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On July 20th 2019, giant, mysterious portals appeared at various population centers around the world. One day later, on the 21st, hundreds of thousands of mechanized troops with flame based weaponry, eldritch monstrosities, and horrid hybrids of human and machine marched through the portals in an attempt to invade our world. After 48 hours of intense fighting from the world's various militaries and FireWatch to defend the world from invaders, the portals suddenly closed. Many cities were left in ruins, The worst casualties were experienced in Washington DC, where fully 50% of the civilian population perished and fully one third of the city burned down. The world will be reeling from this for awhile, and almost everyone has experienced some form of loss from this event. The implications for world politics will be felt for a long time to come.

The Great Two Day War by Boba FettuccineBoba Fettuccine, 25 Jul 2017 00:46
Land of the Dead by UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire, 21 Mar 2017 03:23

The Super Sanctum Fighting Tournament has concluded with Gungnir the champion of the Live bracket, and Athene the champion of the Equality bracket. Congratulations! May this bring the rest of you one step closer to rejecting the tyranny of surnames.

Soft-Only characters cannot participate in hard RP content, including most plots or runs, and cannot gain xp, but in return have no mechanics whatsoever, no numbers on the page besides your height, weight, age, and birthday. They still need 2 GMs to approve, just like any other character, due to history and lore, but provide a much lower learning curve to get into the game, and should let you learn the system at your own pace if you later want to turn them into "full content" characters.

Soft-Only Sheets Available by KiokuKioku, 03 Feb 2017 16:21

Students who witness or experience bullying in any form are encouraged to report to the staff. Mr. Herrera’s door is always open, especially to students feeling threatened or any reason. This school is a home to many, the only home for some, and every action will be taken to make every student feel as safe as possible.

OOC: Players seeking an official IC response from the Fifth Sanctum staff can contact Antichthon. This goes for anything, not just bullying and campus safety.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

"I'm here with special correspondent Steve Robins in Sarajevo, where it seems a major event has occurred. A sinkhole has suddenly formed where there were no signs of instability before, and several lives have been lost - preliminary digging efforts have found 12 bodies so far, and one survivor. Steve?"

"Thanks, Sarah. Witnesses claim they saw a bright white light in the area where the sinkhole formed just moments before this tragedy happened. The event occurred at 6am local time, the same time that the world stood still. That's right folks, the wave we all felt was worldwide, sweeping out from this point. It's a safe bet that the sinkhole and the so-called "ripple" were both caused by some supernatural-"

"Anomalous, Steve."

"Sorry, Sarah. Some anomalous event, right here. It doesn't seem to have had any other major effects, except that a very small percent of the population - less than one per million so far - are reportedly experiencing severe confusion, like all knowledge of the strangeness in the world revealed last October has been wiped from their minds. Could this be a conspiracy? An effort to hide them again so they can take over the world? We may not know until it's too late. In fa-"

"Thank you, Steve, that's enough. Please note that it is not the opinion of this or any other news network at this time that this was an attempt by the anomalous community as a whole to precipitate some deception. If it was done with malicious intent, it is the opinion of this network that the attempt was carried out by a small minority. Regardless, I've been Sarah Yashumoto, and this is BBC news.

Re: A Ripple in Reality by KiokuKioku, 25 Jan 2017 08:24
A Ripple in Reality
KiokuKioku 24 Jan 2017 03:19
in discussion Community / News » A Ripple in Reality

Sarajevo, 6:00am
(Haven, 9:00pm)

Manus Populi operated best in the shadows - in a world where the anomalous was still unknown, and no major organizations had risen up to contain them. A world with no GWU, no Sunnybrook, no Sanctum, no public awareness. They wanted a world where they could direct humanity, and be the ones to control the anomalous on their own terms, be seen as saviors by the persecuted. In a ritual nearly a year in the making, they succeeded - a world-spanning wave, a ripple in reality, taking many of their members to this new world they wanted… with some unforeseen side effects. The ripple also caused many individuals from the other reality to swap places with their counterparts in ours if they existed, and shunted others from one to the other where there was no counterpart. Most of the Manus Populi members were in the eye of the storm, letting them travel one way without another version of them, if it existed, being forced to our side. Very little of the organization is believed to remain in this world, and that's just how they want it - a feint to make others think they're completely gone, while those few remainders build up again. For what better way to manipulate the world than if the world thinks you no longer exist?

A Ripple in Reality by KiokuKioku, 24 Jan 2017 03:19

In the center of the sports field of Fifth Sanctum, temporarily converted into an arena, sits an octahedral structure half a meter in dimension between any two opposite vertices. It's stuck halfway through a round table, and the whole construct is covered in a shimmering, translucent shield of sorts. Another such field is visible stretching out thirty meters in every direction, forming a sphere (for it does penetrate the earth) around the artifact, and it is outside this field that several students are gathered to watch, both on the ground and on bleachers that have been moved from their normal positions for this purpose. Welcome… to the Super Sanctum Fighting Tournament.

A large sign has been planted in the ground just outside the field to one side, making the rules clear and keeping track of the win/loss records. Already, a couple of students from Cassiopeia and Lacerta dorms have had goes at each other, but other than that the record is fairly blank. The rules are rather simple - go all out. The artifact has some way of "saving" the state you're in when you enter its area of effect, and "restoring" you to that same state when you exit, in all ways except memory. It also can create a projection above itself if two or more participants touch it, and is set to 'adjust' the abilities of the projected versions of the students to be about equal - usually by lowering both of them to a more easily calculable state. The students themselves control this projection, their senses pulled inside it, so it's just like a normal fight to them.

~Let the games begin~

Note that the "Equality" Tournament takes place in an artifact-generated simulation, while the "Live" Tournament takes place within the area of effect of an artifact that 'saves' your status when you enter the field, and restores you to that status when you leave.

Super Sanctum Fighting Tournament is here now! (And it also counts as playtesting for the new system, which means this tournament is played with the new system, not the old one.)

How to play and Win

To play, you simply tell a GM that you and X (with X being the other player) are going to be having a tournament fight and say what characters are going to be participating. You can participate in as many fights as you want and must participate in a minimum of 3 to receive participation credit. Please note that the winner is whoever finishes the bracket with the best W/L ratio, NOT whoever finishes with the most wins. You may fight in both, but the unupgraded contestant must be the base sheet for the character (use the page's history for that) and the upgraded must have non-starting experience spent on it.

The tournament is divided into two categories:

Equality and Live

Equality Tournament focuses on characters who are fresh with no additional XP spent (Thought it doesn't mean the character has to be new. Just that you use the 'no additional XP' version of the character from its page history.) and with no items provided that the character didn't start with. You're using your character in its base, unupgraded form.

Live Tournament can be any character with additional (non-starting XP) spent on the character. From 1 XP to 1000 XP, if there has been XP spent on your character, it qualifies. In addition to this, all characters are provided with a Reinforced Jacket and Kinetic Barrier unless the character already has something better.

1. You may only get credit for fighting a specific character once per bracket. No credit for rematches.
2. You must compete in 5 fights to be a competitor for the title of Victor.

1. 2xp (for the new system) for each character that participates in at least 3 rounds.
2. $50 per win and $25 per loss.
3. A preproduction Kinetic Barrier Prototype model that incorporates a degree of runic shielding for the winner of each bracket. (It gives +1 Cover Armor against mundane AND ability-based attacks)

We're initiating use of a new system around the end of January. This means converting characters to it! Check out the Lore and World Info page, and the new Mechanics page, and poke at Kio if you need help with the changeover!

Consistent Lore, New Mechanics by KiokuKioku, 08 Jan 2017 19:33

If you're interested, PM Silvors or follow the link at the bottom to sign up for participation in World Event 1: Vitriolic Children.

Vitriolic Children was originally intended to be a run, but then I had a chat and decided to change it to something bigger.

Vitriolic Children is a city-wide event where biological horrors are unleashed onto the town by an unknown, unnamed figure. Attempts at clairvoyance fails and the source is unknown. The school is doing its best to keep the monsters down, but they're adapting. Fast. And with the school occupied with damage control, searching for the source isn't viable. They're only showing up in and around Haven, so the source is assumed to be around there.

People are going missing, dying, and worse. There's no sign of the amalgamation's maker. Find the maker. Stop the monsters. Follow this link:

Application accepted pending review in 2 weeks. Also forbidden to use the term "supernatural" in reference to anything that, strictly speaking, isn't.

Re: The New Work Reform by KiokuKioku, 26 Jun 2016 23:48

Application denied; applicant unable to pass minimum entrance tests.

Re: The New Work Reform by KiokuKioku, 26 Jun 2016 23:15
IC7. Also, new forum. by KiokuKioku, 24 Jun 2016 21:34

Run: Special Delivery
Date: 6-27-16
Players: 2-3
Time: 8:30 ET
Sign ups: in reply to this post
Synopsis: Players will receive a text at 8 ET on Monday from temp agent Ritchey with the following text: Need assistance with obtaining a package and transporting it to Ms. Fox. This package is of the utmost importance, handle it with care as per it is allegedly fragile. However make sure to get the package to her immediately as per it is urgent. You will make contact at these coordinates with another agent- (X.X, Y.Y)

Re: Weekly Run Program by Moby WhiteMoby White, 24 Jun 2016 01:30

Name: Maguire, Malissa
Student ID: ██████
Position: PR assistant
Available times: Any
Work Experience: Sunnybrook Warp Tour Guide
Relevant Qualifications: I've been interacting with the public my whole life, and I have a natural attunedness for how others are feeling, even if not supernatural.
References: Akemi, Zita, [many NPC students]
Reason: I want to show the world that us supernaturals are just like anyone else!

Re: The New Work Reform by EndorbEndorb, 23 Jun 2016 20:08
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