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<SirGoldFish> Penelope is currently walking around the halls with a growling wooden box, whistling.
<Kioku> Akemi wanders around, exploring the school and hoping to meet people… but especially hoping to meet people!
<Kioku> \She doesn't seem *too* busy… \ "Hi!" She says enthusiastically, skipping up to Penelope. "Are you one of the teachers here? The people from the bus said I'd have to go to classes, but they weren't very specific about when or where."

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<SirGoldFish> "Greetings," sees says, too happy for her own good. "Yes, I am one of the teachers here. My name is Penelope -&$*$#%-_ Winthrope!" When Penelope says her middle name, Akemi is able to understand that something was said, but does not comprehend what was said.
<Kioku> \… Why do I like that name so much?\ Akemi smiles brightly. "Nice to meet you! I'm Kimura Akemi, but… I kind of don't like my family name. What's in the box?"
<SirGoldFish> "A phantom." She says frankly.
<Kioku> \A phantom? Like those things that…\ Akemi seems to get more excited, if anything. "Really? Will you tell me more about it?"
<SirGoldFish> "Well, this tiny little guy manifested from the frustrated energies of many of the students."
<Kioku> "Ooh? How'd you catch it? What're you going to do with it? Or is it a him? Her??"
<SirGoldFish> The rough, high pitched voice comes from the box. "I'M A GIRL, DAMM IT!" Penelope baps the box and it goes back to growling. "Oh, this is only a low-level phantom I was able to catch it with a net. I'm about to go to the basement with it."
<Kioku> Akemi shifts her head around, trying to get a better look at the box. \A net? Not the same then…\ "What would it do if it were free?"
<SirGoldFish> "Try to catch it before one of the moronic guards shoots it."
<SirGoldFish> *I'd try to catch it
<SirGoldFish> Redact
<SirGoldFish> "Well, it would try to cause havoc and be a general nuisance to the adults. It would do all it could with it's tiny body."
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and looks at the box more. "I wonder what the basement is for then…" She raises a quizzical eyebrow and turns her violet gaze up toward Penelope. "Are we allowed to know?"
<SirGoldFish> "Oh, it's where we keep all our little enchanted trinkets."
<Kioku> Akemi's eyes widen comically. "Enchanted trinkets?" \Now I want to see! Even if it is a basement.<SirGoldFish> "Ah, yes, other people may call them 'anomalies' but I find that terribly undescriptive and boring."
<Kioku> Akemi nods to herself. "It is rather vague, isn't it?" She giggles. "No subcategories even, to make it easier on themselves when trying to talk about it?"
<SirGoldFish> "Oh, well of course, there are countless categories… too many, and besides. I call the items in the basement trinkets because they are dreadfully minor."
<Kioku> "Aww. And I was hoping to see something more…" Akemi gets a thoughtful look, then giggles again and twirls in place mid-step. "Exciting!"
<SirGoldFish> Penelope looks into the distance, remembering something fond before shaking her head. "Ah, well, not everything down stairs is too boring… I do have a good friend down there who does everything in reverse."
<Kioku> Akemi sways her head to the side and looks toward Penelope. "Like some versions of Merlin? Remembers the future but knows nothing of the past? Or experiences time normally and just acts in reverse? I'm not sure which would be more intriguing."
<SirGoldFish> "The last one is correct! He speaks in reverse, he eats in reverse, his lungs take in carbon and breath out oxygen!"
<Kioku> \Speaking and breathing sure, but how does one eat in reverse?\ "Oh! Does he speak on the in-breath?"
<SirGoldFish> "I think so…" She ponders this.
<Kioku> "The mechanics behind all that must be fascinating!" Akemi doesn't even think that it might also be terrifying for him, unless he was like that from birth. "Is he friendly?"
<SirGoldFish> "Somber… but friendly non the less! I would drink tea with him if it were not so… unconventional."
<Kioku> "I hope he isn't lonely down there… can we visit him some time?"
<SirGoldFish> "Of course we may! As long he's up for visitor…"
<Kioku> Akemi claps her hands together and holds them there in front of herself. She bounces a little. "Now, perhaps? If you're not busy after delivering the phantom?"
<SirGoldFish> "If you're certain, but communication would be difficult because of well… the way he speaks."
<SirGoldFish> Penelope mumbles about how she should have learned to talk backwards.
<Kioku> Akemi shakes her head. "Nobody should have to be alone. Even if we can't talk with each other very well, he might at least enjoy the company!"
<SirGoldFish> "Well, I have to process this phantom, but I will allow you to visit him yourself if you wish."
<Kioku> Akemi nods. "I'd like to! Even if it's just for a little while."
<SirGoldFish> Penelope nods and continues walking down the hall towards the elevator. "Ah, well, then follow me."
<Kioku> Akemi continues following, absently wondering how much further it is - they've been walking for quite a while it feels like, since they met in the hall. "What is it you teach?"
<SirGoldFish> "Hmm." She ponders for a few moments before giving an answer. "physical education, maths, astrology, martial arts, magical theory and literature are the classes that I am most well known for."
<Kioku> "Magical theory?" \That could help me understand the dark side…\ "Could we have a quick lesson on the way down? There are a few things that I…" Akemi's skin shimmers, looking a little less 'there', and her spectral, intangible kitsune features fade into view. "…could possibly use some help understanding."
<SirGoldFish> Penelope turns to Akemi, mumbling. "Hmmm, a kitsune, but not quite like the one I've met before…" before shaking her head. "What would you like help with, dear?"

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<Kioku> \She's met another before? So many wonderful surprises!\ "I simply must hear that story some day! But the problem is that there's this… thing, that happens sometimes, when I feel a certain… way. I don't know for sure what triggers it or how to do it at will, just that it comes naturally and 'happens'." She giggles - perhaps a little out of place, that - and shrugs.
<Kioku> "I have seen a dozen cuts as if made by a sword appear on someone." \Just because I was tired of them.\ "I have seen people suddenly seem unsteady, unsturdy, like a breeze could tip them. There are other things, but these are the most prominent examples that come to mind." Naturally, others being slowly driven insane doesn't enter her mind.

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<SirGoldFish> Penelope puts the growling box down and puts a hand on her cheek. "Hmmm, abilities are triggered when you feel negative emotions?"
<Kioku> Akemi nods. "It seems that way." \Not just negative, but more… when Asami wants to 'play' a different way.<SirGoldFish> Penelope mumbles about how she wished she had her book with her. "Have you tried to direct these emotions else where when this happens?"

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<Kioku> Akemi looks confused. "It's not that I don't want it to happen; every time has been to someone who seemed to wish harm on me." \Or was boring, but that's the same thing.\ "It's that I'd like to understand more about where this comes from. Perhaps why it happens, not just the events but also the source of them."
<SirGoldFish> "There are… many, many ideas out and about where magic comes from. Some say it comes from ethereal plane, some believe that magical energies surround the world, some say that spirits or gods give humans magic, still others say that magic comes from nowhere and it just is."

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<Kioku> \Her spirit gives me this…\ "but then why does it take the form it does…?" Akemi muses to herself, finishing the thought aloud. \Asami, are you vengeful toward them? Those who would make life less interesting?\ Her expression changes to a smile fast enough to give whiplash, as she looks to Penelope again. "This gives me much to think on, thank you! Could we continue this another time, once I've considered what it's led me
<Kioku> to?"

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<SirGoldFish> "That's utterly fine, you can talk to me whenever I'm free." The box begins to shake a little as it starts hissing. "It looks like I have to go now." She scoops up the box and continues on her way.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and grins, skipping off to meet the backward man. (Offscreen!)
<Kioku> -Scene Hexed-

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