Collaborative Piece

<@Kioku> Akemi is, very strangely, not seeking company or companionship at the moment and is instead sitting on the dorm roof. Then again, she's known to do that, sit on the railing of the roof, pretty regularly. At least known by those who tend to look up.

<LipstickThespian> Finishing off the spliff, Katlyn drops it to her feet and smashes it into the step she's on. Courage in the form of smoke, she found, sometimes helped. Slipping out of the door with a push of her back, she stepped onto the roof and let the cold night air rush against her face. She let it close behind her with a clank as she looked around the roof. Sure she had seen her up here when she was walking around earlier. Eventually her eyes find Akemi sitting on the railing, and she starts to walk over. Guitar in hand.

<@Kioku> Akemi looks up at the sounds of the door, then her eyes go wide in panic when she sees Katlyn. \No. No… I can't… I can't face that fear again.\ She starts looking around for an escape. Anything to not have to see the horror that the girl's face painted last time. She looks over her shoulder at the courtyard below, seeing her only exit.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches as the girl starts to panic. Her face takes on a look of worry as it rests on Akemi, and she stops walking on her way over. As if one more step will be the trigger to make her run away. In her own mind she starts going over how stupid the idea was. She even put on a fucking dress for this. Standing there on the roof, her red dress and black tights, the nice ankle boots she dug out. It was all a stupid idea anyway, down to the silk scarf she had loose around her neck. How to tell a person to wait when they look like they're about to run off, or worse, jump? Katlyn shakes her head no, a simple motion.

<@Kioku> Akemi pauses when the approaching footsteps stop, and glances at Katlyn. She somehow works up the courage to glance at her face when the shaking of her head catches her attention - she always did get pulled to motion easily. She swallows. "I'm sorry… I d-didn't want to scare you or offend you…" Odd way to greet someone, that.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the girl pull back a bit, at least talk to her. It calms her down, even if Akemi's precarious choice of sitting spot is setting her on edge. Lifting a hand off her guitar, held by a strap for once, she holds a single index finger to her lips to quiet the girl in front of her. The hand then drops and digs into the courier bag at her side and she pulls out a small stack of papers stappled together. She holds it up in Akemi's direction, but doesn't move forward, still a little scared at her reaction.

<@Kioku> Akemi's mouth opens very slightly at the shushing motion, but she complies, blinking at Katlyn and sliding forward off the railing so she can take the couple steps closer and tentatively reach out for the papers.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn lets her take the papers away from her. It's sheet music, hand written out and copied from somewhere, the lyrics written under the notes. She points a finger to her self, and then one to Akemi, and then points over to the edge of the roof by the railing. Where Akemi once sat.

<@Kioku> Akemi's eyes flick over the pages of words and notes, then up to Katlyn, then over them all one more time. A smile slowly comes to her and she nods, moving over to where Katlyn pointed. Watch out Katlyn, if she weren't so nervous about your reaction, you might be in terrible danger right now. Of what? Who knows?

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn steps over and looks out onto the campus for a brief second before she looks over to Akemi. She tries to smile, but it seems forced and she can't help but feel a nagging sensation in the pit of her stomach. Pulling a pick out of her hoodie (those go with dresses okay) she makes sure Akemi is ready. She taps the pick against the body of the guitar four times to set the tempo, then starts. Facing Akemi, Katlyn starts to play a song she's practiced more than a few times and commited to memory. She lets the music flow through her as she plays. As they come to the lyrics, she waits for the girl to join. ( )

<@Kioku> Akemi seems a little hesitant at first, partuclarly faced with a song she's never heard before, but a few measures in she starts to figure it out. She'd really have been better off if she knew it already, but a little further in something just… clicks. Like something else takes over, and she's going as well as could be hoped, moving and getting into the music.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn starts to get into it as Akemi joins in, moving a little as she plays. Her smile turns genuine as she listens to her, closing her eyes and enjoying the chorus of sounds. As she plays, her fingers flicking the strings, they start to get charged. A soft glow coming from the strings and sparks falling down to the floor at their feet. Akemi clicks with the music, and it sets a fire in Katlyn. With the end of each line, she hits the string hard, and a firework flings from the tip of the guitar over the courtyard to explode in a shower of glitter. There's fireworks between the two of them, the spark of their shared music.

<@Kioku> Akemi gets more and more into it all the way until the end, acting like the fireworks are all too natural even though her face betrays her feelings - that they're truly amazing and wonderful. And that if Katlyn doesn't stop her, she's going to end up caught in a tight hug at the end of this.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn ends on the last note and plays it off gently into a quiet finish. The last of the sparks living her fingers as she feels the euphoria from a wonderful performance. Never perfect, but close enough to make her feel a little brighter. Her eyes are closed and she doesn't catch Akemi going in for the hug, caught from the side in the surprise attack. She freezes, but melts into it and lets herself be hugged. Only offering a paltry hand on Akemi's arm in response.

<@Kioku> Akemi holds the hug for quite a while, however long she's allowed to. After the first few seconds though, she whispers softly, "Thank you… please be my friend? I want to do this again with you, many times…" Her body shifts subtly to make the hug as comfortable as humanly possible… or would, if she were human. As it is, she can make it a little /more/ comfortable than that limit.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn lets herself be held only until the works start to trickle into her ear. At that she seems to change, trying to pull herself away from Akemi with careful movement to get some distance. The look she gives Akemi as she steps off isn't one of fear of commitment, but a look of sorrow tucked deep into her eyes. Where she did it before to calm the girl, she does it now to calm herself. She shakes her head no, a simple motion.

<@Kioku> Akemi's breath catches and she takes a step back, then collapses to sit on the roof with her back to the railing, staring up at Katlyn. "Why… what did I do wrong? I-I'll fix it! Please…" She seems pretty desparate, as everything from earlier starts coming back.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches Akemi collapse back down, and she starts to feel a bit of a pain in her stomach. She can't run away from this girl, not now. Taking a step or two forward she sets herself down, guitar besides her, across from Akemi with her legs crossed. Digging out her sketch pad she flips through it for a moment and holds up a finger to pause Akemi while she does.

<@Kioku> Akemi is put on pause, staring at the finger when it comes up, trying to calm herself but not really able. A spark of hope is there, but it pales next to the star of happiness she usually carries.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn finds the page she is looking for, she frets over if she wants to share it but decides now is the time to do so. Turning it around she sets the sketchpad between them so Akemi can see. On it is draw a sketch drawing, in ink, of Akemi and Katlyn. The two of them are passing each other in a hallway, Akemi is talking to some faceless people off to the side. Katlyn is staring down at the floor and ignored by anyone in the scene. It's a stylized portrayal but it's two main actors are clear. After taking a pen from her bag she reaches over and turns the pad a bit to the side. Writing on it before turning it back. "this is all we will ever be." it says on one line. Followed underneath by, "and that's okay."

<@Kioku> Akemi reaches out to take Katlyn's hand with both of hers and stares, shaking her head slightly. "It isn't… it doesn't have to be. I don't want that…"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn lets her hand be taken, her two tone eyes looking back to meet Akemi's. It's that same sick feeling in her stomach. Reaching over to the pad and closer to Akemi, holding her hands ever so gently in response to show aknowledgement. She writes, "its not about what you want."

<@Kioku> Akemi's expression changes slowly, passing through pain, worry, affection, back to worry, and then her eyes take on a new kind of light. A focused one. Too focused, making her stop hiding her nature; she becomes incredibly hard to pull away from or stop looking at, and her tails flare out in a kind of fan behind her, making her silhouetted against them. "I will not ignore you." Her lips move, but the sound doesn't come from them, rather it feels like her voice is everywhere. A subconsciously created auditory illusion?

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the look on Akemi's face turn and change and eventually settle. The words hit Katlyn and seep into her, the vision in front of her eye catching and better than any exhibit she's seem at a museum. As it engulfs her and draws her in, she's caught in the experience and the feelings that start to tingle under her skin. There's no response, just a look of wonder on her face and a slight fidgeting with her pencil.

<@Kioku> Is she getting closer? It feels that way. Akemi lifts and cradles Katlyn's hand between her own, holding the girl's forearm against her chest and resting her cheek against the hand. The flirtatious look is inevitable, even if Akemi doesn't mean for it to happen - it just does, it's too natural for her. "I won't forget you. We can be so close, such good friends, if you'll let it happen. Won't you please let me try to be that?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn slips against Akemi, the sketchpad getting lost to the side of the two of them. She's moved to her knees, she's kneeling in front of Akemi now. Her hand cups the girl's hand, it's so soft, so perfectly contoured. She could draw it a thousand times and never get it as perfect as the real thing right in front of her. There aren't words to answer Akemi's question, she can only nod her head along with the honey laced words.

<@Kioku> Akemi sits up more, having been sitting on her knees, and her tails more or less form a dome around the two. She realizes the darkness it'll cause and pushes through another illusion, this time conciously, to make the limbs in question glow faintly as if the two were in moonlight. "Really~? I don't want to pressure you…" She'd add 'or be a bother,' but to her it's inconceivable. She's never a bother. One hand lets go while Katlyn holds the other, and moves to brush back the girl's hair and come to rest on her shoulder.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is stuck in this web of lies and coercion, if she was in her right might she would have bailed on this party a while ago. The drugs she's on must be pretty powerful as she could swear the girl across from her had tails. Instead of recoiling from the touch, she lets herself be molded like clay. She can only continue to nod a slow and sensually rewarded yes.

<@Kioku> Lies? Coercion? Nonsense. There's not a single lie to be had here, and it's not like the hypnotic effect Akemi's presence has is intentional… right? Her hand slips to the back of Katlyn's neck, and she gently frees her other one to pull the girl into a close hug from the front instead of the side this time. "I'm happy… I was so, so worried that you were scared of me, wouldn't want to see me anymore. But you're not, right?" If Akemi's aura gets a little stronger and rewards each time she answers yes… well… that's only because she's so happy with the answer.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn allows her self to be touched. The hand behind her neck send electricity down her spine at the soft embrace. It's almost as good as her imagination run wild, no, it's better. She lays into Akemi and closes her eyes as she takes in the girl's scent and lets herself be hugged. Her hand act as if they want to be involved, despite her nature, and end up resting on Akemi's side with a dusted touch. She nods again, her head brushing against Akemi's.

<@Kioku> Akemi gives a happy hum and relaxes a bit, the loss of tension able to be felt through the embrace, and she holds Katlyn closer. Slowly, one hand starts rubbing her back. "Thank you… thank you so much… I won't let you down."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn can only sit there and take as many hits off the drugs Akemi is peddling as she can. She leans into the girl and stays there, hands wrapping around Akemi's waist and lacing together to hold her in the embrace.

<@Kioku> Akemi isn't showing any signs of wanting to let go. If Katlyn doesn't start resisting, they could be there for about an hour, and it's only going to get better during that time… does she really want to keep being held, especially with how the soft murmurings Akemi occasionally says only reinforces how good of an idea accepting her friendship, attention and touch is?

<LipstickThespian> There's a piece from a wonderful artist by the name of Christopher Clark. Katlyn had once seen it in a museum and had tried, and failed, to reproduce the piece. She had put her heart into it, always putting herself on the line but failing to make something as emotionally charged as it. Either the person she was with wasn't the right fit or she was too nervous to paint the picture. In that moment, being held by Akemi, feeling the passion between them it happened. Katlyn works from passion, and so in that moment she tried her best to re-create one of her favorite pieces. 'A Kiss on the Roof', a take on Clark's wonderful piece, was crafted on that day. A collaborative piece, sketched by Akemi Kimura, and Painted by Katlyn Leblanc.

<@Kioku> Akemi takes a sharp breath at the sudden re-creation, not expecting it at all. \I only wanted to be friends, hold her! Though… maybe she shares my view? That kissing is something for doing between friends?\ She doesn't break it off, not right away, but does keep it closed-mouthed. She doesn't see it as anything wrong or bad, just as a confirmation of their closeness expressed through the best medium available to them. She leans back a little and smiles at Katlyn afterward, before squeezing her. "I… I'm not sure what to say!" \I just managed to re-establish our friendship, so is it really so bad? I'll have to talk to Wendy about this…\ "… Thank you for coming up here. F-for… for being my friend. For giving me a chance." \But we can't do that again, not without Wendy's approval.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn keeps their lips locked for some time, before she is pulled off and into the hug. As she hears Akemi speak, she can start to hear the record skip. She's taken out of it for a beat, aware of what is happened, and she suddenly feels an anxiety that crushes her spirit and washed away her feelings. It usually came before something stupid like this would happen. At that, she tries to tug away from Akemi and get to her feet before she falls through the floor.

<@Kioku> Akemi blinks, letting Katlyn pull away but still trying to keep at least somewhat close. "D-did I do something wrong?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn lets herself be retained, but only by a hand. She smiles, it's hard not to around Akemi. As she shakes her head no, she reaches to grab her guitar from the ground next to them.

<@Kioku> "Okay… if you're sure." Akemi smiles back and moves to the door to the stairs, to hold it open for Katlyn. "I suppose we should get inside though… this is goodnight?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn only shares a few glances with Akemi as she scrounges up her sheet music and heads over to the door. A smile on her face and the sparkle of after glow in her eyes. She slips by Akemi and only gives her a knowing glance as she heads for her room

<@Kioku> Akemi hums softly to herself and goes down to the common room and kitchen. They did nothing wrong, but Wendy… Wendy would feel bad if there were any delay before she was told anyway. \It's a strange quirk she has, worrying about my being friendly with friends. A little cute in small doses though, but I hope it doesn't get worse.
<LipstickThespian> After closing her door silently, Katlyn landed on her bed with her guitar at her side. Staring at the ceiling above her, the pictures pinned above her bed, she started to worry. Not her, not now, not ever. She felt love sick.

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