Possessing the Possessed

<Silvors> Daniel sat atop the roof, idly forming rods of ice and tossing them to the side. He had a pile of five, each of varying sizes and density. He started making another, the glowing blue, ethereal mist around his eyes shining a bit brighter whilst he formed them. He had been up here a while, a pile of a few ice hexagons marking his other endeavor at ice building. Which is really what it was.
<Kioku> The roof is one of her favorite places to just relax, so naturally Akemi is up there a lot - and coming up the stairs and through the roof door she is just this moment. She looks a little surprised for a moment to find Daniel here, but the surprise quickly transforms into a smile. Almost predatory, but not quite; distractingly flirtatious, but in a way that tells you she only intends to tease, and will back off if she must. \I wonder if he has his
<Kioku> book up here. I still have to take it if I have the chance…\ Akemi gives a small wave and starts skipping in the boy's direction.
<Silvors> Daniel finishes forming the rod and tosses it with the rest before standing and looking at the girl, confusion on his face. "Hey… Do I know you?" He decided to go ahead and ask, there wasn't a reason in postponing the question. She did look familiar and if she was on the roof he might have talked to her at some point.
<Kioku> Akemi pouts slightly. She thought she'd made more of an impression than that. "Akemi, remember~? We met when you and Brock arrived…"
<Silvors> Daniel had to take another moment to think before nodding. "Oh yeah, he was the guy with the accent." Daniel spoke before adding in, "And Claire mentioned your name last time we met. Something about a shrine too."
<Kioku> Akemi smiles again and nods, internally purring at the mention of her girlfriend. "That's right, have you seen the shrine behind the school building? That's what she would have been talking about."
<Silvors> "I think I've walked by it a couple times." Daniel spoke, thinking back to all the times he's aimlessly wandered around the school. "So, you either have a strange following or are some kind of… goddess?" The last word seemed a bit suspicious, like he suspected it to be untrue.
<Kioku> Akemi taps her lip and hums lightly, a fairly cute sound, before responding. "I wouldn't quite call myself that, but I /am/ a kami. For now. It's kind of a temporary thing, weird to explain." She giggles and hops up to sit on the roof's railing. "Though I wouldn't be surprised if there were a following too~"
<Silvors> Daniel shook his head, "Hu- I mean some people are weird… err, not you." The lich spoke leaning against the railing and closing his eyes. "So, what brings you up here?" Daniel decides to ask, deciding not to focus on the whole 'possibly a kami with a weird cult' thing.
<Kioku> "How do you mean? I'm here quite a lot. What brings /you/ up here?" Akemi grins and pokes Dan in the arm, lightly.
<Silvors> Daniel looks at the two separate piles of ice. "I decided to practice making ice stuff up here. It's a bit more secluded than the courtyard and I don't wanna flood my room." He says simply before adding, "And I come up here quite a bit to relax too."
<Silvors> "And don't poke me." He adds, lightly poking the girl's forehead.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and nabs the hand he pokes with, feigning an interest and examining it, tracing over it with her fingers in a way that feels a little tingly. "If you're sure~ And I guess I should answer properly; I just… like high places. There's not enough of them around here."
<Silvors> Daniel's hand is noticeably cold. Not frigid or anything but, noticeably colder than a living human's, a couple degrees lower than their surroundings. Daniel looked over the edge, giving a curt nod. "I guess high places are alright. I've never really cared."
<Kioku> "Mm? Ah, since…" Akemi nods in understanding. Claire's mentioned Dan's lichdom to her before, or else she'd be raising an eyebrow right about now. "Though, you've /never/ really cared?"
<Silvors> "Yeah, I mean, buildings are made to support people walking on them. Rails are made to stay there to keep you from falling. The odds of something breaking underneath me and causing me to fall after not doing it for hundreds of others?" Daniel shrugged, planes were made to fly, buildings were made to hold. In most cases, don't act dumb and you'll be fine.
<Kioku> Akemi shrugs back and nods. "Fair enough. Not all have railings, but the point stands well on its own. So no bouts of dizziness coming to topple you?" She's still giving Dan's hand attention, or at least idly playing with it.
<Silvors> "Nope. I guess it's because I lived on the fourth floor of a building when I was little? Before we moved, anyways." Daniel spoke, shrugging a little before attempting to pull his hand away from the girl.
<Kioku> Akemi feels the tug, glances up at Dan with a giggle and a wink, and lets go. "I guess that would help. I lived in a one story house, but near enough to a big city to climb its buildings, occasionally get on top of some of the really tall ones. Maybe I've come to associate that with the feeling of freedom!" She stretches and twists distractingly to look out at the courtyard, over her shoulder.
<Silvors> Daniel nods. "I don't know, maybe." He replied, "So, what do you do, anyways?" Daniel decided to ask, it was a commonish question, right? "Other than having a shrine to yourself." That last part was spoke with a hint teasing and a half smile.
<Kioku> Akemi's eyes flick back to Daniel's at the latter part. "Mmm? Do I need to prove to you that I deserve it~?" She leans toward him a little, and very faint ghostly tails that are only visible when they catch the light right can be seen swishing around behind her. She was the most beautiful girl in school before, but now there's nearly a supernatural quality in addition to that, as if subconciously encouraging anyone and everyone around to really
<Kioku> notice her more. "Why don't you tell me what you do, first, since you know that about me already~? Then I'll be sure to tell you something~" \Just try to remember to ask again!<Silvors> The lich nodded, apparently uncaring for the supernatural beauty of the girl. "I'm an immortal undead spellcaster, a lich." Daniel spoke, feeling a bit high and mighty as he said that, sure, she was a 'kami' but he didn't really care. "One for one trade. Now it's your turn." He knew about the shrine, she knew he was a lich.
<Kioku> "Lovely!" \Something I already knew, but lovely all the same. In fairness, he knew of the shrine before too, though.\ "To my knowledge, I may live as long as you; I am spirit, not human." \No matter how long I believed I was…<Silvors> "To my knowledge, I might live forever. So, good luck with that." Though, he could always die tomorrow in a freak accident involving that reaper metal. "I do magic involving ice." Daniel spoke, drawing a line of ice on the railing with his finger tip. Another thing she already knew, might as well get the easier ones out of the way.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles. "That's what I meant, after all; forever is very much a possibility." Akemi glances at the ice and shakes her head. "I know a bit of magic, I suppose; but only the sort many would deem 'dark' if we lived in some silly sort of story." Blood red symbols circle one of her hands for a few moments before vanishing.
<Silvors> Daniel seemed to grin a little, at least he wasn't the only one with 'dark' magic. "I know a bit of that as well." Daniel spoke, holding up his hand and summoning an wispy purple orb. "I also do magic involving souls." Well, he knew his second type of magic involved souls, he assumed it was his own soul, or at least he hoped.
<Kioku> Akemi raises an eyebrow now. "Most interesting. Perhaps we should work together some time and see what comes of an attempt to make those abilities a bit more… wide-spread. For example, I've learned to imbue my spells into ofuda, to provide a single use of them for friends or allies." She pulls one said object from her satchel, a plain looking paper tag, weighted at one end by a small rod through the paper scroll-style, with a single kanji
<Kioku> symbol written on the face of it.
<Silvors> Daniel pulled out a similar piece of paper, showing it to the girl and smiling. "And Claire helped you, right?" The lich replied, offering the frost ofuda for Akemi to look at. "Claire made a couple for me using some of my frost magic, a few weeks back." He pulled out another one before saying what they did, "It was back when I was rotting, all they do is lower the temperature of the surrounding area. I've only used one of them
<Silvors> but, it made this foggy smoke-screen stuff." Sadly, the lich couldn't make his own spell do that much, just lower the temperature over time but, he blamed the humidity.
<Kioku> Akemi smiles and nods. "Mm, Claire and I do that sort of thing together just about every day. I learned the basics from someone else, so it was a surprise when we found out that we both were into it too. We've made a lot of discoveries together~ So you should come see us, okay?" She giggles again and stretches back far enough to look at the courtyard upside-down. "Mmm… you want me to tell you something else now, don't you~?"
<Silvors> "Maybe later, I'm busy right now." Or at least, he didn't want to see Claire until after he finished steps 2-13 in that book… or at least copied them down somewhere. Daniel nodded, "It is your turn, and try not to fall off." The lich added before forming an ice rod, smaller shapes spreading until it began to vaguely resemble a knife.
<Kioku> "Well, some morning or another~" Akemi sits upright again. "Hmm…" She leans toward Daniel, eyeing him with consideration. "I'd kind of like to try out some of your spells… I promise you'd enjoy it~" Akemi winks. "I can step into others, inhabit or possess them. It increases their powers, and lets me share them if they let me." \And they always let me in the end~\ "I wonder what it would be like with you though, since you're not all
<Kioku> there…?"
<Silvors> "What's that supposed to mean?" The lich asked, his tone not defensive nor aggressive. "I don't know, my body is pretty important… I can't move any other way." Really, it was about ninety-nine percent of him, or what he viewed as himself. Thinking of himself as a sentient pocket watch that possess a corpse isn't exactly healthy.
<Silvors> *possesses
<Kioku> Akemi tilts her head. "I mean, I'm not totally sure what it is that I interact with, possessing someone. Is it the mind, or the 'soul'? I know it isn't the body, but I feel like yours is still 'you' enough to act as a conduit. After all, as long as I can talk to you through it, it should be the same like that, right?" She's slowly reaching her hand toward Dan, palm to his chest. "I wonder if it would be different at all, since it wouldn't be as
<Kioku> direct in that sense…"
<Silvors> Daniel didn't argue, a look of confusion being his only reaction. "How am I supposed to know? I've never possessed someone, I don't even know how I connect to my own body, other than the range." Daniel spoke looking down at the hand on his chest before giving a reluctant sigh. "Curiosity killed the cat."
<Kioku> "Well, don't you want to know? Besides~" Akemi's fox features fully manifest, very slightly altering her body at the same time so that the overall effect is more or less stunning. "I'm no cat~"
<Silvors> "Honestly, I don't think I really have a choice in the matter." Daniel spoke, looking over at her with a slightly uninterested look. "Fine, whatever. If I have to make a new body though, then you owe me." The threat not sounding completely serious.
<Kioku> Akemi frowns and pulls her hand away, looking… hurt. "Of course you have a choice! I wouldn't just do it if you don't want me to!"
<Silvors> Daniel shrugged. "It's fine." Daniel spoke, letting out a sigh. When he said curiosity killed the cat, he was referring to himself.
<Kioku> "Are… are you sure?" Akemi hops down off the rail and takes a step toward Daniel, genuinely concerned.
<Silvors> Daniel leaned forward and took a step away from the rail, if there was some sort of period where neither had control, he didn't want to be against a rail. "Yeah, I guess. Just, give it back after a minute or two."
<Kioku> Akemi looks into Daniel's eyes for a few moment, then nods. "I promise you'll like it," she whispers, and kisses him on the cheek. Then, with a silver shimmer, she loses her form and disappears into Dan's body.
<Silvors> Frost appeared on the lich's cheeks once she kissed him. Daniel felt the girl going into his body and a look of confusion appeared on his face. "Are… you in there?" Daniel asked, clenching and unclenching his fist as he looked at it. "Because, I feel the same."
<Kioku> ~Mm, I'm here.~ Akemi's giggle can be heard echoing through Dan's mind, and the pleasant tingling sensation that accompanies the girl passing through or entering someone is constant after the initial shock from her entering. Dan may feel more energy flowing through him, somewhat like his mana or soul magic, but still… different. If she stays in long, it could get addictive. ~This is what I meant about inhabiting you, enhancing your power. Is
<Kioku> it nice?~
<Silvors> The echoing in his mind threw him off a little, he hadn't expected it. "Yeah, I guess. It feels like drinking coffee, I guess." Daniel decides, walking around a little. "It's not really possession since I can control it." The lich decided to ask something that suddenly popped into his mind. "You can talk to me mentally, can I do the same back?" He decided not to ask the girl mentally, because standing in awkward silence waiting
<Silvors> for an answer that might not come wasn't a good way to make an impression.
<Kioku> ~Mm, you can. As long as I'm in here, it's an interface with your mind. Maybe with your very soul, for that matter! I don't know for sure, but I do know that the effects you're feeling aren't coming through your body's senses. Or at the very least, not just through them.~
<Silvors> "I guess we could find out by seeing if you could enter my body through my phylactery." Daniel spoke, walking towards the door, the ice stuff would melt, eventually. "Seeing as how that's more soul than this is, we can find out if it's physical or spiritual."
<Kioku> ~Mm, I'd like to know that. Or if I could exit though it, maybe… wakaranai. The reason I know it isn't physical, is because I've done this with other spirits before, ones who had no body. Now, I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I did take over for just a little while?~ Somehow, when she asks that, it feels like the best idea in the world to just give in and let her do as she pleases. Is that how her possession really works?
<Silvors> ~Hm… I guess I could give her control but, I don't really tru- Oh, I forgot about the whole telepathy thingy.~ Daniel thinks before opening the door, "Maybe in a little bit, I'd rather be safe in my room first." Daniel spoke aloud as he headed down the stairs.
<Kioku> Akemi's giggle resonates through Daniel again. ~Okay! It feels really different in here, almost like I'm closer to your body than you are, so I can't wait to find out what that means… look forward to when I try on your phylactry, too~
<Silvors> "If you want, you can try moving my phylactery around. It may be a little bit of a challenge though, seeing as how it's a pocket watch." Daniel speaks aloud as he heads down the hall, stopping and opening his door. The desk has a clay human effigy on either side of his laptop, atop a green cube sits a golden pocket watch, theres an odd looking spear in the corner and a safe beneath his desk. Above his bed is a picture of the
<Silvors> Tower tarot card, for some strange reason.
<Kioku> The card catches Akemi's attention, though there's no show or feel to the fact. ~Mm? So should I borrow your body now, since we're 'safe in your room'? Or do you really want me to share space with the resting place of your soul~?~
<Silvors> "Fine, just for a minute or two though. And no being nosy!" Daniel decided to add that last part before falling on his bed and letting Akemi borrow his body. ~If she tries to- I forgot about the telepathy thing.~ If minds could groan, his would be groaning right now.
<Kioku> Dan will feel something soft and sweet coming over his mind, like a fog that means to kindly leave him in a daze and is nigh impossible to think of as unpleasant. ~Just relax then, and let me in. It's okay if you want me to take care of things for a little while. Just enjoy it, I promise it'll be okay~ The thoughts to Daniel seem distant, and he can easily tell how /very/ potent they'd be if she were actually with his soul at that moment. As it
<Kioku> is, she's influencing his mind and soul indirectly, remotely, just enough for the haze to settle over him while she entrenches herself in his body more, taking it over. "This is… more interesting than I thought. Dan, are you coherent enough to talk to me~?"
<Silvors> ~What do you mean, am I coherent? Of course I am.~ Daniel thought back to her, he couldn't control his mouth so he couldn't talk vocally. It was mostly true, he could see that this /would/ be an issue, had he been 'all there'. ~How is it 'more interesting'? It's just a body.~
<Kioku> ~That's what makes it so interesting though!~ "It feels different, normally I would have to essentially wrap up someone's mind, make them totally unable to think, and then direct them that way, through suggestion. It gives fine control because most of it is subconcious, it feels like I'm using my own body more or less because they're familiar with their own body, see? With yours though, it feels like a foreign body, since I'm not going through you
<Kioku> to use it!" Akemi's inflection through Dan's voice sounds pretty excited by this development.
<Silvors> ~Uh-huh. I feel natural moving it around. Well, as natural as an undead body can be.~ Daniel spoke before deciding to ask something else. ~Can I cast spells while you control my body? Or am I unable to?~ If a mind could smirk, his mind would be.
<Kioku> ~That's good! Since it's your body, you're used to it, right? And…~ Akemi hums. ~I don't actually know! I can use the powers of others when I possess them, but they've never really been in any state to focus on something like that. Maybe we should see if you can? After all, I can access your magic, I can feel it, so I wonder if you can at the same time…~
<Silvors> Daniel let's out a mental ~Hmm.~ He could feel his magic but, he was made of magic. Even when he was asl- he didn't sleep but that was besides the point. He always felt it, he lived and not-breathed it. ~Not feeling magic is hard for me. My soul is pretty much telesma.~
<Kioku> ~You should help me use it~ By now, every suggestion she makes feels like a really good idea, whether she means for it to or not. But apparently, since she's in his body without acting through him, she doesn't necessarily know what spells he's capable of.
<Silvors> "Hm… Let's start with something simple… Soul Infusion should work. Just infuse my body with… my soul… actually, I don't know how to explain that. Fine, walk over to the wall. We'll just draw something.~
<Kioku> Akemi giggles with Dan's voice, and indeed goes to a wall, lifting a hand to it. ~Draw something? With ice, like you did before? It might be harder since I haven't felt it done, but since I know you can…~ She puts 'his' hand to the wall and tries to channel the frostiness she saw on the roof, when he drew on the railing.
<Silvors> Daniel also channels it, unsure if she could actually do it and wanting to help a little. A speck of frost appears where the finger meets the wall and spreads to about the size of a quarter. ~Alright, now just move your finger like it's a pen and draw something.~
<Kioku> Akemi giggles again, feeling Dan's help make it easier and learning from it. She moves her finger around to draw a bit, ending up writing a brief message in kanji. ~Wouldn't it be cool to make ofuda like this or something, some time? Together~?~ The word 'together' is perhaps the most impactful thing she's thought yet, and the absolute best feeling.
<Silvors> ~I, well, I guess? It depends, will Claire be there? Her boss is a jerk.~ Daniel thought, the last sentence being a kind of mental growl. Though, the emotions with the message made it obvious that he had no problem with Claire herself.
<Kioku> ~Mm, she would be normally, but I don't think she'd mind if we skipped a day. I could study with her, and we could maybe do it while she's in a class that I don't have or something.~ Dan's body smiles, oddly not the kind Akemi would wear, but one that fits well on Dan's face and could be considered charming. ~Let me know what day you'd like to, okay? Now… should I try with your phylactry, so we can see how different it is?~
<Silvors> Daniel reeled at the thought. Now that he knew what this /could/ do, it made him a lot more hesitant to let her in the phylactery. ~I… I'd rather you not right now. I feel like your powers a bit watered down right now… I'm not sure what you could make me do if I didn't have this filter.~ It felt weird, referring to his body as a 'filter'.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles again, and hops over to sit on the bed. ~Mmm? But don't you want to know~?~ Akemi can't help but look around at the card, the cube, the watch. ~I wonder just how much this protects you. I don't want you getting addicted to this feeling, after all, so maybe you're right~
<Silvors> ~Maybe we could just do this a couple more times? I might build up an immunity to it or something. I mean, if it is related to the soul, I would be going from barely being touched by it to you being completely with it.~ The lich's voice was hesitant.
<Kioku> ~Okay! Let's then, it'll be fun~ \It's waaaay more likely that he'll grow to like it and become more receptive each time, but he's right that getting used to it happening over time makes it less distracting, if I don't want it to be. And I don't want him distracted, if we wind up on a mission together, so it's a worthwhile trade-off! Still, I'll be good and warn him about that later, when he's more clear-headed. Wouldn't want to influence that
<Kioku> sort of decision too much, right?\ ~I go a lot of places, but I'm usually in the kitchen in the early early mornings for a little while if you want to talk, or at the shrine a lot too. If you really need me, I'll let you in on a secret. Any time someone donates at the shrine and says a prayer, I'll hear it. So if it's worth a kind-of expensive call, you're welcome to do that.~
<Silvors> Daniel attempted to nod a couple times. ~Good to know… Can you leave my body now? It feels weird… Plus, I have research to do.~ Not being able to be in control of one's body, well, complete control. He wanted his body back, sooner rather than later.
<Kioku> Akemi hums as if considering not actually leaving, but it's apparent she's just teasing. She - or rather, Dan's body - lays down on the bed again so that he won't be disoriented, then the sweet fog slowly recedes from Dan's mind. It still feels good having Akemi in his body, but now it's just the minimum output, the emotional radiation she can't totally suppress leaking directly into him. ~Make sure everything's in order before I leave all the
<Kioku> way? Ooh, and please, try a spell really quick. I want to see if being in your body instead of your phylactry still enhances it.~
<Silvors> Daniel nodded, his vein glowing a light blue as he summoned a sphere of ice and expanded upon it, creating a rod by putting repeating layers on top of it. "It's a bit faster than normal, I think it may be a bit watered down like your influence." Daniel spoke before the rod exploded into mist. "Now, please leave my body."
<Kioku> Akemi's giggle resounds one more time. ~As you wish!~ A glowing silver fox jumps out of Daniel's chest, landing on the floor next to him before shifting into a humanoid form, and finally becoming Akemi as she's known. She's smiling something between kind and gleeful, and immediately moves forward to engulf Dan in a tight hug. "That was fun, wasn't it~? I told you it would be safe, and I wouldn't do anything you didn't want me to!"
<Silvors> Daniel looked confused when the fox leapt out but, the confusion disappeared once it grew into Akemi. When she hugged him, his eyes widened a little and a bit of frost appeared on his cheeks. "Yeah. It was fun." Daniel spoke, his words sounding the slightest bit forced. "Just, uh, don't do it without permission."
<Kioku> Akemi leans back with a disappointed expression, and pokes Daniel's cheek. "Of course I won't, I told you that so many times already! You shouldn't keep doubting me~"
<Silvors> "It's your fault for being very doubtable." Daniel replied, looking up at the Tower before sighing. "You should try to be less doubtable." He added, the teasing in his voice faint enough for it to be hard for most to notice.
<Kioku> Akemi lets go of the hug. "I'm not…" She sounds sad, taking a couple steps away, toward the door. She recognized the teasing, how could she not with her sense of emotion and the amount of teasing she herself employs? Still, though… "I'll prove it to you." She puts her hand on the doorknob, still looking at Daniel for the moment.
<Silvors> Daniel gives a simple wave goodbye. "You aren't doubtful, I'm just hesitant to trust you." Daniel spoke with a bemused smile, "Next time we meet, you can try to change that." He spoke happily, tilting his head and closing his eyes in a happy smile.
<Kioku> Akemi smiles slightly again and nods. "Mm, I will. Look forward to it, okay~?" She blows a kiss and opens the door, disappearing through it all in one movement.
<Silvors> -Scene Possessed-

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