Leah Ruins Another Potential Romance Prospect

<MobileSavy> Morgan sighs, she was a bit in a shitty mood since she lost her diary, but whatever, it'll be fine. Walking to the gate wearing her usual attire, and by that I mean not usual at all, wearing just an undertale teeshirt that she usually wears under her hoodie. Dark jeans of course with dark boots and fingerless gloves. Her hair pulled back in a bun. Pulling
<MobileSavy> out her phone and texting Leah 'hey? Busy? I'm figuring since it's the day we talked about we can go on that date'
<gumbal1> «nah, nothing really going on. meet at the gate?»
<MobileSavy> 'Sure' Where she puts her phone is this new banging black leather purse she got, looks kinda awesome, and for fairly cheap too, something about finding it on a unidentified corpse or something.
<gumbal1> Leah's there soon enough. Pastel sundress with geometric patterns matching the ones on her brown skin. "Hey. So, still the Dim Sun place?"
<MobileSavy> Morgan nods "yeah, we can probably walk I figure, shouldn't be too bad, plus I did some research on what would be good to get at that kinda place, since I figure it's say, different from IHOP" she laughs.
<gumbal1> "That's good, because I have no clue what to get at those kind of places. My hometown didn't have any places like that, mostly just diners." Leah gets her bracelet applied and starts off. "Thinking of reapplying for a higher security clearance. Tired of having to get this bracelet applied every time I want to go out."
<MobileSavy> Morgan gets a brace put on as well, tsking. "Yeah.. It's super annoying, I might have to do that as well. And I mean, it's not like I'm gonna run away, I can't even run!" She laughs, gently taking Leah's hand and leading her "how was your day anyways?"
<gumbal1> Leah's hand is taken. "Pretty good. Been researching stuff for a project." Read: Nerding out over anomalous history from the 80s. "You?"
<MobileSavy> "I've been keeping busy, lost my diary, my room was also knee deep in bagels for awhile, that was /fun/." She says bitterly.
<gumbal1> "Shit. Anyone at the school who could've done that?"
<MobileSavy> "I don't think so, I'm pretty sure there might be an actual bagel deity that is fucking with me, but believe me, I won't let him win!"
<gumbal1> Leah laughs to herself. "That's the spirit!"
<MobileSavy> "Of course, I can't expect to beat a god without determination on my side!" She gives Leah a wink and a winning grin, then laughing.
<gumbal1> Leah smiles, briefly looking to the ground, then back up. "So, what's good at the Dim Sun place?"
<MobileSavy> "So shrimp dumplings looked really good, same with egg tarts despite being more of a desert thing, of course there were.. More hardcore stuff that they say is good, like tripe or chicken feet, buuuut I think we should hold off on that for now"
<gumbal1> "Eh, my grandma would have monthly nights where she forced my mom and I to try some hardcore Mizrahi dish she found online, so I think I'm good with anything."
<MobileSavy> "oh lord that sounds terrifying, but hey, did it at least turn out tasty?"
<gumbal1> "Turned out fucking amazing, it did. Grandma's a wonderful cook."
<MobileSavy> "Ahh that sounds awesome, maybe we should try something strange then, I mean, the chicken feet sounds.. Scary but people apparently love it."
<gumbal1> "They've had years to improve upon the recipe. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, you know?"
<MobileSavy> Morgan nods "yeah, also apparently it's good for skin too, I dunno, something about lots of collagens. Might have to be something to try at least, to be honest I'm most excited to try this one variation of shrimp dumpling, rather than chopped shrimp it just has one whole large shrimp in it."
<gumbal1> "Interesting. I try not to eat shrimp for religious reasons, but sometimes I just can't help myself, you know? And crab meat's just so good."

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<MobileSavy> "Oh crap yeah, I don't know much about Jewish stuff" she laughs nervously "sorry, but we can probably get other stuff, since this town has mostly English speaking people I'm sure the menu will have mostly English on it so we can decide, but hey, at least you can have the egg tarts, which I've also heard are amazing."
<gumbal1> "Don't worry about it, it's no big deal if I accidently eat treif." Leah smiles. "Besides, East Asian food's what us Jews like to call 'Safe Treif'."
<MobileSavy> Morgan laughs a bit, loving the girls smile and giving her hand a soft squeeze "we should be approaching it any minute, and I'm happy as long as you enjoy yourself and the food~"
<gumbal1> "Thanks. Maman used to take me out for Chinese food around Christmas, so this stuff's kinda special to me." Leah looks up at the approaching restaraunt. "This it?"
<MobileSavy> Morgan smiles even more, looking up to see the restaurant, it isn't exactly a fancy place, at least, the outside isn't. Morgan dragging the girl inside, and it seems that the outside was a pleasant little lie, just due to how nice it actually looks inside.. "This is it"
<gumbal1> "Pretty cool. Want to get a booth?"
<MobileSavy> Morgan nods "yeah, booths are usually better" talking to the person for a moment before being directed to sit at one of the empty booths, being asked what they want to drink "Water please" she looks to Leah to see what she wants.
<gumbal1> "Hot tea, if you would." Leah looks over the menu, should they be given one.
<MobileSavy> Indeed they are, the person nods and heads off, giving them time to read their menu. Morgan looks it over, smiling as she sees that most of the foods she did research on were on there. Overloaded with ever type of dumping you can possibly imagine, congee, buns and many other kinds. Morgan moving to pick up one of the tiny sauce bowls, getting some of the
<MobileSavy> homemade hot oil in said bowl for later use. "What looks good to you?"
<gumbal1> "Honestly, the conversation earlier had me thinking on what the chicken's foot would be like, so I think I'll get that. It's…technically kosher, I think."
<gumbal1> "Might also get some veggie dumplings if that doesn't pan out."
<MobileSavy> "Yeah.. Though I should say that this is the kind of place that you usually get a bunch of items and share, because in one basket/order you'd say, get three good sized dumplings or with the chicken feet you'd get a whole thing of them."
<gumbal1> "I mean, what do you recommend, personally?"
<MobileSavy> "I dunno really.. There's this one dumpling" she points to it on the menu, a thin skinned dumping that's filled with pork, shrimp, and mushrooms "I've had it, it's good, but it's got pork and shrimp in it. Also this other thing that just looked good to me, basically a thing that's wrapped in like, lotus leaves or something, filled with rice, Chinese sausage
<MobileSavy> and something else."
<gumbal1> "Second sounds good."

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<MobileSavy> "Yeah, looks a bit funky I've seen but apparently it's amazing, even has this nice tea smell, probably because of what it's wrapped in. We could probably get a thing of chicken feet, the rice and Chinese sausage thing, veggie dumplings and some egg tarts to finish it off, if that sounds good for the both of us to share?" The woman comes back with their
<MobileSavy> drinks, a cute little teapot and small glass cup for her tea and Morgan with her water.
<gumbal1> "Sounds amazing, yeah. Want to split the leftovers?"

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<MobileSavy> "Sure, though there might not be any leftovers with how good this place is" she laughs, thanking the waitress, she asks if they're ready to order and Morgan decides to order.
<gumbal1> Leah smiles as the order is taken. "Thanks for taking me out, by the way."
<MobileSavy> "It's no problem at all, always nice to have the company of a nice girl for dinner" Morgan nods with a smile, taking a sip of her water.
<gumbal1> "You're too kind." Leah takes a sip of her tea.
<MobileSavy> "Can't say I have the best intentions" she jokes.
<gumbal1> "No one at this school does."
<MobileSavy> "Eh, that might be true.. Though don't get me wrong, my intentions are /that/ bad."
<gumbal1> "I'm friends with Katlyn. I'm used to bad intentions." Leah awkwardly smiles.
<MobileSavy> "Hm, what do ya mean?" Morgan didn't exactly know about that yet.
<gumbal1> "I mean, Katlyn's kinda into me, for some strange reason. Apparantly that happens a lot with her friends."
<MobileSavy> Morgan blinks, and for a odd reason, starts to feel a bit hurt "oh"
<gumbal1> "…is something the matter?"
<MobileSavy> Morgan looks down for a moment before shaking her head "no, not at all" that slight tinge of pain you feel when you believe you're special for something, only to realize, you're not. The waitress brings food to the people in the next booth, only for the food to fly off the tray and to the floor, the waitress looks mortified. Morgan did that, she knows.
<gumbal1> "Oh, alright. Sorry, you looked a littl-" Leah looks over to the spill. "Shit, you see that?"
<LipstickThespian> Morgan's wristband has a small red light turn on, it begins to blink slowly, the bright LED flashing repeatedly.
<gumbal1> Leah blinks. "…uh, is that normal? That hasn't really happened with me before."
<MobileSavy> Morgan looks panicked, what if they can't use their powers off school campus, not that she can even control it in the first place. Panic welling in her chest as she looks like a deer in headlights, but her power certainly does much of the panicking for her. Lights start to flicker in the building until going completely out, the chairs in the dining area
<MobileSavy> decide to fly to the walls on the other side of the room.
<gumbal1> Leah quickly gets up. "Shit, are you okay?! Do you need me to call someone?"
<LipstickThespian> The sounds of sirens turn on in the distance. Patrons in the restaurant are, considerably freaking out. Some run for the doors, other dive under tables for cover, a baby is crying as a mother cowers in the corner.
<LipstickThespian> A woman screams "what's happening?!" As a chef tries to catch a chair before it lands on him, failing, getting knocked back.
<MobileSavy> Morgan's eyes open quickly looking to Leah before looking down and only sinking in her seat, she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't even know why it's so bad, why was such a small thing setting it off, setting /her/ off? The lights in the ceiling breaking, glass falling on everyone with loud crashing noises.
<gumbal1> Fuck. No, this really isn't good.
<gumbal1> "What's happening?!"
<MobileSavy> "Just leave I'm going to get you in trouble.. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.." Morgan mumbles as the windows to the shop start shattering, some people are even thrown to the walls.
<gumbal1> Leah bails. What the fuck happened?! First they were talking about Katlyn, then…
<gumbal1> Oh my god.
<gumbal1> Oh my god.
<gumbal1> Why did this always have to happen? Leah ran away from the restaraunt, confused and terrified. Why was Katlyn always involved in her own romantic failings?
<LipstickThespian> An unmarked black sedan pulls up out front of the restaurant, screeching to a halt. The lights in it flashing a cutting blue and red through the broken windows. Two men burst out, wearing simple polo shirts and khakis and matte black molle vests with a variety of gear on them. One grabs a shotgun from the center console, and the other pulls out a taser as they run for the front
<LipstickThespian> window. "Get down get down!" They start to scream as they jump through the front window, which had shattered, pushing past civilians.
<gumbal1> Leah's fled pretty far at this point. At some point, she just collapses on the ground, exhausted physically and emotionally.
<MobileSavy> Morgan's eyes go wide, they were coming for her weren't they? She can't do this, she's scare out of her mind, now alone, men with guns and tasers bursting in. So? She runs, runs to the back of the restaurant, trying to find a exit.
<LipstickThespian> The men give chase, and then the bracelet starts to speak. "Attention Student. Please lay down face forward with your hands behind your head. Compliance is mandatory. Failure to comply will result in further punishment. Attention s-" it repeats as she hears the men behind her stumble and push past a few patrons screaming "stop!" There's more sirens in the distance. Leah can see
<LipstickThespian> another unmarked vehicle rush by her.
<gumbal1> This has been a Bad Day. She doesn't run this time, preferring to lie on the ground.
<MobileSavy> Morgan looks down at the brace, she can't do it, they'll just hurt her, come on, this can't be right, this can't be right at all, she didn't mean it, she didn't. As soon as the men come near her, Morgan feels an overwhelming surge of pain, she can feel the intense feeling of everything around her ripping, tearing at the forces like someone ripping through
<MobileSavy> thin paper. She can't stand it, the stress, the noise, so? She screams, screams at the top of her lungs, everything around her, the flooring, the people, tables and chairs, are pushed back, even if they have to be ripped from the ground.
<LipstickThespian> A stove is ripped from it's piping, a few tables are thrown off and to the side, and the two men in their little get ups are tossed back over a table and sent flying. Their weapons flying away from them as they crash to the ground. The area around her is clear of, well, everything, as it's all pushed back. Still, as the world returns from the scream, sounds come back. The bracelet
<LipstickThespian> is still speaking to her, the sirens are still coming in the distance, and the men are groaning but moving.
<MobileSavy> Morgan takes that time, and, she runs, despite how much it hurts, even things still being thrown around her. She runs, runs to the exit in the back which leads to the back of the building where the dumpster is, trying to find a way out.
<LipstickThespian> It's an alley, long both ways, streets on either side. She can hear the sirens from the south, and she can hear orders being shouted in the restaurant. "We need a zone set up now!" Comes a voice in the restaurant.
<gumbal1> Eventually, Leah gets up, and meekly heads back to the school, sighing. Why was she so bad at this?
<MobileSavy> Morgan squints her eyes in the darkness matched with the blaring sirens and lights, deciding to run for dear life in the other direction, getting to the streets and just well, running more, she'd just, run and run until she can't anymore.
<LipstickThespian> She can run, of course, but the net would always be there. It manifests eventually in the form of a figure walking down the street as she runs. A woman with short black hair and wearing a simple summer outfit of a short dress and sandals, holding her purse. "Miss? Are you alright? You look flustered." She stops to look at Morgan as she runs down the street to her, worry in her middle
<LipstickThespian> aged face. Sirens continue in the distance, but the bracelet has by now been shorted out by her powers and isn't speaking.
<MobileSavy> Morgan looks at the woman, her power isn't going as crazy now, thank god, she looks at the woman again, then where the sirens are "I- I" she babbles, not able to find words.

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<LipstickThespian> "Oh come here sweetie," the woman says as she motions Morgan over. "I live nearby, let's get you inside okay, we can call your family to come pick you up."
<MobileSavy> Morgan is certainly used to the stranger danger thing, but she has no room to be picky, plus what nice middle aged woman would brutally stab her like she's heard strangers are. "Uhm, Uhm okay.. Okay..'
<MobileSavy> She comes over to the woman willingly, but nervous.
<LipstickThespian> "It's much too dangerous out here this late at night," the woman says as she moves quickly. It's inhumane how fast it is as she drives forward and pushes an elbow straight into Morgan's throat to destabilize her, then a quick swipe of her leg to kick out the girl's hold on the ground and knock her over. Practiced, tactical, and sudden.
<MobileSavy> Morgan screams at the top of her lungs, from even where Leah is she might be able to hear it, enough to make someone sick at the bottom of their stomach. Morgan falling over, well, rather almost simulating a rag doll and crumbling to the ground.
<LipstickThespian> The woman is quick, pinning Morgan with a knee in the chest and then there's a syringe out of her purse. It's into Morgan's neck in a second and once it's tossed aside she watches her, holds her there. "Don't you know there's dangerous people out there?" She finishes her statement and lifts up her arm, speaking into her wristband. "Target secured, got her before they could catch up
<LipstickThespian> with her. Get to my location, we need to get her as far from this school as possible." The effects are quick, she feels weak, drowsy, and she can't seem to focus.
<MobileSavy> Morgan can't speak, her eyes staring at the woman, she wants to run, she's scared, doesn't know what to do. Tears welling up in her eyes as she says becomes limp.
<LipstickThespian> It takes a minute, and a car pulls up. The back door opens and a man comes out. Him and the woman pick up Morgan and they carry her over and slide her into the back. The woman going to the front seat, the man sitting next to her and grabbing something from under the seat. "Go," the woman says an the driver takes off. Away from the street, and towards the highway. "What's her name?"
<LipstickThespian> The man asks as he uses a small tool to cut through the bracelet and toss it out the window of the car. "Subject Theta," the woman says without looking, "we'll call her Theta." Then, a blanket is being pulled over Morgan, and then the drugs make it impossible to stay awake.
<MobileSavy> Morgan's eyes grow heavy, she can't see anymore because of the blanket, a few more soft breaths and then? She's out like a light.

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