Being True to Oneself

<Kioku> Akemi is, as she often ends up doing, snuggling Zita at the other girl's request. She's so demanding when it comes to fluffy tails! And speaking of which… "I have to ask," she murmurs, breaking the silence. "Why /do/ you spend so much of your time this way? I'd have thought with the whole world out there to explore, that…"
<Silvors> Zita snuggles her, err, Akemi's tails! The tails were just so fluffy, how could she resist demanding daily tail snuggles? Really, it's Akemi's fault. "What d'you mean?" Zita didn't really understand the question, so she just snuggled her armful of Akemi tails and looked at whatever was playing on TV.
<Kioku> Akemi hums. "I just wonder what makes this so worth it to you. I get that they're fluffy and cuddly and nice, and you'd probably spend all day just snuggling them if you had your own for it~" She giggles and nuzzles Zita's cheek. "But I'd think you'd rather spend your time doing other things…"
<Silvors> Zita shrugs, before nuzzling into one of the tails and thinking for a moment. "They are super fluffy, but I could cuddle anyone!" Zita agrees, before thinking for a moment and chirping, "I think it's more of an excuse! The best excuse ever." Zita decides, her eyes glued to the TV as she wraps up around the tail she currently deemed 'the snuggle tail'.
<Kioku> "An excuse for what?" Akemi blinks a couple times. "To spend your time being a snuggly Zita?" She leans over to boop the girl's ear. With her nose.
<Silvors> "N-No! T-To spend time wi-" Then came the nose boop and Zita's cheeks flared up to a red color. The girl just wrapped her legs and arms around the tail in front of her even tighter. "Wi-w-with pe-peo-p-ple I li-l-like."
<Kioku> "Mmm~? You like me that much~?" Akemi grins and kisses Zita's cheek. "I like spending time with you too~! I guess I'm not surprised, since you yourself said you don't mind letting me inside you, or having us sleep together~" Oh no, she's gone full tease mode.
<Silvors> Zita's whole face turns red and she just shifting her arms and legs around the tail, before trying to stuff her face in it and disappear. "Yomekawhhhy." She gibbers out, trying to hide her face and watch the TV. Stupid tease-y Akemi! Zita shakes her now bright red head into the tail.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and shifts up to wrap her legs and arms around Zita from behind, holding her close and pressing into her back while nuzzling the top of her head with her cheek. "What was that~? Time with me is the best possible way you could spend it~? I'm flattered!"
<Silvors> Zita eeped at the arm and leg hug, clinging tighter to the tail and protesting Akemi's assumption with a "Mewfupp!" Which wasn't even close to being actual words, she just clinged tighter and tighter to the tail, trying to shove away her growing embarrassment. The bright red blush had, at this point, extended from just her face to her whole head, including her ears and it was making its way down her neck.
<Kioku> "Careful now, if you keep that up you might end up just hugging yourself!" \I can only trick your body into limiting its pressure so much.\ "Aren't I so much nicer for that~?"
<Silvors> Zita clung even tighter to the tail! If only to protest Akemi! "Nuffle!" She protests, trying to shove her face into it as hard as she can, to escape this dastardly, teasing Akemi!
<Kioku> And by that point, the tactile illusion fails to keep up with Zita, pressure suddenly disappearing and the tail feeling more like fuzzy, pleasantly tingling smoke in consistency, with only the ghost of its shape and substance, no longer able to try to make Zita restrain herself. With a twitch, Akemi flicks it away, along with all the rest, letting them lay like a blanket on her legs that curls around from behind them. She sighs. "Told you~"
<Silvors> Zita shudders happily at the sudden pleasant feeling that comes from being inside the tails! and once that disappears she shakes her head and snaps out of her brain mushy state, it being instantly replaced by a dissatisfaction! "My t-t-tail b-broke!" She points out, angrily sitting back against Akemi with a pout on her face.
<Kioku> "You squished it too hard…" Akemi murmurs. "I can only do so much with mere illusion, you know? If I didn't, all you'd get is this~" Akemi lifts a tail and puts it through Zita's arm, occupying the same space.
<Silvors> "Just make it not an illusion then! Tessa has teeth and Willy has wings! Just make it not an illusion!" Zita says that as if it's as simple as flipping a switch. "Then there'll be like… super cuddles!"
<Kioku> Akemi blinks, then smiles slightly. "They already /aren't/ one, they're part of me for real. It's just… I'm using a humanform body. They're part of me, but they're not part of that. Be glad that the spirit versions are as tangible as they are~!" She boops Zita on the nose with the tip of the tail that's through her arm, sending a jolt of ~the tingles~ through her before slipping the tail away and out to rest with the others.
<Silvors> Zita does indeed tingle at that! A visible shiver traveling down her body before she shakes her head. "Well just don't be human! I'm giving you permission to not be human anymore and still get snuggles!" Zita announces, before turning around to straddle Akemi and give the girl a hug. "Besides! A human can't go inside me!" Zita says, before her eyes go wide and she waves her arms around, "L-Li-l-like y-y-you di-did!
<Silvors> I-I-Ime-whaImtr-Imean-like-" The blush was back.
<Kioku> Akemi rolls her eyes and giggles at Zita self-flustering. "I'm already not human and I know it, silly~ I don't need permission for that, to be what I am." She squeezes the girl, knowing she didn't mean harm with the 'permission' bit even though from somoene else, she might have easily taken offense at it.
<Silvors> "Well then make them be all full snuggle tails! You've been holding out on me!" Zita says, crossing her arms and pouting, a light-hearted glare pointed at Akemi. "I wanna snuggle your real tails right now! O-Or… or else I'm gonna be really upset!" Akemi could tell through Zita's emotions that she was being needy, not upset. She just really wanted full tail snuggles!
<Kioku> Akemi frowns a little. "Zita, it… it doesn't work that way. I'm not a shapeshifter or anything, I can't incorporate non-human appendages into this body just because they're a part of me or my real form. Not any more than I can become a physical fox."
<Silvors> Zita was, at this point, a mix of embarrassed, curious, and confused and that was very clearly shown on her face. "S-So… are you a fox or not? Because this is you!" Zita says, before giving a peck to Akemi's nose, "And you have real fox tails right? So why don't you get your real fox tails and just… have them?"
<Kioku> Akemi blinks a couple times. "I guess I'm… both? Sort of? I don't really /think/ of myself as a fox or anything, and I don't think I act like one. My instincts are more… something else entirely." And exactly those of her kind as a whole, not completely. Not that she knows that for sure, her powers beyond the norm for her race has altered her rather drastically. "A-anyway… this is only… most of me. You know I have to hide myself for
<Kioku> the most part so that people won't…" she blushes a little, thinking of the typical reaction and symptoms of 'Akemi exposure.' "A-anyway, that's just something I have to hide too. And I've lived without it my whole life… I don't think I could make them physical if I tried."
<Silvors> "But I haven't! I know that I felt your real, physical tails one time! So we're gonna go and you're gonna make your tails real and then I'm gonna snuggle them!" Zita was, at this point, more determined than anything else. She was going to snuggle actual Akemi tails, damn it! "Even if we have to go to a forest to make you feel all foxy!"
<Kioku> "Zita, that won't-" Akemi cuts herself off and sighs, shaking her head. "It's not a matter of 'feeling foxy' or anything. I've made for myself a /human/ body, not a 'perfect reflection of myself' body." And she can't make herself look like anything other than what she truly believes of herself anyway. She doesn't believe her tails are part of her physical body, so they aren't. Akemi just wraps up Zita in tails, getting the tactile illusion
<Kioku> back over them again, hoping it'll satisfy her.
<Silvors> Zita was not satisfied with the response she got, but she still hugged Akemi and nuzzled into her. "But think of how awesome the snuggles could be Akemi! Plus you said you made your body! So just update your body to have tails!" Alright, that last comment was totally Aiko and Ellie's fault for introducing Zita to games. "If you do, then, um, I'll give you all the kisses you want to your face! But not your lips!" Because lip
<Silvors> kisses are cheaty.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles. Well, it's a thought… she 'updates' her body for aging, doesn't she? But that happens naturally, she knows she's always aged, and has had this body at least since she was eleven, but probably longer, probably her whole life… it's natural to keep aging, at least for a while longer, to think of herself that way. But looking like she does when she lets go? "Maybe I've spent too much time suppressing myself," she murmurs. "So
<Kioku> much for so long that I've started to really think that way…" It… should be possible, maybe. Right? Zita /has/ got a point, after all, maybe she just needs to… really focus on who she is. Think of her body taking that on. And as she does, she does start to become just a little more lithe, a little more appealing if that were even possible. No tails yet though.
<Silvors> Zita stays there, hugging Akemi and waiting to see if any actual tails suddenly, magically pop up! Because the snuggles would be so worth it! Plus she could rub it in Suzy's face if she ever really needed to, which made the girl random let out a few giggles. "I wanna see you let loose one day!" That meant Akemi like fought a ton of people and turned into a badass, right? Well, that's what Zita assumes it means!
<Kioku> Akemi keeps trying, focusing for a few minutes, then sighs, opening her eyes and shaking her head. "I don't think I can, not like this. Not in a fully formed body already…" She bites her lip cutely and hums, bringing her face a little too close to Zita's neck. "Then again… maybe I need to re-form without one. You wouldn't mind, right~? Having me inside you again for a few moments~?" Why. Why must she say it like that?
<Silvors> Zita pouts at the comment about not being able to, then her eyes light up in a smile at Akemi saying 'then again', then the smile turns Zita's hold head bright red and she fidgets nervously, "Imeuhyoudolinobuyeahkinda" She mumbles out before pouting at Akemi, the pout shifting into a smile. "Juumimeaokyea."
<Kioku> "I'll take that as a yes," the kitsune purrs, kissing Zita lightly on the neck and then slipping into her. It's like the tail passing through her, except everywhere, and several times better! Akemi's giggles echo through Zita's mind once she's inside, and the sensation of a nuzzle of sorts comes through too. ~I wonder if you're any more coherent in here? Is it just your words that get jumbled up, or your thoughts too~?~
<Silvors> Zita would've been absolutely mortified by the neck kiss, but just as that happens she's filled with the pleasure that comes from Akemi's possession. The girl immediately falls forward from the lack of Akemi seating and lays on the couch. Inside her mind? The thoughts are just as mushy and incomplete, though they have themes that hint at their meaning. ~Akeisthowhybunii~ which, judging by the imagery and emotions, apparently
<Silvors> translates to 'Akemi is in my thoughts? It feels nice' and then there's the fact that Zita's scrambling to hide some thoughts with moderate success, probably not if Akemi pries though.
<Kioku> It's okay, Akemi can only get thoughts that are meant for her! ~Of course it feels nice~ Akemi purrs and nuzzles Zita's mind, wrapping her in fog just a little. ~How else could I possibly feel? But we can explore that later, you know~ With a mental kiss and no more preamble, Akemi focuses herself, her thoughts of her true form, her desire to really be herself instead of hiding as a human, and jumps out.
<Silvors> Zita shivers at the mental kiss, a pleasant, happy shiver, and then the fox girl jumps out. Zita, for her part, was currently a mushball on the couch, curled up and blushing to the point that her entire face was a bright scarlet, her ears practically glowed with embarrassment, and she was letting out soft little noises. "Kemkemi." She mews after she feels Akemi disappear.
<Kioku> As Akemi shifts from the silver fox into her humanoid form after exiting, it's… a little different. Like she isn't changing quite so much. Beautiful white tails bloom behind her, and she's lucky to be a seamstress, because she might need to alter a few clothes to accomidate them comfortably, unlike before. Then again, with how she quickly and instinctively shifts herself, that might not be necessary now either. It's with wide eyes that she
<Kioku> looks down and to the side at one of the new appendages, finally feeling their weight and more than a half-real sense of the air on them. "Z-Zita?" She blinks a few times, unable to tear her gaze away to look at the girl she's addressing. "I… I think we did it."
<Silvors> Zita scoots to look and she opens her arms, "Mwiwine." She says, not really able to form sentences and barely able to form a single word as she keeps her arms outstretched to take a real, genuine, 100% true, non-imaginary, Akemi tail. "Wewee gosttsa-" Zita couldn't finish, she was too busy outstretching her arms with a wide, happy smile, staring at the tails and blushing harder than anyone has in human history.
<Kioku> Akemi shifts her hips and brings a couple tails up, petting them herself and closing her eyes. "Mmm…" she purrs before letting another go forward to brush Zita's face with the tip. She steps forward to nab-cuddle Zita again and give her what she's been looking for. For some reason, she feels… better like this, like suppressing her presence isn't as uncomfortable or taxing as it usually is, even though she's pushing it down as much as she can
<Kioku> like usual, a fair bit more than she was able to with her tails out before. \This is… going to take so much getting used to. I bet I can hide them again the same way too, since I know I have before… I'm myself with or without this part of me showing, right? But I think I'd very much like to let it be here most of the time…<Silvors> Zita giggles at the nab cuddle! She wraps her arms around Akemi's chest and her legs around Akemi's waist, happily nuzzling into the girl and letting out a happy giggle. Zita's face was hot from all the blood in it, but Zita was hardly woozy at all, much too happy about the sudden tails. "Bwewest Kemkemi." The girl manages happily, kissing Akemi's cheek and giggling and then nuzzling where she kissed.
<Kioku> Akemi makes happy sounds and kisses Zita's cheek right back, snuggling her and blanketing tails over her to /actually trap heat/ finally. It's nice not to have to keep a sliver of focus on making sure she can feel them, really nice. \I feel… so much more complete. Wow.\ "Yup~ Aren't I the best~?"
<Silvors> Zita nods her head into Akemi. Then she giggles and gives Akemi another cheek kiss. "Mhmhmhmmm!" She agrees before bursting into giggles and hugging Akemi tighter. "Niwcececest." She says, resting her cheek against Akemi's.
<Kioku> Akemi purrs and rubs Zita's back. If she's the nicest feeling, she'd better make sure Zita keeps on thinking that~
<Silvors> The back rubs makes Zita stretch her back and lean forward, letting out a little noise and then hugging Akemi. "H-H-he-h-hey Ak-k-k-kemi?" Zita begins, nuzzling into her friend's shoulder. "I-I'm really g-glad that y-y-you're my bestestest fr-friend."
<Kioku> "I'm glad too~ Don't let anyone replace me, okay?" Akemi keeps rubbing and makes sure to hold the Zita close and keep her comfortable. She pokes a tail through the girl's chest from the back just to make sure she still can, and smiles wider. Changing the default state didn't change her ability to make them intangible, just like she can with the rest of her body as-needed. A favorable outcome indeed.
<Silvors> Zita nods her head, kissing Akemi's shoulder and giggling happily. "Y-You know I-I-I c-can't! Som-somsom-some k-kinda emo-em-motion p-ererperson y-you are!" She says happily, shaking Akemi a little and giggling. "A-And y-you can't le-let m-me be repl-pl-placed either!"
<Kioku> "Mhmm~!" Akemi nuzzles Zita and kisses just above her ear. "Don't worry, I won't!"
<Silvors> "G-good." Zita mews, a bit shyly and nervously before she gives Akemi a quick kiss on the ear, "I-Im-I me-mean g-g-good! Th-that's h-how it sh-should b-b-be!" She says, trying her best to say it super proudly and bravely, before bursting into giggles and nuzzling her nose into Akemi's neck.
<Kioku> Akemi squeezes Zita and wiggles. "That's right~" She giggles at the nuzzles. "Now the real question is whether you like it better when I'm out here, or in there~"
<Silvors> Zita thinks for a moment, on one hand this Akemi felt awesome, but the other felt really nice… then the answer pops into her head! "I d-don't c-ca-care! A-As lo-long as i-it's Ak-k-kemi a-and n-nobody e-else." Zita felt really happy with that answer, so much that she actually started to feel even happier!
<Kioku> Akemi closes her eyes happily and whispers in a very pleased tone, "good answer~" She even lets herself go a little to get more comfortable, since she's sure Zita won't mind. It's still less than she had to before to let her tails out, and she never minded that, right?
<Silvors> Zita doesn't she just keeps nuzzling and cuddling and giggling, pausing to lean forward and put her lips right next to Akemi's ear, "Wh-Why are w-we whispering?" She whispers back, before giving a quick peck right next to Akemi's ear and going back to nuzzling the girl's neck.
<Kioku> "Because we're so close, silly~ Any louder and it might hurt our ears~" Akemi giggles at that. There doesn't need to be any other reason, right?
<Silvors> "Well I think it sounded re-really nice. W-We should whisper more." Zita agrees, whispering from her current pillow, which was Akemi's shoulder. She wanted to find where she could nuzzle and cuddle most comfortably but, well, it was hard to decide! So she proceeded to move her cheek against Akemi and nuzzle happily.
<Kioku> Akemi will be super comfortable to lie with no matter where Zita tries going~ And Zita deserves an extra long cuddle session today for all she's done, and the nice things she's said~
<Silvors> -Scene Tutored? or at least super snuggled!-

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