Encountered Anomalies


AH3-0023-Helix "Tin Man" Secured
Human male that seems to grow in power when not exposed to light. He was found and contained by several FireFlies students. He claims to not know where he is from, or any relocation of his past that matches up with any database. He is part of widespread 'super' vigilante movement.
AH3-0258-Hunter "Artemis" Unaccounted For, At Large
Human female that channels spiritual energy into kinetic based weaponry. Attuned to the Earth and with an ability to use animals as scouts for her efforts. Incredibly stealthy, loud mouthed when confronted however. Assumed part of the Olympus Group.
AE5-0067-Sixth "The Director" Unaccounted For, Docile
Unknown humanoid. Possesses abilities to rip through space and compact and contract time as needed. Operates outside of the bounds of reality and kidnaps people to perform in it's plays. Threatens, but never harms, and does not actively get involved but relies on it's sets to do the work for it.
AE3-0123-Candle Fracture "OMSK Reactor" Contained, Docile
Female humanoid being of energy, born from the overloaded reactor at OMSK Station in Siberia. Is able to rip through timelines but not affect them, only see them and experience them with others. Due to it's unstable nature, it can not leave the reactor room and is reliant on the fuel rods. Despite curiosity, does not do much more than share with humans that visit it.
AE4-EV26-Dandelion-Wavelet-Fracture "21CSM" Complicated
Humanoid robot with a stylized head like a dog's and coolant systems resembling jewelry. Capable of traveling through space, time, and dimensions. As they are technically acausal in nature, use of their travel abilities creates alternate timelines extremely easily. Though technically contained, alternate universe and past/future counterparts exist outside of containment. Incredibly self-aggrandizing. Has a peculiar fear of several students and faculty, which seemingly extends to their families.
AE1-EG33-Whimsy Crash Six Einin Grey Unknown
Human-looking female child of approximately eight years in age with silver eyes and a voice that pierces the heavens. A Fae of the Aos Si subgroup, specifically a 'Banshee'. Observed to be compelled to sing at funerals of specific individuals, and when said individuals are in mortal peril. Also seems to act on similar compulsion when nearby anomalous humans are severely injured. No ill effects observed in listeners, assume to be non-threatening. Physically same threat level as a human child. Appears to fear discovery. Beware that promises made to may be bound by magic and difficult or impossible to break.
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