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If you're interested, PM Silvors or follow the link at the bottom to sign up for participation in World Event 1: Vitriolic Children.

Vitriolic Children was originally intended to be a run, but then I had a chat and decided to change it to something bigger.

Vitriolic Children is a city-wide event where biological horrors are unleashed onto the town by an unknown, unnamed figure. Attempts at clairvoyance fails and the source is unknown. The school is doing its best to keep the monsters down, but they're adapting. Fast. And with the school occupied with damage control, searching for the source isn't viable. They're only showing up in and around Haven, so the source is assumed to be around there.

People are going missing, dying, and worse. There's no sign of the amalgamation's maker. Find the maker. Stop the monsters. Follow this link:

Application accepted pending review in 2 weeks. Also forbidden to use the term "supernatural" in reference to anything that, strictly speaking, isn't.

Re: The New Work Reform by KiokuKioku, 26 Jun 2016 23:48

Application denied; applicant unable to pass minimum entrance tests.

Re: The New Work Reform by KiokuKioku, 26 Jun 2016 23:15
IC7. Also, new forum. by KiokuKioku, 24 Jun 2016 21:34

Run: Special Delivery
Date: 6-27-16
Players: 2-3
Time: 8:30 ET
Sign ups: in reply to this post
Synopsis: Players will receive a text at 8 ET on Monday from temp agent Ritchey with the following text: Need assistance with obtaining a package and transporting it to Ms. Fox. This package is of the utmost importance, handle it with care as per it is allegedly fragile. However make sure to get the package to her immediately as per it is urgent. You will make contact at these coordinates with another agent- (X.X, Y.Y)

Re: Weekly Run Program by Moby WhiteMoby White, 24 Jun 2016 01:30

Name: Maguire, Malissa
Student ID: ██████
Position: PR assistant
Available times: Any
Work Experience: Sunnybrook Warp Tour Guide
Relevant Qualifications: I've been interacting with the public my whole life, and I have a natural attunedness for how others are feeling, even if not supernatural.
References: Akemi, Zita, [many NPC students]
Reason: I want to show the world that us supernaturals are just like anyone else!

Re: The New Work Reform by EndorbEndorb, 23 Jun 2016 20:08

As of 2 days before this post, IC, Jinx upgraded to the $400, 18' by 21' room

Re: Room Assignments: New Dorms by EndorbEndorb, 23 Jun 2016 05:29

Name: Gavelis, Sara Phoenix
Student ID: ██████
Position: Campus Security Trainee
Available times: Any
Work Experience: Macdonalds Cashier, teacher's aide (Middle School)
Relevant Qualifications: Well, I'm pretty good with quite a few ranged weapons, from firearms (lethal and nonlethal) to composite bows, and throwing items. I also have the unique defence of my barrier, which will protect me from supernatural assailants. As well, I don't get tired from exerting, and I can do short dashing maneuvers when I need to do something extra quickly.
References: [listed are several previous teachers and tutors, as well as her old boss]
Reason: I feel that I'll be doing good at this job, while also pushing my boundaries and working on improving myself. I'd choose this job if it had the worst pay rate, definately.

Re: The New Work Reform by EndorbEndorb, 23 Jun 2016 01:06

Work hours will be during class. Ask the teachers you have for Wednesday afternoon classes about missing it, and getting the work from them before hand. If this proves possible, application accepted.

Re: The New Work Reform by KiokuKioku, 23 Jun 2016 00:47

Sarah Hare 21 Jun 2016, 14:28

Anytime after 6pm

Re: Whispers in the Dark by KiokuKioku, 21 Jun 2016 18:30

Anytime after 6pm

Re: Whispers in the Dark by Sarah HareSarah Hare, 21 Jun 2016 18:28

"Okay, that… that's some pretty good experience to have. And it means that she probably has the same tastes as most students despite the physiological differences."

Application Accepted, but please don't use claws in the kitchen.

Re: The New Work Reform by KiokuKioku, 21 Jun 2016 18:13

Applicant Name: Brown, "Skix", Sandra
Student ID: ██████
Position Applied For: Cafe Cook
Days and Hours Available: Wed-Sat and Sun-Tues (after 9pm est)

Work Experience: Homeless Soup kitchen volunteer

Relevant Qualifications: Love of food, care for creating quality meals for students.

Expectations: To get hands on experience in the kitchen, stretch my creativeness in building signature dishes. With my reptilian sense of smell and taste i can fine tune any dish. With sharp claws i can slice, dice, and peal faster then anyone.

References: Theodore Grundlewood (who works as a dish washer at the cafe) Elspeth Sullivan, Suzanne Williams, Ambrose Syl-Falaren (went on school sponsored mission character and work reference)

Reason for Application: As a new student i feel it is important to earn ones keep and work for a living. With free room and board, food, and a chance at an education i feel i could give something back by cooking for the other students. Also a chance to earn some money would be nice growing up with nothing it is nice to be able to afford some small luxuries

Available starting like 2PM EDT and free for the rest of the day, barring a brief break for dinner at 6PM or so.

Re: Whispers in the Dark by TisNemiTisNemi, 21 Jun 2016 04:46

I should be on around noon EDT, and available any time the rest of the day.

Re: Whispers in the Dark by AntichthonAntichthon, 21 Jun 2016 04:36

I should be free tomorrow, but its likely I may be busy from 3 pm to 6 pm

I'll be missing ~6PM to somewhere from 10PM to 12AM, and realistically, I'm going to wake up at noon, and do my stuff for an hour or two

Re: Whispers in the Dark by EndorbEndorb, 21 Jun 2016 03:43
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