Dust Motes

A flity pixie makes Katlyn her a target. A gentle touch can't be bad, can it?

<DrabberRogue> Jace sits in the common room, a bit of pink tinging his cheeks as he sets down his pen, having finished his entry on Malissa in his dia-…notebook.

<@Kioku> An omen of doom appears, the foreshadowing of the approach of a dark and malevolent presence… malevolent toward video game bosses, and dark in that her whole vision of the world is permanent pitch black. Aiko makes her careful way down the stairs. And the omen? Take a guess, and check whether any of the gaming consoles are on.
<DrabberRogue> Jace's vision flicks up as he notices one of the consoles start up on its own. "Hello Aiko." He snaps his book shut, tucking it back into his coat as he addresses her without bothering to turn around.

<@Kioku> Aiko smirks. "One day, I'll turn it on from my room and play from there instead of coming down, just to mess with you. Look forward to it." She circles the room and drops herself into a chair, pulling off a backpack as she goes to set next to said chair.

<DrabberRogue> Jace chuckles. "Oh dear, I'm gonna decide to monologue about my problems that day too…" Jace turns his attention to the currently off television. "So what game catches your interest today?"

<@Kioku> Aiko shrugs. "Haven't decided yet. On the plus side, if I want something multiplayer, I don't have to drag you down from your room now though!" Is… is she serious? Her tone makes it /really/ hard to tell!

<LipstickThespian> Slipping into her usual spot under the stairs, Katlyn's footsteps are quiet on the stairwell as she spins around the handrail to find her spot. She slips her bag off with ease and drops down to her usual haunt on the floor just out of sight. As she starts to dig through her bag she glances over into the common room. Always someone to watch these days, it felt nice. Setting her sketchpad on her lap and adjusting the plaid skirt she was wearing today for some stupid reasons, she gazed at the two. After a minute of mindless staring she digs into her bag and slowly pulls out her camera.

<DrabberRogue> "Am I really your first choice for a co-op partner, I'm flattered." Jace's voice is teasing, and he gives her a smile even though she can't see it.

<EndPhone> Malissa, currently at her natural height, slips down the stairs to see who's in the room. She feels like causing some mischief

<@Kioku> "Don't be too flattered, it just means you're someone I can stand, who happens to also be good." \And you seem like you wouldn't actually mind being dragged along for a game if I did do that.
<DrabberRogue> "Well, since I'm here all ready, wanna try continuing from where we left off on our hunt?" Jace gets up to grab a controller.

<EndPhone> ~Ohh, Jace. This could be fun if I play it right~ she takes a moment to figure out her best move

<@Kioku> "Sure, I could go for that." Aiko nods and leans back in her chair.

<DrabberRogue> Jace puts the disk in the system and flicks the tv on as he heads back to his spot on the couch. "I finished off Rom after you left, hope you don't mind."

<@Kioku> Aiko shrugs almost invisibly. It's not terribly much to miss, at least.

<EndPhone> Malissa decides to make the move. She puts her tongue between her lips as her eyes flash a dark green, before growing and hurrying down the stairs ~He'll look like quite the smitten kitten~

<@Kioku> Aiko tenses slightly. \Flier. And not Eira.
<EndPhone> "Hello, Jace. Good to see you again" Malissa says as she hugs him from behind his seat

<DrabberRogue> "H-Hello…*ahem*…Malissa." Jace's tongue almost slips on her name, but he catches it pretty quickly.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sits still as she watches the new girl rush over to Jace. There's a small pang of jealously and anger that flashes in the back of her mind as she watches this happen. And a little weirded out at the sudden appearance of the pixie girl. Some part of her freaked out that she doesn't have enough pictures of this girl already. Watching the three, she flicks the on switch on her camera and glances down to watch the start up on the screen. She'd long ago turned off any sound it might make that wasn't mechanical.

<EndPhone> ~Daw, it didn't work…~ "Why don't you introduce me to your /friend/" Malissa whispers into his ear, using the usual seductive tone

<@Kioku> \Light steps. Graceful movements. Definite female. Flirty tone. Appeared from nowhere and definitely not by phasing. Knows Jace.\ Aiko considers the facts, tilting her head as she feels something turn on nearby. \That's… camera? Yeah, definitely a camera. I knew I felt someone come down and slip over there earlier, didn't think much of it. I wonder what she's planning to do… maybe a reporter? Or just someone who likes having images to remember people by?\ Aiko turns her head slightly toward the newly identified Malissa and Jace.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn checks to make sure the lense cap is off, then raises the camera up and looks through the view finder. Turning the zoom, she focuses on the three of them and starts snapping pictures. Digital storage is cheap, she can freely click away. After a while she zooms in on the new girl and starts to take more of her in particular.

<DrabberRogue> Jace blushes a little at Malissa's tone. "This is Aiko. Aiko, this is Malissa."

<@Kioku> The chair is pretty much totally blocking Aiko from that angle, but as she mentally pokes at the camera to see what it's up to, she smiles slightly and shifts so that she's half-visible. After a bit, a bitmap of her face, all in greyscale and only showing what she can divine from her own sense of touch, appears on the camera's screen instead of whatever Katlyn is pointing at. The image waves to her and smirks, shaking its head before disappearing. Aiko snaps her head back over toward Jace when he speaks and nods. "I heard. Hi. Minami."

<EndPhone> "Nice to meet you, Minami. I'm sure we'll get to know eachother /quite/ well" Looking at the blind target, she tries to make up for it with her voice as she goes over and shakes hands

<LipstickThespian> As Katlyn pulls back the camera to watch the screen and look at her work. As she watches the, well, oddity appear and disappear on her screen her face goes white. She lowers the camera to her lap after a second before she starts to go through the pictures to try and find it again.

<@Kioku> Aiko didn't expect her hand to be taken! It's not a custom she participates in! She tries to wiggle out of Malissa's grasp as quickly as wouldn't be /too/ rude. "Ah… if you say so?" There's a still image of greyscale texture-based Aiko face in the camera's memory, of when she's got something between a smirk and a half-smile on, but her hand isn't up yet.

<EndPhone> "I'm sure we will. Once you get to know me, you'll see there was no reason to doubt me" Although how Aiko will feel once she realizes a lot of that has to do with sleeping with her is a different matter. Malissa turns back to Jace, and in the process notices the girl under the stairs with a camera, and starts walking over "Thought you could slip under my radar, Eh?" she playfully exaggerates her Irish accent for emphasis

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn runs her fingers gently over the image as a smile creeps onto her face. She enjoys it for more than a second, before she flicks back to the camera from the gallery and lifts it up again. Trying to re-capture that moment, or get a nice shot of Malissa's ass peeking out from under her dress. As the girl turns around she lowers the camera, her eyes looking up as she starts to walk over. Suddenly a look of fear rolls onto her face at getting noticed.

<DrabberRogue> Jace looks over his shoulder as Malissa identifies Katlyn. "Oh, hello Katlyn." He says jovially enough. ~How long has she been there?~

<@Kioku> \Katlyn? Does he know so many people? Well, now I have a name to go with her too. I wonder what she sounds like?\ Aiko slowly nods to Malissa, but it's more playacting than agreeing.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn glances over at Jace, she's starting to feel ill. She didn't want to see him, well she did, a lot. More so being recognized in seeing him. Out of it she manages a small wave.

<EndPhone> A predatory smile slowly creeps onto Malissa's face as she approached Katlyn, her every movement up played. Eventually, she is right there, and just when you think she's about to strike- "I'm Malissa. Nice to meet you, Katlyn. Were you taking photos of me?" She extends her hand, and says that last bit in a teasing tone, followed by her normal, infectious giggle.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches her get close, a lump in her throat and a tension in her shoulders. She quickly turns her camera off, the picture of Malissa's backside flicking off the screen as she drops it to her lap. Hand wrapped around the strap and tugging it gently into the darkness between her crossed legs. She reaches up and takes the handshake, quick and loose, before she retreats it back to her lap. Her head shakes in response to the question.

<EndPhone> "No? That's a pity. I was wondering how long it'd take before someone tried secretly taking pictures of me. I hoped it would be someone as cute as you" Malissa says with a smile, slowly leaning in, wondering whether it'll be her eyes or her chest Katlyn gets stuck in.

<@Kioku> Aiko seems mostly confused at what might be going on over there, and twists slightly while leaning over the chair's armrest lazily to get a better angle to hear.

<DrabberRogue> "Play nice Malissa~" Jace casts a teasing call at her over his shoulder, turning back to the screen to select his save file. ~She really does have more that one target, it appears I'm not the only one she wants to /play/ with.~

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shrinks against the wall as the girl leans in. Her eyes are wide and reflect the hear inside her as she stares at Malissa's eyes. Petrified, she's petrified by this girls flirting.

<EndPhone> "Oh, no need to be scared. I won't bite… yet." Malissa giggles again, full of a playful malicious intent. She's pretty close to Katlyn's face, and her eyes continue their entrancing gaze

<@Kioku> Aiko frowns slightly and shifts in her seat further. That tone, the lack of response, it sounds uncomfortably like bullying…

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn has leaned so far back against the wall, that at another inch away she slips and falls over to her side. She quickly scrambles and pulls herself up, scooting away on the floor.

<DrabberRogue> Jace gives an annoyed sigh as he hears Katlyn fall. ~I almost forgot, she /is/ shy.~ He sets the controller down at his side, standing up and approaching Malissa from her blind spot, in any game of tag you can draw 'it' away if you seem more appetizing.

<@Kioku> Aiko's hand, meanwhile, snakes down toward her backpack…

<EndPhone> Malissa grabs her arm, not gripping tight enough to stop Katlyn from forcing her way out, but enough that she can't get away while it's there "Oh? Am I making you nervous? well, I hope you can learn to relax around me. I'd /really/ like to get to know you better" Malissa is using her seductive and alluring tones to their fullest, and starts caressing Katlyn's arm with her free hand. Her goal right now is simply to stop her from running away

<DrabberRogue> "Maliiissa~" Jace tries his own whisper-in-the ear approach as he gets behind Malissa. Trying to draw her attention with a soft, playful voice, though he's blushing madly as he isn't used to flirting. ~This better work…~

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches her, feels herself get tucked. The tension in her arm is readily apparent. Still, she can't get away. Tucked back under the stairs as she is, a cute girl holding her arm and smiling as she looks at her. And that chest, that wonderful chest. She starts to sneak glances of the crevice as it dives into her dress. Her mouth hangs a little open as she watches her. Her thighs rubbing together absent mindedly as she sits pinned down by enemy fire. Tights were a good choice today.

<@Kioku> The coppery-haired blind girl barely suppresses a shiver from the words across the room, even though they aren't directed at her. \I'm not quite sure whether that's alluring or creepy… or just both.
<EndPhone> Malissa ignores Jace. She was busy hunting a new prey. She's as close as she can get without making it difficult to look at her breasts "Now, why don't you tell me about yourself?" Most people in this position would absently say whatever they thought would keep her interested and close. It must suck being mute at that moment

<DrabberRogue> Jace sighs in annoyance again, casting Katlyn a sympathetic look before withdrawing to come up with a different plan.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn just stares, a shiver running through her body that Malissa can feel. She searches around her to try and find someway out, but even Jace can't help her it seems. Her anxiety is killing her, and she starts to shut down from the pressure. Closing her eyes and silently whimpering.

<DrabberRogue> Jace's look of sympathy turns to a look of concern as he sees Katlyn starting to shut down. "Malissa, that's enough." His voice is much firmer now.

<@Kioku> \It was probably meant to be alluring… or relaxing, in some odd way. Who knows? Maybe one of those weird hormone-driven crazies around here could tell… heh. I shouldn't think of them that way, some might get offended.\ Aiko swipes her cane and stands up, crossing the room, then leaning against the wall… but the wall lean doesn't last for long and she frowns, feeling a tremor through the surface. \Is she… crying?\ And now the girl looks furious, extending her cane and bringing it down with a loud *snap* against the floor. Not just the snap of metal on wood, but rather amplified by a small thunderclap as electricity sparks from the impact point.

<@Kioku> "Something tells me," she says quietly, "that you're coming on too strongly."

<DrabberRogue> Jace glances back, startled at the thunderclap, but otherwise doesn't react much and turns back to Malissa. ~Interesting, that cane can produce electricity?…Or maybe its Aiko doing the charging…~

<EndPhone> ~Well, I guess I /was/ coming on too strong. Was she really not taking pictures of me?~ Malissa gives her a very quick peck on the cheek -blink and you missed it- "Well, I see you're not ready. When you've decided the pictures aren't doing it, feel free to talk to the real thing" She backs off, going to sit on the chair nearest Jace. She looks a bit glum. ~I can't believe I failed on someone taking /pictures of me/! Am I losing my touch?~

<DrabberRogue> Jace sighs again, this time in exasperation. "Perhaps being too forward /can/ be a flaw…" He remarks, positioning himself in the general center between the three girls.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn slips back to the floor as the kiss hits her cheek. She feels like she's going to vomit. Holding her camera to her chest, laying under the stairs with her knees up, she ponders if now is a great time to die. The words aren't helping as they drip over her and set her thoughts on fire. Still, she has to try and commit that girl's looks to her memory. She can draw it later.

<@Kioku> Aiko kneels near Katlyn. "Are you okay? Do you need a moment?" \Check now, bleed off later.
<EndPhone> "I've never scared someone off before. At least, without being able to fix it in the same day. Then again, I'm not exactly used to this environment…" She once again has no bubbly or sexy tones in her voice. She tried to figure out what exactly went wrong

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn opens her eyes and looks up at the blindfold girl. She nods her head quickly. As she looks though, her hands guide to her camera and she turns it on. Just a quick close up, a nice picture right here. She tries to tilt the camera in her lap to snap a few.

<DrabberRogue> "Malissa, some people are so shy that they actively avoid social interaction, 'full speed ahead' isn't exactly the best solution for that kind person." Jace explains, a surprisingly stern tone in his voice.

<@Kioku> Aiko's lip twitches a little as she comes into the camera's view, but doesn't get out of the way. "Should I take that as a yes?" She can't see you nod, silly. \Come to think of it, I haven't heard her say anything at ally, yet.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn lowers the camera back to her lap and turns it off. She nods her head again, her eyes resting on Aiko and trying to ignore the world beyond for the moment. At least she has something nice to look at.

<EndPhone> "I guess I've never interacted with someone as shy as her. Katlyn, did I come on too strong? I can dial it back, if you'd like."

<DrabberRogue> "Perhaps its best if you leave her be for now."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn doesn't answer. It's not like she didn't enjoy it in some way. Close enough to touch, such a soft touch.

<EndPhone> Malissa pouts for a few moments "Okay…" Wow, not even going to hit on someone else? That must've thrown her off

<@Kioku> "… I… umm… can't see, you know. If you're responding non-verbally." Aiko is /trying/ to ignore Malissa, but her mind is logging the words for later. When she doesn't have irritation to burn.

<DrabberRogue> Jace smiles as he realizes a conundrum. "Ah…Aiko, she /can't/ respond verbally…"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn knows, she's watched Aiko enough to know that. She's watched her a lot when she actually gets out of her room. Thinking for a second, she reaches over and taps a finger on Aiko's thigh twice.

<@Kioku> "Ah…" Aiko responds to Jace, then twitches slightly at the tapping and smiles and pulls out a phone. "I appreciate the effort, but… type to me, perhaps?" She holds out the device toward Katlyn.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks at the phone. Staring at it. Could she have been chosen to receive one of the coveted Aiko-phones? No way, not her, she's not cool enough. It's too much of a tease, she reaches over and takes it from the Aiko. She's a teen girl, so it's quick for her to find a word processing app and start to type on it. "okay. sorry."

<@Kioku> Aiko shakes her head. "No need to be sorry. So are you… alright?" Even though this is all she says, the phone seems to type more itself, adding 'do you need to get away? Was she harassing/bullying you?'

<EndPhone> Malissa hopes for a yes. She's clearly a little shaken up by how this went

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn holds the phone over her head as she lays there, answering with quick swipes over the screen. It's something to do with her hands and that's refreshing. "im alright. i am fine. dont blame her. its my fault. she is nice."

<DrabberRogue> Jace steps away from all three girls and sits down on a chair to observe, ready to act as a mediator if anything goes sour. ~That got out of hand /way/ too quickly, Malissa doesn't seem to know how to hold back…~

<EndPhone> Well, Jace is kinda right. There's a difference between knowing and being able, though. She continues to sit there, just kinda hoping things go well. She's recovering fast, though.

<@Kioku> Aiko breathes a long sigh. More text appears. 'It isn't your fault. Don't blame yourself. You shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable, if… if that's how you felt.' \I hate victim-blaming… as if it isn't common enough outside of these situations…\ "Okay… if you're sure then, that you're alright. I'm going to go see if Bryce has his shooting range set up." Electricity crackles down her left arm and she stretches.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the text pop up, and answers quickly. "okay. tell her i am okay. have an okay day. youre okay." She then offers the phone back to Aiko, but quickly taps it on her arm so she can know it's coming back.

<@Kioku> Aiko smiles slightly and nods, actually chuckling. "Have a better than okay day yourself," she says, accepting the phone back and putting it away. "You're pretty okay too, so I'm sure you deserve it." She stands up and turns toward Malissa and Jace. "She says she's alright, she's fine."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn finally pulls herself back up to sitting. Taking the time to adjust her clothing so it's not as tossed around as before. Her hands settle on the camera in her lap, still on from before. It's lens glancing around ever so slightly.

<EndPhone> "You're okay? That's great." Malissa seems to have forgot she was sad, and looks at the camera with a hand on it "You know, if you want pictures of me, you only had to ask" She says in a flirty tone as she stands up and gets into position for a clean shot

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn smiles a little, there's less pressure this way. Plus, any chance for more pictures. She holds the camera up and sights it through the lense. She starts to click picture after picture, growing her collection.

<@Kioku> Aiko lets out the faintest giggle at the picture taking, going over to get her backpack on… then going upstairs. She needs to retrieve her shoes before looking for Bryce.

<EndPhone> Malissa gives a few poses for Katlyn to work with, making sure to leave an impression. She makes sure there's enough detail between those pictures to make a perfect 3d model, let alone an accurate picture

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn finishes the round of pictures and sets the camera in her lap. She starts to review the pictures to see how they came out, giving Malissa a thumbs up.

<EndPhone> "You know, I feel you deserve a little compensation for me making you feel uncomfortable. How about some pixie dust?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn, having lived a different culture than Malissa looks a little weirded out by the question. She isn't exactly sure if Malissa is a narc trying to catch her in a sting, or if she's offering her a wonderful trip. To be safe, she shakes her head no.

<EndPhone> "Oh? I'd expect anyone to jump at the chance. Actually, I might as well Save some for later. I find that there's no point holding it in" Malissa closes her eyes, and the blue liquid in her wings start draining, as if it were flowing the whole time and was no longer being supplied. Slowly, pixie dust starts to gather at the bottom of her wings

<EndPhone> Unfortunately, it's not quite enough for a full dose. When Malissa looks over and sees this, she tsks a couple times "Not quite worth saving… I guess Jace is the luck recipient if you don't change your mind"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn pushes herself back up against a wall and goes about sketching in her sketchpad, using the pictures on her camera as a reference. She seems to have gone back to her own world.

<DrabberRogue> Jace averts his eyes for the duration of the picture taking, standing up to return to the game, and so missing the pixie dust production.

<EndPhone> Seeing no reaction, Malissa walks close to Jace and flaps her wings once, all the dust neatly scattering on his body and being quickly absorbed. He feels a faint warm invigoration and luck hit him. He's probably suddenly doing just a bit better at the game now

<DrabberRogue> Jace manages to avoid an attack that he was sure would hit him, and begins dancing around the group of enemies he was fighting with seemingly no effort. He notes this change as he usually takes quite a few hits when he plays like that, minor things that he just doesn't have time to adjust for. However, he doesn't notice Malissa or the dust itself, as he's too focused on the game.

<EndPhone> "Malissa watches as he doesn't react to the dust at all. "You sure are doing well. You might even be a better gamer than I thought!" Malissa says with a giggle

<DrabberRogue> "Its…interesting…I normally…get hit…a lot more when I do this." He says that last part with a deft parry followed by a critical attack.

<EndPhone> "Well, maybe you're just getting lucky" She giggles more. ~He didn't even feel it! Priceless!~

<DrabberRogue> "Perhaps…" Jace continues to the next room, a large hall that he had actually sat his character down in before playing Truth or Dare a couple nights ago. He seemed reluctant to proceed.

<EndPhone> "I'm sure you can do this, Jace. Especially with my help~" She gives him a quick peck on the cheek, almost identical to what she gave Katlyn

<DrabberRogue> Jace blushes heavily at the kiss, but decides to save and exit the game there. ~I want to fight all three of them at once this time around, but there's no way I'll be able to focus with Malissa here.~ "I-I've actually uh…got some things I n-need to attend to…" He stands, grabbing his pen off the couch and returning it to his coat. ~Note to self, I can't lie very well after I've been kissed…~ He thinks as he waves to Malissa and makes his way to the hall.

<EndPhone> "Bye! I'll be waiting!" Surprisingly, she goes with bubbly instead of sultry. She waves, and blows him another kiss

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn glances at the two talking for a bit, snapping a few candid pictures every now and then. Before glancing back to her sketchpad to work on some passion project.

<EndPhone> Malissa turns to Katlyn, and sits next to her, working hard to not come in physical contact "So, what're you drawing?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shifts a little as Malissa comes over and sits next to her, glad to not be touching the girl. Cursing her chance to escape earlier being missed. She turns the sketchpad to be seen, and it looks like she's doing a landscape drawing of the school tucked onto the mountain from a distance.

<EndPhone> "Very nice. You know, I was almost expecting you to draw me. Maybe it's just my being full of myself, though. You must've worked hard to get so good at art"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn lowers her head at the mention of drawing Malissa. She had, after she caught her coming to the school in the beginning. She shrugs her shoulders, you could call it hard work. Or maybe she just had an eye for it. It did eat up all her time.
<EndPhone> "Well, you're certainly talented either way. I wish I could make something so beautiful" Does that count as irony? I'm honestly not sure..

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn continues to sketch out some trees as they 'talk' to each other. She answers with another shrug.

<EndPhone> "You know, maybe you could teach me something about art some time. Or we could do something else beautiful" Damn it, she was doing so well at not touching her. At least it's only a hand on the shoulder, but that suggestive tone isn't helping…

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn tenses again at the touch, but it came on more naturally this time. She doesn't dismiss it this time, but she does look over at Malissa with an odd glance. Turning away as she catches the revealing outfit she turns her sketchpad a couple of pages to find one with only a few outlines of people drawn on it. She writes off to the side so Malissa can read it, in a quick sharp font: "okay. like what."

<EndPhone> "Whatever you want. But I can think of a few things" Malissa says with a soft, flirty giggle.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn can't help but have a little bit of a blush as she stares at her sketch pad. In between talking she goes to fill in some of her half finished sketches. She goes back and underlines her previous sentence in response.

<EndPhone> "Well, I don't think you're comfortable enough for me to throw the ideas out yet. But maybe after we know eachother better. I know I'd like to get to know you /Very/ well." It's pretty clear by the seductive tone of voice what she means. There's something about it that you can't quite place that makes you want to just listen to her for hours

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sits there for a moment, staring at her sketchpad like it's an anchor keeping her from sinking into the floor. Her body looks a little uncomfortable, her free hand keeps tapping against the back of the sketchpad. "okay." she writes in response.

<EndPhone> "Did I go too far again? I'm sorry. You should be able to feel comfortable around me. your mistakes can only make you cuter" She lifted her hand from Katlyn. She was softly blushing, which made her look adorable, especially with that worried expression. It might even be enough to elicit a giggle…

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn quickly writes down on her sheet, "its okay. you can keep it there. im sorry." She only steals a few glances at the girl, before she goes back to her page and her sketch work. Using the excuse of needing a to sharpen the pencil, she bends over and digs into her bag to grab a sharpener.

<EndPhone> "I just don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. And you don't have to try stealing glances, you can look at me as much as you want." Malissa walks her hand up Katlyn's arm gently, and then it marches across her shoulders, where she finally rested it, her arm in a position to be a nice neck pillow

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn's skin jolts with each small touch, and the relief of her touching her jacket instead of skin is nice. She shakes her head, not wanting to actually stare at the girl for the chance of sharing a look. Instead she lets the arm drape around her, but she still leans forward over her sketchpad and continues to draw some people on her paper.

<EndPhone> Malissa sits there, watching with interest, giving to occasionally compliment. After a short while, she decides to converse again "So, what else do you do for fun?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn just sits there, content to be in her own world with the silence. Letting the girl stay close if only because she's torn in her wants. She slips off the drawing she's working on to write on the side. "dunno. i play guitar. skateboard sometimes. im boring. you?"

<EndPhone> "That's not boring. Honestly, my only real hobby is pranking people. And that's just my nature, so in a way you can say I don't have any hobbies"

<LipstickThespian> "okay. i bet you have more." Katlyn writes before taking a second to think, but she dismisses her thought and goes back to drawing.

<EndPhone> "Well, I suppose talking with-" hitting on "-people counts. But everything else I pretty much do because it means being with others" and getting in their pants

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head along as Malissa talks, she shifts and sits back so she is leaning against the wall and Malissa's arm. She pulls her legs up and rests her sketch pad on her black tight covered legs. As she listens she idly rubs her legs together, it feels nice, she feels nice.

<EndPhone> Malissa doesn't comment on the leg rubbing "You know, I always had a thing for art; and beauty. It's so interesting" she whispers into Katlyn's ear. Something unspoken tells you that you were what she meant by beauty. Maybe it's the subtle arm movement, maybe it's the slight change in tone, maybe it's something else

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shrinks a little as she listens to Malissa. Her free hand gripping her thigh and squeezing it a bit to try and have something to hold on so she won't get knocked off the roller coaster. "i like art. i like pretty things." She manages to write out, her hand writing turning a little more bubbly.

<EndPhone> "Well, there's certainly beauty and art in this room. And I think I know where the source is" Malissa leans a little closer. Katlyn would probably have to be looking to notice

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is only staring at the paper in front of her. She bites her lip, a tick she picked up from watching Wendy that seems to fit the situation. Her drawing has taken a turn and is now more light and slow than before.

<EndPhone> Malissa likes the look of her biting her lip, and leans further in, her head just barely off Katlyn. She really does like her "You know, I imagine we could learn a bit from eachother. You can teach me art, and I can teach you a bit about socialization or something. Or give you a supply of pixie dust"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn continues to rub her legs together in idle excitement as the girl stays so very close to her. "i havent partied in months." Katlyn writes on the sheet at the mention of pixie dust. "i dont know if i can teach art." She's stopped glancing at Malissa, scared of seeing her cute face and golden eyes.

<EndPhone> "I don't picture you as the partying type. Of course, you can paint all kinds of beautiful pictures, can't you? And even if you can't really help me learn art, it'd still be nice to spend time with you" Malissa was trying to figure out exactly what made Katlyn so appealing. Was it the gimmick of being mute? Was it her beautiful drawings? Did she just look a lot better to her than she realized?

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shrugged her shoulders, lifting up Malissa's arm and renewing her interest in the casual embrace. "okay." she wrote, "i dont see why not. youre nice." For once she actually does steal a glance at Malissa, and stops as she sees how close she is. Stopping to enjoy the closeness, enjoy the girl's face. Caught in the magic of her looks, just as she'd feared. Her pencil quivers on the paper.

<EndPhone> "That's good to hear. But why is your hand shaking? Something wrong?" Malissa sounds a little worried and a little curious.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn turns away from Malissa, and back to her sketchpad. She sets her hand flat to hold the pencil down and still it. Taking a deep breath she tries to stop the small twitching.

<EndPhone> Malissa's hand on the opposite side of her face starts rubbing up and down Katlyn's arm slowly. Gently. Alluringly.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn picks up the pencil and writes quickly. "sorry. i should go. sorry." She pulls her bag over and starts to put her camera away with a bit of haste.

<EndPhone> "Where are you going? Or do you just need to get away from me? I'm fine with either, I know I might have come on too strong" ~how could you let yourself be drawn in and push too far again? This almost never happens!~

<LipstickThespian> "sorry. i like you. sorry. please dont be mad." she writes on her pad. Ripping out the sheet to slide over to Malissa so she can read while she gets packed up. She puts everything away and reluctantly stands up from the gentle hold.

<EndPhone> "I won't be mad. The offer still stands with the spending time and the art, Just find me" She says in her normal bubbliness. She Doesn't hold Katlyn longer than she lets her, but she clearly wouldn't mind more time.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes a moment to tuck her sketchpad away into her bag. She pulls out her camera one more like and takes a step back, but reconsiders. She's quick, slipping down next to Malissa and right next to her. A hand reaching over to pull the arm back up around her shoulder. Holding the camera out in front of them she snaps a picture, a smile on her face that seems almost natural.

<EndPhone> Malissa goes back to her previous position. The look on her face is either trying to seduce her, or trying to express love for her. Hard to say. Either way, from the picture alone, it's hard to draw any conclusion that doesn't involve them dating

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stands up after taking the picture, she glances at the small screen to review the shot. She's content, for something so quick it came out nicely. She'll print that one and hang it somewhere. She clicks a few of Malissa sitting on the ground and waves to her, before she turns and heads for the stairs.

<EndPhone> Malissa gives her a wave and a wink. She then sits there for a few minutes, thinking over how to win over Katlyn

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn rushes to her room and closes the door quickly behind her. She goes to dig out her laptop and the small photo printer she has stuck under some clothes. It's something she has to do, she needs something to look at. That girl was magical, she thought, as she started to look through the pictures.

<EndPhone> There's something wrong with those pictures. You can't tell what it is, but they don't /quite/ capture her entrancing quality.

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