Familiar of Nevermore

And to this Demon, I've contracted,
That be I hindered nevermore.

Familiar of Nevermore - 1

  • Another's Power: This power cannot be increased normally, but eventually will on its own as the Demon gets stronger.
  • Supernatural Revelation: Nevermore's demonic nature lends him to magical abilities as such, she can give his familiar the ability to preform minor magical feats. They can select up to 3 spells to use at rating.
  • Underworld Gate: Nevermore can summon familiars to him from a distance. Most demons can do this by innate power, non-demons not so much. He can only summon each contracted non-demon to him once every 24 hours.
  • But It Refused: Once per day the familiar may reject failure, and reroll any one roll that they themselves made that had a failing result, however having a target's defense beat your roll does not count unless you critically failed - that isn't failure, it's just them being better. The reroll ignores critfails, and the dice cannot show less than 0 - any lower result instead becomes 0.
  • Supernatural Conduit: If the familiar is within about arm's length of Nevermore, they get +1 to a power of his choosing.

Familiar of Nevermore (Weakness) (Character Name) is bound to a Demon… and must obey all orders given by it, when given the command phrase before said order. Each character's phrase is unique, but will work for anyone who knows and says it. The Demon, Nevermore, can speak into their mind as well and issue commands that way - this communication cannot be cut off, or rather in this Demon's case, it cannot 'fail'. (Severe)

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