Availability: Monday-Friday; 3:00 PM til I pass out. Available all the time during the weekends.

Style: Darkness lurks around in this world filled with the strange and fantastical. Organizations and powers unknown seek to grasp control of this world. You're stuck in the middle. Not everything can be or should be explained, but what can be explained is often wrapped in mystery. The world is not all bleak, however; there are always lights around ever dark corner. Wonderful things to see, absurd entities to gawk and laugh at. Wonderful and weird characters who almost all exist on the line. There is always hope. One must know this or lest they be lost to the void itself.

Jumps on Helping with character concepts, giving characters threads to follow, playing NPC, doing plots, having a good time.

Abstains from Approving character sheets, technical aspects and running faceless members of the school, being limited in any capacity, mechanics

Personal Logs

Not especially important enough to keep on the logs page, but small bits of GMing that highlight certain aspects of me as a GM.


Jinxy Loves Maddy

Phantom Invasion

blank phantoms

lil boy and the butcher

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