancing, and doing whatever it takes to keep as flexible as possible." And knife throwing, but that's beside the point. "Still run every day, but the forest and this little town just… aren't the same as a big city."
<Nemi> 35.. "Uuuugh I /know/-" Madeline really shows no sign of stopping. "I loved hiking, like, wilderness stuff too, and I woulda done parkour if like, I wasn't afraid of breaking my neck but I'd probably be really good at it too since I spent a ton of time in the gym with like, doing jumping tricks and stuff, like all the parkour skills with less concrete-" Huff. 37. ".. so yeah I know that
<Nemi> feeling plus no real sports teams or anything like I'm trying to get people to do volleyball or something at least but nothing."
<Kioku> "You should join me some time! I run every day before dawn, so if you're ever up around then~" Akemi is back to smiling, her tone a little flirty - but that could just be her being herself. "… How are you even…" Akemi jumps up, shimmering a bit and going a good bit higher than she should be able to, grabbing the bar and using it to propel herself up so that she lands with her feet on said bar, balancing in a crouch and /staring/ at Mads'
<Kioku> hands. "How do you keep going?!"
<Nemi> "Cuz I have DETERMINATION! Also I have lots of upperbody strength for like, my size" Madeline peers way up at Akemi, possibly a little envious- nevermind that she's done some crazy acrobatics herself, such as the .. Aftershow events when she went to Philly with Kat.. ".. so it's not actually as hard as it should really be so I just do it for endurance really." 40. "Why?"
<Kioku> "It's just… I don't think I could keep doing that for half as long. I didn't know anyone could! Are you speeding up the muscle reconstruction or morphing out the lactic acid buildup or something?"
<Nemi> "Um.. I actually dunno," Madeline replies, albeit a little lamely. "Like I've never had to think too much about it like.. My power was always sort of like, flexing a muscle? And like, I guess it works unconsciously too so .. bleh, I don't know. I'm probably just cheaty." 45. And done. She gently lowers herself down then drops the last two feet to the floor.
<Kioku> Akemi hooks her knees around the bar and drops to look at Mads upside-down, hair flipping with the change in orientation. "Well you should think about it! It's not cheaty if you're just being you! There's no shame in using all that you're naturally capable of, or wanting to understand it~"
<Nemi> ".. yeah, I guess so. But like, I've been really.. Not happy about having my powers, like, at all for a super long time so.. beh. There's a lot I should be happy for with them though." Madeline reaches with a hand to her left palm, and a full pink Nalgene water bottle emerges, apparently from a shimmering iridescent field in her palm. She drinks deep. Phew.
<Kioku> Akemi raises an eyebrow. Well, that's different! \Shifting other things, maybe condensing moisture that way? That wouldn't explain the bottle though. Or an artifact that gives her a hammerspace pocket? Could be, could be. Worry about it later, maybe she'll bring it up~\ "I'm… sorry…" She offers a hug - granted, her position isn't the best for that, but it could kinda be made to work. "Want to talk about it? I'll lend a friendly ear any
<Kioku> time~ Especially if you have any tips to build that kind of stamina!"
<Nemi> Madeline is totally okay with the upside-down hug. It's awkward, sure, but she seemed to need it. ".. thanks, and it's totally okay it's like.. I dunno. I don't /like/ being a shapeshifter I just like. I wanna be /me/, but.. bleh, it's dumb. Um. I can totally teach you stamina stuff though, if you want!"
<Kioku> "You /are/ you. No matter what you look like. And you don't have to change if you don't want to, right?" Akemi squeezes before she lets go. "Just think about how you can help yourself be who you want to be, maybe don't focus on the parts you don't like about it. I don't know, I obviously haven't faced the same sort of thing…" \I mean I /could/ use illusion to change how I look, but… nah~\ "I'd appreciate the lesson though, in any case~
<Kioku> Even if nothing else, at the very least it'd be healthy and active and /not alone/."
<Nemi> "I.. I know, I know, but like.. I just wanna be /me/, not some kind of mishmash since it's.." The hypocrisy burns. She slumps back against the wall the bar was set against. ".. okay. Yeah. Um. Endurance in general's built by doing lots and lots of repetitions, not high weight. I'd say um, if you run a ton and do parkour you've got a lot of it for /cardio/, but you'll need to like, /lift/
<Nemi> for endurance in um, strength related things."
<Kioku> Akemi hums and nods, finally dropping down from the bar and twisting to land. Catlike. "I /do/ tend to switch things up a bit too much, even when running… I can see that. The only thing I really lift much is myself." And she /usually/ doesn't cheat by partially going native to reduce weight.
<Nemi> "Yeah um, the best thing to do is often bodyweight stuff.. Like what I was doing, for example, but you can do squats and lunges without needing um, equipment too. Which since it's bodyweight isn't like, /hard/, but it'll burn pretty fast too when you do enough of them!"
<Nemi> ".. Want me to demonstrate?" Madeline's watching Akemi's movements carefully.
<Kioku> "Sure! I'll try to join you if I can get the hang of it." Akemi nods, she's already stretched and most of her body weight stuff is, well, climbing. Used to be walls and roofs, now it's… trees, for the most part.
<Nemi> "Okay, so.. This'll be a lot harder than just like, climbing or running and jumping and stuff, since you're deliberately um, targeting things.. We'll start with lunging squats, okay?" She steps away from the bar and takes a breath and.. It's rather akin to taking very long strides, making much care to stretch the hamstrings with each motion. It seems easy enough, but by the time Madeline's
<Nemi> halfway across the gym she's wincing a little.
<Kioku> After the first few, Akemi starts trying to imitate Mads, staying two steps behind her. The effort involved is surprising, no matter that she should have expected it.
<Nemi> Long strides into a lunge, leaving the following leg- still with teos and heel on the floor- to hang far back? It's.. /Tough/. Very tough. Nonetheless, before too long, they're back to the bar. Madeline kicks one knee up and wiggles her leg out. ".. and that's really good for say, moving around. Um. Core stuff.. Crunches, inverted crunches, all those are really good. Um. Secondary bonus
<Nemi> is that a really strong core means you can take punches better, too. Not that you wanna, I mean, but it's.. I think it'd relevant given um, some of the extracurricular stuff we do!"
<Kioku> Akemi winces and stretches, but she's definitely into it! "Heh! Very relevant. Inverted crunches? Are those like… situps while hanging? Or more like stretching backward?"
<Nemi> "Situps while hanging! They're pretty easy but, I figure I'll show anyway.. And again the important thing is to like, take it slow and controlled." Madeline returns to the bar and grasps hold. And with a quick pull up to a — she's doing a handstand on the bar- lowers herself to hook it with her knees. So she's upside down, much as Akemi was not long before! Her hair trails well down
<Nemi> below her. Madeline gives a goofy grin before crossing her arms about her chest and.. Well, doing crunches. While hanging upside down. Full extension too.
<Kioku> Akemi hops up to hang on the bar as Mads does. She knows this one! She just hasn't repeated it all that much in the last few years. She cringes a bit because of the lunges just before, but this is a familiar motion, so it shouldn't be as bad, right? … Turns out repeating it is yeah, it gets hard to keep up with after a while.
<Nemi> "Aaand
" Mads is chatting away as she does it. Is this girl made of iron or something? "— aaand that's like the biggest things I can think of, the rest like, bodyweight squats and pushups and stuff are all pretty basic.. But like add these to your routine and you'll get TUFF."
<Kioku> "I think," Akemi breathes with some difficulty, "I shall need to start slow. And with a partner, so that I can stay focused. I can never keep up with one activity for long without company. But…" She twists to hug Mads, easier this time since they're /both/ upside-down! "Thank you~!"
<Nemi> Madelin beams and hugs her right back. "Sure! Anytime! And yeah it's easier with a partner, um.. How about this I usually have gymtime like, every day with a rest day on the weekends so like, we couldd o it together maybe?"
<Kioku> \My days are getting /sooo/ full!\ "Okay! I'd like that~ I'll try to keep up, but I hope it's okay if I end up coming every other day to rest and recover, rather than every day? I hear that /too much/ exercise can hurt more than help, and I know I'm not on your level with this kind of thing. Maybe you could run with me on off-days, so we still visit?" \I can't afford to stop running… it's been too vital of a life skill for too long.<Nemi> Madeline nods and neatly dismounts from the bar with a languid stretch of the legs and everything. "It's why I vary usually, upper body one day, legs the other, so they can rest, but cardio every day is alays good! I'll be happy to run with you!'
<Kioku> Akemi grins and half slides, half tumbles down. "Great! Hope it won't be getting you up too early~ I used to run alone, then Malissa started joining me a lot of the time. I haven't seen her nearly as much lately, though, so chances of additional company are… fairly low. Unless I can convince Suzy or Ellie or Zita or someone to come along~"
<Nemi> "Iiiiii don't know who any of those but Zita are!" Madeline fidgets a little. "Anyway I'm good with whatever I get up super early anyway just um like let me know when okay?"
<Kioku> "Kay~ I'll introduce you to them some time, if you like, but yeah! I'll be in the kitchen right after I get up to make breakfast and lunch for the day, and usually try to time the /end/ of my runs with sunrise. So it varies a little, but I'm sure we'll work things out!"
<Nemi> "Cool! Sounds good to me, I'll um.. Oh, do you have a phone you can add me that way texting is super easy!"
<Kioku> Akemi nods a couple times and moves carefully to her satchel, sitting against the wall. "Here. I… still don't really know how to use it very well, only got it a couple weeks ago… Oh- I'll switch the interface to English." She offers the phone to Mads after a bit of fiddling with settings. "Sorry if I'm slow to reply."
<Nemi> "Okay no problem— Madeline deftly goes to contacts, makes a new entry with her name, then her number, and hands it back. Fast!
<Kioku> Akemi bounces in place and puts it away. "Great! Expect around 4:30 or 5 am, okay?"
<Nemi> "Oof, that IS early.. Okay! I can do that! I don't really stay up super late anyway. I'll see you then, then! And Iiiii.. Have more stuff to do here so I'mma go get busy with that.."
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and nods. "Maybe I'll watch, see if I can pick up something more and keep you company~ It's /absurd/ how you seem to keep on going!"
<Nemi> "Haaa okay! And.. Yeah thanks, it's um, I'm proud a little of all the effort so.. Thanks." Madeline reddens a little. ANd then it's over to the free weights for some CURLS. Then SQUATS. Then.. So on so on.
<Nemi> ~Scene well worked out!~

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