Akemi Training July

<UltimixRed> Warren is currently zipping around on what appears to be a flying mop as he shoots down flying snakes "I am sick and tired of these mother fucking snakes in this Mother fucking school." "Real original" the gun comments as they fly through the halls
<Kioku> Akemi skips through the halls. All of her friends are busy, so you know what that means - time to meet more! Sadly, she's not having much luck since classes are out. Should have gone to the second dorm instead, or maybe headed into the forest to look for Charlie! But no, here she is turning a corner and- wut.
<Kioku> She lets out a giggle at the ridiculous scene. Snakes. Flying. And being shot at.
<Kioku> Without delay, Akemi hops forward and grabs one of the snakes behind the head so it can't bite her. "What are you~?"
<Kioku> (There might be a bit of emotion infusion going on so that it /won't/ bite her, too…)
<UltimixRed> "Woah get the hell away!" Warren says as he pulls out a leather bound book. He is surprisingly adept at keeping his balance while standing on top of a mop handle
<Kioku> Akemi blinks at the mop rider and flattens herself against the wall. She's not letting go of the snake, though. "Hello to you, too!"
<UltimixRed> "Goddess Sign!" Warren says opening the book and at that moment the snakes all seem to suspend in. midair unable to move
<UltimixRed> Warren pulls out a blue knife and dashes through them all "Arachne's Revenge!" and at the other side of the hallway he stands as the snakes fall apart in bloody messes
<UltimixRed> He turns to Akemi "Lemme finish them off."
<Kioku> Akemi hums and pats the snake in her hand's head. "What are they? Have they done something to warrant extermination?"
<UltimixRed> "They're poisonous flying snakes. Extermination is only natural for such an entity. they aren't exactly sentient.". Warren says as he hops off thr mop which falls to the ground
<Kioku> Akemi tilts her head and smiles slightly. "I'll keep one! Though, they don't let us keep pets usually, do they? And the basement people would probably want to take it…"
<UltimixRed> "Look if you die from this I'm no taking responsibility." Warren says pulling out a bagel from his jacket and eating it
<UltimixRed> not*
<Kioku> Akemi giggles. "Don't worry!" She smiles and extends the hand that /doesn't/ have a snake coling around her forearm in contentment. "I'm Akemi. Are you one of the teachers here? I didn't know there was someone who rode brooms around."
<UltimixRed> Warren shakes it with his non bagel hand "nope I don't work for anybody." He flips the bagel in the air for flair and catches it. saying "I'm Warren the Normal Anomaly!"
<Kioku> Akemi smiles a little wider. "Normal anomaly? Is the anomaly that you're so normal, or do people just call you an anomaly despite being normal? Granted, you seem pretty anomalous in regard to behavior, but that's not what people here seem to mean by the term. Don't worry, it's a good thing!" \I hope he's real, not a hallucination. It'd be a more fun world if he is.<UltimixRed> "Both actually." he says as he puts away the book "And who are you?"
<Kioku> Akemi pouts cutely. "Forgotten my name already~?"
<UltimixRed> "err no? we've never met." Warren says "of course not, you would never forget opportunities to hit on school children." the gun says
<UltimixRed> "plus she said her name literally 5 seconds ago." Warren takes a moment "oh fuck you're right sorry bout that Akemi." Warren slams the gun into the wall which elicits an ow from it
<Kioku> Akemi winks at the gun. Okay, either it's a hallucination, or more of the same silliness this school seems to have. "Don't worry, you're probably just coming down from the snake killing mode still!"
<UltimixRed> "Probably. so what do you do around here. also perhaps you could do me a favor and not mention I was. here?" Warren says eating some Walnuts "It's because he got banned from being here due to trespassing and endangering students." the gun says as Warren slams kt. again
<Kioku> "Endangering students?" Akemi's eyebrows raise, and a faint carmine glow starts appearing near her free hand. "I'm a student. You wouldn't be a danger to me, would you~?"
<UltimixRed> "All I did was give her an artifact. Wendy is. responsible enough to keep a knife!"
<Kioku> Akemi blinks a couple of times. "You know my girlfriend?" She clenches her hand and the red blinks out.
<UltimixRed> "hmm Wendy got a girlfriend? good for her and yeah did her a couple favors and some fun times." Warren says nonchalantly "Now you just need to consider your love life forever beaten out by highscoolers." Warren tosses the gun in the air before drop kicking it
<Kioku> Akemi watches the gun fly. "Cursed to spill your secrets and insult you?" she asks in amusement.
<UltimixRed> "No just an asshole. so Akemi is there anything I can do for you since I'm here anyway." Warren says as he munches on some bread
<Kioku> Akemi leans slightly forward and considers Warren for several moments. "Tell me about yourself? After all, if Wendy likes you, I'm sure I will too!"
<UltimixRed> Warren pushes Akemi away "Easy there, I'm just Warren. Ordinary magician at your service
<UltimixRed> He tips his witch cap
<Kioku> Akemi seems unbothered, and even curtseys at his hat tip. "Ordinary magician now? I think I remember Penelope mentioning that some humans could do magic! She said something about skipping a generation though, so I don't really know for sure…"
<UltimixRed> "Ah no, those guys can do magic a different way, either through deals with demons or turning into magicians in return for their humanity
<UltimixRed> I on the other hand am a completely ordinary human. though I guess now people are being born with magic. " Warren gestures to the school itself
<Kioku> Aiko frowns slightly and hums, but the smile comes back quickly enough. Not as quickly as a few motes of light that she has dance in her palm though. "I see… no I don't. How do you do it, then?"
<UltimixRed> "Artifacts mainly, though if I had the ability to do magic I would be pretty good at it. for now I'm fine with doing magic via recreating it." Warren says conjuring a purple infinity sign in his palm
<Kioku> The motes dance a little longer and she looks at the sign consideringly. \I bet I could weave an illusion that simple. I don't know if I want others to know about that yet though unless I must.\ "Recreating. So you have an artifact that can accept spell formulae, or you're so good at tinkering that you can make one produce the same effects?"
<Kioku> \He seems to like magic talk. The best way to build a friendship?<UltimixRed> Warren seems quiet for a moment before seeming to get angry with Akemi punching the wall with a growl.
<UltimixRed> "Why the hell did I not. think of that!?!?" Warren screams
<Kioku> Akemi jumps back, eyes wide. "S-sorry!"
<UltimixRed> "A spell formatting artifact would have literally saved me three years worth of time!!" the gun on the floor snickers
<UltimixRed> "Sorry bout that got carried away." Warren chuckles nervously
<Kioku> \Oh. More mad at himself, then?\ Anyone else might tentatively approach and put a hand on his shoulder. Akemi is not anyone else. Akemi sweeps forward to resume her previous distance. "Well, it's never too late, right? You're bound to do it even better now than you would have back then, with all your experience!"
<UltimixRed> "I should probably repay for helping me out like this. what is your power I could probably help." Warren says taking a step back, though a satisfied expression on his face
<Kioku> Akemi glances away. \I don't really know what I am anymore… between what Ray said at the hospital about spirit beings and what happened with my hair…\ She shivers, and it's pretty clear outwardly expressing discomfort isn't something that usually happens to her.
<Kioku> "Well, I can do something that ties in what what we were talking about. Using a kind of spell formula I mean. At least, I think it does. I see weird symbols in my head when I use it."
<UltimixRed> "like runes or something? those are best in alchemy and enchantments. though curses are pretty dependant on wording and feeling." Warren says thinking aloud
<Kioku> "Mm. There are some kanji, and some things I don't know, all mixed together, but it goes by too fast." \I think Asami is supplying it, instead of me.\ "All I actually do is focus my intent really, and the rest…" Akemi hums, shakes her head and considers. Maybe she can show him, sort of. The red glow surrounds her hand again, forming a translucent band of kanji. She lifts her hand up and bites her thumb to make it bleed,
<Kioku> solidifying the curse. Necessary? No. Necessary to make it /feel/ right and look better? Yes. Plus it helps her as a mnemonic device. She flicks her hand (and the drop of blood) toward the wall and runs her tongue along her teeth, trying to project what comes to her outwardly. \Just like any other illusion, right?\ It's faint and a bit fuzzy, but a sort of complex diagram appears on the wall. It's clearly more descriptive
<Kioku> than it usually would be (or needs to be), and would take adaptation for human use, but there it is.
<Kioku> Akemi blinks, clearly surprised, like she's never seen it all together like this, or in so much detail.
<UltimixRed> Warren narrows his eyes at Akemi "I know magic comes naturally to you guys but…. what you're describing is a bit much even for a human." Warren says as he takes a couple minutes calculating
<UltimixRed> After some time he cuts his hand and with visible effort recreates the curse however it's not even at 15% of Akemi's potency
<UltimixRed> "I have to say I'm not too caught up on eastern magic though I know that for the most part curses are left in the hands of kami and monsters." Warren may be wrong however
<Kioku> Akemi /doesn't/ wince slightly. You saw nothing. Got it? "A bit much for a human…" she murmurs. \Monsters? But… I'm not a monster. Right?\ "W-well you can do it too, though, right? See?" The illusion flickers out as she's distracted, since it wasn't all that stable anyway. Maybe it's because of her feelings about what it showed, because of what was said?
<UltimixRed> "Sure I can do it but… at my best it would only be at less than half the capacity you can." Warren says in a serious tone looking at Akemi.
<Kioku> "I don't know…" Akemi rarely shies away from anyone, but she might be reaching that point soon. She doesn't want to lose this chance though! "I-I'm no monster. Honto."
<UltimixRed> "heh you could be a kami. though. should I be ringing a bell and praying? you. accept U. S cause I'm fresh out of yen." Warren says trying to ease the girl
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and shakes her head. "I don't think so." \Well… if Wendy and he get along…\ She bites her lip cutely and smiles - without a hint of nervousness, because who would show that?! - and lets her tails and ears manifest.
<UltimixRed> Seeing the tails sends Warren's mind into overdrive. "That really narrows it down. Fox spirit or kami. explains a lot." Warren says eying the tails
<Kioku> Akemi giggles again and - as any proper Akemi would - flicks one tail to tap Warren's nose, pushing the illusion of full tactile sense into it as she's started doing every time she manifests.
<UltimixRed> "Hey Akemi mind trying something out? Make up a wild story of you doing something then try recreating it." Warren says flinching at the soft tail
<Kioku> Akemi tilts her head. "Ah… okay? Sure, why not?"
<UltimixRed> "if I'm right." /she'll be able to create her own myth, and by reenacting it she'll achieve symbolic power. /
<Kioku> "What sort of story would be wild enough? Something I already know I can do doesn't seem especially wild, and somehing that I can't would be… well…"
<UltimixRed> "Something in between. an act you can't technically do but could with some ingenuity, whether that be by tools or your own natural skill. Hell pretty sure you could use me as a workaround."
<Kioku> Akemi hums and nods. Tricky… the only thing she /really/ wants to do is quite a long term goal, and he seems to be looking for something short term.
<Kioku> Akemi thinks for a bit, then shrugs. Why not? It's worth a try. "By all humans with eyes to see and skin to feel outside at the break of the morning, Akemi was known and recognized."
<UltimixRed> "Ambitious, I like it." Warren says
<Kioku> Akemi giggles. "I like the idea of it. To be loved by everyone, or at least liked enough to be called a friend should we meet and communicate. There's a whole world out there to travel, and so many people in it!"
<UltimixRed> "The important thing isn't to get caught up on being human, your unique strengths come from your origins as well." /now how do I convince Penelope to let me build a shrine? /
<Kioku> Akemi nods, but internally she sighs. If not human, what is she /really/? And more importantly, what does that mean for her? For her dreams, for her life… for her lifespan even? Will she outlive Wendy, have to go on for perhaps decades without her? That can't happen. A new goal is set. Find out how long she's likely to live… and make sure Wendy can be by her side for all of it.
<UltimixRed> "You have a cell phone number I can call you with?" Warren says pulling out his phone
<Kioku> Akemi snaps out of her thoughts and blinks, then digs in her satchel for… a rather old looking flip-phone. Sturdy, but cheap. "Yeah, I haven't been using it much at all here though. Kinda forgot about it, actually." \If Father ever knew that a girl at school gave it to me…<UltimixRed> "Well I got an idea which will make it imperative I can contact you." /How much wood will this take? and I wonder what I will need to convince Wendy/
<Kioku> "O-okay! Feel free to! …Are we friends then?"
<UltimixRed> "Sure, usually by now most anomalies try either eating me or stealing my socks so this is a pleasant surprise."
<Kioku> Akemi giggles harder than before. "Your socks?" She swoops down gracefully to lift his pant leg slightly and look. "I don't think you need to worry about that with me~" She comes up with a spin and hops in place once. "You're in terrible danger of being hugged if you get /too/ far on my good side though, so watch out for that."
<UltimixRed> "ohhh nooo" he says in mock horror eating a donut
<Kioku> Akemi rolls her eyes and flicks a tail /through/ the donut. "Where's all that food coming from? A secret stash? Another atrifact, like you said earlier? Oh! Is it a hole to an extradimensional space?" Akemi, how do you know about those things? Oh, right. Blame Julian.
<UltimixRed> "Artifact though I'm not in charge of what comes out"
<Kioku> "Well, wouldn't it be boring if you were? It means you get to try new things all the time!" Holy optimism, Akemi, don't get too carried away.
<UltimixRed> "yeah but sometimes I just want some lasagna but only get buffalo wings"
<Kioku> Akemi winces. Okay yes, she sees how that would be a problem. "Well if you ever want sushi, I'm certain I can make it better than that. Just call ahead!"
<UltimixRed> "I'll keep that in mind. well if you excuse me i must get going, gotta make an arm." Warren says warping out in a vortex of water
<Kioku> Akemi blinks a couple more times. "Okay. Bye then," she says to the empty air. \Well… I guess it's not like I need to worry about everything right away. I have time.<Kioku> ~Scene Akemi-no-kami~

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