On the Wings of a Dream

<Kioku> A relaxed sort of knocking comes on Zita's door, a friendly fox in the hall seeking to see how she's doing and what time is free!
<Silvors> Zita came to the door, wearing some kind of black, long sleeved shirt along with white pajama pants, complete with green hearts on them. Her eyes widened before she looked at the visitor, down at her pants with hearts on them, back at the visitor and closed the door. Only to reopen it a minute later with her pajama pants traded for some white sweatpants.
<Kioku> Akemi pounces the second time the door opens, giggling and gently hugging Zita. "Those were cute! Why'd you change?"
<Silvors> Zita tensed up a little at the hug, only for a split second. "What were cute? I have no idea what you're talking about!" Zita replied, the blush on her face showing otherwise.
<Kioku> "Mmm, of course." Akemi nods sagely, not letting up. Silly Zita, you made the mistake of befriending an Akemi, so that means you've got to put up with hugs! "May I come in? How've you been?"
<Silvors> "Y-you can come in." Zita spoke, stepping back and expecting the hug to end though, walking backwards whether it did or not. "I've been pretty good, I mostly stayed in here though." Zita admitted, backing towards her bed to sit down.
<Kioku> The hug does not, in fact, end when she steps back, Akemi bumping their heads together just barely and nudging the door shut behind them before actually letting the hug go. "That's good. you'll need to leave some time though, to make more friends! Unless I'm enough for you~?"
<Silvors> "I… I'll make friends! Just you watch!" Zita spoke, trying her best to sound arrogant and competitive. Zita plopped down on the bed, sitting there and looking at Akemi. "Why did you come to my room?" The girl was blunt with her question, but it didn't sound upset. It was more of a happy question, someone wondering about a pleasant surprise.
<Kioku> "I believe you. I'll help you too, if you like!" Akemi smiles, going and… sitting next to Zita, so that their arms brush together. "Well, where better to check first if I want to see you? I suppose I did have another motive though…"
<Silvors> Zita didn't flinch or freeze at the arm brush, apparently it was only hugs that made the girl tense up. "Another… motive?" Zita asks, looking at Akemi with a confused face. "If I can help you, I'd be happy to. That's what friends do, right?"
<Kioku> "Nnm!" Akemi shakes her head quickly. "I want to help you! Well, share something with you I guess, more than help. Buuuut… you have to trust me~"
<Silvors> Zita nodded, "I trust you. You're my friend." She smiled after saying the word friend. "I wonder what is it? Is it a skydiving thing? You have to take me skydiving sometime." Zita reminded, apparently intent on skydiving with Akemi.
<Kioku> "I know, I know!" Akemi puts a hand on Zita's knee and squeezes. "We'll get to do it some day. Probably not soon I guess, but… anyway, lay down, okay?"
<Silvors> "Why do I have to… Grah! fine!" Zita spoke, falling backwards and crossing her arms, her legs dangling off the bed from the knee down. She wasn't happy doing what she was ordered but, wasn't furious, just pouty.
<Kioku> "Now don't panic, okay?" Akemi leans over Zita, covering up her eyes with a hand and going to hold one of Zita's hands with her other. "It's going to feel a little weird for a minute, I haven't done this too much, but there's absolutely no risk." Akemi's voice is intentionally soothing, calming, simply because this'll be a lot smoother if Zita… well… is calm.
<Silvors> "Uh… O-okay." Zita spoke, uncrossing her arms and looking up at Akemi. "Wh-what is it we're doing though?" The girl asked, using her free hand to move the green streak in her hair out of the way.
<Kioku> "I'm going," Akemi says, "to replace your reality. You'll still be here, but all of your senses will be telling you something else. Ready?"
<Silvors> Zita nods, she trusted Akemi. "No caves, please."
<Kioku> Akemi giggles, and then things seem to start to shift. Laying on the bed becomes laying on a hard surface of some kind. Zita can feel sunlight, and the wind, and hear distant sounds like a busy city. "You'll like this," Akemi's voice comes from right next to her. "Open your eyes."
<Silvors> "Huh?" Zita seems more than a little confused as she opens her eyes and looks around.
<Kioku> Zita will find herself, by all appearances, atop a /very/ tall building, at the middle of the city. The tallest one around in fact, it looks like. "We're 90 meters high, 25 floors up from the ground. I thought this might be a good start!" Some details will look hazy, and nudge attention away from them, letting her mind fill in the gaps, but all told, it's a fairly convincing simulation.
<Silvors> "This is amazing! I've never been so high up!" Zita cheered, looking around at the sky. "Twenty five floors… ninety meters…" Zita's voice sounds awestruck as a question comes to her mind, "Can I move around?"
<Kioku> "Your body will move in your room also, if you do, but you should be able to… will yourself to move. Like, imagine you're moving, and you will without moving your body. Sorry, I don't know how to actually intercept the nerve signals through your body without… umm… entering it."
<Silvors> "Woah? You can enter peoples bodies?" Zita asked as she willed herself to stand, resulting her body slowly moving to stand up. "What do you want me to do?" She decided to ask, looking around at all the clouds and then looking for any nearby skyscrapers. "It's all so… amazing." Zita spoke, her voice awestruck before she tries to change it, "I mean, uh, it's alright." She spoke, trying her best to not seem amazed.
<Kioku> "You can be yourself around me, I won't think poorly of you or anything! Please… believe in me? I'm your friend, you're not going to push me away by getting excited or anything!" Zita can feel Akemi squeeze her arm, even though she doesn't… actually… touch her. … Weird. "Oh- and, ah, yes. But we can talk about that later, right?"
<Silvors> Zita moved her hand to feel her arm that Akemi touched, both her real and fake ones. "I-It's not that I'm worried about you not liking me. It's just… I don't know how to explain it. Like, it's cooler right? That's why." Zita spoke, in real life a red tinge appeared on her cheeks while in the imagined world, she walked to the edge of the skyscraper and looked off it.
<Kioku> Thaaaaaat's a long drop. "Is it? I don't know, I think it's cute… and it lets me know how you're really feeling, and I like that."
<Silvors> Zita's cheeks reddened a bit more. "I don't know." Was a mewed response by the girl as she walked around the edge of the skyscraper. "We're so high up! It's awesome! I love it!" Zita sounded REALLY happy about it. Heights were something she, unlike most people, loved.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and hugs Zita tightly from behind, almost knocking her over the edge. "I'm glad! It makes me happy to hear that!"
<Silvors> Zita didn't fall thanks to her tensing up, both in the dream and reality. "Ah!" She was thankful there was no wind to give that extra push as she fell back onto her feet. She fell back down in the pseudo-dream. "That was terrifying." She muttered, giving a happy smile and taking a few deep breaths in both reality and the fake one.
<Kioku> Akemi is holding tight in the 'dream', still giggling. "I forgot to mention, didn't I~? Nobody ever said this had to follow all the same rules as the real world. Like how much gravity affects you!"
<Silvors> "I… I can fly?" If Zita was happy before, now she was ecstatic. Turning to look at dream Akemi and smiling widely. "Really? I've always wanted to! Let's… Let's fly!" Zita said, bouncing up and down with a wide smile as her cheeks turned more and more red. She noticed her own bouncing and looked down, stopping herself and adding a "I didn't bounce up and down." As if saying it would somehow make it true.
<Kioku> Akemi is gleeful at the reaction, and pouts when it stops. "Aww… and I was really, /really/ hoping that you did!"
<Silvors> Zita frowned, reaching to grab Akemi's hands behind her. "I didn't. Come on!" Zita said, pulling Akemi with her and falling forward and off the top of the building, having complete faith that she would be fine.
<Kioku> They fall for a few seconds, and then… glide? This could only really be described as gliding.
<Silvors> Zita looks around, looking as they glide around and with wide eyes. "This is amazing!" She spoke before giggling, letting go of Akemi's hand to cover her own mouth, both to hide and stop her giggles.
<Kioku> "I swear, I'll get you comfortable expressing yourself around me eventually." Akemi shakes her head, rolling to the side and swapping which hand is holding Zita's remaining one so that they're side by side.
<Silvors> "It's not that I don't like expressing myself," Alright, maybe it was a little, having to repress your emotions for your entire life leads to that, "I just want to be… cool?" Zita spoke, her eyes still filled with awe as she looked over the distant ground and then at the nearby buildings, her mouth staying open as she was astounded.
<Kioku> "You should meet Katlyn," Aiko says quietly, watching Zita's expressions. This is what she did this for, to try to make her happy, give an awesome experience. "You're reminding me of a song she had me sing with her, a while ago. Maybe we could manage a repeat performance."
<Silvors> "Kat… lyn?" Zita said the name in two syllables, distinctly. "Maybe, I dunno. Let's just fly for a while longer." Zita spoke as she looked around, smiling happily. "Can you sing for me? Sometime?" Zita asked, looking over at Akemi with pleading eyes and a cheerful grin.
<Kioku> "Of course I will," Akemi replies fondly. She squeezes Zita's hand in both worlds, and manages to connect the feelings so that it echoes, and both are felt.
<Silvors> Zita's smile widened, "I've never had someone sing to me! I've always been the one doing the singing." She spoke, pressing her shoulder against Akemi happily. "I can't wait!" Zita spoke, her voice sounding rather excited and impatient.
<Kioku> "I'll probably end up singing something at the festival, come to think of it… but I'll be sure to do something just for you too, okay? Maybe when we're finished flying."
<Silvors> Zita grinned and nodded her head eagerly, multiple times. "Alright! I mean, uh, cool." She spoke, trying her best to switch from super eager and energetic to calm and collected, not completely failing as her cheerfulness crept into the calm facade.
<Kioku> "I'll do better, the happier you seem about it~" Akemi teases.
<Silvors> Zita tried her best to suppress her grin, but after it came back the third time she gave up. "Alright! Fine! I'm super happy! Okay! Geez!" She shouted happily, covering her mouth as if that would make the giggles she let out be soundless, it did not.
<Kioku> Akemi gives a little happy noise and kisses Zita on the cheek. "Thank you~!"
<Silvors> Red appears on the girl's cheek once more. "I-uh-um-well-I…" Zita tried to think of a response before shaking her head in both worlds, getting rid of the thoughts. "This was all amazing… thank you." Zita said, moving to give Akemi a hug but stopping and returning to her previous, gliding form, silently. "It's really awesome!" She spoke, trying to act like she hadn't almost gave Akemi a hug.
<Kioku> \I know my next goal~\ "I'm enjoying it too…" Akemi whispers, hooking her foot over one of Zita's ankles in the dream, making another point of connection for their joint 'wing'.
<Silvors> Zita looks over and grins, "Yeah, it's SUPER fun! I feel so free right now! So high up and flying like a bird!" Zita speaks, smiling and giggling like a would child on Christmas.
<Kioku> "I am /so/ getting you a hang glider when we graduate…" Akemi looks over too, to meet her gaze with a matching expression.
<Silvors> "We can go hang gliding together too!" Zita says, smiling happily. So much stuff to do! "And, um, I've never been on a roller coaster, can we do one of those?"
<Kioku> "S-sure, why not? There's a lot of those, we could try some different ones even!"
<Silvors> "So many things!" Zita cheered before letting out a lot of happy giggles. "So, what else are we doing? We're getting pretty low…"
<Kioku> "Mm? I've been in a plane, and a helicopter before. I could share that, if you like? It might be a bit of a disappointment after this, but they were much higher…"
<Silvors> "Nope! You promised me that you would sing to me!" Zita replied, clearly not remembering the 'maybe' part of when Akemi mentioned singing. "So you have to!" Zita happily pleaded, still smiling and looking over at Akemi.
<Kioku> Akemi hums. "Well, as you wish~!" The dream starts to fade, details first, then senses are gradually replaced with the real world. For a little while the two overlap, and Zita can feel and see everything from both, though the dream is a little fuzzy. And then finally, she's just on her bed, Akemi sitting next to her and holding her hand, other hand on her shoulder.
<Silvors> Zita looked up at Akemi, smiling widely at the girl. "That was so much fun! I was a bird and we were flying! Like, it was so awesome and I loved it!" Zita spoke, grinning as she came back to reality and saw Akemi.
<Kioku> "I've never done that part at the end," Akemi murmurs thoughtfully, then shakes her head, smiling brightly, trying to pull Zita up - and into a tight hug.
<Silvors> Zita tenses up at the hug, a sharp intake of breath accompanying it this time. "The flying part?" Zita asked, curious about what part Akemi meant, "I would've done it the moment I could! It felt so /real/!"
<Kioku> "Not that, the… the full dream at the same time as the real, insted of just replacing it. I've only gone full switch at once, not gradual before." She's not letting up on this hug at all.
<Silvors> Zita is still a bit tense at the hug, her elbows pressed against her side. "Oh, like, two things at a time? Why'd you try it this time?" Zita's voice sounded slightly nervous at the hug and the more Akemi hugs the girl, she can faintly feel something on Zita's back, beneath the girl's shirt.
<Kioku> "I didn't want to give you a shock or anything, by having it be all sudden… especially since that could be a pretty easy way to a headache, and we really don't want that!" Akemi lets go with one arm of the hug and re-situates it lower, to free Zita's arm. She's not about to comment on the something on her back, yet.
<Silvors> "Oh… thanks." Zita spoke, her voice a lot softer now and still with that twinge of nervousness. "So, can you sing to me now?" Zita asked, letting her now freed arm hang next to her.
<Kioku> "Won't your neighbors want to find out what's going on~?" Akemi teases softly, finally releasing the hug. Mostly. She's still holding Zita's sides with both hands, looking into her eyes. "Of course I will. Is there any sort of song you'd like?"
<Silvors> "I'll just tell them I was listening to music or something." Zita replied, she hadn't even considered neighbors overhearing when she was doing all the giggling and stuff. Zita shook her head. "I don't care what you sing." Zita spoke, closing her eyes and waiting for whatever it was Akemi would sing.
<Kioku> "Mm, okay." Akemi thinks for a minute, takes a few breaths, and starts tapping her foot to the rhythm of a song, or rather what the instruments would be playing. And naturally, she begins.
<Kioku> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-CSZDbKuL4
<Silvors> Zita let out a happy sigh and leaned forward and rested her head on Akemi's shoulders, her arms still hanging limp at her sides. Zita let out small, slow breaths as she listened to the song, its words completely foreign to her but, she didn't mind. She even let out a pleased "Mmm." at one point. Apparently, she enjoyed it. "I really liked it." She spoke, her voice calm and happy at the same time.
<Kioku> Akemi replies with a soft wordless hum of agreement, letting Zita lean against her, and leaning against the girl in return.
<Silvors> "You're nice…" Zita trailed off her voice a bit distant, yet happy. Then, she sat up and smiled. "So! What now?" Zita chirped, smiling and covering her mouth to try to hide the chirp and smile.
<Kioku> Akemi smiles and nuzzles her cheek against Zita's. "What do you think? I don't mind hanging out for a while~"
<Silvors> Zita seems to tense up a little at having a cheek pressed against hers. So, it's not just hugs. "I want to know more about you." Zita decided after a moment of thought. "What do you do?"
<Kioku> "Hmm? Do you mean most days, or something else?"
<Silvors> "I mean… everyone here has something that makes them… you know?" Zita spoke, nodding a little at the words 'you know'. "Like the flying thing. Is that the only thing you can do?"
<Kioku> "Oh! No, it's… it's probably what I'm worst at, I haven't been able to really do that for long. Remember how I said I could go inside of people?"
<Silvors> "Oh yeah!" Zita spoke, grinning at Akemi and tilting her head a little, "That's what you're the worst at? Woah! You must be like…" Zita mumbles something to quietly for Akemi to make out, apparently not wanting to finish her sentence aloud. "What's it like? Possessing people? Does it feel funny?"
<Kioku> "For me, or for them~?" Akemi giggles. \I must be what…?<Silvors> "Both? I mean, does it hurt or anything?" Zita sounded curious and tried her best to hide it.
<Kioku> "Not at all! The opposite, really. For me it's nice, I get to be super close to someone, and I get to flirt and tease without them really minding at all. For them…" Akemi smiles in a way that makes the heart skip a beat. "For them it feels good. /Really/ good."
<Silvors> Zita's heart does, in fact skip a beat at the smile. "Oh." Zita spoke, she was getting curious about this possession thing. "That's way cooler than my little trick." Zita spoke with a frown. "I can't possess people or do that awesome flying thing." Her frown changing to a pout.
<Kioku> "Your little trick~?" Akemi asks, maybe a little too interested.
<Silvors> "I can, um, copy powers from artifacts." That's what the knife told her, at least. She could locate them as well but, that wasn't notable enough to mention. "The only one that I have right now lets me return stuff to my hands."
<Kioku> "Mm? Does it have to be a permanent artifact?"
<Silvors> "I don't know." Zita spoke, with a shrug. She'd only had the powers from one artifact. "I've only ever done it to one artifact."
<Kioku> "Let's try!" Akemi gets up from the bed and pulls Zita with her, hurrying for the door. "Come on!"
<Silvors> Zita lets Akemi pull her along, her eyes filled with confusion. "O-Okay? Where are we going?" Zita spoke, her voice confused and a bit worried, but she snapped herself out of it and let Akemi lead her to wherever.
<Kioku> "My room!" Akemi offers no further explanation, but Zita can feel a hell of a lot of artifacts in the room they seem to be heading for. Roughly 230, maybe a few more, but all very minor ones.
<Silvors> Zita's eyes widen at the number. "There's… so many…" She mutters as they approach the source. Was Akemi some sort of artifact hoarder person? It was a bit, well, startling, it made Zita grip Akemi's hand a bit tighter.
<Kioku> Akemi pulls open the door and goes to the desk with the sewing machine atop it. "Do you know if the strength of the effect is related to your own ability, or if it's the strength of the item?" Her hand hovers near one of the desk drawers.
<Silvors> "I- uh- I don't… I don't know." Zita spoke, as Zita looked around trying to discern where every of these strange items were. "Like I said, I've only borrowed from one item."
<Kioku> "Hmm… we'll try this then." She pulls open the bottom drawer, takes out a paper tag with a rod attached scroll-style through one end, and a single kanji written on the front. "Try this!" She tosses it in a shallow arc.
<Silvors> Zita grabs it, managing to catch it and looks at it. "What is it?" She asks, trying and failing to read the kanji.
<Silvors> *managing to catch it in mid air
<Kioku> "Blood Curse. I know a little magic, and how to make things like that, which emulate or carry the effects. Once. Then they burn out… and burn up." Akemi glances over her shoulder to watch Zita, to see what she does.
<Silvors> Zita seems to flinch at the word blood. "Al-alright." She says, closing her eyes and breathing out. Dozens of small white orbs seemed to float from the little charm, drifting over to Zita's arm and sinking into her skin. "Alright." She speaks, clenching and unclenching her fist.
<Kioku> Akemi squees and stands up to take Zita's hand. "Did it work? Can you tell?" She lifts her other hand to her mouth, nips her finger just hard enough for blood to well up, then flicks so that it flies into the air… turning into a band of blood red symbols circling that hand. The wound itself has closed, and there's a dark glow in Akemi's palm, under the floating writing.
<Silvors> Zita flinches once more at the sight of blood, her body shaking a little at the blood red symbols. "Uh, Let me check." Zita lifted her hand and attempted to use whatever she just copied. She knew it was copied, she didn't know what it did.
<Kioku> There's no actual need for the blood itself, it just acts as a focus, makes it easier for Akemi. With the ofuda version, it's not a part at all, unless one counts the blood that was mixed into the ink used to write on it. The symbols and the glow /should/ flare to life, just waiting to be directed.
<Silvors> Zita looks at the color and moves her hand around, runes following it. "What should I do with it? I think it has something to do with boiling? It's not very clear." Zita speaks with a frown.
<Kioku> "It's mostly mental. Find a target, pick them out in your mind, and…" Akemi gestures sharply to the door, and the glow vanishes from her hand, lighting the door for a moment before it disappears. "No projectile, nothing to dodge. Just your will directing the magic, against their vitality and strength."
<Silvors> Zita nodded, looking at the bed and sending the spell to it. "I don't like the color." She says with a slight shiver, she feared blood.
<Kioku> Akemi lets out a breath and nods. "It's okay. There are others, ones that are probably better for you anyway. That one, it hurts the cursed one exactly as much as they hurt others. Actually, karma is the only kanji - well, pair of kanji - that repeats itself, among those that show when you prepare it." She puts an arm around Zita, trying to comfort her. "If I can help contribute to your safety, or help you grow, I want to… okay?" \Throwing
<Kioku> that at the door… I wonder, could I modify them to act as traps? Wait. That's right, Claire did that once, using one like a mine…<Silvors> "I'm fine." Zita said, looking up at Akemi and smiling, though unlike the others this one seemed a bit forced. "I think I'm gonna sleep." Zita muttered with a yawn. "I'll talk to you… tomorrow. I hope." Zita mumbled before turning to head for the door.
<Kioku> "A-alright… I- umm… I'm sorry. I didn't mean… let me come with you? If you're going to sleep, I… I could maybe sing for you again as you go?"
<Silvors> Zita stopped and turned back, walking towards Akemi and grabbing the fox girl's hand. "Okay." She spoke simply, pulling Akemi with Zita returned to her own room. "I'd like that." She adds with a warmer smile, looking up at Akemi with a faint blush.
<Kioku> Akemi is pulled! She goes with Zita, petting her hair once they get to her room, and starting a slow, quiet song.
<Silvors> Zita lays down and curls up, smiling and trusting Akemi not to steal anything as she dozes off to sleep. "Thanks… Ake.. me." Zita mutters as she falls asleep, the words interrupting the girl's personal lullaby.
<Kioku> Akemi keeps petting Zita's hair until she's done, smiling at the girl and carefully, quietly making her way out - making sure the door is properly locked as she leaves.
<Silvors> -Scene Flown-

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