Eye of Infinity

Little is known about this group and their odd acts of terrorism and theft relating to supernatural artifacts, here is an excerpt from the interview of one plucky captured member shortly before suicide "The supernatural are not things to be in fear or reverence of, they are to be used as the rightful tools humanity has always needed. They will be the key to keeping the universe's balance, and we will be sure to obtain that power no matter how much peril we will face, whether it be capture or theft, they are safest in our hands…."

Guided by UltimaxRed

Active Projects

True Revolution
The Eye has sent various recon agents into various locations to achieve the goal of [REDACTED]. This project has multiple back ups and angles of attack due to it being their main goal. So far they are after the Wand Jacker, the Sword Dreamer and the Shield Catcher (obtained). The New Race project is an offshoot of this goal.

Project SARIEL
The want of creating an immortal superweapon, the Eye has created the SARIEL unit, a half lich. There are documents on the various units that have been made.

New Race Project
Giving Pagus the tools he needed up at his mansion in Denmark, the Eye planned to make an entirely new anomalous race called a Magician. A demigod of pure magic, and hopefully get them closer to [REDACTED]


The Eye has a hierarchical structure to which they put their members in based on factors such as performance, seniority, and team spirit. The very top would be the Prime, who decides the directives and methods the group will take as a whole. Under the Prime are 2 Admins, their job is to manage resources and keep the lower rungs on task. Each Admin directly oversees 2 Lieutenants, which act as elite field agents as well as commanders for their specific unit. The Lieutenants are the ones who interact directly with the troops and grunts most often. This is true for each branch of the Eye of Infinity, there being multiple bases of operation, the largest of which being in North America.


Generally the Eye has cutting edge technology, as well as many innovations. The issue is with mass distribution due to most likely, only one member being able to produce the technology, limiting its effectiveness greatly.

Coulomb Subverter Nuclear Reactor: A nuclear reactor that takes advantage of the Couloumb’s force to initiate nuclear fusion. It’s power output is staggering compared to mundane sources. They also receive the benefit of being portable, allowing them to provide energy to far off bases. The creator of the reactor has since gone missing, so no more can be produced.

Soul Forge: A device that can extract souls from sentient beings, and then refine them into a stable solid form. Most notable use is the SARIEL project, though only one is currently in existence. Costs have prevented more from being made, as well as the infrastructure needed to have the Soul Forge be effective.

Believe Machine: An engine that works off belief, faith, and general perception of an object. They are readily made, however understanding their true nature significantly reduces the potential power it can supply meaning that mass production would require keeping it as a black box technology to keep its anomalous power production optimal. The only benefit to such a device is that it increases power produced logarithmically with the beings believing in it.

Command Slip: A special made talisman that subjugates the mind of whatever it has been placed on, forcing them to follow whatever orders have been written. They are easily ripped off however, which makes their combat capabilities less than stellar.

Graviton Negator: A device that manipulates gravitons, shifting the ‘weight’ of an object within its area. The most prominent use is in making floating battleships as well as other vehicles. Personal Graviton Negators are in development to allow more effective paratrooper assaults. The downside is that the device has a bug of not turning off, as well as overclocking and sending the object in question into outer space accidentally.

Fragarns: A special made blade that can cut through any physical boundary. Designed for melee combatants against armored vehicles, the blade has however proven to be too effective, as they end up splitting atoms and producing miniature nuclear explosions when wielded. Only one has ever been made, and killed the wielder, along with the researchers, and the entire facility it was made in. There is much resistance to creating any more.

ASEG: Ambigous State Electron Grenades, supplied by an anonymous mercenary group. the grenades lock electrons into a solid state, in the form of a laser that can burn through anything. The grenade only goes in one direction, making it’s effectiveness as a grenade questionable.

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