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<Kioku> A half dozen books and an Akemi sit at the most public table in the library, the girl in question trying to cross-reference as she can, and writing in a notebook every once in a while. She seems perfectly bright and content, but a very, very close look from the exceptionally strong willed will pierce the feeling she gives off and recognize that her expression doesn't match the aura. Seems she's so irritated and distracted by this, that she isn't
<Kioku> keeping herself fully suppressed like she usually does.
<Silvors> Daniel is known to explore the library rather often, though he's careful to stay from the section with the horribly scarred floor for personal reasons. As he was leaving a little reading corner he spotted Akemi, somewhere between a smile and confusion appears on his face as he walks over and sits next to her. "What's the problem?" He asks as he sits, looking from her to the books.
<Kioku> Akemi glances up and does in fact smile now, totally genuine. "Hey, Dan. No real problem, just…" she gestures to the books and rolls her eyes. "These authors. Too many words, too little substance. I've got a paper to write for finals, and everything is just getting bogged down by inefficient writing."
<Kioku> "Don't worry, I'll get it eventually. What about you, what's up?"
<Silvors> "I'm just," Daniel looks around the library, "reading." He says before looking at the paper then at her. "You're writing an essay?" He asks before looking at the pile of books and at the girl, "You know, I do pretty good in school. Maybe I can help you out?" He offered with a smile, she taught him how to make artifacts, it was the least he could do.
<Kioku> The writing in Akemi's notebook is… all in Japanese. Figures. It looks more like notes than an essay so far, though. "So do I!" \Wouldn't be in the top 10% otherwise. Then again, American work ethic.\ She gives Daniel a sly look. "That's because of hard work more than anything though. And knowing to accept help when it's offered~" And with that she nods, scooting toward him a little. Both to create a light brush of contact, and to make it
<Kioku> easier for them to read the same things.
<Silvors> Daniel moved a half inch away from her at the brush, preferring not to be shoulder to shoulder with the attractive fox girl. "So, what's your paper on?" Daniel spoke, looking at her and then to the Japanese paper, then at the books. Trying to get an idea about what her topic or subject was.
<Kioku> Two of the books are instantly recognizable to many scholars. The Iliad and The Odyssey. The rest of the books are mostly commentaries or examinations of them, or of issues that could be seen as brought up in them. Akemi just nods her head toward the stack and lets him check for himself.
<Silvors> "Alright, so, first things first, you've read them right? You can't critique or anything like that without knowing the material." That much was obvious but, you would be surprised how many people think that you can skip reading it or replace reading it by watching a movie based on it.
<Kioku> Akemi nods. "Mhmm. Started the first week of the class. Really glad I did too, those were… a bit of a pain."
<Silvors> "Okay, so did you pay attention? Read every word carefully so that you would remember it? You can't just skim over something and hope to retain all the information." He wanted to add a 'well, most of the time' at the end there but, opted against it. Teaching slacking wasn't part of this.
<Kioku> "Twice," Akemi deadpans. Weird. "I read the entire things twice. The problem is more, the commentaries…"
<Silvors> "What's the problem with them?" Daniel asked, picking one up and flipping through it, not really reading, just turning the pages quickly.
<Kioku> "They don't… I don't know, they can't seem to stay on topic. Or they don't talk about what I'm looking for. Maybe a sentence here or there, but nothing I can make relate."
<Silvors> "Most of them are using this book to dig into it, searching for meanings or exploring concepts. Of course, for everyone has a different past and views so, it would make sense for it to be different than yours." Daniel speaks, handing the Illiad to Akemi. "So, what's your report on? The stories? The concepts?" He speaks before continuing, "Find that, read through the book, and write down any important information. I can't really
<Silvors> teach you how to memorize but, I can teach skills that will help you remember and recall." Daniel spoke, still offering her the book.
<Kioku> Akemi takes the book, glancing from Daniel to it and back. "The themes… and which of the stories might have actually happened, with our theories on how 'possible anomalies' in them were warped by the storyteller. At least we only have to cite sources for the first half."
<Silvors> "So, have you made a list of nonmundane parts of the book? Stuff that, in a world without anomalies, wouldn't have happened?" Daniel spoke, before assuming she did, Akemi was a smart girl. "If you have, then sort them. Make an outline. It'll streamline the process." Daniel spoke, grabbing the book and flipping through. "Notes are nice but, after you have notes you should make an outline so that you don't overlook anything."
<Kioku> Akemi lifts her notebook and nods to the first question. "Mm… I suppose? I haven't really used outlines before, just… kind of let the words flow as well as I could. Pretended I was talking to someone about it. And that usually goes /really/ well for me, but with something that I have to approach from this many angles… maybe you're right, I don't want to lose track and forget to include something, especially if it could become a main point!"
<Silvors> "Plus, if you have the notes grouped together it can help with remembering them. It's easier to remember the steps to baking a cake if you have them in order, right?" Daniel asked, mainly because he really wanted food, well, he always did. "If you group things together, you can sometimes think of a fact about one and remember it applies to both… like how ice and I are both cold." He adds that last part with a grin. "Or at
<Silvors> least, I find grouping helps with remembering."
<Kioku> Akemi nods again, it makes sense, and while she does keep her notes grouped already, it probably could be a little more efficient. "What about figuring out what to take note of in the first place?" Akemi asks with a tilt of her head, glaring at one of the third party books.
<Silvors> "Well, since you already have your topic, you would want to note anything that could relate." Daniel says, emphasizing the word 'could'. "It's easier to get rid of a useless fact than it is to have to reread the book to find it again. And don't be lazy about it! If one fact relates to another that relates to your topic, you might want to note it." Daniel adds with a nod.
<Kioku> Akemi gives an annoyed 'hrm,' and runs her hand over one of the books. "Anything that even could? At this rate I'm going to need to develop a shorthand for references… I guess having it all in the same place though…"
<Silvors> "Well, if you end up with too much you can mark some out and start narrowing it as you take notes. Just… stop marking less related facts. The idea is, you either want a few facts about a lot of subjects, or a lot of facts about a few subjects." Daniel spoke, looking over her notes to see just how much she had, even if he couldn't read it he could still get a general idea.
<Kioku> There are pages and pages of notes, though it's kind of hard to tell where the previous subject or assignment ends, and this one begins, going backward through the notebook. "I guess… and maybe I'd make a fun connection that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. That'd be nice."
<Silvors> "You have a lot of notes here, so we can probably skip the gathering part." Daniel spoke, personally, he though gathering the information was the easiest part. "I find it easiest to memorize stuff while I'm gathering it though, for future reference. It really helps if you find somewhere private and read it out loud. Hearing, Saying, and Reading at the same time is kind of really helpful for remembering stuff and the better you
<Silvors> remember it, the easier it is to recall it."
<Kioku> "Mhmm…" Akemi responds a little absently, taking it all in. "I've never read it back aloud, but it usually all sticks pretty well." \If I don't remember it, Asami often does.\ "Then again, it'd help me maybe, to have read it all in both languages, so just re-reading through all of my notes instead of writing them and then searching instead of reading the whole thing…"
<Silvors> "Hm." Daniel didn't know two languages so he couldn't comment on that, "Alright, so, you have your notes. There's not really a point in rereading it again just to further memorize it, your notes /should/ have everything important." Daniel spoke, slightly teasing but emphasizing the word 'should', before grabbing a piece of notebook paper and writing an 'I' then in the line below it an indented '1' then on the line below that an
<Silvors> even further indented 'a'. "I like organizing my notes like that, more specific the further indented it is."
<Kioku> "Doesn't that waste space though…?" Akemi's environmentalism is showing a little.
<Silvors> "You waste more space by throwing away scrapped paper… If you want to be eco-friendly, I guess I can let you borrow my laptop and you can type it out, that way you won't use as much paper." Daniel spoke, unable to really critique her notes. "Any left over notes that don't fit, you can just get rid of. In most cases, at least."
<Kioku> "Maybe I'll buy one…" Akemi muses. "Since I can afoord to, now. A cheap, simple one. It won't be hard to find someone willing to teach me how to use it~" She smiles, puts a hand on Dan's, and squeezes gently. "That's very kind though, if you wouldn't mind~ Thank you!"
<Silvors> "I haven't been using it right now." Plus, it wasn't like he had anything to hide. And he had a smartphone now, so researching through the internet and playing games were accomplished on that. "Alright, so, next question?"
<Kioku> Akemi frowns faintly. "I'm not sure… nothing really comes to mind. Just keeping note of seemingly minor details and cross referencing with them should make this paper a /lot/ easier on me. I hope." She turns to dart over and kiss Dan on the cheek, and gives him an odd sitting-down hug. "I appreciate this a lot! Hey, if you're here to 'just read,' would you like to stay here, read next to me? Maybe I'll think of something and want to ask you
<Kioku> about it, or maybe we can just keep each other company working on our own things~"
<Silvors> Frost appears on the boy's cheeks at the kiss and he looks over at her. "Oh, uh, sure." Daniel says, giving a slight nod. He needed something to read so, he stood and headed to the nearest bookshelf, grabbing whatever seemed to catch his eye and sitting back down next to her, frost still on his cheeks.
<Kioku> Akemi hums happily and shifts so their legs are touching once he sits again, as she goes to just work on her essay.
<Silvors> -Scene Essayed-

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