Player: Piper

Demeanor: Quiet, shy, a wallflower

Nature: Terrified of her abilities, Heart of gold

Description: Juliet looks… delicate, spindly arms and legs, narrow hips, no chest to speak of. She stands 5'1" with long, straight black hair that she usually wears down in her face to hide herself from the world. She has violet-colored eyes, and pale skin (Having grown up in Seattle so rarely sees the sun).


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4

  • Artistry - (4) Brains Juliet is very good at drawing and painting, traditional mediums. Her work is good enough to rival great masters, but she's too shy to display it.
  • Hiding - (4) Agility Juliet has mastered the art of not being seen when she does not want to be seen… which is most times.
  • Inventing - (3) Brains Juliet is good at cobbling together technological contraptions. She knows her way around servos and soldering irons.
  • Computer Programming - (4) Brains Juliet is a wiz at computers. Only makes sense, she almost never leaves her monitor.

General Power Information: Juliet's body is a matter/energy conversion vessel. The cells of her body feed on gamma radiation as surely as they feed on the nutrients from food, there is an aura of strange energy that surrounds her and acts as a conversion tool, containment barrier, and deffensive mechanism.

Matter Annihilation - 4 - When Juliet touches an object she can manipulate the field surrounding her to generate an opposite charge to the matter being touched causing an effect similar to antimatter, effectively obliterating the matter and yielding an enormous amount of energy which she then absorbs, metabolizing most of it with the remaining gamma radiation being stored in her cells. Currently the amount of energy she can contain is very limited. With practice and time the amount of energy she can store will grow. Her powers are relatively weak at this stage in her life. She can't break down very dense objects and nothing harder than a soft wood like pine. As her abilities grow she will gain the strength to break down harder materials.

Energy Absorption - 2 - Juliet's body has the ability to absorb energy and radiation similar to how she absorbs matter, however the efficiency of the absorption is terrible and, with the exception of very strong sources like natural lightning, hardly adds any charge to her stored energy. Even very strong sources of energy or radiation increase her charge by no more than 25% of her currently extremely limited capacity. Energy striking her is still quite painful, but she suffers no physical injuries.

Energy expulsion - 4 - The strange energy that surrounds Juliet's body also has the ability to defend itself. On a whim, she can expel spheres of pure kinetic energy that explode on impact with varying degrees of concussive force. Currently the maximum amount of force she can output is equivalent to a well trained boxer giving a strong punch, the strength and control of these explosions as well as their accuracy will increase with time and practice. Use of this power drains her energy reserves, with a baseball size equivalent of matter generating enough energy for about four kinetic spheres


Pressure Valve (Severe) Juliet is an energy container, but has a finite storage capacity. The strange energy surrounding her can only contain a certain amount of the gamma radiation and if she ever exceeds her capacity the strange energy drains all of the gamma radiation she currently has and rapidly expands outward in a kinetic bubble, an explosion of pure kinetic energy that dissipates the gamma radiation and causes massive damage to anything nearby without discrimination for friends and family. Currently she can hold enough energy that if her pressure valve blows it releases about the same amount of concussive force as two pounds of TNT. About enough blast to destroy an average bedroom or weaken the foundation of a house. As her capacity increases so too does the strength of the blast. The blast leaves her physically and mentally weakened and she falls comatose while her body repairs the field of energy around her. Usually the comatose state lasts 4 to 7 hours. She can not control this ability and explode whenever she feels like it.

Energy leach: Juliet's powers act almost as a parasite providing benefits, but also taking what it needs from her body. Her cells need gamma radiation and lots of it, it takes most of what it needs from the food that she eats, causing the antimatter reaction in her stomach and absorbing most of the food as energy for itself, leaving only a small portion for her normal biology to absorb as sustenance. This leaves her mal-nurished and underweight, and ensures that she will always be physically weaker than the average girl of her height and age.

Death: If Juliet's strange energy field is cut off completely the gamma radiation is free to leak from her body making her a walking health hazard, but it also has the added effect of cutting off her ability to absorb gamma radiation and as her cells need it to survive this will ultimately lead to her "starving to death", a slow and painful death.


Personally carried
  • A laptop in a messenger bag
  • Glasses

Stored in her room

  • A few changes of clothes
Juliet led a typical life for the most part. She was an introverted computer geek with a fascination for robotics. Her parents worked for the bureau as agents dealing with anomalies on a daily basis, and constantly preached about the sins and vileness of the tainted brood. Juliet never jumped on the hateful bandwagon, but growing up around it made her nervous and fearful of anomalous people. Her powers manifested on an insignificant day during a typical teenage pastime, arguing with her parents. They were all at breakfast, seated around the dinner table when her father began lecturing her about boys despite the fact that she had never had a boyfriend in her life. The bickering went back and forth until the table they had been eating on disappeared and Juliet began glowing brightly and then exploded, destroying their kitchen. It was only their bureau training that allowed her parents to survive the blast, though they were gravely injured. When the police arrived they found Juliet lying unconscious in the center of the blast with her parents bloody bodies nearby. She was taken under guard to the hospital, but before she could be questioned, the GWU stepped in and took her into their custody and bringing her to the school at Sunnybrook, a place where she could be with others like her and learn to control her power so she wouldn't accidentally hurt anyone again.

Until she learns to control her abilities she has been fitted with a power dampening bracelet. Or so she believes, the bracelet is a placebo, meant to stop her from freaking out about her abilities.

XP Log

11/15/15 - Weekly +1xp
11/22/15 - Weekly +1xp
11/29/15 - Weekly +1xp
11/30/15 - Power Tutoring Juliet + Ivanov: Matter Annihilation +1
12/06/15 - Weekly +1xp
12/08/15 - SGF Story Contest winner +2xp
12/08/15 - Power Boost Upgrade -4xp, Matter Annihilation +1, Energy Absorption +1
New Total XP: 2
12/13/15 - Weekly +1xp
12/20/15 - Weekly +1xp
12/20/15 - Little Miss Missing +2xp, $100

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