Libuse "Libby" Murroughney

Basic Info:

Player: ZaGatorado



If the sun disappeared off sunnybrook's sky one day, Libby would be first in line to come to mind, suspect-wise. Her smile is probably big enough to hide the star behind it, and even if she was glowing, people would only see her as having a particularly good day.

She's a firefly, our Libby. The dreariest surrounding provides but contrast and couldn't ever hope to hit her dimmer. There's a fragility to her, however, like a little kid's. People don't like giving her bad news, the idea feels worse than hearing those themselves.


Libby isn't hiding anything. She's not good at that, lying I mean. She's had to, before, but it's never turned out all that good for all it costs, and it makes her feel queasy.

Sure, she's seen the use and sometimes the need, like when she brought the sixth alien home and paused in front of the door for five minutes without ringing the doorbell, then sent her mom a text that she'd be staying at a friend's house and instead had a sleepover with her new pet in the van.

Point is, she doesn't like lies.


Libby isn't particularly tall, and she's not particularly bulky. Libby can't draw good, or lift heavy weights, or run multiple miles. She can't program or play piano or act in front of an audience.

But she can pull back her long-ass blond hair, look at you with wide greyish-blue eyes, sprawled out like a maniac over the grass, and tell you all about whatever constellation you happen to be laying under, real or imagined.

And that has to count for something, right?


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


  • The Whole World And You (4 - Brains)
  • (Yes you)

It's not just that Libby shines brighter than most, oh no. Libby is, in her own words, "towing the mediocrity line but probably below that because I'm also short". No, Libby's seeming likability comes from her ability to make those that come close to her feel like they're the center of her world, without being self-deprecating or the like.

And you just know it's genuine too.

  • Tongue-Lashings For Pet Alien Owners (4 - Brains)
  • ('For Pet Alien Owners' on a post-it-note stuck to the cover, to hide the 'For Dummies'.)

When Libby's disappointed with you, it hurts. You feel it, even if she doesn't say it, even if you haven't seen her in a while, even if she smiles at you instead.

And when she makes it public, you feel like dying.

  • What Else… Mechanical Operation… maybe? (2 - Agility)
  • (Big maybe.)

Libby's parents had a van when they were younger, and when they got too busy to drive it, it fell into disuse.

Too bad it has a colorful paint job, maybe a young Libby wouldn't have noticed it if it didn't.
… Fat chance.

Libby can drive, a little. She knows how to change the tires, or at least she thinks she does, a little.

…Is this a skill?

  • The Music Moves Through Me (2 - Brains)
  • (Too bad it doesn't stay.)

Libby can remember lyrics and melodies as well as she can remember to put on socks in the morning.

That is to say, 8/10.

She was raised by two musicians, but all she can play is the triangle, and everyone knows the triangle isn't a real instrument.

It's the unplugged controller of instruments.


  • Glowing In The Darkest Night: (4)

Libby shines brightly and colorfully to anything supernatural, in a way that transcends vision. She's a bug-zapper without the zapping. If anything, getting closer to Libby can only do a supernatural good.

Being close to her and hearing her laugh causes euphoria in the living examples, and generally boosts their abilities in a positive way. There's no fear of back-firing with Libby around. Her light smooths over all sharp corners, and leaves all feeling clean and beautiful.

And an hour later they suddenly fall asleep.

But hey, you're guaranteed good dreams, so that's something!

Unless you're an alien flying an invisible craft overhead. In which case you fell asleep at the wheel.



  • Libby can't take anything seriously (to the chagrin of edgelords everywhere). She's innately incapable of it. (Mild)
  • Libby's presence triggers artifacts without her really meaning to, and they tend to be more powerful than usual, too. They usually try to show their appreciation, even when lacking the sentience required to do it well, so they end up causing trouble instead. (Mild)


On Her Person:

  • Golden star stickers
  • Pad and pencil
  • Marbles
  • Business cards (not hers)
  • Ads for local businesses
  • 15 Sugar packets
  • 3 Salt packets
  • 2 Ketchup packets
  • A little bag of Fish food
  • A handful of Cat food
  • Some dirt (accidental)
  • Hair ties

Too Big For Pockets

  • VW Type 2 Minibus
  • Big bag of dog food
  • Pet bed
  • Fishbowl (empty)
  • Telescope

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