Fireflies Initiative

"Those kids hold the weight of the world on their shoulders, and they still manage to shine in the darkness."

The Fireflies Initiative

What was the greater purpose of Sunnybrook? The question was asked a hundred times in a hundred meetings. What they came up with was a jumbled mess of hopes and dreams for these bright students and the future. In the end, it all boiled down to one idea;

The students of Sunnybrook are our future.

While these anomalous individuals are new to the world, and the Global Watch Unit is just getting figured out, the future was on everyone’s mind. What would happen when the general population learned of these things? When they weren’t just tabloid materials, and people knew that there was a different kind of person in the world. So how do we train these students to be useful with their abilities, as well as prepare the world for them?

So it was in 2018 that legislation passed the general assembly to form the Fireflies Initiative.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Fireflies Initiative to prepare, equip, and train, the willing students of Sunnybrook for our brave new world. Through clandestine operations around the globe we seek to utilize these bright students to the cause of good. It is our hope that stories of their valiantry and skills will spread, and with it, the acceptance of their kind. This is the future of our world, and we mean to make these students the banner holders of a new era.


Students may sign up for the program on a completely voluntary basis. From there they will have access to training in any field they desire. Access to tools and materials at the tips of their fingers. As well as the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities off campus under the banner of the Fireflies. The only requirement to being a Firefly is a drive to do good in the world, and having a little extraordinary part of yourself.

To apply students should seek out an Advisor, Ms. Silverlock, Dr. Anderson, or General Bryce.


Name Rank Accolades
Maya K. Team Leader Trial by Fire, Welcome Committee
Akemi K. Operative Trial by Fire, Welcome Committee
Conrad O. Operative Trial by Fire, Welcome Committee
Daniel V. Team Leader Welcome Committee
Katlyn L. Operative Welcome Committee
Madeline M. Operative Welcome Committee
Misty F. Operative Trial by Fire, Welcome Committee
Moby W. Operative
Samantha R. Operative Trial by Fire, Welcome Committee


Students that are in the initiative may apply for training with staff members in many fields. All set up for this much go through Ms. Silverlock or General Bryce. All accolades contain three levels of training, level three students can train level ones.


Field of Tulips
Team Leader - Maya M. - Operatives - Akemi K. Conrad O. Misty F. Samamtha R.

For their first deployment, the five volunteers of the first ever Fireflies Imitative Team were deployed through teleportation to a small farm in Holland. From there, they investigated reports of a young girl showing supernatural abilities. After talking to the family and then tracking down this girl, Hyacinth Dubois, they engaged in a small firefight with a mercenary group sent to pick up the girl. Securing her, they gave her a chance to say goodbye and brought her back to Sunnybrook safe and sound. Minor injuries reported, all enemy combatants were detained.

Funeral Patronage
Team Leader - Daniel V. - Operatives - Conrad O. Madeline M. Moby W. Samantha R.

After a string of funerals where the formally deceased was found to be anomalous, but had escaped detection prior to this. A team was deployed to a funeral that matched patterns consistent with the happenings. However, after picking up the trail of two unidentified anomalous individuals attending, they initated a pursuit that led them through the Faerie. After which, they caught up and identified one of the girls as a fugitive to the Watch Unit. They were unable to detain either, and returned empty handed.

Element Fifty
Team Leader - Daniel V. - Operatives - Conrad O. Katlyn L. Madeline M.

Dispatched to the latest scene of a vigilante super hero wannabe, the team investigated the scene and tracked the two suspects to their hideout. With some quick work and excellent containment and persuasion they convinced through diplomacy to get both of the suspects to come back with them to Sunnybrook.

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