Students can do a lot at Fifth Sanctum, the school is designed to give them freedom and let them grow. Beyond the normal everyday school life, going into town, and classes. There are a lot of extra things that students can get themselves involved with. As well as some policy rules they might need to be aware of. So the school offers information on these to every new student.


Room Assignments Apply for your room assignment and upgrades here.
Room Descriptions An easy way for people to show where their characters stay, and make room scenes a little easier.
Employment Here, students can apply for a job. Learning a bit more about responsibility and getting a nice paycheck on the way.
Clubs and Teams Students are encouraged to join clubs and teams and socialize, with incentives.
Statistics Some students have taken surveys in Andromeda dorm! Want to see their results?


  • Students are not to harm other students unless in a supervised training environment.
  • Contact with the outside world is free, and internet use is freely available. Don't worry, wifi is provided without extra charge. Calls can be made from the phones, letters sent from the office. The students are treated as students abroad as far as their relationships with their families.
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