Aiko Training June

<Kioku> Aiko knocks on Ivanov's door, as has become fairly familiar to her in the past month or so. Though, this is the first time since the increased security and Lilith's breakout, so she's not fully sure what to expect…
<SirGoldFish> Aiko, no one opens the door for a few extra moments until a younger female doctor stops to address Aiko. "Uhmm, hello there, are you looking for Ivanov?"
<Kioku> Aiko turns slightly toward her and nods. "I am. We've been meeting irregularly, and I thought this might be a good time if things have cooled down a bit…"
<SirGoldFish> "Ah, yes, he is down the hall. Working on a project. It's not exactly top secret so I'm sure he'd be fine with you visiting him."
<Kioku> Aiko smiles slightly. "Thank you, I'll go there then." She pats the wall a couple of times and moves past the doctor to go find her target.
<SirGoldFish> Aiko eventually finds herself in a especially spacey room. You sense Ivanov in the center along with a few other unknown scientist that are taking notes. At the front of the room, right across from Aiko is a massive piece of circular tech. It appears there are many many cables pouring energy into this machine, whatever it is.
<Kioku> Aiko walks slowly toward Ivanov, making sure to tap against the floor loudly enough that she'll be noticed coming and not startle them.
<SirGoldFish> Ivanov looks behind to see the presence. "Hello Aiko." he says in his usual plain monotone manner. "What brings you here?"
<Kioku> "What usually does? Interest and curiosity," she replies rather easily. "There's a /lot/ to learn and study, after all."
<SirGoldFish> "Mhmm, excellent attitude to have, Aiko. Well, I assume you're curious as to what we're working on here."
<Kioku> "Naturally." Aiko resists the urge to mentally poke at it and see if it responds, but only barely. Instead she focuses on whether she can /feel/ it, detect it as she can with all other technology. "Quite a bit of space and a lot of energy, plus several people working on it at once? I'm half tempted to ask if the Tree Diagram has backup nodes."
<SirGoldFish> Ivanov does not work on the tree diagram so he merely has to shake his head and yes, she can indeed feel it like any other piece of tech she's been around, but it feels alien, likely not made by people in its almost archaic design. With something like Sara, you could get the idea that she was made by a human, but with this? definitely not.
<Kioku> "So, prefer to tell me, or have me take a look this time?" Akemi obviously doesn't see the head shake, but takes his silence as… well… just that he won't confirm one way or the other.
<SirGoldFish> "I'll allow you to choose. I think this one might stomp you."
<Kioku> (Please say he meant stump, not stomp)
<SirGoldFish> *stump
<Kioku> Aiko takes this as a challenge and first Looks at the tech, then tries to investigate it by way of interfacing.
<Kioku> 4d3-8+5 Intu Comp
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Intu Comp: 5:8-8+5
<Kioku> 4d3-8+6 Technopath
<TheTrueDice> Kioku, Technopath: 7:9-8+6
<SirGoldFish> The device is sending and receiving massive amounts of information about the environment to… well, it's a bit far to trace, but that's because where ever it's sending and receiving info is not on earth. She os able to inerface with it, but the controls are oddly simple. On and off. It is currently on. It is currently going through a process before it is fully active. (Think a computer booting up.)
<Kioku> Aiko tilts her head and frowns slightly. "The small device from last month, the one that scanned the area and transmitted. This is a companion piece to it?"
<SirGoldFish> He laughs. "No, not quite. Think about what it is sending." If Aiko takes another look it seems to have the ability to assemble said info into objects and also disassemble objects, converting them into info and sending it to well… where ever it sends things.
<Kioku> \It's a damn 3d printer.\ Aiko lets out a single short laugh, more like a snicker than anything. "A destination-linked teleportation device. Figures one would exist. No way is it using speed-of-light communications though, if it actually has something to transmit to and it's sending the signal outward like that. Unless it's meant for planetary or intrastellar use…" \Warning: may destroy the original and create a copy with
<Kioku> your memories that doesn't know the difference. Not an issue for me since I can already convert my mind to data and don't care about the body, but for anyone else, it might kill them…<SirGoldFish> "Yes, it is indeed a teleportation device. Do you want to know where it sends things?"
<Kioku> Aiko taps her foot a few times, trying to trace the signal more precisely… assuming it doesn't go more than a lightminute away, or through a wormhole or something.
<SirGoldFish> (Roll analysis to see exactly where it is.)
<Kioku> 4d3-8+9
<TheTrueDice> Kioku: 10:9-8+9
<SirGoldFish> It's The Moon.
<Kioku> \Well. That's only about 30 lightseconds, so pretty reasonable.\ "The real question is how and why there's a companion portal on Luna." Aiko gives Ivanov a funny look. "…What are you planning to do with this?"
<SirGoldFish> "Well, we've already developed a base on The Lunar surface. The only reason it is here is because administration thought it would be a good idea to have a field trip."
<Kioku> "…"
<Kioku> "A moon base?"
<Kioku> Aiko starts giggling.
<Kioku> \This place really is like something out of a sci-fi series!<SirGoldFish> "Yes, we are the third to establish a moon base."
<Kioku> This gives Aiko pause, and stops her giggling immediately. "Third? As in, third group from Earth? Who are the others?"
<SirGoldFish> "Well, I don't want to spoil the entire trip." He chuckles.
<Kioku> \Still.\ "Better bet I'll be signing up," she mutters quietly to herself. "Just tell me that they're making good use of the opportunity for stellar observation without atmospheric interference or the burden of having to get everything past escape velocity? Hell, there are all kinds of things someone could build in such a low gravity environment. Just have to make sure to bring a ton of hydroponics tables to help balance out
<Kioku> oxygen production in the base with consumption, and…" It sounds like she could go on for quite a while if someone doesn't stop her. She's apparently put a /lot/ of thought into this sort of thing.
<SirGoldFish> Ivanov will continue to listen to Aiko as long as she talks, nodding along and being mildly impressed at the girl's knowledge.
<Kioku> -Scene Studied-

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